May 30, 2020

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 10]

Yusei holds Ren’s face and says, “I can only look at you as Yaotome--” Blushing Ren goes huh? She closes her eyes as Yusei leans closer to kiss her. They were interrupted by some guys passing.

They were chatting loudly.
“How about we light up the firecrackers here-!?”
“Okay, let’s do it here!!”
Yusei quickly turns away and apologizes.

Ren holds her blushing face and wonders, “What, just now that is...!!!?” Yusei says that it’s time for them to go home... Ren exclaims ah, yes.
As the two leave, Kou has been standing behind the building. Flustered, he covers his mouth and mutters, “ way.”

While walking behind Yusei, Ren wonders what was that just now. “If no one came and that continued on, I...would have kissed by Hidaka...!? *blushing* What am I to you? *recalls the almost kiss* Can I think that, at least, I exists in Hidaka’s heart--...?” 
The next day, the four are eating breakfast quietly. Ren nervously wonders what’s up with this atmosphere. She suddenly asks Kou what are their plans for today!?

Kou tensely says about today... “I plan that we go to some handcraft class-type of thing. It’s something that you can do.” Manami asks what can they do there.

Smiling Kou says that it seems that they can use some shells to make some candle light-type of things. Ren thinks that it feels that today’s a bit strange...?
At the hallway, Ren calls out to Kou. “Thank you!! It is because of your consideration for my health condition that you booked a handcraft class.”

Kou happily says of course, and he also hopes that she can have fun there. Ren wonders if she was just mistaken about Kou earlier. They were interrupted by Yusei who came out and asks what are they doing. “Aren’t we going out?”

Ren becomes flustered and exclaims that she will go out immediately... Kou quietly looks at her. Ren turns to Kou and says that she’ll go and get ready first— Kou suddenly grabs her wrist.
Puzzled Ren calls out his name. Kou tensely asks, “By the way, Ren-chan, the person you like... is it your brother...?” Ren nervously exclaims in surprise.

Kou tells her that he was worried about her yesterday that he chased after her. “I accidentally seen the two of you together... *Ren wonders if he has seen that scene when Yusei was going to kiss her* It always feels... that the atmosphere between you two, isn’t like that of siblings...”

Ren nervously thinks that they are basically not siblings...!!! “...Even if I cannot say that...” Ren nervously tells him that he was mistaken.

“He simply gave me a coat to wear because he is worried about my health... Look, he is always being overprotective. That scene is because some dirt had gotten into my eye~~...!!”
Kou tells her that there’s no need to desperately cover it up. “I know it...from seeing you like this.” Holding her reddish face, Ren wonders if she is already exposed.

Kou says, “But then, liking your brother is something that cannot be reciprocated. Choose me...!! *holds Ren’s hand tightly* I absolutely would treasure you more than your brother. I’ll do my best...”

After looking surprised, Ren apologizes. “I’m really happy...but, I have no way of treating you as a love interest...” Kou tells her to try treating as such from today on. “About the answer, just tell me about it afterwards. *smiles* Let’s go. Sorry for pulling you aside so suddenly.”
Ren thinks, “Speaking of that, it is indeed like that. In everyone’s eyes, I am simply Hidaka’s imouto. Even though I’m really happy that I can stay together with Hidaka, but I suddenly want to return to my own body... Even if there is no assurance that I’ll be able to go back to my original body...---”

In the ‘Merci’ handmade studio, there are some bracelets and candles made of shells. A woman says that these are the samples and as they can see, they can make bracelets and candles. Manami asks Yusei what he is going to make.

Ren gloomily wonders what to do if this continues on and she cannot go back... “If I’ll always live as imouto, even if I can always be at Hidaka’s side, as siblings, if it is really like that, then it will become a forever unrequited love--...”
Then, Ren overhears Manami thanking Yusei for the shell bracelet and she’ll really treasure it. Yusei says okay.

Glancing at the bracelet, Ren thinks that Yusei made a bracelet for Manami. “Imouto-chan’s feelings of ‘want to become some other girl’... Right now, I can really understand that.”

Seeing Ren looking depressed, Kou taps her shoulder and makes a funny face. This made Ren laugh and asks what’s up with him.
Kou happily says that in the end, a smile suits her better. “Because I’m clumsy, I can only make these...” He shows her a couple of shell-decorated hair elastic bands.

