September 24, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 67]

Narration: “If I’m no longer around, that girl will definitely be broken-hearted. *In the water, Aoi reaching up to his necklace. He recalls the time when they are at the church and she is dressed like a bride* I’m sorry, Mego. I love you--..” At Tokyo, Mego is crying while looking at the broken necklace. She mutters Aoi’s name and recalls some memories of him. Then, she promptly faints. At that time, there are still some aftershocks occurring in various regions of East Japan. The people in the streets are talking about how scary it was for it was reported that there was a tsunami at the northeast coast. The trains had also stopped so they have to walk home. Mitsuru says that there is an aftershock again and where can they go.. Then, he notices Azusa cowering at the side. She is crying and trembling. She tells him that she’s really useless for she is afraid of earthquakes the most since she was young. Mitsuru hugs her and calls her stupid, for at this kind of time, there is no one who isn’t afraid so be at ease while being afraid. She hugs to him and says that she’s really so scared. She finds it baffling for she is obviously so afraid but it’s so warm that slowly, her trembling had been suppressed.
Mitsuru overhears some people saying that it seems that the tsunami had reached Sendai airport, and the self-defense force had already went there to help. Azusa notices Mitsuru looking worried. He thinks of Aoi and his grandmother who are still in Sendai so he hopes that they are safe. He wonders if that dream which he dreamt at the same time with Mego is today’s prediction and if it is so, then Aoi.. He thinks that at this time, his father is probably also going to provide support to the places that was hit by the calamity. Mitsuru hopes that everyone would come back safe. Holding Asuza’s hand, Mitsuru says that they first go to Tokugawa Corporation Head Office’s Building to take refuge and it is very near here. He holds her tightly as he leads the way. At Tokugawa Corporation Head Office, Shuuichi trembles over the disaster that he is watching on the television. He says that the tsunami made their factory...and this will case a huge loss to them..!! Then, there is another aftershock. His subordinates tell him to quickly take refuge in a safe place and please give them his instructions. Shuuichi is at a loss over what to do. Someone suddenly holds his shoulder.
He is surprised that it is Mitsuru who told him to calm down. He says that regarding the instructions on taking refuge on this side, first ensure the workers’ safety, then also confirm  the safety of the workers on the site. He tells Shuuichi that with everyone working together, they can accomplish it, and if it is necessary, they’ll need to suggest for a rescue application. [<- from the government?] Azusa says that the trains outside had stopped so transportation has been paralyzed. She suggests that they prepare towels for the workers who have no way of going home. While Shuuichi is still surprised over the two, a woman says that there are stored up food at the warehouse so she’ll go help in its transportation. Azusa nods. The other subordinate says that the two are so amazing for at this kind of time, the two kids are unexpectedly very calm.. Mitsuru asks if Azusa is really okay for a while ago, she was crying from fright. Sticking out her tongue, Azusa says how she can let the others see her looking uneasy when she will become the next chairman or else, she’ll make the workers more uneasy. “I’m fine. If I’m afraid, then I’ll let you hug me again.”
Mitsuru smiles as Azusa goes to him to help him with the preparations. While Shuuichi still looks stunned, Mitsuru thinks that right now, they only need to do what they should do that’s in front of them. The next day, there is already a clear data regarding the degree of the calamity. On the newspapers, it was mentioned that there are numerous missing and dead people due to the the Tohoku [northeast] Japan Earthquake. The aftershocks in various parts of the region still continue. On March 12, 3:36pm, the nuclear plant’s hydrogen exploded. One after another, the stories about the earthquake which caused the tsunami then the nuclear plant explosion had stunned not only Japan but also the whole world. Company workers, firefighters and rescue teams are in fighting form at the calamity stricken area. All of it was closely followed by  whole Japan. Afterwards— Ayaka worriedly watches the news on the television. The news shows some self-defense force people saving a child. The report says that there are still aftershocks and at the side, people are already giving their all-out effort as they carry out the rescue operation. Ayaka is worried about her husband.
