June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 22]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 31, 2010

Narration: “From the start, two parts of my heart has always been fighting.” An infuriated Anna shouts, “What the-- I've already apologized so many times so you shouldn’t be having that kind of attitude anymore, right?! Geez, I don’t know anymore. I’m going home!!” The other Anna holds back infuriated Anna who is shouting for the other to let her go. The other exclaims, “You cannot not! Let me tell you again, from the very start, I’m the one who hurt Sou, right?! In order for us to make up, I should express more sincerity.” Infuriated Anna shouts, “Other than apologizing, what else is there to express sincerity?!” The other Anna shouts back, “That’s right but on the other hand, I cannot be angry!!” Narration: “I’m almost already at my limit.” At the theater, Sou tells the others that it is at theater 4 and they still have some time before it starts. “Do you guys want something to drink? I’ll go buy it. Ayane, what do you want to drink?” Anna sweatdrops because in the end, they are indeed going to watch a Pokemon movie. Aya says that she wants iced tea. She asks what Hinata wants. Hinata tells her that he’ll check the menu before deciding since he doesn’t know what is available. Aya then asks what about Anna. Surprised, Anna says, “Ah-that, I want..” Sou turns around and says, “There’s no need for that person at the side.” The girls look gloomy as Sou walks away while Hinata follows him while looking at the girls. Anna thinks, “What.. Even if I’m the one who’s wrong but that attitude.. That kind of attitude..” Aya is surprised to see that Anna is already crying. While wiping her eyes, Anna thinks, “It’s already enough. I do not know what I ought to do anymore. Even if I had become a high school student, I still haven’t totally changed. I’m still the same as one year ago. I cannot immediately see the surroundings [/things] clearly then after I’ve done it, is only the time when I would regret it. Sou already hates [me]. This time, I’m really hated by him.” Aya thinks that it isn’t good for Anna to be there so she quickly leads Anna to the toilet. Hinata is watching them..seems a bit concerned with Anna.

In the toilet, Aya lends her mascara to Anna since Anna’s has already smeared. Anna thanks her. While blushing really red from embarrassment, Anna wonders why she cried. Aya sighs and comments that it is really difficult when Sou is bullying the person he likes especially since from the start, Sou obviously likes Anna from the bottom of his heart. “Until now, I can still remember it. What he told me after I’ve confessed.” Flashback: In school, Sou looked away while telling Aya, “I also feel that it is good if I can like you. Right now, even if I like someone else, if that is okay with you, I will do my best in making you first place [in my heart].” Aya asked him what about the person he likes. Sou told her, “I don’t plan on telling that person. I won’t, throughout my life.” End flashback. Aya tells Anna, “At first, I was thinking, ‘I’m going to do my best in order for me to be the one whom he’ll love most’ but on the way there, I’ve given up. Because all of Sou’s actions feels like it’s connected to his ‘I’ll always stay by Anna’s side’ feelings. He’s afraid of ruining things that it is why he couldn’t say it. Sou really likes you, Anna.” Soon, the girls go back to where the guys who were holding their drinks. Sou angrily complains what took them so long in the toilet. He then gives apologetic Aya her drink. Sou says that they can go in the theater now. Anna looks drained-tired. To her surprise, Hinata gives her a drink. Anna thanks him and asks if he is the one who bought it for her. Hinata tells her that it wasn’t him, he wasn’t the one who bought it. He then points to the direction of Sou. Anna looks surprised over this as she looks at Sou and Aya who are walking ahead. Aya asks Sou if he would buy advance tickets every time. Sou tells her that he would only do it for Pokemon.

In the theater, the dialogue is, “Pikachu, use 10,000 volts!!” “Pi--ka" Whoever is zapped scream, “Ahahaha--” The foursome who were watching are sitting in this order from right to left: Hinata, Sou, Aya and Anna. Anna takes a sip from her drink. She looks surprised that it is Calpis [Japanese uncarbonated soft drink (source: wiki)]. She wonders how Sou knew that is what she wanted to drink. She sadly thinks that the way Sou said it was as if he won’t help her in buying a drink. “He looks as if he’ll easily get angry. During critical [/important] times, I don’t know what he is thinking about. Sou really.. Sou, he..” Anna remembers all the times the times she’s with Sou when he always cheer her up, etc. Anna sadly closes her eyes and thinks, “I should properly apologize again one more time.” After the movie ended, Anna calls out to Sou. While still holding the plastic cup, Anna says, “That..about this..thank you for the Calpis... (Ah, what is this. After becoming serious, my voice is very strange. What’s up with me..) About..that.. *teary-eyed* I’m really sorry..” Sou scowls with that expression of ‘cannot bear Anna looking like that’. To Anna’s surprise, Sou takes the plastic cup from her and shouts for her not to cry and after drinking it, she should throw it away. “It’s already – enough. I just viciously bully you a bit to release my temper. And if we quarrel, I would get scolded by Hinata again.” He looks at the plastic cup then sighs. Sou looks at Anna and says, “Hinata said that he’ll come back on GW.” [GW = Golden Week from April 29th to May 5th.] Anna looks surprised by this. She brightens up and exclaims, “Is it true?” Sou says that it is. She asks, “Isn’t GW your birthday!!” Sou says ya. Anna exclaims that’s great and she’s really happy about it. Sou tells her that her mascara is running. Anna quickly runs off to the toilet to wash it off. Aya looks happy about this while Hinata’s expression isn’t shown. Aya happily tells Sou that it’s great that they had made up. She then looks surprised when Sou looks downcast.

