April 2, 2016

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 107]

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Ume had asked Sawako to go to the Normal University with her. She tells Sawako that she doesn’t have this kind of thinking wherein she wants to split them up, nor forgetting everything that happened in the past to get along with her. Sawako says, ya. Then, she nods. After that, Ume goes on her way.

Sawako thinks that Ume has already acknowledged her. Sawako clenches her fist. In her room, Ayane cannot study because she is busy thinking about Pin. She wonders if she’s too anxious and she couldn’t stand this. She looks at the throat lozenge that Pin gave her.

She starts grumbling that it isn’t the type she likes, whether it is the exterior appearance or even the flavor, such a hindrance and what is she going to do with it. Then, her phone beeps. It is a message for Ayane and Sawako from Chizuru who asks if they are studying on Obon Festival day. She asks if they can meet each other somewhere nearby.
At a park, Chizuru happily exclaims that it has been a long time since they saw each other. She starts to cry if they’re studying and she’s so lonely since the two of them are together. She tearfully worries that Ume will take her place. Ayane tells her that Sawako and Ume already spend the night [/camp] together.

Chizuru screams that’s too cunning and she couldn’t forgive Ume. Sawako asks if she wants to join the study camp. Chizuru refuses. They ask her how was the camp. Sawako tells them that Ume apologized with all her might regarding that rumor before. Sawako says that actually, Ume felt very guilty about this issue and she is always reflecting on it by herself so..

Chizuru says that Ume didn’t tell that to her. After a pause, Sawako exclaims that Ume is very apologetic and is she being too talkative. Sawako says that she hesitated before but this is about everyone so she also hopes that they can understand Ume so she’s saying this.
Chizuru says that those are two [different] things. Sawako[?] says that this is very important. Ayane says that it is alright, it is only Chizuru who really likes this kind of scene, that’s all. Ayane muses is that so, Ume finally said it out because after all, during the usual times, she always have this want to say it but couldn’t.

It is because what she did is considered awful so she is also very afraid of apologizing. Ume wanted to overcome this hurdle and properly get along with Sawako and it is because Ume has come to like Sawako. This made Sawako blush. Chizuru complains that it always felt that their relationship with Ume had become very close and when the phone hanged up..

Ayane says what about it, anyway, the misunderstanding has been resolved and it is known that Shouta isn’t unfaithful. Chizuru says that she is also very lonely but in order not to disturb them as much as possible, she endured not calling but they completely forgot her so in any case, there will be a day when they’ll hide from her to become a three person comic sketch, a group of bad people!!
Sawako is very happy by that. She tells her that she didn’t forget for look, she brought Chizuru’s favorite rice crackers. This immediately made Chizuru hug Sawako tightly. Then, Chizuru asks how about Ayane. Ayane apologizes and says that she forgot about her. This shocks Chizuru. Ayane laughs. She says that she’s lying for she is always thinking what’s up with Ayane and she really wants to see her.

Sawako is very happy to be liked by the person she likes. They ask Chizuru how she is spending summer. Chizuru says that it is the usual, working at Ryu’s place. Ayane asks if Pin also comes. Chizuru says that he always comes and he’s super annoying. Ayane asks if she calls up Ryu for this is the first summer when they’re apart. Chizuru says that they do call each other.

Ayane says that it’s good that they get to occasionally talk. Chizuru timidly says that they talk every night. The two goes to tease her by whistling that it embarrasses Chizuru and tells them not to be like that especially Sawako who cannot even whistle.
Ayane says if they are talking about ‘like you’ and ‘want to see you’-type of stuff. Chizuru exclaims in shock and says that they talk about ramen or rather, the ramen store. Chizuru starts telling them that before she always thinks that flow is the life of a ramen store so she considers the long table as super important.

She felt that the whole store having just a long table is just perfect but while working, she saw some people bringing children along so that she thought how about a Japanese style box-seat [/I think that is a four-seat table] and that isn’t bad.

So, she starts to think that having a long table + Japanese style box-seat is god-level pairing. But Ryu says that it is enough that the ramen is delicious so they are always arguing about it. Ayane says no, it is only Chizuru who is saying it on her own and getting angry on her own. She teases Chizuru that it is great for they can talk about long-term [things?] and this is conjugal love.
Chizuru nervously says that it isn’t so and was that conjugal love? Ayane muses that in the end, Chizuru is very much at ease and fortune has come. This made Sawako ask her if she is actually very uneasy. Ayane admits that she is and her heart has a bit of anxious but how can she say it, seeing their faces, the effort became a pile of expressions. This puzzles the two.

Sparkling Ayane says that actually there is someone whose mood is more unstable than hers, yes, she [Ayane] is a lot better and compared to Chizuru, she is calmer. Chizuru asks Sawako if Ayane isn’t the same as usual. Sawako says that it is stable’s unstable.

