June 14, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapters 77-82]

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Soon, it is time to go back home. At the train station, John gives Maria a bag of sweets for her. Maria tells him that she cannot eat that many so John says she is right and he apologizes for it. He tells her that it is because he knows that she likes to eat sweets so he wasn’t careful that he bought a lot. Maria blushes a bit for he knew that she likes sweets. Maria asks him to take care of her grandparents and to occasionally visit them. John agrees to do so if they don’t mind. He tells her that he never thought of being forgiven and he plans to atone for what he did no matter how long it takes, and regarding what he did, he thinks that after a certain time, he can tell her all about it. Maria tells him that compared to that, she would rather hear about his feelings for her mother and the things that made him love her mother. John starts crying again and says yes. Maria comments that he is crying again. Shintaro says that John is a cry baby. Just as Maria and others boarded the train, John tells her that cross is something left behind by Anne and he heard that it is created by Anne and her friend – protective love’s circle. “You’ll definitely also create your own love circle..” At the train, Maria thinks about what he said. She then asks Shin if her mother’s friend is Sister Sarah. She notices that Shin is lost in thought while looking at his hand. He snaps out of it and asks what she just said. Maria asks about his hand. Shin changes the topic but Maria insists that he is lying for it looked very painful and they should have it checked at the hospital when they return. Shin tells her that he already did that the Yokohama hospital while waiting for her. Maria asks him what the diagnosis is. He blushes a bit and tells her that it is nothing and it is okay even if he ruthlessly bullies her. Maria blushes over this while Shintaro isn’t happy about that. While Shintaro is biting Shin’s head and asking what that bullying meant, Shin reminds her about this weekend. Maria says she knows. While they are fussing about, Yuusuke just quietly watches them.

During lunch, Maria’s female friends are surprised that Maria is going to be bullied this weekend by Shin. They are speechless when Maria asks them what one exactly has to do to have a good H [/sex]. Tomoyo exclaims that Maria just got her voice back and the first things out of her mouth are these lewd stuff. Ayu tells Tomoyo that Maria is a carnivore. Maria tells her that humans are omnivores. Ayu tells her that she is only wants ‘beautiful food’ [= pun? on Yuusuke’s name]. Later on, Maria apologizes for asking them about this for she has no one else she can consult about it since she doesn’t want the H to be hampered by her lack of skill. She also tells them that it is because Shin would even boldly say ‘bullying’ in front of everyone and it made her really happy. They were embarrassed when Maria declares that she wants to return Shin’s anticipation by making him feel comfortable. Tomoyo is happy over Maria’s approach on this while Ayu is aghast as she tells them that a girl should be timid and says that this is her first time. Ayu gets angry when Maria asks her if she did it already. Yuusuke comes in and tells her that is right for guys like to be dependent on. Ayu is embarrassed that Yuusuke overheard it but to her delight, Yuusuke says that she’s quite cute. Yuusuke tells Maria that Shin isn’t an expert on this so it is best to make him feel accomplished. Guys like things to be mysterious and they like flirt around [/be teased]. Maria is shock when he tells her that girls shouldn’t take the initiative to strip and take the initiative to make the other party touch them for it is the taboo of taboos. While Maria is nervous for she already did those stuff, Yuusuke continues to say that guys would like to help the girl strip. Yuusuke tells Maria that he really knows about Shin so this time, she should captivate him and make him not leave her. This somewhat bothers Maria that she asks what’s up. While Ayu seems to notice something, Yuusuke tells Maria says that it is nothing and he thinks that Maria and Shin are forever lovers and will be lovey-dovey forever. He then tells her about choosing an outfit first for the date. Yuusuke suggests that she wear something sexy but not too revealing in order to captivate Shin’s inner ‘lewd wolf’ nature. To arouse him, Maria should do a hairstyle which she doesn’t usually have.
