September 18, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 112]

With Ao on her shoulder, Yona can hear some noise. She feels that her head is so dizzy and where is she. Lili calls out to her and asks what’s going on and what happened to them. Yona says that she doesn’t know but it seems that they are inside a carriage. The carriage stops. Someone calls for them to get down. The scene that meets them is people working to build a wall. There are also soldier guards there and they are carrying whips along with their sword. While observing the hard labor, Lili asks what’s up with this place. Then, they notice a man asking if the soldier just said that this is Sei. The man protests what’s going on for they were injured during the festival at Tousui and he heard that all of the clinics are already full so he went to the neighboring town. The newcomers are soon complaining why they are brought to Sei, they didn’t hear anything about this and immediately let them leave! The soldier answers their complaints with a swift crack of his whip. The soldier tells the man to back off for those who rebel will be executed. He informs them that they came to Sei as slaves. Their work is very simple and that is to build this stronghold [/fort]. Yona asks what’s up with that stronghold. The soldier tells her to shut up and they’re not allowed to ask questions. They are to just work quietly and don’t go thinking of other things.
He assures them that if they only properly work, then they’ll let them go. Yona tries to recall where she was before..she was at the inn with Lili and.. She is startled when Lili calls out to Tuvalu. Going to Tuvalu, Lili asks if she was also brought there and is she alright. Yona tells Lili to get away from Tuvalu. She asks Tuvalu who she is and why she brought her and Lili to Sei. This surprises Lili but Tuvalu is unfazed. Tuvalu says that she isn’t at all some terrible big shot, and please forgive her for the late introduction but she is just a merchant from Sei. Since Lili didn’t get what she meant, Tuvalu revealed to her that she’s the one whom she is looking for. Lili shouts in surprise, the Nadai merchant..!? Tuvalu says that it is because she lately banned Nadai that business isn’t doing well and she’s quite a hindrance. Lili says what about her missing son. Tuvalu tells her that she said that in order for her to take the bait and afterwards, during the festival, she planted a seed of disturbance. They took advantage of the chaos and collected the people to be brought to this place. Thanks to their [Lili and others] luck, they harvested quite plentiful this time around. The plan went really smoothly.
Miffed that she was taken for a fool [/Tuvalu is actually a villain], Lili grabs Tuvalu’s collar. This made the soldier raise his whip to keep Lili in her place. Yona shouts for Lili. Inspired by Zeno, Yona decides to use herself as Lili’s shield. After Yona got whipped a few times, Lili shouts for the soldier to stop. Getting ready to whip Yona again, the soldier shouts that he’ll properly teach her what would be the consequences for rebelling. And, just like Zeno, after some injuries, power on.. G-L-A-R-E. The soldier looks scared. Tuvalu tells the soldier that it wasn’t easy for them to bring them back unharmed so stop while he’s ahead. The soldier says okay. [<- he’s probably relieved for he’s scared of the glare.] Lili tearfully holds Yona who is still on glare mode. The others were ordered to hand over their belongings. As the captives are putting their things at a pile, Yona thinks her luggage and dagger were taken away. This time around, she doesn’t have any weapon she can use and there is also that hairpin inside her luggage.. She notices weeping Lili who apologizes to her for she shouldn’t have gotten her involved and she didn’t think that Tuvalu is unexpectedly..
Yona comforts her and tells her that she is fine. She tells her that perhaps this is a good opportunity because after all, what is their goal. Lili says that is to smash the distribution route of Nadai. Yona says that she thinks that this is an important base so they first endure it a bit and find out their goal. Lili says that just now, she was hit and in the end, she’s very strong. Yona smiles and says that it is because Lili is here. While her injured arm hurts, Yona thinks where in Sei is this place, and in the end, what are they planning to do that they didn’t hesitate to abduct people. Right now, Haku and the others aren’t around but because Lili is here so she must strive hard and fight on since she’ll protect Lili. She notices a man weeping over being the injured yet they are dragged for physical labor with this bruised body. While Lili tries to stop her, Yona calls out to the soldier and says that those guys are injured so at least get them treated. The soldier says okay he’ll give them medicine. One man complains that his arm is broken and it cannot be healed with medicine. The soldier offers them some drink. Yona looks at the cup when someone asks isn’t this wine. The soldier says that this is Sei medicine that if one continuously to drink it, one wouldn’t be fatigued. A man who drank it says that it seems that his body had become somewhat relaxed.
Soon, the other people wanted to drink it. A man tells Yona to also go and drink for after drinking it, the whole body would become refreshed [/free from worry]. He is also abducted from Kouka and he is consoled thanks to this drink. Thinking of this wine, Yona notices Tuvalu’s slight smile. She immediately tells Lili don’t, and slaps away the drink. Lili asks what it is. Yona says that is Nadai. She shouts for everyone to stop drinking that wine for that is.. Tuvalu tells her not to worry for a very small dosage of Nadai can become a medicine for this is legal at Sei. Lili is surprised to hear that. Yona says that she has seen a lot of people who had become weak because of Nadai yet she unexpectedly used it to make people work. Tuvalu says that it is because the method of use is wrong that it became like that but here, how much one drinks it, would depend on one’s own responsibility. Lili exclaims how can she drink that kind.. Tuvalu tells her to do as she pleases but..they don’t give water here, only wine. This is also an arid place so how long will they be able to support themselves. Back at the inn, Haku is starting at the empty room where he left Yona. Jeha interrupts him by telling him to come over for apparently, they got some news regarding Yona and Lili.
Later on, Yun asks if Yona and Lili are in Sei. While facing some tied up men, Jeha says that’s right and according to these guys’ statement, Yona and Lili were brought to Sei by the inn’s mistress, Tuvalu. Yun says that unexpectedly Tuvalu is Sei’s Nadai merchant. Ayura says that because Lili is a hindrance for investigating Nadai, they planned to use the disturbance at the festival to seize this opportunity to take them away. Kija says that in this accident, there are a lot of missing people even if there is a group of human traffickers caught by Shina. Haku asks them where the princess and Lili is right now. [<- ya, he said princess and the captives didn’t catch on ^^;] The man says that right now, they are constructing a stronghold near the border at Sei. They are gathering people there so those who were taken ought to be first taken there. Tetora says that for them to be brought there, won’t they be killed. The man says if they are good and will stay put. Yun says that those two won’t be good and stay put. Haku has a follow up question and that is, what is the goal for constructing a stronghold. The guy says who know. Then, he felt a sharp pain. While stepping on the man’s foot, Haku threatens him that he’ll break his leg if he won’t answer. The man immediately says that the goal is for defense and launching an attack against the Water Tribe.
Kija asks if Sei is planning to start a war. The man says that they really don’t know what the royal family and nobles are thinking for they are only hired to go and abduct people. Yun says that they should immediately go to that stronghold and save them. Tetora agrees. The man says by the way, the workers there weren’t given water but rather wine, a Nadai wine so if they don’t hurry, they would be broken by Nadai. While everyone stares at the man, the man continues to say how pitiful but then, they are noble ladies who were posing as some envoy of justice so they’ve encountered this kind of.. And, he stops after Tetora punches a hole in the wall next to his head. Tetora tells him that isn’t just some noble lady, but the doted daughter of the Water Tribe’s head. While the man is freaking out over that, posing Tetora tells him if he has become aware that the Jungi and the Water tribe will absolutely not easily let off Tuvalu and the others for what they did. Also posing Ayura says that the calm water will become a tsunami wherein all of them will be swallowed up until nothing is left. Looking menacing with the others, Kija asks if they know of the Dragon’s wrath [/rub someone in the wrong way]. And, if something happens to princess-sama, it isn’t a difficult thing to make a country become a scorched earth-type of thing. [<- A scorched earth policy is a military strategy that involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area. Source: wiki. In short, they are going to do to Sei what Kai soldiers tried to do before] This made the man really tense.
Later on, it was decided that there will be two groups heading for the stronghold. Group 1: Haku, Yun, Kija and Shina. Group 2: Jeha, Zeno and Ayura. Yun explains that they don’t know where in the stronghold Yona was brought so it was decided that they’ll infiltrate with two groups. They will save Yona and Lili, then, also take the opportunity to level that stronghold to the ground. Jeha asks Tetora if that is okay, she will be on standby here. Tetora says that actually she also wants to go. Ayura tells her that it is okay for just now, her fist has somewhat gone back to its original strength so it won’t be long when she can fight again. Tetora says that in order to immediately fight again soon, she’ll properly train. They hold hands. Tetora says that she’ll leave Lili to her. Ayura says that she knows and she’ll bet her life on it. Jeha tells Yun that details aside, his group will act according to the circumstances but if they became violent then, he’ll trouble him [Yun] to stop them especially Kija-types. Yun says that he’ll do his best. Jeha calls out to Haku and tells him that Yona is definitely okay. Haku didn’t reply. Jeha calls for Zeno and Ayura that they are going. Tetora wishes them success. Haku quietly holds his necklace tight. And, Yona is glaring away at something.  
Comment: So, Tuvalu is just the merchant who seems to be extremely calm and talkative. Too bad that she isn’t going to continue the charade any further and just went ahead to confirm Yona’s accusation. Actually, I’m wondering if the Sei leaders of this plot are stupid. Abducting a huge number of people for their project will definitely raise the suspicion of the enemy country. It won’t be long before they’ll be discovered and their grand plan would be nipped from the bud which is going to happen very soon. Why won’t they use their own people? I thought they are going to use some psychology to make the abducted people think that it is all Kouka’s fault for re-arming and attacking Kai that made Sei use them and counterattack Kouka first. The way they are treated, they won’t side with Sei at all. I wonder how come Tuvalu and others didn’t strip everyone of their belongings first before they arrive in that place. There are some swords in that pile. What would stop these people from arming themselves and attacking? Well, unless, they are scared of the pain of being whipped. Wait..the current batch are injured and not used to fighting...still, aren’t they more in number than those soldiers? Attack the ones on the ground and push off the ones at the wall. Oh wait..they are Kouka people so I guess they’ll wait for their king to save them. And he’ll definitely come...perhaps after Haku and the others are finished with these weaklings.

