May 23, 2020

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 9]

Narration: “Intentionally giving me that concealed kiss. For him to do that kind of thing... it is inevitable that I’ll have some expectation, right!? If it is really like that then it’s quite perfect, right!?!!”

At the beach, Ren exclaims, “Ah~ White clouds... blue sea~~!!” Manami tells her brother that it has been a long time since they went to the beach. Yusei agrees with her.

Ren blushes over Ren’s naked [top] body. Kou happily says that they play hit the watermelon in a while. “My granny made me bring this [watermelon] along.” Narration: “We got invited by Kou to go to the beach!!”   
Flashback to a few days ago. On the phone, Ren asked, “Beach?” Kou exclaimed, “Right-! It is very near my granny’s classmates will also go and stay there. Manami-chan, do you also want to come along?” Ren said that it sounds fun and she wants to go—

To Ren’s surprise, Yusei took the phone and asked Kou, go where? Kou exclaimed that it is bro-sama!? Yusei told him that their Manami’s body[/health] isn’t that good so even if she goes to the beach, she cannot do much. “Manami would also be very distressed so I’m sorry but--”
Kou said that he knows that so he won’t arrange any itinerary that will burden Manami-chan’s body. Yusei replied, “Rea-lly? There won’t be any attempted BAD ACCIDENT happening again, right?”  

Kou said that since he is so worried then why doesn’t he come along and invite Ren-senpai, too... “The four of us would go!” End flashback. Ren apologizes to Kou because he is accompanying them instead of having fun with his classmates.
Kou laughs and says that Manami’s brother is still very overprotective. “It’s okay. Anyway, I can hang out with those guys in class some other day! Compared to that--”

Manami holds on to Yusei’s arm and says, “Let us all go ride on a banana boat together, Yusei.” Ren’s eyes widen because she is unexpectedly calling him ‘Yusei’.

“Ah, why, is it because we’re in front of Kou? It’s because it’s very inconvenient to call him brother, right? Is that it? Rather, isn’t it okay for her to call him ‘Yusei’...!!!?”
Holding a flyer, Manami tells Yusei that they can ride it over that side. “It seems that four people can ride it. There’s also surfing... Or perhaps, diving experience, how about that!?”

Yusei reminds her that Yao[tome]...Manami cannot do those activities. The girls look surprised. Ren tensely assures them that it is fine, there’s no need to mind her. “I’ll just wait here.” Kou says that he’ll wait there with ‘Manami’ [Ren] so the other two can do whatever they want.

Manami happily says, really, thank you very much, let’s go. Yusei tries to protest but Manami pulled him along. Kou happily asks what they are going to do next. “How about we build a super serious sand castle?!”
Ren says, serious, huh, by the way, there’s no need to mind her, he can go and have fun. Blushing Kou refuses. “I want to have fun with you that’s why I invited you...” Ren looks surprised.

Then, she remembers that she has forgotten about that forehead kiss at the amusement park and he also said some confession-like stuff to her. Ren says, “About...about that, Kou, I already have someone I like...”
While building a sand castle, Kou says ya, he heard her say that before. “But, you’re not going steady with that person yet, right? So it’s like this... it can also be said that I also have a bit of chance. is my freedom to like you, okay?”

Ren is flustered. She thinks that towards such a straightforward feeling... “I also don’t know what I should do... I also a romance noob... Not to mention that I’m also... not the real Manami...”

After having an exciting banana boat ride, Manami says that’s really fun. Yusei agrees with her. Manami says that she always wanted to do that, to have fun together with him.
Yusei asks if she’s satisfied, then let’s go back. Manami calls out, “Yusei, how about we try surfing!? *later on* Yusei, let’s eat some shaved ice together. Yusei...” Yusei says, “Manami, that’s enough. Don’t call me ‘Yusei’ again.”

Manami asks why. Yusei says not to ask why. “Right now, it isn’t necessary to pretend to be Yaotome. So, don’t call me ‘Yusei’ again. Okay, let’s go back.” Manami whines and pouts over this.

Upon seeing them, Ren calls out that they’re back. Kou tells everyone to quickly gather around as they’ll hit the watermelon [with a stick while blindfolded]. Yusei tells Ren to give the watermelon to him. “’s boring that there’s nothing fun you can do, right. So from the start, it is better to refuse going to the beach”
Ren says not at all, it really makes her happy with just the mood here. Besides— look. *shows a picture of a night sky on her cellphone.* Yesterday, I found this on the internet. The starry sky is super-beautiful at night in the beach!”

With folded arms, Yusei says that it seems she really likes that kind of thing... Ren exclaims what’s bad about it. “It’s a summer memory!! Let’s look at it together!! Starry sky.”

Yusei says fine, it’s okay to look at it. Blushing Ren exclaims if he’ll really go. Yusei asks what, she obviously asked him to go. “Do you want to see it or not?” Ren exclaims she wants to see it!!!
Ren thinks that she didn’t expected him to suddenly agreeing to go... “I’m so happy. *holds the cellphone* Is this a date!? *Manami glances at her* I can’t wait, I hope that it’s night already...!!”

Soon, they are playing hit the watermelon. Holding a stick, blindfolded Ren exclaims if it is here. She is going towards Yusei who angrily shouts, stupid, are you doing that deliberately! Kou shouts that it is this side.

