June 14, 2011

Faster Than A Kiss [Chapter 43]

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Soon, Shoma comments that it is starting to rain. Teppei offers an umbrella to Meg and tells her that a girl shouldn’t get wet by rain. Meg gushes over Teppei being such a good boy. Ryuu says that they couldn’t find Fumino and Kazuma and it has been some time since Kazuma left. He wonders out loud if he is worrying too much. Shoma says maybe though he is more worried about the bear. Anyway, they should wait for a while before continuing the search. Meanwhile, below the cliff, Kazuma is hugging Fumino then asks if it is already raining. He comments that probably the trees are sheltering them so that this place isn’t getting wet. Fumino suddenly sneezes. After she apologizes, Fumino starts to tell him about the letter and the picture. Fumino looks surprised when Kazuma takes off his shirt and puts it on her. When Fumino is shouting why he stripped, Kazuma hugs her and says that in this way, she won’t be cold and body warmth is the best. Fumino protests that he’ll be cold. Kazuma tells her that he won’t be cold, as long as Fumino hug him tightly. Blushing Fumino just mutters that he is acting the good guy. She gives up and just tells him not to get sick. Holding up the letter and the photo, Fumino tells him to quickly tell her about it. Kazuma is surprised that she brought it. After coughing, Kazuma tells her that the younger guy on the right is the guy a while ago, Secretary Sasa. Then, the other one is Sasa’s father and of course, the young boy is him. He lived for four years at Sasa’s place when he was four years old. This surprises Fumino that she asks, wasn’t he a secretary. Kazuma says yes. It wasn’t long after he was born, his mother passed away. He is then brought to Ojiro family be taken care of there but, when he was a child, he is heavily spoiled that it had an effect on his system of values and his head started to inflate. Surrounded with gifts and toys, they will tell young Kazuma that he is the family’s future heir and he is their clan’s pride. He doesn’t have to do anything for whatever he wants, it is okay for him to just order it. His orders are like a master’s. And so, after four years, given such an authority, he grew up to become a little monster. Surrounded with sweets and a 100% sparkling orange drink, Kazuma exclaims that his orders should absolutely be obeyed and if anyone dares not obey him, his father will teach that person a lesson because after all, he is the future head of the Ojiro family. End flashback.

Fumino is totally speechless for she couldn’t imagine Kazuma being like that. Kazuma tells her that he is like that before. Afterwards, because of that, there is a dispute about making Kazuma into a better desired heir, so they sent him to his father’s trusted aide, Secretary Sasa who’ll take care of him. Flashback: With luggage and a backpack, young Kazuma is greeted by the elder Sasa [papa] with younger Sasa son to their house. So from there, it is like a drop from heaven down to hell. Kazuma asked if this is some mixed goods [/storage] place because it’s too small. Younger Sasa sarcastically apologized to him that they are living at a mixed goods place. Elder Sasa angrily hit the head of his son named Akio for saying that. Sasa [<- will refer to the father from now on] smiled and apologized to Kazuma for his son’s rudeness. He explained that this is the life of an ordinary person and in order for him to inherit in the future, his father’s work, experience is a necessity. “And, your esteemed father had also instructed me to make you live in accordance to my house’s rules. Young Master Kazuma, can you accept this?” Kazuma exclaimed as to who he think he is, and for him, this thing is just a small obstacle. But actually, he felt very uneasy because at that time, the him before, thought that his father is the center of the world and his father’s orders have to be obeyed. And, this is something that he never doubted that. At the dining table, impatient Kazuma hit the table and called out to squinty eyes as to where is his orange juice, and chocolate cake. Irritated Akio told him that they don’t have those things. Sasa hit his son again and happily told Kazuma that they’ll remember to get those. The past Kazuma believed that if he only stayed in that place, he can become just like his father. Sasa put out a lot of food on the table and told his son to help. Akio said, ya, ya that Sasa reprimand him to just say it only once. He told his son that this is Kazuma’s welcome party so their food is really sumptuous today. Kazuma shouted for Sasa to please be quiet. When Kazuma grabbed a piece of fried chicken leg, Akio hits his hand and told him to say, ‘Itadakimasu’. They then show him to put his hands together. Sasa house rule 1: ‘Give thanks before meal’. Kazuma imitated them and the two exclaimed happily that Kazuma did it, he’s amazing. This made Kazuma blush really red. Sasa house rule 2: ‘Always encourage’. For Kazuma, saying ‘itadakumasu’ and other things are something that he didn’t do before, so everything in Sasa’s house is really new to him.