Based on how the soldier obeys Tuvalu, I would think that she is of importance. It would be nice if Yona would take her hostage to threaten the soldiers. Actually, if she get rid of Tuvalu, the link to selling Nadai from Sei to Kouka is severed. It takes a long time to establish that kind of business inside another country. For Yona to think of her hairpin..what can I say? I can only imagine a scenario of Haku saving her then she immediately goes through that pile to search for her hairpin to check if it is safe and sound. ^^; How about shouting around, don’t touch that pile until I find my hairpin. Hehe, and then, Suwon would also be there..probably blushing =P About Nandai, is one drink enough to make one addicted to it? Was Tuvalu lying about it being okay with a low dosage? But what she said is also true in real life wherein if there is moderation, it is okay..I’m thinking of something like marijuana which is legal in some countries..or even perhaps, it is like alcohol/energy drink. I would think that Tuvalu is saying the truth because it would be very stupid to ruin the very people they need to build the stronghold. Unless, the plan is ‘killing them slowly’ with the Nadai-infused wine and they would just keep on abducting people. And, I guess Haku and others plan to finish this on their own since Tetora is just going to wait there instead of informing Jungi of what they learned. Though, perhaps, she’s scared that Jungi will fire her for putting his beloved daughter in danger since they allowed her to go there. ^^; Anyway, they are going to Sei, so, did they forget that dragons become weak outside of Kouka? Being reckless aren’t they? Right..destroy another country for Yona when they couldn’t maintain their powers outside of the country for too long. ^^;; It will end up just being a two man army of Haku and Zeno. Anyway, it’s fighting time soon. Next chapter will be out in Japan on Oct. 20th. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. thanks for the chapter. I'm thinking what Hak will do when they arrive to the stronghold where they take yona to. I'm imagining him become just like when he faced soowon hihihihihihihi he will kill them all for taking his beloved Yona from him hhhhhhhhhhh I'm on fire for the next chapter

    1. Thanks for reading, Aminata ^-^

      Hehe..massacre? Suwon will probably thank him later on for being an excuse/reason for war to expand Kouka. ^^

  2. Thank You!!!!!! S*** is officially going down!!!!! Yes Yona become the badass you need to be!!!! I'm so excited =)

    1. You're welcome, Valentina ^-^ that so? Yona seems the same to me. ^^;

  3. thank you kat i've been waiting for so long and you were really fast. anyway i wonder why didn't they kill lili , since she's a hindrance it would be better to kill cause fo sure a noble woman won't be of any help in building a wall, so i also think that they want to kill them slowly. well a month is a long time but what can we do looking forward for it (and kind of hoping suwoon will get to yona first)

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      Because they are stupid? But honestly, it is for the story because if this is real life and the villains are really 'evil, they would have been dead. Why bother killing them slowly and waste precious Nadai wine on them, waste space on the carriage for more slaves, waste time and energy on the 'hindrances'. And, like you observed, they don't exactly help in building the wall. They aren't taken as hostages either or for ransom. From the pictures, they also seem to have taken other women, too. To carry the tray of wine? If this is realistic and brutal, they would have been used for sex.

      Hm..Suwon saving her first? Or just get to her first? Then, what? Curious of what you want to happen afterwards.

  4. Thank you for all your hard work, Kat. You're wonderful and greatly appreciated!
    So basically, the party is going to split in order to rescue the ladies. I'm curious with what Tuvalu said about the Nadai. I mean, what she said sounds pretty legit...that it isn't entirely a bad thing but it just depends on how it's being used. So...I'm wondering, is this somehow going to be about Soo-won using Nadai as an excuse to go to war against another country? That guy is manipulative, and he knows how to do things by telling half-truths. I just cannot trust him.

