June 13, 2011

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapters 3-5]

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Chapter 3: The two are now in the forest. Yona looks really tired and she still has a blank look on her face. Noticing this, Haku decides that they should rest a bit. Resting on a tree, Yona mutters if that other soldier is dead. “Will I also..be killed? Will Haku also be killed..by Suwon..” Haku tells her that he won’t give his life to that big idiot. Yona continues to mutter, “Don’t die..Haku..if you die..I won’t..forgive you..” She then falls asleep. Haku starts to reflect over what had happened. He couldn’t believe that King Iru is dead and left Yona all by herself. On behalf of the king, he couldn’t just leave Yona be because from how he observed Yona since they were young, she is a princess who doesn’t know pain nor being filthy. He sighs and looks up while asking Iru what he should do. He then starts to reminisce about the past which seems to be just yesterday. Flashback: Haku was 15 years old then. Haku is lazing around when someone is calling him. Son Mundoku, the head of the Wind tribe, told him that he is suppose to be the representative of the wind tribe in the 5 tribe meeting today so what is he doing there. Haku told him that it is enough for the Wind tribe’s head, Mundoku-sama, who is one of the five generals of Kouka kingdom to go. “And, I also do not want talk with that droopy* His Majesty Iru..” [* it’s ‘Tare’ as in tarepanda..always lying down and I think submissive is what Haku meant.] Mundoku called him an idiot. “What do you mean Mudoku-sama! Call me grandpa!” Haku shouted if he wants him to puke and they aren’t even blood-related. Mundoku shouted so what if they aren’t, for that thing is meaningless in front of love. While the two are ‘fighting’, smiling Iru tells them, that is enough, for if General Mundoku and his successor will fight, Hiryuujou [*jou as in castle/capital] might be send flying away. Mundoku quickly prostrated down to Iru as Haku thinks that he’s in trouble for he said that Iru is droopy something. Iru told Mundoku that it’s okay for him not to prostrate. Iru greeted Haku and said that it has been a long time since they’ve seen each other and it seems that he doesn’t come to the city as frequently as before so he has become very lonely. Haku said that as a commoner, he cannot just casually come in and out of the castle. Iru told him not to mind that for if Haku isn’t around, Yona will also be lonely. Haku replied, “Stop kidding around, you droopy [guy].”

Their smiles froze as Haku realized what he just said. Mudoku then ‘imaginarily tied him up on to a cross’ and hit Haku on the head with a paper fan as he shouted, “How could you call His majesty, droopy. I don’t have such a rude grandson!” Haku said that as he said earlier, they aren’t blood related. Iru told Mudoku not to be so violent for he really likes Haku’s frankness = ‘saying what he means’. “So, Haku will you not become Yona’s escort who’ll residing within the capital?” Haku replied, “Your Majesty, for me, ‘nobility’ is a too troublesome thing. If I become a general within the city, I won’t be able to leisurely sleep at home in the afternoon, right? I remember that Your Majesty really hates weapons, right? Then, why don’t you find and ask an eccentric person who doesn’t use weapons to become an escort.” Iru can only call out to Haku as Haku walks away. Haku thinks that the truth is he doesn’t want to be associated with royalty or nobility. Constantly mind-reading [wondering what the other is thinking beyond words and actions] and intrigues are all so boring to death. The King also has no clue about any danger and.. “there is also another reason why I don’t want to come to the castle..” Yona came running and told him to hide her. Yona hid behind Haku’s back. Haku thought since the start, when he is with the princess, he would act strange that he cannot control himself [in not helping/getting involve with her?]. At the outside corridor, a long haired man is calling out to Yona and called out as to where she is. Haku recognized the man as the son of the fire tribe’s general. Haku confronted Yona and told her that won’t do since he thought that she is hiding after doing some mischief. Yona protested that it isn’t like that. Laughing out loud, Haku asked if she is being chased. Yona said that it is true for that Kan Tejun would go into the castle either to give her something or to play with her. He would also say such flowery words to her like she is very captivating, to the point that she wants to puke. Haku thought that the king has no crown prince so that guy wants to take advantage of trying to win the princess’ hand in order to get the throne. Yona exclaimed that guy is super annoying. Haku told her then, it should be find if she just say what she always say, ‘My heart is already given to Suwon.’ Yona says that it is just a one-sided love. Haku then thought, “Sigh, so I hate coming to the city.”

