February 8, 2019

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 105] -Fin-

Narration: “The ‘Wolf King’ governs the country of Hakuyou. Before he ascended into the throne, the country is in battle day and night. After the ascension, he relentlessly purged the government. Everyone is intimidated by this cold-hearted king that they can only anxiously pass the days. It has always been like that until one day, a consort came to the king’s side--...”

All dressed up, Yuulin exclaims that she’s nervous to death. “My head-- is so heavy [due to the headdress]! There are so many-- people outside!! Li Jun-san, before the ceremony starts, can’t I first hold that child’s hand!? Speaking of that, where did he run off to!? No, did he run off and had gone missing again!?”
Pushing up his glasses, Jun exclaims, “Please calm down! The court ladies are following [the child]! Compared to that, please be sure not to drop the headdress during the ceremony!? It isn’t easy for us to have arrived to this day. You remember how much mental and physical effort has been spent in order to...” Yuulin says yes.

Gen arrives. He whistles and laughs. “Finally, this day has arrived... It wasn’t easy to make those old stubborn hermits to give the nod.” Dai says that they were so troublesome. “Saying something about ‘unprecedented in history’ and ‘for the country’s tradition’ something.”
Jun exclaims that is the result of passing through countless advance preparation and intelligence work...!! The three says weh~ Jun says that they are finally at this point thanks to the capability of Prime minister Shuu, and the support of Ryu and Han, the two chancellors.

“–but, I can say that in the end, the most crucial one is the brand new radiance that you had brought to our country. *kneels down to Yuulin* Lady, after experiencing a lot of twists and turns, you have finally come to this point. This humble servant here conveys my biggest respect for your great effort up to now.”
After looking surprised, Yuulin is moved to tears. She says, “...all of this is thanks to everyone’s help.” The head of the court ladies, along with two other ladies, arrives and tells Yuulin that the auspicious time has finally arrived.

Jun reminds her that it is very easy. “You only have to be calm and composed, show strength and discipline. Magnanimously smile as you immediately walk to his side.” Looking determined, Yuulin tells to the smiling three, “—I have really practiced this [/I am really skilled in this]!”
Narration: “Under this clear and boundless sky, on this beautiful flourishing day, *Yuulin is escorted to the royal court where the officials wait* With the civil and military officials as witnesses, *Reishou stands in front and smiles at her* I, Tei Yuulin, *smiles back at Reishou* was conferred the title of queen consort.”

Reishou takes her hand as they head out to the balcony. The officials all look up to the couple who smiles at them. Narration: “After the ceremony, there is a grand banquet--..” Houen and Suigetsu greet Yuulin and wholeheartedly wish her well for being conferred a title.
Yuulin thanks them. She tells them good job on the preparations earlier. Suigetsu chuckles and says that it is because this time, their fathers are completely enthusiastic so it can be considered quite relaxed. There is a scene of Shisei smiling over a document which made Gikou and Kouren look aghast.

Houen says that as an official who waits on His Majesty, he ought to give his all out-effort. Yuulin laughs and says that the two of them really haven’t changed. “Ah afterwards, how are you two going to adapt to your respective new posts... Your bosses are your own fathers so it feels--...” 

Houen scowls and becomes speechless. Suigetsu sighs and says that having so many inadequacies is already an unforgettable experience... Narration: “Everyone’s situation has also gradually changed.”
Looking around, Yuulin asks if they have seen THAT CHILD? Suigetsu tells her that he ought to be always being protected while he’s at Kokuu’s side... Yuulin says ah, then she’s at ease over that.

Later on, Ryukou arrives to congratulate Yuulin. His mother, Ranyou also came. Bowing to acknowledge Yuulin, Ranyou says that even if it is truly unsuitable for her to appear in this kind of grand venue... “But, even for a moment, I cannot bear to think that I won’t be able to witness your glory...”

Yuulin exclaims that she is so happy...! “If it weren’t for your guidance, I would have no today.” Looking lovingly at Yuulin, Ranyou says that she has grown. Yuulin is moved to tears as she calls Ranyou’s name. Narration: “The strict princess consort training has finally come to an end--”
Ranyou says then, it is time to see the result. Yuulin is puzzled. Ranyou smiles and says that those ladies at the side are her noble guests. Yuulin calls out to Princess Ruka and Princess Shuon. “You two had unexpectedly even come when you’re all so far away...!”

Ruka chuckles and says that she forced her husband to come here with her. “After all, it is the big day of my cute nephew and precious friend.” Shuon says that as the queen’s assistant, she only came as the delegate. “It isn’t because I wanted to see you that I came, okay!?”
Narration: “For a long time now, I wrote letters back and forth with them two who are in the neighboring country.” Seeing the three women talking, the officials says that is the three countries, Hakuyou, Sogyoku and Enha...

