May 3, 2016

Kasane [Chapters 71- Fangs]

While looking at the Macbeth’s curtain call, Nogiku thinks, “My dagger..that is, a fragment of that incomparably filthy memory. Before, in order to make me become the substitute of ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’, whether it is clothes, jewelry or even make up, father will demand that I wear or use the same things as that woman. And among these, what he is most persistent with is..”

Flashback: While holding up her chin near her lips, he said, “‘SUGEYO’..except for you, there is no second person in this world who’ll suit this blood-like scarlet lips.” Narration: “Scarlet lipstick. *scene of multiple lipsticks on the table* Of course, this lipstick isn’t the same with Kasane’s for it doesn’t have any power...
...*read a book* But, when I learned that the ‘lipstick’ is the reason for her ability to switch faces, I have noticed that in that house, one of the numerous lipsticks is a ‘lipstick’ that looks exactly the same as the one that Kasane has. *recalls Kasane holding out her lipstick as a necklace* Because I felt that there is a possibility that the crucial clue had something to do with the lipstick so from that room’s dresser, I brought it out with me.

Afterwards, during the Glass Menagerie’s curtain call, I saw that Tanzawa Nina, asking me to kill her ‘Tanzawa Nina’ [real one]. Standing in that radiance and enjoying the audience’s cheer as much as she likes, I’ve thought that for Kasane, those are looks of admiration.. *Kasane happily waved up while Nogiku looked down to her and thought, “..if.”* All of that become a look of contempt and rejection--  
...Thus, I finally understood what is the mission that I should accomplish. If I kill Nina, Kasane will definitely want another ‘face’ that she can make use of. At that time, I’ll set myself up as a bait *picture of a moth* and drag her down to the deepest layer of hell. *Nogiku pulling Kasane to the web then there is a picture of a dagger* I’ll use this fake lipstick *drops the lipstick like a dagger*” End flashback.

Nogiku holds the lipstick tight in her hand while everyone is applauding. On the day of the last performance, holding the script, Yoshio says, “Then, the matinee will start soon. After this performance, what’s left is tonight’s last performance...

...You guys probably heard the news about some big shots coming. And because of this, it will cause a change of mood and you won’t be able to concentrate on the role. No matter who the audience is, in order for them to see a more remarkable performance than before, it is fine for you people to just do what you should do!”
Everyone says okay. Then, the staff member says that Yoshio said it so pleasant to hear yet he is the most nervous of them all and one really cannot do anything about it. Holding his stomach, ill Yoshio asks him to help give him some stomach medicine.

At the backstage, a woman’s figure goes in front of Kasane and holds up her chin. Kasane says, “There’s no need to worry, mother. Just like what Fujihara-san said, I’ll do well the thing that I should do. *widens eyes* Afterwards, I’ll surpass you. Look at the radiance and the future that you weren’t able to see, I’ll make them into things that I deserve to enjoy..!”
Wearing a staff member ID, Nogiku thinks that thanks to Kingo, she can easily sneak inside the theater. As she goes upstairs and the drama is starting, Nogiku thinks that right now, there will be two performances for the day.

“While the first performance is currently being played, I’ll take advantage of the time when everyone is currently not around. I’ll secretly infiltrate the backstage.” She goes into the dressing room.At the play, holding a calla lily, Lady Macbeth says, “Come, you evil devils who watching humans attentively. *breaks the calla lily’s stem*...

...Right now, please dispel my feminine weakness. Use the most peak fiendish’s cruelty to concentrate into my whole body.” Nogiku finds Kasane’s bag. She takes out the purse and opens it. She thinks that at that time, Kasane didn’t conceal it and in front of her, Kasane put the lipstick inside here.
Nogiku puts her hand inside the purse. Lady Macbeth says, “Come, gloomiest night. Use hell’s darkest thick smoke to envelop around me. Make my sharp dagger unable to see the wounds that it cuts open.” Nogiku takes out the lipstick.

She thinks that as expected, the case design is the same and even the lipstick color is completely the same. “I’ll exchange the two lipstick. *puts the fake lipstick in the purse* And for the real ‘lipstick’, it is--” Water is splashing on the faucet. Macbeth says, “My beloved wife, King Duncan is coming here tonight.”

Lady Macbeth asks, “When is he leaving?” Macbeth says that it should be—tomorrow. Lady Macbeth says, “Is that so. Then, I absolutely won’t let that kind of tomorrow to come out in the light of the sun!” Narration: “The dream, light and future that Kasane grasp in her hand, I will make them all disappear.”
Using a awl, Nogiku removes the lipstick from its case and washes it down into the sink. She starts to cry and says, “..ah ah, Nina..mother, like this, there won’t be a sacrifice just like you two, who will appear..!!! *looks angry as she looks at the mirror*...

Thus, starting from now on, my grudge will be at its peak of perfection. What’s left to do is the ‘switch’ before the last performance and that’s it. But, at that time, the lipstick that Saki will be holding the fake lipstick...

...That kiss won’t renew and continue the switching time! That means.. He he.. Ha ha ha ha, after the 12 hour morning ‘switch’, just in time for the curtain call, actress ‘Saki’ will become ‘Kasane’!! ..I’ll properly witness it until the very end. The very last moment of Saki’s fate [/life].”
Comment: I guess I was naive to think that Nogiku will only switch the lipstick and give Kasane a mental blow of being seen ugly in front of the audience. Apparently, she is also going to destroy the lipstick which is a good idea if she wants to totally end this.

It is amazing how the mangaka is overlapping Lady Macbeth’s lines with what Nogiku is doing. Also, in this chapter, it also kind of show ‘who is behind’ the two sisters. For Kasane, it is her mother whom she wants to surpass. For Nogiku, it is her father who made her life miserable until his death. Scans by RAD

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  1. Thank you so much o(>_<)o!!! I'm so glad I found this website as I've been waiting forever for an update T_T
    By chance do you know if this is approching the end of the manga or not?
    Again thank you, that made my day!!

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      I don't know. It seems not yet..

      Glad to hear that ^^

  2. Thank you for the update!! :D
    I actually hope that Nogiku will succeed because I don't want her to become a tool like her mother or Nina . But yeah.. I have a strong feeling that it will not happen.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      I don't know about her mother but for Nogiku, she was 'asking for it'. The same with Nina. For Nina, she realized too late the price for it. In a way, she planned to use Kasane for her own goals but it backfired. Such a tragedy.