Yona told him that if she said it, there might be a chance that Suwon himself would hear it if it might spread around. Haku just replied that it has nothing to do with him. Yona told him not to say it that way as if it is so bothersome. Haku answered that she should just get along with Tejun-sama then, and occasionally, it would be good for her to learn more about the outside world. Yona said that he’s too cold and if it’s Suwon, he definitely won’t say such words. Haku shouted back, “Since you say it that way, then it is better for you to just go and cry to His Majesty Suwon to protect you!” Yona is surprised by his outburst. At their room, Haku complained to General Mundoku that they should quickly go back to Wind tribe’s territory as soon as possible. Mundoku asked what is he being in a bad mood about and call him, grandpa. Haku denied that he is in a bad mood but Mudoku doesn’t believe him. He is then surprised to see Yona. Yona put down some fruits and vegetables on the floor, in front of Haku. After Haku asked why she is there, she replied that she is very sorry about what happened in the morning. “It’s because I’m so useless that you got angry, right? I’m Kouka’s respected princess. I shouldn’t noisily complain like that and I should just think for myself of a way to resolve that matter. Goodbye.” She ran off that Haku called out to her. Pointing to the food she left, Yona told him that those food are his. “It’s a ‘let’s be friend’ bribe.” She then left. Holding the apple, Haku muttered, “..so I do not want get involved too deeply with the princess.” The next[?] day, Haku is lazing around when he heard a conversation between two soldiers who are asking what happened during the tribe meeting. It seems that the fire tribe has been buying weapons from the bordering countries without permission of the king. If that continues, the tribes will gain strength while the king’s strength will continue to decline. They wonder if it is okay that they have such a coward for a king. Haku thinks that it is inevitable that they would say such malicious words since the king is like that. “If I inherit grandpa’s position as a general, will I also become the royal family’s dog..” He remembers the king asking him to become Yona’s escort. “Your Majesty, I think you should let me off about that, I..”

His thoughts are interrupted when Yona shouted, “I don’t want to! I don’t want to go with you to the imperial villa!” Yona is shouting at Tejun. Haku mused that Tejun is pursuing her again. Holding her hand, Tejin told her not to be so cold for he heard that the imperial villa has a beautiful garden and doesn’t she want to bring him there. Yona shouted for him to let her go. Haku thought that guy is really annoying and if it is Suwon, a loving and weakling [no muscles] young master, he would probably tell Yona that it’s okay for her to go since it seems interesting. Haku thought that Suwon is always like that and Yona also had it hard. A couple of soldiers talk that it seems that Yona doesn’t want to go so should they go and stop Tejun, but they are afraid since Tejun is the son of a general. If they do something, they might incur the wrath of a general so they decided to just call the king. Haku thinks that nobles are such an annoying lot [retribution if offended], so he shouldn’t meddle or even care about them. “Just don’t care. If I don’t, I’ll..from now on, it will be..” He then remembers Yona apologizing to him regarding what happened earlier. Still holding on visibly flustered Yona, Tejun said that she is so cute and her strength to resist is like of a kitten which makes one want to hold on to her even more. [I like this part..] When Yona tries to tell him to listen to her, someone calls out, “Can you please stop while you’re ahead?” Haku pulled Yona to him and held Tejun’s hand to let her go. Haku says, “Kan Tejun-sama.” Yona calls out to Haku. Tejun called Haku a rude underling and he shouldn’t just casually touch the princess. Haku replied back that Tejun should be the one [who shouldn’t casually touch her]. “From whom did you get the permission to do so, to even dare touch my princess?”

