August 13, 2016

Rere Hello [Chapters 37-38]

Chapter 37 - Flashback: Aoi asked if the cat strap is a gift from his girlfriend. Minato smiled and told her even if it isn’t a gift, but they bought it together as a remembrance. End flashback. Typing on the computer, Ririko apologizes to Minato on the phone. She asks if she can postpone their appointment for a while. This surprises Minato.

She explains that actually right now, she is still tidying up the client’s commissioned information-- Minato exclaims if she is currently at the office. Exam has just started yet she is still doing commissioned work. Ririko laughs and tells him that her father isn’t that cruel. She just wanted to help out.

There are somewhat a lot of work so it is busy at this side so after the exam ends, she won’t be able to cook for him. Is it okay for him to go home first. Minato groans and tells her not to say that for he also won’t anticipate.. Ririko apologizes to him then, she calls out to welcome to a client. She apologizes to Minato for there is a client so she’ll be hanging up.
Minato is about to say something but he only hears the dial tone. Yuuma goes in the room and asks if Minato’s love phone call with Ririko is over so how about letting him to photocopy his physics, political-economy notebooks.

Minato coldly says that he has no notebooks for him. Yuuma asks why he is angry. He continues to beg Minato to lend him the notebooks. At the library, Aoi is having a problem with a math problem. Minato bends down to her and says that the formula is wrong. After she apologizes for screaming Minato’s name so loud, she asks if he came to borrow a book.

Minato gestures to Yuuma and says that idiot wants to photocopy his notebooks. Yuuma is at the photocopy machine. Taking a seat, Minato asks if she always review for the exams during lunch break. Aoi says yes, but she always makes mistakes that it cannot be considered as reviewing. Minato looks at her math book.
Aoi recalled Minato offering to help her out with things that she doesn’t understand. She couldn’t bring herself to specially ask him but she couldn’t believe that he’ll really teach her. Minato shows her how to solve the problem. He looks up and asks if she can understand.

Blushing Aoi exclaims yes. He looks at her and she admits that she doesn’t. She thinks that even if he is explaining a hard problem, his voice is so steady that it feels quite comfortable that caused her to become distracted. Minato asks her if she wasn’t studying a lot. She thinks that being lost in thought caused him to think that she’s an idiot.

Aoi says about that, there are many lessons that she couldn’t learn well. Yuuma has finished photocopying the notebooks. Minato stands up and says that if she wants to study after school, he can accompany her for a while. This made Aoi says okay, please! While walking away, Yuuma tells Minato that it is rare for him to take the initiative to talk with a girl. Is he concerned about that girl?
Minato recalls his grandfather saying about how Aoi’s family was tricked and lost everything so they are worried about the granddaughter. Then, Aoi’s grandfather told Minato that he’ll leave his daughter to him. <- take care of her though probably meant marry her. Minato sighs and thinks that he doesn’t want to destroy the grandfathers’ hope. He tells Yuuma that he is more or less, just supporting her a bit.

At the office, the other staff has returned and saw Ririko entertaining the client. The HYA staff takes over from Ririko. The client says that Ririko already thought him well. The staff member laughs and says that it seems that he doesn’t have to come.

Ririko says that she only taught him the fundamental operations. [<- probably teaching how to use the internet/computer] Ririko sees her father yawning. Ririko offers to make him some tea. She suggests that he rest for a while before the next commissioned work arrives. His father says okay.
Later on, Aoi hurries to the library for her SHR dragged on too long and Minato should be there already. Then, she heard some laughter. She looks at the side to see Minato talking with a couple of girls. She thinks that he isn’t at the library yet.

She wonders if one of them is his, it was said to be someone from another school. She thinks that Minato has already forgotten about their meeting. After Aoi is studying for some time in the library, Minato joins her on the table. She says that she thought he won’t come or he has forgotten. He tells her they just agreed on it during lunch break so how can he forget.

He was only delayed by some friends. This made Aoi relieved since he said friends. Minato asks what she is studying today. Just when Aoi is going to tell him about it, she asks today, so he isn’t going to help her out only for today. Minato says that he did say for a while unless, it will do if he just help her out for today. Aoi shakes her head and says no, she doesn’t mean that.
Minato tells her that he isn’t sure if he can teach her. Aoi is happy that he’ll teach her not just for today. He tells her that he isn’t sure if it is correct or not so don’t have high expectations about his explanation. <- he is more on self-study. He asks her to first solve 10 problems for him to know her situation. She nervously says, okay..

