June 14, 2011

Chitose, Etc [Chapter 28]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 10, 2011

Cover page: “In becoming an adult... I’m more suitable to go through it slowly, step by step.” As Yuki holds her face, Chitose wonders if she is dreaming. “Yuki-kun suddenly appeared.. even said that he belongs to me.. and even kissed me.. *Yuki hugs her* That’s not right.. this isn’t a dream.. it’s reality.. *blushes and surprised* What!? Reality!? Waah! What to do!? My heart.. suddenly..” Her heart is beating fast and loudly. Yuki comments that her hair smells fragrant. Chitose tells him that it is because she used a peach smelling shampoo during her bath. Yuki is surprised when Chitose exclaims that he also go take a dip at the onsen [/hot spring]. It is quite comfortable and there is even an outdoor onsen. Looking somewhat surprised, Yuki asks if it is an outdoor mixed bath and if they [C&S] took the bath together. This made Chitose blush really red in shock. She exclaims no, the male and females are separated. Yuki says is that so, and even if an onsen is nice but.. “I still do not want to leave you.. *hugs Chitose again* It’s not easy, to be able to hug you like this.” Blushing Chitose is getting dizzy as she tells him to wait. She pushes away from him and apologizes to him that she cannot take it since her heart is beating too fast so can he let her calm down a bit. Yuki looks at her and says okay, then, he’ll go take a dip first. Chitose smiles and says okay, she’ll give him a yukata [/robe]. As Chitose goes to get it from a cabinet, Yuki hugs her again from behind and says that in the end, he cannot stop himself. Blushing with heart beating loudly, Chitose sweatdrops and asks him if he really cannot. Soon, Yuki waves her goodbye to go and take a bath.

After Chitose happily waved him goodbye, she stops smiling and sits on the floor. She exhales and inhales deeply to calm herself down. While crawling toward the futons [/bed], she thinks that she has calmed down a bit and she should first fix the bed. While tidying the bed, Chitose is happy for Saaya and Shun. “No matter how those two avoid their feelings, even if Yuki is very important, the one Saaya likes is still Akaishi-kun. And, the one that Akaishi-kun likes is Saaya. It will be quite regrettable if they weren’t able to be together. It’s really great that they can finally get out of Misaki’s shadow.. *yawns* Eh? Why would I suddenly.. become quite sleepy? Oh..right.. today, I woke up really early, and last night, I was so nervous that I wasn’t able to sleep well.. Waah! What to do! I’m sleepy.. so sleepy.. I cannot stand it.. *going into the futon* Before.. Yuki-kun comes back, I’ll just take a short nap.. Lucky, I just fixed the bed.. I’ll just sleep a while..” Soon, Chitose is sleeping soundly. Then, Yuki happily comes in that he has finished taking a bath and it felt great. He is surprised to see that Chitose is already asleep. While looking at her, he walks to his own futon. He bends down and looks at her quietly. He smiles and kisses her on the forehead. “Good night.” Meanwhile, Saaya and Shun sit awkwardly in the Shinkansen. Shun is crossing both arms and legs while slightly flustered Saaya’s hands are clasped on her legs. Saaya thanks him for what he did a while ago since she hurt him before, and she thought that he won’t forgive her. “Going back with me.. and saying that you want to be with me.. I’m truly very happy..” This made Shun somewhat flustered and tells her that if he did that, everyone will be happy. “They.. and we.. sincerely love each other mutually. There will be no problem if you only do not rely on Yuki again and live an independent life. I even thought that you cannot be independent throughout your life..”
Flustered Saaya apologizes and says that it is because she is afraid because Shun isn’t a gentle guy like Yuki nor does he understand her like Yuki does. “I’m afraid that even if I’ve gone steady with you.. in the end, I’ll be hated by you.. The ultimate outcome is no good.. so..” Shun exclaims in shock, “What!? You.. It’s just because of that reason that you are holding up everyone!? Are you an idiot!?” This made Saaya exclaim in surprise. To Saaya’s surprise, Shun bluntly tells her that from the start, he felt that her temperament isn’t that good and it isn’t because of that, he came to like her. “What I like is that you are a hard-to-get type of girl. This way, it arouses my desire to conquer [you].” This made Saaya blush as she exclaims who’ll get conquered by him. Shun tells her that it is because of instinct that he liked her, so is it the same with her. Blushing Saaya pauses then says yes. She adds that it seemed that Shun had come to, really like Chitose even if she isn’t his type. Shun says yes, probably since they mutually get along with each other and that innocent naive type can really cure people. Saaya pouts over it so Shun exclaims why she is being difficult when she is the one who brought up the topic. Saaya thinks that Shun did a lot of things that made her jealous. [<- I’m not really sure who thought that, if it’s Saaya or Shun.] Shun holds Saaya’s hand and says, “If you are unhappy [about it] then think of a way to make me more infatuated with you! For example, you are only to gaze at me alone, forever.” Saaya looks at him then tells him that she won’t let herself be conquered by him. Shun tells her that he’ll do it, just wait and see. The two blush as they look at each other. Then, they kiss.
Back at the inn, Chitose wakes up. She mutters that it is already morning and she slept quite comfortably. She looks at the side to see Yuki sleeping beside her. Chitose’s eyes open in shock. While blushing really red, Chitose sits up in surprise. This wakes Yuki up. He smiles and greets her a good morning. Blushing Chitose also greets him back. Yuki sits up and yawns. Later on, Chitose says is that so, she fell asleep like that. Yuki says that she has been sleeping soundly that he didn’t wake her up and soon, he also quickly fell asleep. Chitose asks if they slept in one futon the whole night. Yuki says that from the start, they are sleeping separately but in the end, he still cannot stand to be apart from her.. “So I made my way to your side! *blush smile* Sorry!” This made Chitose’s eyes glitter. She closes them and thinks that he’s so cute that she cannot keep on looking at him. Yuki is puzzled by her reaction. Pulling down the blanket, Chitose tells him that they should change their clothes since their breakfast is at the dining hall. Yuki holds her arm and tells her to wait. “Even if you had just got out of bed.. but, I want to finish saying something that I didn’t get to say last night. *Chitose looks surprised.* Chitose.. Can you be my girlfriend?” Chitose blushes and says, “... okay..” She covers her face for she felt her face is so red. Yuki happily smiles. Chitose thinks, “Yuki-kun’s-- girlfriend.. I.. can finally.. like Yuki-kun..” Yuki looks surprised to see Chitose teary-eyed. He pulls her to him as Chitose continues to cry in happiness and relief. “So even if, starting right now, I would like him more and more, it will also be okay..”

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