June 13, 2011

Honey Hunt [Chapter 30] (Last chapter?)

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 7, 2010

Yura looks in surprise at Qta and repeats his proposal that she will be going with him to New York. Qta confirms it and asks if it is a strange thing to say. Yura asks wasn’t he suppose to work with her father there. She tells him of her insecurity that she is useless if Qta already has her father so why is he bringing her along. 

Qta tells her that New York is far away and if they didn’t go together, he won’t be able to see her quickly whenever he wants to. He also tells her that if it is like that, he would go crazy about not being able to see her and he might not be able to work. Looking away, flustered Qta tells her not to be like that, this won’t do.

He holds her hand and says, “I ask you to please come with me to New York, Yura, I want you to be at my side.” In some room [maybe Yukari’s place], Yukari and Shin are wearing robes in the living room. Shin complains of feeling awful from drinking too much. [A note says minors shouldn’t drink] Yuraki comments about him still have a hangover even after taking a shower. She says that he is obviously a minor yet he drank a lot. 

Yukari tells him to have some scented tea that is on the table. Shin sighs and says that it is because it is a celebration party for his first lead role in a drama so it won’t look good if the lead actor doesn’t drink. Shin laments that in the latter half [of the drama], he and everyone in the cast and crew, did their best yet in the end, they lost to Yukari’s drama. 

Yukari replies in a matter-of-fact tone that it is inevitable since the difference between them is still great. Shin asks if his acting skill is also awful but according to the rumors, he had captivated all of Japan’s female high schoolers. Yukari tells him that he’s no good if he can only capture the hearts of girls at that age.

“If you couldn’t capture the older ladies and those who have white collar jobs then your ratings won’t go up, Shin.” Shin sighs and seems to think that it is hard for him to capture the hearts of women in those ages and it is fine if he can just capture Yukari’s heart. Shin remembers something and tells Yukari that he has seen Yura at the celebration party.
He mentions to Yukari about hearing from someone that Yura might go to New York and if it’s Yukari, she ought to know more details about this information. Yukari is surprised to hear this. Shin tells her that it is an insider’s information and he is just wondering if Yura took the opportunity of Takayuki being in the country to go with him to New York.

Shin’s informer is Haruka’s mother. While Yukari still looks stunned, Shin tells her of the possibility of Yura following after h.a. who is going to work with Takayuki. Yukari exclaims in shock about it and that she hasn’t heard about it. After somewhat recovering from the shock, Yukari says that if Yura wants to go then she is going to let her do so and Takayuki already has another family.

She thinks that she no longer has any standing with Yura. [= Not considered a mother/family] Shin asks if it is okay for her not to see Takayuki before he leaves. Yukari tells him that she won’t go. “Why would I go see him and take the initiative to do so?” Shin sighs [not sure if he is happy that she won’t go or it is because she isn’t being sincere].

Flustered, Yukari says that she doesn’t think that things will go smoothly at this moment, wherein Yura will live together with Takayuki. “Maybe, perhaps I should go and see..to laugh at that crying child. This should actually become interesting.” Thinking that Yukari isn’t sincere, Shin tells her to bring him along when/if she goes. “But, will Yura actually do that? Besides, there is a guy who would be really concerned [to death] about this..”

At the set, Haruka is walking around while looking for someone. The people greet him as he passes by. The shooting of another scene has just finished and someone tells Haruka to wait for 20 minutes while they do some stuff on the set. Haruka says okay then he spots Yura talking with director Nakazono [beard guy] at the back. 

Nakazono tells Yura that up to today, they can wrap up the first season. Yura says yes and thanks him. Nakazono bids her goodbye and he’ll see her again in his next mini-series drama. Yura bows and says her greetings to him. Standing at the other side of the background props, Haruka asks if she will be in that mini-series and if it is just empty talk about her going to New York.

Flustered Yura calls out to Haruka if it is him. [They are separated by that prop so she can’t see him.] Haruka tells her that they’ll just talk like that since it will be his turn [to act] soon. He also tells her that he had received an email from his mother about Qta already packing his stuff to go to New York. His mother also said that Yura will also be going. 

Haruka says that is impossible if she is going to be in that mini-series. Yura tells him that it is rare to be chosen by the director. She firmly says that she will appear in it for she has already decided to act in that mini-series. She admits that no matter what, this is reckless for suddenly going to New York when she obviously has a screen test for a morning drama.

With hope, Haruka asks if she is going to accept that morning drama and that means she isn’t going to New York. Then, the scene changes to Keiichi who is greeted by a staff. The staff member tells him that today, Yura had finished acting her parts for the drama. Keiichi says that he heard about it from Nakazono.

