June 13, 2011

Chitose Etc. [Chapters 9-12]

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After the hospital visit, Chitose and Shun walk quietly in the streets. Shun suddenly remembers to call Midoriko and Kanata about what happened. He apologizes to Midoriko for calling so late and it turned out that Saaya just had anemia. He says that Yuki got a taxi to bring Saaya home while he and Chitose are going to ride the train so they should just hold their celebration some other day. Chitose sadly thinks that this is the first time she has seen Yuki that nervous. Remembering Saaya hugging Yuki, Chitose thinks that it is something that no one can get in between and compared to Saaya staying at Yuki’s place, it seems that the two have a really deep bond with each other. It made her chest hurt. She tells herself not to be like that for she already knows that and she should forget about it. She doesn’t want this to continue wherein she will still have feelings for Yuki. She suddenly calls out to Shun, “Akaishi-kun! Go..steady with me!” This surprises Shun. He says that she still has a week so has she really decided on this. Chitose says yes and she will try this out because she wanted to change the way she thinks. Shun looks at her then pats her head. Shun says, then, that’s decided. Chitose asks him again if it is really okay if the other party is her. Shun says, yes. Chitose admits that she doesn’t like him yet. Shun says that he knows and she is still saying this until now. Shun admits that he isn’t really serious when he asked her to go steady with him so she doesn’t have to mind it. “Let’s just gradually and slowly get along with each other.” Chitose says, okay and she’ll be under his care. Shun just says ya. Chitose has returned home. Tadashi, her brother asks her if she had fun during the celebration. Chitose tells him that it has been postponed because a girl got sick. Tadashi says is that so and that should be the reason why she is late. Before going to her room, Chitose tells her brother that from then on, she might be out more frequently but she will still do the household chores so there is no need for him to worry. Her brother says that is okay but then, why would she be out frequently. Tadashi goes into shock when Chitose tells him that she now has a boyfriend. While Chitose is already in her room, Tadashi tries to ask her who it is for this is too sudden. “Is it Yuki?” Chitose says that it is one of the guys in the matsuri/festival club. Tadashi insists that she come out and tells him about this in detail. Chitose isn’t in the mood for that. She just thinks that temporarily, she’ll just do what Shun proposed for if she didn’t do anything then nothing will change.

The next day, during lunch break, Shun greets Chitose a good morning. Chitose tells herself that from today on, this guy is her boyfriend. She thinks that even if it isn’t that real, but she feels a bit awkward about it. Shun says that there is something he wants to talk about with her so is she free. Chitose says yes so will they be going to the clubroom. Shun says no, since it is far away so how about they go to the roof because the weather is nice. At the roof, Chitose is puzzled when Shun asks what to do about it. Shun asks what does one do when one goes steady because he doesn’t have any experience so he isn’t sure about it. Chitose tells him that she also doesn’t have any experience. Shun asks him what does she wanted to do, like what does she imagined she’ll be going with her boyfriend. A bit flustered, Chitose says that she would imagine a date. “The two of us would go to all sorts of fun places. We will be together during Christmas, birthday and other holidays. In school, he will be eating the bento I made. We will study together in the library before the exams. After school, we will go home together. Occasionally, for a change, we’ll go drink tea. When we are together, we will talk about a lot of things like the things when we were young, during junior high, future dreams and also about everyone and friends. *happily imagining being with Yuki* Then, there are hobbies, favorite music, favorite books, there are a lot of things that I want to ask him, and there are a lot of things that I want to tell him..” Somewhat unhappy Shun looks at happy Chitose, then asks if she is thinking of Yuki just now. She quickly covers her mouth and apologizes that it is a habit. She wonders how he knew. Shun tells her to forget about it, it is alright. Chitose then asks him what he wants to do with his girlfriend. Shun looks at her then admits that it is something that happens after much progress and much later in the relationship. Shun says that what Chitose wants to do is pretty much dating and conversation. Chitose affirms it. Shun says okay, now he knows. Then the school bell rings. Chitose is surprised that everyone is gone and classes is starting. She exclaims that they should quickly go down. Before she can go, Shun holds her arm and tells her that he thought of something he wants to do together with his girlfriend. “Let’s goof off together at the roof ♬” Chitose looks at him in surprise and asks if he meant not going to class. She seems a bit hesitant that Shun asks if she hasn’t skipped classes and she is really such a nice kid. Pointing to the upper roof, he happily tells her that they lie down there [structure above the stairs]. Chitose calls out to him as he climbs up the stairs.

