June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 90]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 5, 2010

Approximately 10 years ago, at that time, there is a very popular online game, called ‘Hallelujah’. In the game, some people are freaking out over a huge mammoth charging towards them. They shout why such a dangerous thing is there and there is no option but to run away since they cannot fight against it. Just when they thought they are going to die, someone chops off the trunk of the mammoth. A young man carrying a huge sword [reminds me of FF7’s Cloud or whoever Gintama is imitating in their online game arc.] tells them to run to safety at the side. After hiding behind some boulders, someone exclaims that it is ‘D’, the legendary hunter. Someone exclaims if it is the ‘D’ who is also known as brave and strong in other online games. They wonder if he can defeat that huge beast. D calls out to his magical beast, ‘Michael’. A huge majestic eagle appears and quickly finishes off the mammoth. The people thank him but D tells them that there is no need for he is just atoning for his sin/s. They were puzzled so D tells them that in real life, he had killed thousands of thousands of people so he wants to help save some people in Hallelujah. He sadly tells them to treasure their lives. The people wonder if he is a dangerous person. They tell him that they are going to log off. Michael tells D that they couldn’t stay for long. D agrees. Then, there is a bright light in the sky. It is the sanction/punishment of the administrator [of the game]. The people, who haven’t left yet, say that D has a lot of tricks that it destroys the balance of the game including the creation of that weapon and that magical beast. He shouldn’t exist in this world. A beam strikes at D and Michael. They disappear. The people say that even if he is D, he cannot be saved and he won’t be allowed into Hallelujah again. Then, D materializes in a small house in the forest. D asks Michael if they were followed. Michael says no. D says that the administrator there is quite strict that if you die in the game, you cannot be resurrected within the game but fortunately, he has put up a 5x strong barrier so that he won’t be easily caught. D thanks Michael for the help and tells him that he can return to the shape of a human. Michael is now in the form of Damien’s butler. D looks somewhat sad at him as Michael asks if there are any other orders. D says that he is going to rest a bit so he should continue on putting up the barrier, and for him not to cut his hair. Michael agrees to all his orders and calls him D as Damien. Michael wishes him a good night sleep before leaving the room.

Damien looks sad as he looks at a picture of his mother [whom I think suspiciously looks like Michael]. Flashback: Damien’s mother called out to him and told him that for peace, she will go in a far away country to fight a war. Then, his mother, an outstanding young army major, came back home as a limbless doll. At the hospital, young Damien called out to his mother, who is heavily bandaged, but she just stares at him. A man probably his father asked if he wants to save his mother. The man told Damien that he is genius of their Ken country [<- name of country or founding nation in Chinese] so if it is him, he ought to be able to do it. The man encouraged Damien to show off his talent. Soon, the people were amazed at how Damien was able to give his mother new limbs and brain which was accepted naturally by the body without any rejection. But, it isn’t complete for Damien who wants to save her mother from the war’s nightmare. He doesn’t want his mother to feel sad again nor have any nightmare so he erased the feelings of ‘fear’ and ‘sadness’ from her brain. Soon, his smiling mother thanked him for she has never been this happy and this way, she can once again go fighting in the war. Damien called for her to stop and not go to war anymore. Her mother happily asked why when he has already fixed her body up so it will be a waste if she didn’t fight for peace. After all, she is no longer afraid of anything. Soon, not only his mother but many, many soldiers’ broken bodies and heart were all made well by Damien. They all join his mother in fighting the war for peace. Until somewhat older Damien found out that his mother had already passed away. Damien angrily asked why they hid his mother’s death from him. They told him to calm down for it is a really regrettable as to what happened to Major Adams. [So, Damien’s surname is Adams.] A child around the age of Damien suddenly crossed and got accidentally killed by Damien’s mother’s car. His mother is confused as to why she didn’t cry when a child is killed nor does she feel sad about it. She asked why she is like that [to Damien who isn’t there]. “So, mama used the arm that I created to neatly and tidily commit suicide.” His mother pointed the gun in her head and pulled the trigger. “I also wanted to die, but I have no way to do that because I was put in strict surveillance. Since it is like this, I begin to rot, from genius to a useless person...later on, if I could, I would be in this game..Ah ah..it is so beautiful, Hallelujah--” End flashback.

