November 7, 2020

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 14]


It is raining hard outside. There is still no electricity. Ren is surprised and puzzled that Yusei is hugging her. Yusei apologizes for leaving her all alone. This made Ren’s heart beat fast.

She wonders what is’s Yusei is unexpectedly so nice... “Like [/love]... *holds on to Yusei tightly* it is already bubbling out. Couldn’t stop it... ” Yusei says that it seems that she is...a bit hot.

Ren says, “ ...I like you...” Yusei looks surprised. He slightly pulls away from her and says that it is ‘like’ towards friends right, and she told him that before. 

Still holding on to him, Ren says, no, it isn’t. “Before, I was just covering it up but actually, what that like means is love... I... I also want to date you, Yusei...”

Yusei looks tense and surprised. Ren wonders what kind of feelings he has for her. She feels weak and thinks that it is so dark that she couldn’t see his face. Yusei starts calling out to her and asks if she has a fever.

Later on, Yusei has put sleeping Ren on the bed. He sees her as the real Ren again. He slightly touches her hair. 
The next day, Ren wonders how did she sleep yesterday. “There’s a power failure-- Hidaka came home? I was hugged...?? *blushes and covers face* It seems that I even confessed to Hidaka!!?”

Yusei knocks on the door and says what, she’s awake. Ren screams in surprise. Yusei asks how is she feeling and is she still feverish. Ren thinks that she is feeling a bit better so she tells him that she’s alright now. Yusei darkly asks how come she hid from him that she isn’t feeling well.
Ren says ah, actually, it isn’t that bad for her to tell him about it, and it isn’t really good to wreck his birthday celebration for imouoto-- Yusei asks, ha? “Your body [/health] is more important.”

This made Ren blush then she sighs and says, “Ya, ya, it is because it is imouto’s body. Fine, I’m going to change clothes so go out!!” Yusei exclaims in disbelief that she’ll go to school. Holding a thermometer, Ren says anyway, she doesn’t have a fever anymore.
Ren thought, “That incident be simply a dream, right... *changes clothes* It is caused by the fever. About being hugged by Hidaka... That dream is really so beautiful-!!! No matter what, I want to have that dream one more time.”

At school, Ren sees Manami at the shoe lockers. She calls out to her but Manami immediately turned to leave. Ren wonders if Manami didn’t hear her and she wanted to ask her about the bracelet.
She messages Manami asking her bracelet back, and if they can meet at the courtyard in the afternoon. Ren sees that Manami read the messages but she isn’t replying back.

When she met Manami at the hallway, Ren calls out to her but she was always ignored. Frustrated Ren thinks, “About that, wait a minute!? Didn’t you promise to give back the bracelet-!!?”

In class 2-1, Ren peeks in the room and wonders if Manami is inside. She sees a girl teasing Yusei saying that if it is true that he and ‘Ren’ are a couple then how about they go on a double date with her boyfriend. Manami says that seems quite interesting.
Overhearing this, Ren becomes flusters since they looked very happy. She decides to give up and leave since she hasn’t heard about that kind of thing [double date?].

After she leaves, the girl calls out to Yusei and asks if he’s listening. Irritated Yusei asks ha then he refused to go on a double date by telling the girl to go on their own. The girl says that Yusei’s attitude is really bad.
Soon, it is dismissal time. The students are bidding their friends goodbye. Ren laments over not being able to get the bracelet back. “Will she give it back to me or not?”

Ren is surprised to see Yusei waiting by the side. She decides to ignore him and pass by him. Yusei calls out to her and asks how come she is deliberately pretending not to see him. Ren laughs it off by saying that he is waiting for ‘Yaotome Ren’ for a double date so she’ll go home alone and no need to worry about her.

Grabbing Ren’s arm, Yusei asks what nonsense is she talking about. “I was waiting for you.” Ren is surprised to see Yusei looking flustered that she asks, what... Yusei says okay, just come with him. Ren is confused.
Soon, they are at Harajuku station. Ren excitedly points to a store and asks about eating ice cream and anyway, it’s on the way. Yusei says that he knew she’ll be like that so they’ll have to line up.

Ren says that he really knows her. Soon, Ren is holding an ice cream cone with ‘love’ decoration on top. Ren tells him to look, isn’t it very cute and she’ll pay him later. Yusei says it is fine, no need for that.
Ren thinks that right now, it feels like...a date after school!!!? Ren happily laughs over this though. Yusei looks at her and sees the real Ren. He blushes a bit and smiles. He teasingly says that she just said what she’s thinking.

Ren freaks out over this that Yusei says he’s joking. Embarrassed Ren exclaims what is that about. He says, anyway, she must be thinking of something flowery. Following him, Ren says she is not. Ren wishes that this time now would forever stop.
Seeing a photo sticker booth, Ren exclaims that they take a picture together. Yusei has an aghast expression that Ren asks if he wants to take a picture with that kind of face. Ren pouts. Yusei sighs and gives in. He tells Ren okay, let’s go together. Ren exclaims if it is really okay.

