June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 30]

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Looking glum, Yukito looks at blushing Kotori who tries to ask what he meant by ‘come here’. Kotori is surprised when blushing Yukito holds the umbrella to her and shouts for her to hurry. Kotori doesn’t know what to do. Yukito has noticed this so he offers her his umbrella. Kotori declines because if she did, Yukito will be the one who’ll end up all wet. After a pause, the two ended up walking home together as they share the umbrella. Kotori thinks that she wasn’t able to refuse him. As they walk silently, Kotori is a bit nervous because it has been a long time since they walked home together. “Because it has been such a long time, I don’t know what to say..and it has been a long time I’ve looked [up close] at Yukito..Ah, why is my heart beating so wildly? Yukito..why are you so nice to me..when you apparently were always avoiding me lately..speak..speaking of that, I also been avoiding you..” Her heart beats loudly when she realizes that her shoulder is touching his. Kotori moves a bit away from him and Yukito noticed this. He asks why she did that. He then puts his arm around her and pulls her near him so that she won’t get wet. This made Kotori surprised that she blushed. Yukito then let go of his hand on her shoulder. Blushing, Yukito just says that if he holds the umbrella to her, he’ll also end up getting wet. Kotori timidly says that is true and she apologizes. Yukito murmurs that it has been a long time since they walked together so he is a bit nervous. Yukito is surprised when Kotori exclaims, “What?” Yukito asks what’s up with that. Kotori says that it is nothing but rather, she is just surprised since she was thinking of the same thing a while ago. Yukito looks surprise at her as Kotori thinks that she should have said that she’s a bit happy. Yukito just says that it isn’t something to be surprise about since that is normal if they haven’t been together for a long time. Kotori just agrees with him. Yukito says that Kotori really likes the [boy] idol-type of guys since [she’s like that] when she met his brother and when she met him, saying as if it is fate. Kotori sadly says that if he said it that way, then he also didn’t.. Kotori remembers the first time they went out to have fun, they learned that their birthday is on the same day, that is fate. Then, there is a short talk about forgetting all about it. Kotori blushes as she wonders what she should do because they are now talking just like before. “Being nice to me, talking naturally, I might have a bit of hope. Hope that we will perhaps go back..but even if we go back [like we were before], and if we still gone steady in that kind of way, I assess that it will still won’t work out..”

Still blushing, Yukito then says that she has changed her hairstyle. Kotori says yes and does he think it’s strange. Yukito says not really. Kotori looks up and says, really.. She is surprised when Yukito asks, “Is it because of that guy?” Kotori asks, “That..that guy is who?” Yukito looks at her and says, “Didn’t that guy from Kousen [High] confessed to you.” Kotori nervously asks, “Ah..you’re talking about him..” She realizes that Yukito has seen that. With a disdain/cold look at her, Yukito says, “At that time, you looked really happy. Are you two going steady? Isn’t that great, if you’re going steady?” Kotori is flustered and displeased by what he said. While wondering why he said that and after seeing that cold stare again, she says, “What..what about going steady..what are you saying, about I’m looking really happy..” After a pause, she continues, “Does..does it bother you too much? Is it because you are bothered too much that is why are you asking?” A bit flustered, Yukito says it isn’t. “I just simply feel that you guys looks somewhat of a match.” Kotori is stunned upon hearing this. Flustered, Kotori says, “That has nothing to do with Yuki..with Ka-ji [kun]. If you weren’t bothered by it then you wouldn’t have asked about it...you were obviously always acting quite cold [before], then suddenly, you acted really nice, it’s very confusing.” Looking at him with a somewhat sad look, Kotori says, “Hey..were you angry because of the break up, that you’ll come to me with an umbrella...and using the opportunity to talk about that Kousen guy? In fact, at that time in the clinic, you are awake right..you are only teasing me that is why you did that..” Yukito is looking away and looks flustered. He didn’t reply. Looking a bit tense [that her fears are true], Kotori asks, “Is..is that what it was? Kaiji..does it make you really happy to see me waver [indecisive]..?” She is surprised when Yukito grabs her wrist and gives the umbrella to her. With an angry look, Yukito says, “You’re right..” Kotori is stunned as Yukito quickly runs off. Narration: “Yes, I deliberately did that. So, that you won’t forget me...so that, even if we broke up, you’ll still think of me..”

