January 31, 2019

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 76 - Restart]

Looking tense, Chika thinks, “—what did I just see just now... Wrong, what did I hear...? Everyone looks tense except for Suzuka and Satowa. Satowa starts to applaud. This snaps Hiro out of it and she starts to clap. Everyone else starts to applaud.

Atsumu says that it’s amazing. He asks Natsu, isn’t it amazing. “I got overwhelmed by their vigor...!!” Natsu smiles and says, yes. Natsu thinks that’s wrong, he should say that basically it isn’t of the same dimension. “Against that kind of person as a rival, how can we even compare.”
At the backstage, Kifune tells everyone otsukaresama ‘good work’ and they did a perfect performance today. Crying Miran mutters that she is once...again being...disrupted by...this kind of person... Looking at Lucas, she says that she is obviously the leading role of this piece... “How come you are always bothering me...!!”

Imari shouts, hey, hey, quit flattering herself! “How come you are treating yourself as the lead role. You are simply just sitting at the C position---” Miran shouts, get lost, gaudy banshee*. [<-heavy makeup and gaudy dress + female ghost] Imari shouts ha!?
Lucas tells Miran that he simply took in the music she all-out played and at the same time, he all-out responded to it, that’s all. “In the end, it is a splendid music that we produced together. Don’t you think that it is very amazing--”

Miran grabs his coat and says, “Shut up, you shiny monster. Just like the others, you are simply a prop for my koto music. One day, I will totally swallow up your koto music.” Miran starts to leave. Furious Imari shouts, “Wait...who is your prop!? Quit joking around, you stinky woman!!” Kio tells Imari to let it go.
Lucas looks at Miran then smiles. With flowers, he tells the others that Miran said that she’ll swallow him up. “Like that, won’t we merged into one body? Just hearing that makes me all excited.” Irked Imari says, seriously shut up, pervert.

Kio tells Yasu that by all means, don’t say that in front of Miran. Wide-eyed Lucas says huh, why? Aghast Imari says that it is scary that Lucas had become perverted up to that extent. Kio says and aside from that, he is still so pure... While watching them, Kifune smiles and sighs. He thinks that indeed, a group of interesting kids had become a group...
At the lobby, crossed-armed Suzuka quietly watches Chika, Takezou and the three. They look down. Isaki thinks that after hearing that kind of performance, even if it is them, it isn’t strange that they became like THAT... “Ah, but, at this time, it seems that I’ve also shouldn’t butt in...”

Chika says, “...the piece that those people played... Those melodies, it isn’t easy to understand at all, right?” Takezou says ya, right. Kouta says the rhythm, too...he totally doesn’t understand it. Sane says those people used a lot of playing method that he hasn’t seen before.
Michi says that obviously, there is no microphone but it is still very loud when they performed. Atsumu says ab...about that... Chika says how can he say this— “Whether it is the technique or the detailed aspects, I totally don’t understand it but *excited* they played really well, right...!!? (That is the performance of the winner in the Nationals...!!!)”

Takezou says ya...!!! The others are also getting excited as Michi and Sane start to laugh. The other members look amused-surprised. Standing up, Sane exclaims, “By the way, obviously, it is a piece for people to listen to but how come it seems that I have SEEN the piece!?” Michi exclaims in agreement.
Kouta exclaims that even if it seems that he is seeing something when listening to Meiryou and Hakuto, but it is more of that when it is Ichiei, right!!? Turning to Suzuka, Chika shouts that is a kind of killer skill [/move] and they’ll also do that move!! Suzuka says no, what the hell.

He explains that the sorts of things that they SAW is due to the really huge ‘amount of information’ that is contained inside Ichiei’s performance. Chika says, amount of information... Suzuka says that’s right so aside from listening to the music, they also received other information. Chika and others say, so it’s like that, they totally don’t understand.
Aghast Hiro says that there are still three months before the Nationals, yet they already practiced that piece up to that extend... “What would it be like when it is already the Nationals?” Suzuka says that they’ll probably play a different piece during the Nationals.