Holding the bands, Ren exclaims what, he’s giving them to her...!? Kou says yes and actually, he wanted to make a bracelet but in the end, he couldn’t make them. Ren wonders if he did this to cheer her up...?

Kou asks her to try and wear them. Ren puts them on her hair and happily thanks Kou. Kou takes a picture and says that she’s super cute!! Yusei quietly glances at them.

It is night and the ‘siblings’ have arrived home. Upon arriving, Ren thinks that’s right, starting today, the two of them will be all alone again. “It feels really awkward since we didn’t talk much since that night~~...”
Yusei asks her if she’s tired. “Right now, you’re so well-behaved when obviously you normally cause a ruckus.” Ren quickly denies that she is always causing a ruckus.

She thinks that it is because of that thing he did so how come he can still be so calm and collected. Ren tells him that it is because she is still quite into the memories of the trip and felt very happy...

Yusei says that it’s the same for him, it has been such a long time since he went to such a far place. Ren says is that so. Sitting down, Kou says that it is because Manami’s body is very weak so he rarely thinks of going out and doing something fun. Ren thinks is that so.
Sitting down beside him, Ren suggests that they go to all sorts places together!! “...even if what this body can do is quite limited but I can do a lot of things! I’ll accompany you!! Could it be that you think it’s such a waste!!? Let’s spend our youth together.”

Yusei comments that she is the same as always, her brain is filled with all sorts of sweet foolishness... “...forget it, that isn’t bad at all...”
Opening her luggage, Ren asks what he said a while ago? “Ah, I’ll give this to you as a memory from this trip! Hidaka, it seems that you made a bracelet so you definitely didn’t bring back any souvenir so-- Here. *gives a gel candle to Yusei* This is a sea candle souvenir!! Isn’t it cute?!”

Pointing at the candle, Yusei asks if that is a starry sky? Ren exclaims that is correct!! “You really know it. It is because I think that place’s starry sky is really so beautiful...”

Yusei asks if this is for real... Holding a similar candle, Yusei says that he made the same exact thing. Ren blushes because it is also a starry sky candle.
Holding both candles, Ren exclaims in disbelief that they are indeed the same. “Ah, but Hidaka’s candle is more exquisite...  no wonder he is a male high schooler housewife...”

Yusei glances at her shell hair band that Kou gave her. Yusei says that he’ll give that to her. Ren asks if it is okay. Holding out his hand, Yusei tells her to give him hers since she’s giving it to him, right? Ren says yes...then let’s exchange!

Holding the candle, happy Ren thinks that it is really amazing that he unexpectedly made the same starry sky. “That day, we look at the starry sky together. That means, just like me, he also thought of it [when making the candle].”
Yusei asks her what’s with her goofy smile, it’s gross. Ren exclaims in surprise. Yusei smiles at her which causes her to blush. She thinks, “Ah... that kind of expression... it’s the smile that I absolutely do not want others to see... Ah~~ Geez~~”

She mutters, “ you...” Yusei goes ha... Ren snaps out of it. She covers her mouth as she couldn’t believe that she unexpectedly blurted it out!!?
Comment: Well, the kiss was interrupted. Too bad we didn’t have Yusei’s reaction to that like, does he know what he tried to do? Kou has found out about it. Because it is ‘incest’, he believes he still has a chance. Interestingly, he assumed that it is one-sided.

Nevertheless, Kou is handling it well. He even tried to cheer Ren up when she got depressed. Kou can easily read Ren and I guess since Yusei couldn’t, he’s the clueless type...unless he is in denial?

And well, because of Kou’s gift, Yusei got a bit jealous. Hehe, I think that caused him to make that candle. =P Somehow even if Yusei somewhat complains about Ren’s silly cheerfulness, that is part of what makes him fall for her.

Because he made the same candle theme, that ‘date’ did had an impression on him. As for the confession, Ren can change it into something else since Yusei didn’t seem to hear her clearly. Scans by 正宮汉化组 

Quote of the day:
The best thing about memories is making them. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Kou is so precious �� If its not ren in that body he wouldnt have fallen for her. Im hoping yusei heard ren hahaha then she'd make up an excuse saying its the candle that she likes then Yusei would be flustered cause he thought wrong hahahaha! Oh my heart, I cant wait for him to be full on jealous hahahah

    Again, thank you so much for all the efforts ��

    1. Yup.

      Hehe, ya ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. I agree kou is precious i feel sorry for him since Ren likes,Yusei . Me too i want yusei full of gealous