November 18, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 60]

It is raining. Kasane is sitting in a dark room lit only by the light outside the window. While standing behind her, Kingo tells her to forget all of her habits before. “Not only acting skills but also your usual movements and your personality have to be forgotten. 'Tanzawa Nina' is already dead. Your name is 'Saki'. For you, you don't have a past...

...What you possess are only perfect looks and talent, as well as, incomparable persistence. You will become queen.” Kasane thinks that the attitude of how this this guy treats her is already different from before. “No, it isn't just Habuta Kingo, everything in my not at all the same during the time when I was 'Tanzawa Nina'.” 

Kasane rushes towards below the bridge where Nogiku is waiting. Kasane apologizes and asks if she was waiting for a long time. Holding her cellphone, Nogiku says nope. As Nogiku removes her mask, Kasane leans to kiss her. She says that it is truly a big help that she can come over and today's practice seems to be extended. 

Kasane reverts back to her original face then goes back to having Nogiku's face after the kiss. Kasane narrates that thanks to Nogiku, it isn't like with Nina who has a sleeping beauty syndrome or perhaps be in a vegetative state. “The lipstick's time limit, that flaw, can also be effortlessly resolved.” Kasane watches Nogiku put on her mask.
Then, she asks if it is too inconvenient for her to go outside with that kind of face and doesn't she feel that its uncomfortable.. Nogiku tells her that she doesn't feel that at all.. Startled Kasane says, is that so.. Kasane wonders if she's joking for how is it possible that she doesn't feel it. “She ought to have been strangely watched, stared or ridiculed. Is she just minding me that she didn't tell me? Or, it is..” 

Nogiku tells her that she'll see her tomorrow and as she told her, it is okay to call her at any time as long as she needs her. Kasane thanks her. Nogiku looks at her then walks away. After watching her leave, Kasane thinks that even if Nogiku says it quite intimately but she doesn't at all open up her heart towards her..

“Retrieving beauty, I returned back on stage but there are also things that cannot come back-- *recalls Nogiku happily smiling at her at the beach* It is inevitable.. The me at that time is a fake. I also made her know the real me who is actually a different person. Naturally, the relationship will change. *while some people are dressing her up*...

...Not only Nogiku, but right now, I also cannot see Uno. [← her boyfriend when she was 'Nina'] This kind of change made me feel very unwell [difficult to bear] but I don't know why I have more expressive power and concentration that come out when I'm on the stage.”
Later on, everyone had already left the dressing room. Kasane is still busy reading her lines. There is a couple of knocks on the door. This made Kasane immediately turn around and imagines that it is [Uno] Nobuhiko asking if she is still here. Then, she frowns when it is Kingo, carrying a bag, who came in. 

Kingo asks what's up with that disappointed face that she didn't even concealed when he specially came to bring her some snacks. Kasane looks at the side and says that it is nothing. Sitting beside her and eating some sweets, Kingo says, “..but, to become the 'manager', it is indeed a lot relaxing to effortlessly see each other...

...Even if I temporarily got into a [showbiz] company, it can also be said that it is a wise choice.” Putting her script into her bag, Kasane says that he can also hide her identity very well. Kingo says although, he is constantly inquired as to where he was able to find this kind of actress.. “Compared to that, there is some important thing that we have to quickly talk about.

Saki, your debut has caused a huge sensation. After all, there is a that kind of publicity about an actress who has Fuchi Sagayo's fog-dense talent.. Even if you're still a newcomer, but you had already won the eyes of a lot of the senior performers and fans. Your reputation and popularity is rising but I want to gamble big. For example, 'Tanzawa Nina' has not acted out in a major play.”
Kasane asks if there is a notice or an audition? Gesturing three with his fingers, Kingo says that it is three notices that is worth rejoicing about also really gives him a headache. “There are two, the lead role but even if the play's scope isn't considered big but what remains is that.. Even if it is an important supporting role but that world's renowned performer, 'Fujihara Yoshio' proposed it.” 

