December 1, 2017

Kasane [Chapter 102 - Blood Crystal]

Nogiku is shocked when Kasane holds up the lipstick to her. Kingo immediately tries to grab the lipstick as he shouts at Kasane, “What are you doing, idiot!?”

Kingo had knocked the lipstick off Kasane’s hand. To his dismay, it lands on Nogiku’s foot. Nogiku picks it up. Kingo nervously tells her to give it back to him.
Holding the lipstick tight, Nogiku shouts that if he wants it safe and sound, he better be good and stay put!! “If you dare come nearer, I’ll...” Iku looks tense.

After biting his lip, Kingo says that if something happens to the lipstick, she won’t be able to leave here intact. “The same goes for that high school teacher called ‘Amagasaki’.” This shocks Nogiku.
Kasane asks, high school teacher...? Kingo says that it is her companion. Surprised Kasane shouts that he obviously had already investigated everything yet he hid that from her...!!

Kingo shouts how can he possible show his cards to the current her. “Besides, didn’t you also hide things from me? We are even.” Iku frantically tells Nogiku to calm down.
Nogiku shouts that this has nothing to do with Yuuto. “That person is simply...” Kingo says, ah, he always thought that Yuuto is merely a customer whom she got along with [/had the most money among her customers]...

“It turns out to be like that. That person is your real lover [whom you are unexpectedly serious with], right? You really have a strange taste [/unique preference].” This made Nogiku angry.
She quickly removes the cover of the lipstick and extends its contents out. She threatens Kingo that if he does anything strange, she’ll immediately destroy this lipstick!

“I won’t let you lay a hand on Amagasaki. Even if I were to put my life at risk, I...absolutely won’t allow it!!” Kasane tells Kingo that it is impossible to threaten and suppress Nogiku who had always depended on hatred to live.
Kasane slightly walks towards Nogiku and says, “You ought to understand now, Nogiku. Giving you the lipstick means that I’m putting my life into your hands...

...You only have to be patient until the stage play has finished its show. You can do whatever you want to do with me. Whether it is to put me in extreme danger or hack me into pieces, I’ll do as you wish...”
The two women look surprised at Kasane. Nogiku asks if Kasane swears that during that time, Yuuto will be safe and Kingo won’t do anything. Kasane says yes, of course. “If anything were to happen, you can just kill me and destroy the lipstick.”

Everyone is shock by what Kasane said. After a while, Nogiku starts to put the lipstick back inside. Looking at Kingo, Kasane says that it is settled and she is finished with what she has to say. “Even if it is like that, your wish will become reality, right?”
Kingo clicks his tongue. He turns around and shouts that they are a group of idiots!!! He slams the door on the way out. Iku calls out to Kasane and tells her that Nogiku is currently staying with her so if there is anything up, she can contact her.

Kasane looks at her and says, she understands. She thanks Iku before turning to leave. After Kasane left, Nogiku suddenly falls down on her knees. Worried Iku asks if she is alright.
Holding her arms, Nogiku asks how she can possibly be alright. “They already know about Amagasaki...and besides, for Kasane to be this calm, it’s too abnormal. She is definitely secretly plotting something! If not, how is it possible for that stubborn woman to easily change like that!!”  

Meanwhile, Kasane follows Kingo who is walking ahead. He stops to reprimand Kasane to quit joking around. He admits that right now, he totally cannot comprehend what she is thinking since she unexpectedly gave away the lipstick and even her life...
“Where is Izana-san’s final wish in all of this!! I have told you many times already that Izana-san entrusted me to ‘guide you towards the [spot]light’...!!”

Kasane looks at him then looks at the side. Kasane says that he is simply considering his own and her mother’s thoughts [/wishes]. “You totally didn’t even consider my own wish.” This made Kingo walk towards her.
He slaps her really hard that it causes Kasane to fall down on the ground. Glaring at her, Kingo tells her to go back to the house by herself. “Without the lipstick, you are simply an ordinary ugly woman whom I don’t even want to look at. See ya.” He left teary-eyed Kasane who is holding her bleeding nose.

Narration: “It’s like that. The gear at the lowest ebb had once again started to turn. *scene of a slithering body of a snake* It seems to be ascending or perhaps, descending. *scene of a woman wearing a Shinto priestess outfit* But, it will go towards the end [peak].”
Comment: Apparently, even if Kasane has no plot in giving Nogiku the lipstick and she is just thinking of doing the right thing to make everyone happy, everyone around her would still make things difficult for her.

It is natural for Nogiku to doubt her. Actually, it is really unnerving to see Kasane like that. She was pretty calm and can even talk things through Nogiku who had pretty much blowing her top because of Kingo’s threats towards Yuuto.

It makes me think that it was like Kasane has already figured out Nogiku as to what makes her tick. Actually, she seems to be quite on the dot regarding Kingo, too. He is only using her for his drama and perhaps, Izana’s wish is his alibi.

For going against that, he did that to Kasane and even said something very mean to her which was the root of her lack of self-confidence. I think the latter part hurts more than the slap. But then, something is moving again.

It makes me wonder if things will turn out like the first chapter. Everyone is against her except for Iku who seems to be genuinely concerned about her. But in the end, will Kasane be like most bullied female lead in a horror movie, they’ll have the last laugh? Scans by RAD汉化组

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