Later on, Yusei asks if they didn’t forget anything. “Then, everyone, let’s change clothes and meet up again at the entrance!”
When the two are gone, Manami calls out to Kou and says that just now, Ren and Yusei had agreed to watch the starry sky tonight. Kou says ya...
Manami exclaims that isn’t it mean that they weren’t ask to go with them!? “Let us quietly follow them and give them a surprise!? Let’s join hands okay? I want to be alone with Yusei. Kou-kun also wants to be alone with Manami, right? So, I’m saying--”

Kou interrupts to say, “...forget about joining hands. I don’t want to do that kind of annoying [forceful] thing. By the way, I really didn’t expect that it turns out Yaotome-senpai has this kind of character. *Manami looks surprised*’s really disappointing.”
After he left, flustered Manami wonders why...she obviously said that she is going to help him... That night, Ren happily hums while fixing her hair. Kou’s granny tells her that she looks really happy. Ren squeals and asks if it is so obvious!?

While Yusei is looking at his cellphone, Ren wonders when they’ll go out. She whispers to Yusei that it is almost [time]... Suddenly, Manami falls down on the floor. Yusei shouts to Manami [her real name instead of ‘Ren’] and asks what happened. Ren looks surprised.

Manami weakly says that it’s possible that she overexerted herself this morning. While holding Manami, Kou asks if she is alright and he’ll go put her in bed. Ren says then she’ll go buy something cold. Kou arrives and tells Ren that he’ll also go—

Ren puts on a smile and says that it is alright, she is fine by herself. Kou looks flustered. While walking by the beach area, Ren looks up and says that there are so many beautiful stars. She takes a picture of it on her cellphone.
She wonders if she can take a good picture of it so that she can show it to Yusei later on. “...but, right now isn’t the time to talk about that, right. Hidaka, he... *lies down on the ground*...

...I’m really an idiot to really expect it. In the end, what’s really important is still this body and imouto who is in my [Ren’s] body. *teary-eyed* Now...for Yusei, this Yaotome Ren person, what is her position [in his life]?”

Yusei looks down on her and asks where did she ran off to, to buy something, geez. Ren looks surprised and wonders, why-..!? While sitting by the beach near the street area, Yusei looks up and says that the stars are really beautiful.
Ren nervously asks what about imouto, is it alright to just leave her without a care. Yusei that she’s alright, she is just faking her illness. Ren exclaims in disbelief that was faking it, for real, it’s really acting... Yusei says yes.

“...Ever since before, when things don’t go her way, she’ll use that bad defect of faking an illness act to lead someone by the nose [/control-deceive people]. It is very hard to differentiate whether it is for real or it is just pretend.”

Ren says that it turns out to be like...ah...choo... Yusei says that she ran out without even taking a coat with her. Ren is embarrassed that she wants to die over sneezing at that moment. Yusei puts his coat on her and says that she’s really an idiot.
Ren is moved by that. She thinks that it isn’t towards her, for him to show such kindness, but... “He still came. He kept our promise. Right now, this is already enough to make me endlessly happy... *teary-eyed* come I’m crying. If Hidaka were to notice it...” Yusei looks at her and calls out her name.

Pulling his coat to her face, Ren exclaims, “I’m not crying!!? I’m just smelling the shirt’s scent!?” Yusei exclaims ha, stop, don’t smell that! “Give it back.” Ren shouts sexual harassment!! “Don’t come near--” Then, Yusei finds himself close to Ren’s face and sees her real face.

He touches her face and says, “...what’s going on... could it be that you have also infected me with your stupidity disease...? *flustered* Even if I’m facing this current appearance, I can only look at you as Yaotome...” Ren’s eyes widen as Yusei leans towards her [to kiss].
Comment: Kou is really a nice guy that he doesn’t want to do any underhanded things like what Manami suggested. He’s considerate and understanding but too bad, he’s the ‘other guy’. Ren is having a hard time refusing him since the things he said is true. She isn’t going steady with the one she likes and he is indeed free to like her even if there’s a possibility that he’ll get hurt in the end.

Apparently, Manami really has a bad character. But then, perhaps, it is because she’s spoiled? She tends to get what she wants and she has no qualms in doing things underhanded. Apparently, Yusei knows her tendency. How come he let her be like that? Is it because she’s sickly so she gets a pass? Because she’s his imouto? Though, it is understandable.

Anyway, at least Yusei still kept his promise with Ren. He is indeed becoming nicer to Ren and he did admit that he is seeing her as Ren. And yes, he is falling in love with her, too. In a way, being overprotective can also be an excuse for him so that he can go to this beach trip. Scans by 正宮汉化组 

Quote of the day:
Three things you should never break: promises, trust, and someone’s heart. ~ Anonymous


  1. Of course the kiss wont happen. Theyll stop cause its manamis body or Manami or kou will interrupt.

    Thank you kat.

    1. Hehe, true. It usually doesn't happen if it is a cliffhanger.

      You're welcome ^^

  2. Yusei see Ren real face even in that apperance is becouse he likes her?

    For manami bad charter i think yusei let it pass for varius thing;she is sick , the parents left they alone since long ago(i think) the mother still now doesn't care and put all the duty and blame (of a parents have to do) in yusei and since is that i don't really blame yusei for her sister manner. I think thing will change with his sister since yusei have feeling for Ren. Kou is a nice guy for now ,but i wonder if in the near future he will change and join hands with manami if he found out that the rival is yusei.

    Thanks Kat as always for the summary

    1. It's a possibility, maika-sama.

      I see. True, I'm just thinking that perhaps, he didn't realize that for her to be like that would be quite problematic later on. Actually, how would he react when he finds out that she actually likes him romantically?

      Thanks for reading ^-^