While Keiichi is walking around to look for Yura, Haruka is still talking on his own about how it is possible and how could Qta just suddenly [make her or on her own] leave her work and go to New York.When Keiichi is within earshot of the two [standing behind Yura], Yura says, “..But..I, want to go with him.”

While the two guys are scowling from surprise, Yura continues to say that she will only accept doing Nakazono’s television drama. Around February, she will also graduate from high school. She plans to go to New York during spring break and that is how she plans to tell it to her manager. A long pause before Haruka asks if she is stupid for this is a very important time for her, and she finally became a bit famous.

“If you abandon [it] at this time, then what could be the outcome, idiot! If you accepted the morning drama, which runs for a half a year every morning, you will definitely get exposure!” Then, there is a flashback of Haruka asking Yura if she really doesn’t know why he kissed her. Haruka says that he is her acting partner, he would want to be with her [again at work]. Flustered Yura answers, “..I’m sorry, Haruka-kun, I like Minamitani-kun.”
Then, a staff guy calls out to Haruka that they are ready so he can go there now. It is only when the guy called out his name again before Haruka answers that he will be there soon. As dejected Haruka walks away, he says that he already knows that from the start but even if he knows, he still couldn’t let go and why is that..

Then, Haruka starts his shooting. Yura thinks about what Haruka said about the morning drama. She thinks that she had thought of this a lot of times but.. She turns to the side and sees Keiichi. Yura tries to say something. She is thinking that Keiichi has overheard it when she actually planned to talk to him when she is calmer in asking this request from him. 

Keiichi smiles and tells her that they should go since the shooting is finished. He says that there is no other special work for today so after she is finished with her training [in acting], they will talk again about that morning drama screen test since the show will be filmed next month so they don’t have much time. 

Yura exclaims that he should have heard what she and Haruka were talking about. “I cannot go to next month’s screen test. I have something to request of you, shacho. I hope that you will let me go.” Of course, Keiichi refuses as his smile disappears. He tells her to quit talking such foolish things. He asks if that is how she plans to be responsible for her dream as an actress to win over Yukari.

“Speaking of that, I do not want this kind of outcome, and I didn’t count on the two of you..” Yura is puzzled by what he meant ‘didn’t count on’. He corrects himself by saying that isn’t what he meant but rather, he didn’t count on that she will be famous to that degree. He tells her to drop the topic and continue with what they were talking about before.

Yura says that she already had a drama that has beaten her mother in the ratings. Keiichi tells her that she isn’t the lead in that drama and with just a couple of victories, she still loses in the overall total. Yura tries to protest but Keiichi reminds her that she is still standing at the starting line. Yura protests by saying that Qta said that he needs her and wants her to be with him. 
“For the first time in my whole life, I am needed by someone. I..I always wanted this..” Yura starts to cry while saying that she wants to be an actress and win over her mother then perhaps, her mother would acknowledge her. “Because I have this kind of expectation..I want someone..someone to acknowledge me..to tell me that I’m needed..

It is only Minamitani-kun who said that he ‘cannot live without me’*..in Japan, no other person has said that to me, right?” [* ah, something like that or without me, he cannot (go on, work, etc) so basically, she’s needed.] The crying somewhat softens Keiichi’s heart that he is about to reach out his hand to comfort her but he hesitated. He just tells her that he won’t allow it. “To unexpectedly let me let go of my important...actress, I do not plan [on doing this] even a tiniest bit.”

Yura thinks that she had already said that that kind of reason can no longer hinder her. Crying Yura just bows again and says, “..I beg of you.” The scene changes to Keiichi’s house late at night. Yura takes out her luggage from her room. She takes out a letter and slips it under the door. She then takes one last look of the place. She quietly closes the door and goes out.

While pulling her luggage along, she walks to the gate. She didn’t see that Keiichi is looking at her from the window. He looks very displeased. Yura opens the gate and finds Qta waiting for her in the car. Qta waves at her. Yura smiles and heads to the car with him.

Last narration: “Nanase-kun, because I do not want to write an email, I decided to write a handwritten letter. I’m very sorry that I didn’t consult you regarding this for I had unexpectedly decided on it. Thank you for always being kind to me. For me, this house is my first warm home with a ‘family’. I’m at my happiest being an actress during work for ‘I was able to become other people’s daughter’.

I always thought that I’m all alone, whom people don’t like, who couldn’t attract other people’s attention. I’m not boring Onozuka Yura and becoming like other girls is true bliss. [I think she is referring to acting or being like any other girls] But, I was really happy when he told me that he needed me. It made me feel that even if I have to part with that happiness [of acting], it is also fine [with me]. So..SO..I’VE DECIDED TO GO WITH MINAMITANI-KUN.” The end.
Comment: Well, the end as far as the Chinese scans are concerned because it is really who knows when the author is going to get back on this series especially since she already has a new series called, ‘From Five to Nine’. And the winnder is Qta. So, for now, sayonara Yura, hope you are happy with your decision with no regrets.

