September 17, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 58]

Kingo is surprised to see Nogiku that he asks Kasane that did she say that she is ‘Nogiku’. Kasane says yes. Covering his face in surprise, Kingo thinks that this face, that name, could it be really.. Kingo says that it really startled him for it is simply like Fuchi Sugeyo has come alive. Nogiku immediately looks away.

This puzzles Kingo so Kasane explains that it seems that Nogiku doesn’t like people saying that they are alike. “Nogiku and I are opposites. She felt that ‘beauty’ is a kind of misfortune. Even if it is very hard to understand but.. she herself wanted to give up on this kind of beauty to become someone else. That also means that having the same interests, she and I formed a new collaboration.”

Kingo looks thoughtful and says, oh.. Kasane is surprised when Kingo walks toward Nogiku and apologizes ahead if this makes her feel uncomfortable but.. Holding Nogiku’s chin, Kingo says that she really looks like her that no matter who it is, they cannot help but want to sigh [say it], right? “There are many questions that I want to ask you. First of all, how old are you?”
Immediately going in between them, Kasane protects Nogiku and tells Kingo to stop and don’t intimidate Nogiku. Glaring at Kingo, Nogiku tells Kasane that it is okay for she isn’t intimidated nor is she scared. “It is just.. I don’t really like talking about myself because it only makes me think of the unhappy past.. It’s too sudden that I wasn’t able to answer, that’s all...

...I’m 21 years old. If there is still anything else you want to ask, then ask as you please.” Kingo says, “21? *pause* Ah..I’m really sorry. First of all, I should have introduced myself. I’m Habuta Kingo. I’m a stage director. Even if right now, I’ve currently stopped working. *starts to walk out of the room* Although it is a bit rude, but I’ll go ahead. Goodbye.” 

Kasane is surprised that she chases after Kingo outside the apartment. She tells him to wait. “How come you are so cold towards Nogiku that it really puts her in a bad mood. In front of someone who looks exactly the same as Fuchi Sugeyo..” Turning to her, Kingo says that it is because he had already determined that the face and voice is really similar. “Compared to that, your relationship with her is too close that you might regret it just like that time with Nina.”
Kasane tells him not to belittle her. “This time around, I absolutely won’t run away anymore.” Noticing that tenacity in Kasane’s eyes which seems to be real, Kingo says, “It is good if it is like that.. Don’t be too trusting of the other party.”

As he walks away, Kingo thinks that if it is the usual Kasane, she’ll definitely be more vigilant but probably, it is because she really wanted to breaking away from the current situation [/very desperate] that she became ignorant. “Forget it, it is also a good thing that this kind of strong tenacity was brought about. Next is..”

Going back inside the apartment, Kasane apologizes to Nogiku about Kingo’s rudeness. Nogiku says that it is alright. After a bit of hesitation, Kasane says that there is one other thing that she wants to apologize to her. “Like what I told you before, the ‘Tanzawa Nina’ who always appears in front of you is actually me..

...So that means, I’m always the one whom you went out and had fun with.. [/I have always been hiding and deceiving you.. and] What I have told you at the shrine earlier are lies..” Nogiku assures her that it is okay.
Approaching Kasane and holding her shoulders, Nogiku says that she is always acting out it for Nina who had become a vegetable. “Besides.. if I haven’t personally seen the power of the lipstick, I’ll basically won’t believe it.” Kasane says, “Nogiku..” Nogiku seems to have a stiff expression. [<- don’t really know how to describe it, feeling guilty/uneasy type?]

While walking at the street, Nogiku thinks that even if Kasane apologizes, but all the way, she had said numerous lies, right. “Also, I don’t know what is the true identity of that Habuto guy. *holds on the wired fence tightly* Besides, I’m  also..full of lies..” She looks up and is surprised to see a rainbow up the sky. Her expression softens.

Then, someone says, “Such a spectacular rainbow.” Nogiku’s eyes widen upon seeing Kingo approaching her. Looking at the rainbow, Kingo says that it is said that it was believed that the rainbow is a lucky omen.

“But, during ancient times, it is also considered to be an ill omen that causes panic. I have heard this before from some scholar. *scene of a man pointing to young Kingo the rainbow up the sky* ..then, is your existence, auspicious or ominous, will you let me predict it?”
Looking aghast, Nogiku asks if he was following her. Lighting up his cigarette, Kingo apologizes and says, “It is because it is better not to let Kasane listen about it, okay? As to, who you are.” Surprised Nogiku nervously asks, “‘Who’ I?” Kingo says, “Right, Nogiku. You are the daughter of Kaidou Atae and Fuchi Sugeyo...