She happily goes in the booth and says that she’ll stand on this side. Then, she sees the monitor and looks surprised. She has forgotten that she currently has imouto’s appearance when she obviously wanted to take a picture of her current state [/mood].
Yusei is puzzled when Ren laughs and says never mind, don’t take a picture anymore. Puzzled Yusei asks didn’t she want to take a picture. Ren says she wants to but her current appearance... Yusei says it’s okay, just take the picture.

The machine says to insert coin, okay, 4, 3... Ren tells him to wait. Yusei tells her to look at the camera. Yusei holds her pouting face to the camera. 2, 1. Click. Four pictures are shown of them arguing and the one wherein Yusei is holding her face.

Holding her face, Ren cannot believe that she didn’t properly took a picture. Yusei says that it is because she is talking nonsense. “Although you look like that right now, but Yaotome is Yaotome, right? It is okay to take a picture again after you go back to your original body-”
Drawing a flower on top of Ren’s picture, Yusei says see, with this you’re really like Yaotome. Ren angrily shouts what, flower!? “Then- Hidaka, I’ll also add something to yours.” Yusei exclaims what is she adding. Ren says, very terrible Hidaka.

The picture came out with Yusei having small demon horns with words ‘Brother Hidaka’ at the side. Ren exclaims that this is also quite funny but then, this Brother Hidaka is really so cute. Yusei says that he isn’t that terrible.
Ren thinks that even if she isn’t in her original appearance but she is still very happy. She happily tells Yusei that in the end, the picture is really nice. “Thank you, Hidaka.” Yusei says, that’s good. He blushes a bit.

Ren asks by the way, isn’t he going to bring her to some place. Yusei says no. Ren says didn’t he tell her to come with him. Yusei says so, right now, they are already doing it. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to go on a date with me?”
 This puzzles Ren then she remembers her outburst that night about wanting to go on a date with him. Blushing Ren covers her face and shouts in disbelief that it isn’t a dream!!? Yusei says that isn’t a dream. With a look of disbelief, Ren thinks, “No way...!? Then, Hidaka already knows of my feelings...”

She tensely asks how come he’ll date her...? Flustered Yusei holds his head and says, “—Darn, you won’t understand if I don’t say it, right? *pulls Ren to him* ...of course, it is because I like you, Yaotome.” Blushing Ren is surprised by the confession.

Comment: This is a pleasant surprise. Apparently, Yusei isn’t the clueless type who doesn’t know of his feelings for Ren. Maybe he already knew it but kept to himself since he doesn’t know how Ren thinks of him. After all, this happened after Ren confessed.

And, Manami isn’t going to return the bracelet to Ren. Hm...I do wonder if she will return it if things went smoothly on that birthday date. I would think that she might only return it if she finally got Hidaka to like her.

Hehe, Ren’s gut feel was right at first when she thought that they were on a date. Apparently, they are. I guess Yusei is the type who is embarrassed with this love-love stuff and hopes that Ren would just get it through his actions. After all, he let her do the stuff that she wants to do.

And, for him to always see Ren as her real self, it made me wonder if it is the same with Manami. He might be always seeing Manami as Manami so he is always treating her as his imouto. Ah, that is aside from how Manami behaves.

Anyway, we have progress. I guess they would have to keep this relationship a secret because others would think that it is incest/forbidden love. Scans by 正宮汉化组  

Word of the day:
All that is given cheerfully and generously to another comes back to you and enriches your life in unexpected ways. ‘A good man deals graciously and leads... The righteous will be in everlasting remembrance (Psalm 112:5-6) ~ Mottos for Success by M.S. Fontaine


  1. I feel sorry for manami, all those efforts she put into praying hard all went down the drain hahahaha! Oh, I meant sorry, not sorry! �� I wonder how theyll act as lovers now �� even though yusei sees rens face every now and then but i bet it would all be awkward to want to kiss her. Its good though that hes clear with liking ren. It gives her the assurance that even though shes in his sisters body that he still loved her for who she is. Like in the pirukura part when she got discouraged cause shes not her real self. Yusei being shy but very vocal of his feelings, so cute. I wonder what will manami scheme now but i doubt she can do anything about it hahaha

    1. i agree with all you said , i was surprise at yusei will confessing his feelling too, i thoght he would be slow toward his feeling. Manami will become a witch toward Ren but still preteding innocent

  2. i forgot .... to talk about how they will act i mean the feeling of wanting to kiss when you are alone in a date as now ,they have to be carefull if they are seen it will be caos. Ren have to dealt even with the young nice boy

    1. Ya, maika-sama. Actually, thinking about it, Manami can use that against them if they are careless. But then again, I don't think she would do that since the other party is her beloved brother. No matter what, they are still siblings.