Kasane exclaims, Fujihara Yoshio, then isn't that very good. “A while ago, just recently, he got the best acting award in France. Besides..he also worked together so many times with mother.” Kingo says that's right, the play this time is going to be performed nationwide. Kasane tells him that they only have to bring Nogiku together with them and there will be no problem. 

Kingo says that even if it is like that.. Kasane asks what. Kingo says the play's script is omnious. “It's Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'!!” Kasane becomes tense as she mutters that it is 'Macbeth's' Lady Macbeth. Kingo says that's right. Kasane thinks that in order for her husband to ascend to the throne, Lady Macbeth incited him from behind to cruelly kill all of the people involved.. and also.. 

Kasane mutters that it is her mother's very last role.. Kingo says that's right..this choice is very ominous. “In the people's eyes, Fuchi Sugeyo used her acting just like before and won a glorious standing ovation. As an actress, she later attained boundless prospects but afterwards, she also cannot step on the stage again...
...*Kasane becomes quiet* That person's fate started to get out of control after 'Macbeth' so at the utmost possibility, I won't let you play that role.” Kasane asks if he feels that she will walk the same fate as her mother..? Kingo says that is one reason, and the one who'll be acting with her is also an old friend.

“The one playing 'Macbeth' is Uno Nobuhiko. *Kasane becomes surprised* Young but his strength is for real that he can also interpret a heavy emotional role.. *Kasane tensely looks away* But the risk is already too big. That guy knows your body and breathing from inside out.” Kasane protests that he won't comprehend it for the woman who was 'Tanzawa Nina' has made cosmetic changes-something.

Pointing at her, Kingo says that he isn't worried about that. “It is you. Other than those, the one who'll most possibly have a mishap is you, yourself. Your feelings towards Ugo will make you expose the crack. Aren't you still hesitating? Or still reluctant to leave [Nobuhiko?], right.” This made Kasane glare at Kingo.
Kasane stands up and says that he is still looking down on her. “I'll expose the crack? Be ruined like my mother? It isn't like I have not made much progress when I have returned back on the stage. Besides..I'm already not 'Fuchi Sugeyo' nor am I 'Tanzawa Nina'. Do not mention me in equal terms with people who are already dead.” 

Kingo grabs her hands and asks, “Then, who are you?” Kasane replies, “I am 'Saki'. A woman who has no past. The one who created her is obviously you! *pulling her hands away from Kingo* I'll play 'Macbeth'.” Kingo asks if she wants to surpass her mother. Kasane darkly says that's is like that. She thinks that 'Macbeth' has disrupted her mother's life..

“I must get through this stage play. Together with mother..I can break it off with 'Tanzawa Nina' past as well.” Kasane says, 'The 'Lady Macbeth' that pulled the trigger to my mother's ruin.. Is simply what I'm been looking for..!” Then, there's an image of a crown being placed on Kasane.
Comment: I can understand Kingo's hesitation. The play is indeed omninous because of it being her mother's last play and Nobuhiko is also part of the play. From what they are saying, it does seem that Sugeyo/Izana internalized the role too much that she couldn't get out of it. Maybe aside from problems regarding the real Sugeyo and it does make sense for Izana to be kind of guilty about her daughter in the end.

So, did she also commit suicide and somehow became like a 'ghost' that is somehow watching over Kasane. Of course, it is unknown if it is good or not. Will Kasane surpass her mother like what wanted to or suffer the same fate? Actually, I wonder if it will break her if Nogiku somehow made Nobuhiko know Kasane's real appearance. Too many uncertainties so let's just wait and see how this comes out. Scans by RAD汉化组
Quote of the day:
If you are facing a new challenge or being asked to do something that you have never done before don’t be afraid to step out. You have more capability than you think you do but you will never see it unless you place a demand on yourself for more. ~ Joyce Meyer


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      Is that so..and yes, she's a tragic character.