September 23, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 59]

A woman holds what seems to be black sand/blood on her hand. As she lets it go, a peony blossom falls down. There are people are talking: “‘Ah, how is that new stage play?’ ‘It is that new actress that one can’t help but talk about’ ‘Is it really a newcomer?’

‘That is what was said.’ ‘I really cannot dare believe it.. for she is also not inferior in any way with professional actresses.’ ‘Besides, she also looks very beautiful. Even if I don’t know why they refused to make it known to the public regarding her identity and experience..’ ‘Don’t you feel that she is a bit similar with ‘Tanzawa Nina’?’ ‘ isn’t similar with ‘Tanzawa Nina’.

With this kind of level, it should be ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’.” A black haired beauty stands on stage. Afterwards, the people are passing by the hallway after watching the play. They say that she really looks very similar and as one say, it is like being ‘reborn’ or ‘a new legend is born’ something like that.

Wearing a hoodie and a mask, Nogiku overhears them. She thinks, “That’s right..she has been born. I caused her to be born into this world.. *hugs herself* A ‘monster’ whom people cannot help but have goose bumps about it--”
Five months ago, in the small apartment, Kingo says that even if they don’t have anything..but for the debut, it definitely has to be strong [/large-scale] for it to be okay. “First, we must move out from this remote damaged house...

...Are the two of you going to live together but if you are going to live separately, it has to be near each other.” Kasane says that it will depend on what’s convenient for Nogiku. “Compared to that, where are we going to live?” Kingo says that even if they need to find some place that’s within the city.. Nina’s place is already too small. “This time, we have to find a bit bigger place.” 

Kasane says if it’s like that, how is that house right now. Noticing Nogiku suddenly becoming tense, Kingo asks which house Kasane is referring to. While Nogiku is closely looking at her, Kasane says that place where she and her mother lived together after being separated from father. “Ah..I also do not know what had become of the place where father lived..” 

Kingo notices Nogiku breathing a sigh of relief. After Nogiku left Kasane’s place, she notices Kingo waiting for her below. He offers to drive her to the station. She passes by him and refuses. Kingo grabs her wrist and asks if she is very afraid that Kasane would take note of their father’s house. “Right now is an important time, it is no good for you if you haven’t adjusted your mentality [/attitude]. Accompany me in verifying it, okay.”
As she rides in his car, Nogiku wonders how much he knows.. They stop in front of the mansion’s gate. After getting out of the car, Nogiku asks if he was the one who locked the gate. Kingo says yes, so they go through the back gate and go in through the window. While following Kingo, Nogiku thinks that Kingo really knows the house’s structure and it is impossible that he came here just once. I

In front of one of the windows, Kingo gives Nogiku some gloves and mask. After putting them on, Kingo opens the window and says that it is very hard to get rid of this smell. While following him upstairs, Nogiku thinks that Kingo had probably guessed that she was the one who caused her father’s death.

Kingo looks back and sees Nogiku is stalling at the stairs. He asks what’s up, is the smell too heavy that she couldn’t bear it. She says no.. She thinks that it is the bedroom and that is where she and her father..those filthy memories..
Nogiku is surprised to see the room with only a blood stain on the floor. Kingo says that he had already dealt with the corpse and the murder weapon. “I already have no way of dealing with that bloodstain-whatever. At that time, there was a corpse yet there was no trace of any theft had happened but there is a trace that he had lived together with a woman...

...Moreover, it just so happen that at this time, Atae’s ‘daughter’ who is supposed to be dead had also showed up.. It’s quite a joke if one is to say that is purely a coincidence.” Glaring at him, Nogiku asks what he wants to say. Kingo tells him not to be so vicious, for he had already handled things so even if the police came to investigate this place, they won’t investigate it up to her.

“If there is any trace of you and Atae living together here, for example, clothes when you were young-that type of thing, I’ll do the utmost possibility of getting rid of them.” Nogiku hugs herself and thinks of trace that she lived together with her father... She recalls when she was raped. She opens the cabinet and says that didn’t he say that everything has to be thrown away.
Nogiku starts grabbing the clothes from the cabinet and thinking, “This one. Also, this one. This clothing, too. They are stained with that filthy scar-- of not being treated as ‘Nogiku’. Filthy memories.” Kingo asks what she is doing and aren’t those Sugeyo’s clothes. Nogiku glares at him and tells him not to pry into her past as he pleases.