After she managed to answer them, Minato checks the answers. She looks at him then notices the cat strap looking a bit rugged. Minato tells him that out of 10, she got 5 wrong answers. Then, he asks what is she looking at..his bag. Aoi denies it and says that she is just wondering if his girlfriend would object to him lending his time to her after school.

Then, Aoi wonders what to do for she is talking too much. If she said that, he’ll definitely say that he’ll teach her only for today. Minato says that it doesn’t matter for she [Ririko] is currently preparing for the exams so she is so busy and had totally ignored him.
Aoi is surprised for Minato looks unhappy. She thinks that it cannot be helped for the girlfriend is preparing for the exams, but at this time, based Minato’s expression, it isn’t merely because of the exams.. She wonders if Minato’s girlfriend isn’t a very kind and considerate person.

Just then, Serina arrives and greets them. Puzzled Aoi greets her back. Minato asks didn’t she already gone home. Serina says that she heard that he is studying in the library. That is so rare so she came back. Minato glares at Yuuma who gestures that it wasn’t him but someone else who said that.

Clinging on to Minato, Serina says that she also wants to study here. Minato says that it is okay if she wants to study but let go of him since he couldn’t write. Aoi thinks that Minato’s voice is so gentle, and they look close, so is that girl really just a friend. Serina tries to probe who Aoi is like is she a new transfer, why is he teaching her, is she someone she knows.
Minato tells her that he has friends whom she definitely doesn’t know. This irks Serina. She changes tactic by taking Aoi’s notebook to read her name. Serina says that she haven’t heard of her so are they [Minato and Aoi] friends, when did they know each other, where she lives, what kind of work her family does..

Minato takes the notebook from Serina and says that there’s no need for Aoi to answer Serina. This made Serina angry. She screams why Minato is teaching her when he never did that before. Minato tells her to go home if she doesn’t want to study. Serina angrily left. Yuuma goes after her. Everyone is muttering about the ruckus. Aoi says that he made Serina angry. Minato assures her that it is fine and they are going elsewhere.

Aoi laments that today is over because of what happened. While walking in the streets, Minato tells Aoi that Serina is his cousin so if he gave her a hint, Serina will definitely go running to their grandfather to ask about Aoi. So even if Serina asked, it is better not to say a word. Aoi blushes for he was thinking of her.
Minato brings her to a public space where one can study and working. [something like various private meeting rooms] The place is called Space One. Minato explains that Serina might go to the library again and Aoi would want to quietly study before the exams. The secretary calls out to Minato who asks if there is a free room. Aoi nervously says that it is for members..

Minato says that this is his family’s building so there’s no need to worry. Giving her a business card of Space One, Minato tells her to use it anytime she wants. Soon, they are studying in a room. Aoi thinks that Minato’s method isn’t as detailed and serious like a tutor but it is almost like self-study even if he would choose some problems that she will solve on her own.

She wonders why he would do it up to this degree for her. She wonders if she is a bit special to him. Later on, after coming out of the toilet, Aoi sees Minato looking at his cellphone. He looks serious then he sighs.
Noticing Aoi, he tells her there’s no need to force herself to match the time when he goes home and she obviously can still continue to study.. Aoi scowls and wonders if it is his girlfriend who made him have that kind of expression. She thinks that girlfriend is quite heartless and if it is her, she absolutely won’t make Minato have that kind of expression.

Aoi says that she has been troubling him and he is helping her a lot but she apologizes that she couldn’t pay him back..but..if there is anything she can do, please tell her and she’ll do it so please cheer up! That night, after a bath, Minato wonders if he was so listless that other people noticed it.

Then, he gets a message from Ririko asking if he can meet with her tomorrow morning. The next morning, at his place, Ririko apologizes to Minato for hanging up on him. She was always receiving clients, answering phone calls and messages. She saw his message when she was free after she went home.. She bows and apologizes for taking a long time to answer him.
Minato looks surprised and says that he isn’t angry. She calls him a liar for he would always sends that kind of expression in the message. It is some bored cat on a tube saying ‘ah-’. Ririko says that she immediately noticed that he is angry so she’s really sorry. Minato pokes her forehead then smiles. She asks if he is really not angry.

