June 14, 2011

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 45]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 9, 2011

Cover page: “Can Soichiroh sufficiently protect Sumi..!?” Sumi looks tense after Nozomu proposed that he won’t buy the land if she agrees to become his wife. Back at the shack, Atari comes in and tells the other that Sumi has not yet returned. Soichiroh, who is reading to the other kids, says is that so. Eisuke sighs and says that he cannot believe that just because the land has been purchased, they are to ‘quickly driven away’ by the landlady. Soichiroh tells them that he’ll go find Sumi. Then, he meets with a woman carrying some vegetables. Atari calls out to his friend, Tadashi [invented name from the kanji 平 which can be read in many ways.] Tadashi’s mother says that she wants to thank Soichiroh for teaching her children arithmetic. She gives him some vegetables as a small token of gratitude. Atari and others thank them as they leave. The kids are delighted over the fresh vegetables and they would want to ask Sumi to make some vegetable congee for them to eat. Then, sad Sumi arrives home. Soichiroh exclaims where she went and everyone is worried about her. He stops when he sees her crying. Sumi quickly rushes to him and hugs him tight. She remembers that after Nozomu asked her to be his wife, she quickly stood up and shouted that she is Soichiroh’s wife before running out. When Soichiroh tries to ask her what happened, Eisuke says that even if the landlady said that the place has already been sold off, they had lived there since they are young so it can be said that place is theirs so until then, dead or alive, they won’t move from that place. Sumi shouts at her brother to quit talking nonsense. That night, Sumi couldn’t sleep as she remembers Nozomu’s proposal again. She sits up and soon, she is walking at the red light district. While holding a cloth wrapped item [/furoshiki; japanese wrapping cloth], she pulls down her braided hair and walks past men who were attracted to her. Sumi thinks that it is good that her brother’s girlfriend’s make-up and clothes are still in the house. A moustache guy calls out to her, “Hey, girl, how much?” Sumi tells him that it is how much he wants [to pay] but first, he must win a shogi match against her. Sumi pulls out a shogi board from her furoshiki.

Then, Soichiroh wakes up and finds an empty bed beside him. He calls out to Sumi. Meanwhile, Sumi has just defeated the moustache guy. The moustache guy exclaims that Sumi is really good then throws money at her. The other guys shout that they want a match against her. Sumi happily takes the money and says that if they lose, they’ll have to pay her. While tucking the money in her kimono, the next contender laughs that lately, he hasn’t lost in shogi matches. Sumi easily beats the guy. Next, it is a beard guy and it is another ‘checkmate’. Holding out her hand, Sumi happily asks the guy to pay up. While the observers are saying that Sumi is amazing and where did she come from, the beard guy is really flustered that he lost. The beard guy started to accuse her of pulling some trick and she is definitely hiding a chess piece inside her body. To Sumi’s surprise, the man pulled open her kimono. Sumi screams. The man shouts that he’ll only believe her if she strips naked. As the other guys start to chant, ‘Strip her naked’, tearful Sumi struggles to get away from the beard guy who tries to strip her. Fortunately, Soichiroh appears and grab hold of the beard guy’s head to stop him. He calls him an idiot for daring to touch his woman. Sumi calls out to her husband. Beard guy asks if Soichiroh wants to be beaten to death. Soichiroh skillfully shows off his karate chop by hitting the side of beard guy’s neck. After looks surprised, beard guy goes down to kiss the floor. Soichiroh grabs Sumi and says that she is going back home with him. While walking, Soichiroh shouts at Sumi he won’t allow her to do that kind of thing again. Sumi protests that she wants to earn lots of money. Soichiroh shouts that those guys a while ago are thinking some very obscene things. Sumi accuses Soichiroh of thinking too much. [<- ^^;;] Soichiroh angrily turns to her and kisses her deeply. Then, Sumi is surprised that Soichiroh is touching her chest. Sumi pulls away and says no, they are outside. He tells her that all the time, he is thinking of pulling her tightly into his embrace. Flustered Sumi apologizes to him. He tells her to wait until morning and he’ll lend some money from his friends. He says that his friends are rich and they’ll definitely help him.
The next morning, Soichiroh goes to someone’s house. His friend apologizes that he doesn’t have any money to lend him. The guy tells him that he has heard that he had abandoned his corporation so for things to reach up to now, Soichiroh even has the face to borrow money. “Don’t daydream too much!” This made Soichiroh flustered that he takes his leave. He runs to another house but the maid says that his master isn’t there. Then, to some other house, Soichiroh asks the man to please lend him some money, and a little bit would do. The man says that he owes Soichiroh a favor and he should help him.. Soichiroh happily asks if he would definitely lend him [some money]. To Soichiroh’s dismay, the man tells him, “But someone said word, ‘Don’t help him [/you]’.” Soichiroh asks who said that. The man apologizes to him and slams the door. Looking aghast, Soichiroh asks, “Could it be..?” At the shack, the kids call out to Sumi that they are hungry. Sumi checks her cooking and says that it will be ready soon. Eisuke tells Sumi that it has been a long time since he ate her vegetable congee. Then, a stern-looking man in a business suit with two men [workers/carpenter-looking guys] enters the house. Eisuke exclaims what they are doing there. The man shouts that this place has already been bought by Ashida Products and right now, they are to leave the premises. Sumi exclaims that they are putting them in a difficult situation. The men didn’t listen to them. The two workers start to carry the cabinet drawer. Eisuke runs to the two men and ask what they are doing but the other guy holds his shoulder and punches him hard. Sumi shouts for her brother who fell on the floor. The man shouts that if he [/they] do not want to be beaten, they should immediately get out. Sumi and the children are frightened as the baby starts to cry. While returning home, Soichiroh sees the men tossing out their cabinets and other furniture into the street. Sumi and the others can only watch helplessly at the side. Soichiroh shouts to the men as to what they are doing. He rushes to Sumi. The man starts hammering some wood planks on the shack’s door [so that they cannot go in anymore] and tells them that house is going to be torn down after two days. Now, Soichiroh joins the others as they can only watch at the man doing his job. With the baby crying, Fuku asks Sumi what will happen from today on. Eisuke cries, why. While the couple looks tense while comforting the crying kids, just across the bridge stands the man who is responsible for it all. Nozomu mutters, “Didn’t I say it before.. I will use no matter what kind of method..” Komai just looks tense while standing behind Nozomu.
Scans by rukimaoyou for BW.

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