December 31, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapters 75-76]

The cicadas are chirping. At Terada residence, Reiko’s mother tells her that she got mail from CP [official fan club]. Reiko stops writing her homework and takes the letter from her mother. She wonders out loud what is this, for today isn’t the day for announcements. Her mother reminds her to finish her homework. While CP is playing on her CD player, Reiko happily takes her scissors to open the envelope. It is an important notice given to their beloved fans. Reiko happily takes out the letter and is stunned to read, ‘Notification regarding Crude Play’s activities being suspended.’ Narration: “Please forgive us for this suddenly arrived letter but the details will be notified this way. It has been already 7 years since the debut so please allow us, this Crude Play band to slightly take a rest for a while. Rather, after this letter had arrived into your hands, the weekly publications will randomly put up their speculative stories so I think it would be better to tell everyone the current situation. I, Yamaguchi Shun is Yamaguchi Candy’s chairman, Yamaguchi Yuki’s only son.” Shun is looking out the window when his father who is typing on a laptop computer calls out to him and asks when did his mother say that she’s coming.
Standing up, Shun says that it is 3 o’clock so what is it? His father tells him to make her come one hour later for there is something he has to consult things with. As Yuki is looking at some papers, Shun looks shocked. Narration: “A few days before, my father has fallen ill. But, right now, he has already recovered and will quickly return to the company.” Shun exclaims that didn’t he say that he had already finished work for today! Yuki says, ah ya, but it is better to do this part in advance.. Shun calls out to his father. His father thanks him and assures Shun that he is fine, and he isn’t acting strong. He smiles at Shun and says, “I’m very happy. Ha ha.” This made Shun blush a bit. Then, Yuki is talking about some things with a few people. Narration: “As the only son, starting from childhood, a man just like my father is someone I also really longed for. I also wished that one day I can become a person like my father. But, when I met Aki, I started to get into music. During high school, I debuted as Crude Play’s lead singer. But at that time, I wasn’t able to choose between the band and the company. As a result, with hesitant feelings, I entered Keio Univeristy’s economy institution.”
Flashback: In Keio, some girls are saying that is Crude Play’s Shun and it is the first time they saw him in school. They wondered if they can get his autograph, he really looks so handsome, how about they go greet him, and really want to take a picture with him. As the girls rushed towards Shun, a man immediately intervened and apologized for them to please do not come so near for this is currently private time. The disappointed girls asked if he is a manager. They lament that it is really a big celebrity feeling. Narration: “Because there is members and staff members’ support, I was able to smoothly finish my college studies.” Shun turned to the girls and apologized. The blushing girls exclaimed that it is okay, it is totally fine! End flashback. Narration: Because I always watch my father work at the side so I clearly know that I cannot run the company half-heartedly. As matters stand, I had made this kind of decision.. there are many people who also think this way. But, I’m 25 years old. I cannot abandon Yamaguchi Candy that was handed down from my grandfather’s lifetime. However, right now, I still cannot make a firm resolution to give up Crude Play, give up music.”
Shinya is lying on his sofa when his cellphone is ringing. It took some time before Shinya answers it. It is Soichiro who apologizes and asks if he disturbed his rest. Shinya says no, so what’s up. Soichiro says that he is going to talk with him about the work schedule. Shinya asks if it is Mush’s recording. Soichiro says no, someone contacted him and wanted Shinya to be in a LIVE performance and there is also a recording. “You already heard the news that Crude Play’s activities are suspended, right. *Shinya looks surprised* How about it? Want to accept it..?” Sitting up, Shinya tells Soichiro to let him think about it for a little while. Narration: “If it is possible, before I make the firm resolution, can you once again wait for me? In completing the remaining insecticide tour, it includes the last day’s Tokyo Dome concert. Please forgive me for this temporarily suspension of activities-type of action. *Shun looks out to the sunset from the window* PS. Thank you to the members and Aki for always supporting this indecisive, satisfied with the current situation me. Crude Play Yamaguchi Shun.” Reiko is stunned that her knees weaken causing her to sit on the floor.