Soon, the two are lying down. Shun then asks her, “Don’t you feel comfortable?” Chitose smiles and agrees with him. She says that the clouds floating by are also really nice. “The sun is bright and beautiful, and warm. It really feels like spring.” Shun then looks at the side to see Chitose sleeping. He sits up and thinks that she actually slept. He looks at her lips then bends down to kiss her. He stops and thinks that it is better to kiss her when she’s awake. Suddenly, Chitose sneezes on him. Lol, his face is covered with saliva. =P Chitose sits up and shivers. She says that the cement [floor] is really cold and she’ll catch a cold if she sleeps there. She then happily asks what happened to Shun. Shun looks dark as he wipes his face with his handkerchief. At the club, Saaya apologizes to everyone for the trouble and she’ll eat a lot of liver next time. Midoriko asks if she is really okay. Saaya happily says ya and her cold is also well so she has totally recovered now. Saaya tells them that as consolation gift, she bought some animal-decorated cupcakes for everyone which they can have with tea. While Saaya shows the cakes to Midoriko, Chitose is relieved that Saaya is energetic again though she thought that from what was said before, she had a grave illness. She wonders if it is really okay now. “Is it really alright just because the doctor said that it is alright?” Chitose blushes really red when Shun announces to everyone that he already got Chitose’s answer. Midoriko and Kanata are really delighted over the news. Saaya looks surprised and Yuki’s face isn’t shown. Then, when Yuki’s face is shown, he is smiling and congratulates the two. Shun then asks how about Midoriko and Kanata try to go steady, too. Midoriko shakes her head and says, ‘she doesn’t want to’. Kanata shakes his head and says, ‘it is impossible’. Midoriko angrily shouts at Kanata what he meant by impossible. Aghast and scared, Kanata says that it is what she thinks it means. Midoriko happily exclaims that they should go and use this energy to plan out for the Christmas program because it will be December soon. They discuss if there will be a cosplay again. Someone wants to do exchange gifts and last year, they have a favorable evaluation. Then, there is also about where to rent a Christmas tree. Chitose thinks that it is only Saaya who didn’t say anything about it [her going steady with Shun]. “She said before that she isn’t good in dealing with Akaishi-kun, could she be against this..” Soon, Kanata and Midoriko happily says that more or less, they had integrated it all. Shun stands up then shouts to Chitose to hurry for they are going. This surprises Chitose. She quickly and nervously finish what she is writing and packs her things. Shun goes ahead while Chitose bids the others goodbye. Midoriko asks what’s with them that they are in a hurry. Saaya just look at the two while Yuki looks very displeased.

