June 13, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapters 61-68]

[I’ll continue from where blottyparchment left off. About chapter 57, which wasn’t mentioned, what happened there is basically everyone is celebrating Tanabata [corrected by yuu_Chan, thanks ^^ According to wiki, it is is a Japanese festival which celebrates the stars in the sky. on this day, people around the world write their wishes on a piece of Tanabata paper [strips of colored paper] and hangs them on long bamboo branches.] that is initiated by Shintaro. Yuusuke wants to have a castle. Tomoyo wants to be number one in the exams. Shintaro hangs a lot of wishes which are all about the erotic stuff he wants to do with Maria. =P Shin’s wish is written by Maria and that is to play piano in a music hall. Shintaro had confronted Maria what she liked about Shin who is a gloomy and gutless guy. Maria admits that those are true but there is something passionate inside of Shin and he has a strong unwavering heart. That is what made her fall for him. She says that with a smile. Somewhere else, Shin finally gets his courage to convince his father to let him play at his Ave Maria concert. Shin seems to be not that determined that his father shouts at him being shameless and thinking he can go onstage just because he is his father. Shin suddenly becomes determined and tells his father that he won’t shame him and he can do this. While he is saying all that his father is smiling and I guess this is what he wanted to hear from Shin. =P Chapter 61 starts below:

Holding Maria’s shoe, Yuusuke asks what happened to her. He notices her crying so he quickly goes to her. Maria quickly wipes her tears and claims that there is no problem at all. She just had an entanglement with someone but now, everything is fine. She just fell down and got dirtied. Yuusuke notices that she is shaking but he drops the subject and just asks if she isn’t injured. Maria says that she is fine. Yuusuke smiles and says that’s good. He says that he is surprised when she called. Maria apologizes that she just pressed any key in her cellphone’s call history. Yuusuke complains about that for he thought she would actually call him for help and isn’t he dependable. Maria tries to say something but Yuusuke says that he’s just teasing her. Yuusuke picks up Maria’s cellphone. He notices that it is mostly him who is in the call history and that is because he always calls her to say ‘Good night, Maria’ before she sleeps. Yuusuke is suddenly surprised when Maria looks surprised as she covers her mouth. She has realized that she never thanked Yuusuke for that when it is because of him that she was able to sleep, and she should have at least say that she’s very happy about it. Yuusuke tries to say that it is okay but he stops since Maria is crying. She apologizes for that. She is frustrated over herself – wasn’t able to do what she promised to Shin [go to the concert], causes pain to her mother and Toshiya [<- jerk street musician], and thinking of Yuusuke’s calls as something trivial [<- something she has taken for granted]. Yuusuke touches her face and then, he quickly pulls away to apologize. To his surprise, Maria leans to him and cry on his shoulder. With scenes of Shin playing the piano, Maria thinks, “Why is it that he can be so kind.. I..wasn’t able to make anyone happy. What should I do so that I can be kind just like Kanda. What should I do in order to stand beside someone precious to me? If I can use these hands to make the one I love happy, then that will be true bliss--” After Shin finished playing, he got a loud applause and a standing ovation. The others rave and were touched by Shin’s music. Shin just looks tense because he can still see Maria’s empty seat. Shin goes backstage as his father congratulates him for a good job. He then tells Shin to go back for an encore. To his father’s surprise, Shin just runs out of the music hall and tries to look for Maria.

Blushing Yuusuke holds Maria’s arms as he helps her stand up. He asks her if it is alright for her to be so close to him. Maria looks up and asks, huh? Yuusuke says that Maria used to be scared of being touched and before, when he teased her by trying to console her while caressing her face, she looks really startled. And, when he forcibly hugged her, she is so shock that she passed out. This made Maria blankly apologize to him. Yuusuke tells her that no, it isn’t about him being hurt but lately, it seems she has gotten used to it thanks to Erosu/Shintaro. Maria says yes and it should also be okay. [<- to be near Yuusuke?] Yuusuke replies that the one Maria likes is Shin so the one who ought to comfort her is.. He is surprised when Maria holds his face. “..Kanda..is my..very important person! *Yuusuke blushes then Maria pinches his cheeks* You are a ‘cannot be swayed by anything’ friend for life! Although, I’m very sorry, but I definitely won’t let you go.” While Yuusuke tries to call her name and get away from her, Maria just shouts, “Didn’t you say that you’ll always smile by my side. If you are weary, I’ll smile by your side.” Yuusuke asks if she is angry. Maria denies it. Yuusuke says, “But you are crying.” Maria denies that, too. Shin is already at the park when he sees Yuusuke suddenly hugging Maria and shouts, “Let me say Maria, Ah geez- I already totally understand! Maria really cherishes me. You have already clearly conveyed this to me.” [It seems that Yuusuke kisses her cheek or pulls her into a tighter embrace.] Shin is in total shock. At her apartment, Maria tries to call Shin but she couldn’t contact him. She wonders if he hasn’t bought a new cellphone yet. She is disappointed with herself that day since she feels this indescribable feeling of ease in front of Yuusuke yet she couldn’t stop crying. She also wanted to apologize to Shin for not going to the concert. Just then, her cellphone rings. It is from a public telephone booth. She answers it and it is Shin. She quickly tries to apologize to him. Shin interrupts and asks if anything delayed her. Maria is about to tell him about what happened but she remembered Shin didn’t approve of her doing that street singing before, else she’ll attract too much attention. Thinking that he’ll be worried, Maria lied she has indeed been delayed a bit but she has definitely heard his playing for she could hear it outside. He asks her what she felt when she heard it. Shin blushes when Maria says that she is really happy. “At that time, I happened to be alone. Very lonely and uneasy, but Meguro’s piano [music], helped cheer me..” Shin immediately hangs up the phone. He looks flustered and downcast as he mutters, “I don’t know, what is real anymore..”