Surprised Hiro asks if he is saying that they started practicing a new piece from today on!? Suzuka says no, after all this is a music school. “The possibility that they are practicing many pieces at the same time is quite high.” Chika says then, that piece they just played is just one of the several pieces that they are practicing at the same time. Suzuka says that it should be.
They were interrupted by Lucas calling out to Miran asking if she is really going back. “Next time, I can still listen to many pieces, right?” Miran angrily says that he’s noisy to death and she isn’t interested. Chika and others are surprised for it is Ichiei.

Lucas says that it is definitely very interesting and together, she’ll also come-- Miran shouts if he isn’t finished yet, quit following her around!! To Takezou and Sane’s shock, Chika shouts, “Hey!!” Miran turns around and says, ha? Freaking out, Takezou apologizes for suddenly calling them out. He whispers to Chika to stop, what is he thinking!?
Chika says thinking of what, he simply wants to greet their rivals... This surprises Lucas and Miran. Lucas smiles and says, rivals...? Takezou nervously says, that they are the koto club of Kanagawa’s Tokize High... Lucas mutters, Tokize...

Nervous Takezou incoherently says that this year’s total culture festival, because they are also going to participate so about that... Chika says glasses, talk properly. Takezou says that he’s so mean. Going towards them, Satowa asks the two what are they doing. Looking surprised, Lucas says, “...Houdzuki... Satowa...?” Satowa says huh.
To everyone’s shock including Miran, Lucas suddenly hugs Satowa tight and shouts, “I really couldn’t dare believe it!! It’s the person herself!! My goddess!!! Satowa!!” Chika immediately pulls Satowa to him and pushes Lucas away. Satowa is blushing red. Chika asks what are you doing—

After looking surprised, Lucas smiles and apologizes. “It is really rude to suddenly hug a girl. I’m just too excited. I’m Lucas Chevalier. After I have heard of Satowa and that ‘legendary disqualified performance’ during the Nationals, I had become Satowa’s loyal fan!!” Chika mutters that he is calling her by her first name.
Sparkling Lucas holds out a picture and says, “Look your picture. I cut it from a magazine. I have made it into a protective amulet that I carry around every day. I thought that you are going to Ichiei. I didn’t think that afterwards, there would be no news anymore...

...Don’t you know how disappointed I was... But in last year’s ‘Japanese [/National] Music DAYS’, I was truly very shock to see the report regarding you and Tokize...! I didn’t think that you’ll all come together to watch us. I’m truly honored!!”

While they all look puzzled, Sane asks, “...Japanese Music DAYS? Report?” [<- I think it is a magazine of Komaki and Tsukaji/the reporters before] Lucas asks if they didn’t know, their performance was evaluated quite highly there!! This shocks Chika and others.
Chika shouts at Suzuka how come he doesn’t know about this. Sane shouts if it is for real!! Sane says report, does Suzuka knew about it earlier on. Suzuka casually says that they can say that. Kouta shouts for him to tell them earlier on!!!

Suzuka says that it is because he feels that after they knew, they’ll get carried away. The others say that of course they will be proud [/complacent] as if their lives depended on it. “There’s a reason for us to get carried away!!”
Sparkling, Michi tells the others that they look for that report once they return. Atsumu says that he also wants to see it. Lucas laughs and says that they’re so lively that it is really interesting. Holding a pen and the picture, Lucas tells Satowa that if it is convenient for her, can she sign her name on the picture—

To his surprise, Miran crushes the picture and darkly tells him to quit doing this kind of shameful thing. She confirms with Chika if a while ago, he just said that they are rivals. Chika says that’s right.
Miran angrily says, “What are you guys, I basically look down on you people. A group that plays koto as a club activity for fun would even think of themselves as my rival. Hearing that makes me want to puke!!! *Chika and Takezou look surprised* You people--”

Lucas seriously calls out to Miran and says that she and the value of her music would simply be pulled down by those words and those thoughts of hers. This made Miran grind her teeth. She shouts that he isn’t allowed to lecture her...!