    And, similar to what you mentioned...Hak is thinking a lot about Yona and it seemed like what little thought Yona could spare outside of their situation was not even for him(someone who would be EXTREMELY worried about her, no doubt) but for Soo-won's hairpin. That's quite sad, IMO. Seriously...this "historical romance" isn't getting anywhere in the romance and relationships department. YES, we already know how Hak feels about Yona. We've known since the beginning. Since ch.1, we've seen him worry about her, wanting to protect her happiness above all else. We know he's going to stand up against all odds to save her. No need to rehash that idea over and over for over 100 chapters. I repeat, we know how Hak feels!!! It's Yona we're wondering about. I get the feeling this story is going to be one of those terrible stories where Yona will choose her true love(the country and her people/maybe Soo-won emotionally?) and, ultimately, Hak will still choose Yona by sacrificing everything of himself. I mean, we can see that Hak has his own opinions, wants, and needs too...but he has Yona's happiness prioritized above ALL so he's going to ignore himself. It's so sad to see that Hak really is becoming something of a tool; an object without a mind, goals, or any feelings of his own. I say, if Yona cares anything at all for him, she WOULDN'T want that. She should HATE that. And, if she cares for him then she would really want him to be happy(meaning, taking some action and doing more than just feeling bad for him or praying he will magically be happy). She would want him to have his own goals and to be able to fulfill SOME of his own wants too...because, honestly, without fulfilling anything FOR HIMSELF, I don't see how any human being can be happy in the true sense. She needs to ask Hak what HE wants, how HE feels about Soo-won, and what HE also thinks they should do moving onward. I don't care if Yona is the main character of this story. This shouldn't be just about HER because, frankly, other people's lives are at stake here too. At the very least she would want to be able to support him on an emotional level if she's going to insist on putting her own wants and needs over his every single time.

    A beautiful relationship is one where two people can lean on each other, where they raise each other up and help one another become all that they can be...and sadly, to me, this pairing is just not beautiful. I had mistakenly thought so earlier in the manga. The Hak/Yona relationship, so far though, is one where one person has to sacrifice everything, where one has to be completely tied down in order for the other to be successful. And, no, Yona feeling bad(at times) and praying that Hak's happiness somehow still exists even though she's allowing him to become her mindless puppet does NOT come close to being the same thing as Hak deciding that her happiness is his happiness. This pairing has nothing beyond chemistry, and it's just so frustrating. Hak needs to just die so that I can stop caring about what happens the rest of the story. I'm kind of cheering for Yona and Soo-won too now, not that I'm a fan but just so that Hak can be free. I can't believe that I'm having to cheer for such awful things -_-

    1. I saw you posting at the chapter 110 post too. This is just my opinion, but here goes.

      You seem too bothered by this story. I saw your post in 110 where you said that you were "so mad" in the post. Maybe you were joking, but if you were serious, then I think that's worrying. Including the reply, you spent about 2000 words complaining about the romance in the story, and then again here, you spend another small essay complaining about the romance. These are fictional characters in a fictional story. It seems excessive.

      I don't think it's bad to have criticisms towards the story, in fact I have my own, but to this extent it seems like you hate the story. I don't think it's healthy to hold onto that negative emotion and keep it, especially if it's not like you can't avoid it. If you want to stick around just for Hak, fine, but if it's to the point that you wish he'd die so you could stop caring about the story, maybe you should drop it anyway.

      I've never read/watched a story where I stuck around for one character in a story I otherwise didn't care about, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. To me, at the end of the day these characters are just characters. If I don't like a story to the extent that I'm spending a lot of time complaining about it, then it doesn't seem worth it to stick around to me. There are probably plenty of cooler characters out there that I can find in series I'll love, or at least like.

      This is just what I think, anyway.

    2. Thanks for reading and the comment, starlight ^-^

      Actually, because of what they are doing, Suwon can just use the abduction and slavery as reason for war. Then, they are also building a stronghold so the intention is definitely malicious especially since they got someone who told the others of their intention.

      Yup, that's how it should be but unfortunately, it isn't being done here..yet? Well, after 100+ chapters, I'm no longer optimistic. From the looks of things, the mangaka is still pinning for some love triangle hence the hairpin thing is still being thought about..and she maintains a positive attitude towards Suwon regardless of what he does.

      Ideally yes, but perhaps, there is the appeal to have a guy who is at one's beck and call...bodyguard..just follow what I say. Give him a smile, a bit of concern and a gift, and he's really happy = easy to please... Even if one keeps on staring at some hairpin that a backstabber gave her or always thinking of that other guy, he is still there for her. And, is one and only dream is to make her happy.

    3. Echidna,
      You have a point. I usually drop things when I don't care for the story or when I dislike the main character as much as I dislike Yona. I dumped Fushigi Yuugi because I couldn't stand Miaka and her whining. Turns out, I hate Yona for a completely different reason.

      Hak is seriously my favorite character EVER though...and that's the reason why I always come back. If I didn't like him as much as I did, I would avoid Akatsuki no Yona like the plague. I'm actually frustrated that I keep having to come back because of him. It's difficult for me not to sympathize with him or to not want to know how the rest of his story unfolds, as miserable as it is. I'm honestly just hoping Yona will go back to Soo-won and Hak can leave her like how he'd intended to when they were at the Wind Tribe. Or if he dies, I can at least ignore AnY. Seriously though, I just know Yona is going to end up getting with Hak and he'll be her puppet for the rest of his life. He loves her way too much to care about himself, and she won't say a thing as long as it's benefitting her.

    4. Is it not possible to find characters you like more? If you found other characters you liked better, then you might be able leave this story alone. When you say things like "for the rest of his life" it might be good to remember that his life doesn't even exist since he's a made up character.

      You might like Chang Ge Xing/Song of the Long March/Choukakou, depending on the name you want to call it. Or even try Joou no Hana. Maybe you'll like them better.

      Most Hana to Yume and Lala romance manga have similar male leads to Hak as well. They seem to like publishing manga with fairly strong female leads and male leads that often are the kind of cool sort of type, like to tease the female lead, but also have some emotion.

    5. I'm well aware that Hak is a made-up character. That isn't the issue here. Just because they're not real doesn't mean you can't care about them or that they can't be endearing to you though. And when I said "for the rest of his life", I was simply referring to his existence in terms of the story. Obviously he's not real.

      I'm sure there are a lot of other cool characters in other works that I'd like too(maybe not as much, possibly even more) but it's not like they would replace Hak. Hak is Hak. There are all these wonderful traits about him that make him uniquely himself. Even if I like other characters from other works too, it's not going to affect my liking of him. Like I said, even if I don't care what happens to Yona, I'd still like to know what happens to Hak.

  5. Thank you for the translations!!! It's becoming more thrilling a chapter after another, though it would be a gamble because the four dragon shall be crossing the borders, and in this gamble the four dragons(especially the three) will need to finish the rescue ASAP, thus they will become extremely violent, there is also the possibility that the existence of the legendary four dragon warriors will be realized as not some mere fantasy, that four individuals do have the blood and power of the dragons.