At the train station, Shin is waiting for Maria. Then, a lot of guys are looking at Maria who calls out to him and apologizes for being late. Shin blushes and is about to praise her but he ends up saying that it is nothing and they should go eat something. Maria is a bit puzzled by his reaction but following Yuusuke’s suggestion, Maria holds on to Shin’s left arm in a natural way. Maria is puzzled again when Shin turns away and tells her not to do that for the cars are dangerous on the left. [<- when crossing the street, it is safer for the girls to be not on the side where the car passes by.] At a restaurant, Maria tells Shin that she would like to try out all kinds of food so it is better for them to share their food and it isn’t convenient for him to use his left hand. Remembering Yuusuke telling her that Shin doesn’t easily show his reaction so it would be a surprise for him if Maria feeds him, Maria takes a forkful of pasta and offers it to Shin. Blushing Maria just looks at Shin who looks back at her. Maria is becoming nervous because all of Yuusuke’s suggestions are producing the opposite effect that it seems that their distance today is quite far. Maria is surprised when blushing Shin tells her that upon seeing her many sides, it makes him waver from his resolve. Maria asks him what resolve. Maria remembers Yuusuke telling her that Shin likes the original Maria but occasionally, it is good to show some different side of herself to make Shin want to understand her more and it would make him want to stay with her more. Maria starts to become tense because she also remembered Yuusuke telling her to make Shin not want to leave her. Uneasy Maria tells her about the other things that Shin would want to do and today, she has decided to let herself be bullied by him. Shin looks flustered and tense as he tells her that he is just joking. Nervous that Shin won’t stay with her, Maria says that she asked about his hand and he joked about that so does it mean that his hand’s condition is really serious. Shin tells her that they should go some place first. He plans to do some things with her first before telling her about his hand or rather, he wants to finish some things first, and do what he can do.
Maria is surprised that Shin brought her to that music school. Shougo [the music teacher] greets them and asks if Maria has finally decided to become a singer. Maria asks him what that is about. Shougo looks intensely at Maria and says that the magic is gone. He explains that because she has a magical voice that it seems that there is some denouncing type of pain that captivates someone in an instant so does this mean that Maria is now fully satisfied and happy. He is quite sad over it is quite rare to have singers who are lonely and unsatisfied. While Maria is taken aback by what Shougo has been saying, Shin tells him that he thinks that Maria doesn’t want to be a singer and for her, singing is just one way for her to convey her feelings. This made Maria blush for what Shin said is true in all of those other occasions when she sang publicly. She thinks that Shin knows everything about her. Shin says that Maria had lost her voice for a period of time and since Shougo is a voice instructor, he can help singers recover their voice. “So if that kind of incident happens again, can I trouble you into helping her to be able to sing again?” Shougo smiles and says okay, if it is that thing, he is more than happy to help. While walking, Shin tells Maria to relax for even if Shougo is a bit weird, his ability as a voice trainer is quite recognized so if ever she loses her voice again, she should go see Shougo. He says that he simply haven’t thought of that way and perhaps because he isn’t that calm and confident. While Maria wonders why he said it that way and what has he resolved to do, Shin looks at his cellphone and says that it isn’t noon yet and what they would do next.. Thinking that she doesn’t want whatever he has decided on, Maria exclaims that they are on a date so she wants to go there. She points to a ferris wheel. Shin asks if it is the amusement park. Maria says that she is anticipating to go there and this is their first date. Somewhat flustered Shin agrees to go, anywhere she wants to go, now. Maria becomes scared over what Shin said for whatever he would say next, is definitely something she doesn’t want to hear. They walk around the amusement park and Maria keeps on pointing the places she finds interesting. Shin is aghast when Maria wants to try out the roller coaster. Shin tries to tell her that isn’t quite good that Maria asks if he is scared. Shin tries to alibi himself out of it but Maria prevails and they ride the roller coaster.
