August 10, 2016

Hatsu Haru [Chapters 9 - 10]

Chapter 9: The cicadas are chirping loudly. Perspiring Kai thinks that it’s really hot. While he looked out the classroom’s window, someone covers his eyes. He asks, “..what?” The other person says that it is nothing. It is Riko who then hugs him from behind. She says that she only wants to do this, that’s all.

Kai holds her hand and asks what happened between her and THAT PERSON. Riko says that it already doesn’t matter for right now, having Kai is enough. Then, Kai holds her head to kiss her. The cicadas chirp louder. Someone is calling his name. Suwa is calling out his name.

Kai snaps out of it and notices that he is holding Suwa’s head to kiss him. Suwa says that Kai’s awake and they are currently in class. Kai screams in disgust. The other classmates are amused. Kai quickly glances at Riko who looks surprised then immediately looks away from him.

That was a blow to Kai. He thinks that the cicadas kept on chirping and summer break is about to come. Regrettably, it is only in a dream where he can see that kind of beautiful romance. Currently, it is an enormous challenge and no progress at all.
During lunch, while eating, Kai grumpily thinks that he even almost kissed his rival. Miki calls out to his friends and says that he is going to watch the fireworks together with Kiyo so what is a suitable outfit, how about a yukata!?

Tarou comments that things are progressing smoothly for him. He plans to go with some S girls. Taka doesn’t plan on going because it is crowded. Kai advises Miki to brush his teeth white so that they can kiss as they wish. Flustered Miki shouts what he is saying when their relationship isn’t like that.

Kai asks if they aren’t going steady. Miki says that they aren’t. Kai says that didn’t they already gone out a date a few times already. Miki says that it isn’t a date for they are just hanging out together. Kai calls him stupid for that is called a date, you slow-witted brat.

Miki says that he really likes Kiyo but he still doesn’t know what she feels for him since he is short and doesn’t have self-confidence. Tarou pats Miki’s head and says yes, yes, it is because it is first love so he’s very cautious. That irks Miki.
Kai advises Miki to forget about the yukata, just wear his usual casual clothes and go. If Kiyo wears a yukata, and she’ll probably wears some geta [wooden sandals], she might not be able to keep on walking a lot. This will also put Miki in a predicament. So wear casual shoes in which he can walk with for a long time.

Because of Kiyo’s timid personality, even if her feet hurt, she won’t say it out so he better pay attention when her way of walking becomes abnormal. Miki is sparkling that Kai asks what is it. Miki says that it is nothing but he is just amazed over Kai’s personal experiences that he became a veteran. Miki thanks him and says that he’ll pay attention to that.

He asks if Kai is going to the fireworks festival. Kai is surprised. He thinks that he really wants to go with Riko but he imagines that the conversation will end in 0.1 second when she replies why she would go with him to the fireworks festival. Kai says that there’s no meaning for him to go. He won’t go this year so they have fun. His friends feel sorry for him and he isn’t into it if it is with other girls.
At the roof, Kiyo informs her friends that she’ll wear a yukata for today’s fireworks festival. Riko says that’s good and is she dating with Miki. Kiyo exclaims no, they are just hanging out together and they don’t have that kind of relationship.. They inform her that is considered dating.

Kagura approves of Miki, being a honest kid, since he isn’t like that cockscomb-head [Tarou]. Riko advises Kiyo to wear adhesive bandages if she is going to wear geta-s. Ayumi asks if Riko and Kagura are going. Kagura says that she won’t for she feels tired. Riko is also not going. Ayumi says that she is going there for reporting. Kiyo tells them that she is going home early to ask her mother to help her with the yukata.

Riko quietly slurps her apple juice. She still couldn’t believe that it turned out to be Kai who made those apple slices. It is just quite unexpected yet she still hasn’t thanked him even if she thanked him for carrying her home. She thinks that she’s really stupid for how come she didn’t say thank you when she found out about it.
Riko snaps out of it when Kiyo asks why her face is so red. Riko claims that it is because it is so hot. Kiyo exclaims if it is heatstroke. Ayumi suddenly have an idea and suggests that she’s actually thinking of who’ll she go with to the fireworks display.

Ayumi urges her to tell her and she’ll keep it a secret. Flustered Riko shouts that she wasn’t! Walking at the hallway, Riko wonders why the topic changed like that and if she tells it to Ayumi, the school will know about it the next day. She wonders why it is Kai when the person she likes is-- Then, Suwa calls out to her. Riko blushes.