At the hallway, Chitose chases after Shun and tells him to wait for her and why he is in such a hurry. Shun asks her didn’t she want to go home together with her boyfriend. Chitose says, ya. Shun asks her what it is like normally after club activity. Chitose says that everyone will walk out together and then, they will go their separate ways at the station. “And then, I will be walking to the apartment together with Yuki..” Shun says that is right, and they should quickly leave like this, so that they can walk home together. Chitose agrees with him. Shun asks if she wants to try out a ‘change of pace’. Chitose says it is okay if it is just for a short while because she still has to prepare her brother’s dinner. Shun suggests that they walk around/window shop at the train station. Chitose is surprised to see that there are bazaar stores in the train station. Shun asks if she hasn’t come here before. Chitose gloomily says that it is because she won’t dare go near the train station after an earlier trauma. She then goes to look at some hair accessories in a store and exclaims that they look cute. She looks at a crystal-flower hairpin and it costs 1200 yen. She is surprised when Shun asks if she likes it and he’ll buy it for her. Chitose tries to refuse but Shun says that it is alright and let it be their commemoration of their first day of going steady. “In exchange, make and bring a bento box for me tomorrow. I want it to have an Okinawa taste.” Chitose smiles and says, ‘no problem’. She happily says that this really feels like they are boy/girlfriend. Shun smiles and says, ‘that’s true’. While they were walking, a colored[red?] hair lady is looking at the couple. Her friend calls out to her as Nami [成實; ah, if it is a name then Nami but if it is a surname, it is Narumi/Narizane. Since I don’t have the raws for this, I cannot say for sure what it really is since I’m just basing it on the kanji]. Her friend asks what it is and is it someone she knew. Still looking at the two, Nami says, “No, I don’t know that person.” At school, Shun opens the bento box to see a cute designed food in it. Shun asks what that is. Chitose happily says that it is a three layer: streaky pork, tempura, bitter melon, etc. She explains that Okinawa tempura has different contents and it is much thicker. Shun says that he doesn’t mean the top but the bottom part. Puzzled, Chitose asks isn’t it cute that girl and bear for she thought that she did it really well. She then explains what she used to make those figures. Shun sweatdrops and says that isn’t what he meant and he knows that it is a girl and a bear but why are there faces in his bento. Chitose happily says that it is her first time to make a bento for an outsider [not family] and she doesn’t know how to do it so she looked for recipes on the internet and there are a lot of bento made that way and because it is cute, she decided to try and do it on her own. “..that, even if I faintly feel that it doesn’t suit you..isn’t it okay?” Shun exclaims, “Do you even have to ask! I’m also not a kid!” Chitose promptly takes the bento box from him and says if it is like that then there is no need for him to eat it. She mutters that it is a waste after putting a lot of effort to do it. This shocks Shun that he shouts, “Wait! I’ll eat it! I’m hungry.” Chitose shouts back, “No! I won’t give it to a guy who just complains!” Shun apologizes that it is his mistake. While Shun tries to get the bento box back, their other classmates, who were watching them, ask if the two are going steady. Chitose smiles and says, ‘Ya.’. Then, there is a loud scream from their classroom.

In the club room, Saaya says out loud [probably to Yuki who is beside her while using the laptop computer] that she heard from section 2 that it is publicly acknowledged that Chitose and Shun are a couple and that they eat the bento box that Chitose made everyday. Yuki says that he also seen them before to be happily chatting at the roof and Shun even said that they will go on a date this Saturday. Saaya comments that it is quite unexpected that things are going smoothly. Yuki asks why she said it is unexpected. Saaya says that it is because they aren’t compatible. Yuki says, “Ah, even if that is so..but isn’t it really good that they are progressing smoothly.” Saaya says, “Ya.” Midoriko and Kanata watch the two and feel the dark mood emitting from the two. The two look at each other and think that it doesn’t seem good at all. At an open-air ice skating rink, Chitose who is wearing her new hairpin tries to skate but ends up falling down. Shun helps her up and leads her to the railing. Chitose says that it is really hard to skate on ice. Shun happily tells her that she has gotten a lot better now than when she is just starting. Chitose says that Tokyo is really amazing to have an ice skating rink in the middle of the metropolitan. Shun explains that there is a time limit for it to be there. Chitose comments that if it is like that then, it is truly amazing. Shun tells her that he thought she might not have ice skated before so he brought her there. Chitose admits that it is indeed her first time for even if there are ice rinks around, she hasn’t gone there before. She happily tells him that she’s having fun. Shun smiles and thinks that Chitose is so cute and honest. He then offers his arm to her so that he can accompany her while skating. They skate together as Chitose happily exclaims that this is so relaxing. She says that Shun is really good in skating. Shun tells her that this is only his third time. While they are skating, a suspicious guy who is wearing a bandanna, sunglasses and dark coat is watching them. A sign says that it is Tadashi. He thinks, “So, that is Chitose’s boyfriend.” The other people around are scared of him. Tadashi thinks that Shun looks really good from the outside appearance and the festival club members are his readers and that should be very meaningful. He is worried that Chitose would just let herself be depressed because Yuki rejected her but it turns out that Chitose found a really good guy. “Good, good, no wonder she is my younger sister!” He starts to walk away and thinks that he should go to the bookstore first before going home. It turns out that Chitose knows that her brother is watching her. She glances at him and is relieved that he is finally leaving. She thinks that he is like a parent worrying over one’s kid and what’s with that suspicious disguise.