Afterwards, Maria is thrilled over the experience of being frightened to death and screaming loudly like that. Maria sees Shin looking ill at the side. He lamely laughs it off by saying that it is nothing. Maria pats his head then heads off, thinking that Shin is quite cute. She exclaims where they will go next. Maria wants to go to ‘Ice World’ but Shin says that it is only ‘cold and nothing else inside’. Since Maria wants to experience a -30 degrees temperature, they head in. Maria points out that there are a lot of ice pillars. Shin hugs her and says that didn’t he say that nothing is there except coldness. Maria remembers that there are a lot of places where they can be close at the amusement park. Shin mentally thinks that the ‘Ice World’ isn’t bad at all but he doesn’t want to admit it to Maria. Next, is the Haunted House. Shin is aghast that Maria tells him that if he is scared, they can hold hands. Shin tries to be brave but he ends up screaming when a ghost suddenly came out. ^^; Maria laughs at embarrassed Shin for looking so afraid. Then, Maria wins over a table tennis game. Maria buys two ice cream cones for them. Maria thinks that she is having fun. At the ferris wheel, Maria is really excited over the view that Shin has to tell her to sit down since moving about can be dangerous. Maria blushes as she sits beside him. Maria then comments that Shin’s fingers are long and isn’t that good if one plays the piano. Shin tells her that there is an advantage but then, her fingers are also long. She asks if she can play the piano. Shin tells her to curve her hand as if holding an egg for that is the position in playing the piano. After Maria imitates him, Shin tells her that it is wrong for she’ll end up crushing the egg. While they fuss about this, they look at each other and Shin kisses her. After they kissed, teary-eyed Maria holds on to Shin’s shirt. Maria asks if his hand’s condition is really serious, so serious that he has to get it fixed at some other place. Still holding her, Shin tells her that according to the Yokohama doctor who checked it, if he doesn’t pay attention to it, sooner or late, his hand won’t be able to move anymore. The surgeon suggests that Shin quickly get it operated on. The hand surgery is quite complicated and the recovery time also takes a long time. Maria asks if he can play the piano. He tells her that the probability for it to be the same as before is 10% and the probability for it not to be a hindrance to his daily life is 50%. “So..let’s break up. I definitely, will become an existence whom you do not want to see.” [<- or become someone whom he doesn’t want Maria to see.] Maria is surprised as she wonders what he just said.
While walking out, Maria is still taken aback by Shin’s desire to break up for she is only ready about him leaving her. Then, Shin invites her to his house and says that this might be the last time she’ll ever hear him play the piano. He tells her that she wasn’t able to hear him play at the concert before, and if after the surgery, he can no longer move his hand and it will be a long time then, if they don’t take this opportunity today, there might be no next time. Maria is flustered and thinks that she has that feeling again as if she couldn’t breathe though wanting her to listen to his playing is what Shin used to do. At the living room, Shin slightly opens the window and tells her that since he is living alone there, he usually closes it. She asks him if his parents are staying overseas. Shin says that they are traveling for a year and right now, they are in the United States. Maria asks if he is going for treatment. Shin says that he would want to get it operated there. She asks him when he can return. Shin didn’t answer and changes the topic that Anna [Maria’s friend] is also there in the United States. Maria says that it isn’t forever so how about they go for a long distance love relationship. Holding his sleeve, Maria says that she’ll go see him and be with him while his hand is being treated. Shin exclaims that is enough. This startles Maria. Seeing her reaction, Shin nervously says that it is okay if she didn’t come, since he’ll be at a loss and he might aim his bad temper at her. Maria tells him that it is okay, she doesn’t mind it. Shin says that he doesn’t want that, he doesn’t want her to just accept him whatever he ends up becoming into. While Shin is apologizing for he temporarily wants to be alone that is why he also doesn’t know when they can see each other again, Maria wonders what Shin just said a while ago. Break up because he will be hated? Thinking that she doesn’t want to wait and she has to stop him, she quickly rushes to Shin and kisses him. She pushes him down the sofa and says, “I like you. Me..meguro, you’ve said that when I get my voice back, you’ll wait for me. So..the thing earlier, let’s continue.. *the two looks really flustered* If.. if you want to continue, starting today, even if it’s everyday, it’s okay! It’s okay no matter when if you want to [do it]. (idiot) I.. (I’m an idiot for doing this idiotic thing) I don’t want you to leave me! It’s okay whatever it is [you want me to do]!”