This puzzles Kingo that he asks where she is going. Taking the clothes out of the room, she tells him not to mind her. She thinks, “Don’t want to be touched. Don’t want to be discovered. This room and also.. this skirt, this perfume, this ring. That’s right..” She lights up a lighter. Going out of the room, Kingo asks Nogiku want she meant by ‘my past’.

Then, he notices some smoke. He goes to a room and sees Nogiku watching the burning clothes by the window. She notices him when suddenly there is a breeze that causes the burning curtains to spread the fire on Nogiku’s sleeve.

Going to her, Kingo shouts, “Idiot, quickly come over here!! *grabs her hand and pulls her away from the fire* That will attract the firemen and the police! *bringing her to safety* The most important thing is..what will happen if your face got burned!?” This shocks and hurts Nogiku that a tear formed on her eye.
While resting outside the gate, Kingo reprimands Nogiku for what is she thinking.. Nogiku mutters that it is good that he, Kasane and anyone else do not know about it. As Nogiku stands behind the burning house, she thinks that the past of her being like this, the ‘Nogiku’ who lived in this place is dead. “No, basically, I’m someone... who wasn’t allowed to live in this world--”

Recalling Izana standing behind the burning shack, Kingo says that it’s so beautiful..the fire brought about death and because of fire, one was reborn. “Just like that person.” This irks Nogiku. Holding her burnt arm, she says, “By the way, you are very similar with Kaidou Atae.” Standing up, Kingo snorts and tells her not to compare him with that scum for he’ll get angry. “Ah, actually, the one being reborn through the fire isn’t you. You are also the tinder that will ignite that woman’s flame.” End flashback.

Still hugging herself, Nogiku thinks, “That’s right. The brand new monster born into this world isn’t anyone. *Kasane covers her face* It isn’t ‘Tanzawa Nina’. *Kasane takes away her hands from her face* It isn’t ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’. All the more it isn’t ‘Nogiku’. *Kasane says, “I’m..I’m ‘Saki’”.* From the empty darkness, suddenly blooming into a red flame--” [Her name ‘Saki’ is written as 咲朱 which literally means blooming red]
Comment: So, unlike before, they aren’t going to use a real person’s identity but create a totally new one. Her debut is a smashing success and people are already talking about her. It does seem that Nogiku is quite uneasy over this that she even calls her ‘monster’. In a way, it does seem that Kingo is an accomplice for both girls.

For them to talk about where to live, it has brought up that issue. Since Nogiku couldn’t act/hide her feelings, she is an easy read for Kingo. I cannot really blame Nogiku for being suspicious and hostile. After all, Kingo knows too much and he is a man. I do wonder if Kingo will figure out later on what Atae did to her for he obviously knew that guy is scum.

Because of what Kingo said, it confirms to Nogiku that everyone is only after her because of her face. It is really quite sad. Somehow, I think that Kingo would be nicer to her if he knew of her past especially since he is also the product of rape. Pairing them together did cross my mind. ^^; Hehe, even if, it is for the sake of the two to find happiness.

I do wonder how Kasane will react if she knew the truth about Nogiku and everything else. For now, she is her ‘best friend’ and she is very caring of her to make Nogiku decided on how they should live. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. ~ Albert Schweitzer


  1. Thanks for the summary!
    Now I really wonder how this will turn out.
    What exactly is Nogiku planning? I know she is up to something, but I don't really know what.
    And is Kasane really going to be happy with borrowing somebody else's face and some made-up persona?

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Indeed..what is she planning.

      I think so because it is better than being the ugly person whom everyone is disgusted with. I think to be a famous actress in leading roles, one has to be beautiful. Of course, the question is for how long can she maintain it..will she be successful unlike her mother?

  2. Thank you for the summary miss kat. :) n I'm sorry to request but if it's not too much bother if you could summarize the last chapter of kimi to boku. Sadly it's not a popular Manga n even with the anime there isn't a big buzz. I understand it may be too much from me to ask and I'm sorry if it was too much.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Ah, which last chapter are we talking about? Is it 92? That chapter is easy so I can briefly summarize it later on..if that is okay with you.

      By the way, tell me your name so I'll know who requested it.

    2. Thank you ms. Kat, and yes chapter 92 :) please. I'm Krystal btw and thank you very very much.

    3. You're welcome and thanks for the info, Krystal. ^^

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