He says yes, and speaking of that, since she specially came over to explain, it immediately vanish into thin air. He leans to kiss her but they were interrupted by a tenant coughing out loud. Ririko tells him that she didn’t tell him yesterday that her father comes home late at night then, he would immediately go out.

He’ll come and go that he didn’t get to rest. His complexion isn’t quite good. Minato asks if there are midnight commissions. Ririko says that basically, there aren’t much and he just couldn’t just leave the staff member to handle the business so it seems that he is also busy at night.
Until things are a bit stable, at this time, she wants to help out her father at work so that it can resolve her father’s lack of sleep. Minato tells her that it is better if she told him earlier. Ririko says that she didn’t think that this kind of situation would happen.

Telling him about it seems like she is saying that she doesn’t have the energy to attend to him, so she couldn’t say it out. Ririko sheepishly smiles and thinks that it is because her father got sick before so upon seeing his awful complexion, she felt that she must pay attention to his body. She doesn’t want to have an uneasy state of mind.

Ririko shakes her head and tells herself not to think of that. Ririko smiles and apologizes to Minato for she has to leave. Minato calls out to her. He holds out his arms. She thinks that he wants a hug so she quickly goes to him. Minato pats her head. She recalls him asking her before if doing that makes her feel at ease.
Ririko thinks that it seems that uneasiness which is hidden somewhere in her brain for a long time couldn’t be removed but with his warmth, it melted and slowly disappeared. She tells him that when they just knew each other, he also hugged her though at that time, she was startled. Right now, she’s really at ease..

She hugs him tight and thanks him. I like you the most! It was so sudden that Minato doesn’t know how to respond. As they head to the station, Ririko tells him not to mind her too much for there is a lot of work to do and they are in mid-week of the exams. He asks if she’ll be alright with her exams. She says that she’ll just review this notebook and everything is okay.

She asks him to thank Etsuko for her. Minato says that if he did, Etsuko would become arrogant. Waving at him, Ririko wishes him good luck with his review for the exams. Soon, Minato is tutoring Aoi again. Minato says that Aoi got all 10 problems correct. Aoi is really happy about this. She glances at Minato and thinks that she really likes him and she’ll definitely surpass his girlfriend.
Chapter 38 – Studying at a restaurant with Serina, Yuuma says that he doesn’t know the specifics but it feels that Minato has an agreement about something but of course, there is no other reason since he doesn’t think that Minato has that kind of idea towards that girl.

Serina furiously says that Aoi even pretend to have that shy expression which really infuriates her and if she were really shy, she ought to appropriately refuse Minato when he said that they study together. So, shameless!

The waitress brings their order so Yuuma suggests that she rest for a while since the food is here. Serina happily says that it is okonomiyaki with a design on top. Yuuma says that he asked the store to make it like that.
Serina says that if Aoi is looking for trouble, she is going to tell everything to Ririko. Yuuma tells her not to be like that. He smiles as Serina exclaims that it is delicious. He tells her that there is some soy sauce on her face. She couldn’t find it so she asks him to help her out. He obliges by wiping the soy sauce from her face.

At Space One, Minato tells Aoi that she got 9 correct out of 10 problems. He tells her that she was wrong in the computation but she was right on how to solve it. Aoi says that she’ll be careful next time. He comments that she’s very enthusiastic. Aoi says that she is troubling him to teach her so she doesn’t want it to go to waste.

Her target is to get a grade of 100 in the exam so she’s striving hard. After looking surprised, Minato smiles over this and says, gambatte. She wants him to smile at her and she doesn’t want him to have that kind of [listless] expression. Just like this, she’s at his side. When he is listless, even if it is just for a little bit, she can help him..
Soon, exams had started. Walking at the school’s courtyard, Yuuma says that it is great that he got an average grade in physics. This time, he was really a bit worried and everything is thanks to Minato’s notes. Minato says that he troubled him in taking care of Serina and it is a great help that Serina immediately recovered her mood.

Yuuma says that it is thanks to Ririko’s contribution. Minato asks what Ririko did. Yuuma says about is putting a bait in front of Serina. Minato is puzzled. Yuuma smiles at him and says that even if Minato didn’t ask him, he’ll properly take care of Serina. Minato smiles back. Just then, Tadamori calls out to the two.