Shin calls her name. Maria lets her hair down and takes off her coat. She thinks, “Using this method in order to bind Shin down, how filthy, how disgusting, how shameful.” Maria stops and starts crying as her tears fall on Shin’s face. She mutters, “[I] like you..” Shin touches her lips and says that she has changed. “You have become really kawai [/cute]” Maria cries even more then bends down to kiss him and says, “..really like you.. (always longing to be an only one and special existence. If I am to say that I like the other from the bottom of my heart, this will also make me like myself, but, for the current me, I don’t felt that way, not one bit.)” While closing her eyes, Shin, who is on top of her, kisses her neck. Shin holds her face to him and tells her to open her eyes. To her surprise, Shin tells her that is enough. Maria sits up and asks why. Shin tells her that if she does it with a person like him, it would be too pitiful for her. Maria is puzzled by this. Shin tells her that it would be better if he isn’t around. Maria tells him that she doesn’t understand what he is saying. “Don’t you want to be with me? Am I very despicable? Is it because I’m very filthy..” Flustered Shin exclaims that isn’t so for the one who’s filthy is him who wasn’t able to save her. Maria is puzzled. He tells her that when she fell into the sea, his first reaction is to protect his hand and in the end, his hand wasn’t okay. “I actually don’t have anything of value.” Maria looks surprised for she realizes that Shin has given up on himself. Seeing her reaction, Shin apologizes and asks what he is saying for he asked her to come there to hear him play. Maria thinks that Shin is very uneasy that he only sees the bad things and became hopeless that he came to hate himself. Thinking that she doesn’t want him to be like this, Maria looks determined and says that she changed her mind. “Let me hear your best performance. (I won’t let you abandon yourself into despair.)”
Shin looks somewhat surprised and says that the ‘best’..okay, although he doesn’t know if it’s the ‘best’ but for the current him, he can say that it is the best he can play. While Maria wonders what to do regarding a Shin who has given up on the future, Shin goes to the piano and says that he is going to play Franz Liszt’s Ave Maria then Bach’s Ave Maria. Maria nervously wonders if she should stop Shin from playing else it might worsen his hand’s condition but.. Shin starts to play and Maria feels that she is in a church. Then, Maria imagines herself meeting Shin in the church and he is holding her while protecting her. Then, the mood change for the music starts to become heavy and rough. With imaginary Shin’s hand in pain as well as the real Shin who is playing the piano, Maria felt his anger, pain and misery. Then, as imaginary Shin start to crumble away, hand first, Maria thinks that prayers cannot be transmitted, cannot actualize one’s wishes, such a sharp deep pain, it is such a fierce performance. As Shin’s bandages start to unravel, Maria is getting worried about his hand but.. She remembers him telling her that he wants her everything, and that time when he fell for her at first sight, then he asks her what about hating, isn’t it better to keep on not knowing, about feeling filthy for protecting his hand first and telling her to break up with him for he’ll definitely become an existence that she doesn’t want to see. Maria cries more as she thinks that Shin is an idiot for being filled by such intense passion, where would one say that he’s filthy. “The first time that you want to protect your hand, is simply because you like playing the piano, isn’t it this way?” She notices that the piano piece went back to its quiet tempo again but it isn’t like earlier for even if it is peaceful, it contains pain since it is like giving up hope and, the tranquility after giving up.