Maria dreams of someone singing. “So cute, Augustine, Augustine, Augustine. So cute, Augustine, do not have anything, whether it’s money or love, ‘do not have’ is ‘do not have’. So cute, Augustine.” Maria wakes up within her dream and sees a teddy bear who introduce itself as Augustine and it asks Maria to sing along with it. Maria is aghast as she says that her shoes have become a teddy bear. [Augustine is the name of her flashy shoes that Shin gave her.] The teddy bear asks if she has forgotten that anything that is precious to her, she would name them Augustine. It says that since she is lonely and uneasy tonight, how about she cheers herself up by singing along with it. Maria says that since it re-appeared, that means that she is really uneasy. Blushing, she says that the new school year and meeting Shin doesn’t make her uneasy. She holds the teddy bear and tells it that Shin is surely angry that she didn’t go to the concert. While her alarm clock is ringing, Maria wakes up and says, “Am I..hated by Meguro..?” She sits up and looks at her shoes on the table. She thinks that she wasn’t able to talk with Shin again ever since their phone conversation has been cut off. On her way to school, Shintaro calls out to Maria and tells her to kiss him so that he’ll show her something nice. Maria refuses. He kept on insisting but Maria steadfastly refused and ignored his pleas. He shows him a picture of young Shin in a newspaper clipping and asks if she really doesn’t want it. Maria manages to snatch the clipping before Shintaro can get a kiss. It is about a review of Shin’s Ave Maria that is played like a love song and how everyone liked it. The headline says that Shin makes a comeback. Shintaro holds Maria’s face to him and says that Shin will be studying overseas so it is better to forget about him since he is someone who can leave at any time. Maria tensely asks, “Leave..?” Shintaro tells her that he is just saying that at random. Maria angrily walks away. Flustered Shintaro goes after her and tries to say that it is because she looked really happy upon seeing that news clipping that he wanted to tease her. From the roof, Shin watches at them.

In the classroom, while Maria’s friends look at the newspaper clipping about Shin, Maria asks Yuusuke where Shin is. He says that Shin isn’t there yet and maybe he plans to skip class. Maria is shock to see Kenichi and Takeshi [two guy friends] crumpling the newspaper clipping while laughing over how uncute Shin looks when he was a kid. Maria takes the clipping back and tells them to keep it smooth. They apologize. Maria blushes as she looks at the picture of young Shin. Yuusuke just smiles at her. Then, the homeroom teacher enters and reprimands the students for being so noisy that they can be heard at the hallway. He says that vacation is over and it seems that they aren’t in the mood yet but it will be school/cultural festival soon. The students were surprised when the teacher made a side comment that if they didn’t do a good program, who’ll be embarrassed won’t be the teacher but the students. Everyone start brainstorming about making it music themed and how about doing a cafe. Yuusuke wants it to be a maid cafe if they will do a cafe. They are all surprised when Maria happily says that they try it for everyone has good and interesting ideas. They will have music and a cafe served by maids. Tomoyo will make the clothes. Kenichi can improve his cooking skills by making snacks for the cafe. Ayu can put cosmetics on everyone to become beautiful maids. Regarding the music, instead of playing a CD, they will play it live. Their cafe will be one of a kind. “It will definitely be very interesting!” She looks surprised when everyone is looking at her. She asks, “No good?” Yuusuke holds on to her and says that it isn’t so but rather, everyone is just shock. He then tells everyone that they do that music maid cafe. Everyone gets excited as they wonder if they can pull it off. The guys are surprised when Ayu says that he wants to put make up on the guys, too. They decided to make the guys into maids, too. The girls are excited to make Yuusuke into a maid. Yuusuke then tells Maria that she [sing] and Shin [piano accompaniment] will perform the Ave Maria together.

Maria goes out and didn’t find Shin in his usual place near the staircase. She then goes out the roof and thinks that if they do that, it would be like they are one body through music. She calls out to Shin and tries to tell him about their plans regarding the school festival. She isn’t finished talking when Shin stands in front of her and holds her face. Maria blushes and looks tense as Shin just looks at her. She suddenly slaps his hand away. He asks if she hates it. She says of course. She thinks that it is because that look on his face tells her that he is touching her not because he wanted to, but rather, it seems that he is testing something. Shin asks, “..Is it because it’s me that’s why you hate it..” Maria tries to tell him that it isn’t so but Shin has already turned around. She asks him if he is angry about her not going to the concert. Maria is surprised when Shin says that regarding that thing, it doesn’t matter anymore. Maria says that it isn’t ‘doesn’t matter anymore’. “I want to know what you are thinking. You are always uncommunicative and keep on increasing the distance [between us]. It would be better if you just clearly say it!” Shin looks surprised as Maria fears about Shin hating her. She fears hearing it but then, it is better to clearly know the truth. Somewhat flustered Shin just looks at her. Shin asks what she wants to know. Maria says that he is hiding something. Surprised, Shin is about to say when he is doing that but Maria shouts, that isn’t it, but rather, when he touched her, it seems as if he is testing something. “You are obviously angry yet you won’t say anything. I basically don’t know what you are thinking because you always don’t use words [language] to convey!” Shin says that he isn’t angry. Maria shouts, “Liar! Your face obviously looks unhappy.” Shin looks aghast. He looks away and apologizes that his face is naturally like that. Maria exclaims, “See, it’s that again, you thought again of dealing with this by letting it pass. You obviously had accumulated too much dissatisfaction that you are gloomy and troubled. Do you think that the people around you won’t notice? So, say it! Tell me everything! To me..” Shin blurts out that he cannot tell her. Maria asks why and is it because she is unworthy of trust. Shin just looks away and starts walking away. Somewhat irritated, Maria shouts, “And also, it’s really infuriating that you tend to just be uncommunicative like this!” This made flustered Shin turn around to face her. Maria continues to shout, “Acting cool! Playing dumb!” Shin answers back by calling her having a lot of nerve for no matter what, she would always say things so straightforward and bluntly and this is why she isn’t popular with guys.