When Yuuma asked why he is in his PE uniform, Tadamori explains that he is practicing for next week’s balls tournament. [<- sports festival that involves balls] He is going to play soccer. He asks the two if they aren’t going to practice. They tell him that they don’t have practice today for the classes are taking turns in using the gym.
Just then, Aoi calls out to Minato to show off her math exam with a grade of 94. She says that even if she didn’t get 100 but she is very happy for this is the first time she got a great grade. Minato’s friends say that is amazing.

Aoi says that it is thanks to Minato’s tutoring and she is totally grateful. Minato slightly smiles and says that’s really good. She asks them if they aren’t going to practice for the balls tournament. Minato says that they are going to play basketball though there is no practice today. When asked about her, Aoi says that she is playing volleyball. He says gambatte and left with his friends.

Aoi thinks that studying with Minato after school is already over. She wonders if he’ll agree if she asks him to teach her occasionally. She thinks no but then, he didn’t mention about giving the share space [space one] card back to him so if it is occasionally, perhaps..
Then, someone greets her a good afternoon. Aoi becomes nervous for it is Serina. Serina says that she was startled for Aoi is unexpectedly looking [long for look] at Minato. She thought that Aoi is a very sincere person but unexpectedly, she is a ‘moving faction’. [<- proactive type?]

Aoi thinks that she didn’t notice it. She explains that she is just thanking Minato because she is very happy for getting a good grade due to Minato teaching her. Serina smiles at her which made Aoi slightly nervous. Aoi says that she is going ahead for she has practice. Serina says that Minato has a girlfriend.

Aoi stops walking and says that she knows and it is a girl from another school. Serina exclaims if she already knows of Hayakawa!? This surprised Aoi for she immediately thinks of Ririko. She dismisses it as not related for that isn’t a rare surname. Serina says then, there’s no problem for she is just afraid that if Aoi would have some weird expectation, then that’s really pitiful, right.
During volleyball practice, Aoi is in deep thought. She suddenly takes out her phone and asks Ririko if she’s going to the supermarket today. Ririko replies that today is no good. Aoi asks how about tomorrow. Ririko says that it is okay if she’ll go home quickly.

Waiting at the supermarket, Aoi thinks that she knows about Minato’s girlfriend for it is a girl, who make Minato have that kind of expression. She is definitely some model or actress-type beauty who is very willful. Then, Ririko calls out to Aoi. She asks if she waited a long time. She isn’t quite familiar how to go there from the station.

Aoi asks if she didn’t ride her bicycle. Ririko says that she isn’t going to buy anything today so she came here from school. Aoi apologizes for troubling her. Ririko says that it is fine, and Aoi is definitely troubled about what food to cook, right. This made Aoi tense for she is just curious because her surname is the same with Minato’s girlfriend. Yet how come she couldn’t ask her.
Aoi says that Ririko’s very busy so forget about today. Ririko laughs and says that she is already here so might as well go around once. Ririko tells her that she also has something to do on the weekend so she cannot go to the supermarket.

While Ririko is looking at the sale posters, Aoi thinks that it is terrible if it [the girlfriend] is a person who’ll think of her this way.. [<- taking time from busy schedule to help her] Then, Aoi notices a cat strap on Ririko’s bag. She immediately recalls Minato telling her that it is a remembrance between him and his girlfriend.

Ririko happily informs her that there is a sale on fried tofu and streaky pork so how about making a meat roll. It’s cheap, simple and easy to eat.. Then, she notices Aoi is staring at her in surprise. She calls out to Aoi who thinks that it is impossible that it is Ririko.
Aoi asks if that strap is popular for she has seen someone having it. Ririko asks if she is referring to the cat strap. She says that even if she isn’t quite sure but she heard the store owner said that it is a couple’s special. Aoi thinks that it is really popular.

She says speaking of lovers, Ririko said before that she has someone she likes, is he a boyfriend and does he have a pair with her. Ririko slightly smiles and says yes. Aoi thinks that it is a gentle expression. Aoi says that it’s really great, what kind of person he is, are they from the same school, what is his name? Aoi mentally tells herself to stop for she doesn’t want to hear it.

Ririko is surprised by the barrage of questions that it makes her embarrassed. She tells Aoi not to talk about that topic anymore and just go shop. Aoi says it is alright and she just wants to talk about it with her. She asks Ririko to show her a picture of him. Aoi thinks that even if she doesn’t want to know, her mouth just wouldn’t stop.
Ririko says that she basically hasn’t taken his picture but if it is this one. She shows her a picture of Minato during school/cultural festival as a waiter [<- iirc, Yuuma gave it to her] Aoi is stunned. At school, Aoi is depressed for just one look, that person is Minato and Ririko is his girlfriend.