In the toilet, Anna washes her eyes in the sink and thinks that she should have used water-proof mascara. She then hears someone shouting that there is no toilet paper in the cubicle that she is in, so can the person outside please throw her a toilet paper. Anna exclaims okay as she frantically thinks that this is a big deal and where would she get a toilet paper. She then thinks that she can just use the toilet paper in the other cubicle. Anna calls for the girl to wait then tells the girl that she’s going to throw in the toilet paper inside. The girl apologizes for the trouble. Soon, the toilet is flushed and the girl comes out exclaiming her thanks to Anna for if there is no one there then it’s really tragic. Anna looks surprised at the girl because it is Nanoka. Nanoka’s eyes widen in shock upon seeing that it is Anna. She quickly puts on her hat and glasses. Pointing at Nanoka, Anna exclaims that she is wearing glasses and a hat so could it be that Nanoka is putting on a disguise. “Were you always been following us?!” Nanoka looks tense as she is caught. Holding down her hat, Nanoka tensely says that it is because Aya said that she will really go out on a date with Nagase-chan. “If those two really become like how they were before then what should I do. I’m so worried that I cannot sit still ~~~~(cry) I don’t want that. Wah.. And, Aya-chan treated me quite coldly from then on. I had simply dug my own grave. Anna, you’re also angry at me, right..*teary-eyed* I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” Anna thinks that Nanoka isn’t really good nor bad at all. She’s really straight-forward, bull-headed, act willfully and cause trouble, and at times, one cannot keep up with her. “But why is it that I cannot bring myself to hate her.” Anna smiles and says that it is okay since she has already made up with Sou. Nanoka happily exclaims Anna’s name. Anna says that but it seems that she has been forgiven about that lie. [<- not too sure on this] Nanoka happily says ya. Nanoka happily does a pinkie promise with Anna wherein if someone lies, one’s tongue will be prick by needles. Anna tells her that right now, Sou and Aya are there so Nanoka ought to go and apologize so that everything will be okay. Anna is surprised when Nanoka screams in horror. She tensely says that she cannot do it because this is the first time that Aya got angry and Aya will absolutely not forgive her. Anna tries to protest but Nanoka tells her that she knows why she hates Sou and it is good intention that turned into malice. “Aya-chan won’t depend on me anymore. About Aya-chan, her parents’ relationship isn’t that good. Before, I would always hear the sounds of quarrelling from Aya-chan’s place. I would also hear Aya-chan crying.”

Flashback: Aya apologized to Nanoka for always disturbing the neighborhood. Nanoka told her that it doesn’t matter to her since she’s used to it. End flashback. “Towards anyone, Aya doesn’t say anything about it but Nagase-kun is different.” Flashback: In the classroom, Sou asked if it is starting from today on but even if it is okay but then, it’s already past 8 o’clock. “Don’t you want to go home?” Aya told him that it is okay for she doesn’t want to stay at home. “We can go anywhere, just bring me along.” Nanoka looked surprised at the two talking. End flashback. Nanoka tearfully tells Anna that is why she’s so frustrated and envious of Sou. “I also had a deep hate towards him. He’s so cunning.” Anna just says is that so. Nanoka is shock when Anna asks her that shouldn’t she be telling that to Aya. Nanoka exclaims won’t that be troublesome. Anna sheepishly smiles and asks, “Would it? If like this you would tell me how valued I am then I’ll really feel happy about it.” Soon, the other three look surprised to see Nanoka standing timidly behind Anna. Aya exclaims Nanoka’s name. Anna nervously tells them that she met Nanoka at the toilet and just now, it seems that she has something that she wants to tell Aya and Sou. Nanoka looks tense then she says, “That..that time.. *bows to them* I selfishly acted and caused trouble to everyone. I’m truly and very sorry!!” Anna smiles over this. Aya is touched while Hinata looks weird out. A note seems to say that is how they are moved by their childhood friend’s apology. To Nanoka’s shock, Sou comments that it is really troublesome. “But, I don’t hate someone like who whose preference is really obvious.” [<- I think if it is obvious if Nanoka likes or hates a person.] Still shock, Nanoka mutters her thanks. Aya remembers Nanoka’s outburst that she doesn’t tell Nanoka anything. Aya then apologizes to Nanoka, too. She smiles and says, “Let’s go. There are still a lot of things that I want to tell you.” Nanoka happily smiles and says okay. The three childhood friends bid the two their goodbyes and see them tomorrow. While walking home, Anna exclaims her relief that incident is finally over. While Sou looks somewhat downcast-thoughtful, Anna exclaims that Hinata is calling. “Moshi-moshi--” [<- Hello] While on her cellphone, Anna tensely says, “Ah, ya..it is as you thought, I had a fight with Sou at that time but we have already made up. *happy* I’ll wait for you on GW.” Flashback: Aya tensely asked Sou why he had that kind of scary expression since obviously, it wasn’t easy for them to make up. Sou replied, “It is okay for things to be TEMPORARILY like this. For the time being, before Hinata comes back, I’ll properly get along [with her].” 

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