Irked, Maria shouts back that even if it’s her, she also has a good relationship with guys. Shin just says, ya, ya and who is she referring to Yuusuke or Shintaro. Maybe with a hint of jealousy, Shin tells her that right now, she can smile, and be together with those guys. He also says that she can cry [in front of them] and touch them, too. Flustered Maria cannot answer back. Shin continues to say that he is praising her because now, her face is filled with expressions and it is now totally different from that boring mask she has when she just transferred school. Maria answers back, “Mask?! You kept on ranting about the past endlessly, you’re a guy who’ll nag endlessly!” Maria is surprised when Shin shouts, “Ah- that’s right, I nag endlessly. Nagging endlessly, one-tracked mind, I’m an idiot!” Shin goes out and slams the door. Maria thinks that they had a quarrel by letting all of their discontent feelings out, and that she’s an idiot for saying too much. While walking downstairs, Shin starts laughing his head off that it is amazing that they actually quarreled. Shin mutters that she is right for he nags endlessly and he really did such an idiotic thing. “I finally..understand..I’m really such an idiot.” [Hehe, Maria’s sharp words has a different effect on Shin in contrast to others ^^;;] Dream: Maria keeps on apologizing to Shin. Augustine Teddy Bear asks her whom she hurt this time. “Using sharp words in order to push others to the edge [/become desperate], you are hated by others for that, right?” Maria tries to protest but teddy bear continues to say, “Just like that thing before with mama.” Maria looks surprised as a little Maria holds the teddy bear and says, “It’s Maria who pushed mama to the edge, isn’t it so? Why is it that only mama left? It would be much better if I also died with her then.” End dream. That made Maria shouts, “No..” out loud. She finds herself in the classroom where everyone is preparing for the festival. They all look at her then go back to what they are doing. Maria thinks that it is a dream. Someone greets Maria a good morning. She is surprised that it is a pretty ‘lady’ who says, “So early in the morning yet you are napping, you’re such a kid ♡” Somewhat aghast, Maria asks who ‘she’ is. Girl-Yuusuke in gothic tells her to call him, ‘Yuuko’. Pointing at Yuusuke, Ayu happily exclaims that she put cosmetics on Yuusuke and isn’t it a beautiful mess. Yuusuke touches Ayu’s lip and tells her that it is thanks to her cute makeup skills. Ayu thanks him and promptly swoons. Just then, Yuusuke’s blouse strap snaps. Yuusuke apologizes to Tomoyo about it but Tomoyo says that it is okay because before, she is only used to making clothes for herself. The other girls are raving over how good Tomoyo is and want her to teach them.

Yuusuke then worriedly asks Maria if she hasn’t been sleeping well lately and it also seems that she just had a nightmare. Sparkling, Yuusuke says, “If there is anything that troubles you, try telling me about it.” Maria says that she doesn’t know of a good way to make amends/reconcile. He asks with whom. Maria says it is Shin and they had a fight yesterday. This surprises Yuusuke but Maria tells him not to worry about it since it is her fault and she is always bothered about Shin being angry about that concert incident. During lunch period, Shintaro is happily walking to have lunch with Maria when he spots Yuusuke talking with Shin at the hallway. Shin asks Yuusuke what he wanted to talk about. Yuusuke says that it is about Maria. Shintaro decides to eavesdrop. Shin is surprised when Yuusuke says that during the concert, it is for Shin that Maria dressed herself up beautifully and she really anticipated to listen to Shin’s Ave Maria. “But on the way at the park, she got entangled with someone and got her dress dirtied.” Shin exclaims in surprise about this. Yuusuke tells him that by the time he got there, Maria is already all alone. Shin repeats those last two words of Yuusuke. Yuusuke says that it seems that Maria has suddenly released what she is carrying in her heart that she cried a lot. “Compared to before, she likes to smile more these days. There is more physical contact but I feel that lately, her feelings aren’t that stable. Meguro, this isn’t the time to be quarrelling with Maria..” To Yuusuke and Shintaro’s surprise, Shin smiles and says, “I know. Hey, Yuusuke, it’s quite inconceivable that after I fought with that girl, my brain suddenly became very clear. I like Kawai. I don’t want to give her to any other person. No matter who it is. Because I do not want to hurt her so I made up a lie. To sum it up, a lie is a lie. I thought it over, no matter what happens, I won’t falter..I only need to have a very firm, true feeling. With that being the only true thing, one can survive.” Shintaro suddenly butts in and shouts, “Wait. What are you saying right now after everything? You’ll definitely use vague words [& actions] to show off to Kawai-sempai.” Yuusuke tries to stop the two but aghast-flustered Shin shouts, “I won’t! I promise you, before the cultural festival, I’ll definitely hug her tightly!”

Watching Maria walking at the hallway, Shin thinks that he should confess first. Gripping his fist, he thinks, no, they had just quarreled so they should reconcile first. He then goes out to call Maria, “Ka..” Shintaro pushes him away and greets Maria a good morning really loud. Maria looks around and says that it seems that she just heard Shin’s voice. Shintaro says that it is just her imagination and maybe, it is the voice of a stalker. Shin is really angry that he grabs Shintaro and asks him what that is all about. Maria just walks away puzzled. Shintaro asks if it isn’t obvious, he is hindering Shin. Shin is totally aghast to learn that. Shintaro says, “What is that about afraid of hurting Kawai-sempai, you obviously always run away from embracing. Even if you have already changed your attitude, I won’t give Kawai-sempai to a gutless guy.” Flustered and challenged, Shin says that they’ll just have to wait and see. “I won’t let lewd Kurosu hinder me, no, I won’t let anyone hinder me! I’ve already decided..” He rushes to his classroom to see that all the male students standing outside the hallway. Yuusuke tries to stop Shin from entering the classroom but Shin won’t listen. He opens the door to see some girls topless in their underwear. Tomoyo is measuring Maria’s chest size. They all look at him in surprise. After a pause, Maria and Shin blush upon seeing each other. Shin then mutters his apology and quickly closes the door. Shin is aghast-embarrassed when Ayu laughs out loud over Shin’s hurried and anxious expression since normally, he just had a scary expression. Yuusuke tells Shin that right now, they are doing measurements for the girls’ maid costume. While Shin is saying that he didn’t know that, Maria comes out of the classroom and calls Shin a ‘lewd wolf’. Aghast, Shin says that it isn’t deliberate. He turns around and walks away. Maria then tells Yuusuke that she is just joking to try to lighten the mood. She laments that it is really hard to reconcile.