Shun then tells her that they should go eat something. Chitose happily says that she brought bento. Shun thanks her. At the table, Shun is displeased to see that there are ‘faces’ again in the bento. Chitose just happily says that this time it is easy because she just used seaweed [nori sheet] to decorate the rice [to look like faces]. She tells him that she really had fun doing that and the taste is also the same so would he forgive her for this. Shun just tells her to forget about it for he is just a bit troubled about food with faces that he doesn’t want to eat it. Chitose looks at him in surprise then she burst out in laughter. “So that’s the reason! You’re really cute--” Shun tells her not to laugh. Chitose says okay and apologizes. She tells him that she won’t make the food that way anymore so she’ll just change it into flower and star shapes/designs. Shun can only say, ‘Hey you-” She asks how about fish, like roasted types. Shun tells her that even if he doesn’t eat food with faces, and accepts the fact that those things exists but it is best if they are in pieces [not whole ones]. While eating, Shun tells her that they go skate again after eating. Chitose says that they should rest a bit first. Chitose thinks that she finds it interesting, this cute side of Shun. After getting used to it, she doesn’t feel scared of him and unexpectedly, he is a very kind person. She also finds their honest word fight fun. They skate again and Chitose is getting used to it. She thinks that everything will be alright, they can get along with each other. While walking home, Shun tells Chitose that she will experience muscle pain tomorrow since she used the muscles which she didn’t use before and contrary to what she thinks, it will be more of a back pain than leg pain. He then asks her if she had fun today. Chitose smiles and happily says that she did. She then thanks him for bringing her home. They then bid each other goodbye. Just then, Yuka, Yuki’s sister arrives. She greets Shun and says that it has been a long time since they have seen each other. Shun greets her back and bids her goodbye. After he left, the two enter the apartment together. Yuka asks Chitose if it is a date since she learned from Yuki that they are going steady. Chitose looks embarrassed as she confirms it. Yuka apologizes and says that she obviously liked Yuki before and it is because he and Saaya are going steady for such a long time.. Chitose exclaims that there is no need for that [no need to apologize]. She then wonders if Yuka knows. She takes this opportunity to ask Yuka about Saaya’s serious illness before and is it alright now. She admits that it is hard to ask Saaya herself about this. Yuka tells her that there is no need to be nervous and worried about it. Saaya had a major surgery before and the surgery is a success that there are no after effects so right now, she is like a normal healthy person. Chitose is relieved to hear that. Yuka continues to say that the possibility of reoccurring is almost zero. “But, for an added precaution, the two of them would always go for a regular check-up.” Chitose looks at Yuka in surprise and asks, “The two of them..?” Yuka looks in surprise as she asks, didn’t Chitose know. She is referring to Yuki and Saaya for Yuki also have the same illness as Saaya. This surprises Chitose that she asks if they met each other at the hospital. Yuka says that is right, for they were hospitalized at the same time and because their age is the same, they quickly got along. Looking serious, Yuka says, “Yuki and Saaya, and also, Misaki-kun.” Chitose looks surprised upon hearing a new name. Yuka then turns around to Chitose and happily apologizes for obviously Yuki hasn’t talked about this to Chitose so she cannot just recklessly say things. She tells Chitose that Yuki probably doesn’t want them to worry so would Chitose please help her in keeping this a secret from the others. Chitose just looks at her.

At school, in the library, Chitose is in deep thought. She remembers asking Yuki where he first met with Saaya and he told her that it is a secret. She realizes that he won’t say because they met at the hospital and no wonder that doctor called him ‘Yuki’ as if they know each other and surely that doctor is the same one who is in charge of Yuki. She thinks that they look healthy now but then, she couldn’t ask them what was their illness and she should pretend that she doesn’t know. She is at least relieved that they are totally healthy now. She then wonders how that Misaki person is doing right now. Her thoughts are interrupted when Shun calls out to her and says that she isn’t studying for she is lost in thought. A note says that this is the ‘studying together before the exams’. Chitose says that she doesn’t understand this part and how is it translated to. While Shun is telling her about it, they feel that everyone is glaring at them that they should keep their voice down. The two decide to go to the club room. They enter the club room to find it complete empty. Shun comments that this is quite rare for normally, even if there is no club activity, someone is in the club. Chitose says that maybe everyone went home to study. Chitose puts her bag on the table and says that they should continue their studies there. While she is taking out her notes and telling Shun that after exams, it will be Christmas soon and she eagerly anticipates the party, Shun is looking at her back from head to foot. He then asks her if she came to like him a bit. Chitose looks at him in surprise and says, ya, gradually, a bit. “Because I’m already used to it, and also I don’t feel scared of you, spending time with you and chatting with you is quite fun. I feel that this kind of feeling is not bad at all.” Shun smiles and says, “That’s good. Then more or less, it should be okay.” Chitose looks surprised when he locks the door. She asks him why he locked the door and what does he mean by ‘it should be okay.’ Shun leans toward her and asks, “Do you have to ask? Of course, doing the lewd stuff.” The side story is basically about losing one’s soul after being shock. The Kaneshiro and Furuya siblings are talking about this during their dinner in Chapter 4. This supposedly happen when young Chitose suddenly fell into the water and got sick that she won’t get well but they brought her to some healer to get her ‘soul’ back. Then, Yuki asks Chitose if she lost her soul from the shock of kissing her before. Chitose says that she didn’t though she wonders if it is possible because she is acting differently after that. Also, there are a lot of times she is shock while in Tokyo so maybe that superstition works only in Okinawa.

