November 19, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 72]

Year 2015. In a church, Tomo and Shizu are teary-eyed as they tell Mego that she’s so beautiful. Narration: “Today is my and Aoi-kun’s wedding ceremony.” Wearing a bridal gown, Mego suddenly cries to her friends and thanks them for coming.

While the three are crying over their reunion, the make-up artist tells her not to cry tremendously before the ceremony or the make-up will be ruined. Narration: “Sanada Megumu (23) After going to college, she already debut as a mangaka. And, her work is currently being serialized in a monthly magazine.”

Mego notices Shino and Akane. With Akane between them, the girls greet each other. Mego says that even if she isn’t quite mature but as their sister-in-law, she’ll be under their care [yoroshiku] from today on.

Satsuki is in tears that Mitsuru teases his father that he already started crying [before the wedding], and he’s such an spontaneous person. Embarrassed Satsuki denies that he is crying. When Mego saw her parents, she calls out to them to thank them for giving birth to her and bringing her up to become an adult.
Starting to cry, Mego tells them that she also wants to be someone who is gentle like her mother and strong like her father, as well as, a perfect couple that mutually respect each other. This made the parents cry. The father says that refined way of expressing thanks is quite a foul~~~ The make-up artist thinks that the make-up is once again..

Mego notices Mitsuru teary-eyed. Mitsuru says that this is bad for he also wants to cry. He tells Mego that she is beautiful like a princess and she has indeed become like Megohime [/wife of Masamune]. Hugging each other, Mitsuru tells her to definitely be happy, his younger sister whom he is proud of.

Soon, the ceremony starts with someone announcing that Satsuki, the father, is now going to bring in the bride. As Mego walks with her father, Aoi waits for her at the altar. And then, he holds out his hand. She thinks that she is going towards the side of the one she loves the most in this whole world.

While everyone happily watches, the couple kisses. Mego thinks with the protection of her loved ones, she vows to love each other throughout her life and she’ll eternally never forget [what happened] today.
That night, Mego thanks Aoi for letting her take a bath first and today’s ceremony went smoothly. She finds Aoi sound asleep on the sofa. She goes near him and thinks that he is too tired so he had fallen asleep. Just when she is thinking that he was always busy since this morning today, she notices that Aoi is trembling and breathing heavily.

She immediately wakes him up. She apologizes for waking him for it seems that he is having a nightmare AGAIN. After looking surprised, Aoi says is that so. He apologizes for always being like this. Mego thinks that always until now, Aoi still dreamt of that disaster four years ago.

His psychological trauma won’t disappear and right now, there are definitely lots and lots of suffering people like Aoi. Mego hugs him from behind. This made Aoi blush and call out her name. Aoi holds her face and they kiss. In this kind of nights, they always use the warmth of skin [/flesh] to verify the meaning of living on since he had told her that she is the reason for him to live on.
While having sex, he tells her that he loves her. Teary-eyed Mego kisses him. That night, she became pregnant with a small life within her body. 10 months after, on the phone, Aoi exclaims that she already gave birth when there is supposed to be still a week before the time of labor.

Mitsuru, together with Azusa, tells Aoi on the phone that yes, they basically came to visit his grandmother but they were unexpectedly told that Mego already gave birth and is currently in the hospital. Mitsuru asks if Aoi is currently still on a business trip to Tokyo. Aoi says that he already finished with work and he is currently going back.

He tells Mitsuru that he’ll leave Mego to him until then. Blushing Aoi cannot dare believe that he and Mego’s child has.. Three hours later, Aoi rushes to the hospital to see Mitsuru and Azusa. Mitsuru exclaims that he’s here. Catching his breath, Aoi asks how are Mego and the child. Mitsuru tells him that she smoothly gave birth. Both mother and child are safe!!
Mitsuru opens the door and tells Mego that Aoi has arrived. Aoi sees Mego holding a baby while looking out the window. Then, she looks towards him. Teary-eyed, holding the baby towards him, she calls out to Aoi. Aoi goes to her. Mego tells Aoi to come and hold her [/baby]. Aoi nervously reaches out, and the baby holds his finger. 

Mego says that she’s very cute, right and she’s a healthy baby girl. After looking surprised by this, Aoi remembers his mother. He becomes flustered and teary-eyed. He mutters that she’s so warm and obviously so small yet so powerful. Narration: “Life’s cycle continue to be passed on.” Aoi hugs the baby and thanks Mego because thanks to her, he had another reason to live on.

Moved Mego thinks that it is the same with her, he and the child is her reason for living on. Aoi calls out to Mego. Mego happily says that cute and having strength is a really good feeling. Narration: “Together, we gave birth to a new life. We bestow upon her the name ‘Ibuki’ [guesswork from 芽吹], which means as if a sprout strongly blossomed out life.”
Comment: And, we have our wedding with thanks + reunion of everyone. And, finally, they have a baby. Actually the ‘life cycle’ can be translated as ‘reincarnation’ in Chinese and based on what Aoi thought, Ibuki could be the reincarnation of the mother so everyone is all happy together. Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day. ~ Taylor Hanson 


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