May 5, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 44]

To make up for the two days of separation, you can caress me as much as you want. *Shou holds Yuki’s hand to his face* You’re very lonely, right?” Narration: “Two days. Merely two days had made me understood a lot.”

At the gym, the third years call out to everyone and ask if they are properly practicing-! Himiko and the others are surprised. Shouji grabs Abe and asks what kind of response is that ‘Oh wow’. Soon, everyone is greeting the third years. Noda says that they finally have time to come and play.

Kanda says that he is a nice kid like before and didn’t he grow taller again. While laughing, Amamiya calls out where the captain went. With an expression of ‘quickly leave’, Shou asks where Yuki is. Amamiya exclaims sorry, but she didn’t come, for it is only them guys! “Cover up that expression for a bit!”
Shou asks if they don’t need to study. While Shouji is playing with the others, Kanda angrily calls him an idiot for examining students [for college] also needs to ‘relax’! Someone shouts that they play 3 on 3! Another says that relax-something is actually a lie and actually, they just came for a diversion [/relieve boredom]. Shou looks thoughtful.

Narration: “‘Relax’, basically, there is no time to speak of that word. Winter.” At a restaurant, wearing a mask, Yuki looks at her 88/100 test scores and thinks that it is not bad. “The situation is still very good but I still cannot become careless.”

Then, she overhears a couple of girls talking at the other table. A girl says then, it will only be her [<- the friend] boyfriend who’ll first go to college and that’s very lonely, right.
The friend admits that yes, it will be lonely and it would better to say she’s worried- “Sure enough.. before graduation, it is better that I allow him to do something more than kisses, right?” Yuki instantly breaks the pointed end of her mechanical pencil.

As the two girls agree that it will put both parties at ease, Yuki removes her mask and thinks, “No no no no, impossible, impossible, Between me and Naruse, it is absolutely.. *recalls him asking if she’s very lonely* ..‘lonely’.. compared to that, in these two days, it feels closer to ‘worry’.. In the end, what can be done in order to eliminate this kind of uneasiness?”

Yuki suddenly chokes on her drink when Shou holds her shoulders and greets her ‘good work’[/otsukaresama]. Standing up, she says, hey.. She whispers for him not to suddenly touch her.
Shou says that club activity is already over so let’s go home. He asks her why she is wearing a mask. Yuki says that is because she doesn’t want to see been by someone from Ryuhoku.. Shou says that basically, no one will see her and even if they did, one would just say, ‘oh’ and that’s it.

He tells her that she’s such a coward and he’ll go outside first. Yuki curses and thinks that he totally doesn’t understand her feelings.. While walking, Shou says that place has a lot of customers so can she properly studying in that kind of store?

Yuki says that she can and actually, it is quieter than her house so she can easily concentrate. Shou says that he wants to change the topic—  “Want to go on a date tomorrow?” Yuki goes !? She asks him how come he’ll think of that and the change of topic is too far off.
Shou says that occasionally she’ll also wants to relax a bit. “Anyway, after you retired, you also totally haven’t rested. *Yuki says no* Besides, tomorrow is a holiday and the club activity is only in the morning. *Yuki says no, about that..* Then, let’s see each other at 2pm at the station tomorrow...

...*Yuki nervously shouts for him to wait a minute..* Yuki-senpai, please do not make a loud ruckus at the roadside.” This made Yuki aghast. “It’s déjà vu!!” [<- in chapter 7, Shou also reprimanded her on something when he asked her out on a date for the first time.]

While choosing what to wear, Yuki thinks, “That idiot.. unexpectedly saying ‘tomorrow’-something. I also need to prepare a bit.. By the way, the first date after the official going steady is unexpectedly quite casual.. ‘first ‘date’...
...‘Officially going steady’ -> ‘date’ -> ‘some kind of progress will happen’? -> ‘perhaps, it is better to let him do something that is more than kisses’.”  She becomes aghast as she imagines herself covered in a blanket in the bed while Shou is naked on top of her and calling her, senpai...

Yuki is startled when her phone rings. It is a message from Shou saying that if it will make things difficult for her, then there’s no need to force herself about the date. She recalls him telling her that it is quite good to relax once in a while. She thinks that perhaps, he is doing this for her. She answers that it is okay.