...Born on November 9th. This year actually, you’re not 21 but rather, 19 years old. That means, you are the younger sister of Kasane from the same father but different mother.” Nogiku angrily glares at Kingo and thinks, “This guy..!” Kingo think that in the end, she is very beautiful and it is simply like that person had come alive in front of him.

Nogiku asks then who is he, since he knows about her and he definitely has relations with those others. “Is it father.. or is it..” Kingo thinks that in the end, Nogiku already knew that Kasane is her elder sister so she appeared to her. Kingo says that actually, he was told that Nogiku had already died when she was very young.

This surprises Nogiku that she thinks, what..? Kingo says that honestly speaking, there is simply a mountain pile of things that he wanted to ask her but right now, it is better not to chase after what the other party is hiding in one’s thoughts. “Even if I don’t know what your goal is but for Kasane, you are essential.”
Nogiku nervously smiles and says that she only wants to see Kasane and think of whether or not she can do a bit of something for her. *from looking sideways, she looks at Kingo* I’m also serious about wanting to abandon my current self.” Kingo says that no matter what she thinks but please help out, I beg of you. 

Nogiku says that she’s the one begging him..but just one thing, afterwards, please not do this bad habit of following others.” Waving goodbye, Kingo says that is indeed very lacking in matters, he’ll remember it. “Goodbye, Kasane’s lil sis.” Nogiku is scowling and angrily glaring at Kingo. While walking away, Kingo thinks that in the end, Nogiku is plotting something bad.

“Rainbow is an ‘ominous omen’.. it will bring about a bloody misfortune –wrong, if should be treated as an unprecedented happiness and good luck. In short, cold beautiful looks indistinguishable with Fuchi Sugeyo [Nogiku] A tenacity that’s starting to burn and a talent that has already matured! [Kasane] I can already gradually see it, the image (idea) of a new legendary woman..! ..ah ah.”
Comment: Apparently, Nogiku wasn’t able to fool Kingo with her lies. I’m not sure what gave her away though. Is it looking away when telling him that she wanted to see Kasane to help her? I thought Kasane was also looking away when she confessed to Nogiku about her lies regarding who she was earlier.

Hm..I guess that is because she couldn’t face Nogiku or something of being ashamed for lying to her. Well, it helps Kingo that Nogiku already lied about her age. Her furious reactions when Kingo told her who she is might also have given her away.

And, Kingo has been with Izana for such a long time that I guess he would know if someone is lying especially with Nogiku who isn’t that quite good in lying. I wonder if Nogiku would only have a change of heart if she realizes how Kasane was treated by the aunt and her past isn’t that really nice as she thought it was.

Kasane is coming clean with her regarding her past lies. I wonder if that will backfire on Kasane or that will help her in making Nogiku stop whatever bad she is planning against her. For now, she would most likely target Kingo who knows the truth about her. She has already killed two people so killing another one might not bother her too much especially someone whom she thinks is her enemy.

It does seem that Nogiku has become adverse towards any stalker-type of person after what happened before when her client started stalking and attacking her. Anyway, I guess Kingo doesn’t want Kasane to know about Nogiku since she might lose heart in using her own younger sister for her own actress goal. Since Kasane isn’t that seemingly cold-hearted, she isn’t too inclined to use someone for her goal unless she is forced to.

It makes me wonder if the ‘ghost’ of Izana who appears from time to time is really a ‘ghost’ or something like part of Kasane. If this is a horror story, I would imagine that when they reached the height of their career, the ghost would then possess Kasane or something. ^^; So, that would be the reason why Izana wanted Kingo to bring her to the stage..not because she cares for her as a daughter, but wanting to be alive again. I’m curious about this scholar that Kingo mentioned.

The face isn’t shown but maybe he was the one who took Kingo in. I think it is the same person leading Kingo away after he first met Izana. Anyway, it will be interesting how they’ll interact towards a common goal while having knives ready behind their backs, ready to attack the other.

I wonder if it will take long before Kasane realizes what’s up between those two and who Nogiku really is. And, how they are going to ‘create’ the new actress. Will they copy ‘Sugeyo’ or surpass her? Scans by 二次元秘店

Quote of the day:
Rainbows introduce us to reflections of different beautiful possibilities so we never forget that pain and grief are not the final options in life. ~ Aberjhani

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