Just then, Yuuma and Minato pass by her. Yuuma greets her a good morning. Aoi nervously greets back. She sees the cat strap on Minato’s bag. To Yuuma and Minato’s surprise, Aoi starts to cry. Yuuma asks what’s the matter. She covers her face and says nothing, it’s nothing, sorry! Then, she runs off. Yuuma wonders out loud if Aoi is being bullied again. Minato looks thoughtful.

Aoi thinks that at one side, she wants to definitely reject but she couldn’t say it out. It would be great if the girlfriend is someone she doesn’t know because if his girlfriend is some willful person that makes one dislike her, then.. It is absolutely no good to fall in love with Ririko’s most important person. She has to give up. It is alright. She won’t see him, and then she won’t think of him.
She definitely can forget. As long as they reach summer vacation..when they reach second term, definitely.. It is possible that this time is very painful but it is alright, she can definitely forget. After practice, Minato passes by Aoi who just nods at him. Minato seems worried/puzzled by her behavior.

At some huge mansion, an old man holds a glass of champagne for a toast. He tells his visitors that last year, an accident caused him to be hospitalized for a long time and made everyone worried about him for a long time. Right now, as they can now see, he is already totally alright so everyone can relax. This year, due to his willfulness, he wants to gather his relatives and friends from all places to wholeheartedly thank..

Dressed in a kimono, Aoi tries to tell her grandfather that she isn’t good with this kind of gathering. Her grandfather says that he is old friends with Nomiya [guesswork from 野宮] and this is just a birthday party celebrating his recovery.
He says that Nomiya had a serious injury. When he visited him, Nomiya couldn’t even get out of bed so he was really worried about him at that time. He says that Aoi used to play here often when she was an infant so go and greet him. Aghast Aoi totally doesn’t recall it. Aoi’s grandfather goes to exchange greetings with Nomiya.

Aoi was introduced to Nomiya who compliments her for becoming a beautiful ojousama. Aoi’s grandfather asks if Suou is coming. Nomiya says that he was informed that he’ll be late. Aoi wonders if Suou refers to Minato’s grandfather. Nomiya shouts that speaking of the devil.. He calls out to Minato’s grandfather to join them.

Aoi blushes upon seeing Minato who is accompanying his grandfather. Upon seeing her, Minato slightly smiles. He joins the conversation with the grandfathers who are greeting each other. Aoi wonders why when she obviously decided not to think of him again..

Soon, Aoi is by herself by the wall. Minato goes to her and asks where her grandfather is. She says that he is over there talking with his friends. Minato asks if she’s arranged for a miai [blind date with intention to marry] afterwards because she is wearing a kimono.

Aoi thinks that it is because she wore a similar furisode [formal kimono] before.. She says that there is no miai and almost all of her clothes before are disposed of.. Minato says that’s good for it seems that her situation in school isn’t quite good and he thought that she is perplexed over refusing a miai. Aoi perks up since he is concerned about her.

Just then, a couple calls out to Minato. As Minato joins the couple, Aoi thinks that it is impossible that he came for her. She knew that when she heard him talk with the host. Even if it is like that, she is happy that he can pay attention to her. She shakes her head and thinks, no, she already decided not to see him again..
Just then, a waiter offers Aoi a drink. A guy comments to his friends that Aoi is cute and wonders if he’ll go talk[ with intention to flirt] with her. Overhearing this, Aoi becomes tense for she doesn’t want to talk with anyone.

A friend of the guy tells him no for that is Madenojouji’s granddaughter, the guy who went bankrupt. It is that old geezer who is smiling leisurely. Minato has also overheard those remarks. Aoi is embarrassed as she hears them say that thanks to Aoi’s grandfather, the business failed.

And, yet he would even join this kind of gathering. If it was him [guy talking], he’ll absolutely be so ashamed that he won’t come here. Aoi’s grandfather definitely came to suck up to the others. Aoi is teary-eyed over this while the others laugh.
Minato calls out to Aoi and tells her that they go outside for a while. Aoi says that they are so mean when her grandfather just came to see his friend who had recovered his health but.. She wonders why they can say such cruel things when they obviously didn’t know..