After a pause, Shin exhales then start playing Bach’s Ave Maria. Maria remembers listening to this while she’s outside during Shin’s concert. She felt comfort when she is uneasy – always together but it’s already-- Shin winces in pain then to his surprise, Maria starts to sing. “Ave Maria. Blessed you. You are not all alone. You are loved. *pointing at Shin’s hand* Love the things that you treasure. God is beside you..” After singing, Shin tries to protest that he doesn’t treasure his hand for what’s really important.. Maria tells him to shut up for has he forgotten about this song, Ave Maria, and how he played it right now, she doesn’t want to stay at his side. This made Shin somewhat flustered. Maria asks, “Is this the last time? If you give up tone, then it isn’t your piano. You’re not suitable to become my voice accompaniment. The Meguro I like is a cool, courageous guy who would continue on playing even if he has only one hand.” Shin is teary-eyed and flustered over this. Maria thinks that she doesn’t want to look away, do not want to be seen through but actually, even if he cannot play the piano, and even if he doesn’t have anything, she only wants him, she’ll also.. Shin hugs her and says, “Thank you..” Maria cries even more and thinks that afterwards, the road that Shin will definitely go to a place where she isn’t around but *clenches fist*, she’ll be very lonely and that is her true feelings which she cannot say out loud. Then, at school, that teacher is quite happy to announce that suddenly Shin will be leaving their school because he had to quickly get his injured hand operated. Because his parents are in the United States, Shin will leave at 11am tomorrow to New York. Everyone is surprised to hear this. They look at Maria who tells them that she knows. That irritating teacher has to tell them that too bad there are classes tomorrow so they cannot see Shin off. Shin apologizes to everyone for startling them and thanks them for their care until now.
At the roof, Ayu exclaims what is this about being decided when her boyfriend is going somewhere far. She asks Maria about making him stay. To her surprise, Maria tells her that she already put her best effort in doing that, though she has accepted this and she thinks that this is okay. Ayu tells her that there is a limit to acting cool, and long distance relationship isn’t dependable. Maria tells them that it is alright for she would want Shin to forget about her and concentrate on getting well. Her friends are flustered over what Maria is saying. Meanwhile, Shintaro is rejoicing that Shin is leaving and that means that he and Maria broke up. Shin isn’t too happy over Shintaro’s reaction but he tells her that they didn’t break up since it is only temporary [being apart]. Shintaro asks when he is coming back. Shin says that he doesn’t know and it might take years or perhaps, after a long time, he won’t come back. At the side, Yuusuke is just listening to them. Shintaro tells Shin that it is like breaking up and it is impossible that there is no time limit for Maria to wait for him. Shin says that he didn’t tell Maria to wait and they don’t have any kind of promise. Shintaro exclaims that Shin is quite arrogant for Shin feels that even if there is no promise or anything, Maria will keep on waiting for him. To Shintaro’s surprise, Shin says that when he isn’t around, Maria is free to like someone else. “If she can forget about me, then I’ll let her forget. That girl’s feelings belong only to herself. No matter what she changes into, it doesn’t matter. *sad smile* Because in this life, I can only be captivated by Kawai Maria. *Two guys are surprised as Shin smiles* There won’t be another girl like her. This is a long battle of being always captivated until death so it doesn’t matter to be merely separated for some years. The current me is still no good for I pity myself. *serious* So, I want to change and next time, I can protect her without hesitating.” Yuusuke asks him if he told these things to Maria. “Even if you do not want to bind down Maria [to you], but there’s no problem even if you at least, telling her a sentence of ‘Wait for me’. Even if in the end, it becomes a lie but right now, Maria wants that kind of promise!”