Back to the story, flustered Chitose asks what he is talking about when they are suppose to be studying for the exam today. Shun holds her arm and tells her not to mind that for a while and a kiss should be okay even if it isn’t her first. Chitose tries to protest but Shun insists that lovers would do this kind of thing while going steady. He kisses her then she looks surprised. He continues to kiss her and not letting go that this is shocking Chitose. [I assume that it is a French kiss.] Chitose then slaps his back then starts hitting him with both her hands. Shun finally lets go and shouts that it hurts. Chitose looks aghast and shouts, “Yuck!” Shun asks what’s up with her. Chitose quickly backs away from him and hits the lockers. Shivering from fear, Chitose asks him what that was a while ago. Shun is puzzled and says of course, it is a kiss. Teary-eyed Chitose shouts that it isn’t a kiss for it is like she is going to be eaten. Shun tries to explain but Chitose tells him that Yuki’s kiss isn’t like that for it is very gentle and beautiful. Shun is shock and asks what nonsense she is talking about. He tells her that what Yuki did is just like a child and an animal level of kiss. “Between a boy and girl, this kind of kiss is normal!” Chitose becomes pale in shock. Shun realizes that he is careless so he apologizes to Chitose for what he said is too much or rather what he did is a bit too much. He tells her to forget about what happened just now, and they start again one more time. This surprises Chitose who isn’t thrilled about it. Shun tells her that this time, he will definitely be more gentle. Chitose tries to protest but Shun asks if they can since they are going steady. Chitose finally relents and agrees to what he wants. Shun thanks her and says, “One more time..” She closes her eyes as Shun kisses her. Chitose thinks that this is indeed different from the first one and this is really warm. She suddenly opens her eyes and looks down to see Shun’s hand on her chest. Chitose screams in shock and quickly sits down near the lockers while covering her chest with her arms. She couldn’t believe that he touched her chest. Shun bends down to her and tells her that he did and this is normal since she is his girlfriend. Chitose is in shock and aghast. Shun smiles and tells her it is alright and there is nothing to be scared about. Shun holds her wrists and happily tells her that he will absolutely make her feel comfortable. Blushing Chitose then shouts for him to stop and she finds all of this suspicious. Shun asks what is suspicious. Chitose accuses him of being a liar for he said that this is the first time he had a girlfriend and he hasn’t gone steady with anyone before. Shun says, that is right. Chitose calls him a liar. Shun asks what she is saying for he isn’t lying. She exclaims then why is he so experienced with this. Shun just tells her that it is because he had a sex partner. Chitose is totally shock and thinks, “Momma mia!” He smiles and says that he has experience so she should just relax. Chitose tries to run away but Shun grabs her sweater and she falls down on his lap. She says that hurts. She goes into shock when Shun holds her with one arm while the other hand is removing her necktie. Aghast, she shouts his name but Shun tells her to calm down. Chitose shouts, “No, stop!” Shun tells her that it is alright and this isn’t something to be scared about and she will feel comfortable. Chitose tells him to stop again but Shun tells her that everyone does this kind of thing. He starts unbuttoning her blouse. Chitose tries to free herself but Shun is holding on to her tightly. Flustered Chitose thinks that she couldn’t break free and she couldn’t escape. She decides that there is no choice and she’ll just give in to Shun because after all, he is her boyfriend and no matter what, she’ll go through this experience one day. Realizing that Chitose has given up, Shun tells her to relax. He puts his hand under her bra and starts groping her breast. Chitose looks uneasy about it then she suddenly exclaims. Shun says that is a nice lewd sound and he wants to hear more of it.

