June 13, 2011

Mishounen Produce [Chapters 9-12]

[This series is dropped because ankemaybe took over the summaries.]

Chapter 9: In her apartment, Kako wakes up from the alarm of her clock. She goes into surprise upon seeing Kosei in his school uniform, lying beside her and greeting her a good morning. *Slap* After a brief flashback scene of the time when the two are curious about convenient stores <- childhood friend narration, blushing Kako exclaims why he is there. With a slap mark on his face, Kosei just comments that her hand still hits its mark. Kosei asks why she is so angry when he specially came to visit her. Kako pulls open the curtains and shows Kosei that her place is crawling with paparazzi. To Kako’s shock, Kosei admits that he is followed when he left the performing arts section’s dorm but he loses them by climbing up the tree. Kako explains this is the reason why the performing arts section has their own dorm in order to minimize the intrusion of the paparazzi and to protect the student celebrities. Kako lectures Kosei that they have to hide their ‘country/provincial’ nature and Kosei cannot just easily go outside. Kako laments about what if the paparazzi starts writing about Kosei spending the night with his lover. Kosei then asks her, “..lover? You mean me and you?” Kako promptly falls down on the floor from the bed. Kosei asks what’s with her. Blushing Kako says that it is nothing. Kosei looks a bit worried since Kako is conscious if she is too near him but he quickly goes into cheerful mode and opens the door that they ought to cheerfully go to school. Kako freaks out since she just lectured him. While pushing him back in, she notices that there are a lot of boxes at her next door neighbor. Thinking that Kako has a new neighbor, someone they knew comes out of the door with a ‘gift’ for neighbors. In Kako’s classroom, the girls go crazy over the new transfer student, Minase Roy. Later on, Kako asks Roy why he moved. Roy says that there are many questions he wanted to ask her and it is so much fun just watching the two of them [K&K], so how can he just let them be. While Kako nervously wonder what Roy just implied, Kosei in nerd get-up says that Roy is really cute to chase after them but he finds it strange that Roy is Kako’s neighbor. Roy just tells Kosei that there is a rule for people from the performance arts wherein they cannot go there. Kosei just says that no matter what, he wanted to see him [Roy] and there’s definitely something strange for him to stay in the same place as Kako’s. Roy claims that it is a coincidence and asks what’s with that get up of Kosei when he is already an artist/actor and he would even do that scene – that kissing scene. Kako immediately blushes and says that it is late so they should go home. Roy asks why she is blushing. Kako ignores him as she keeps on talking about the many things that she has to do. Kosei just looks at her as Kako thinks that she cannot calm down upon thinking of that when it is obviously just kiss at work. Kako bids Kosei goodbye and tells him to just go to his dorm and not carelessly go out. He ought to restrain himself when he sees a frog, too. Roy says that he is also going home.

Kosei is surprised when Kako says that she and Roy go home together. Roy then asks about a convenient store nearby. Kako exclaims if Roy is joking with her since there is no such thing as a 24 hour convenient store. Kosei finally can no longer let things be as he kicks Roy away and says that they should check this legendary convenient store and surely, it will be fun. “I’m going, too!” K&K go to see Masaki and Akira in the library to ask them how to evade the paparazzi. Masaki tells them that it has to be a thorough disguise. Kako is all ready to take notes on how to do it but it seems that her sempai-s are just fooling around with them or Masaki has a weird side because he suggests pretending to be from a different era like the sengoku era or pretend to be Shinsengumi and if it is about the present age, how about different occupations like military personnel, police or doctor. It turns out that Masaki is implying for them to cosplay. In the end, Kosei decided to cosplay as a punk but the paparazzi immediately recognized him. Kosei decides to take Kako with him while running away from the paparazzi. The paparazzi chase after the two thinking that Kako is Kosei’s girlfriend. Kako starts to blush since they are holding hands. She quickly tells him to let go because if they are like that, it will be a scandal and it will affect his image. Kosei ignores her but he sees a paparazzi in front so he quickly pulls her to the corner. He asks isn’t this good for the one in the scandal is him and isn’t she satisfied with that. [= meaning it is him and not some other guy in the news with her] Blushing at how handsome her childhood friend is, Kako tries to say that isn’t the problem. Finally, the paparazzi catch up with them and ask Kosei if that girl is his girlfriend. Kako doesn’t want him to be caught up in a scandal and she is after all responsible that he got in that position [being a celebrity, I assume]. They ask if she is really just a producer. Kako asks them if they actually think that an idol from Horiokoshi Academy would go for an old fashion girl like her. They think that it is true. Then, they caught news of some other celebrity dating by the seaside. The fickle paparazzi quickly left. Kosei says that it seems they won’t get into a love scandal. Blushing Kako just says that she won’t let those guys do that. She thinks that no matter what she is feeling, she cannot keep calm nor know what it actually means. The next day, while going out of her apartment, Kako decides to lecture Kosei again to be careful. At the hallway, she meets with Roy who tells her that they have a new neighbor. Of course, that is none other but Kosei in nerd outfit. =P