In bed, Maria is bothered by what Ayu told her that there is no promise between them. She thinks that she isn’t acting and she isn’t lying either for that is really what she thought. Right now, it isn’t the same. At first, she doesn’t want him to leave but right now, she thinks that it is better if he can do his best more if he is alone. “If it is that way, then Shin can become the ‘he’ whom he wanted to be.” Then, her cellphone rings. She is surprised that it is Shin. She asks him why he suddenly called. She is surprised when Shin says that he just want to know what she is currently doing. Maria says that of course like before, she is preparing to sleep. Shin apologizes. Then, Maria starts to ask if he prepared his luggage, did he forget anything else, has he set the alarm clock, and since it is early, he should sleep early. Shin says, yes, yes to all of that. Maria says that the plane will leave at 11am from Narita airport. She also tells him to eat properly at that side since he is a picky eater. Shin sweatdrops and tells her not to worry. Maria also tells him not to catch a cold. While she is thinking what else to say, Maria savors Shin’s voice, way of breathing and way of talking. She then tells him to say something. Just when Shin is about to say something, Maria lectures him of not used to talking on the phone and it took him such a long time to buy a new cellphone after the first one was lost and he doesn’t always use the new one either. Shin apologizes for that. Maria says that he definitely doesn’t have any plans to call her when he’s in United States and she won’t call him either so this is their last [telephone] conversation. To his surprise, Maria says that she will also do her best since Shin decided to do his best alone, then she won’t lose to him. “I also want to become like you, discover my own passion. *Shin blushes a bit* It’s really regrettable, for I want to become an amazing person.” Shin laughs and says, okay. As Shin just keeps on saying, ‘ya’, Maria says that she will also have self-confidence, become one someone who would love oneself, and afterwards, one day.. *teary-eyed* then, one day..” Remembering what Yuusuke said that Maria wants a promise, Shin is going to tell her, “Kawai, wait..” but Maria hears it as, ‘Kawai Maria’ that she lectures him that she is letting him say something and that is all that he can say. “You’re really stupid! *Shin is aghast and speechless* That’s right, since it’s like this, then sing a song! I’ll use your singing voice as a ringtone.” Surprised, Shin asks if she is joking for he cannot sing. She tells him that he cannot object because he is someone who cannot talk properly even until the end. Shin sweatdrops and asks why it has to be singing. Then, they keep on fussing about this.
Maria thinks that it is alright, she do her best by herself and perhaps, Shin will forget about her, even if it is like that, she chooses to believe for the time when they meet again, /she would become someone who won’t feel ashamed of her/himself. At school, Maria is looking out the window. Yuusuke calls out to her and asks if she properly said goodbye to Shin. Maria says yes, he called last night but they just talk about small nonsense things and in the end, she asked him to sing but he refused. She is surprised when Yuusuke suddenly grabs her hand and asks Takeshi [glasses guy] if he can lend his bike since he is going to Yokohama. Takeshi says okay. While Yuusuke is pulling Maria, Maria exclaims where they are going and classes will start soon. Yuusuke asks her if she can just accept this and let Shin go without things being clear between them. He urges her to hurry since there is still time. As he, together with Maria, hurriedly pedals the bicycle to the station, Yuusuke thinks that even if he isn’t that sure but definitely, this kind of situation is like one’s fate is connected to the other..and he thinks that Maria and Shin are in this kind of situation. Maria asks if it okay to a bike to carry two people. Yuusuke says that not really that is why he is going fast and she better not fall off. Maria holds him tight and says, “I’ll leave it to you.” Yuusuke somewhat blushes over this and thinks that no matter how far these two people are, they definitely won’t change on how they regard [/miss] each other. Yuusuke thinks that he is a person who would act appropriately, maintaining distance, and in case he got closer to someone, he would want to run away that is why he somewhat yearns for Maria and Shin to be honest with each other. Yuusuke gives Maria her train ticket to Narita airport and asks her what time is Shin’s flight. Maria says that it is 11am for New York. Then, they made it in the train. While breathing hard, Maria asks Yuusuke why he is doing this for them as if his life depended on it. Yuusuke says that it isn’t for them but for himself since he would feel uncomfortable if there is no promise between her and Shin. Maria smiles at her and thanks him. This made Yuusuke blush and tells her that she is now being honest. Maria tells him that she is fundamentally honest. Yuusuke says that she has become gentler and for her to show this kind of expression is because of Shin. Maria blushes over this. Yuusuke tells Maria to call Shin and asks him to wait at the lounge longer. Maria says that he is right and starts calling Shin. Yuusuke thinks that he isn’t quite sure but in this kind of situation, he should make the girl he likes to belong to him but regarding Maria, he would only want to see her smile and he didn’t know when it started that he noticed that only Shin can make her smile.