The school bell rings. A couple of girls are talking about the other’s tan from the beach. A guy is yawning about how tiring it is to go back to school. And, there are those who talk about the news regarding Crude Play which is astonishing and shocking. Some girls ask Riko and the two guys if they know about Crude Play’s suspended activities and why is that. Sou says that they totally do not know and that’s the truth. Yuu says that didn’t the people above write the reason very clearly so except for that, what other reason is there, geez. The other girls ask if that is the truth, they don’t want that, Shun and that is also saying that there is no possibility of making a comeback. Reiko is absent. The teacher comes in and tells them to go back to their seats since the school bell had already rung. He complains about how noisy they are just because a band had disbanded. This irks Riko that she stands up and shouts that they have not disbanded but just suspended their activities!! That startled everyone. The teacher says isn’t that the same. Riko exclaims that basically, it isn’t. The teacher is puzzled for what’s the big difference. Riko wonders why they couldn’t understand. The teacher says geez, but then, it’s just a performing artist that’s all. Riko is surprised by that.
The other students tell the teacher that what he said is too mean. Riko asks the teacher why he thinks music exists in this world. This caught the teacher off guard. He then apologizes for saying that they’ve disbanded and he doesn’t mean that he is looking down on her and the others’ work. Riko is teary-eyed that the teacher asks her to forgive him. While Riko’s friends look flustered, Riko wipes her tears and says that it is because she can understand everyone’s feelings of wanting to know. The teacher says that if it is the reason, wasn’t it because he wanted to inherit the company and it is already reported in the television program. Riko says that everyone knows the reason clearly. The teacher asks if that isn’t enough. Riko says that because during times of pain, people would want to ask ‘why’. “When sick, one would think, ‘why’ is this [happening]. If there is an accident, one will think, ‘why’.. When in pain, one cannot help but want to ask questions to others as to ‘why is this [happening]’. For the other party to say that ‘there is no other way’, we cannot accept that kind of answer because this painful thing doesn’t change.”
The teacher tells her for the time being, they shouldn’t talk about this as if someone had died for it is only a band that has disbanded so what’s so painful about it.. Riko thinks that always until now, inside her heart, it appears to be in pain as if someone had beaten it up. “For the majority of the adults, this is actually an unrelated importance of a small issue. The me, who talked back at the teacher, is the one who is more strange. Even if I also do not want to believe that it is only just a band issue so why am I this moved. Obviously, I shouldn’t think this way.” While walking at the Chuo Ohashi bridge, Riko tells her friends that she wants to have a LIVE. Sou goes huh. Riko says that they hold a LIVE under MUSH&Co. Yuu tells her that they are still not skillful enough to play in front of an audience. Riko says that she knows that but she wants to hold one earlier on. Then, she hears a chopper sound. She looks up to see that it is Aki’s toy helicopter flying above. She looks down the promenade to see Aki playing with his helicopter via remote control. She calls out to her friends to apologize for she’ll go ahead for today. Then, she runs toward Aki. Sou looks at flustered Yuu then tells him that they go to the recording studio. Yuu says okay. Riko is about to call Aki when she stops. She hears him humming a tune. So, she quietly sits down behind him and listens to the tune.
After Aki finishes, he notices Riko is standing beside him. She asks whose music is that just now. Aki says that it is definitely Crude Play’s. This made Riko teary-eyed and flustered. Then, Aki kisses her. Soon, Aki is sweating while looking at Riko. Standing on the stage, Riko is wearing a dress with a ‘Yamamoto Bro & Band’ printed on it. Narration: “Summer’s torrid hot sun seems to hint that summer is about to pass. In case it reaches the climax, it also indicates that it is far from over.” The audience is shouting, Mush- Someone taps the drumsticks. Flustered Sou and Yuu look on at Riko together with the screaming audience. Riko calls out, “Hello everyone! Welcome to Daiwa TV’s Summer Festival Adventure King! We are Yamamoto Brothers Band! First, please enjoy this cover song, ‘Summer Festival’!” The audience screams while the other band members start playing. While watching Riko’s singing, Aki is standing together with Riko’s friends. From the side, Kyoko, together with Soichiro and Miwako, are also watching. Kyoko asks Soichiro when is Mush&Co going to hold a LIVE? Soichiro laughs and says, just wait for a while. Kyoko says that if he doesn’t hurry, that child will fall apart.
