June 14, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 79]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 13, 2011

Just when Mioko is about to strangle Kyousuke, she stops and remembers the time when she first met him. Then, the time he said that he won’t accept her marrying someone else and they elope together. Mioko starts crying then, to her surprise, Kyousuke touches her hand. He tells her to do it. This shocks Mioko. Kyousuke laughs and says that he didn’t think that she would actually do this. “I’ve really belittle you. ..but, even if you, also have a lot of things that are valuable [to you]. But I don’t have anything.. if you ask me, life is always this boring. But, I would want to change this boring world with Ritsu though in that thing, itself, I also don’t have such attachments. *closes eyes* It doesn’t matter when I die.” Mioko looks at him then quickly takes her hands off him. Kyosuke asks her what, she let go already. “Too bad, I thought it would be quite interesting to hear about a rich lady killing her husband.” Mioko looks at him and asks, “Kyousuke-kun, are you that lonely.. Up to now, you haven’t had anything happy [happened to you/experienced]?” Kyousuke turns to the side and asks her if she is sympathizing with him. “That is a meaningless thing. I’m going to sleep.” Kyousuke is surprised when Mioko tells him that she is very happy while she is with him. “I was so happy that I cried when you said, ‘Be with me’ because a wish that cannot be realized has come true.” After a pause, without looking at her, Kyousuke says that is just to deceive her. Mioko says that even if it is so, he gave her a happy feeling. She cries and adds, “From today on, I also want to continue on staying by your side.” This surprises Kyousuke. Irritated Kyousuke sits up and shouts her that she is annoying to death. “You’re such a slow-witted ojousama! Relax, I haven’t plan on parting with you. But, you should also not count on getting that kind of feeling from me!” Mioko just looks at him as Kyousuke lies down on the bed and sleeps, facing away from her. Mioko wipes her tears and opens her handkerchief which contains a wedding ring. She puts the wedding ring back on her finger then she looks determined. Then, she clasps both hands together.

Meanwhile, Ritsuki dreams of when he is young. He felt hot, unwell and in pain. He called out who would come and save him. Some kids were looking down on him. A boy exclaimed that he is very filthy and he’s only skin and bones. Another one shouted that it cannot be helped and who told him to be poor. The third boy told the others not to care about him [Ritsuki] since his mother said not to go near him because his family is morally bad, and outside, it is called a ‘scandal’. Then, young Ritsuki heard someone calling him. It is his mother. He told her no, [do not come near] else she’ll also get sick. “If you don’t properly rest..” His mother touched his face and apologized to him. She hugged him tight and kept on apologizing. “Sorry.. for bringing you into this world, I’m really sorry..” End Dream. Ritsuki immediately sits up in surprise. Holding his head, he mutters that it was a dream and he fell asleep. While he is complaining of his headache, Ritsuki looks at the side and sees Towako sleeping at the side bed. Ritsuki is totally puzzled then he notices a handkerchief by the bed. Flustered Ritsuki looks at Towako and holds out his hand to touch her. Then, it is 5am. Towako promptly wakes up and looks up. It surprises Ritsuki that he blushes really red. Ritsuki quickly backs away from her. Towako says that it is already morning and she fell asleep there. She asks him if he is okay. Ritsuki is blushing really red and looks nervous. Towako says that his face is really red so it seems that the fever hasn’t subsided. “If you don’t properly rest..” Ritsuki quickly hides underneath the blanket and shouts that she’s noisy to death. “What... what are you doing! What happen to the ropes?!” Towako pouts for calling her noisy but then, forget it. She tells him that she had unbound herself from the ropes. Ritsuki shouts why she didn’t escape. Towako says that of course because she took care of him. This surprises Ritsuki. Towako sweatdrops and thinks that actually, she planned to escape but the door won’t open since a password is needed. She cannot escape through the window for if she went out, she’ll be dead. Her cellphone is also in the safe deposit box which also needs a password. Flustered Ritsuki tells her that he would just let his fever run its course [/let it be]. “Didn’t you think of it? If I died, the plan would have ended. The Godaimeika would have been restored back [to its original state]. Or maybe, you plan to reform me?”
Shaking in anger, Towako asks what he is talking about. Towako angrily tosses him out of the bed and shouts, “What do you mean by what you’ve just said--! *Ritsuki is sweatdropping while sitting at the side of the floor* I didn’t think that much! For a person who is self-centered and awful like you, I also thought of leaving you and just quickly go home! But! But.. for my eyes to see you in pain, my mind came out with, ‘It is necessary that I help him’ ‘I want to help him’ kind of thoughts. Isn’t it very strange!?” Ritsuki blushes and looks at angry Towako in surprise. Then, Towako realizes something. Ritsuki is speechless when Towako says that is enough and starts fixing his bed. She apologizes for messing up his bed. While Ritsuki is sitting on the bed, Towako tells him that she is going to prepare some hot water so he should properly lie down [and rest]. She also reminds him to put that [wet] handkerchief on his forehead. Blushing Ritsuki just looks at her as she leaves. Then, some ‘beep beep’ sound can be heard. Ritsuki had opened the safety deposit box. He takes out his cellphone. While lying on bed and holding the handkerchief on his head, Ritsuki calls Kyousuke and apologizes [for not calling] since he had fallen asleep. While saying ‘ya ya’ to Kyousuke, Ritsuki somewhat smiles upon hearing Towako shouting in surprise [‘ah~~ ah!’] over some things. Ritsuki remembers all the past scenes with Towako. He says, “Kyousuke, I’m a bit angry and also I’m a bit worried. Perhaps, that girl is right, what she said is correct. The reason why it stayed in my mind is perhaps because that girl said my innermost thoughts [/feelings] *He remembers Towako saying that she wants to help him. Ritsuki smiles.* --Kyousuke, I..perhaps, have fallen for that girl.” Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Towako is in a pinch because she couldn’t find any ingredients and there are only frozen food which she doesn’t know how to cook.

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