Damien wakes up surprised when he notices something hovering over him. It is a huge black pirate bunny which says that it didn’t notice that Damien is unexpectedly hiding in this place and made it a safe house. Screaming in shock, Damien asks who it is for he created this special territory. He shouts to Michael as to who let the bunny in. The bunny says that if he is talking about that AI [artificial intelligence], he has been frozen. Michael is lying stiff on the floor. Damien asks again as to who the bunny is. The bunny says that it is both the creator of Hallelujah and administrator, whom others would call as ‘god’. A long pause as what the bunny is sinking into his brain. The bunny coughs and says that it is always saying that because of him, the perfect balance of Hallelujah is ruined for he made a weapon and magical beast as if he is a god but those things shouldn’t exist in the game. It didn’t finish talking since Damien is totally freaking out that he couldn’t accept as to why the god of Hallelujah, whom he loves, turns out to look super ugly like that. The bunny thanks him for loving it. It tells Damien that the AI won’t tell it on how to make the program better. The discussion became intense hot and then.. The bunny laughs and says that Damien is too naive in his way of thinking. Damien angrily shouts what does it knows. The bunny then says that they are going to put each other’s DNA at stake in a duel. Damien doesn’t know what a duel is so the bunny tells him that it is an Italian word for battle which is popular in her school before. Damien exclaims why they are going to use that to bet when it is a something hidden and private for a person. He shouts that the bunny doesn’t understand things and is it a pervert. The bunny taunts him if he is afraid of losing and he has no confidence. It tells him that if he admits defeat then it will forgive him but he’s pitiful. Angered, Damien dares it to try and take all of his DNA data. He shows his DNA and exclaims that if he wins, he’ll be the new ‘god’ of Hallelujah. The bunny turns into a cute girl with two loop ponytails and in a goddess-type dress [<- like a celestial maiden]. Holding her DNA around her, she says that this is her, Mamahara Kurumi*, DNA and this is the first time she has shown this [form/DNA?] to anyone. [*In this chapter, it is written as Miruku then in the latter chapters, it is Kurumi. Maybe it is a typo or something that is corrected later on so I’ll go with Kurumi here, in order not to be confused with Miruku.] While Damien wonders if this is the god’s true appearance, Miruku summons her miracle god’s hammer and splats Damien. So, Kurumi says that in accordance to their deal, she’ll take his DNA and if he ever does bad things within Hallelujah, she would disperse this [either the DNA or news that he was defeated?] throughout the net. And, she had fun talking with him since it is rare to met someone whom she can talk about the same subject, she will always come to observe him. Damien sweatdrops in disbelief over this and is shock that she is going to drop his level to 1 as punishment.

Later on, that observing she mentioned turns out to be everyday visits to Damien’s house. Damien shouts that she’s annoying. While sitting on a reclining chair, Kurumi orders a cold lemonade drink with lots of honey from Michael. Damien can only helplessly shout at Michael not to entertain Kurumi. Kurumi would randomly come, say some random things and randomly just disappear. During that period of time, Damien gradually learns that apparently Mamahara Kurumi is her real name, she’s generally a Japanese and they are roughly of the same age but no matter how he searched, he cannot find her [in real life]. Could she be cleverly hiding or.. Soon, ten years had passed. That day, something has changed. Kurumi is dressed in a plain dress. Damien asks if she isn’t going to do a strange cosplay anymore. Kurumi says that she does this sometimes and doesn’t it suit her. Damien says that it is ordinary but to his irritation, Michael says that it really suits Kurumi. Of course, Kurumi says that Michael has a good eye while Damien is disappointing. Kurumi tells Damien that it seems he also made Michael a body in real life. Posing, Damien admits it and it is a top government secret = highly classified human android. Damien is surprised when Kurumi asks if next time, she can go see [it/him]. Damien realizes that she meant about seeing each other in real life. He realizes that something is up so he asks her what had happened. Kurumi says that she is going to unravel the world’s secret. Damien exclaims if she is doing some sort of important search. Smiling Kurumi says that she only wants to tell him she is going to put it in a secret box. “The key is a miniature me.. ♡” End -> Damien’s side of the story. Back to the main original timeline, Michael is driving a car fast. Seating at the back, Damien is holding sleeping Miruku. Damien asks if they are being followed. Michael says that they weren’t for Mei and the butlers are all focused in the duel against Tou-sama. Right now, their existence is free from anyone or any organization. Damien says that he did a good job in putting that virus in the academy’s system. Remembering what Kurumi told him about finding the miniature her, Damien holds sleeping Miruku’s face and thinks, “I already got the key. Come, tell me the secret of this world, Kurumi.”

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