“You *Chika* And you *Satowa* You people *Takezou and others* and even you!! *Lucas* No matter which one of you, don’t even think that you can win against me.”
With that, Miran turned to leave. Lucas calls out to her and then sighs. He smiles and apologizes to Chika and others. He says that Miran is so serious when koto is mentioned that she becomes a bit oversensitive. Chika asks if that is called a bit oversensitive.

Lucas tells them that it is because for her, koto is her everything. “Then, I’ll be going ahead. I’m really happy to be able to see Satowa and you people. I really anticipate your performance during the Nationals!”

After a pause, Chika calls out, “...let me say! Is your [/plural; Lucas and others] goal is to become professionals?” After looking surprised, Lucas turns to them and says, “Of course. We are prepared to offer our lives for koto.” Everyone looks surprised as Lucas smiles and walks away.
On the bus, Akira tensely looks behind. Suzuka asks her what is it. She tells him that it is nothing. “It is just that they are so quiet... so...” Suzuka tells her that today, they ought to have gotten a lot of stimulation so they have a lot of thoughts.

“On contrary, if it isn’t like that then I’ll be quite troubled. Entering [/getting in touch with] a new world *scene of Takezou* Go and be aware *scene of Kouta* Go and reflect on it. *scene of Sane* Go and be distressed. *scene of Michi* Go and search. *scene of Hiro* Go and be perplexed. *scene of Atsumu*...

...Go and know. *scene of Natsu* Go and comprehend. *scene of Satowa* And once again, turn it into something as your own. *scene of Chika* Going up to the next level or not moving a step further, all of it depends on themselves.” The sun sets as the bus approaches the toll gate.
Comment: Well, they were stunned at first then become a bit challenged upon seeing Ichiei’s performance. It made them want to have that kind of make the audience ‘see the imagery’ skill. Hm...I get the impression that they had it before. ^^;

After that, the gap between them becomes obvious. As a music school, Ichiei has been practicing all day and night various pieces. Of course, it cannot be compared to them who are only playing as a club activity apart from studying. Miran is most likely insulted that they would think they are her rival.

But then, her arrogant attitude doesn’t make her likeable. Lucas is a good match for her as he tempers both her wild music and attitude. I would think that she is ‘dark’ and he is ‘light’. Somehow, I feel that Miran is also quite irked that Lucas is a fan of Satowa.

Something like even if she ‘claims’ to hate Lucas but she doesn’t want him to admire someone else. After all, she stopped that autograph signing. And yup, quick response by Chika. It took a while before Lucas realizes that he shouldn’t be doing that. =P

And, the ‘final blow’ is the realization that they are up against who want to be professionals and their lives only revolve around playing koto. So, in order to win the Nationals, they have to level up. And, in a way, I think it will be a feel good moment when Miran learns not to look down on people.

Regarding not telling them about the magazine article, I don’t know if it is right or wrong. ^^; Right since they won’t think too highly of themselves over it. Wrong because they would always have the impression that they aren’t that amazing = no encouragement. Still, in the end, it was okay after they heard Lucas parting words and how Miran reacted to them.

Lastly, apparently, Ichiei’s piece is indeed pitting Miran vs Lucas. Perhaps, this is a weak point because the group isn’t exactly in good terms with each other. Okay, it is mostly with Miran and Lucas along with Imari. The other two guys aren’t too bothered. ^^;;  Scans by 二次元秘店化組

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Enthusiasm and emotions are fleeting things, but hard work and perseverance remain- and pay off. ‘The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty. Proverbs 21:5’ ~ 101 mottos for success by J. Richards and M.S. Fontaine.