They were surprised when the door knob suddenly twists. Yuki is twisting it and wonders out loud why it is locked. Chitose realizes that it is Yuki and quickly realizes that Shun has loosened his grip. Chitose quickly uses this opportunity to stand up and get away from him. Chitose uses her hand to pull her blouse close. She quickly grabs her school bag and apologizes to Yuki that they will quickly open the door. Yuki asks if it is Chitose and asks what she is doing. He says that he wants to do some assignments but he left his textbook in the clubroom’s cabinet/locker. He is shock when the door suddenly opens. He notices Chitose is holding her blouse tight as she runs off. He looks in the clubroom to see Shun standing up and patting off some dirt from his pants. He notices Chitose’s necktie on the floor. Yuki asks Shun what he is doing to Chitose. Shun looks at him and says that Yuki is troublesome. Yuki shouts that he is asking what Shun did. Shun shouts, “You’re so annoying, it is just like what you do with Saaya, doing it until you are tired-type of thing!” This somewhat irks Yuki that he shouts, “You idiot..!” Yuki grabs Shun’s collar. Irritated, Shun asks Yuki if he wants to fight. “Let me go!” Yuki lets him go. Shun gets his bag. Yuki just tells Shun that it is still too early. “I hope you won’t do things to her that will make her disgusted to the point of wanting to run away, you should cherish her--” Shun tells him to mind his own business for this isn’t related to him. “You should just focus on Saaya.” Shun leaves a somewhat irked Shun. He curses then kicks the lockers. Then, he bends down to hold his leg that it hurts. He then wonders what the heck he is doing. Chitose’s necktie is still on the floor. The next day, Chitose goes out of her house to find Shun waiting for her downstairs. Chitose happily greets him and says that it has been a long time since she has seen him during the morning. Chitose thinks that she is avoiding him so she usually goes out very early because she should forget about him. Yuki smiles and says that he is waiting for her. He gives her a small package and tells her that it is her necktie. This made Chitose blush really red and she apologizes for making him specially bring it to her. She then thanks him. Chitose mentally calls Shun an idiot for not taking it with him so now, Yuki also knew what happened. She is so embarrassed. Since she couldn’t face Yuki, she just smiles and tells Yuki to go ahead for she is going to bring it back to her house. Yuki then tells her that about Shun, if she doesn’t like it, she shouldn’t force herself. Chitose looks surprise then tells him, no, it is alright. She apologizes and tells him not to worry. She tells him to go ahead and she goes back to her house. Somewhat worried Yuki looks at her.

