January 3, 2019

Promise Cinderella [Chapter 5 - Haunted House]

It is morning. Someone is pouring miso soup in a bowl. Hayame wakes up. She sits up and thinks that it is already the third day since she came here. “Even if I wasn’t able to rest properly during the time when I was a homeless bum but I never received [any] cruel treatment that I had imagined...

...*looks for the toilet* Shouldn’t I be happy that I’m able to live under a roof?” She washes her face and looks at the mirror. Her head hurts. She walks through a long corridor, a spacious courtyard and has a Japanese-style breakfast. Hayame drools over it.
Yoshitora tells her to eat while it’s hot. As Hayame enjoys her breakfast, she thinks that there is even a mysterious kind of butler gramps. “I must leave this place before I get used to this kind of life in this house. So delicious~”

Yoshitora says that he is really forgetful. He holds up a list to Hayame and says that this is her task for today. In the list of 6 items, it is about taking a picture of ruins, shine, or construction site in different places and she’ll get 200,000.
Holding up the list to Issei who is brushing his teeth, Hayame asks if by merely taking a picture, she’ll get 200,000. He asks if there’s a problem. Hayame is suspicious because she’ll get money just by taking a picture.

She thinks that he is scheming something and there is definitely a plot to it. He asks her what is it. She says that it is nothing. She asks about the dice.
He says that he has it. “Ah, could it be that you don’t want to throw the dice? But then, if you don’t want to do it, I won’t force you. *sneering expression* Wh~at, it’s a simple task and it’s really such a waste...

...Ah, it’s alright. It doesn’t matter to me at all. It’s just that the time when you’ll return the money would prolong again~” This irks Hayame that she shouts that she’ll do it-
Soon, she is standing in front of an abandoned building. Yoshitora puts on his Buddhist rosary necklace. From the list, she is to take a picture of some ruins. She asks Issei who is in the car if it is okay for her to just take a picture here.

Issei says that’s right, this place is a famous haunted scared land. “Definitely take a supernatural picture. You pass after taking a picture.” Hayame looks puzzled as Issei kept on smiling. He tells her to relax, supernatural-whatever, if she didn’t see it then it seems like it doesn’t exist, right.
He is thinking, “This is my revenge for shoving my face into the cake. You just wait, and be so frightened that you’ll pee in your pants. Stupid-” Issei says hey, are you listening, eh- you shouldn’t be so frightened that your feet had gotten soft?”

Actually, Hayame is overjoyed. “I’m so lucky!!” <- the type who totally doesn’t believe in things that she doesn’t see. Issei is surprised that Hayame is heading towards the building. He tells her that she had already tossed the dice and if she were to back out, he’ll increase her debt. “Starting right now, you cannot back out anymore.”
With sparkles, Hayame says that she’ll immediately come back after taking the picture. She thinks that if she cannot take a picture of a ghost, then she’ll simply has to take a picture of something with a frightening feeling to it. Issei is puzzled by her reaction.

He calls out to Yoshitora and asks if he is also going. Yoshitora says that this building is already very old so it might be dangerous. “How can I let a woman go inside by herself.” Hayame apologizes for the trouble and Yoshitora says that it is okay. Issei is hearing some creepy noises that he ends up following them.
They enter the building. The place is in disarray and there are some ofuda [charms] on the wall. Hayame says that it has a tremendous cold air so what will they take a picture of. Issei is looking scared. He covers his head with his hood and shouts for her okay, quickly walk since there’s nothing good here to take a picture of.

Irked Hayame says that she’s walking and he’s noisy to death. She opens a wobbly door into a bedroom. She asks how about here. She suddenly winces and says that her head hurts. She asks out loud starting just now, what’s going on.
Backing away from her, Issei says what, could it be that she is already possessed by a spirit. He hits the drawer and sees a spooky doll staring straight at him. He immediately hides behind Yoshitora and tells him to try to take a picture here. Yoshitora says okay. He pulls out his pockets and they’re empty.