“I heard that the three princesses [consort] had put in a lot of effort in the three countries’ business[/trade] deal... In the end, even if she doesn’t have any background, she [Yuulin] is a capable person who can climb up to the position of being queen consort...”
Shuon says then, the greetings ought to be quite enough so let’s talk about the main topic. Yuulin is clueless. Glaring at Yuulin, Shuon asks, “The follow up of THAT NEW WORK hasn’t come out yet? *Yuulin goes ah--* It has already been half a year since you sent it last time.”

Yuulin sheepishly says about that...she’ll definitely send it over to her once it is already complete but it is really still... Ruka says that she also wanted to ask about that since her daughters also anticipate it. Yuulin nervously says that it depends on THAT WRITER’s writing situation...
Just then, Kouji arrives and says that this is such a gorgeous lineup! Yuulin exclaims that she came when they were talking about her. Smiling Kouju says, “Yes... You are talking about the follow-up. I’m currently writing it. In a while, in a little more while... I can already finish it.”

This made Ruka and Shuon perk up. Kouju says that when it has come to an end, she’ll let the two of them see it. These made the two quite happy. Narration: “Not only did she become more beautiful... Kouju’s novels had even become the craze across the border.”
Yuulin thinks that Kouju is so amazing. “She only has to say ‘in a while’ a few times... It always won’t end.” While Kouju and Ruka are talking, Shuon tells Yuulin that it is because her sister the queen wanted to read it so, as much as she can, she is collecting all of Kouju’s works even that those comes out in bookstores.

Yuulin says that she is fairly a faithful book fan. Kouju denies that she was the one who has gotten crazy over it. “...but, I’m a bit suspicious. Even if what was written are all sorts of different settings but you’re the female lead, right? *This surprises Yuulin* Which one is the real one? *pointing at surprised Yuulin*...”
“Is it when she picked up a guy who has lost his memory during a heavy downpour? Meeting each other by fate in the battlefield? Promising to love each other and never to part during childhood? By the way, in the end, it is because she is a youkai that she was able to captivate him, right!? Tell me!”

Staring at Shuon, Yuulin says those are true. “Haha *Shuon looks slightly bewildered* In the end, what about it?” Narration: “That is a story of a consort who has gone in the cold-hearted king’s harem.”
In a room by themselves, Reishou holds Yuulin’s face and says that finally, he can catch his breath a bit. “...while I got entangled by the ministers, did you get by happily, beloved consort?” Yuulin says that she fully got by, Your Majesty.

Reishou says that it really makes him jealous because it seems like even if he isn’t around, she can also get by happily. Blushing Yuulin tells him not to joke around because if he isn’t around, she’ll collapse due to loneliness.

“From here on, you ought to let me stay at your side--... *leans on him* Ah- Tired to death-...” Reishou holds her to him and laughs. “Okay, okay, he’ll allow it.”
While resting, Yuulin tells him how startled she was when she heard what Princess Shuon told her. “I heard that the Wolf king and princess consort story has been edited into a traditional [passed on] song outside [the country].

While having tea, Reishou says that apparently, there is also a traveling theatrical troupe performing it. “There are all sorts of stories.” Yuulin says that it is quite unfathomable when from the very start, they were just ‘acting as a lovey-dovey couple’, that’s all.
“I’m a working consort, helping out to obstruct love affairs, and one day, I’ll go home. *scene of Yuulin exclaiming that her goal is success and money!!* The people around His Majesty are enemies and they even attempted to assassinate me...

...Obviously, everything is simply pretentious lies but a lot of people treated it as real. Unconsciously, we also made what is fake become real. Life is really unforeseeable...”
Reishou laughs and exclaims that it truly is! “Speaking of that, it is the same with me. Doing a ‘valiant terrifying king’-type and planning to leave after finishing what has to be done. In the end, I unconsciously become the country’s number one wife-fanatic*, right?” [*husband who is crazily in love with the wife]

Yuulin sweatdrops and says that it is such a drastic transformation. Reishou says that furthermore, it is completely incomprehensible. Yuulin says is that so. Reishou smiles and says, “In any case, now, we are publicly and officially accepted husband and wife. From now on, I’ll be under your lots of care, Yuulin, my bride.”
Yuulin smiles as she takes his hand. She leans to kiss him and says, “Okay, Reishou.” The door opens and a young child immediately hits Yuulin’s leg causing her to fall on Reishou. She turns around and exclaims, that finally, she got to see him, Hiryuu [guesswork from 飛龍 which literally means flying dragon]. “Were you a good kid?”