Chapter 10: Kako has prepared the outfit and the food for the celebration tomorrow..it has been around 10 years already. Kosei is very happy to be invited to eat dinner but his happiness is short-lived because apparently, Roy is also invited. While the two guys argue, Kako thinks that they are getting along with each other. When Kako is washing dishes, Kosei tells her not to casually invite other guys in her house. Kako says that he is also a guy. Kosei leans on her back and says that he minds since he isn’t the same as that guy. Blushing a bit and putting soap on Kosei’s nose, Kako tells him that he is too idle so why don’t he wash the dishes. Kako did this because lately, she has been uneasy when Kosei is too close to her. She goes out to the living room and invites Roy to dinner with them tomorrow and it is a special day. While playing with the frog, Roy accepts the invitation. Kako happily says that it is the first time that there will be someone other than her and Kosei celebrating. Roy asks what’s with tomorrow that she is really happy about. Kosei comes out from the kitchen and tells Kako that he was told by Kazuma that he has work tomorrow. It is an outdoor shoot and the site is quite far so it might take the whole day. Kako is shock to learn that it will take the whole day. Kosei says that he’ll take a leave from school but it seems that Kako cannot do that so he’ll go alone. Kako just puts on her happy face and tells him that it is okay for it is good to have a photo shoot outdoors..do your best. In class, Kako is spacing out that Roy has to shout in her ears as to what’s special about today. Fired up, Kako tells him that it is the anniversary of the first day when Kosei acted as Lawrence..it is Lawrence and Rose day. To her shock, Roy sighs and says that it is a boring day. Kako explains how that day is brought about. Flashback: Young K&K are playing around by swinging on a vine and jumping down to the leaf-covered ground. Kosei asked why she is always holding that manga. Kako sadly asked if he is going to laugh at her about it being about a gaudy guy named Lawrence. Kako said that it is okay if others won’t understand. Kosei offered to hold the manga for her so that she can jump again and not get it dirty. Kosei looked at the manga. Kako swing and fell down but instead of leaves, there are white flowers. Then, Kosei narrated some lines from the manga. Kako is excited that he is Lawrence. Kosei said that he is just acting it out. So, from that day on, they celebrated that day wherein she’ll bake a cake and Kosei will pretend to be Lawrence with matching outfit that Kako made. End flashback. Looking at the album, Kako says that is how they celebrate Lawrence and Rose day. Putting on a smile, Kako tells him that it is suspended for today since as a producer, she didn’t anticipate that Kosei might have work on that day so she apologizes to Roy for inviting him yet it cannot be held.

At home, Kako kept on unconsciously preparing things what she usually does on that day. She ended up designing a corner with curtains and a vase of roses. She made lots of food. Looking at the album, she is conflicted about waiting for Kosei to come and have him for herself to celebrate the day or for the other girls to be happy over his work. The door bell rings. She happily opens it but to her disappointment, it is just Roy. She asks him what it is. Roy says that he has seen the frog with a letter nearby. He tells them to get a cellphone already. Kako is sad when she learns from Kosei’s letter that the shooting is taking too long and he fears that he might pass the night there. Kako says that it is amazing for it is the first time Kosei will pass the night elsewhere. Kako pretends to be okay and just invites Roy for dinner since she made a lot of food. Trying to cheer her up, Roy puts on the Lawrence costume and says that she did say that he looked like Lawrence before at school. He says that since he is now Lawrence, shouldn’t it be Lawrence and Rose day now. Kako thanks him but she says that it isn’t the same. She thinks that today is the day when Kosei played that with her and how Kosei expanded her world. Kako tells Roy that this isn’t something that she’ll be happy just because someone pretends to be Lawrence because if it isn’t Kosei, it won’t do. She thinks that after all, today is the day of thanking Kosei, for being by her side. Kako is surprised when suddenly someone throws flowers at her. It is Kosei who takes the costume from Roy. He tells Kako that those flowers are from the photo shoot and it is his gift for her. “Does it match your taste?” <- line he used the first time he pretended to be Lawrence. Kako says that she thought he has forgotten. Kosei asks how he can forget when it is the day of the year when her smile is most brilliant. Kosei is surprised when Kako hugs him and says that he’s back. Kako then asks if he is hungry for she has made a lot of food. To Kosei’s irritation, Roy tells Kako that he wants a huge serving. Kosei pushes Roy away and says that he wants a special huge serving for all of that is supposed to be his. Thus, Kako has become aware that Kosei gradually not just exist for her alone and she finds this painful.