Upon seeing him on the television, she holds her hands tight and mutters that when she became his wife, she has already prepared herself regarding ‘just in case’. “Please, be sure to safely come back at my side..” Looking at her mother from behind, Mego mutters mama and papa. She knows the pain of being concerned over one’s loved one and everyone is definitely like that. Looking at her necklace, she thinks that it is good if she opens her eyes and what happened yesterday is all a dream. There is still no contact from her grandmother in Sendai as well as Aoi. Recalling their promise about marriage and being always together, Mego holds her necklace tightly. She thinks that Aoi won’t just leave her and go but if in this kind of situation, just in case, Aoi had once again encountered something dangerous--.. She looks determined. In Mego’s bedroom, Mitsuru, together with Azusa, is surprised that Mego is planning to go to Sendai to find Aoi right now. Mitsuru says that it wasn’t easy to get back [from company to the house?] and what is she saying for even if she went, she’ll only cause trouble for others. Putting some things in a luggage, Mego says that she is going to deliver food to grandmother and Aoi.
Mitsuru worriedly says that there is a high possibility of more aftershocks and tsunami.. Mego says that she can no longer continue to stay here because she is no longer Aoi’s lover. Just when their mother is going in the room, Mego declares, “We are already engaged. Right now, I’m Aoi’s ‘wife’. *teary-eyed* He had already become my important family. If it’s family, no matter what happens, I’ll go search for him regardless of everything..!!” While Mitsuru and Azusa are surprised, Ayaka says that she’ll need two tickets. “Right now, Sendai airport is already sealed off so from Haneda airport, we’ll go to Sendai from Yamagata. Quickly get ready, Mego.” Everyone is surprised that she’s also going. She says that she is worried about grandmother’s safety and there’s a possibility that there is a shortage of food at that side. “For Mego to mention husband, then for me, Aoi is my future son-in-law and also my important family. *Mego is moved by that* Mitsuru, you’ll stay in Tokyo and protect Azusa-chan well. Azusa-chan, before we come back, I’ll leave Mitsuru up to you. You are also my future daughter-in-law.” Azusa blushes over that.
At the airport, it is announced for passengers for Yamagata to go to gate 19. Mego, together with her mother, tells Mitsuru that they’ll be going. Mitsuru tells her to be careful. Mego smiles and says yes. Mego mentally apologizes to Mitsuru for making him worried for whatever happens. “It is also unknown if we’ll encounter some kind of danger at the other side, but--.. Mitsuru looks at his twin and mother leaving. He recalls young Mego happily calling out to him. Mitsuru calls out to Mego and gives her a tight hug. He says, “Definitely come back safely, my one and only younger sister. “We are twins so even if we are separated, our hearts are definitely connected no matter where you go.” Moved to tears, Mego exclaims, yes..!! She thinks that apart from their very similar face, there are no other similarities between them. Right now, the most important thing is mutual interaction with each other. While holding his hand, she says that she’s going and she’ll definitely come back safely with everyone. Narration: “Born on the same day and have lived together, having a part of each other’s soul. Definitely, no matter how far we are separated, we can mutually know that their feelings are connected.” There are scenes of Satsuki hard at work, Ayaka praying, and Mitsuru looking slightly worried. Mego mutters, “Aoi-kun, no matter where you are, I’ll find you, my beloved.”
Comment: So, it turns out that Azusa is scared of earthquakes and there are a lot of that in Japan so lots of hugging time for them ^^ I think it is understandable that Shuuichi is uneasy because all that money and hard work had just gone down the drain. I’m not sure if it crossed his mind that he gave up his beloved for most of that. I guess Satsuki was a good example for Mitsuru that he knows what to prioritize in this kind of times on what to do. Because of what the two did, Shuuichi would have less resistance in making them succeed the company especially since they’ll gain the workers’ approval by showing their concern for them. Mego and her mother wanting to go to Sendai is ‘nice and everything’ in the name of love but in reality, isn’t it too reckless? I’m not sure they can actually go to the disaster site but I guess they’ll be more at ease if they are nearby. So, after some twins’ bonding, time to hope and pray that everyone is alright and will come back safely. seems that there are still no Mego and Azusa bonding moments like there was with Mitsuru and Aoi. Scans by 工作室

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