Hiryuu tightly clings on to Yuulin. Bending down, Reishou asks what, did Kokuu and others surrender? “No wonder it’s my child! Won’t you give papa a hug?” Hiryuu looks at him and then hides behind Yuulin. Reishou goes –o-

Yuulin laughs and says that seeing his father the king looking so honorable [/formal] caused him to become nervous. Reishou says yes, yes, that’s a big problem and he understands, lately he has been busy...
Carrying Hiryuu, Reishou says okay, it will be fine if he isn’t afraid. Hiryuu goes wa wa and hugs Reishou tightly. This causes Yuulin to smile. Reishou glumly says that it is almost time to go back to the banquet. “If I simply focus only on taking a break, there will be some big shot flipping out.”

Yuulin agrees with him. He looks at her and says, “...then, let’s go, my beloved consort. Even if afterwards, there will be countless troubles.” Smiling back at him, Yuulin says, “Yes, Your Majesty. We’ll be together even to the ends of the world.”
Narration: “-Not knowing where the rumors came from, it is filled with enigma regarding the princess consort with an unknown background. *scene of Gaku, his granny, and everyone in the downtown city living their usual lives. Gankei smiling. Kikyou working with other officials*...

...At times, she is an out of this world beauty. At times, she is an undead youkai. At times, she is a tennyo [/celestial maiden] who has descended from the moon. *scenes of Gikou looking at Houen’s work. Shisei sweatdropping over Suigetsu playing the flute. Shuon, together with advisers, reading a scroll with cat ninja.

Gen looking quite happy with the court ladies. Kouren and Jun working. Sai and two other old men drinking tea. Dai resting on top of the tree. Ruka looking happy while holding her husband’s arm.* ‘The Wolf King’s Consort’. In the future, there will also be a lot of related stories about her that will continue to spread.
*scenes of Ranyou reading a scroll with Ryukou. Keitaku studying with someone. Kokuu has military work. Touka holding a bag of herbs? Smiling Bun’ou. Dark Merchant Iryou playing Go [strategy game board] in prison. Shishin holding a book. Kouju writing.*

In the end, no one can no longer discern what is real and what is fabricated. *women reading a scroll* It is simply known that the people are constantly talking about the princess consort.

And in the story, today, tomorrow, as well as the future, she is passing the days smiling while she’s at the Wolf King’s side.” Scene of Yuulin happily smiling as Reishou is saying something to her. Both are holding their hands. The end.
Comment: It’s a really nice way to wrap things up. There is almost no lovey-dovey but we can pretty much know how much they love each other. We get to see the important event that they have been waiting and working hard for since they were married.

Everyone who helped them is there. And, they are pretty much the same as before. I like how the characters are very distinct and likeable. They will be missed as well as their antics =P I guess Houen and Suigetsu are now under their fathers because they’ll take over their posts in the future. They are now ‘in training’. It will be hard work for Shisei =P

It’s nice that Ranyou went to see Yuulin. There will be probably rumors about her motive among others but Ranyou no longer cares for reputation and such. She sincerely wanted to personally congratulate Yuulin. ^^ Kouju has helped seal Yuulin’s reputation within the country and abroad ^^

Just like what the couple were talking about, things are quite unexpected but everything turned out better than they can imagine. Who would have thought someone like Ranyou would become Yuulin’s tutor.

Kouju who was a rival to Reishou ended up indirectly helping Yuulin and becoming her close friend. In a way, thanks to Yuulin, Kouju was spared from a loveless marriage and got to do what she likes to do.

Based on how she answered Shuon’s barrage of questions, Yuulin has embraced her reputation ^^ She has indeed become famous and in a way, it is fitting to the series’ title. ^^ Who is indeed the Wolf King’s bride? It depends on who you ask and what she is known for during what period of her life in the palace. ^^

At first, I wondered why their son’s name is ‘flying dragon’. Then, I recalled the dragon which Reishou always saw ^^ It is quite nice. The dragon did lead him to somewhere he doesn’t want to go and in the end, it turned out to be where he’ll find the love of his life...and yes, his destiny, too.

So, the series has come to an end. There are two side stories after this, I think but they weren’t scanlated...yet. Overall, the series is a good read as we go through Yuulin’s journey from working consort to become the queen consort ^^

Thanks to everyone who read this series especially if you’ve read this series from the first few chapters when I started summarizing it. ^^ Thankfully, this current scanlating group picked it up after it was dropped and finished it up to the end. ^^ Scans by 水月梅漢化

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