Chizuru asks what does that mean and she is thankful to Ayane for coming since during this kind of time, Ayane will immediately lock herself up in her house and immediately refuse. Ayane says yes, if she sent the message earlier, she might refuse but she doesn’t know why but thinking of Pin’s foolish face, she decided to come out for some air! Sawako looks surprised over Ayane’s smiling face.
Chizuru says that Ayane unexpectedly thought of Pin. It is a rare summer vacation so there’s no need to see him. Thinking of Pin, Ayane says that she wasn’t thinking of him that much. Chizuru laughs and says that she didn’t think of him even in a tiny bit. Ayane says that it is because she sees him practically everyday.

Chizuru laughs and says that she didn’t think of him even more, just thought of him [unconsciously]. Sawako is quietly watching Ayane’s expressions. Soon, they say goodbye. Sawako seems to have realized something about Ayane. While walking, Ayane is thinking of Pin. She passes by the convenient store where he found her all wet. This made her blush and quickly run off.

Ayane is surprised to see Pin at the station. She screams loudly that Pin has to cover her mouth. While Pin tells the bystanders that he isn’t some suspicious person, the others are saying that he must be some pervert and quickly call the station officer.
Soon, the officer came as Pin continues to insist that he didn’t do anything. Blushing Ayane tells the officer that is isn’t so..this person..is just her teacher that’s all. She was startled..sorry..he didn’t do anything. Pin tells the officer that isn’t it what he said. The officer asks if he didn’t threaten her. This irks Pin.

Soon, the misunderstanding is resolved. Flustered Ayane asks why he is here. He says that he is going to take a ride back to his hometown. Pin laughs over her expression of ‘don’t want to see you’. Ayane looks surprised and says that yes, she doesn’t want to see him but from a while ago, she was thinking of him.

He puts his hand on her forehead and asks if she has a fever since her face is so red..strange, she doesn’t seem to have one. She quickly slaps his hand away. She shouts that she is just embarrassed and she’s fine so let go!! Pin says that she talks as if he is a germ. Ayane says that isn’t what she meant. This puzzles Pin.
Ayane couldn’t pull herself together that she starts shouting ‘no good, no good!!’ Pin comments that she seems to be in such an excited mood. He says that there is something that he wanted to ask her. Does she have an older sister? Ayane says yes. He asks how old. She says 20 which is too young for Pin and 24 which can be considered.

Realizing his intention, Ayane exclaims that she won’t help introduce him. He shouts for her not to be so petty. Ayane exclaims that her oldest sister already has a boyfriend. Pin shouts that he is betting on opportunity but the 20 year old is no good for she’s still a brat. This made Ayane flustered and pout. She looks away that made Pin think that she’s angry. Ayane asks if he wants a girlfriend.

Pin says yes, and how come he still doesn’t have a girlfriend, this is quite baffling. She mutters that 20 years old is too young.. Pin exclaims that it’s too young!! Ayane says forget it.. He calls her an idiot. She says yes, she really feels that she is big hopeless idiot.
Pin comments that it feels like she is very honest today. Pin leans to her and says that there is definitely something troubling her so is there something he can help her win. She says that he couldn’t help. Pin exclaims that there is nothing that he cannot help her with. She insists that he couldn’t help. Pin says that he also have unusual days so if something is up, tell him.

Looking at him, Ayane says then, hand..hold..shake hands!! She holds up her hand and says that it is for her to strive hard to prepare for the college entrance exam. He tells her to hold up both hands. He holds both hands and tells her that there’s no need to worry, it will be alright, and she can definitely do it!! Then, the train arrives. Pin asks if she isn’t getting on it.

Ayane says that there are too many people so she’ll ride the next one. She watches him leave on the train. Later on, Ayane arrives home. Her sister asks if she has a throat lozenge for her throat doesn’t feel well. After a pause, Ayane says that she doesn’t have one. Then, Ayane goes into her room to tightly hold on to that throat lozenge.
Comment: Well, this confirms the obvious that Ayane does have a thing for Pin. The problem will be Pin. If Ayane is older, will she be okay? For now, he seems to have zero romantic interest towards her. Ume seems to have won Sawako over.

I’m not sure if Chizuru is just being emo about being left out or she isn’t happy over Ume getting into Sawako’s life. ^^; Still, things are doing well between her and Ryu. Even if they aren’t talking lovey-dovey stuff, it is still something that they are talking on the phone every night ^^ Scans by 工作室

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  1. Pin and Ayane are finallly happening! It's like the author listened to the KNT fans! I think they're a good match! I want to see Shota and Sawako more. Thanks for the summary!

    1. Is that so ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. Is it really happening? Pin is usually perceptive so i wonder about why he suddenly asked about her sister. Maybe to gently let her know to stop harbouring feelings for her? :( :(

    3. Not sure, Crimson sky. Perhaps, he's just desperate to get a girlfriend. ^^; I would think that he is hinting on that but he doesn't seem like he's acting that he knows.

