October 26, 2020

Free Talk: Skip Beat 287

 Hehe, Daruma boss is really acting like a father to Kyouko. Well, he might be one obstacle for Ren = whom he has to win the approval of. Hm...I have a sudden thought. If ever the two gets married, I wonder if the Daruma couple will be the ones who'll send her off. Would her mother attend? Will she invite her?

Well, it is the day for the fairyland amusement park date with Kanae. Ah, the power of optimism and love of fairy tales that can make a cloudy sky into a beautiful day.

And, we have a new character. It made me quickly glance again what the title is. Route Kingdom. It seems to be  fairy tale related so I guess it will related to Ren. Hm...does it mean the route/way to the kingdom? Going to US soon? 😄 Well, you know, to meet the king and the queen of the fairies among others.


  1. Hi Kat,

    I have been wondering why sensei is bringing in random new characters into the manga, in the recent chapters we have had prince Ceddy, Rick's fiance and now Director Ogata's father. I wonder if she is planning to do a split/parallel phase between Ren/Kana in the US and Kyoko getting more famous in Japan sort of thing before doing a time skip.

    I was surprised sensei actually started showing what boss is thinking, he has been silent and expressionless until now with no thoughts showing in bubbles. I found him to be very cute.

    I think Ren is done with most of his projects in Japan so there is a chance that his next project is in the US but Kyoko has things going in Japan to take care of with Box R and the movie. I think Lory has more things lined up for her... like maybe modeling and promoting her in Japan more.

    1. Hm...I'm thinking it is a set-up to connect = reason to go to US. Hehe, El4n1, I didn't realize that he is his father. If so, it somewhat reinforces my theory that he'll be a reason for Kyouko to go to US...perhaps later on or for a short time.

      Hehe, I guess for us to know what he is thinking = for the comedic effect ^^

      I got the impression that Box'R is already finished since the last taping I saw of it was her character is cornered at the roof which seems to be the climax. I'm not too sure if the author will focus on acting in this arc. I get the impression that she plans to wrap things up with Ren with the introduction of Cedric, Tina and others. And, most of the main cast are going to US. It seems to be leading there though I'm not too sure if there will be a time skip = Kyouko becoming famous first before going to US. Or the plan is, everyone has settled/make a name in the US before Kyouko goes there.

    2. Do you think it is someone else? Director Otaga himself said he looks a lot like his father and there was never a mention of another family member that looks like him so I assumed it is him.

      Maybe Kyoko's part is done in Box R. I recall something about the series shooting near ending, I was just not sure if it has ended or not since they have not had a post filming party or gathering yet.

      I was thinking she is planning to create a separation and have Kyoko and Ren with Ren in US and Kyoko in Japan and use then time skip a few years and then do the Kyoko going to US, but that's just my impression. When Lory was on phone he was setting things up for Ren to go not Kyoko. He is as calculating and controlling as he is with Ren when it comes to Kyoko, so I think we would get a hint about Kyoko going to US as well. There is also the promise Kyoko made with her mother about being an accomplished actress who can perform any role in Japan, so the idea of creating a separation and time skip is not that unrealistic.

    3. Ah, I thought it was someone else but then, that is because I forgot about what Director Otaga said before. ^^;

      Hm...did they have one for Dark Moon?

      I see. I'm thinking more of going to US temporarily for some reason to resolve Ren's past issue and then, going back to Japan to become famous there. Maybe, a time skip and Kyouko goes to US and meet with Ren again? Basically, I'm thinking along -- finally resolving Ren's past and secret identities before time skip and she became famous then resume their love life.

    4. The big party where Kyoko was transformed beautifully by Kajima. That was the ending of Dark Moon.

      I think Ren's issue won't be resolved until he can surpass his father as an actor, which means he needs to make a name for himself as Ren before coming out and saying he is Kuon, so thats why I thought it is more likely that the time skip is before he resolves his issue.
      Maybe Kyoko goes to US before the time skip for a short while maybe not, that I am not sure but then again, I am just guessing based on how other manga stories go usually.

    5. Ah okay. Hehe, I forgot what the party was about. ^^;

      I see. I thought that was resolved with Dark Moon because of his portrayal of the same role his father did. Rather, it is hinted that he can/have the possibility of surpassing his father. Much like the last acting arc...it shows that Kyouko can get a role through audition and pass it easily compare to before she was just cast into the drama due to previous works.

      I see. We'll just see how it goes then.