June 24, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Side Stories]

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[ These are side stories from volume 4. One is Gaku’s while the other is Seishin. This happened after Yuulin’s vacation trip back to her hometown.]

Side story 1: Gaku At town no. 1, Gaku’s underlings ask Gaku if it is okay to just let Yuulin be taken away and shouldn’t it be better if they think of a way to get her back from that bad deceiving guy whom Yuulin owed money from. [<- referring to Reishou] Gaku complains that they are too noisy, just let Yuulin go since he doesn’t want to care anymore. One of the underling protests that before, Gaku is quite worried about Yuulin’s work at the palace. Gaku angrily denies that he’s worried but rather, he is only a bit concerned. “Upon seeing her, I’ve learned that she is quite energetic. Since I’m aware of that, then, making her cry at least once is also good. That stupid woman.” The three guys mutter, “Boss..” Then, Gaku reprimands the underlings not to recklessly gossip when Yuulin comes back and anyway, she will definitely come crying back. “She is really a troublesome child that needs to be cared of.” The underlings cry that Gaku’s love is really deep. Gaku angrily shouts that it isn’t love, but they didn’t listen to him. =P In town no. 2, Seishin happily tells Gaku that after returning to the palace, Yuulin wrote a letter to him and it is the same as before. Gaku says is that so. While glaring, Gaku asks what the contents of the letter are, and did it mention about that hoodlum. Holding the letter, Seishin asks if he wants to read it. It reads, “Seishin, how are you? I am currently working hard. You are well, right? Are you eating right? Are you having fun studying? Are there any guys who are giving you trouble at school? If there is, I’ll beat him up. So, tell me okay? You are so nice, considerate and such a cute child. So, I’m always worried about you. And also, like what I’ve always told you, about father’s loan, I’ll definitely think of a way to resolve it. But if the situation is dangerous, then you have to quickly run away, understand?” Seishin tells Gaku that it is the same as before. Gaku mutters that it is splendid and Yuulin wrote only about Seishin. A note says that Yuulin is totally a burakon [(younger) brother complex]. Back at the palace, Seishin wrote a letter to his sister that their father and Ki Gaku are still the same as before. A note says that there is a messenger who helps them in exchanging letters. While Reishou is looking over her shoulder, Yuulin angrily complains that it isn’t necessary to mention about Gaku. It is just a waste of paper to write about Gaku since that guy will absolutely not get sick since he is a stubborn loan shark. “Just thinking of him puts me in bad temper.” Puppy Reishou sighs and mutters that their relationship is really good. This surprises Yuulin that she wonders why Reishou suddenly became like that. Note says that Yuulin totally doesn’t understand the reason for His Puppy Majesty’s dejection. End.