Issei asks what is it. Yoshitora nervously looks at him and says that he forgot the bring the camera. He left it at the car. Issei angrily shouts if he is kidding, and does he even know why they even come here for!! Yoshitora apologizes. Issei tells him to quickly get it.
Issei angrily grumbles and looks bored. Then, he notices Hayame is breathing hard and holding her chest. Looking aghast, he quickly turns away and tells her that it is useless so don’t think of frightening him since he is someone who doesn’t believe in those kind of things.

“But, if you are really feeling unwell, then we can come back again after a few days to take a picture~ This time, I specially approve you...” Just as he holds the door knob, he hears a thud. He looks back to see Hayame has fallen unconscious by the bed. He thinks, no way! “Hey, Yoshitora, wait! You and I...”
He looks at his hand and sees that he is holding the door knob which has detached from the door. Totally freaking out, he bangs on the door and shouts, “Yoshitora!! Don’t bring the camera, bring a psychic, this woman is definitely possessed. *silence* Hey...

...*looks at Hayame* Hey, let me tell you so better listen up. If you cut short this task, you’ll owe me 200,000. No, you’ll owe me 500,000 more. You definitely won’t want that, right? Then quickly bring out your vigor and repel back that spirit!”
He hears Yoshitora calling for him. He tells Yoshitora that he had pulled out the door knob so can he open the door from that side. To his dismay, Yoshitora says that the handle at his side had also broken off. Issei shouts what he is doing, quickly think of a way!!

Yoshitora tells him that he’ll quickly call for help so wait for a while. Hayame wakes up and thinks, owe more...? She stands up and mutters, quit joking around...
Upon seeing her standing up, Issei asks if she is going to the toilet. She goes towards a sliding door. Aghast Issei says hey, is that the toilet. “Don’t go over there. There’s definitely something there...

...If you are going to shit, I’ll cover my eyes so you just do it here... *Hayame grabs the door* Wait, don’t open that, stupid. Don’t...NNOOOO Ahhh...” Hayame looks inside. Cowering down, Issei asks Hayame if there’s something there. Hayame says none.
Peeking inside, he says, what, how boring. “Eh, could it be that you’re scared to death that you don’t want to go to the toilet anymore? Really useless-...”

Hayame goes to the side and says that this side is the bathroom. Issei shouts, “Didn’t I tell you not to open that!” They see a bathtub with some charms attached to it. A mat is covering the tub. This is scaring Issei.

Hayame says that she’ll go look what’s inside there. Issei holds her wrist to stop her. She asks what is it. He asks didn’t she want to go to the toilet? She tells him aren’t they looking for a place to take a picture of.
Pulling her, Issei says that it doesn’t have to be this place. She pulls her hand away from him and says, let me go, she’ll go by herself to look. Issei scowls but timidly follow and looks scared at times. Hayame glances at him and wonders if he is really super scared.

She smiles and thinks that there are times when he is quite cute. “By the way, how come I’m not feeling well... *holds the corner of the tub* I have to quickly take a picture and go back.” Issei is teary-eyed over why this place has so many charms.

Hayame faints and falls into the tub head first. Upon seeing her feet up, Issei is running off and shouts, no no no, don’t...what are you doing!? Issei says no, no, she is simply checking what’s inside.
Hayame shouts that there’s no need to go into it! Holding her hand at the corner of the tub, she asks how about a picture of this. Issei shouts for her to quit joking around and quickly come out. “There’s definitely something wrong with this place.”

Lying down on the tub, Hayame thinks that this isn’t a joke but it’s so cold, really not feeling well, what is this...what should I do-- Issei looks nervous.
Comment: This is a funny chapter. It is amusing to see different expressions on Issei’s face. And yes, too bad for him, just like the villain in cartoons, his plot is backfiring on him. =P

Amusingly, no one among the two had ever thought that Hayame is actually sick. ^^; Was this the first time Hayame experienced it? Because of the place, it didn’t occur to Issei that she is sick. ^^;;

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