  1. Thanks for the summary! I am always surprised about the different eccentric characters the mangaka can come up with!
    Also I think Lucas likes dark people. That is why he fell for Satowa after her disqualifying performance which was filled with her loneliness, frustration, anger, and bitterness. I wonder what he will think of her new sound? And I hope Miran does get a brutal awakening! It's like she loves the Koto but not music. Otherwise she would appreciate others sounds? Idk. Dont get her character yet. Again thanks for sharing Kat!

    1. Thanks for reading, Carol ^-^

      Oh, that's right. Attracted to people opposite of his nature? I would think that he also likes it since he is still a fan.

      Same here. In a way, she is egocentric.

  2. hi
    i think i figured out the comment problem it is from the browser itself, i'm using a different browser now and i can comment

    the chapter,

    miran reminds me of the girl from the all girl school (i forgot thename of the school and the girl) who is overly obsessed with koto because basically that's all theyknow in life i honestly think at one point sotawa was the same (early chapters were she didn't join the others etc) i think if satowa went to ishiai she would've been the same as miran , i understand their point but at the same time the whole thing is wrong (in my opinion) because you really can't make one thing the center of your life, or else the moment that thing/person let you down then you can no longer function , i also don't think tokoise or any other school have no "rights" because they play the koto as a hobby , objectively speaking people can be sincere about something for a period of time and then move on to other thing , it never means that the time spent was meaningless of that they shouldn't end that time with a trofy just because there was an expiration date . the article i guess tokoise can get carried away or encouraged and in either case i don't think knowing about it in this timing is a bad timing , ishiai reminds me of mio's school were there is a focus on few people and the rest act like backup and maybe that's why i like tokoise better because you can actually relate to all of them individually

    1. That's great, emmahoshi ^-^

      Out of curiosity, which browser doesn't like commenting on this blog? =P

      Kazusa? I don't think she is in the same with Miran though. Kazusa idolizes someone, has a cute sis whom she adores and a friend who is always there with her. Miran seems like more of a loner and her world revolves around koto. And not only that, she feels that she is superior compared to everyone else. Her attitude might be worse if Lucas couldn't surpass her playing.

      Satowa has her mother so I don't think she would have ended up like Miran.

      I agree. In a way, it is like putting all one's eggs in one basket. If one drops the basket...

      True...though it is indeed a harsh truth that they couldn't be compared with each other. Students playing koto as a hobby for a club vs students playing koto to become professional koto musicians. <- in reality, of course.

      Yup ^^ And hopefully, that will be one of their edge to win ^^

    2. sorry for late reply i was away for few days
      it's chrome my favourite browser and it is not only this blog i have the problem in another blog too
      kazusa and satowa are not 100% like miran but they do havesome of her tendencies at least in their earlier days things like i only care about being pro and you people don't deserve to play the koto now ofcourse both of them had these eelings due to being hurt rather thanbeing angry like miran and it just made me interested in knwoingif they could've possibly developed into a miran had they not had a good support system.
      indeed in reality profossionals win but this is a school competition do i do think there are other judging qualities to be considered


  3. Chika finally getting a love rival AND a music rival you think? :D

    As always much appreciated for all your hard work Kat, now that' we've scoped the competition let's see what our main crew can do to counter ;)

    1. Hm...love rival, I think it is too early to say. For now, he really seems like a fan ^^ Music rival...hm...not sure. This series is more on team effort/group performance vs one on one. If it is a solo, I don't think Chika can rival a guy who can sing/hum and attract birds to him. ^^;;

      Thanks for reading, Krimzon Striker ^^ Yup...what will be their next move.

  4. Thanks Kat, great work as always and can barely call this a summary, such detailed job you do, thank you very much do.

    Yea, she's "dark" and the guy is "light", but she's still a mystery to me, that arrogant darkness of her, the silly "jealousy" and the fairly attitude - I mean, she is in a music school and over here, no one goes to that just to mess around with their lives for some time, they go because they want to do something with music for their lives, so I give her that; but I can't figure her out at all, lol.

    Once again, thanks Kat, great work.

    1. Thank you for reading, Fê ^-^

      Yup. We'll surely know more of her later on.