Yuuki freezes when the twins shout, “‘Date’!?” One of the twins shakes her and exclaims if it is with Shou. The other excited twin says that she must give it her all-out effort. “Have you decided what clothes to wear!? Shoes!? Hairstyle!? By the way, I have a very cute outfit that I can lend to you.”
Yuki thinks, “, I have a bad premonition..” The next day, Shou is listening to music while waiting. Then, Yuki comes to apologize to him. Shou looks stunned for Yuki is wearing a cute hairstyle and outfit. Yuki says that she is two minutes late.

While Shou keeps on staring at her quietly, gloomy Yuki explains that her younger sisters unexpectedly said that it doesn’t matter if she’s late and even said some incredibly amazing talk about anyone going on a date while wearing pants should commit harakiri [/suicide]-type of stuff, and they helped her in all kinds of dressing up...

Yuki thinks, “He.. He is looking at me.. He is looking at me and is always staring at me. Not saying a single word. As expected, it is very strange, right. Putting makeup on-something, curling hair-something..”
Yuki is shocked when Shou stands up and snorted. He says, “Then, help me thank them.. *whispers to her ear* ..and say, ‘he said I’m very cute’.” This made Yuki blush really red. She thinks that it is no good, she is starting to become nervous and obviously, they already have a dated once before..

Shou calls out to her and says, hand.. She takes his hand as they walk together. She wonders if right now, does it look more like there is a date feeling to it.. Shou asks if she’s hungry. She says no. Shou says that is the same with him since he ate with Abe after the club activity.

In the aquarium, they are looking at some penguins. Shou comments that one looks like Shouji. Yuki asks is that so. Shou says yes and he really wants to make it try to wear a basketball uniform. Shou decides to take a picture of it to give to Shouji.
Yuki overhears some girls saying to look at that tall guy, saw his face a while ago and he is probably a model, is the girl beside him his girlfriend, they probably are since they’re holding hands, and ah, so envious. This made Yuki blush and thinks that it feels, her feelings are a bit..

She starts to pull her hand away from Shou. Noticing this, Shou pulls her away and says that they go look at the sea lion. Yuki thinks, “ is as Shou said, it is possible that I’m a bit of a coward.. *looks at some fishes swimming*...

...Obviously, after graduation, we won’t be able to see each other every day. *surprised that a dolphin falls for Shou* How can I go and hesitate over a small thing like holding hands.. *Shou puts a stuffed toy on her head* From today on— stuff that is more than kissing”
Holding her head, she says, “No, so I’m saying.. do not think of that kind of thing again.” Carrying some drinks he bought, Shou asks, what’s up with her. After thanking him, Yuki says, no, it is nothing, she just recalled a bit the word she learned from yesterday.

He tells her to at least thoroughly forget about studies during this kind of time. He asks when she is going to take the entrance exam. She says in a month. He asks her what course she wants to take. She says that it is sports science. Shou asks why.

She says why..after careful deliberations, she feels that it is probably best suits her.. He asks why. Yuki curses for it is the attack of ‘whys’. She knows that like this, if she didn’t totally tell him, he’ll always just keep on replying, ‘why’.
Yuki says that she feels that giving support to some people who are striving hard is really quite meaningful. “It will be good.. if in the future, I can find the thing that I can do in this field. *Shou seems to have thought of something* No..

...actually, I still totally do not know if I can go there or not..” He says, “You can.” This irks Yuki for he is saying that too casually. To her surprise, he says, “It’s alright. After all, it is Yuki-senpai.” This made her blush and wonder why she suddenly has stronger strength after he said, ‘It’s alright’. He excuses himself to go to the toilet.

Later on, Shou comes back to see two guys whispering. They are arguing who’ll go to Yuki first and is normally saying, ‘hello’, okay or ‘did you come here with a friend’. They wonder what to do for she looks very serious and just now, she is always staring at one place. Shou calls out, “Yuki. Geez- let’s go.”
The two guys nervously leave and say that she is with her boyfriend and that was super dangerous. Yuki says yes, and how come he didn’t a honorific [on her name for politeness] just now. Shou denies it. This puzzles Yuki. While holding hands and walking in the street, Shou asks what they’ll do next and is there any place she wants to go. Yuki says no, there’s none.