Below the staircase, Yuusuke calls Shin an idiot. Shin admits it, so there is no need for Yuusuke to berate him anymore. He says that he feels that it isn’t the right time. Yuusuke sighs and says that it cannot be helped for the two of them are really stupid. Yuusuke tells Shin that opportunity isn’t looked for but rather created. He suggests that the two of them need to be alone first and use the cultural festival as the topic, set the mood and then confess. “Ah, don’t say I like you the ‘most’ because it will make her think that there is number two whom you like.” Shin looks somewhat surprised and says is that so. He then asks how to create a situation wherein there is only the two of them. Yuusuke tells him that he cannot help Shin to that point. Embarrassed, Shin says, right. While cleaning, Yuusuke ends up helping by asking Maria about practicing the music with Shin since the festival is going to start soon. Maria says that Shin hasn’t agreed to it yet and then, they quarreled. When Yuusuke is trying to tell her to be a bit more forceful, Shin approaches her and asks if they can go home together today. Maria is pleasantly surprised by that. Shin says that they are doing a music cafe so he thought that they go to the music store to choose the kind of music they will use. Yuusuke happily says that it’s decided so the two of them should go. But in the end, much to Shin’s dismay, Yuusuke and Shintaro tagged along with the two. Shintaro happily says that he’s really happy that they can stroll together. At the music store, Yuusuke tells gloomy Shin that he thought Shin’s idea is very good if Erosu didn’t come along. Shintaro then calls out to Yuusuke to listen some music. Shintaro then smirks at irritated Shin. Shintaro happily says that he is very excited over the music cafe since Maria will be saying, ‘Welcome, master’. Yuusuke asks Shintaro what his class is doing. Shintaro says that will be a monster room with vampires, etc. Yuusuke says that he will check out Shintaro’s class. Shin then notices Maria looking at him. The two slightly blushes. Shin then whispers to Maria, “Kawai..thank you for listening to my concert performance. *Maria looks surprised* I’m sorry about last time, for saying a lot of cruel things.” Maria says no, but rather it’s her fault.

Maria then asks him about choosing Ave Maria for that is the first piece they did together and she has already heard the music. Shin asks if she meant that villa collaboration they did before, that is Bach. Shin plays it on the piano. Maria says that since he said Bach, could it be there are others. Shin says that there is also Schubert, Mozart and many other versions. While everyone including the two other boys are listening to Shin’s playing, Maria happily says that it is a totally different music. Shin says that is right for even if the melody isn’t the same, but the lyrics for all version is the same. Maria is extremely excited asks Shin if he can play other than Bach and it feels like the music is emitting light [/glittering]. She then touches his hand. The two blushes. Shin then says, “I..” Shintaro then violently pushes Shin away and exclaims to Maria not to play the instruments there and even if Ave Maria isn’t bad, he wants her to sing Amazing Grace. While Yuusuke is asking angry Shin if he’s alright, Shintaro holds Maria’s chin and says that it is because it is the song when he saw and fell in love with her on the television. “I took the exam to Touzuka [school] just to see you.” Maria slaps his hand away and exclaims in disbelief that he would do that just simply because of that. Shintaro says that is the song which his father really liked that he always heard his father sing that song. He happily says to surprised Maria, “So, I wish[/want] that there will be someone who’ll always sing it for me. It’s very strange though because my father is obviously a priest but he can only sing Amazing Grace.” Maria looks surprised that Shintaro’s father is a priest. Shintaro happily says yes, at Yokosuka* church. [*US naval base to the west of Yokohama, Japan/where Maria’s mother is from] Maria’s eyes widen as she mutters, “Yokosuka..?” Shin notices this then he realizes something. He quickly pulls Maria and tells Shintaro not to say anymore, they are leaving. Shintaro holds Maria back and asks why, please wait a minute. Shin tells him to let her go but Shintaro shouts that he doesn’t want to. Maria looks at Shintaro’s hand that is gripping her sleeve. She suddenly screams, “No..” in fright. This surprises everyone and Shintaro lets go of Maria. Shin holds her wrists and calls out her name. Maria says, “..Whr..Where is Augustine?” This surprises Shin. Maria then snaps out of it and looks at Shin. She asks if she just said something. Shintaro starts apologizing to Maria for he didn’t plan on forcing her. Maria tells him that isn’t but rather, she suddenly feels faint and perhaps she is going to have a cold. While Shin is still holding her wrist, Maria apologizes and says that she’ll go home ahead. Shin offers to take her home. Maria tries to tell him that it is okay but he holds her tighter and insists that he’ll take her home. “Kawai, I’ll protect you. So, give your everything to me.”

And so, on the way home, Maria held hands with Shin. His grip gradually changes from shy-stiff to a strong one. It totally feels that he isn’t the usual Shin. That night, Maria cannot sleep as she kept wondering what Shin meant by what he said. She suddenly has a phone call. She wonders if it is Yuusuke but the number isn’t registered on her cellphone. To her surprise, it is Shin who asked if she is already sleeping. Maria sits on the side of the bed as she tells him no, she is still awake. Shin says that it is because she said that she feels that she is going to have a cold so he is worried. Maria says that she is fine now. She just felt dizzy at that time and she doesn’t quite recall it. Shin then tells her that he bought a new cellphone and this is his new number so if anything happens, she can just call him. Maria is surprised then she blushes over this. Shin then tells her that in the next school dismissal, they should stay together afterwards for practice and he also thought that Ave Maria is not bad at all. He also tells her that they can make that as a special song between them. Shin hangs up and wonders if it is unnatural that he said a lot in one breath. After Shin hangs up, Maria keeps on blushing as she cannot believe that Shin just said a lot of things that makes her happy that she feels dizzy and he really isn’t the same usual Shin. She thinks that it seems like her heartbeat is deliberately made to beat so fast that she couldn’t think of other things. She then sees little Maria with a teddy bear at the corner of her room. She is surprised. She rubs her eyes and sees that no one is there. She looks worried and tense. At the library, Maria is borrowing a book and Shintaro happily comments that she is really studious since there is no exam yet she is in the library. Maria tells an awed Shintaro that she is researching Latin to translate the Latin lyrics of Ave Maria into Japanese. Shintaro happily says that she is so serious. Maria says no, but rather, if she focuses her energy on something in front of her, she can disperse her attention [= not think of some other thing]. Shintaro kisses her forehead and says, ‘in front’. He tells her that if she feels uneasy, she can act like a spoiled kid [= be selfish]. Maria denies that she is uneasy but Shintaro says that her stubbornness is quite cute.

