January 10, 2019

KILL the ROSE [Chapter 1 - The Kingdom's Casanova]

[Free Talk: This is another seinen manga for mature readers due to sex, murders, political intrigue and the stuff like that. It is by Ebigawa serialized in Young Magazine the 3rd. I cannot say much about the plot since it will be a spoiler but let me just say that it involves a playboy, a queen and various interesting characters. The names are guesswork since they are in English – Chinese to English isn’t accurate. ^^;]
In the country of Adelheit. At its capital, Yuno. In Botana hotel, a couple are having sex. The woman says that Louis is really amazing. Louis says that Camille, too. As he dresses up, she asks if they’ll do it today. Louis smiles and asks if he wants to do it again for a day in the hotel.

He gives her a French kiss. Then, a girl arrives and says that she just bought some good wine... And she sees the two. The two women glare at each other. Taking the wine, Louis greets Alice a good morning and says she’s so beautiful today. She snubs him and asks who is that ugly woman.

Camille shouts, ugly, she is the one who’s ugly like a rotting pumpkin by the roadside. Louis pours himself a drink as he introduces the two feuding women. Alice shouts what’s going on, didn’t Louis say that he won’t get involved with other women again.
Camille shouts didn’t he say that he only loves her. Louis takes out a cigarette. The two both women want to light it up. Because of that, the two women quarrel again as they call each other ugly and the other should give up on Louis. Then, another woman arrives and hugs Louis.

The two other women who is this woman now!? Louis thinks that this is bad and who is it this time. The woman shouts for him to quickly run away because ‘he’ found out about the ring she gave Louis and ‘he’ is coming here right now to kill Louis. A man kicks open the door.

He is with two other men. They are all carrying clubs with protruding nails. The man angrily shouts that Louis would unexpectedly dare lay a hand on his fiancée. The woman calls for John to stop. John shouts that is their engagement ring so return that ring to him.
The woman says that she cannot give him the ring because she sincerely loves Louis! John calls Emily stupid. John points at Louis and shouts, bastard, she is already engaged with him! “Stand out here and don’t hide behind a woman!” Louis says that he got nothing to say to John. John shouts, what!?

He reminds Emily that they are engaged and right now, she is protecting Louis. Louis says that John is very strange. He says that whatever Emily wears suits her so whom will she choose between them. Emily says, Louis...! This surprises the two women and infuriates John.

He shouts, bastard, this wooden club chooses you! Emily quickly hugs John to stop him and she shouts for Louis to take this opportunity to run away. Getting out of the window, Louis thanks Emily for the help and bids the other women goodbye.
He jumps down and bows to furious John who shouts that he’ll kill him! While reading the papers, a man [owner of the hotel] asks what Louis had done again. Louis says that his kittens [women] will help him pay the bill.

The owner tells him to take care of that ‘leg’ down his hip because one day, it will die! Then, he mutters that Louis isn’t listening since Louis had already run off. John’s men are chasing after him.

The owner continues to read his newspapers and wonders out loud that obviously, a new era is coming and until when does that guy plan on continuing that kind of life... On the news, there is a salutation to the queen who had ascended to the throne.
Narration: “My name is Louis. Louis January, the most popular Casanova in this place. The person whom I respect the most is my father. In his life, father is the complete lady killer who caused more than a thousand women to keep on thinking about him [= great sex]. The person whom I despise the most is also my father. Thanks to him, I have more than ten siblings...

Due to my father’s passion [/affection for women], my family had gone bankrupt. In the end, two years ago, more than 20 ladies had a conflict and in the process of that, it accumulated to 43 conflicts. They used knives to stab my father and he died on the spot.

Honestly speaking, I think it is very normal when he died like that even if I am his son. I didn’t inherit a single penny. What I inherited from his are my looks as well as the talent of attracting women.”
While drinking a cup of expresso, he notices a couple of women glancing at him. One of the women quickly looks away and blushes. He stands up and the woman steals a glance. He observes the woman. She is wearing spring’s latest fashionable dress, she takes good care of her skin and just one look, he knows that she is the type who doesn’t go out often.