Tejun and Yona are surprised. Tejun called Haku a brat for saying such nonsense. Haku retorted back, “Why do you think I’m lying? Since when we were young, I and the princess had made a ‘pledge to be together until the end*’. Right, Your Highness?” [*something like a marriage vow; it’s a lie that I hope will come true ^^] Yona looks puzzled and tense. Haku pulled her closer and held her hand to say, “What happened to you, Your Highness? There’s no need to be shy..” Yona angrily told him to stop..not in front of someone else. Tejun asked her if she likes that guy. After stuttering, Yona grabbed on Haku’s arm and shouted that she liked [him] very much. This made Haku blush. Tejun shouted that he won’t accept it for even if she made a vow with that guy, he is the Fire tribe’s general’s second son, Kan Tejun. “And, where did this guy come from!” Haku replied, “I’m the Wind tribe’s next general Son Haku who has been appointed by His Majesty to be Princess Yona’s special escort. Do you have any objections?” Tejun drew his sword and said that he’ll test Haku’s strength right there. To his surprise, Iru grabbed his sword – the blade, and told Tejun that it isn’t allowed. While Tejun’s sword is stained by blood, Tejun apologized and Iru said that it is alright. After Tejun left, Iru turned to the two and said that he didn’t know that they have that kind of relationship. Yona said that it is just a misunderstanding. Haku explained that if he said that, Tejun won’t bother Yona again. Yona reprimanded Haku that he said too much. Iru asked if Haku finally agreed to be Yona’s escort and he believes that if it’s Haku, there will definitely be no problem. While thinking that he really cannot refuse this father-daughter and let them be on their own, Haku bent down and told Iru that his services are very expensive. Iru said that he’ll leave it up to him. There is a scene of Iru’s bleeding hand behind his back. It was at that time, Haku realized that the king isn’t such a coward. [He let himself be injured and cursed for peace] End flashback. “Your Majesty Iru, are you watching us from some other place where you are now?” Haku wipes sleeping Yona’s tear. “I will protect what you reluctantly left behind. And one day, definitely – bring her back to your kingdom.”

Chapter 4: Flashback: “Do not cry, father. Even if mother is no longer here, you still have me. Father you are not alone. And, Yona also has Suwon.” There is a scene of holding hands. Outside, young Suwon happily shouted to Yona that it’s snow. He then showed her a snow ball and some strange thing [looks like OHSC’s Tamaki’s teddy ^^;]. He called out to her when she isn’t responding. Yona then shouted that she’s very lively. In order for her father not to cry, it is best that she be lively. She then felt that she stepped on something hard. She looked down and saw Haku, lying on the snow. Haku complained that she’s heavy. The two called out to him. Haku told Yona that as a princess, she should pay attention where she’s stepping on. Yona asked why he is sleeping there. Haku said that on the ground, he is making a mark the he lived. When he saw that the snow had accumulated, he wanted to lie down and create a “大” [big in Chinese – arms on the side and legs open sideways] character which is a man’s normal feeling/what a person usually feels like doing. Yona threw a snowball at Haku and said that Haku is much more suitable for him to become a snowball target. Haku is furious that soon, Haku and Yona are in an intense snowball fight while Suwon just laughed that no wonder it’s Haku who can make Yona lively. On the second day, Suwon said that Yona has become listless again. She is now sick. Haku asked if it’s too tiring for a little princess to play in the snow. Suwon apologized to Yona [for letting her go out]. The female doctor told Yona to drink her medicine. She said that Yona just need to quietly rest and she will be alright. Yona asked about her father but the doctor said that her father is very busy after all, he just ascended to the throne not long ago but he’ll soon see her. Suwon and Haku assured her that it will be alright for if the king learned about it, he’ll quickly go see her.

Yona told them that they can go home else, they get sick too. The two dismiss it by saying they are alright until the two suddenly look ill that Yona had to shout to the doctor that there are some sick people there. Soon, the two guys are lying in between Yona because they also got sick. She asked if it is alright if they stay there. Suwon said that it is better to stay and get well there rather than spreading the virus by going home. “But lately, Yona always held my hand while sleeping so normally, this isn’t much different.” This made Yona blush. Haku sat up and said that they are already doing that so he thinks that he should go home. Suwon told him that all three of them should hold hands together. Haku replied for him to quit joking around. Suddenly, someone is running at the hallway and shouted for Haku. It is Mundoku. He shouted that he heard that Haku used snow to hit the princess that is why she got sick. Haku said that it is common etiquette to counter back after being hit by a snow ball. This made Mundoku take out a stick and shouted that he ought to spank him. The doctor told him to stop because Haku is also a patient. Soon, Mundoku left. Crying, Haku gloomily said that perhaps, he should stay there. Suwon asked if that is the Wind tribe’s general, Son Mundoku. After it was confirmed, Suwon said that it is the first time he had seen him and Mundoku is reportedly the strongest among the generals so he idolizes him. He hasn’t thought that he is Haku’s grandfather. Haku said that he is an orphan and he isn’t blood-related with Mudoku. He is an adopted son who is taken care of by Mudoku’s tribe. Yona said that even so, Mudoku came to see him and he really likes Haku. Haku just replied, really.