Walking at the hallway, Maria kept on denying that she is uneasy. She then spots Shin talking with a teacher. The teacher congratulates Shin for his concert performance and isn’t he thinking of studying abroad. His father had contacted the school about wanting Shin to go abroad within the year. Maria is displeased-surprised over this. Shin tells the teacher that even if his father suggested it, he doesn’t want to go. The teacher asks why. Shin says that it is because he has many things that he wants to do there and the cultural festival is coming up soon. Maria looks somewhat relieved. The teacher says that he doesn’t know well about specialization but shouldn’t so-called music be born within the person himself and the way he lives. It can expand his world and know all sorts of music. That must be what his father wishes. Maria is dismayed when Shin just says, yes.. Maria walks away while thinking that she doesn’t want Shin to leave but, if she is to think of what’s good for Shin. Maria is aghast and shock when little Maria, with a teddy bear, standing beside her and says, “Then, you will be left all alone again, Maria.” Maria mutters in shock, “..Augustine..” Little Maria says, “All your important persons are gradually disappearing from your side.” Maria shouts, “No..” then drops the book she is carrying as the papers inside scattered around. Tense and shaking from fright, Maria grips her fist and wonders to herself as to what’s up with her. “I’m so afraid..save me, Meguro.” In class, Yuusuke tells Maria that after school dismissal, she and Shin are going to practice in the second music room. They had asked the karaoke club to let them borrow it and it is lent to them only on that day for the two of them to use. Maria seems to be a bit puzzled since she hasn’t recovered from her shock. She finally get it when her friends are telling her to do her best and Shin has already went ahead.

At the second music room, Shin is playing the piano. Shin then notices Maria. He apologizes that he didn’t notice her earlier. They should start practice. Shin tells her that the piano hasn’t been tuned up for a long time and there are some keys [piano wire] that are somewhat rusty. Maria wanted to ask him if he is going to study abroad, going to that faraway place, but she decided not to because she cannot say ‘congrats’ if he says yes. Maria tells him instead about wanting to use Japanese in singing Ave Maria and her plans to translate it. Shin asks her if this is true for after all, Latin isn’t just English. Sparkling, Maria says that she will do her best. Shin pats her head and says that she is really amazing. This made Maria blush. Shin suggests that she sing then he’ll accompany her. While singing, Maria thinks that she really likes Shin. She feels that it would be great if they can be like that [talking a lot in the music room] forever. Remembering what Shintaro said about letting others spoil her, Maria stops singing and asks him to not go. Shin looks at her. Maria blushes really red and is surprised by what she just said. While covering her mouth, Maria apologizes and says that it isn’t so. She tries to leave while telling Shin to forget about it. [Note: Maria’s thoughts will be in ( )] Shin manages to hold her [hug behind] and says, “I’m not going anywhere. *pause* I..like you. Besides, there is also Yuusuke and Kurosu, Kousaka and Nakawa who like you. (Huh? Kanda? Kurosu? What is he saying?) Don’t forget that you are needed. (Why is he saying this right now?) Because you are irreplaceable. (Liar!)” Little Maria appears in front of Maria and says, “Because I’m actually a child who shouldn’t exist.” [The kid is really creepy as if she’s a ghost ^^;] Maria suddenly screams while shouting, “No, that child..” Holding her wrist, Shin shouts that it is alright and there is no one around. Maria frantically shouts that he’s lying for she sees [that kid] in front of her. Shin decides to calm her down by kissing her.

Shin still kisses her as he made her lean on the piano. After he breaks away, he holds her face and tells her, “Look at me!” Maria has somewhat calmed down and mutters Shin’s name. Shin says, “There is only me in front of you! There is no other person! Just look at me..do not think of any other thing.” Maria wonders why Shin is angry. Shin kisses her again. Maria wonders who is that kid she saw and that kid said that she is a child who shouldn’t exist. “I’m really confused now..” Shin make her lie down on the piano and asks her if she has calmed down. Maria didn’t reply. He kisses her again and confesses his love repeatedly. He admits that since long before, he had started liking her. Crying, Maria thinks that she likes him. Maria somewhat sits up and apologizes to him. Shin kisses her again but Shin is surprised when she keeps on apologizing. He asks why she is apologizing. Maria thinks, “I’m sorry, I’m this kind of person, sorry. Sorry, someone like me obviously always give you trouble, I obviously wanted to make Meguro happy..” While thinking all that, Maria keeps muttering about wanting to give something to Shin, and do something for him. Flustered Shin tries to ask her what she is saying, Maria repeats that she wants to give him.. This probably turned Shin on that he hugs her. Leaning her once again on the piano, He says that he wants her everything. While going for her neck, he apologizes that he cannot control himself. “I won’t restrain myself again, I absolutely..will not let you go again.” Unfortunately, that position and words are taboo to Maria. She remembers her mother trying to strangle[?] crying little Maria while saying, “I won’t let you go, Maria.” Little Maria cried, “Let me go, mama. No no, it’s heavy.” Her mother replied, “I don’t let you go, Maria, I’m sorry. Sorry, sorry, Maria. Let’s die together. They say that you are a child who won’t attain happiness. Even if you become an adult, there will also be no one who’ll like you. If you disappear, then there is no need for you to be hurt again. I won’t let anyone say that Maria is a failure.”

This totally shocks Maria that she kept on crying. Shaking, she thinks, “Sa..save me, save me, Meguro..” She mutters, “Wa..wai..wait..” Shin apologizes and says that he can no longer wait. Shin gives her a deep kiss. Maria is shock as she couldn’t breathe and thinks that she is going to be killed. Shin starts to put his hand under her blouse. Maria kept on thinking where Shin is. Shin finally realizes that something is wrong with Maria when she seems to be gasping for air. She starts asking where Shin is. Holding her, Shin tries to tell him that he is right there. Maria calls his name and hits the piano keys hard. The piano wire snaps and cuts through Shin’s palm to the wrist of his right hand. Shin looks at his hand in surprise which is bleeding. Shin looks aghast as the blood starts to drip on the ivory piano keys. Tears also falls on the piano keys. Maria remembers her mother saying that she couldn’t do it. “I still couldn’t do this, killing you. I’m sorry, *hugging Maria while her arm is bleeding profusely.* Sorry, I do not want to leave Maria alone and die..I’m sorry...” With that, the trauma is totally re-enacted. Still crying, Maria mutters, “There’s a lot of blood flowing from mama..” Shin looks surprised and holds her face. He worriedly asks if she remembered. Maria looks exhausted and she promptly faints in the arms of frantic Shin. Dream: At first it is dark but soon, Maria hears something singing the Augustine song. She sees a curly long haired woman who is singing while sewing a dress. Maria looks pleasantly surprised for she thought that woman is Anna and when Anna did came back. She is happy for Anna that she got her voice back. She is about to go to the woman but little Maria with teddy bear goes to the woman and calls her, mama. Little Maria asks her mother to hug her. Her mother happily calls her to come since she made a new dress for Maria. Her mother says that it seems that white and lace suits Maria. Little Maria tells her mother that she also likes lace. While Maria follows the two outside the house, she wonders if this is her mother and she gives her [Maria] the same feeling as Anna. Maria’s mother and little Maria greet a couple of mothers with their kids. A mother and girl are envious of Maria’s pretty new dress. Maria’s mother is very pleased with herself until that jealous mother says that they [Maria and mom] are obviously depending on bonds/dole-outs and that child [Maria] is obviously a product of rape. Maria looks surprised. The other woman exclaims in surprise over this and how could Maria’s mother even dare give birth to that child. The jealous mother asks if she didn’t know because it caused such a sensation at that time.