    1. Thanks for reading, ArcanaLoveAnime ^-^

      Yes, and then... isn't that bad? During Zeno's generation, it was implied that having dragon warriors cause trouble like what if those people wanted to have them for themselves. So, if a villain knows of their loyalty to Yona, why not capture her and take her hostage..then threaten them to destroy/attack Kouka if they want Yona to be safe and sound.

  6. Im soooo excited for the next chapter :3 hak hak hak yonaaaaaa <3 thanks for the summaries kat ;)

  7. Thanks for the summary kat

    I agree that the people of Sei are quite stupid because if they are preparing an attack against water tribe and kouka ,kidnapping the people of the water tribe isn't a smart move since it's going to be noticed and a counter attack will be launched even before they can make a move .The only reason I believe the author made sei do something so flashy and stupid is I believe to give so yet another reason to go to war against sei and get more lands and also let the author tribes know that he is powerful and capable and to make sure the other kingdoms don't look down on kouka .

    I mean at first i thought if it's only drug related problem than we probably won't see suwon any time soon but since there is a possible war involved ,I believe that he may appear very soon .Next chapter maybe .

    Now if he appears and hak teams up with him or if yona ask him to save him and he obeys you know i won't be pleased and a full rant from me is what AnY will get .

    The man that was beaten up said something which is quite true about Lili and yona as well .Noble ladies playing hero of justice that's exactly what they are .I mean I told you times and times again how reckless and idiotic yona is .If they had a proper plan ,were more cautious then they wouldn't be caught in enemy territory and yona trying to act all badass when we all know she doesn't have the strength to save herself or protect lili .

    And yeah here we go again in this chapter with the glare power up ,it's getting lamer and lamer each time I see it .It's like except glare what else can you do ?

    Anyway it's so lame so pathetic just sad that even in such a situation she is thinking about that damn hairpin ,and I can see it perfectly if they get rescued her searching that pile to look for it and hak looking at the scene from afar .

    When suwon gets there I believe he will be with jeha's group ,since the two seems to get along well because I just don't see a team up with hak and if does happen ...sigh

    The chapter was very meh sad that hak is getting worried sick when she is thinking about a hairpin .The fanboys getting all worked up to find her whatever ,lili bodyguards trying to look badass yeah whatever .They could've been good characters if the author gave them proper focus but now honeslty they are very meh since they are just fangirls

    And Lili is becoming yona number one fangirl and that's so annoying it's like what do you see in her that make you so amazed by her and for girls who just met a few times to be so willing to protect each other and blah blah blah .It feels seriously forced like so many other things in this manga .

    1. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      Yup, most likely. Is it me or the villains in this series are becoming more stupid and less of a threat? The only main villain here for now is just a woman merchant. ^^;

      Indeed..most probably. His group will probably meet up with Tetora or Jeha.

      Save Suwon from what? Suwon has his own bodyguard and whatever. The enemy is just some weakling soldiers and a middle-aged woman. So, I'm really hoping that Tuvalu has some brains or something. Maybe she spared the two as a trap to lure the enemy in or something.

      As for teaming up, I guess if that happens, we'll know how Yona really considers Haku and know up to what extent Haku will do things for her because she says so.

      That's right. Making a ruckus in enemy territory is definitely not a good idea especially if one is quite powerless. They'll just make themselves a target.

      Lol...nothing else. If it is One Piece type of haki..then we are on to something but a glare can only momentarily freeze the enemy. Actually, even if she has her dagger, can she do something? If it's Tuvalu vs Yona fighting with only their bare hands, who do you think will win? =P

      Ah, you can imagine it, too. ^^

      Ya...too bad.

      Well, it's because Yona is a hero of justice who will save anyone and even risking her life and the others to do it. =P

    2. True and it's not like they were all that great to begin with but now it's so stupid that it became pathetic those villains are jokes .Honestly i feel like it is done that way just so yona can glare at them and win because let's be real here if it were against someone as strong as hak or as smart as suwon yona can't win even with her glare and if she did her victories would be really far fetched even more than they already are .

      I believe it's also it's because the author want to give an excuse to suwon to go to war and appear to be capable when in fact his enemies are a bunch of fools .

      I know that and so we far ,we have never a real threat but I'm just thinking that if all these dude were to rush him someone like suwon who isn't weak but isn't really a combat type either maybe in danger so if she yell at hak or one of her harem to save him or if she rushes to do so herself .I will be utterly disgusted that's one thing i know for sure .

      I want to hope that she can deliver as a villain but i don't think so .

      True ,so far we know that hak doesn't value himself and only value yona's life and happiness and we talked about it in the past about how none of the characters is their own person since they only breath for yona and that's mainly about hak but honeslty even knowing that if he goes and save him ,i think i'm done with his character because there should be a limit even to a character who isn't his own person it's like if he did that he has lost all dignity as a human being because he would be throwing away everything that makes him a person/ficitional human .All his suffering ,rage ,sorrow he would throw all that away just because she says so ;no that's too much .

      As for yona ,I won't deny that she does wish for hak to be happy and is shown to be concerned over him .But whatever feelings she has ,they don't lack depth .Because her whole mind is directed toward suwon and suwon only .Not once has she had a monlogue about trying to understand hak or something like that .I mean on one hand she claims that hak's suffering is deep because he trusted suwon more than anyone ,and he won't forgive him on the other hand everytime they are alone she brings up suwon like it's nothing so yeah in yona's heart and mind suwon is a bigger existence than hak ,that's for sure not matter what she says

      Ya and at least we know that suwon's next move is war against sei .

      True in OP it is actually badass in AnY it's just lame .That's true as well ,and as we have said before the fact that she is so reckless make it worse because guys like hak can afford being reckless because they are strong enough to handle whatever danger they may face .Yona on the other hand even if the dudes there are just fodders she can't fight against them so weak +stupid and still act as if she is badass isn't really pleasing to read she should take some notes from cheng ge on how to be a badass .

      Yup , I can imagine as if i'm the one writing the manga


    3. Yup. It does seem that the villains are downgraded for her sake because Haku and the dragons are too OP. It makes me wonder if we'll still have the same kind of villains after Yona gets her sword.

      Lol..true and well, they all believe so. ^^;;

      Ah, okay...that's possible. As I told you in the Kai arc, it would be very amusing if Suwon goes there and someone shouts/slips by calling him His Majesty and one of the Sei people catches on. If not, I'm not convinced that Suwon will be caught in that scenario because if he has brains, he would keep a low profile and won't make himself a target. It is what I'm thinking about what Yona did here. She isn't acting timid or at least fake it then plot her escape...she is too flashy so if I'm a Sei soldier/Tuvalu, I would keep an eye on this troublemaker.

      Actually, probably deal with her immediately or else, the other hostages will start having ideas. Probably teach her a lesson and I don't know why Tuvalu stopped it. I mean, what can Yona/Lili do to help building the stronghold? Weren't they captured because they are a hindrance? If this is a realistic story, they would have been sex slaves. Still..thinking about it, that's probably not needed for they already have Nadai. It seems that there are women among the hostages so I wonder what are they for?