Depressed Kai looks out the classroom’s window and sees all the lovey-dovey couples below. He can only be very jealous that he hopes they die. He mopes and wonders when it started that he became a petty jerk.. He really wants to go the fireworks festival with Riko.

Then, Riko goes in the classroom and says that it’s great that he is still here. Surprised Kai asks whaaat is it. She asks him if he has any plans afterwards. Kai wonders what’s with this topic..wrong, wrong, he’s an idiot, the fireworks display is going to be held today after school and for her to ask that kind of question, there is only that kind of possibility.
Looking sideways while blushing, Kai says that honestly, there is none. Riko happily says that’s great. Sparkling Kai thinks that she’s so cute. And, he becomes furious while stapling the papers for summer homework with Riko. Riko asks why he is angry.

Kai denies it. She asks if he actually have invited some girl to the fireworks display-type of thing. He says that’s so silly for a guy with his level. He claims that he had earlier on got tired of going to that kind of place!!! Riko says is that so, then that’s good.

Kai mentally curses for she is unexpectedly playing around with his pure feelings but then, she is too arrogant. Soon, after a lot of stapling papers, Kai looks at her and thinks that dream felt somewhat real. It’s so warm and very soft. Kai suddenly mutters, he felt it..

Riko looks at him and asks what he said. He tells her that it is nothing. He thinks that this isn’t reassuring. Then, it is Riko’s turn to watch him and look at his hand. She recalls how he cut the apples. Noticing this, he nervously asks what she is looking at. He wonders if she really heard what he just said. Riko denies that she is looking at him.
After a pause, Riko admits that she is looking at him. This is freaking Kai out. She comments that he is really capable. He asks what she is saying when anyone can staple papers together. Flustered Riko says that she isn’t talking about that. Puzzled Kai wonders why she is angry but then, her angry face is also very cute.

Soon, they are outside the school. They hear some firecrackers exploding in the sky. Looking up, Riko says that the fireworks festival is starting. Riko says that it is because Kai is dilly-dallying while working so it is already late. He tells her that he is just a meticulous in everything type of guy. He suggests that since it is already this time, how about they look at the fireworks a bit before going home.

He prays to God that in order to have the opportunity to say out this kind of words, he won’t hesitate in becoming very careful to hide that he’s a despicable person. He felt that he is a disgrace for ‘tricking’ Riko. At the festival where there are many food stalls, Riko says that there are so many people. Looking at excited Riko, Kai wonders if he properly invited her, would she come with him.
Riko tells him that Miki and Kiyo are also coming today and she doesn’t know where they’ll smoothly go afterwards, it is just a matter of time. Upon seeing a stall selling candy apples, Kai buys two for them. He offers one to her but she isn’t reacting so he asks if she won’t eat. Preparing to take the apple, she says that he really likes apples.

Kai says that it isn’t considered as really liking it but in strolling around the stalls, there are a lot of these. Riko scowls then suddenly turns to walk away. Kai thinks that it seems that he made her unhappy but why, what did he do wrong. Then, Riko is getting bump by the other people. Kai suddenly holds her wrist and asks if she is alright. She looks at him and says yes, sorry. She feels that he is holding her hand tightly.

Kai says that they are going. He leads the way while holding her hand. He tells her that even if it is alright for now but anyway, she’ll quickly be crowded in again because she’s so small. This made Riko pout. He tells her that he’ll be perplexed if she got lost. Riko tells him not to treat her like a kid. He tells her that her body shape is almost the same [as a kid’s].
Kai thinks that is a lie for actually, he only wants to hold her hand that’s all. Ah, but, he didn’t imagine that there will be this kind of scenario. Until now, he had already gone steady with a lot of girls and he held their hands so many times.

There are also many times when he even went a step further of going steady. [<- not sure if he means more than kissing and stuff.] But he never experienced his heart beating this fast like now. Can merely just holding each other hands cause one’s heart to shake this much? Then, beautiful fireworks lit up the sky. Riko tells Kai that it has already started. Kai just says ya.

Riko looks at the candy apple and thinks that she has not yet thanked him about the apples. There is a scene of Miki and Kiyo looking at the fireworks in the sky. Someone is taking pictures. Riko asks Kai if they aren’t going to look at the fireworks. While keep on walking, Kai thinks that he felt that he isn’t in the mood to look at fireworks.
Chapter 10: Aside from Kai, there is another guy whose heart is beating fast on that day. Earlier that day, Miki is very nervous while waiting for Kiyo. He wonders about Kai’s stupid suggestion about brushing his teeth for a beautiful kiss. 