“There’s no wrinkle on her skirt and all of her jewelry are of the latest fashion. It’s very easy to see that she hasn’t gone out for a long time. Her body is also very tired. There are too many people around and it is making her jittery. What this woman really want is--”

Louis thinks for a while then he suddenly calls the waiter. Tossing some coin to him, Louis tells him to lend the café to him for a while. Taking a seat at the woman’s table, Louis says that he wants to have a chat with this beautiful lady alone. The woman blushes.
Louis thinks that the truth is, he is already penniless... “Gambled the entire family property [/whatever he had?], completely use my mental capacity, and more or less, it is this kind of investment...” It starts to rain. Louis is worried because his hat is very expensive.

They were interrupted when someone calls out to Louis. The woman asks who is it. Louis turns around to see John and his men running towards him. John shouts don’t think that he can escape from him. Thinking that isn’t good, Louis quickly makes a run for it.

Narration: “That’s right, I’m a deadbeat who depend on women to eat... It is necessary to have that kind of awareness.” They run past a man who sighs and says that how many times is this already, it is Louis again. Louis runs through alleys. 

Narration: “A fight between me and the hunting dogs [/that man’s subordinates], constantly being chased by men. Spring rain that won’t stop. Today is really an unlucky day.”
Then, in front, he sees a carriage. Waiting beside the carriage is a figure of a man with a top hat and cane. The man gestures to his open carriage. Louis sees the men chasing after him so he took the mysterious man’s hand and got in the carriage. He thought who cares, he’ll think about it later because escaping is the priority.

The carriage immediately left. Looking back at John and the others, Louis thanks the man for letting him sit here and thanks to him, he is saved. Then, he notices that the man who saved him is an old man wearing noble clothes. Louis feels uneasy over the old man staring at him.

He sheepishly smiles and wonders what’s with this old geezer. “Even if he looks very rich and has influence [/power] but, it always feels...always feel that there is this sort of ominous premonition. The old man asks if he can ask him something. After Louis says, okay, he asks, “What do you think is the most important thing to have in order to capture a woman’s heart?”
Louis thinks that he encountered something that is very troublesome and it is inevitable... The old man urges him to answer since he really wants to know what he thinks. After thinking for a while, Louis shrugs and says, “It is the attitude of absolutely not taking it seriously.”

The old man smiles and says, “Very interesting. It is a very good answer. Louis January. 24 years old. A noble in dire straits. James’ son. *Louis is surprised that he unexpectedly knew his hidden family affair!?* You are the city’s well known Casanova...

...I heard that there is no woman whom you cannot seduce. The way you talk, having the looks that is appealing to women and on top of that, you even have excellent lovemaking skills that you’re able to capture everyone...”
Adjusting his collar, nervous Louis thinks that this is bad, this old geezer is difficult to deal with. The old man continues to say that as long as it is a woman, no matter who it is, he has a way of capturing her heart...and it seems that is Louis’ mantra.

Louis says ah...how come he knew that in detail... The old man smiles and tells him not to be nervous. “For you, this kind of thing isn’t bad at all. I simply...want to have a simple gamble with you, that’s all.

Louis asks gamble...gamble what. The old man says that for Louis, it is a very simple gamble. He opens the curtains of the carriage. Opposite the window is an elderly woman reading a book by the porch. The old man says that she is a madam who is relatively reputable within the vicinity.

“She has driven away a lot of men since they weren’t able to go near her or even say a few words to her. One week. *tosses a small pouch on the floor which Louis picked up* I’ll give you a week’s time to seduce her.” Louis is surprised to see gold coins in the pouch.
He bites into one and realizes that they are real. The old man says that if he is successful, he’ll double that amount. Louis nervously asks if he can ask the reason. The old man smiles and asks if he needs a reason or he basically doesn’t have self-confidence.  

Louis smiles and wonders, “...I don’t have self-confidence? Rather, it’s a bit too embarrassing.” Holding up his fingers to three, Louis tells the man to give him three times the amount. The old man looks amused. Getting out of the carriage, Louis tells him to watch and see since he’ll be able to get her in just 5 minutes.

