April 5, 2016

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 77]

[Free Talk: 8/15 - The Chinese scanlator had stopped working on this due to lack of resources. =( So, until they resume or some other group else picks it up, there won't be any summaries. ]

Before Shibaken can get out on the stage, someone shouts, “That hurts!!” This made Shibaken stop. Holding up her hand while using the other to hold her reddish cheek, a girl shouts that this man hit her.

Everyone looks at her and a guy who had a sheepish expression. Riko stops singing as the girl shouts loudly again that she was hit by a man just now. The band also stops playing. Everyone is asking what happened and if there is an accident. The man shouts in disbelief and denies that he hit her.

The girl shouts that it is common sense that it is prohibited to shove during a performance. The man continues to deny it. The girl shouts at the staff members for not protecting the order [of the place] properly. The staff members are startled and flustered by that.
Removing her earpiece, Riko calls out to the girl if she is alright. Still holding her reddish cheek, the girl exclaims how it is possible that she would be okay!! “I have seen that it is written on the board, ‘Please sing one more song to end it.’ It is because you didn’t stop!!” This surprises Riko.

Another man exclaims, ha, what nonsense she is saying. Her seatmate exclaims how she can say such words to Mush, apologize! The audience at the back are wondering what’s going on in front. Aki watches on. Shibaken watches on. To the staff members’ surprise, Riko jumps down the stage.

They try to tell Riko to go back on the stage and ask the people not to crowd in [to Riko]. Riko apologizes as she asks the people to let her through. They all call out to her.
The injured girl is surprised to see Riko in front of her. The staff members continue to tell the people to please don’t push around for this is very dangerous. Facing the girl, Riko says, “I’m really very sorry. As I kept on singing, all the more I get excited that I got immersed into it.. *formally bows to the girl* I’ll think over my shortcoming. I’m very sorry.”

Riko looks flustered. The girl seems surprised as the others watch on. Yuu exclaims what is happening just now. Sou says that it seems that Riko is directly apologizing.. Yuu asks for real, and is she okay. Aki looks slightly flustered. Standing up again, Riko apologizes to everyone that they’ll have a bad memory because of her..when it is obviously a rare LIVE..
A man says that it is alright and don’t mind. A girl tells her that there’s no need to apologize. The others agree. The injured girl looks flustered that she starts to cry. She shouts that anyway, it is her [girl] fault anyway! Riko says no, no. The girl insists that it is her own fault.

Kyoko is on the backstage. Shibaken asks her if suitable for him to go out right now. Kyouko says no, if he makes an appearance, all the more there will be a riot. Soichiro asks them to hand over the microphone to him and like this, they can only announce ‘It ends here’.

Shibaken and Kyoko look unhappy about that. The other people in the audience start wondering what’s going on and they couldn’t see Mush. They wonder if the LIVE will still continue, where is Mush, and by the way, it’s really hot.
The injured girl keeps on sobbing. Riko is at a loss over what to do. Everyone is surprised when Lucca starts to play the drums. The catchy beat starts to make some of the audience clap along. The other band members also join in to clap their hands.

Soon, everyone is happily clapping their hands along with the beat. Riko noticing that the mood of the audience had returned when they call out for Mush. Riko asks the injured girl if she is okay. The girl tells her to please continue the performance.

Riko bows to her. She puts on her ear piece and heads back on the stage with the help of the staff members. Kyoko is delighted over what Lucca did. As Eliza’s drummer, Lucca had gone through 8 years on road shows and polished by indoor LIVEs so she is already very mature. She has ample experience with LIVE performances.
With the audience clapping, Riko goes back on the stage. As Lucca goes into the climax of her drumming, Riko seriously looks at the audience. She jumps up and starts singing again, “Moved overwhelmingly, surpasses unrivalled perfection♪” Aki mutters that drummer is so amazing. This made Sou become flustered as he looks at Lucca.

After the concert, Kyoko happily hugs Lucca and thanks her. The staff members are happily clapping and saying ‘good job’ [/otsukaresama]. Lucca happily laughs and admits that she is really frightened but it’s really great that it corresponded with the audience. Riko faces Kyoko. She bows and apologizes to Kyoko.
To Riko’s surprise, Kyoko also bows to her and says that due to their operational mistake, they have given her a bad memory. “I truly apologize.” After looking surprised, Riko freaks out and says no..not at all and it is because she is too excited so she’s really very sorry.

Riko notices her looking sideways. Kyoko looks at her again and says that at that time, she is definitely very scared, right. Riko says no.. Then, she starts to become teary-eyed.

As Shibaken watches on, Kyoko asks if she knows why she didn’t listen to the instruction to end the concert. Riko becomes flustered and mutters that is..because..she didn’t considered.. Kyoko smiles and says that it is because she is a real artist.
While Riko looks surprised, Kyoko says that she couldn’t restrain the desire to sing. “Do not criticize yourself for being like that. Do not let the experience this time become a reason for you to repress your feelings of wanting to sing onstage...