      True. Of course, that can be viewed as romantic/ideal mate. As I mentioned above, there must be an appeal to 'have a guy who is at one's beck and call...bodyguard..just follow what I say. Give him a smile, a bit of concern and a gift, and he's really happy = easy to please... Even if she keeps on staring at some hairpin that a backstabber gave her or always thinking of that other guy, he is still there for her. And, is one and only dream is to make her happy.'


      Oh well...

    4. Have you read the latest 7 sins?

      What do you think about the cliffhanger? I wonder if Ban is still going to do what he told King before when he faced his best friend. I guess it depends on what spirit is in her and how 'powerful' she is. <- can she be caught without having to harm/killed.

    5. Yup and for the sake of making SW look more capable than he is .I mean he is indeed more intelligent than the rest of the cast but if you think about it he isn’t that intelligent at all since what he does is use tricks to decieve a bunch of idiots who always give him openings to attack them . Ya after 100+ it would delusional to still hope for better things .
      By the way in chang what make it so interesting is that the heroine is smart and she deals with smart people so it’s exciting to read unlike in AnY .
      Ya and that’s what he does ,he usually keep a low profile and doesn’t reveal himself .Like when he planned the attack of the kai ships .If kai knew that kouka’s king is the one who planned this ,then they would’ve been the ones to be attacked not the other way around and if water tribe knew ,he will probably lose their support since they dragged his tribe into quite a mess so yeah compared to yona ,SW is smart in how he does things .I mean she is in an enemy country ,alone and she is weak and she is going around telling soldiers who have her life in their hands to do this and that ,glaring and trying to act badass .And we know that these guys maybe fodders but she won’t be able to take down one of them and if she does ain’t no way in hell she can free all these people and fights all the soldiers .
      Now if she was actually really smart and really badass .She would play along with the merchant for example instead of doing something dumb like yell at Lili and the other people to not drink the wine ,she should’ve told her quietly and they would pretend to drink it and let the other be .As long as they are sane they can figure the goal of sei and then escape to get the boys since by themselves they can’t do a thing .Well you get my point ^^

      True but I’m not gonna look too much into ,since this is yet another » idiotic » aspect of the plot .
      That’s true and to put it simply she takes him for granted and he is happy about it .It’s like there are alot of time where he could’ve given her the cold shoulders but he didn’t so no matter how many time she hurt his feelings he is okay since it’s her .And her no matter how much she wishes for his happiness she doesn’t seem to be giving it much thoughts (the hairpins , mention of SW every single time ,telling him to call her princess…etc)

    6. I’ve it’s just that I didn’t have much time to discuss it and last time I commented I didn’t have time to answer your comment ^^
      Anyway ,it’s nice to see the flashback about ban and it’s cliché you are right about that but i still think his backstory is touching and it’s easy to understand why he doesn’t trust others easily and why he is the way he is .
      Dan’s dad being a beast man ,I didn’t see that one coming but he is dead so it’s whatever .
      Jerricho she is pathetic following ban everyone ,when he made it clear that he isn’t into but i guess he does care a little bit about her .I still believe they have a chance of ending up together but I prefer elaine .
      Yup the love thing with drefyus was lame and creepy considering who he is supposed to be right now and yeah it’s less disgusting than in bleach where it was just sick .Anyway what happened was far to easy ,so even if drefyus seems to be taken out i think mask demon who was watching will follow them and take them out .
      The demons are really op to think that demonic girls has the power to raise the dead that’s impressive but it seems like the dead are sort of brainwashed since they have been around killing those close to them when they were still alive .
      About elaine ,I believe she will try to kill ban maybe telling him you moved on met the seven 7 and forgot about me who died because of you something along those lines and she may even refer to jerricho .Ban will proabably let her beat him ,even if i don’t think she is as powerful as he is .I think he may end up killing her but after some tears ,loving words and alot of hesitation but still he will do it and then he will be fired up to kill the demons and rejoin the sins .

    7. True.

      Yup. And, I guess, it doesn't help that everyone just follows Yona most of the time without much hesitation/resistance but then again, they have their reasons. Dragons cannot help it and Haku is in love. ^^;; In Chang, they won't just go and follow what some little girl says...again, it is more realistic. AnY is fantasy so I'm going to close my eyes and..

      Yup. Oh well, I guess she doesn't have cunning to pull that off and only has recklessness + glare. Maybe a magical sword will help make it more believable that she's something.

      Ya..too bad.

    8. It's okay.

      True..but I don't know..maybe it is cliche or I'm not in the was just okay for me. ^^;; He helps Ban move on and Ban helps give him 'rest in peace'.

      Ya, it is either of the two. Jericho can be annoying though..lovesick-type.

      Indeed...but then, their boss should be also around..forgot the name of the one Dreyfus mentioned about making a move. They might perform an exorcism though since they are taking him alive.

      Ya..I'm not sure if it is really 'dead with negative regrets' though..for why would that make Elaine live..unless it is a positive regret like leaving Ban. Impressive in a way...zombies, aren't they? Not too sure since this is fantasy so the realm where dead spirits are should be part of their world or else why would Ban try to resurrect her. I mean getting her from that place where they met her before/they got King. Or fairies are special compared to humans? Since this is a demon girl, is it possible that she gets some other vengeful spirits and put them into the dead people's bodies?

      I don't think she would say that if she is the real Elaine. As I mentioned, she was even protecting Ban from King in that other realm before. She doesn't seem to have any regrets and iirc, asked her brother to take care of Ban. Hm..somehow, I cannot imagine it since Elaine is his reason for living..but then, he won't die ^^; Maybe also get an exorcist for her? Actually, why kill her when they can probably restrain her or something.

      As for Bleach..mad scientist vs left arm is finally over. Time for play time with the head captain. Oh ya..some 'dead' are living again.

      OP...things are becoming really grand and epic.

      AoT..nothing much happened there. ^^;

    9. True and Like I told you in the past that’s why their group doesn’t feel like a group at all .I mean compared to chang’s group .In chang they may follow her but they don’t do it blindly ,they each voice their opinion and give advise to her and we even have one who was pissed and left the group .So they really feel like a unit and what they accomplished so far ,was done in an intelligent and badass way .In AnY every single guy even the one who has lived for centuries and lived under each king of the country follow her blindly ,none of them never advise her or question her choices as if she knew more than they did ,when in fact we know it’s far from being the case .
      And I know it’s fantasy and it doesn’t need to be as realistic or mature as chang ge xing but still is it too much to ask for some meaning in the story ,for the actions of the characters to have some sense and the plot to lead us somewhere ?

      It isn’t even cunning it’s just about having a little bit of insight on how to deal with things by having a look at the bigger picture ,something which chang understand thus she doesn’t go around feeding the poor ,since like she said before if i can save a person i can’t save his whole tribe thus she decide to put an end to the chaos soi t can never return again This way of thinking and seeing things is something yona doesn’t have and that’s a shame and both are in the same situation except that chang isn’t the reincarnation of god ,doesn’t have a harem of superhuman and doesn’t have overpowered glare .