Chapter 11: In school, Kako had just met with Kosei and Kosei is going back to his section. After Kosei transformed from nerd to good looking student, Kako hides by some bushes to see him off when she notices a girl with freckles and hair bangs on her face is facing Kosei. The girl is wearing a different school uniform. The freckled girl says that she has been looking for Kosei and he is handsomer than in the magazine. She asks to shake his hand. Kosei glances at Kako who is hiding and it seems that she gives it a nod since she thinks that the girl is Kosei’s fan. When Kosei reaches out his hand for the hand shake, the freckled girl quickly handcuffs him. Kosei asks what bad deed he has done. She then shows him a picture of the scene when he kissed Kako in the drama. At the building above, Masaki is walking together with Akira in the hallway above when he spots Kosei down below being handcuff by a girl. Masaki quickly looks out the window and urges Akira to look, too because it seems interesting. Back below, freckled girl asks Kosei who that girl is. Kosei tells her to just look at the credits as to who played Yugao. To K&K’s surprise, freckled girl exclaims that it isn’t the same girl because that girl’s hand’s skin, hair and body shape isn’t the same with the actress who played Yugao. Crumpling the picture, the freckled girl shouts that the one he kissed is this girl. Akira says that it seems that freckled girl is looking for the one whom Kosei kissed at the scene and the truth is, he didn’t see that girl anymore. He asks Masaki if he brought that girl and who she is. Masaki just smiles and muses about only he and Kosei knows the identity of that girl. The freckled girl tells Kosei that she knows that it is work but no matter what, she has to see this girl. Freckled girl gets a bit rough that she pulls the handcuffs chain and it somewhat hit Kosei’s face. Kako is about to go out but Kosei motions for her to stop. Kosei tells the freckled girl that he cannot tell her who that girl is nor let her come out in front of her [freckled girl] no matter what she does. The crazy fan kept on insisting about it that Kako decides to use some inspiration from her manga. She gives Kosei tips on how to deal with the crazy fan – 2 parts prince-ly and 8 parts sexy. Kosei smiles and mutters, “—understood, my producer--” Kosei pulls the freckled girl to him and asks if she is jealous over the kiss. Kosei flirts with the freckled girl that she has become weak on her knees.

The freckled girl won’t give up that to everyone’s surprise, she takes a book/album to hit Kosei but, Kako without glasses comes out and blocks her. Kako tells the girl not to come near Kosei again for the showbiz world is all about selling dreams and even if it is something that made freckled girl happy, it isn’t something that she can just go into. Kako says that the one whom she is looking for is her so if she has any problems, freckled girl should just take it with her as Kosei’s producer. Kosei is surprised that Kako came out and the freckled girl is surprised that she is a producer so no wonder she couldn’t find her. Pictures are flying from the freckled girl’s book. Kako takes some and is surprised that they are filled with female idols. To K&K’s shock, that freckled girl turns out to be not interested in guys, she is interested in cute girls. She holds Kako’s hand and asks for her name, interests, picture and remembrance like an autograph. Kako nervously asks if she isn’t Kosei’s fan. The girl says that guys are eyesores who play around with pure girls like kissing then claiming it is work. Kosei whispers to Kako that he felt that freckled girl is dangerous so Kako shouldn’t go near her. Kako is surprised when the freckled girl starts saying that Kako is her ideal and unlike her, she’s not cute. Kako borrows Kosei’s elastic band and helps the freckled girl become cute by pulling up her bangs into a pony tail. Kako happily tells her that she can also be cute like that. Just then, the security guards finally catch the freckled girl. It turns out that Akira has called for them. He tells Masaki that is enough watching, they should leave. As the freckled girl leaves with the guards, she thanks Kako. Kako is happy that unlike before, the freckled girl gives a different impression. Kosei says that Kako only really understands other people. Using the chain of the handcuffs, Kosei pulls her to him. Kako asks why he is angry. Kosei angrily says, “..absolutely do not become my scapegoat again. Would Lawrence be happy if Princess Anna protects him?” This surprises Kako as she says that she thinks that if it is Lawrence, he would want to protect himself. Kosei leans toward blushing Kako and says, “That’s right.” Kosei gives Kako her glasses back. Kako thinks that even so, she doesn’t think that she suits to be Princess Anna. From the window, Masaki stands up straight and says, “So that’s how it is.” Akira who is walking away asks Masaki what it is, it’s already over so they ought to go already. Masaki laughs and says he knows. Looking one last glance at K&K, Masaki says, “..actually, those kind of girls aren’t few. ..it’s someone’s secret princess and that what’s makes her a bit more beautiful. Not letting anyone know of her true appearance, do you wanted her to be tied up only to your side? Such a headstrong wish. [If it is so, she’s] very pitiful..Yagami Kosei.”