Another person arrives and this time, it is Suwon’s father Yuhon. He looks stern and strict that he scares both Yona and Haku. Suwon asked why he is there. Yuhon replied what is so surprising about it when he came to see his sick son. Suwon said that he might infect him. His father told him that he won’t lose to some little sickness. Suwon said that it isn’t that but rather, isn’t he very busy. Yona thought that her uncle looked strong and strict, totally different from Suwon. Yuhon said that his mother also wanted to see him but he didn’t allow her because if she get sick again, it will be very dangerous for her so he made her stay home. “Do not let your mother worried! Quickly get rid of this little illness!” With an admiring look, Suwon said, “Yes!” Before leaving, Yuhon told them that their get well gifts will be delivered later on. After Yuhon left, Haku said that he had such a scary aura that he felt his fever had left. Teary-eyed Yona said that he is scary. Suwon is really happy that day and exclaimed that he’ll do his best to get rid of the illness. Haku called him an idiot and just told him to sleep. Yona is somewhat sad that her father didn’t come and she doesn’t want to be left alone. Later on, she doesn’t want to eat. Suwon asks her to eat some while Haku tells her that she’ll become more stupid [if she didn’t eat]. Then, they overheard two people outside about the king not visiting even if they already told him about the Yona’s condition. They think that he is afraid of getting infected that is why he won’t come near. This made Yona downcast but Suwon shouted for them to shut up which silenced the people talking. Haku told her that he increased his respect for Iru because he is seriously at work. This cheered up Yona that she mentally apologized for thinking that she is all alone. She told them that the three of them will go to sleep together. Haku shouted for her not to come near, else the infection spreads. Yona told him that all of them are sick anyway.

Much later on, Yona’s stomach is growling. Suwon rang the bell for the servants to give her some food. Yona is flustered when Haku said that her stomach growled too loudly. Then, Yona is served with her favorite chicken congee. She is shock that it tasted really bad. Iru appeared and asked if it really tasted awful. It turned out that he was the one who made it. He told her that he is worried about her and wanted to see her so as an apology for not seeing her all this time, he wanted to make Yona’s favorite food but even if he cooked it in accordance to the recipe.. “..sorry.” He is surprised that Yona still ate it. He asked that didn’t it taste awful. Yona said it is really yucky. She cried with tears of joy as the two boys happily looked at each other. Finally, they are well and they are outside looking at the sky. Haku said that she must be sad. Yona said she isn’t. Suwon said that he is. Haku asked if it is because he won’t be able to sleep beside the little princess. Suwon said that he can sleep with Yona any time. Suwon said, “I want for the three of us to always, always, have a cold and sleep together.” Haku replied, “That is quite easy because even if we don’t catch a cold, we can simply be like this.” Yona agreed and told the two to play with her again tomorrow. End flashback. Narration: “Always, always come and play with me. Huh..?” Everything is black. In an empty space, she sees her father. Young Yona goes to him but upon reaching up, he fell down, bleeding all over. Present-aged Yona looks stunned then she looks up to see Suwon with a cold expression. This made Yona opens her eyes in shock. She looks around and no one is there in the forest. Then, there is some rustling at the side, it is Haku, holding a bamboo-made cup of water. Haku apologizes and says that he just went to get some water. Yona starts crying out loud and thinks, “The three of us hopefully looking up the same sky, is no longer there anymore.” Back at the castle, the soldier tells Suwon that they cannot find Yona and Haku within and around the city. He asks if they should add more men to help look for them. Suwon says that there is no need and just let them go for there isn’t much they can do outside the city. “Compared to chasing after them..we still have more important things to attend to.”