At school, Shun gets an email from Chitose telling him that she wants to talk with him at the roof. At the roof, Chitose is waiting for Shun. Shun tells her that he won’t apologize. He is surprised when Chitose slightly bows and apologizes to him. She apologizes that about what happened before, she really couldn’t do it because she is really scared. “So, until I can feel from the bottom of my heart ‘it’s totally okay’, can you wait for me?” After a pause, Shun asks how long he has to wait. Chitose says that she doesn’t know and maybe it won’t be long. Shun is aghast as he says, “Ha? Don’t you..seem to really belittle the desire of a male high schooler?” Flustered, Chitose says, “So..so what I’m saying is! If it is compulsory for you to get your ‘girlfriend’ to do that kind of thing, and I cannot respond back, then you should just find some other girl!” Shun is shock. Chitose says that he said before that he wanted to mutually build a really cherished relationship so he should go for that goal first. Still unnerved Shun says that he also has that goal. He shouts, “But for me, the physical aspect is very important, you should more or less consider my feelings!” Chitose shouts back, “Then, you should also consider my feelings!” Shun quiets down and thinks that she is right. Looking away, Shun complains that it is so troublesome for he just touched her and it should be very comfortable. “I haven’t even progressed it to the point that it caused you pain, right?” Flustered and shock Chitose shouts, “No! I’m afraid so I’m afraid!” Shun asks her how about kiss. Chitose uses her fingers to display an ‘X’ and says that temporarily, it isn’t allowed. Shun goes into shock again. Chitose sweatdrops and explains that if she allowed that, there is a possibility that things will escalate to that stage again. “If I won’t do, then regretfully, you should just find someone else..” After a pause, Shun says, “Okay, I’ll wait.” Chitose happily exclaims, “Really?! That’s great, thanks..” Shun sighs then covers his face. “It’s so cruel, I obviously have a girlfriend yet I cannot do anything with her, ugh, keep on waiting, I rather die.” Chitose sweatdrops and says if it is really painful[/hard], she feels sorry for him. Still covering his face, Shun says that if she feels sorry for him then she should quickly prepare herself. Chitose says that is impossible. After a pause, Shun quits acting and asks Chitose if she isn’t interested in it for girls should have some curiosity about it. Chitose says that he’s right. Chitose then exclaims that she wants to know with whom he did those things before. Shun sweatdrops and asks, “Eh?” Chitose asks how did they met and why their relationship became like that. Shun says that she is his sister’s friend and he caught her eye while she is having fun at their house. Chitose asks if they are still seeing each other. Shun says no because she already has a boyfriend. Shun sweatdrops and says that this doesn’t seem to be something that should be talked about with one’s girlfriend. Chitose tells him that she really wants to know. “When did you two started to do it? Does your sister know?” Shun says that is enough, don’t ask anymore. Yuki sees the two wherein Chitose is happily talking with surprised Shun. He thinks that it is useless to worry. A girl then calls out to him to be quick in going to class for the bell is ringing.

Soon, after the term exams, it is 10 days before Christmas. At the club room, Midoriko happily says that in order for the Christmas party to be a success, they should do the last sprint/part. Gambatte-! She then asks Chitose if she is alright for she is all bundled up. Feeling ill, Chitose says that it’s cold. Saaya asks if she had a cold and is she alright. Yuki says that it is because the temperature suddenly dropped. Chitose says that she doesn’t have a cold and it is just cold since it is totally different from the winter in Okinawa. Someone says, “Is that so.” Shun then offers Chitose a can of red tea. Chitose holds it and exclaims that it is warm. She happily thanks him. Kanata complains that once again, only Chitose is given a drink. Midoriko says that it is because she is Shun’s girlfriend. Saaya is looking at some books while Yuki just looks at the two. Shun asks Chitose if her legs are cold and she should wear some wool pants. Chitose says that it is alright for she bought a woolen shorts. Shun asks what it is like, let him see it. There is a loud ‘bang’. Kanata and Midoriko laugh and say that they are so sweet. Without expression, Yuki look at them. At home, next day, Chitose is shivering while bundled up in a blanket. She then wonders why it is so cold and she feels that she is going to be frozen that she is awake even if it is still 6am. She looks at her close curtain window and notices some sort of special light outside. She pulls open the curtain. She is delighted to see that the neighborhood is covered with snow. She quickly runs to her brother’s room and calls out to him that there’s snow. Gloomy and sleepy Tadashi tells her that he has been staying there for a long time so he doesn’t feel anything for it anymore. “Please, let me sleep.” Chitose says, “Is that so! I’m sorry! Then, I’ll go out and have fun!” She goes out and happily looks at the snow-covered neighborhood. She then takes some and makes a snowball. She walks around carefully. She then happily thinks that this is snow, this silver-colored world, it’s so beautiful and amazing! Yuki then calls out to her and says that it is quite early. Chitose turns around and calls his name. She then laughs and shouts, “Yuki-kun is in yuki*!” [*snow] Yuki sweatdrops and asks could it be that this is her first time to see snow. Chitose happily tells him that they should have a snow ball fight for she always wanted to do that. Yuki says okay after he brings the things he bought [milk that his sister asked him to buy] back to his house. Later on, Chitose is chasing after Yuki while throwing a snow ball. Chitose comments that it turns out that there is a small park nearby. Yuki looks away and says that rather than a park, it is more of a resting place. Chitose smiles and shouts, “An opportunity!” She promptly throws a snowball on Yuki’s face. Yuki shouts at her for suddenly throwing a snowball on his face. He shouts for her to wait but Chitose just runs away and keeps on laughing. She happily smiles as Yuki looks at her. Then, to Chitose’s surprise, Yuki hugs her from behind.

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