The madam’s reading was disturbed by the maid who is telling Louis that no is no. “No matter what you say, it is a no. This porch is currently being used by madam.” Louis says that it is only for a short while “...I...I simply want to avoid the rain here...”
Madam glances at shivering Louis. Madam says that it is okay to let him stay, she doesn’t mind. The maid protests, but...madam, master over there... Madam tells the maid that the rain will stop soon. Louis thanks Madam who didn’t reply back.

Louis continue to talk but the maid interrupts that the madam doesn’t talk with male commoners so please keep quiet! The maid takes her leave. Louis shivers which causes the madam to give her shawl to him. Louis takes the shawl and touches her hand as he thanks her for her amiable consideration.

Madam quickly takes her hand away. Louis continues to tell her that he’ll definitely return this favor. He introduces himself and asks the madam her name. The madam doesn’t reply so Louis says that she’s so cunning when he obviously told her his name yet she won’t tell hers. 
She glances at him and says that she already has a husband and why would she tell her name to a stranger. Louis says that it looks like she really loves her husband. Madam says that regarding her husband, she really respects him. Louis holds down the book and looks straight at the madam.

He says, “There are times when it is okay to be a bit honest with oneself.” She looks at him as he holds her hand. Soon, he won as he got the madam in bed. While blindfolded, madam tells him to stop, this kind of thing...no good... Louis says if it is okay that he wants her love.

Madam tries to protest but Louis says that he’ll make her joyfully fly the whole day. Madam says that if her husband finds out... He kisses her and tells her to please imagine it as a one-time reward for the time being...just this once...
Suddenly, the doors open and they were surrounded by the servants glaring at Louis. He thinks that it is like the usual, no, this is different from the usual mood!? In the dungeon, tied up Louis is being punched on the face by a servant.

Louis tells him to be a bit gentle in treating him since his handsome face is his business asset!  The servant says that he is really such an amazing fellow. “Hey, do you know who that madam who was with you just now?” Puzzled Louis asks who. The servant says that she is the wife of Iron [blood] Chancellor, sir Oberto.

Louis thinks, the kingdom’s pillar[/s], one of the three chancellors... “What’s important here is I couldn’t imagine that she was unexpectedly his wife since he is being called the cruel Iron Chancellor!? That bastard old geezer... Darn. This time, I unexpectedly dug my own grave for some bags of gold coins...”
Gesturing a beheading using his hand, the servant says that he really anticipates the end of the man who would dare do this kind of thing... The door opens. The servant goes towards his master and says, “You’ve come...master, *gesturing to Louis* it is this fellow.”

Looking down, Louis curses as the master is standing in front of him. Louis falls down his knees and exclaims that even if he knows that it is useless to apologize... “I’m very sorry, sir Chancellor! Forgive me this small dog’s life!” There is no answer.

Louis looks up and is surprised to see the old man. “It’s him?” Oberto tells the servant to leave them alone. After the servant left, Oberto frees Louis and praises him for doing a beautiful job.

“Unexpectedly, you caused the fall of my wife who is known for her most refined behavior in this country. Truly marvelous. *throws a bag of coins on the floor* I give you this for passing my test.”
Louis happily takes the bag. Oberto asks how was his wife. Louis says that she is a virtuous and kind madam who’ll show warmth towards someone who needs help. Oberto lights up his cigar and taps his cane.

He says, “You said that you can capture any women in this world. There is one more person, if you can capture her...I’ll give you a hundred fold more of those gold coins. *Louis wonders, hundred fold...* You can build a manor at the countryside. Even if you go to a foreign country and buy a villa, there will still be money left.”

With sparkling eyes, Louis thinks a hundred more compared to this current amount of gold coins!? Getting excited, Louis asks who is this woman...? Oberto says, “Eyde Adelheit. Her Majesty the Queen of our country who had just ascended to the throne.”
From shock to nervous, Louis cannot believe that he wanted him to seduce the queen. “Is...is there some mistake?” As the dungeon is covered with cigar smoke and there are torture machines around, Oberto says that the queen totally won’t listen to their [chancellors] advice so it troubles them.