Then, Miki arrives in a yukata. She apologizes for the wait. Sparkling Miki says it is okay since he just arrived. He is amazed for it is like what Kai said. He told himself to pay attention to her geta just like what Kai mentioned. He thinks that she is definitely interested in him for they dated so many times so today, he’ll definitely confess. 

While walking at the food stalls, Miki thinks that he should do something cool but then, what is it to be manly. He immediately thinks of Riko for she is ‘righteous’ who beats up any jerks [/Kai] who make girls cry. She’s a man’s man!! So, he would have to send flying any delinquents causing Kiyo problems.
Miki thinks but then, he doesn’t want to get involved with delinquents since they’re scary. Kiyo comments that there are a lot of stalls and where would he want to go. Miki starts to wonder what Tarou would answer at this time. He’s popular so he should be very manly. He decides to use Tarou’s line. 

With a fluffy expression, Miki says anywhere is okay, they’ll just go where she wants to go. This seems to catch Kiyo off guard that she is at a loss over what to say. He wonders if it made Kiyo think that he is indecisive so shouldn’t he just say where he wants to go and lead her there. It turns out that Kiyo is just surprised by his fluffy expression. 

Then, Tarou, surrounded by his fangirls, calls out to the two. He tells the two that there are his classmates. He praises Kiyo that she is really cute in her yukata. Kiyo thanks him.
Miki is teary-eyed for he also thought she is cute but because he is so nervous, he wasn’t able to say it. Tarou bids them goodbye for he doesn’t want to disturb them. Miki angrily thinks that he shouldn’t learn from that lewd wolf. Tarou is obviously the successor of the shrine so how come he doesn’t have a bit of restraint. 

Just quickly learn from Kagura who is currently busy sweeping their shrine for she doesn’t care anything about any fireworks display. Miki decides to learn from a decent standard type of guy..that will be Taka. Then, he gloomily sits down on the ground and thinks that is impossible for he cannot learn that. They were interrupted by Ayumi who took their picture. She greets them and asks how they are getting along.
Ayumi is all alone since she’s the only one from the news club who came there. She is quite excited over the interesting data that she got. Ayumi says that she’ll give them a copy of the picture. And one more picture, get closer and be more lovey-dovey. The two blushes and freaks out while they say what she is saying, the two of them aren’t.. 

And, Ayumi took a picture of them looking so stiff. She tells them to just consider it as a ‘young and inexperienced’ memory. She bids them goodbye for she’s a third wheel. Miki looks at flustered Kiyo. He becomes nervous for Ayumi caused her to think of all sorts of things. 

Miki hasn’t done anything yet Kiyo is already scared and unable to move forward.. He asks about going somewhere else. Kiyo is saying, about..about that.. He wanted to make her more sincere so he decides to learn from Kai this time around. He calls out to her. She exclaims, yes!?
Miki couldn’t say anything and thinks that Kai’s attentiveness is his ability that has been nurtured by being a popular guy all year around and that isn’t something he can learn and copy in an instant. Kiyo is totally confused. 

Soon, the two are just quietly walking together. Miki wonders what to do for the fireworks are going to start soon yet they haven’t gone to a single stall and from a while ago, they didn’t talked at all. Obviously, they always got along very happily. Right now, he really wants to go home. He looks at Kiyo’s flustered and tense expression. 

He thinks that she also definitely wants to go home, too. Everything is over. Suddenly, Kiyo falls down. Miki asks what happened. He notices Kiyo’s bruised feet caused by the geta. He suddenly recalls Kai telling him that Kiyo is timid so she won’t say that her feet hurts so pay attention when she start to walk strange.
Miki thinks that he’s really awful. Don’t even say about caring for her when he even created a mood that made it difficult for them to talk. Just when Kiyo is about to explain, Miki apologizes to her. This surprises Kiyo. 

Soon, they are resting by the grassy hill at the side. Kiyo’s feet had adhesive bandages. Miki says that her feet really hurts, how about going home today first. Kiyo starts to cry that Miki asks if it really hurts. Kiyo apologizes for he didn’t have fun at all today..