At home, Masaya raises his eyebrow as he sees Yukito coming in all wet. Masaya asks if Yukito just went to a wet meditation. [Ah, it’s like in a Buddhist retreat wherein guys will sit under the waterfall to ‘charge up’/meditate; just like in Kaichou wa Maid-sama school trip] Yukito didn’t reply. Masaya tells him to take a shower so that he won’t catch a cold. While taking a shower, Yukito thinks, “I did that kind of thing again..I’ve hurt her again. I’m not angry, and thinking that they were a match is also a lie. I only don’t want her to be with any other guy, why did things turn out this way..I only want to say, ‘I’m sorry’. About the things that happened before, I’m sorry. Wanting to say that one sentence and yet I wasn’t able to say it, I’m really stupid.” Yukito laughs and says out loud, “I’m really..hopeless..how pathetic..” Sitting at the coach, probably watching television, Masaya tells himself that Yukito still won’t come out and he’s been taking a shower for a long time. He also wants to take a bath. Masaya is surprised to hear some laughing. He looks towards the bathroom and looks aghast when he realizes that the laughter is coming from inside. Inside, Yukito is laughing then he stops to think again. “Kaji..that girl called me ‘Kaji’, and her face has a very pained expression..so, it’s already no good [too late], right..?” He clenches his fist and thinks, “I should calm down. If we break up like this, then it’s really hopeless, right?” He remembers Masaya asking if he is on ‘wet meditation’. He starts to imagine that he is doing just that. ^^; He thinks, “That’s right! This is a meditation, meditation..! I’m now on a bumpy mountain path, undertaking a one-man adventure trip..! If I can’t climb up this mountain then I’m not a man. I will not escape! I will not lose! Fight full strength--~~!!!” He starts opening the shower faucet. Masaya is now standing in front of the bathroom. He thinks that the laughing sound has stopped and he can only hear the sound of the shower. He opens the door and says, “Hey, I’m going to open the door—ah..ah?!” He finds Yukito passed out on the floor. [Lol, defeated =P ] Holding his brother up, Masaya shouts out loud what’s Yukito doing and why is it [/why is he showering in] cold water.

Yukito is sick in bed. Masaya checks his temperature and it is 38.7C. Sitting on the bed, Masaya complains why he had such bad luck that he has to wipe [dry] his [younger] brother’s naked body, put him in bed and dress him up. “What kind of game is this? What kind of stunt, could it be your really in a ‘wet meditation’? You’re always dripping wet, are you an idiot?” Yukito can only mutter that he’s too noisy and quit saying ‘idiot, idiot’. Standing up with a proud look, Masaya says that it’s inevitable that he has to look after him and it seems that he also has to feed Yukito some food. Masaya is surprised when Yukito grabs his shirt’s hemline and says, “Don’t..go..” Masaya looks back at Yukito who says, “Ko..tori..” At school, Kotori overhears a couple of guys talking that Yukito is absent since he isn’t in the clinic. A guy wanted to lend Yukito some of his notes so he ended up lending it to another guy. Kotori wonders if Yukito is absent because he had a fever since it is raining really hard then and he ran without an umbrella. “What should I do? Should I send him an email and also, I should return his umbrella to him? But..Yukito is angry..regarding the break up that day..what I said..” She is holding her cellphone on the table when it suddenly rang. She is tense when she notices that the caller is Yukito. She wonders why he is calling. While thinking what she should do, she answers it. “He..hello..” The other party says, “Ah! Hi, is this Kotori? This is Masaya, the brother of that stupid [younger] brother.” Kotori is surprised to hear that. Kotori ends up sitting beside the bed of sick Yukito. She thinks that she unexpectedly went there. Masaya enters with a tray of food. Masaya apologizes to her for using Yukito’s phone to call her and she must have been shock. Kotori says that it’s alright [polite response]. Masaya tells her that if she doesn’t mind, please help herself [with the food]. Kotori thanks him. Masaya says that it’s great that she can come because he has prep school today and he’ll come home late. “I’ll be leaving a little while so, I’ll be asking you to take care of him. His fever is really high so the towel gets wet at times.” Kotori says, “Ah, okay, I understand.” Masaya goes out of the room. He starts smiling and feeling really satisfied. “Hehe, I’m just a nice guy.”