...It is my job for the artist to perform as much as one likes and yet at the same time, ensure the safety of the audience watching the performance. *the audience is dispersing while saying that it was amazing and they enjoyed it* Today, I’m the cause for giving you a bad memory. *bows* I truly apologize for that.”

Another tear forms on surprised Riko’s eye. Riko wipes it off. While Sou and others are looking for Riko, Kyoko says, “But, can you please think it over for a while. If there are no very good performers around, how would the situation today turn out to be.”
As Sou finds Riko, Kyoko folds her arms and says that if the people behind Riko are only just her amateur friends, how the situation today would turn out. Riko becomes flustered. She looks at the side to see her friends behind Kyoko. Aki is behind them.

There was a pause since they all heard what Kyoko said. Sou suddenly shouts to Lucca that she is so amazing. Shaking Lucca’s hands, Sou exclaims that she’s really super amazing and he got all excited seeing that. Lucca thanks him. Lucca notices that he is holding her hand tightly.

Sou says that he also..he’ll also definitely play as good as her, gambatte [/strive hard]. Riko looks a bit glum over this. Yuu looks surprised while Aki looks flustered. Kyoko says that even if he strives harder, it cannot guarantee that he can definitely do it, right.
To her surprise, Sou says that if it is like that, then it is inevitable but right now, he will still strive hard as if his life depended on it. “Before I can persistently try to strive hard always until I succeed, you shouldn’t deny my capability like that.” Kyouko looks at Yuu and asks, “What about you?”

Surprised Yuu says, me? He becomes flustered as he recalls his father saying that he should properly study and get into a good college for the music club activity’s limit is two years. Yuu suddenly becomes nervous. He mutters, “I.. I I will also.. do my best.” And, Aki looks flustered over this.
Comment: Well, there was no stampede but it turns out that someone was accidentally hit by another person. It doesn’t help that girl made a huge issue about it and puts everyone in an awkward position. Riko did great for asking if the girl is alright and even apologize for what happened.

The rest of the job is done well by Lucca who helps bring back the audience’s mood for the concert so that they can end it on a happy note. Perhaps, it is for the plot but I would think that Lucca is quite young compared to the guitarist and bassist yet she acted quickly. ^^;

It is nice that Kyoko apologized to Riko for what happened. Even if she did that, she is still insistent about Riko should have better band members. As always, Sou managed to say the right things and has a positive attitude about it. Though, that can be viewed as being ‘naïve’ but true, one will never know unless one tried. Even Kyouko couldn’t refute him anymore after saying those things.

The weakest link for now is Yuu who isn’t as confident as Sou. In a way, he might be similar with Aki who will waver if it is shown that they aren’t good enough. Will that cause trouble later on? Riko couldn’t defend her friends either based on Kyouko’s hypothetical question. Will reality catch up to this band just like with CP? Time will tell. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇

Quote of the day:
APOLOGIZE. It brings healing, provides closure, and frees your mind. ~ Stephanie Lahart


  1. I am glad the girl made an issue out of it, if not, things could have gone worse.

    Truthfully, I haven't been very happy with Riko these last few chapters. Especially last chapter when she completely ignored the sign board. It's okay to act reckless if in the end the only one who gets hurt is you. Some people might even find you cute. BUT to act reckless and have other people hurt is intolerable. But I'm glad that Riko is not afraid or shy to apologized. And the way she did it is something that I can respect. Not everyone has the guts to do that.

    Sou is another one I can respect. That guts and bravery. To receive that kind of comment, to be able to face it and to have the strength to take up the challenge. That's amazing. And he's so young. He's like a gallant knight. Bravo.

    Yuu is ..... Yuu is a normal human reaction + pampered prince upbringing. Good luck!

    Thank you for this, Kat! May you have a nice day! =D

    1. Hm..now that I think of it, that's a good point, Ili.


      Yup..I think the kid can go far in his life.


      Thanks for reading and have a nice day, too ^-^

  2. I wonder if Aki can see himself in Yuu being not confident with his skills.

    Thanks for this, Kat. Been waiting for this >.<

    1. I would think he does and perhaps, Aki can help him out, advice him or something.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. i want a mush/aki collaboration. somehow i feel like aki could write something that would make even her friends sound good...

    1. For now, that isn't possible, scistarz, because Mush doesn't want to depend on him as her boyfriend.

      Good point though, maybe Mush would agree to it if it can help her friends sound good but I think the main problem is playing LIVE. And that is Mush's forte.

  4. It does show how much pressure you can get from being in that kind of show business and how your choices can really affect the people around you and their choices in life!
    Fighting for Much & Co although i quiet like Lucca.

    Overall, thank you so much for all these translations! I love your blog ^_^ keep it up Kat!

    1. Indeed, Anonymous ^^

      She's quite likeable.

      Thanks for reading them ^-^ Thank you ^^

  5. Still no update for this manga?

  6. The series ended at chapter 88. Just 11 more chapters to the ending ��

    1. Yup, but the Chinese scanlator didn't continue. =(