She really anticipated coming here today but because she got nervous midway, she wasn’t able to say anything..her feet too..Riko obviously suggested that she wore adhesive bandages but she was scared that they won’t look good so she didn’t wear them. And in the end, this is the result. Sorry..!
Miki exclaims that she do anything wrong. He’s the one who was always thinking of having this and not having this.. He wanted to show off being cool but he never gone steady with a girl before so he totally doesn’t know what he should he was thinking what if it is Kai and others, what would they do.. Anyway, he forgot about taking care of her, the most important one [/priority]. 

He felt so ashamed that he basically couldn’t tell her to go steady with him. Sorry..just forget it.. Kiyo grabs his shirt and shouts that she doesn’t want to, she likes him who would reflect about today! She likes that when they're in the haunted house. He is obviously also scared yet he’ll comfort her that it will be alright and he’ll hold her hand. It isn’t a bit shameful. “I--”
Miki holds out his hand to her and shouts for her to wait a minute. He tells her to let him say the continuation of that. “I like you. Be my girlfriend!!” 

And, the fireworks lit up the sky. After looking surprised, Kiyo says okay! Miki mentally apologizes to Kai for calling him stupid about his suggestion to brush his teeth. Miki touches Kiyo’s face and leans to her. He suddenly stops and apologizes if it is too early. 

Kiyo says no, she’s very happy. Narration: “If you feel that she’s cute, then, you’ll naturally want to kiss her. Thank you, Kai. Thanks to your advice, it’s really great that I had put all my effort in brushing my teeth.”
At that time, Kai didn’t know what’s happening with Miki. As if his life depended on it, he wants the warmth coming from Riko’s hand. He’s praying that his feelings can somehow transfer to her palm. 

Somewhere else, Ayumi is happily looking at the pictures she took. There is stiff Miki and Kiyo. Tarou and his classmates. She is happy over the bountiful pictures she had taken so she won’t run short of things to put in the next newspaper. But, she didn’t think that she would unexpectedly take a picture this awesome [/hot news item]..what to do. It is a picture of Kai holding Riko’s hands while walking.
Comment: Lucky for Kai that he snapped out of it before he kissed Suwa. That can be very traumatizing for someone like him =P Kai does have some really good suggestions for the date. He is indeed a meticulous guy, not only in his work but in observing girls. But then, Riko had him stumped on what to do since she is ‘different’.

Nevertheless, Riko is becoming more aware of him because of the apple. ^^ For being smooth, Kai manages to go with her to the festival. She is really the one for him to be feeling all that just by holding her hand. ^^

As for the other couple, Miki has forgotten to act himself which Kiyo likes. He was indeed too busy wanting to show off to her that he forgot all about paying attention to Kiyo. In the end, they manage to tell each other why things aren’t working out on this date. And, it’s nice that Miki wanted to be the one who’ll confess first ^^

Quote of the day:
All the fireworks in the world couldn't describe the emotions a special person can stir into one's heart. ~ Author Unknown [slightly revised]


  1. Kat, in your summary, you wondered what kai meant with " There are also many times when he went further than going steady"...... Kai has so many girls in his roster that he has practically a girl he dates everyday after school. Everyday, he gets a call from a girl who tells him that her parents are not homw or will come home late, so wanna come to my place ? There's no girl that he hasn't refused. This implies that he makes out almost everyday after school.... well , it only takes a few minutes , right? Ha ha Anyways, when he took Riko home when she got sick, he was perplexed why he was so nervous to take off Riko's clothes ( he had to, Riko had high fever and got soaked in the rain.... if she didn't change her clothes, she might have pneumonia )..... and Kai thought why is he nervous, he's used to undressing girls' clothes . I can deduce Kai is a manwhore who gets sex everyday before going home. And Riko is so pure.

    1. Oh, I see, megaworthit. I had missed that line in that scene. ^^; I assumed that it is only with his niece and nephew. I guess I'm thrown off by his actions towards Riko as if he never done it before so I was unsure. ^^;; Thanks for the clarification. ^^

  2. Yeah, Kai being a playboy to the nth degree turns me off this manga. He's an ikemen, no doubt, but he's just a bit skeezy. Riko deserves someone sweet and innocent, not someone with more notches on their belt than a male Taylor Swift.

  3. Haha, is that so, Shojobitch. He doesn't seem so later on. He does seem 'sweet' with her + comedy. <- reason why I started to summarize this.

    If it is 'sweet and innocent', I cannot quite imagine what the pair would be like. I mean that would be like Riko ending up with someone who has the teacher's personality. ^^ Storywise that is =P