Sitting in the room, Kotori wonders if it is okay for her to be there when Yukito is obviously very angry. “But, since I already came..and I’m also worried about him..” She touches his face and says that his fever is really high and it seems that the towel is really wet. She takes the towel and wrings it dry. She thinks that he wouldn’t have a fever if he didn’t lend her the umbrella. “Even if he said those things, his actions are still really kind that it really confuses me.” She puts the towel back on his forehead and says, “Yukito, you’re such an idiot..” Reddish faced Yukito groans in his sleep. This made Kotori blush. While hearts are floating out, she thinks, “Ge..geez..his face is so reddish, that he really looks enticing..I’m really so silly.” To Kotori’s surprise, Yukito starts muttering, “Keshi...Keshi..That..Keshikeshi..what’s up with that..also, that guy..from Kousen..” Kotori think this is really baffling. “I obviously changed my hairstyle before coming..I’m the only one whose heart is beating fast, [you’re] really cunning..” Kotori then bends towards him and kisses him on the head, above his right eye. She then moves away and covers her mouth with her lips. Yukito is still sleeping. Still blushing, Kotori says, “..This is a tooth for a tooth..for what happened in the clinic..” Yukito thinks it feels hot. “Above my eye...something soft..what is it?” He ‘sees’ smiling Kotori who is looking at him. He is surprised that he shouts, “Kotori..?!” He suddenly sits up and hugs Abe. Still hugging hugs Abe, Yukito pulls him down on the bed. Yukito seems to want to kiss him since he is pouting. Abe tries to free himself as he shouts, “Hey..Hey hey! I’m not the person you’re thinking of..” In the end, Abe hits Yukito on the head so that Yukito would let him go. Holding his head, Yukito complains that it hurts. Abe apologizes for hitting a sick guy. Yukito wakes up and says that it is Abe. “Where is that person..?” Abe asks if he meant Kotori. Abe tells him that when he came, only his brother is there. “Did she come?” Yukito can only say that he doesn’t know. Abe wonders if Yukito is just imagining it. Abe tells him to lie down if he wants to sleep. Yukito thinks that it felt so realistic a while ago.

With a silly look, Abe points to him and says, “By the way..from the start, I’ve been very curious, that..why are you holding a lollipop while you were sleeping. So cute ♡” Yukito opens his eyes wide to see that he is indeed holding a lollipop, a Chupa Chups lollipop. He sits up and exclaims, “What--?” He notices that it is a strawberry cream flavor. He thinks, “So..she did come?” He mutters that compared to what he imagined, he still likes Kotori. Abe asks, “What?” Yukito laughs and says that she is obviously an otaku girl who is so into girl [dating] games. Abe just says, “Yuki..” Yukito says that he’s going to find some work because he wants to earn money for lunch. “And I want to save money, then later on, test for a license to drive a motorcycle, buy a motorcycle..” He thinks, “And later on, one day..” He imagines himself and Kotori riding on a motorcycle. Yukito smiles and says, “Ah, that, even if I don’t know if that will happen..but, it’s okay no matter what..I’m afraid that even this little bit is also good, if I’m able to do some remarkable thing, perhaps I’ll become a bit mature..and perhaps, there might be some changes..” Yukito thinks, “Because the current me can only make her show that kind of [sad] expression...can only hurt her..” Abe then calls out his name as Yukito becomes dark and passes out. Abe starts screaming if Yukito is alright. Kotori narrates that after then, she didn’t get a chance to see Yukito and soon, summer vacation is near. At the hallway by the window, Kotori talks with Natsume about how to spend the vacation since if she always stays home, her mother will nag her. She asks if Natsume will be working. Natsume says she is and usually, she has more jobs in summer vacation than she normally has. She tells Kotori to set some time when they can go out together. Kotori agrees with that. Natsume shows her a magazine with an ad for Memories of Falling in Love 3 and tells her that it will come out on autumn. Kotori can’t wait to get it but then she doesn’t have money so she has to think of a way to earn money. Kotori says that maybe she’ll find work. Natsume seems quite surprised that Kotori wants to work. Kotori just says yes.

Kotori thinks that even if she can heave a sigh of relief because she won’t be able to see Yukito for a few months, but if she is always at home, she’ll definitely think about the stuff regarding Yukito. “..And..I felt that lately, Yukito is making some progress..and I’m still at square one [original spot]..” Abe then asks if they are talking about a summer job. He asks if Kotori is going to work. Kotori says yes but she hasn’t decided what to do yet. Abe then cheerfully asks her about working at a certain place he knows. “My friend is working there and I heard that place’s staff isn’t enough. It’s a fastfood restaurant. How about it?” She looks at Natsume who tells her that it is a good idea because Abe’s friend is there so she can be more at ease. After thinking a while, Kotori agrees. Abe says, “Really? That’s great. Thank you!” Kotori thinks that she doesn’t want to miss this opportunity. Later on, Abe comes back to tell her something. Kotori is flustered when he asked if she is still angry at Yukito. Abe apologizes for asking that question. “That..perhaps I’m..meddling in other people’s business, but no matter what, that guy is also hurting..that..as a guy..” This surprises Kotori and it made her flustered. Abe continues, “I’m also not saying that you forgive him, I only want you to know that..then, see you, gambatte at your work!” At the locker room, a guy asks Yukito if he knew that they have a new worker and it’s a girl. Yukito just says yes. The guy says that he’s quite eager to know what kind of girl. Yukito says he doesn’t care. The guy asks what’s with his reaction, is he pretending to be cool, and aren’t you really happy about it. Yukito says that he’s so annoying. A guy shouts out who is going to accompany the newcomer. Yukito turns around and says, “Coming..” His eyes widen as he points to equally surprised Kotori. The two Kaiji-s exclaim, “What?!”

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