I cannot really say that when you get back you’ll still have an acting job to return to because if Keiichi is vindictive, you will really have to kiss your acting career away. With Keiichi’s influence in the showbiz world, he can make you never get a role ever again. Well, Keiichi seems to be letting her go though since he didn’t exactly stop her from going. He is also at fault in a way because he didn’t expect Qta to bring Yura along with him.

He didn’t anticipate on how selfish Qta can be and how crazy Yura is for Qta to abandon her career for him. Hehe, Keiichi loosen his grip on Yura a bit to make her happy being with Qta and before he knew it, he totally lost her. Well, if that is really the point of Yura being in the showbiz world – to be needed/loved by someone then I guess she got what she wanted so well, that’s that. She chose love over work/career. Hopefully, Haruka can also move on.

And so, Snow White (Yura) decided to go with her Prince Charming (Qta) and her father to a far far away land. She left the hunter (Keiichi) and the dwarf (Haruka) to pick up the pain she left behind for hoping and caring for her but in the end, they got abandoned. Will the wicked mother chase after them and ruin things? Where is the poison apple scenario?

Unfortunately, I think that the author is also totally sick of always apologizing Yura and decided to drop the series permanently/temporarily to write about something else. =P Scans by xiuxiu/咻咻 for BW


    Among the 3 guys, why him!? It would have been better if she ends up with Haruka or Keiichi! TT~TT

    1. Ya...well, he's the 'first guy'..iirc ^^;

    2. NOOOOOOO!!!
      ¿En verdad fue el final?

    3. Ah, yes, ElyHaruka. The mangaka is already doing a different series, 'From Five to Nine'.

    4. I WANT HARUKA TO BE WITH YURA! At first I liked Qta but because of how he acted and how his personality is I started to hate him and because Haruka just Loves Yura so much and they look so good together I just started to root for him I don't want it to end like this! No! Never!;(

    5. Hehe, Michelle. Actually, I think that is the mangaka's type and it seems to be her philosophy that no matter what kind of guy he is or even if he is awful, love conquers all.

    6. And it's a horrible philosophy. Love doesn't magically erase all the bad things someone has done to you.

  2. So are their any statements in Japan that its the end of the story for now? That's what it sounded like from one of the other translators :(

    1. It is in hiatus, Katie. As in put on hold. The mangaka is doing some other series instead and I assumed that she lost interest or doesn't know how to continue the series. It is unknown if she'll continue Honey Hunt afterwards or it is totally dropped.

  3. Replies
    1. Hm.., M. Hasan, because he is the first love? That is usually the reason in shoujo stories.

  4. i wanted it to haruka Q-ta doesnt suport her just wants her to suport him and wants to keep her down , keiichi wants to help her get big but trys to manipulate her to and breaks her trust but haruka trys to help her and suport her even if he is arquered about it if qta had just said he was serious and not trying to keep yura down he would have probly backed off

    1. Is that so.

      True, but I guess well...she loves Qta so that's that.

  5. I have the last volume of honey hunt and it says that its going to be continued so I don't think she is going to end up with Q-ta.In my personal thinking I think Haruka is going to stop her and tell her the truth about Q-ta that he is just using her to get closed to his Dad since he is his Idol. or Yura is going to go with Q-ta and she is going to get bored because Q-ta is going to be always with his dad so thats were Haruka goes to new york also and tells her the truth about his brother. Well this is what i think its probably going to happen later on in the manga if the mangaka wants to continue with Hone Hunt.By the way I ship Haruka & Yura

    1. Maybe...though I have a feeling that this mangaka will stick with Qta for Yura until the end.

  6. Is this been published 6 years ago?! I've been looking for raws but most likely the author stopped and left unfinish this manga.
    Ps: dont think this is the real end the author had in mind at all

    1. Yes, María.

      Well, if she no longer continues it, that is considered 'the end' whether or not if that is what she had in mind or not.

  7. But Q-ta is so manipulative. He's literally the worst person for her and her career. I know her aim was to beat her mum for stealing her love and she's supposed to have abandoned it now because she has her own love but... Haruka is the best for her, he supports her no matter what and truly loves her.

    1. True, Natasha but then, Qta is the one she loves so...

  8. Yura is fucking stupid i understand its her first love but why cant she see that she is surrounded with oeople that love her, she dosent need and asshole who's only using her to get to her father. Shes annoy and she deserves anything bad that happens to her. X(