Chapter 12: Some other day after school dismissal, Kako gets ready to meet up with Kosei who has a photo shoot at Jumon. In the building, girls are looking awed as Masaki walks through the corridor. He goes to the window in Kako’s classroom. With a smile, Masaki says, “Kahara-chan, there’s something I want to talk with you.” At some secluded place in school, Kako is exclaiming why Masaki is in her section that he caused a ruckus in class. Masaki laughs and says that if he didn’t do that, he cannot get to her. While Kako is wondering why Masaki is looking for her, Masaki shows her an envelope and says that it is something regarding Kosei. “It’s because a photographer I know has seen Yagami in the streets..it seems that he has taken pictures of some very awful pictures. I’m also quite surprised that since I never thought that guy has that kind of side to him. If his fans see it, it will definitely ruin their illusion of him. About this thing, do you know about it?” Kako immediately think of Kosei’s ‘country boy’ side. Kako nervously denies it by saying that she doesn’t know what Masaki is saying. Still smiling, Masaki pulls a bit of the contents from the envelope and says, “Really? Then, I’ll just give these back to that photographer.” Kako immediately tries to take the envelope but Masaki is faster than her that he pulls it away. Masaki looks at nervous Kako since her body moved on its own. He then tells her that for her to aggressively do that, then there’s truth to it. Masaki asks if she wants to know what’s inside the envelope. “I don’t have any malicious intent. I only wanted to give this to you. Do not misunderstand but *holds Kako’s face* if you want this thing, there is a condition in exchange.” Kako closes her eyes but nothing happens. She opens them to see Masaki holding her hair and says, “Have a date with me.” Kako is puzzled and wonders what this is all about. At some place in the school, nerd look Kosei asks Kako what took her so long. Kosei notices something different from somewhat blushing Kako who tells him that there is just some urgent thing she attended to. Kako is wondering if Masaki is joking around about the date since he left right after saying that and says that he’ll contact her again. Kosei holds her hair and asks why it is all down. Kako wonders what Kosei would think if she told him about it. She suddenly screams in fright when something is vibrating in her skirt pocket. It is a cellphone. She wonders about it since she doesn’t have one. She reads the message on the phone. She thinks that she doesn’t know what’s inside the envelope but it is definite that Masaki is plotting something. Kosei is puzzled when Kako shouts for him to go home on his own. Kako then runs off. The message on the cellphone is, “After class, at the Central Station near the west ticket gate.”

At that place, Kako holds out the cellphone to Masaki who is waiting for her. Masaki is sitting by the bench and carrying the envelope. She asks if he was the one who sent that message. “I’m giving this back to you. When did you put this thing..” Masaki just says, “Eh? It’s obviously a date yet you are still wearing your uniform.” Masaki has changed to casual clothes with sunglasses. Kako protests that this isn’t a date and she doesn’t recognize it as one. Masaki ignores her and keeps on walking. Kako continues to shout that she only wants to confirm the contents of the envelope and return the cellphone. Masaki tells Kako to keep the cellphone since she doesn’t have one and it is already been paid for. “Anyway, even if you don’t want it, I’ll give it to you.” Kako then overhears some girls talking if that guy over there is Tomoe Masaki since it looks like him but then that is impossible for how could he be with that old fashioned looking girl. Kako is shock by that then thinks that she already knows that but.. Kako tensely tells Masaki that like this, does he plan to give her trouble because he sees her and Kosei as enemies. Masaki didn’t reply. The scene changes to someone trying to take Kako’s uniform off. Kako shouts what that person is doing. Masaki says, “Didn’t I say it already? Just do as I told you and let me see.” Kako shouts, “So I’ve said..To..Tomoe-sempai, who are these people--” It turns out that Kako is being forcibly dressed up by some saleslady in the dressing room. Masaki is sitting outside. He tells her that he has a good model-designer relationship with this shop. Masaki tells the salesladies to thoroughly give Kako nice clothes, hairstyle, make-up and accessories. [= makeover] Addressing Kako, Masaki says, “..let me say, before you said that I look at Kosei as an enemy. Actually, I’m concerned about that guy. According to my awareness of this showbiz world, if he seriously practice, he’ll definitely be able to chase [after me] to the point of possibly becoming my competing rival.” While thinking over what Masaki just said, prettied-up Kako pulls over the curtains and quickly grabs the envelope beside Masaki. Kako says that can also mean that Masaki wanted to give Kosei extra pressure and thus he’ll be strangled at the cradle [early demise]. “That is your plan, right?! You are too narrow-minded, Tomoe-sempai! I was wrong about you!! In short! *Masaki just looks at her* I’m taking this envelope so that you won’t be able to threaten Kosei..*puzzled*..these are..just white sheets of paper?” Masaki smiles and says, “Ah-ah, I have been exposed. Sorry, sorry, from the very start, there were no photographs at all. This is just a lie in order to date you. If I didn’t do this, you won’t come.” Kako asks why he did such a thing. Masaki says, “Didn’t I just said it--? --I want to date you.” While walking home, Kosei notices that there is something vibrating in this bag. He opens his bag to see a cellphone in it. He wonders who could have put it in his bag. He looks at the message to see a picture of Masaki taking a picture of himself and Kako together using his [Masaki] cellphone.