Side Story 2: Seishin Narration: “This is Hakuyou country where the cold-hearted Wolf king governs. My name is Tei Seishin, living at the village in the royal capital of Kanrou.” Holding a paper, Seishin looks up to the birds on the trees and thinks that it is quite peaceful that it seems that uproar before is not real. “—that’s right, things became troublesome when nee-san Yuulin came home for a vacation from work.” Flashback: Yuulin told Reishou not to say anything strange to her younger brother. Reishou said okay. At home, Yuulin nervously introduced Reishou to Seishin as ONLY her BOSS at work, Reishou-sama. Reishou smiled and greeted Seishin. Seishin politely thanks him for taking care of his sister. Then, he thinks that for his sister to emphasis on ‘only’ and ‘boss’, it makes one feel suspicious. Narration: “—until now, my sister, who doesn’t care about love and would only just think of work and family, would suddenly bring along a male visitor. This is pretty shocking.. What’s going on here..” Yuulin told her brother that Reishou wants to go sightseeing around the place so he is going to stay over at their place so can a room be arranged for him. Seishin thought for a while and said okay..hm..what to do. To the siblings’ shock, Reishou said, “If it is inconvenient, can I stay together with Yuulin?” Nervous Yuulin grabbed Reishou’s cape and muttered, “Reishou-san!!? Please look at the mood.” Reishou laughed and said that of course, it is only a joke. Yuulin sarcastically laughed and told him not to joke about such things. Yuulin suddenly looked at Seishin who quickly turned away. Freaking out Yuulin shouted that it isn’t true. Nervous Seishin said that it is alright for he didn’t hear a thing. Aghast Yuulin kept on saying that it isn’t true. Later on, while reading a book, Seishin thought that even if Yuulin said that it isn’t a lovers’ relationship but still, she seems to be keeping something a secret about Reishou. Seishin felt a bit lonely for Yuulin had also started thinking of her own happiness.
The next day, Seishin is a tour guide for Reishou since Yuulin went to chat with her friend. Reishou asked about going through a narrow alley. Seishin tells him not to go there for that heads toward the slum area where there are a lot of vagabonds. He learned this from Gaku who warned him to pay attention on that place. Seishin thought that Reishou is a weird person because he should be sightseeing yet he chose to go to some dark alley. Reishou muses out loud that it seems to be a dangerous place but what about the soldiers that were put up and distributed throughout the region. Seishin said that there must be some reason as to why they don’t bother with that place. Wolf mode Reishou thought out loud that if the soldiers aren’t bribed, they won’t move. Seishin looked scared of Reishou as he agreed with him. Puppy mode Reishou mutters that no matter where, they [/people] think of the same thing [wanting bribe]. Seishin wondered what kind of person Reishou is, he should be the court ladies’ boss or an ordinary civil servant. To Seishin’s shock, Reishou happily headed into the alley and said, forget it, they should go. Seishin exclaimed that in the end, Reishou still chose to go there. Reishou told him that it isn’t easy [/have an opportunity] to go there. Then, to Seishin’s aghast, Reishou quarreled with someone at the alley who asked what’s up with Reishou, then he quarreled at the restaurant where Reishou told the man that he tripped by himself, he quarreled with Gaku and he provoked Yuulin to anger about her strange facial expression. Seishin thought, “..nee-san, what the heck is this guy thinking!? Why is he specially stirring up trouble!? Will this person become my future older brother..!!?” Chibi Yuulin angrily shouted that she already told him that it isn’t that.
That night, Seishin thought that it won’t do at all, he couldn’t study. He exclaimed in surprised when Reishou came in and said that he is still studying at this time. Seishin apologized for the noise. Reishou said that it is okay. Reishou also said that he remembered that Seishin is quite knowledgeable so could it be that his dream is to become an officer. Seishin exclaimed that is true and he is going to try to pass the recruitment civil exam qualifications. “Even if a majority of those who go for it are from the nobility, and it is quite hard for ordinary people but I think that there is a need to have someone who have a viewpoint from the masses to look into the problems and participate in the politics from within. And— I want to properly reciprocate my hardworking sister.” Reishou looked at him and Seishin becomes puzzled. Reishou smiled and said that it is nothing, no wonder Yuulin loves him [Seishin] dearly. He told Seishin that is true, if one is to use one’s commoner status to attain the qualification is quite hard but if he has connections, then it will be different. Reishou smiled and asked, “Tei Seishin, do you need a patron?” Seishin nervously told surprised Reishou that he doesn’t need one because if he doesn’t use his own strength to attain it, his sister is going to reprimand him. Reishou laughed and exclaimed that is right for the current king is into the doctrine of [doing things with one’s own] strength wherein it doesn’t matter if one has a relative strength [back-up] but from the circumstances, being an aristocrat [/from nobility] has an advantage. Reishou patted Seishin’s head and said, “Do your best. I’ll be cheering for you.” Seishin looked at him in surprised and said, “Yes..”
Narration: “On the second day, he [Reishou] quarreled again with Ki Gaku, then just like a strong wind, the two returned back to the palace.” Scene 1: Gaku told Reishou to go back alone. Yuulin exclaimed what he is saying. Reishou is laughing. Narration: “And, until the end, nee-san would keep on denying it.” Scene 2: Flustered Yuulin told Seishin that no matter what, it isn’t like that between them. End flashback. Seishin thinks that it is quite peaceful now. While preparing to write, he thinks that even if Reishou is a strange guy but he isn’t a bad person and what’s important is, his sister’s happiness. “That’s right..that occasional noisy ambience, is also..” Seishin stops that thought and imagines his sister running amok and that freedom (independent) brother, are making a lot of noise. Seishin thinks that it really makes one a bit perplexed over it. Narration: “Then, from that time on, the soldiers patrolling the area had been strengthen. So, that young man had a bit of peace even if he doesn’t know what the reason for it.” At the palace, while drinking tea, Reishou comments that Seishin is really cute. Flustered Yuulin exclaims that isn’t it so, and that’s right. A note says that Yuulin has a super brother complex with Seishin. End.
Scans by ベーリ猫 for 狼陛下汉化组

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