      Lol i know that i won’t like the magical sword thing because it will be just like with glare something random and just forced fed to the readers so as to make us believe that yona is some badass princess when in fact she isn’t .


    10. I won’t deny that it’s cliché and I guess I liked it because I like ban and it wasn’t corny or lame .
      She is always annoying she is a love sick stalker ,i really don’t like her but i think her ending with ban isn’t too far fetched .

      Sorry I don’t recall who the boss is ,but yeah I don’t see the demon being defeated but he maybe kicked out from drefyus body .
      I know but still elaine probably like you said l has regrets such as leave ban when their story just began so I’m thinking since in all stories reviving the dead isn’t a good thing maybe those revived dead even if they have nothing against those who are still alive ,the spell will twist their hearts and they will become vengful since like you said it’s done by a demonic girl .It’ seems like the city of the dead is in the human world and as far as i can tell there are humans and fairies there ,and I think other races as well except for demons I guess .
      Honeslty ,even if elaine was to be revived i think it is still too early for it to happen and I also believe that ban need a reason to fight the demons and maybe he will get his power up from Elaine maybe this will give a chance for ban to clear his regrets and move on ?
      Bleach is becoming lamer and lamer what I do is look at the pics and that’s it ,it ‘s gross and lame .
      Yup ,things are getting exciting and promising .The bounties went up that’s nice except for usopp what kind of joke is that ,he is even higher than sanji .Speaking of sanji ,his wanted poster say wanted alive only .I think the theory about him being from nobility maybe true either way it’s exciting .The barto and his crew part was funny they are all luffy fanboys ^^ The doffy’s speech was epic and what he said is a set up for some grand stuff to happen .The dude who want to save him captain jack seem like an op dude or he is very cocky since he think he can take fujitora and sengeku on .
      The ruffian army swearing allegiance to luffy was pretty epic and we have talked about it ,in the past about how when the big final fight happen .It will be like with WB alot of crews coming in to help him and luffy has alot more allies like hancock and her tribe ,but still it was nice to see it being made « official » .
      Ya nothing worth discussing but epic stuff are coming ^^

    11. Ya, and iirc, the only time Haku opposed Yona is making her go back to the sick dragons before when Kai soldiers went berserk. I guess it is only when there is real danger in front before they'll do something against her wishes? True, there is no advice, opinion or anything. They seem to just go with the flow. Actually, it is like that. Roam around and help those who needs help.

      Hehe, if we are talking about the meaning of the story and etc..we needed have a problem here. Even in other fantasy shoujo with a very weak, stupid and damsel in distress heroine, there is a goal. Here, so far, none..yet? Well, if we base things on the prophecy, there will be a need for Yona and dragons along with the sword and shield. And, after that...ah, probably back to traveling and helping..unless there is a new revelation/twist of some sort. it possible that is 'dragging' because the series had become popular?

      Ah, true. As I mentioned above, they are just going with the flow. Thinking of what's in front of them and not think of what's farther up in the future. Actually, even if she had insight, there will be no follow-up/action. She realizes the people at borders are getting caught up in wars by kings..and then..nothing. It happens here again in Sei. Do you think that she'll do something permanently about it? Unlikely, she probably wants to understand Suwon and assume that he'll do something about it since he's the king. you think that the characters are like that so that the interactions and humor can still be pulled off? I mean, if Yona becomes mature and serious, or at least, the other characters..the mangaka might not be able to pull off the light-hearted arcs. Actually, even Suwon acts like a 'fool' at times so it is hard to take the guy seriously. What I mean is, maybe the characters are like that to keep the tone of the series. Somewhat comedy-adventure with a bit of romance type. Hehe, I'm having deja vu that I mentioned this to you before. ^^;

      Well, it's the next best thing given how things are. =P

    12. I see. is possible if something happens to Elaine.

      True. And you know what's strange about this, aren't the dead supposed to reincarnate some time? Or is that limited to humans? I'm thinking of Liz. Or, she is special? Or, maybe it is special for fairies because King's friend was also revived from the dead. saving her this time around?

      I agree, it's gross and lame. Somewhat like winning by a technicality.

      Hehe, it is a joke. You know, the one who doesn't want to get a high bounty got a real big one. His statue is even the expression that turned the war/battle over to their side. He has to have a high bounty since Doffy also put a high one on him =P And, Sanji will be jealous as to why Usopp get a higher one. Yup, that part is interesting..why alive. Indeed and it seems Jack is part of Kaidou's...based on the flag. Either he's op or his power is enough for them to snatch Doffy away from the powerful marines guarding him.

      Indeed. It should be really really grand and huge epic. Former foes, allies, etc will all be there. It won't be like the ones in Bleach or Naruto 'final war'. Though I guess, it is safe to say that the recent war had already overshadowed those two's 'final war'. Ah, do you think that will be when they are about to get One Piece?

    13. Yup and instead of going with the flow ,it’s like they have no problem with going along a little girls whims and put their lives at risk .
      Let’s say that the darkness or whatever prophecy come up ,can you call it a goal if it’s done toward the very end ? cause I can’t her goal should’ve been made clear after gathering the four dragons not after 100+ chapters. It’s one disapointment after another with AnY …sigh .Ya I’m starting to think the author is dragging the series cause it’s dragged that’s a fact,we are going nowhere ,because the series is very popular .
      That’s true after the kai war arc .I thought maybe yona will come to terms with her father’s ideals and realize SW’s true colours that war no matter what is no good .You should defend if you are attacked but going to war to take land that’s terrible .And I really believed so ,when she said that it’s weak people/poor villages that are being destroyed in such conflicts yet nothing at all .That’s why I said she didn’t grow because if she did ,she would understand what her dad tried to accomplish instead the only conclusion after all she has seen is :suwon is good king ,i will back down from my birthday leave my life on the run because he is so good ,I will glare at suwon but i would still risk my harem lives to save him and yeah i want to understand his life motivation and what his goal is what are his feelings then I can decide what to do but I know that i would worship him even if he turns out to be insane and evil king .And that’s the only conclusion she reached after months of hardships .

      The problem is that they are trying to make yona look mature and badass and even some moments and characters interractions like the dragons love for yona (jeha and kija) trying to make it look like some tragic love when in fact it is plain fanboyism .It would’ve been fine if this was a light hearted comedy adventure manga but it isn’t even that in my opinion .Lol well we usually end up discussing the same stuff and i feel the same ^^

    14. Well the new chapter is out
      And it look like no evil spirits were put in the dead and they only had their souls twisted as they were revived .Now the revived mostly have negative emotions .
      And the result is black elaine look like she will kill anyone who got near ban either to do him harm or be nice to him and I guess jerricho and king are next on the list ,well jerricho already got a piece of elaine all that’s left is king .And I have a question ,is she the one who hurt ban in the end ? maybe she want ban to herself to the point of trying to kill him so he won’t leave her ?