At a crepe store near the park, Masaki buys Kako a strawberry-cream crepe for Kako. Removing his sunglasses, Masaki asks her what’s with that expression. Kako looks aghast and tense as she thanks him for the crepe. She tells him that she doesn’t know what kind of expression she ought to have. While they are walking, Kako continues, “Because just look. Every part of the streets, I can see sempai’s posters. That kind of person would suddenly come and date me? Dating me who doesn’t look good at all, it is but natural to feel odd about it.” Masaki takes a bite from her crepe and asks, “Could it be that you have this bad habit of belittling yourself? Such a waste.” Kako is nervous that she drops the crepe. She thinks that it is good that Kosei came from the province hasn’t been exposed but the mood has turned strange. Kako tells him that it can be a bad habit because since from the start, other people would always call her naive, ‘not pretty’ and ‘childish’. Masaki says, “..that is quite cruel (of that person)” This puzzles and surprises Kako because Kosei called her naive before. Her chest aches as she thinks that she is already used to this but hearing it lately, it causes her pain. Masaki removes her glasses and says, “Instead of him, let me tell you. You are truly charming.” Masaki looks at Kako then smiles. Kako thinks that the sun is going to set soon by the seaside park, in front of her is the guy whom everyone desired and in his low voice, he is saying such sweet words to her. Touching her face and holding her hair, Masaki says, “It seems that is not enough to make you believe me, right? It is alright, you’ll soon lose abandon reason.” Kako pushes him away and apologizes. With a partial smile, Kako says, “Because I’ve always look at Kosei by my side, so no matter what kind of good looking guy is in front of me, he won’t move me.” This surprises Masaki. [Hehe, ego took a beating =P]

Turning to leave, Kako bids Masaki goodbye and she’ll just pay him for the clothes later on. Masaki’s expression isn’t shown as he says, “For me to do it to that degree, most girls would have totally submitted. ..do you like that much? *holding surprised Kako’s hand* Do you like Yagami that much? *Kako blushes* That would still really makes one to have no choice but be angry.” They were suddenly being seperated apart by a sweaty and breathing hard Kosei who seems to have hastily wore his uniform since the necktie isn’t done well. Kako calls out to Kosei and asks why he is there. Holding a cellphone, Kosei says that should be his question. Masaki sees the cellphone that Kosei is holding then he smiles. To K&K’s surprise, Masaki says, “I’m really happy over the date today, Kahara-chan. I’ll be happier if we weren’t disturbed.” Kako protest that it isn’t a date. Masaki whispers to her, “We also have a secret between us.” Kako blushes really red as she realizes that it is about liking Kosei. Kosei still hasn’t move and he is obviously containing himself. As Masaki is about to leave, he says, “Then, I’ll send you a message again..next time, it will be a place where no one will disturb us.” Kako is tense about Masaki knowing about her feelings in her heart which she hasn’t totally worked out yet. She is startled when Kosei asks what this secret is all about. Kako says that it has nothing to do with Kosei. She fears about the secret being known by Kosei. She glances at Kosei who is looking at her. Kosei pushes her near a lamp post and starts going for her neck. Kako can only shout his name before Kosei breaks away with the ribbon with flower from her neck in his teeth. Looking at flustered Kako, Kosei angrily says, “..what kind of joke is this..do not wear this kind of thing..*throws away the ribbon* It is fine if you only have to always keep that naive part.” [= Ah..referring that he would prefer her to be clueless? Or look innocent?] Kako thinks, “That’s right..no matter how I look at him, for Kosei, I’m nothing more than a childhood friend so this kind of feeling should remain as a secret. This thing about liking Kosei.”

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