Minato tells her that he knows that her grandfather isn’t that kind of person. He is always a close friend whether to his grandfather and Nomiya. They know that. As long as they understand Aoi’s grandfather, no matter what outsiders say, as long as they believe in him that is enough, isn’t it?

Aoi thinks that Minato said that with unwavering eyes. Upon seeing her sobbing, Minato tries to get a handkerchief from his pocket. To his surprise, she clings on him. He puts his hand on her shoulder and notices that she’s trembling. Aoi thinks that her house is suddenly gone, then, she is in a strange place with malicious strangers.
 Minato puts down his hand. Then, he glares at the bystanders who are giving him the look. He thinks that it seems that for them, he made her cry. Aoi thinks that she wants this person, if this person’s eyes would only just look at her, even if the whole world became her enemy, she won’t be afraid. She holds on to Minato tighter and mentally apologizes to Ririko for in the end, she still likes Minato.

On another day, Ririko sees Minato at the train station. She goes to him and greets him a good morning. She says that today is the balls tournament and he’ll participated in the basketball game right so after her class’ game, she’ll go to cheer for him. Minato lamely says ya. She wonders why he is listless.

She looks at his bag and didn’t see the cat strap. She asks him about it but he lamely says that it is nothing, thanks. Then, he just walks away. Aoi thinks that they obviously bought a pair so did he take it off and if he did, does it mean that they had already broken up.
Then, a volley ball hits her on the face. Her teammate gives her a thumbs up [for hitting it]. Aoi wonders what she is thinking but indeed, from the looks of it, progress isn’t going smoothly. At the gym, Minato and Yuuma are doing excellent teamwork that caused their team to score a basket.

At the other gym, Aoi’s classmates laments over losing and hope the guys won. Some girls call out to them that the high school competition is super cool at the second gym so come and watch. Aoi happily thinks that it is Minato’s competition.

After the game, Yuuma and others are saying that they are hungry and if they win the next game, it will be the finals. They talk about what to eat. Yuuma holds the basketball and says that the one whom he hits will treat them out. He throws it towards Minato but he missed everyone.
Minato takes the ball and says not to throw it at this side. He throws the ball to Yuuma who manages to dodge it. They were surprised to hear a scream. The ball just hit Aoi and she is lying on the floor. Minato and Yuuma ask if she is fine. Aoi opens her eyes and want to say that she’s fine, she’ll stand up..but she passes out.

Later on, Aoi suddenly opens her eyes. She sits up and finds herself in the infirmary. She recalls that Minato and others are fooling around and she got hit by the ball. Her head hurts. She goes out of the room to find Minato sound asleep on the sofa. She looks at him and wonders why he is..
She blushes for she realizes that he must have carried her there. No way, if it were so, it’s so embarrassing. Even if she doesn’t really know but for him to be here.. Teaching her to study.. Helping her out at the party. Letting her cry at his chest. The strap is also gone. She leans down to sleeping Minato and kisses him.
Comment: I admit that I don’t quite like Aoi. Perhaps, more than how Serina was before. I guess it is because she is acting like a nice girl and everything but then, for her own desires, she can somewhat backstab someone who had helped her a lot. But then, she did try to ‘kill off’ those feelings.

At this time, Serina’s ‘attacks’ on Aoi is welcomed. I somewhat think, good, that will make Aoi stop daydreaming. This does seem like a case of treating the opposite sex well because of some other reasons but the person ends up becoming full of himself/herself and thinks that s/he is special to that person.

Serina immediately notices it but it seems Minato has not. Well, he does have good intentions on helping out a new transfer student who happens to be somewhat related his grandfather who is worried about her. After all, her family just lost everything and this is helping out a relative’s friend’s granddaughter in a difficult situation.

Unfortunately, Aoi became too dependent on him that everything for her is starting to revolve around him instead of adjusting to the new school and making new friends. It doesn’t help that Aoi tends to be a target of bullying so Minato would be a bit nice to her. Was Minato this nice before or Ririko’s kindness is rubbing on him? ^^;;

Ririko is also too nice. She took time out of her super busy schedule to help out Aoi. She was super concerned that Aoi was in a pinch on what to cook when actually Aoi just wanted to confirm if she is Minato’s girlfriend.

So, Aoi tends to read too much over things. Just because of a bit of lover’s quarrel, she thinks that Minato’s girlfriend is some stuck-up beauty whom she can easily compete with, and someone who doesn’t deserve him. Just because he treats her nice and the strap is missing, they must have broken up. And, when the opportunity arrives, steal a kiss.