He is staring at her that she asks wha..what.. He is about to say something when he notices something drips on him. He looks up and she continues to ask what it is. And soon, it is a heavy downpour. At an internet café, Yuki dries her hair with a towel and thinks that it is such a blunder for she is so engrossed with dressing up and everything that she unexpectedly forgets to bring an umbrella that she usually has with her.

She asks Shou what place is this. Shou says that it is a manga café. [<- not my typo. I don’t know if it is the scanlator’s mistake or the mangaka since what he said and the sign on the store is different but fyi, both cafes are currently used as ‘temporary’/long term shelters/apartments/hotels since it is cheap.]
Yuki says that she knows that. Shou says, lovers’ room? Yuki thinks, ..okay.. While Shou is reading a manga, Yuki feels uneasy. She thinks that the place is quite narrow. Shou says that it cannot be helped for it suddenly started to rain and the other places are already full.

Yuki says no, this is okay but this is the first time she came here. He says no way. She says that manga-something, she just occasionally borrows from her young sisters.. Shou asks if that for real, she’s missing half of her life. He says that he’ll go and borrow a movie disc. Noticing something, Yuki puts a towel on his head and says that he hasn’t totally wipe his hair dry..

They are surprised to notice how close they are. She blushes and he kisses her. She lets him give her some French kisses. Yuki is somewhat freaking out over what to do. When she recalls the ‘allow him to do more than kisses’, blushing Yuki suddenly stands up and says that she..about..that movie, she’ll go borrow a movie..
She slips on the towel but Shou manages to catch her. Shou looks surprised over Yuki’s surprised-blushing expression. She is startled when he starts to touch her leg. He leans to her and says, “..I’m teasing you. Aren’t you angry?”

Yuki wonders what to do and what does she have to do to eliminate this uneasiness. She mutters that she isn’t angry. While her heart is beating fast and loud, she closes her eyes. Shou reaches out to her. She goes !? when he pinches her cheeks to make her mouth like an octopus’. Standing up, Yuki covers her mouth and asks, what..!?

Covering his face, Shou turns around and says, “Ha--.. get angry, you idiot. Why didn’t you refuse that just now. Such an idiot. Or, are you deliberately doing that? Is it because you know that during this very important time, I won’t do anything? Quite cunning, senpai.”
Yuki exclaims, “What. It isn’t that. I.. is just.. (I’m--) simply a bit uneasy. (I also know that this kind of method is very impulsive but) If nothing much changes, if we can keep up the current situation after graduation.. about separating, is it really alright? *clenches her fist*...

...(in the end, is there some other method that can eliminate this uneasiness in my heart--) I’m very worried..” Shou looks at her and says, “..Is it alright, senpai? *this puzzles Yuki* Yuki-senpai, after you graduate and go to college, will some strange guy play hanky-panky on you, will you become careless once again and fall in love with Kido, that kind of older guy?...

... *Yuki thinks that he is using a honorific again to call her name* I’m also very worried about that kind of thing but I’ll be alright. Because, my eyes.. *holds her face and leans to her* only have to gaze upon you so it is alright.” Yuki blushes. They kiss. Yuki thinks that his words made the ‘uneasiness’ that always linger in her heart to gradually disappear without a trace. After the kiss, she says, “I..I also would probably be alright.”
After a pause, Shou says, ‘probably’ huh.. Surprised, Yuki says, “Ab..absolutely..! Probably absolutely..” Shou says that in the end, it is still ‘probably’. Narration: “Love is invisible so it makes one feel uneasy but, because of this..”

While walking, Yuki says by the way, just a while ago, he was in the middle of saying something to her. He asks when. She says before the rain. He says, clothes. This puzzles her. He says, “I’m thinking that when you go to college, whether or not you’ll continue on wearing..

...No, even if I feel that it really suits you— Yuki-senpai, it is better that as usual, you still normally wear that kind.” Yuki asks what does ‘that kind’ refer to. Narration: “..we’ll definitely be alright. Right now, we firmly believe these words without a doubt.”
Comment: And, thanks to the third year’s visit to the gym, Shou had an idea to suggest that Yuki about relaxing a bit from studies. I don’t quite understand why she would hide from the other Ryuhoku students though ^^; Why would she be shy/coward about it? Well, since she is there, she overheard that suggestion. =P Thanks to her sisters, she is now in proper dating attire.