At Grand Pacific hotel, Yutaka and Shibaken look down from the window to the concert below. Both are wearing Yamamoto t-shirts. Yutaka exclaims that stream of people is really extreme.. Shibaken asks the staff if it is better for them to go there right now. Yutaka asks if the identity of the mysterious guest has been leaked out. The staff member looks at his cellphone and says that it was not.. He tells them that he just looked at Twitter online and it seems that it hasn’t been leaked out yet.. Yutaka says then all of those people are gathered by Mush. “No way, she is unexpectedly already this popular?” Shibaken exclaims that is for certain since the accident in the MST broadcast had surpassed 3 million in page views. “On the internet, it was mention that Mush’s singing voice is really awesome so Yamamoto Bros’ ratings would go up, right!” While happily sitting and shaking his feet, Shibaken says that next week would be too funny for the news would write that the singer isn’t Yamamoto but rather, as the harmony, Mush is the one whom the netizens are making a ruckus on. While a hairdresser is fixing his hair, Yutaka asks if Shibaken is ridiculing him. While angrily kicking laughing Shibaken, he shouts that he’s a bastard who doesn’t understand. Shibaken tells Yutaka that they go down earlier for he wants to watch it from the side of the stage.
Yutaka looks at Shibaken who is looking down at Mush from the window. Yutaka says that he [Shibaken] really understands. Shibaken says that she already has a boyfriend so it isn’t the time to act cool. Yutaka says that part of Shibaken, he feels that it is really amazing. Looking at him, Shibaken asks why is that. “If she is single, then it doesn’t matter if I’ll do it slowly. If I want to steal, if I don’t face the dangers of losing and all of its risks, then I won’t be able to steal. *smiles* And, this is the common sense of the dispute’s outcome.” As Riko continues to sing, a couple of girls, who were sitting while having their drinks, overhears the music and says that is really nice to listen at, that it moves them but who is it. They look at each other and decide to go and watch. While the audience are screaming, Kyoko comments that Mush is a LIVE’s genius. Soichiro says that he knows. Kyoko asks up to when he is going to put this kind of person in a band that cannot do LIVE performances. This surprises Soichiro. Kyoko says that if she was him, she’ll make them disband. Soichiro sadly says that a so-called band, even if it is rational, one has to consider whether it is correct or not, but it is also impossible for it to progress that smoothly. Kyoko looks at Soichiro and smiles. She says that’s true and no matter when, Soichiro is so clumsy [/stupid]. This made Soichiro glumly look at Kyoko.
Leaning down to address Miwako, Kyoko asks if she knew that Soichiro used to play in a band. Miwako exclaims in surprises, way! Soichiro asks Kyoko not to say that anymore and he is already begging her. Kyoko continues to tell Miwako that Soichiro used to be a pianist. Miwako mutters, pian.. Kyoko looks at glum Soichiro and apologizes, for that’s right, she was wrong for right now, he is still a pianist, for real. Keeping quiet, Soichiro looks sad. Kyoko tells Soichiro that it is the same with Crude Play, as the ‘president’, he should deal with it properly and what the heck is he doing.. Soichiro says that even if it is like that, he also wants to protect them. Kyoko says that she told him so many times already that he is overprotective. “Whether it is Mari-chan, Crude Play or Mush, if you keep this up, the end result is everything will fall apart.” Soichiro asks then, what should he do.. Kyoko laughs and says that he’s really foolish for no matter what he does, there is no talented person who can depart from destiny [/doom]. “No matter what you do and no matter how you do it.” Soichiro looks flustered that he says that he..doesn’t like..that way of doing things.. This made Kyoko look serious and tells him to give it up. And, Riko continues to sing. More people are becoming curious about that super lively concert and it seems to be a program for Yamamoto Bros.
Then, one of them exclaims that it is the newcomer regular member, it’s Mush, the one who had that MST broadcast accident. They recognize her in the CM and she had appeared in Crude Play’s LIVE. The voice is nice to listen to that they all want to go and watch. Soon, Aki and the two guys notice that there are many people are now crowding and pushing them. The staff member calls out for the people not to push and jump around for that is very dangerous. He tells another staff that this year’s summer festival might break the record of attendance. The female staff says that more and more people are gathering around from the other places and unexpectedly, Mush is this popular. Aki notices the audience becoming rowdy. Someone[/Aki] says that it is no good. The staff member was informed about the situation and he asks the others about stopping the concert. This puzzles Miwako. The staff member explains to Kyoko that from the side of operations, they are very worried.. there are too many people who gathered compared to what they anticipated and if this continues on, it might cause an accident.. Miwako exclaims that’s great, quite amazing.. Soichiro scolds her that this isn’t the time to be happy. Miwako immediately apologizes and says that what he said is true. Kyoko tells the staff to inform Mush to sing one more song and end it already. So, the staff member starts writing it on a huge notebook.