I cannot help but wonder if Aoi is in a different series and the guy is unattached, she would definitely be the heroine = poor girl who falls for the handsome popular guy who is nice to her. Still, she is just a junior high kid and he is her first crush so given that, I guess it is understandable for her to act that way. But then, it doesn’t mean what she did is right. Anyway, the Minato x Ririko lovey-dovey scene is nice. Yuuma is also making progress with Serina ^^ Scans by all★wink汉化组

Word of the day:
To bring out the best in those around you, give them encouragement and show them loving appreciation. ‘The sweetness of a man’s friend gives delight by hearty counsel. Proverbs 27:9’ ~ Mottos for Success by M.S. Fontaine


  1. Nooooooo I hope its not a real kiss. Minato and ririko are just super super superrr perfect for each other... T.T *cries in a corner*

    1. It seems to be a real kiss, Saranes.

      Don't worry, those two will definitely end up together.

  2. That is what happens when a guy is too nice to a girl who happens to like him. * sigh ( Here we go again. * This is very troublesome because Minato has the tendency to accept any girl who confesses to him. Remember his binders full of pictures of all the girls who have loved him. This will not go well. Remember, there' another ex that is yet to reappear. We've seen her twice already, and the first time, Mnato stared at her and thought his girlfriends had all been very beautiful. She reappeared again at one point,and I have a feeling that after this Aoi arc, that is, if this isn't the last one, there will be a arc for that girl.

    1. Hm..megaworthit, for now, it seems unlikely. He would have to dump Ririko to do that or go two-timing.

      After checking the official webpage, apparently, this series will end soon. Rough estimate is 5 chapters from this one. So, things ought to wrap up soon.

    2. Well. that's good news. I'm sure he will clearly reject this girl within 5 chapters, and the ex won't have her own arc.

      Because seriously, it will take longer than 5 chapters if he two times Ririko or forced to dump her, or Ririko sees them, and dumps him.

    3. Yup. And if he didn't reject her, something else happened to make her finally give it up.

      Ya..and it kind of defeats the purpose of the story/their love story.

  3. Just like Tsubasa to hotaru, events turn too troublesome when guys are just too nice, especially to girls whom they actually know like them. A girl in love always misconstrues every guy's " kind" action to mean that somehow, the guy has feelings for her, or worse, she has a chance to take him away from his girlfriend, which is actually happening here.

    Minato should be aware that he cannot be nice and friendly to just about anyone when he has a girlfriend, because any girl will take it as " open season".

    Unfortunately, and for some reason, I really don't feel a great love for Ririko. Minato is just too casual in his relationship with Ririko. He's in a relationship that is fragile and easy to break, especially in real life.

    1. True, megaworthit. Though here, I would assume that Minato didn't know/notice that Aoi has a thing for him. Still, I'm not sure if I would find Aoi totally not at fault either. ^^;

      Well, for me, I would prefer moderation compared to being too nice or not being nice at all. Then, perhaps, if the girl/boy is going over the line, tell him/her some character did in a different series. =P

      I see.

    2. Uhm, Kat, didn't Aoi actually confess to him ? She did, right ? So , Minato knows all along she likes him, but that didn't stop him going along with her requests. That has always been his problem in this relationship. he's also like that with Serina.... like letting her cling to him as they walk, for example, like they are boyfriend-girlfriend.

      I don't think Minato is ready yet for this kind of relationship. I don't think he will change . Perhaps, in time, yes, but it's still early years, there will be many more of this circumstances to come, if even they're still in relationship I years to come. I highly doubt it. I cannot imagine college where girls will be more aggressive and straightforward.

    3. No, Aoi didn't. It's all in her head.

      From the looks of things, I think Minato didn't know since he is busy getting frustrating for not having quality time with Ririko. Then, he seems to pass time with Aoi by helping her a bit being his grandfather's friend's granddaughter. The girl is also being bullied.

      Still, Serina is a relative, right? She has been doing that since they were kids? Minato did told her off here so I think Minato can say no when he has to.

      Maybe in real life...but this is shoujo so mostly likely, things will turn out okay.

  4. hi, thankyou for your summary for this series, i'm looking forward for the next chapters :)

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    1. Thanks for reading, ndy ^-^

      Actually no. I read a few chapters but I didn't find it that interesting.