Little Maria got angry that they made her mother cry. This made little Maria shout at the woman not to bully her mother. The flustered jealous mother denies that she is bullying her mother. Maria’s mother tries to tell Maria not to say anymore but Maria continues to shout that ‘aunt’ [not related] is bullying her mother and the ‘aunt’ is a bad person for looking down on her mother. “That aunt is very ugly!” [And, it’s true] At home, crying little Maria tells her mother not to cry and she is a bad kid. Her mother wipes her tears and hugs little Maria. She tells little Maria that she is wrong for the one who is ‘ugly’ is her [Maria’s mother] for she wanted to make Maria dress up a bit cute but she went exceed in doing so. “I’m sorry.” Flustered Maria just looks at the two. Then, there are scenes of little Maria helping her mother cut her hair short, little Maria answering back at some women gossiping over her mother who looks uncomfortable, Little Maria singing with her mother and Maria’s mother is aghast when some children are beating up little Maria in the playground while the mothers of those children laugh in amusement. Little Maria thinks, “Do not cry, mama. Smile, mama. Mama is afraid of people outside. It’s alright if I’m here. I will become strong. I will become strong and intelligent. I will protect mama forever.” Black and blue little Maria tells her mother that she is okay because she is very strong. While holding her mother’s hand, little Maria says that when [those women are] alone, no matter who those ‘aunts’ are, they won’t dare say anything bad to her mother. “They [kids] are really stupid, only able to imitate the bad things that the adults say. They essentially don’t have their own way of thinking!” At the house, Maria’s mother is holding a paper and laments that it is her turn to clean the park’s toilet again. “Why is it always me?” Little Maria tells her mother that they do it together and she likes cleaning. “Cleaning with mama is really fun. Why aren’t you happy, mama?” Her mother says that because they are cleaning everyday, Maria cannot go out and play with her friends. While Maria is mentally telling little Maria not to say it, little Maria tells her mother, “I don’t have friends and I don’t need them. Because mama doesn’t have friends either..” Maria’s mother cringes and cries. She shouts out loud, “I wouldn’t have become all alone if it isn’t because of you..” Little Maria is totally shock. Maria’s mother covers her mouth as she realizes what she just said. Her mother tries to say that isn’t true then she runs off while saying that she hates herself when she is like that. That made little Maria start to cry.

While looking at little Maria crying, Maria looks flustered. Maria thinks that it is the same at that time. “Whether it is Anna or mama, they were made desperate by me. I caused them to hate themselves. I’ve caused them to be out of the loop [/be isolated]. I actually did the same thing twice to the persons who are important to me..” Maria cries in her sleep. Flustered Shin, who is sitting beside the bed, wipes her tears away. Yuusuke comes in the clinic and tells Shin that the clinic doctor has contacted the hospital and Shin should quickly go. Shin’s wounds have been bandaged = first aid. Shin refuses to go but Yuusuke insists that he should because Shin’s wound hasn’t been treated well yet because that piano wire is sharp that it would seem Shin got cut by a sharp object. Yuusuke tells him that wound is very deep and there is rust that the doctor said he should go to the hospital. Shin still says that there’s no need. Yuusuke exclaims that Shin should go else what if he cannot play the piano again. Yuusuke is puzzled when Shin kept on insisting that he won’t go. Gripping his fist, Shin says that he wants to be there when Maria wakes up. He remembers the warning of Sister Sarah about Maria not knowing what it means to end one’s life when she is a kid but right now, she might commit suicide. Addressing Maria, Shin says, “I need to tell you ‘You are needed’ numerous times, so don’t die..” Yuusuke asks what happened for didn’t Maria just fainted upon seeing Shin getting injured. Shin is tight-lipped over it. Then, Tomoyo comes in to tell Shin that the school couldn’t contact his family. She then apologizes and asks if she disturbed them. Yuusuke says that it seems that Shin’s father is out of the country so he’ll go tell that to the teacher. Yuusuke just tells Shin that he’ll see him later. After they left, Ave Maria is played in the schools PA system as someone tells the students to go home. Shin looks at Maria and remembers her telling him that they use Japanese to sing Ave Maria. There is a scene of Maria happily singing it ~ ‘Blessed you, You aren’t alone. You are loved by others.’ Then, there is a scene of Maria crying and looking frantic. Shin grits his teeth and angry at himself about saying ‘not wanting to make her remember’ and isn’t this his nature. Shin starts crying that he is really awful. Narration: “During times, when whatever I do fails, I’ll slowly feel that I’m a useless person. But..never knowing my real self is such a painful thing.”