      Ban seems rather happy and I know that he doesn’t care much about others and he must be happy that elaine is revived but even if it’s ban i doubt he will be okay with her killing king and jerricho so he will have to kill her again at least that’s my guess .
      Now about king ,let me say something first what he said about meliodas is right .But again he is being really annoying like I told you at least with ban we know that he was uneasy with meliodas since the festival but king was cool with the captain yet right now out of the blue he is giving meliodas the cold shoulder but i guess it’s part of his super emo personality .
      Still he is right in a way meliodas is someone who can’t be trusted since he reveal nothing of himself ,even now when he should sit down and tell them all what he knows about the demons and their powers he is saying nothing .It’s like with meliodas being one of them in the past they have the perfect opportunity to set up a plan and decide who will fight who ,he could also tell merlin how to get back her body but nope he is saying nothing because he doesn’t want talk about himself .I think that’s really bad of him ,and he isn’t the usual stupid and weak shounen hero ,he is intelligent as well as op So he has no excuse
      Another thing I hate about meliodas ,is how aloof he is when it comes down to the sins and other people .It’s like he has only eyes for elizabeth that’s so lame and pathetic on his part .I mean yeah she is liz 2.0 but come on the sins are supposed to be his friends who has been with him for a long time yet he has an I don’t care attitude with them which is lame on his part .And don’t get me wrong i don’t want to be like naruto all emo and corny but still try to talk with ban and king and the rest of the sins explain yourself and if they understand then it’s nice ,if they don’t at least he tried .
      It remind me of yona about how the only time she is shaken is when SW is involved ,she doesn’t show the same degree of concern even for those who risk their lives for her .

    15. I know but I didn’t expect him to go from 30/34 million to 200 million that’s too much even for a joke i can only him that a time will come where usopp deserve his bounty .Yup sanji will be pissed ^^
      Oh yes i didn’t notice he is proabably under kaidou ,i doubt it .I mean i can agree that the emperor’s crew are very strong but they aren’t a yonkou themselves so taking sengoku and fujitora isn’t something a mere crew member can do ,but if he did than I don’t how kaidou can be beaten if one of his crew’s member can take on the former boss of the marines and one of the current three strongest marines .That’ s why i think he is just being cocky .
      I agree that epic stuff are coming in OP and the final battle will be beyond epic since the hype is real ^^ I also agree that dressrosa arc is way better than the naruto and bleach wars which are dragged and lame .
      Well the dressrosa arc was also long but it was awesome ,we had great fights big reveals ,new characters being introduced and insane hype for more epicness to come .
      Yes that would be when they get One piece but I believe that if against doffy things got so big that he had to shut down the country with the bird cage ,we will get a war whenever they face against an emperor so my opinion is in the next chapters we will get alot of wars since the enmies are op and then one final big war as a closure to OP

    16. True...and well, I guess for the dragons, it's their purpose in life/reason for living or else they will be maltreated throughout their lives and regret on not being put to use by Hiryuu/travel around the world with the reincarnation + bonding with the other dragon blood brothers. =P

      At least, it's the goal of the story/reason why Hiryuu is reincarnated? Yup. After getting the dragons, it should immediately follow up with the shield and sword thing but it didn' became traveling around the world + help people. I thought it would be over after going around the tribes..but it didn' is now going to bordering countries. So, there's one more country later on to visit. Then, probably, that's when the sword, shield..if Zeno isn't the one, and darkness prophecy will happen. Maybe that is the only time Yona will realize what she'll do with her life? Then, the end?

      Lol...the sarcasm and sadly, it is like that. Then, probably, after this Sei part, it will be implied that she was thinking of it but is somewhat indecisive. It was like during her talk with Lili. All of a sudden, she talk about thinking of wanting revenge because of her father etc, Haku's pain, etc..everything that she didn't seem to think/consider all throughout the time. Or the time with Kei, she suddenly tell Haku that she was thinking of this and that. It seems out of the blue.

      Hehe..ya. But then, there are a lot of goofing around even in Suwon's part. Scar dude is even drawn like he is some sort of joke. It is somewhat hard to take it seriously especially when serious things aren't really tackled/talked about. Like what you were expecting, they are suppose to talk or something about Haku went berserk but it was treated as if it is 'nothing' and they were giving Haku space, I guess? Unless, they meet again with Suwon then there is a flashback that Haku and others actually did talked about it ^^;

      I guess, if this is real life, Yona is the type who is slow in making major life decisions on what to do, etc. In a way, there is no urgency in this series. No real enemies...they are the ones looking for them. Storywise, it can be frustrating if we expect a lot and there is not much progress. Has there any progress in her fighting skills? So, let's just view this series as an easy going adventure of ex-princess with 'instant' loyal gang who'll help people while figuring what to do in her life depending whether traitor is really good or bad for the country. For romantics, hopefully, Haku's love will be returned. And yes, too bad, this could have been way better than how it is now.

    17. Yup, it is like that. I think that Elaine had become a yandere. She looks nice though like some gothic lolita.

      Indeed, I think King is next. It makes me think that there will be a Ban vs King and instead of King's friend like before, it will be about Elaine. Somewhat like switching their positions. Like, would Ban still do the same if it is now Elaine who is the resurrected 'bad guy'? She is the one who hurt ban but I don't know if Ban was the one she meant it for. Ban had pushed Jericho aside so I assumed that Elaine was going to do that to Jericho but Ban took her place.

      Ya...ah wait, did he kill her before? I thought she saved him so she got killed instead? I still don't think he has the heart to kill Elaine. He did attempt to finish off Meliodas for her. Jericho and King should be lower than Meliodas in terms of friendship-whatever.

      I think it is somewhat understandable for King has trust issues related to demons after what happened to his homeland, sister and best friend..and just because he is captain-friend whatever, yet he is secretive etc...what are the chances that he won't backstab him later on. It seems like being over paranoid and cautious. Of course for it to be portrayed over and over can be annoying like we get it already. It is actually strange that King would even mention that he's going instead of just quietly leaving. But then, he was secretive too regarding where he is going since he knows it is related to demons.

      So, thinking of that, instead of defeating/killing Elaine, how about a fight between the 2 demons causing it. Again, not sure if Ban is okay with Elaine being like that as long as she is alive. And, there was no impression that King and Ban powered up so I don't know if they can actually defeat those demons. ^^;; And, how near are they located from where the demons are.

      Indeed. He is the only one who knows and they are all going towards the unknown. Actually, where are they going again? They are going to get Pride, right? And just turn a blind eye to what the current things that the demons are doing? It can actually be brought up to Meliodas, how come we aren't saving the humans and others who are being made demon food? He won't tell their secrets/weaknesses. Maybe Meliodas is actually aiding them. He even caused them to split up and cause more havoc. Is he planning some de-population of some sort? Powering up the demons? I forgot Meliodas' reason for causing this..was it divide and conquer?