He looks at Maria who looks disappointed since Shin has already cut off his cellphone line. Yuusuke starts telling Maria that Shin tends to do things on his own without even thinking how it makes other people lonely/sad. Maria agrees with him. Yuusuke says that Shin also decided on this own about this trip to United States and it is his ‘ailment’ that he also tries to resolve things on his own. Maria agrees with him. When Yuusuke says that Shin only thinks of himself, Maria tries to tell him not to say it like that. Yuusuke says that Shin is so willful that he even left Maria. Maria couldn’t answer back on that. Yuusuke insists that Shin is willful that Maria starts to defend Shin that it is the opposite because if she is with Shin, Shin will only think of her. Yuusuke asks if that is true. Maria tells him that Shin tends to put himself as last and if he thinks about himself first, he will be very depressed. Yuusuke asks if that is true. Maria says it is and it is quite difficult for her to see him like that so she wants him to be alone to become manlier. “Because I want to be more captivated with him, so we parted!” The two look speechless at each other then Yuusuke starts laughing over what Maria just said. Maria tells him that parting isn’t a bad thing. Yuusuke laughs and says that this is the highest form of ‘Lovely/Cute Transform’. This made Maria blush and says is that so, she is going to bet her life in achieving a really, really long term ‘Lovely Transform’. Yuusuke thinks that these two people are fated to be together that he wants to watch them and have a relationship with them because the two of them are very important to him. At the airport, Maria says that this place is big, where should they go. Yuusuke tells her that they look at the departure area but Maria says that there are too many people there. Yuusuke insists that she don’t give up for there is still time. As they continue to look, Yuusuke thinks that as the friend of these two, he absolutely cannot betray them but if Shin isn’t there and he is still beside Maria.. “So, if Meguro didn’t make a promise, I--”
Then, they look at the flight schedule and the plane has already took off. Maria is somewhat down for they aren’t able to make it and even if she said it is alright, she is quite surprised that she feels disappointed so maybe Yuusuke is right, she actually wants to exchange a promise with Shin. Just when Yuusuke is stretching out his hand to comfort Maria, Maria exclaims that she has a message on her cellphone. She is surprised that it is a voice mail from a public phone and wonders out loud when she got it. Yuusuke asks if it is Shin. Maria listens to the mail. She is surprised when Shin says, “Ah.. hello, it’s me.” Maria sweatdrops for he is saying it that way again. Shin said her that in the end, he would want to say a last goodbye to her and she did say that she would want him to use his singing as a ringtone. Maria tells Yuusuke that it is Shin. Maria is surprised when Shin told her that as goodbye, he is going to sing to her. Shin is singing their Ave Maria love song: Ave Maria, blessed you, for you are not alone [and] you are loved.. and the one you love also loves you.” Maria tells Yuusuke that Shin is singing and she sings a part of it that made the other people wonder if she is a singer because she has a beautiful voice. Maria continues to sing and listen to Shin’s singing: “God is forever, with you.. Ave Maria.. Maria, Maria, *Maria feels that he is with her* Maria, Let me forever praise [/admire] you, always until life’s end. *Maria is speechless as she is moved to tears* I love you forever..” There is a scene of blushing really red Shin singing at the public phone. The other people were disappointed when Maria stopped singing that they would want her to continue on singing as they are recording her on their cellphones. With tears falling on her cheeks, Maria looks at Yuusuke and says, “Shin said, he’ll always like me, always until death. I already do not have a way to answer him. For him to do this one-sidedly, it is fundamentally isn’t an exchange of promise. *wipes tears and laughs* He’s really such a willful person!” Narration: “I like her, like the Maria who likes Meguro but I couldn’t cross that line.” At home, Yuusuke looks at his cellphone and thinks that he instinctively recorded Maria’s singing..including Maria smiling and says that she doesn’t have a way to answer Shin. Yuusuke thinks that he will stay at Maria’s side and make her smile for that is the only thing that I can do.” Then, Yuusuke uploads the video to Youtube with the title, ‘Maria’.
Scans by 17kkmh.com and Mercury Studio


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