So, we have a formal date which addresses the uneasiness that both will feel after graduation. In the last chapter, Yuki knows that there will be girls approaching Shou. Here, Shou knows that there will be guys who’ll approach Yuki though it is inconclusive if it is just because she is all dressed up ^^;

I think being in sports does suit her especially with what she did for the basketball club. We still don’t know about what Shou plans to do in the future but we do know what Shizuka would most likely do in the future. If she goes into basketball, I think there is a very high chance of encountering Shizuka. Or, even be in the same team. ^^;

Anyway, it is amusing that this time around, with that kind of scenario of someone/both getting wet due to something, they didn’t stay in a hotel or motel-whatever. For students, I guess staying in a manga/internet café is quite practical since it pretty much have the basic stuff that hotels provide and it’s cheap.

That is quite an opportunity that Shou let pass but I guess, it would be better that it is mutual wherein Yuki is really into it rather than she is just doing it to eliminate her uneasiness. So, they talk a bit about their worries and somehow gave each other assurances.

I would assume the ‘probably’ is due to Yuki’s personality. She’s usually indecisive about the unknown which is here, the future. For now, that is indeed what lovers who are about to separate can only do. Just some assurances and hopefully, everything goes smoothly. Of course, a bit of precaution helps like not wearing any cute outfits that will attract the opposite sex. =P Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
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      Regarding that scenario, iirc, that qualifiers for the Winter Cup is their last game until the new school year. That is why it is very important.

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      I find that scenario a bit redundant and it is kind of wearing thin on me. I would prefer Shizuka to give up already since if he keeps on doing it, it reeks of desperation. It becomes too annoying. I don't think the mangaka wants any of her characters to be 'hated' = my feeling.

      For me, I think the rest of the chapters will probably be, 1. winter cup 2. meeting the family, 3. Christmas, 4. Vday and 5 Graduation.

    4. Yeah...official to everyone. .no more hiding...and i dont wanna hate any character either....yeah i guess...things are starting to wrap up....I guess the rest of the chapters are gonna be just like you mentioned...happy ending..and i just want one chapter showing how everyone is doing like..Naruto,nozoki ana and Sakurasou No Pet na's just the pessimistic part pf me which keeps telling me that..a final blow is coming. .lol.....Btw ever read or watched 'No.6' ? If no..then please go through the manga whenever you are free and explain it to watched the anime(11 epis) i was like what the hell happened? Lol ..Spoliers! In durarara
      Hijeribi's aunt hits on celtty's boyfriend. .i was like..what??all of a sudden? They probably missed something from the novel /omitted it... same happened here in No.6...that's why i couldn't understand a lotta

    5. Liam, how everyone is doing after graduation or after college or as adults?

      I have watched No. 6 and totally forgot what happened in the end. ^^;; It is actually based on a novel so maybe reading that will clarify things.

      As for Durara..I'm not at that part yet. ^^;

      About Durara..sorry, I'm not there yet.

    6. I am Toby...XD they are doing as adults...

    7. To Kat, you know why I'm afraid of a break up when Shizuka tells Sho what he did on Yuki when matsuri festival, he hugged Yuki although he did not confessed his feelings, if he likes Yuki, Sho will probably assume why Yuki was not honest with him about this matter? maybe there will be a big misunderstanding! that's why I'm afraid ^^

      I remember about Shizuka statement in chapter 40 he say "I will continue to crush Ryuhoku and your Naruse" then in chapter 42 Shizuka also said I’ll definitely make you regret choosing that guy" ugh What will happen like that in the winter cup? -_-

    8. Ah, I see, Toby.

      Well, I do have a feeling that the mangaka likes her characters so it is possible that she'll show them. Perhaps..when they all attend the wedding =P

    9. I see, candra. Currently, I would assume that even if there might be some misunderstanding, it can easily cleared out or dismissed after all their lovey-dovey and Yuki did say that they are going steady.

      I don't think Shou is the type who'll easily give up over such trifle things. Yuki is starting to really fall for him so I don't think she'll easily want to break up over small things either.

