June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 39]

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Narration: “Finally, those two’s train of thought connects..!” Holding his hand to Kotori, Yukito asks if he can go to her side. To blushing Yukito’s surprise, blushing Kotori suddenly closes her eyes and hides behind the pillar and exclaims, “That..!” After looking a bit dumbfounded, he glances at Kotori then looks at his hand. He then forms it into a fist. Kotori then peaks out again and says, “That..that..suddenly asking this might be a bit..but I want to confirm something..it’s something very important.” Yukito asks, “Ah..confirm?” Kotori continues, “You just said that even if we broke up, your feelings of like towards me has always not changed, but then, if it is like that..then..then..it’s two-timing, right?” After looking surprised, Yukito exclaims about what this thing about two-timing. Kotori tells him that it is fine if he likes someone else and it is her own decision to still wanting to confess to him. Even if that is the situation, if there is really some other person, then, there is no way for them to progress things between them. She says that even if she’ll be upset, she can only just back away from him. “That is what I think..” Holding out his hand for her to stop talking, Yukito exclaims, “Ah..wait! I totally don’t understand as to what is the origin of the stuff that you are talking about, what is that about, what two-timing?” Kotori timidly replies, “Bu..but, I heard that you already like someone else..and you are working [part time jobs] for that person..” This surprises Yukito and made him blush even more. After a pause, he looks at her and asks where she heard that from. This surprises Kotori but Yukito just sighs and says to forget about it. “Listen well, I’m telling you right now, that person is you. The person that I like is you, even if we broke up, what my mind thinks and what my eyes see is only you.” This made Kotori blush. She turns to hide at the pillar again and thinks, “No..no way..” Yukito then says, “So, do not hide from me..” Kotori asks, “Is..is what you are saying true..?” Yukito then goes closer to her and holds her hand. The two Kaji-s blush. Holding her hand tight, Yukito says, “It’s true.” He then pulls her to him and hugs her from behind. “Finally, I caught you..” This made Kotori teary-eyed.

Upon seeing her with tears, Yukito quickly lets go of her and apologizes for suddenly hugging her when she doesn’t want to. Wiping her tears, Kotori clarifies to him that those are tears of joy. Touched, Yukito hugs her again and says, “I like you..” She hugs him back. She mentally calls his name repeatedly and that she really likes him. The two blushing Kaji-s continue to hug each other and simultaneously wonder, “What..what to do..after this..” Yukito notices something then tells Kotori that her body is a bit wet. Kotori backs away and exclaims, “Gloo..gloomy?!” [Note: Wet and gloomy sound the same in Japanese.] Yukito repeats that he meant wet and was she standing in the rain all this time. Kotori tells him not all the time but only for a while. Yukito asks why she didn’t take cover from the rain for it is excusable for her to go home since it rained hard. Holding on to his arm, Kotori says, “But, I want to wait for you, I want to wait for you at the place we had agreed upon.” Touched by what she said, Yukito is about to hold her face and says, “Kotori..” Kotori suddenly exclaims out loud and tells him not to look down near her feet. Yukito is puzzled. Kotori insists that he just look at her from the top. He asks why and Kotori says that it is nothing. Yukito asks what’s up for he doesn’t understand. Kotori thinks that she had been too excited that she forgot about her yukata being muddy. Since Kotori kept on insisting on this, Yukito tells her that if she kept saying that he would want to look. Kotori says no. Yukito tells her to make him see what she is hiding. Kotori says that he cannot look because her yukata is all dirty. Already hugging her from behind, Yukito asks, “Yukata?” He lets her go and says is that it is nothing to be nervous about for he can still see the flower pattern clearly. Someone whispers, “It’s a girl’s inclination.” [= It’s something like a girl thing or how girl thinks.] Kotori then says, “It’s a girl’s inclination.” The two Kaji-s look surprised. Kotori mutters that it seems that she heard some voice. Yukito then asks if she wore the yukata for him. Kotori admits that is true. Blushing Yukito says, “You came with thoughts of wanting me to see you in a yukata. You believed in me that you would always wait here for me. With only just those things, you really made me very happy. What should I say, I am really speechless..” Kotori says that for him to say that made her really happy.