      I would even think that maybe the mangaka is checking out the readers' reaction to it. ^^;

    4. Thanks for rekindling my hope (trying to translate his ignorance as being a good thing heheh) Yeah that's the big issue with Pin; we just don't know when he is serious and when is being idiotic.
      I got my hopes pretty high when Tooru said Pin teases those he likes.. although he does seem to tease everyone ..arghh.. i'm playing right into the mangaka's hands xd
      The manga should be categorised under 'psychology'

    5. Yup.

      Also, it is possible if Ayane is older..way past what Pin thinks is young in terms of age, perhaps, he'll change his mind. It depends if he changes what's young in accordance to his age.

      Hehe...is that so.

    6. yeah true that; it'll be hard to see Pin getting serious with one of his students at this point of the story, it would be weird if he did. But i guess i would have liked to see him being at least a bit conscious about her. I'm also glad the mangaka is taking much time unfolding Ayane's story- i don't want to see my favourite manga end anytime soon ;)

    7. True. Hm..if he is a bit conscious about it, then that scenario of asking about her sister is his way of hinting that he's not into her.

      Hehe..is that so ^^

    8. True that, but i'm still a bit optimistic. The title is 'From me to you';I'm hoping that it applies to all all the characters (Ryu who waited patiently for Chizu to come around)
      In any case it looks like Ayane will experience many things first before =]

    9. Hm..possible ^^

      That's right ^^

  2. I'm anticipating for this moment to happen, yes it finally arrived!! Hopefully it be a success!! I hope Shouta and Sawako's relationship stays strong still.

    Thanks for the summary Kat!!

    1. Is that so, avismonte080 ^^

      I'm sure that couple's relationship will be strong until the end.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. i wait week for this and years for Pin and Ayane the stange with Pin he is a hard character to read it always try head behind clown and the funny guy mask but why he ask about Ayane is sister? like really strange Really want a Girlfriend or he just want see Ayane is reaction? Pin not that stupid that he can notice that she love him for me i think he will wait for her a little more

    1. Maybe, Jlassil.

      I would assume that but it seems that Pin really didn't know about it. At least from his reactions in this chapter. If it is so, it would be amusing for Sawako who was deemed as the most clueless of them all had already noticed it and the others didn't.


  4. I can't say I'm a fan of this development (or Ayane as of late). Despite this being a shoujo, I was hoping that Ayane would finally develop and mature independently, without the need for even more focus on her love life. I suppose I have always expected and hoped that Ayane would become someone more akin to the person Ume has become recently. That will likely happen in college, but I would have preferred to see some of that development here rather than another love arc, especially since Pin isn't going to reciprocate her feelings, if he even does, until she's graduated from college, (at least I hope he wouldn't, since Ayane is his student and Pin as a respected teacher has become one of my favorite characters).

    Despite the slow pace, I've enjoyed the arcs that the other characters have been experiencing. Hopefully Kent is given some development before the end, though I fear he could just as easily be forgotten again.

    1. True, Redford. Time will tell if there will be more to this love thing or it will be on hold until graduation either high school or college.


  5. who cares about the MC'S romance..when the secondary characters love life is more interesting...!!!Thanks KAT...i feel bad for Ayane...I dont know ...but have a bad feeling it will be an unrequited love at the end...:(

    1. Hehe, is that so, Nayeem ^^

      You're welcome ^-^

      Hmm..for me, until the end of high school yes..but after college, it is a possibility. Depends if the mangaka will show future scenes at the end.

  6. Still shipping Pin and Ayane! It's just nice to see her all flustered because it's not like her character. Thanks for the summaries! I look forward to them every month so please don't stop!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Ya..it depends on the Chinese scanlators.

  7. ugh...i really need Pin's POV on this. he needs more spotlight and a chapter dedicated to his inner feelings. we often just appears for gags and out of the blue sage advice. he's usually good at reading people, i think he knows somehow (ayanes feelings) but tries to discourage her coz student and teacher relationship is "taboo". his dream is to teach and play baseball, he can loose all if he dates a student. but when she's off to college theyre free to date i guess. or when ayane turns 25yo and they will meet again so he wouldnt call her a brat anymore.

    1. Yup..if that is what the mangaka is planning, I think it will happen later on. It depends whether Pin would change his 'ideal type of girl'/fall for Ayane.

  8. i love the daily bread quote:)

  9. Yo I knew it! I shipped Ayane and Pin from the beginning! This is amazing.
    Im still curious how Sawako, Ume and Shouta will handle their issues about Sawako going to university. I would LIKE if Sawako and shouta didn't get separated, and a while ago it was explained that she could still become a teacher if she went to school with Shouta.
    But at the same time, Chizu and Ryu seem like they are going to wait for each other while Ryu goes away for 4 years so why couldn't Sawako and Shouta. Ume could be a very beneficial "partner" , I guess in a professional/ business way, for Sawako. So it will be more interesting if it happens like that.


    I typed alot hehe. X3
    Thanks for the translation <3

    1. Indeed, kenny but the other school specializes in educating teachers so it is more on being better educated to become a teacher.

      Hehe, about that, read on and you'll have a pleasant surprise ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^