“I want to recommend you as the queen’s etiquette teacher. You’ll go in the palace and seduce the queen to gain her body and heart. Afterwards, according to my view [/wishes], you’ll make the queen listen and act out my instructions. You can do it, right, Louis.”

Glancing at the noose above, Louis thinks that he’ll be executed here as punishment for sleeping with the chancellor’s wife. “Compared that to going to the palace and seducing the queen’s heart...this issue has already been decided!” He gulps and says, “Then...let’s have a pleasant collaboration. So, when should I start and prepare to carry this out?” Oberto smiles.
A carriage heads towards the royal gates. Louis gets off and gives a paper to one of the royal guards. Accompanied by a maid, he is led through a corridor and into a room where the maids had dressed him up.

Narration: “Her Majesty the Queen is 17 years old this year. Doesn’t have any experience in having a relationship with a man. Even if she studied about the monarchy, she is lacking in waltz. She couldn’t even walk a step. I’ve come to conduct social contact and dance coaching. At the same time, I’ll take the opportunity to find a way to get her...

...Properly keep in heart. This kingdom is filled with my spies. [<- not sure if this is right, and isn’t it ‘Oberto’s spies’?] If I’m successful, I don’t have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of my life and I will be given a higher rank. But, if I fail...don’t even think that I’ll die so easily.”
There is a scene wherein the servants had grabbed hold of scared madam [/Oberto’s wife]. A young man in front of her holds a sword and decapitated her. Meanwhile, the royal guard escorts Louis through the garden. He says that if he is ready then please follow him.

While walking behind the guard, Louis thinks, making him capture the heart of a 17-year-old girl. “A virgin girl who has no experience and has not loved someone. Trying to please a girl and at the same time, I’m already very tired of this kind of life wherein I’m getting just enough money to live on...

...If I succeed this time, I’ll be able to pass the days quite comfortably from today on. The problem is how the pleasant sound of becoming the ‘queen’s man’ will be send out?”
The guard turns to tell Louis to please wait here for a moment... But, Louis is gone so the guard can only wonder out loud how come he’s gone. Walking through the garden, Louis thinks that the hindrance is already gone and right now, he can be himself so he can go and capture her.

He tells himself to hurry and put some effort. He notices someone at the side. A young girl with a crown is sleeping by the fence behind rose bushes. The girl wakes up and Louis looks captivated by her.

Narration: “What do you think is the most important thing to have in order to capture a woman’s heart? That is attitude of absolutely...absolutely not taking it seriously.”
Comment: And, from that last line, he’ll definitely fall for her. ^^ And most likely experience what he had been doing to all those women. Since this is seinen, it is not definite that it will have a happy ending. In the first chapter, someone already got killed ^^; That means, the antagonists of this series has no qualms in taking someone’s life.

I feel sorry for madam especially since she got killed over her temporary weakness and it was a trap set by her own husband. Oberto is quite cunning. Somehow, I suspect that he tipped off John to lure Louis to his carriage.

It is obvious Oberto looks down on him the way he throws those bag of coins on the floor for Louis to pick up instead of handing it to him. In a way, Louis has no choice but to take the gamble. He managed to survive so far so I think he got enough brains aside from his womanizing skill. Will he win this game this time? Scans by 鴿子漢化

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  1. Oh my God!!! This male character really piss me off xD. It's very cruel manga I think :(

    1. True, Federica. It has a variety of light and dark scenes.

  2. i hope the queen has consensual sex with another man besides luis first.

    1. Hmm..maybe. The queen isn't the usual shoujo type. ^^

  3. Hi Kat, this one looks original and quite interesting. I just wished it did not have that seinen tag, and hope that it does not get too dark. I actually like the protagonist. Looking forward to the chapters :p

    1. Yup, Crimson sky ^^

      It can be a bit dark though I'm not sure how dark it would go.

      Thanks for reading ^-^