Chapter 5: Offering Yona some cooked fish, Haku asked if she doesn’t want to eat. If she hates fish, would she like him to catch some birds to eat. He urges her to eat a bit because walking in the mountain road would become more dangerous. He also doesn’t know when he’ll be able to find some more food later on, so it’s good that they have fish right now. Yona didn’t reply as she just kept on staring at some place. Later on, Yona baths in a pond. Haku thinks that as time passes, Yona is growing weaker. It isn’t just about a problem with her physical health. No matter how much time passed, she still couldn’t accept the reality about her father’s murder and Suwon’s betrayal. Yona screamed that Haku quickly go to her. Then, Yona, fully naked, asks Haku what are those things on her legs. Haku says that those are leeches – live in ponds and swamps, and suck blood. When Yona mutters, “blood..”, Haku faces her and tells her not to worry because it isn’t a big deal. Seeing her dripping wet body, he quickly turns around and says that he put her clothes somewhere there. He tells himself not to think of other things for right now, he should just take the little princess and walk on. He wonders if she will be always be like that – not eating and walks when he pulls her as if she is some sort of doll. “Are you satisfied? What’s really important for the princess is for us to spend our days together..you’ve totally ruined everything. Are you satisfied? Suwon!” He then notices something from her clothes falls on the ground. It is the hair pin that Suwon gave Yona. He looks serious at Yona who is changing her clothes and thinks that she would still carry it around. He keeps it and tells Yona that before the sun sets, they should quickly walk further. So they walk while Haku finds some food like mushrooms on the way.

Soon, Haku tells her that they’ll rest in that place. Yona is staring at some bugs. He tells her that the insects there are harmless so she shouldn’t worry. Regarding the leeches, they are already thrown in the pond. Yona suddenly looks surprised then looks for something in her pockets. Haku asks if she lost something. Yona didn’t reply as she just looks around. At night, there is a bonfire which Haku prepared. Yona has a blank look again as Haku gives her some food. Yona keep telling herself that she doesn’t need that thing but she remembers Suwon telling her that he really likes her hair which is like the color of dawn. She then stands up and about to leave but Haku holds her hand. He asks where she is going. Yona just stutters about something that Haku thinks that she wants to ‘relieve herself/go to toilet’ so he tells her to quickly go. Yona starts walking around and looking for the hairpin. She remembers Suwon’s smiling face then the lifeless body of her father. She then sees a snake and remembers Suwon telling her that the Suwon they knew no longer exists since the start, for he will eradicate everything that obstructs his way without hesitation. She screams, no when the snake is poised to bite her. Haku immediately kills the snake with his halberd and pushes her to safety. He asks her if she is alright. “I was wondering why you haven’t come back. Why did you come to this place? That was a poisonous snake. Walking around the dark, you might fall. Walking around alone in a place like this, do you wish to die?!” This made Yona shiver then she looks at the side. Haku notices that a lot of snakes are slithering on the ground. Haku curses that this place is a nest. He quickly carries her and takes his halberd. A snake bites Haku’s leg. While running off, Haku tells her to not make a sound and just let him be the bait. “His Majesty is no longer aground. My master is now you. In order for you to live on, you can use me. It is for this reason that I am here.”

Later on, they are near another pond/lake. Haku is drawing out the poison from his wound and bandaged the bite. He notices that Yona looks scared. He assures her that it is alright for he knows of how to deal with snake bites. He gives the hairpin to her and asks if that is what she is looking for. She takes the hairpin and looks at it. Haku just watches her reaction then tells her that he couldn’t forgive Suwon but compared to that, it is more important for him that she lives on. Yona silently just keeps on looking at the hairpin. Haku thinks that ever since they entered the mountains, the first move she did on her own is just to find that. “No matter what it is, it’s good for it can tie your heart here-- even if you still cannot totally cut away that emotion--” Then, it is morning. Yona is looking up the tree and looks at sleeping Haku. Her eyes seem to look less blank like before. She looks at his bandaged leg. She seems to want to touch it but Haku wakes up and tells her that he is alright. “It’s not the style of General Haku to just die because of a snake bite.” He then says that they should quickly head out. Yona calls out to him and asks him why they are walking through the mountains for there are villages below the mountains where there is food and medicine. Haku tells her that it is dangerous to go to places where there are people for even if they are not recognized, there is a chance that they might bump into the soldiers from the capital. He also mentioned of the possibility of Suwon putting up their portraits around to find them. Yona asks where they are going. Haku replies, “I’m afraid that there is only one place where we can rely on. Wind tribe, Fuuga no Miyako* – my homeland.” [*that means ‘Fuuga’s capital’ but it sounds odd in English so I kept all of it in Japanese]

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