It starts raining again. Yukito is about to offer his coat but then, it is also wet. Kotori laughs and says that it is summer and the weather is hot so being a little wet is fine. Somewhat sad, Yukito says that since it is like that and it is raining again, they should go home first. “Let’s go, I’ll walk you to your house.” To Yukito’s surprise, Kotori suddenly hugs him from behind and says, “I won’t want to go home..I want to be with you for a little bit more while..” Yukito tells her that they can still meet at work and they can call or email each other. Kotori says, “I..we were able to reconcile, being together like this right now, makes me really happy, so I want to treasure more of this time..can..can’t I..?” Looking a bit troubled, Yukito says that it is already late and she isn’t the same Kotori while wearing that yukata..and, that it really bewilders him. Kotori is puzzled. Someone whispers, “Girls’ inclination is really complicated.” Yukito says that is right for if girls have their own complicated inclination, he also has his own guys’ inclination. Yukito tells Kotori, “The truth is, I also really want to stay with you a bit longer.” Yukito then looks surprised and says that it feels that there is a voice a while ago. He decides to dismiss it [as just his imagination]. The two decide to wait for the rain to stop and take cover under the shrine’s roof. The two Kaji-s are now sitting by the shrine. They look out the rain then look at each other. They then laugh at each other. Kotori thinks that she obviously wanted to say a lot of things to Yukito but then, just staying there beside him already makes her really happy. Yukito then says that she always wear the bracelet. Holding out her hand, Kotori says ya, for it is like a protective charm because during work, when she is really nervous and tense, it can calm her down. Yukito then says that Kotori always wear that [bird pendant] necklace. Kotori says that no matter which one, she treasures them because there is a memory of Yukito within them. This made blushing Yukito speechless. He then asks if he can borrow her shoulder for a while. This made Kotori blush and looks surprised. She says, “Ya..yes..” Yukito put his arm around her shoulder. The two Kaji-s close their eyes while blushing quietly. Kotori then says that it is somewhat regrettable. Yukito asks about what. She says that the fireworks display has passed, and she wasn’t able to go strolling around with him in this summer matsuri/festival.. “I wanted for us to two join all sorts of major summer events.”

Yukito agrees with her. Kotori then apologizes that she doesn’t have the intention of blaming Yukito and that is just her one-sided wish. Yukito says, “I know. Okay, for the rest of the summer break, let us go dating to all sorts of places so you should first think of the places that you want to go.” Kotori asks if that is true but then, what about his work, isn’t he busy. Yukito looks away and tells her not to say such things that will ruin the mood. Kotori apologizes. Someone whispers, “If you are talking about a matsuri, there is still one tomorrow.” Yukito then asks Kotori about the matsuri being still held tomorrow Sunday. Kotori says that it seems there is one. Yukito then looks puzzled as he thinks that it seems he heard a voice again. He decides to forget about it again. Yukito asks, “I don’t have work tomorrow night, I can go. How about you, Kotori?” Kotori says that she also doesn’t have work. “Then, it’s decided that will compensate for today.” They intertwine their pinkie finger for a pinkie promise. Yukito looks uneasy then says that there is one other important thing. To Kotori’s surprise, he is referring to a kiss. “If you don’t want to, then I won’t force you. Even if at times, I’ll do it suddenly..those are times when I cannot endure it, but..I will do my best. I will ask you first before doing it, so as much as possible, don’t hate me.” This made Kotori blush. It also made Yukito blush as he wonders what the heck he is saying that it gives him a cold sweat. Kotori tells him that she is really happy that he thinks that way but then, there is no need to always ask and even if she doesn’t concretely say when he cannot, and perhaps it isn’t okay at times when they don’t have identical feeling for each other.. “With only thoughts of wanting to convey the feelings of love and the partner is you, no matter when I will feel really happy..” Yukito calls her name and slightly holds the side of her face. He then pulls away and says that it is bad because he is really nervous. Someone then whispers, “When [they were] obviously still sweet just now.” Yukito says that’s true. The two Kaji-s look surprise over that voice then they notice that their faces are near each other.

Yukito takes this opportunity to lean closer to kiss Kotori. Before they can kiss, they see three masked people looking at them from the bushes. After a shock and the rain has finally stopped, blushing Yukito shouts at Abe, Ryosuke and Natsume as to what they were up to and since when they were hiding in that place. Ryosuke says that it is around the time when the ‘two-timing’ is mentioned. Abe agrees that it is around that time. Natsume says that she opposed [in spying]. Kotori is really embarrassed. Abe is really happy that things are progressing smoothly. Yukito thinks that they haven’t kissed yet. Ryosuke then gives Kotori her cellphone back and he says that she dropped near the shrine. Kotori couldn’t believe that she dropped it. She wonders out loud if it is when she was running. She then remembers that she did bring her cellphone along with her and because she is too nervous, she thought she left if at home. With a smiling face, Ryosuke says that the truth is [he/they] want the two of them to naturally progress things but upon picking up the cellphone, he/they wonder if it might not go smoothly. “In the end, it turned out to become very romantic contrary to what I [/we] thought that I [/we] weren’t careful and ended up spying on you guys.” Yukito angrily shouts his disbelief about that that ‘weren’t careful’. Holding Yukito’s shoulder, Ryosuke tells him not to be that angry. Abe asks if Yukito is that angry because Yukito wasn’t able to kiss Kotori. Yukito denies it. To Yukito’s surprise, Ryosuke says that anyway, there is still tomorrow and everyone will be having fun at the matsuri. Yukito exclaims if Ryosuke will also come. Giving Yukito a thumbs up, Ryosuke tells him not to mind. Yukito shouts that he does mind. Natsuke tells Kotori that it’s good that everything turned out okay. Kotori smiles and says, yes. The three friends then walk ahead while the two Kaji-s are walking behind. Yukito wonders out loud about what’s up with those guys. Kotori just happily says that if they don’t hurry up, they would be left behind. He holds her hand and says, “It is okay, let us walk slowly. Don’t want to let them know.” Yukito then bends to kiss a surprised Kotori.


  1. Thier friends are super sweet !!☆☆ lovd this chapter without ny misunderstanding. . ♥♥