Carrying a cup of hot beverage, Shin goes in Maria’s room where Maria is sitting on the bed. Shin says he is coming in and says that it is already morning. “Didn’t you sleep again?” Maria looks haggard as she turns around to look at him. She mutters, morning. Shin says yes [it’s morning] and it has already been five days yet she still hasn’t properly slept. Maria says that she is afraid of sleeping for she only dreams about the past wherein she said a lot of cruel things to the people around her and with all that provocation, she is hated. Shin looks aghast-guilt but he forces himself to look okay. He tells her not to think of unnecessary things and just sleep. If she has a nightmare, he will wake her up. Shin is tense when Maria asks about Shin’s hand and when it got injured. Shin tells her that it is no big deal and she shouldn’t mind it. Maria starts muttering that she is in the music room, playing piano and blood. Maria looks at him in surprise when Shin shouts that this is just ‘reaping what he sowed’. Shin urges her to sleep and drink some tea he made. Maria believes that she definitely hurt Shin because at that time, she is confused when Shin is confessing, when she is really happy. “Because I always trample on other peoples’ feelings, it is inevitable that everyone hates me..” Maria lies down in bed to sleep. Shin goes out the room and sees a fax machine[?] with notes from Tomoyo. At school, Tomoyo looks at her cellphone and exclaims why she cannot contact Maria. She worriedly says that it has been five days already yet Maria isn’t answering her phone and she couldn’t find Maria in her house [no one opens the door, I presume]. Shintaro is also worried. Ayu tells Tomoyo that even if she tells her that, she has no way of knowing. While working on something, Ayu also says that it is obviously cultural festival so she is really busy. Tomoyo says that Shin hasn’t been coming to school either. Yuusuke says that he thinks that Shin is in Maria’s house. Shintaro exclaims in shock about those two being alone. Yuusuke continues to say that perhaps something happened that Maria [/Shin/both] couldn’t get in touch with them. Tomoyo says that she will go see Maria today. Ayu says that she will go too if Yuusuke is going. They are surprised when Shin comes in and tells them to go see Maria and cheer her up because if it is him, it seems to be a reverse effect and he makes her more depressed. Yuusuke asks Shin how his injury and if he went to the hospital. Shin just says, ‘ah ah’. Shintaro asks Shin what happened and please tell him about it. Shin agrees and asks Yuusuke to come along for he ought to tell things clearly [to Yuusuke/them]. Shin tells Tomoyo that he’ll leave Maria to her because he couldn’t give Maria a friend’s hug. Tomoyo looks surprised as if she realizes what Shin is implying. After they left, Tomoyo quickly exclaims that Ayu is going with her to Maria’s place now and Maria definitely needs them. Behind some buildings, Shintaro asks what did Shin just said. Shin says that he had been forceful with Maria and because of that, Maria remembered her mother’s suicide. “It is my fault that right now, Kawai won’t dare sleep.” Angered, Shintaro grabs Shin’s collar and asks why he did that. Shin just tries to say with a slight sad smile that it is his true self for he had pushed Maria down and wanted to forcefully make her his. Yuusuke suddenly punches Shin and exclaims, “Idiot..saying that you want to protect Maria is also your true self!”

At Maria’s apartment, Tomoyo is knocking on the door for Maria to open it. When she tries the door knob, she realizes that it is already open. While Ayu is commenting how spacious Maria’s house is, Tomoyo frantically looks for Maria. The two girls are in shock when they see Maria sitting on the floor with a box cutter. Maria is she poised to cut her wrist. Ayu quickly hits the box cutter away and shouts, “What are you doing, idiot! You..you..what are you thinking..” The worried girls are surprised when Maria mutters that she doesn’t know. Maria thinks that she doesn’t know. “Oh right, I dreamt of mama and Anna, I want to know what they were feeling [when they committed/tried to commit suicide]. If I did the same thing, I should know what they are feeling.” Ayu is aghast as she exclaims what kind of joke is this for the current Maria really infuriates her. “Even if I don’t know what’s happening..it is making me furious! Why are you so silent? Say something! *tense* Why don’t you answer back like you usually do!” Maria thinks that she doesn’t know what she is saying. Going to Maria’s side, Tomoyo tells Ayu that Maria cannot say anything since if one is depressed, one hates oneself more and makes one afraid to talk. “I know it. When she is bullied, it’s like this. Making everyone around feel that she has thorns all over her body and it is useless even if friends and family are there. She feels that she is hated by the whole world. *crying* She will become someone who cannot say out anything.” Maria thinks that someone understands her. Flustered Ayu exclaims what she meant and that is so strange since after all that has happened, and yet now, Tomoyo is saying that Maria is hated by the whole world. “Doesn’t she talk with such venomous words when she just transferred?! *at Maria* Saying relentless those sharp and unkind stuff..That’s the real you!” Maria thinks that someone is angry at her. Ayu exclaims for stupid Maria to answer back and say something to her. Tomoyo tells Ayu to stop and not to bully Maria like that. Ayu exclaims, what, does she still hold a grudge over the past and the past Tomoyo also infuriates her. Tomoyo says that it is because Ayu tends to bully like that. Soon, Ayu and Tomoyo are quarreling. Maria thinks, “I originally wanted to also do this, wanted to be like this with Anna and mama..this feeling, cry or get angry..and then..make them feel ‘forget it, it doesn’t matter’ and acknowledge that oneself is useless.” The two girls notice Maria flips her hair and slightly leans her head to the side. [=lovely transform] Maria says, “Of course, this young lady won’t let others hate her nor keep on being silent ♡” Crying profusely, Tomoyo hugs Maria. Maria apologizes to her. Tomoyo says that she doesn’t mind because Kawai is akuma Maria. Ayu hits Maria’s head and scolds her stupid. Maria apologizes. Narration: “And make them believe..oneself isn’t useless--.” There is a scene of Yuusuke telling Shin that he isn’t a person who’ll easily give up. Back to the girls, Tomoyo asks Maria what happened and Shin is really worried about her. Maria thinks that she wants to tell them everything regarding her feelings for Shin and her mother, these things that she has been thinking, and this thing that she alone cannot accept. When Maria is about to tell them, she realizes that she has lost her voice.