That night, Akio told Kazuma to say ‘good night’. Kazuma said that it is too troublesome then, hits Akio just like what he did a while ago. Akio angrily shouted that it hurt and shouted that Kazuma be brought to his father to be punished. Sasa laughed at them. At night, Sasa asked if the futon [/bed] is thin. Kazuma angrily said that it is. Sasa told him that his house is small so it might be an inconvenience for him to sleep with them. Kazuma angrily complained that it is too small but if it is his father who made him stay there, then he’ll just endure it. Kazuma is surprised that Sasa patted him. He looked at Sasa that Sasa asked him what it is. Kazuma looked flustered and say that it is nothing. Kazuma has not experience that warmth of a mother. Even if he was young, Kazuma has been taught that his father is supreme and it is quite rare for him to see his own father. He did remember is the image of his tall and straight father, surrounded by many bodyguards, as he is about to sit in a black limousine to leave. It is only that, the young Kazuma made his father as his longed for target [/goal]. End flashback. Kazuma looks quite serious that Fumino calls out to him. Kazuma snaps out of it. Fumino says that he looked unwell, so is he okay, is he cold. Kazuma says that he is okay. Fumino apologizes to him and tells him that if he doesn’t want to tell her, he doesn’t need to force himself. “Even if I really want to know sensei’s issue.. but all the more, I do not want to see you upset. As long as the current you feel happy, then I..” To Fumino’s surprise, Kazuma kisses her ear and thanks her. Fumino is freaking out that Kazuma is too close. Kazuma laughs and says that he wants to tell her how he became a ‘normal kid’. Flashback: Someone shouted, “Here it comes!” Kazuma got splashed by water. Sasa house rule 3: Occasionally, they will all meet each other naked. The three are taking a bath. Sasa happily praised Kazuma for being amazing to be able to do this. Kazuma angrily shouted for him to slow down. [<-/be gentle] Akio taunted him if he is scared. Kazuma angrily shouted that he isn’t. Then, Sasa helped towel Kazuma dry as Kazuma shouted for Sasa to slow down. Later on, Kazuma is helping Sasa to remove some sharp things from a bowl of something. [I think they are teaching him how to cook.] Then, Kazuma angrily shouted to Sasa that Akio stole his snack. So, in that small narrow house, Kazuma passed the days noisily – being taken care by the gentle secretary and fighting with the secretary’s arrogant son. Later on, Sasa returned home and said that he is home. Kazuma peeked out and stammered, ‘..Welcome home!’ Sasa smiled at him and said, “I’m home, young master Kazuma!” This made Kazuma happily smile back. And so, his twisted common sense has gradually been corrected.