      So, basically, I don't think they will break up over a misunderstanding whether it is small or big.

      About Shizuka, I dismiss that as 'sour graping/ego tripping' =P But then, maybe it will happen as you feared. That will be a sign if the mangaka is going to prolong the series through that 'problem/hindrance'.

    10. yeah I know that Kat thanks for your explanation makes me so glad, I think it is also not possible they were going to break up just because something like that, they have to trust each other and their lovey-dovey in this chapter I'm sure make their love be strong ^-^

      anyway about Shizuka, because as I see, every he talking about Yuki and argued with Sho, apparently what happened was they were both always act like a little child ^^ such as in chapter 42, Shou pinches Shizuka’s cheek. Shizuka pinches Shou’s cheek. As they try to out-pinch each other, Yuki asks if they are kids hahaha

      The same thing also happened chapter 35, Shou says that it turns out that he was the one with Yuki during that matsuri so what is he doing then on the ground, the two are kicking each other while Shou continues to grab Shizuka’s bag. Shou tells Yuki that they’re chatting. Shizuka says that no, they’re not. Sho rarely seem to argue seriously with Shizuka, he always responds like a sulks little brat hehe^^

    11. Yup, candra ^^

      That's right. Because of that, I cannot think of Shizuka as a 'threatening' love rival. There was potential of that with Arisa but the mangaka immediately stop before going overboard with it.

    12. I think there is more potential love rivals besides arisa is none other than Shou's ex-girlfriend ^^ (if mangaka decides to bring it up, but I hope not, because it would be a nightmare for Yuki especially if this ex girlfriend still has feelings for Shou ^^) I get a feeling if Shou's ex girlfriend soon appears that's way the mangaka immediately stop before going overboard with it, (it still my presume)

      Kat,you know I wonder What kind of Shou's ex girlfriend when he was a junior high school? I imagined she looks like Arisa, cute and fun girl, maybe she so pretty and has good body that makes Shou prefer her (as my opinion) because Arisa described, she is very different than Yuki senpai I mean of her personality, but don't worry Yuki senpai, if Shou's exgirlfriend appears, you only one girl for Naruse Shou right now ^^

      Well see you later in chapter 45 Kat, yosh Arigato Katchan! ^_^

    13. True. Though I'm not sure if it will be a nightmare for Yuki. Depends on what kind of person is the ex. Is she manipulative and everything? If not, the other thing is how Shou reacts to her. That will be the basis of whether this will be big trouble for Yuki.

      I also imagine her to have the body that Shou wants in a girl =P I don't think she would be a clingy girl like Arisa. Shou seems to ignore those types. I do wonder if the ex was also older than him. Maybe a sophisticated-type? I'm still wondering if there is a connection with Shou's sister whose face isn't shown yet.

      Yup, and you're welcome ^-^

    14. Can I join in here...?
      I don’t know either if Shou had an ex or not,but if there was,Yuki won’t give up so easily...
      That’s just My guess ...

    15. Yasumi, Shou has an ex. Iirc Arisa mentioned, the girl is different from Yuki and of course, how Shou is treating Yuki now is different from before.

      That will depend if the ex is after Shou/wants him back. And, what kind of personality she has.

  14. Hey is Kasane ? I checked out the genre.... Will it give me the Deathnote or Parasyte vibe? Is it worth reading! ? Can you tell me some well known/popular mangas or anime which gives the same vibes as Kasane? It'll be easy for me to figure out what kind of manga Kasane is. Thanks

    1. It's quite good, Toby.

      I haven't read Parasyte..but a way, since the main character is both antagonist and protagonist. It can be viewed, I guess, as a dark Cinderella-type of story. Most likely, it will end tragic like Deathnote.

      The story is also about theater acting and how the plot of the play intertwines with the story.

    2. Oh, I see! Thanks! :D Will add it to my list.


  15. Hi Kat,

    The new chapter is already out. Looking forward to your summary! :)

    Thank you! :)

    1. I see, Digital but the Chinese scanlation isn't out yet.

      Thanks and you're welcome ^^

  16. Naruse surely intent to bathe Yuki
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    and damp her cute dress
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    1. Alisia, if you mean the English scanlation, just wait for the group working on it.