On the cultural day, the guys are surprised to learn that Maria has lost her voice. Ayu tells them that they brought her to the hospital and the doctor says that there is no problem with her throat physically. Yuusuke asks if it is the same illness as Anna’s. Tomoyo says that she doesn’t know but it is called ‘aphonia’. The doctor says that the reason might be because she had become overly excited or perhaps it is because of shock or she’s extremely nervous. Yuusuke asks if it can be cured. Tomoyo says that the doctor said that it should be okay when Maria’s mental state has stabilized. One cannot be sure if it will take just a few days or even a few years. Yuusuke[?] asks what is the factor needed is needed to get Maria’s voice back. Maria notices that Shin looks really aghast [<- guilt trip] Shintaro says that it is all Shin’s fault that Maria lost her voice. What Shin did to Maria has totally given a huge shock to Maria. Before he can finish, Maria quickly slaps Shintaro’s forehead. Maria pouts and blows her cheek [like a puffer fish]. Holding Maria’s puffed cheek with his fingers, Shintaro blushes and happily exclaims that Maria is so cute. Ayu shouts at stupid Erosu that it is so obvious that Maria is angry. She then asks what’s with his outfit. Shintaro says that he is playing the vampire, Dracula. Yuusuke says that they should just focus on the cultural festival and just think that Maria’s body ‘temporarily doesn’t want to talk’. “Let’s just wait for her to prepare her feelings [= be ready] and she’ll definitely can talk naturally again so they’ll just have to be patient.” Maria looks at him and forms a ‘circle’ with her hand. [I think ‘o’ means okay in Japanese but usually done over the head.] Yuusuke smiles and asks if that circle means she approves of that. Maria forms another circle with her other hand. Tomoyo sweatdrops and says Maria’s hand signals are very interesting. Maria thinks that she cannot talk has made everyone unhappy and although this is like running away but then, right now, she just thinks that this is also a kind of ‘lovely transform’. Tomoyo suddenly exclaims that she forgot to hand out the flyers. Maria taps her shoulder and gestures that she will do it. Tomoyo agrees with her and says that this is indeed a rare opportunity to publicize the maid cafe.

Outside, maid Maria is handling out the flyers. She thinks that she is able to give a flyer to all sorts of people. Is it because she is cosplaying or because she cannot talk? Maria bows when some girl says that she’s cute. A couple of lewd-looking guys ask her if she can give them a flyer for they wanted to be served by a maid. One of the guys says that Maria is staring at them but the other guy says that it is okay for Maria cannot say a word. The curly haired guy holds her shoulder and asks if she is cosplaying as a maid robot or a doll. He asks if she won’t say anything no matter what they do and it’s cute since she is afraid. Maria is thinking that from one look, these guys are weak and their hollow voices are just like some mean gutless guys. To Maria’s surprise and the two guys’ aghast, Shin appears from behind and holds the guy’s hand off Maria. Shin tells them that it isn’t because she is afraid that she becomes a useless person who cannot say a word. Shin looks serious as he grips the guy’s hand tighter that made the guy complain that it hurts. The guy says he knows already and sorry. Putting his arm over Maria’s shoulder, Shin tells her that she has distributed enough flyers, they are going. While walking away, Maria seems touched by what Shin said that she becomes teary-eyed. When they are in a place where no one seems to be around, Maria is surprised when Shin immediately takes his arm away from her. Shin apologizes for dragging her away because it really puts him in a bad mood when he saw some guy is touching her even if he had obviously done much crueler thing. Shin cannot look at Maria so he didn’t see surprised Maria trying to tell him that it isn’t so, it isn’t cruel and actually, she is really happy. As he turns around and walk, Shin is telling her to return to the cafe for it has already opened. He also apologizes for the Ave Maria that she worked hard on.

Wanting Shin to know her feelings, she suddenly rushes to him and hugs him from behind. This surprises-blushes Shin. Holding her hand, Shin tells her that her hand is shaking and there’s no need for her to force herself. Maria holds his hand tight to tell him that it isn’t so but she lets it go since Shin cringes in pain. Noticing that she looks surprised, Shin tells her that it still hasn’t healed completely yet and during crucial moments, he is always useless. Maria thinks, “It is I who injured Meguro. It is I who made him hate himself. Can I only just look at him like this? I.. *Maria looks down and gently holds his hand then she kisses his fingers* I..do not want that.” Shin blushes over what Maria just did. Looking determined, Maria grabs Shin’s shirt and drags him along. Maria brings Shin to the classroom. Tomoyo happily greets her and says that there are a lot of people who came and her giving away of flyers has been successful. “No wonder it is Kawai..” Maria gestures about playing a piano but Tomoyo thinks that Maria is saying that there is a spider around. While Maria tries to inform Tomoyo what she wanted, a couple of female guests say that according to the flyer, Meguro Shin will be playing Ave Maria so when will it start. They also say that they are his fans from summer’s concert. They then scream out loud upon seeing Shin himself. Tomoyo apologizes that she forgot about that part still in the flyer and explains that Shin has injured his hand so he cannot play. The girl is a bit disappointed because his Ave Maria is so moving that she wanted to hear it once again. Everyone is surprised when Maria starts playing the piano with one of her finger. A customer says that is a rarely heard and what that music is. Another one says that this is a music cafe. Shin starts playing with her using his left hand. Shin tells her that she’s really reckless. Maria just smiles at him. The customers realize that it is Ave Maria and it sounds good even if Shin just playing with his left hand. Shin is surprises when Maria starts to ‘sing’ [without sound] Ave Maria.

She thinks, “Because I know, he will definitely help me out [of trouble]. I also know I’m very dependent on Meguro. I’m very happy that you can always stay by my side. Because there is Meguro, I can do my best no matter what happens.” The customers wonder why there is no sound coming out from Maria. The others take cue from this. The waitresses sing Ave Maria with ‘lalala’ as initiated by Tomoyo while the others play their musical instruments. Maria’s song ~ “Ave Maria. ♪ Blessed me, I’m not alone, I am loved by others..♫ those whom I love are also loved by others, you are with me forever..♪” Shin looks at singing Maria then he looks surprised. The customers applause and says that it is like a choir cafe. Ayu tells Tomoyo that she sang ‘lalala’ throughout the song. Tomoyo says that it is because she doesn’t know the lyrics. While there is some noise of others asking where the music cafe is, Shin looks at Maria and says that she changed the lyrics just now. “You have changed the ‘you’ to become ‘me’ and made it into, ‘Blessed me’..” Maria happily smiles at him. Shin blushes as Maria thinks, “I want Meguro to know, that it is he who make me feel that I’m blessed..I want to make him know that he is really amazing.” Shin suddenly grabs her hand and pulls her out the room. Yuusuke is smiling as Tomoyo looks surprised-blush. At the roof, Shin corners her by the screen wall thing and says, “Please, become my lover. *pause while the two are breathing hard from running* I always didn’t dare say it. I’m always in anguish when Mouri [Anna] and the nun hindered me. The truth is I..really really wanted to hug tightly..” Maria suddenly hugs him tight. She thinks, “Don’t say it anymore, please, hug me now..” Shin hugs her and gives her a kiss. “Hug me always until forever..” At the door, somewhat scowling Dracula Shintarou is looking at them.

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