While she is still singing, Riko thinks that the first time she sang in the classroom, her friends said that she is amazing to suddenly sing in front of everyone and isn’t she afraid. “Up to now, my legs are still trembling. The sound of my heartbeat seems to be the same with the rhythm. My ears are also exploding. But..this kind of feeling, I don’t think that it is fear. This isn’t fear at all, but rather, my legs are trembling with excitement.” Then, Riko notices the notebook being held by the staff, ‘Please sing one more song to end it.’ This irked Riko. Keiji also saw it and glances at the side. The audience is still screaming. Keiji seems to notice that the gathered people are a bit too much.. Riko smiles over the cheers then sees the note still being held by the staff. The audience kept on screaming for her to continue singing and she’s really amazing. The staff member nervously points to the note to please tell everyone that there is one more song and it is over. Riko shouts that she is far, far from singing enough-!! This made the audience go wild. While Kyoko and Miwako are shocked, Soichiro exclaims that idiot..! Taking cue, Lucca starts playing the drums again and the others start playing their instruments. Kyouko sings, “Whether you are here or not, I’m happy.” The audience recognizes it as Ratt’s ‘Critical Hit’!!
Soon, there are some people who are jumping up with their arms raised. Kyoko shouts for everyone to quickly take some measures to block the audience quickly. Then, the staff member with Shibaken and Yutaka were informed about stopping the concert. Shibaken asks what happened. The staff member says that the people who came are too many so the performance has to stop. Yutaka laughs and asks if that is for real, there’s no need for them to appear. Shibaken asks if right now, that is the last song. The staff member says that it probably is..the producer will come to explain the situation clearly... To his surprise, Shibaken is already rushing to the stage, as well as Yutaka. Yutaka shouts for him to please tell the Empress that they are going over and even if it is just one second, they will go onstage. While everyone is excited, Aki look glum. Aki mutters that Riko is really a cruel girl. “Why.. How come up to now you won’t sing the song I made..?” Sou looks glum and says that he also think that. “Obviously Riko is singing. How come the one who is accompanying her isn’t me. *clenches fist* How come I’m standing at this place?” Shibaken is climbing up the stairs and he can already see Riko in front. He smiles when someone shouts, “That hurts!” The scream came from the audience!
Comment: So, Crude Play had temporarily disbanded due to Shun’s plan to take over the company. If one is idealistic like Riko, it isn’t disbandment. If one is being realistic like the teacher, it is. In a way, it depends on one’s attachment to Crude Play. The deeper it is, the more impact this news is like for Reiko, it is enough for her to be absent in school. Apparently, Shun did studied college while playing with CP. He has a future after CP. So does Shinya for someone already want to use his services with a LIVE and a recording. Will he still cling to CP who treated him like an outsider just because he wanted to play Aki’s music or will he move on? I felt like laughing sarcastically at the end of chapter 75. Riko is talking about playing LIVE with her friends in Mush & Co but upon seeing Aki, she left them and later on, she is singing LIVE with another group. In the end, I think for Riko, music is supreme much like how it is for Aki. I don’t quite understand what Kyoko meant about Mush falling apart just because she cannot immediately sing LIVE with her group. Maybe she is talking about the long term and that they have to strike the iron while it is hot. Apparently, there is something about Soichiro’s past that makes him want to keep/protect his talents to the point of it somehow bringing about their ruin or perhaps, trying to stop the inevitable. It is most evident with Mari. For CP and Mush&Co, it is about keeping the members with no/minimal talent with the talented ones. In a way, it is pulling down the talented ones. Shibaken seems to be intent on pursuing Riko. Time will tell if he’ll be successful or not. At first, I thought he tripped and was the one who shouted ‘it hurts’ ^^; But that would be comedy... Things will be realistic if it is a stampede though I’m not sure how things will work out. There are indeed things that one can be rebellious with adults but there are times, reality isn’t as lenient with the consequences. If there is a stampede, who will take the blame? Riko for not listening to the order or the organizers? Also, Aki and her friends are in the audience. Anyway, I wonder what will happen..will it be a life changing event? Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇

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  1. Thanks for the summary, Kat, always glad to see an update on KanoUso! Talking about the end of ch. 76, somebody deffinitely seems to get hurt due to it being overcrowded. Seeing how seriously stuff regarding idols and music artists in general is taken in Japan, such an incident will probably end up causing quite a scandal. I really liked the way things were going in this series and can only hope this incident will not be a major one so as not to negatively impact on Riko and the band as well as their record company.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^


      Hopefully so. ^^

  2. Oh! And Happy New Year. As well as belated Merry Christmas. =D

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you, too, Ili ^-^

  3. Wow wow thank you. I've been waiting for this.

    I hope CP will not disband i know it's hard for shun but i hope somehow they will find away to figure it out.
    I guess not too much aki and riko scene in this chap.
    Anyway happy new year to you.

    1. You're welcome, J.Nidah ^-^

      Ya but then, I'm not too optimistic since he really cannot do two things at the same time.

      Ya..maybe in the next chapter..depending on what will happen.

      Happy New Year, too ^-^

  4. Wow surprisingly Shibaken wants to steel Mush from Aki; how amusing!
    Well this manga is still very interesting for me. I like it now more than I like Skip Beat which is becoming dull and boring. I think that one of that manga's shortcomings is that the mangaka dedicates whole arcs for side characters while keeping the main ones out of them. In comparison, KwUwA's mangaka delves in the complexities of life for all of the characters in a more apt way. The past, present and future are all solidly woven in the same canvas. SB's mangaka is chopping time inside her "canvas" and her drawings are worsening (the arms, legs and silhouettes are longer than usual). I am a little bit disappointed but I'll keep reading in the hope of a fulfilling end.
    Ehem, ehem so Miwako wants a disaster to happen with Mush ... which means that she is jealous. I believe, to my BIGGEST RELIEF and SATISFACTION (lol), that she hasn't ended up in bed with Shinya as you've predicted Kat ^^ :p (but I believe that your prediction will happen at some point; it is inevitable and DREADFUL).
    Thank you for your time and summary ^^

    1. Indeed, RoseFleur ^^

      Hehe, is that so. True..I think the arcs alternates with the main cast [/romance] and the non-main cast [/acting and other stuff]. for the drawing, a lot of people would complain about that..ever since before. =P

      Ah..didn't think of that..I thought she is happy because there are so many people that there might be a stampede = popular. ^^; Lol..well, I'm also happy with that and happy that some other group is interested in him. If it happens, Shinya must be in another all time low. ^^;;

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  5. Thank you so much for translating! I think the part where it says that Riko may 'fall apart' in a band like Mush which is not designed for live performances means that Riko is someone who hates to lip-sync her music, because it doesn't let her release and show her passion for music. If she has to continue lip-syncing for an extended period of time, her music 'soul' will fall apart, is probably what they meant. Kinda like how some crude play members crave to play live as well...

    1. Thanks for sindhuri ^-^

      I see..that makes sense. ^^

  6. Hi Kat!
    I was just wondering if it's possible for you to put up a summary of KanoUso chapter 77; it's been more than a month that it's been out, and I'm pretty sure all fans would love to read it! Thanks so much ^^~

    1. sindhuri, it isn't possible because my summaries are depended on the Chinese scanlations. Chapter 77 isn't out yet. =(

      I can only say that I'll work on it when it is out.