One day, it is Sasa who came to pick Kazuma up from school. Kazuma is puzzled for it is usually some other person who would do that. Sasa told him that this afternoon, his father will be dropping by the official residence and does Kazuma want to see him. Kazuma is delighted to hear this that he exclaimed that he wants to go and quickly drive him there since the last time he saw his father was on New Year. So, they arrive. Kazuma happily go into the house and exclaimed, “I’m home.” But all that greeted him is silence. After that time, Kazuma started to become aware that the house where he used to live is ‘abnormal’. The housekeeper asked if the boy is young master Kazuma. If they are asking about the master, he had an emergency matter that he went out. Sasa said is that so. Sasa told Kazuma that is too bad so, they should go home. Later on, that night, Akio told his father that he cannot make the dinner tomorrow so could he do it for him. Sasa asked if why, is he going out, with some girl. Then, he noticed someone tugging his shirt. He looked down and saw that it was Kazuma. Sasa called his name that Kazuma suddenly looked really embarrassed. He exclaimed that it is nothing then called Akio an idiot. As Kazuma ran back to the room, Akio shouted me!?, why. Sasa just looked thoughtful. But, thinking that he is the pride of the Ojiro family and his respect for his father, has not changed at all. One day, Sasa saw a flyer that there is a family visit activity in Kazuma’s school. Kazuma told him for forget about it because his father is working. Sasa flipped through a book and told Kazuma that if the work schedule is to be revised, his father might find some time to go to the kindergarten school. It is such a rare opportunity to let Kazuma’s father see Kazuma grown up [/matured]. Sasa asked him what he thought of it. Kazuma liked the idea. On that day, it is raining. Kazuma thought that his father will come and he will be able to see him soon. A boy called out to him and asked if Kazuma’s father will come since he didn’t come before. Kazuma angrily exclaimed that today, he’ll definitely come. Soon, the teacher told the students to come and sit by one’s father and draw a picture. Kazuma waited while clenching his fists tightly. He thought that his father will definitely come. Soon, some people are saying that until the end, Kazuma’s father didn’t come. They say that he is pitiful and isn’t Mister Ojiro, a famous legislator so he’s probably very busy at work. Some boys laugh and told Kazuma that in the end, his father didn’t come and Kazuma is a big liar. Kazuma darkly looked at the boys that they turned ‘stone’ speechless. With clenched fist, Kazuma heads out of the school. He thought that his father is definitely on his way and he’ll definitely come to see him. Walking in the rain, Kazuma thought that he is going to meet his father. Then, he sees a black limousine. Thinking of his father, Kazuma quickly ran towards it. Then, a car is moving towards him.
Suddenly, Kazuma found himself being hugged by Sasa, who had jumped in and saved him. The driver shouted and asked if they are alright. Sasa smiled and said that it is okay, don’t worry and sorry for the trouble. After the car left, Sasa hold Kazuma’s hands and apologized that Kazuma’s father had a temporary emergency matter that he went on an official trip. Sasa asked Kazuma if he is alright. Kazuma didn’t reply. Sasa apologized for being presumptuous then asked if he can see Kazuma’s hands. Sasa is surprised to see that Kazuma had clenched his fist so tightly that his nails had dug in the skin that it created wounds. Narration: “From childhood until I grow up.. I had always been enduring, my own father cannot stay at my side since he is working nonstop for the country.. It’s very large.. so..” Sasa apologized again for being presumptuous. Then, to Kazuma’s surprise, Sasa tenderly hugged him within his coat and said, “Being all alone, you were definitely lonely, right? I’m sorry, I came late.” Kazuma thought, “‘Lonely’ ‘Lonely’ ‘Lonely’ why... *starts to cry* I obviously haven’t learned this kind of feeling, from experience!” End flashback. Kazuma tells Fumino that Sasa made him experience a feeling which is deemed as unnecessary for someone from the Ojiro family. “Then, as a result, I also had resented Sasa but--” He stops when he notices that Fumino is already teary eyed. Fumino quickly hugs him tightly. Kazuma closes his eyes and thinks, “Despite it all, if I haven’t experienced the feeling of loneliness, I definitely would not have felt this kind of warmth.” Just then, Akio looked down below to them and calls out if Kazuma is there for he heard voices. Surprised, Fumino exclaims that they are there and please save them. Kazuma thinks, “Sasa..” In the letter, it is written, “Young master Ojiro Kazuma, my father Kazuo, has been hospitalized because of an illness. –can you please come and meet up with my father.” Narration: “I cannot go see him.” Akio tells Fumino that he is going to call for help so bear with it for a while. Fumino shouts out that it is okay. Just when she is happily telling Kazuma that it’s great that.., Fumino notices that Kazuma has fallen unconscious. As Fumino calls out to him, Kazuma seems to remember a past memory regarding Kazuo, then he thinks, “Cannot go see..” Meanwhile, the other search party, Ryuu screams in fright over an unconscious bear by the tree. Shoma comments that it is very stupid to have fallen down from the tree.
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