June 14, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 33]

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‘I want to become an ordinary girl.’ A soul that is lodged on a scythe that sucks devil’s blood. A scarificed left eye of a man who is bewitched by the scythe. A Homunculus seed. As well as, moonlight. Then, add a bit of zombie powder. Thus, an artificial girl is conveniently born. End flashback. Yokuto tells Anis that just like her whose blood is used to become the Rose Knight’s ‘power’, Fake Knights’ ‘power’ is from the blood that the Fake Dominion has hunted. “But-- this time around, ‘Cinderella Ella’ has returned into an ordinary scythe so from today on, it will depend on me to use this blade to hunt for blood--” This surprises Anis. Punishment 33: Othello [Probably basing it from the tragic Shakespearean play whose themes are racism, love, jealousy, and betrayal. Source: wiki]. Anis shouts for Yokuto to return the scythe, return ‘Ella’ back. Anis remembers Ella telling her that she doesn’t want to do this killing thing anymore. “This time, I will protect Ella’s wish!!” Yokuto winks at her and tells her that he can give it to her but only if she went to ‘their side’. As Anis pouts over that, Yokuto shouts for Mutsuki to go and dye the White Rose into blood red and create a Virgin road to welcome the Rose Princess. Tenjoh faces off with Mutsuki. Tenjoh says that he didn’t think that he will betray them and in the end, he should have locked and bind him up. Mutsuki exclaims as to what nonsense is he talking about. Anis shouts that Tenjoh’s specialty is defense so he shouldn’t force himself. Summoning his barrier seals, Tenjoh says that if is possible, he also wants to specialize in barriers, as a Hierophant. Anis is surprised that Tenjoh made Mutsuki’s strings reflect from the barriers. Tenjoh says but there are times when strict discipline is god’s love, his mercy. Tenjoh uses his barriers to trip Mutsuki from behind and Mutsuki’s cheek got wounded. Tenjoh tells Mutsuki that it is alright because if he dies, he’ll make him into a specimen to be enjoyed [/admired]. Mutsuki just looks serious as he wipes the blood from his face.

Somewhat nervous Anis says that this is bad because Tenjoh is serious and if this continues, it won’t end in a simple way. She thinks that it is necessary that they have to stop those two but.. Kaede volunteers that he’ll go. Anis is surprised. Then, she thinks that her body cannot keep up with the Second Awakening. Aside from that, she wonders if she has sufficient blood that he [/they] can use. Yokuto shouts that he won’t let Kaede break it apart. Yokuto summons his underlings, agents from hell. Kaede takes out his sword and exclaims as to how many Yokuto plans to call out. With a swing of his sword, Kaede disintegrates the demons. Unfazed Yokuto says that no wonder he is in Second Awakening but..didn’t he tell him that right now, his magic is limitless. Yokuto summons another huge horde of demons. Flustered Anis feels helpless and wonders what she should do as the Rose Princess. Mutsuki continues to be on the defensive against Tenjoh’s attacks. Tenjoh haughtily tells Mutsuki that’s good, for a traitor are very good at changing one’s bearing [/attitude] but.. Tenjoh manages to put his barrier seals on Mutsuki’s body to stop him from moving. Tenjoh approaches Mutsuki and grabs the chain from Mutsuki’s collar. As if preparing to strangle Mutsuki, Tenjoh urges him to repent. The barrier seal around Mutsuki’s neck crackles. Mutsuki breaks into a smile and asks, “—what is it, is it possible that you’re jealous?” Tenjoh coldly looks at him and tells him to go die. They were interrupted when Anis shouts for Tenjoh to stop. “Tenjoh-sempai and Mutsuki are ‘GOOD FRIENDS’, right --!!” Tenjoh has been petrified. Explanation: If ever Tenjoh heard that he is good friends with Mutsuki, he will be petrified for around 46 seconds. Anis mentally thought that it was effective. Just when Kaede says that Anis is stupid for doing that, Yokuto decides to take this opportunity to kill off the White Rose. Multiple serpent type demons head towards Tenjoh. Anis worriedly calls out to Tenjoh. After the attack and when the smoke clears, it is shown that Mutsuki had protected Tenjoh. Yokuto is utterly shock. Tenjoh comments that Mutsuki is really such a guy who gives Anis headaches for his treachery turned out to be nothing. Mutsuki somewhat ‘hmph’ smiles over this. Just when Anis wonders, ‘Could it be..’, Tenjoh asks Mutsuki if he can take action in accordance to this opportunity. Mutsuki says yes. The two rush towards Yokuto and seals him using the ‘Rozenkruez vor Folter’ [Rose Cross Prison] with the use of Tenjoh’s seals and Mutsuki’s strings. The wind blows as Anis thinks that was amazing.

Suddenly, Anis sees Tenjoh and Mutsuki standing in front of her. Tenjoh says that they are not sure if it will go smoothly or not. Mutsuki says ya, who knew.. Anis asks if the two of them.. could it be that it is for this.. Irked Tenjoh says that something unexpected happened and that dog’s Second Awakening and honestly, it is such a loss. [<- I’m not sure if he meant it isn’t powerful enough or he didn’t want Kaede to achive Second Awakening. I think it is the latter =P] Kaede angrily asks what he just said. Anis calls out to Mutsuki. Mutsuki says that he cannot lie. Somewhat holding Anis’ hair, Mutsuki tells her, “If I can snatch you away, even if it is this kind of betrayal, it doesn’t matter, (if it is enough to snatch away your love) but, *smiles* I still need to spend some time to give it a try.” Anis looks flustered and says, “Mut..suki.. (Really made.. me worry..) You..” Sparkling with a pained smile, Tenjoh insists that he was serious in killing Mutsuki for saying that he’s jealous and it really puts him in a bad mood. Anis thinks that Tenjoh is perplexed. Kaede calls out to the Black Rose. Kaede is going to punch him but ends up just lightly hitting Mutsuki’s elbow. Kaede smiles and says that thanks to him, he [Kaede] had become determined [/filled with resolve]. When Mutsuki is about to say something, a voice called out as to how dare Mutsuki betray his brother, betraying his love. He will teach him a lesson using thousands of blades, ‘Kill him..!’. Mutsuki looks surprised when all sorts of bladed weapons appear from his collar. Just when the blades are slicing his neck, Mutsuki quickly removes the collar before they cause serious damage. Anis worriedly calls out to him. Tenjoh says that during the fight, he had helped remove the magic..because Mutsuki is his property, and in the end, a surprise attack is the most effective. Yokuto manages to free himself from the seal. He angrily asks why, why doesn’t Kuesu understand his love, for their Dark Stalker’s world. Serious Mutsuki asks if he is wrong. “Do not push unto me your desire, I have my own desire. (From my lost memories, a very gentle older brother *Yokuto’s former self* , Rose contract that is filled with contradictions *Yokuto massacred everyone*, a mad world *Kuesu killing Yokuto with his bare hands* And perhaps, what I wish-- is to have another outcome. But if there is only destruction, wherein I can save everything) In accordance to my wish, I’ll defeat you..!! (no matter how many times, I will dirty these hands.)” Serious looking Anis shouts to Mutsuki that this time around, they are all there. “Go!” So, the three Rose Knights attack Yokuto. Narration: “I want to change fate into wish [/desire]. Despair into hope. That is what I— as Rose Princess ought to do--” Anis seems to be in pain as she is breathing hard. Blurb: “Mutsuki has decided on his past, what awaits them again is..”

Scans by AMH字幕組.

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