      True. Oh well, hopefully, he has a very good reason for not doing so and I mean about keeping secrets when he could have said something that will at least pacify King even if he might not believe him. And, I guess Liz is the love of her life. Actually, it can also be like the dragons, too. Just like the dragons, he only has eyes on the reincarnation =P

    18. True. Maybe Usopp is the type of character who has a bounty that he doesn't deserve so he can still tell tall tales about being really awesome when he's really not that. Whereas Sanji is the type of character who has a bounty lower than he deserves. You know, kind of irony. Or, maybe the mangaka has a reason for it. Like before, I thought it was just a joke that there is no picture of Sanji in the bounty pictures..just a drawing of him. Then, when his picture came out, it is revealed that he is only wanted alive.

      True, so I'm thinking that it is as you said, cocky and reckless..or he actually has a plan to release Doffy from under the marines' noses without engaging them. And, it is a stormy weather so that might be important.

      Yup ^^

      Indeed, and it won't be just one group vs another group or is multiple groups for one goal. And, it makes me wonder what the weaker characters will be doing when that happens. ^^;

    19. I know that but it is still lame and the worst thing is that the current hiryuu doesn’t even try to put an end to the dragons suffering but is focused on her crush/dad’s killer …sigh

      So many if(s) and maybe (s) honestly after 100+chapter and nothing is going on ,plot is going nowhere and doesn’t even exist to begin .I don’t know what to expect ,I don’t think i can expect at all I just have a feeling that the author will pull something out of nowhere to give yona a goal and make her look cool .
      Exactly that’s why I don’t buy anything she says .I can’t take her seriously at all and that includes her feelings for hak ,her motivation just everything she says and do seems to be out of the blue .We have chang ge who is far more amazing character than she is ,yet her actions and feelings are easy to understand ,her actions ,motivations ,feelings are clear to us not perfectly but mostly yes .Her actions are well planned and intelligent .You really get into her character ,but with yona…facepalm

      Yes the villains are dumb /jokes ,the characters aren’t intelligent for the most part their relationships lack depth and beauty .Their goal are whatever .Yes it bothers me alot when the author is trying to portray yona ‘s group as being really close when they aren’t because of what was stated previously they just follow yona’s whims and there is no really exchange between them about what to do and how to do it as a group they may seem united but they aren’t .What ties them together is « let’s all be yona’s lap dog » type of thinking .Another thing is how they never talk about important thingsit’s like when zeno brought up suwon on several occasions and they told him to shut up ,when he said nothing wrong .I mean yona owns them the truth because they are risking their lives for her the least she could do is be honest with them .But no everybody is being real careful not to hurt her feelings another thing is hak almost going on a killing mode ,the dude broke down before their eyes yet no one talks about it .If I saw someone that i consider a friend breakdown like i would try to find out what’s going on and talk about it .
      I don’t think they talked about ,or even will remember to watch out for hak’s feelings because a team up with jeha’s group or the other dragons is something i can see clear as day .

      Yup ,and yeah but they make it seem like they are dealing with real threats oh whatever this isn’t skip beat or chang ge xing so no need to take a story which doesn’t even have a proper plot seriously still no matter how great my frustration is with this series i still have some degree of love /interest in it ^^
      I don’ t think she became any stronger but who knows maybe her glare will improve her combat skills

    20. Yup she is like a psychotic gothic loli .

      Yeah and like I told ban maybe crazy for her but I don’t think he will stand there as she kills jerricho and king and if he did nothing than that would be really bad for his character cause this isn’t really her .I don’t know what to expect here ,because king is very emo as well so no idea and ban’s love for elaine is deep to say the least so I’m not too sure about how things will go .

      No but she died because of him ,true but king is also important not too sure about jerricho either way ban will have to realize that this dark elaine isn’t the one he fell for and he will have to act but like you said he won’t have the heart to do it so i don’t know .

      I know ,and actually it is nice to see someone ask himself questions instead of just going with the flow he isn’t wrong but my problem is his « i don’t trust you captain » came out of the blue unlike with ban ,but he isn’t wrong at all still i find him annoying for being so emo .

      Ya ,i also believe that ban will quickly realize this isn’t the elaine whom he loved but to the point of killing her i doubt it .Yup they can’t fight two demons at one maybe if they team up against one of them they could do some damage but i don’t see them win .King had to use all his power to defeat a toy of the demon clans so how can he beat it’s top member ?
      Maybe hendy will purge her soul ?like how gil’s dad did it in the vampires side story .
      True ,I mean meliodas did it so as to defeat them ,since he said if they are all together i can defeat them even at my full power but if they are scattered then we can take them on but like you said right now they are taking it easy and looking for pride .While the demons are having a large scale dinner in the kingdom so yeah it’s a dumb move and no one is saying anything T_T now if they had pride and the remaining of the sins were all together and had their power up and he did that it would be smart because as soon as the demons split into different teams the sins would go after them and stop their rampage .But that would demand meliodas revealing what he knows to see who fights who .Honeslty i don’t see any reason why he isn’t talking except that he doesn’t want to .

      Yup ,I understand that liz is his everything but like you said he could’ve said something to pacify king ,the sins shared a lot of things with him and they have known each others for years yet whatever bonds they have it seems like they aren’t that important to him .Since he didn’t try to stop ban from leaving ,he didn’t try to talk to king heart to heart ,he didn’t try hard enough to find diane when she really likes him so yeah it’s kind of how yona behave with her dragons and SW .
      I was also thinking of liz and gil’s dad as well ,will these two appear .Will elizabeth learn that she is liz 2.0 or the fact that she is liz 2.0 means that orginal liz can’t be revived since she is technically already alive but I don’t see any reason why we won’t see gil’s dad

    21. Ya and like I said I hope one day usopp deserves his bounty.Ya and we should’ve seen this coming ,this is oda we are talking about his forshadowing skills are top notch ,nothing is pointless in this series .Even details that you don’t notice can turn out to be big elements of the story .

      Ya he gotta have some insane plan and maybe the bad weather is part of it because if he takes down fujitora and sengoku than kaidou is unbeatable .
      Yup we will have the pirates +dragon and his army +other countries like maybe dressrosa who will come to help out luffy and the marines +shichibukai and we can even expect the yonkou .It’s gonna be crazy ,well I hope by that time they will be strong enough not to be considered weak anymore .

    22. Indeed...oh well.


      True. In a way, if they did talk about things and what to do, perhaps, the two can finally move on and do what they would want to do with their lives..okay, Yona since Haku is tied to Yona...rather than whatever they do is still tied to whatever Suwon does. Lol, and Suwon is tied to whatever influence his father had on him. ^^; So, I mentioned that perhaps, it has just been like less than a year, Yona is young so perhaps, she is slow in making decisions and cannot easily 'let go' of the what..16? years of having a crush on him? Etc..etc...realistic in a way but as a heroine, she's not exactly as inspiring as Chang is.

      You do? Hehe, this series is starting to remind me of how I summarized VK. I'm starting to poke fun of it and no longer take it seriously. ^^;;

      Actually, the glare is useful if there is a follow-up. Say, while the guy is 'stunned', do something like attack/counterattack like how she killed that guy before. I suddenly got curious if she should have glared at Tuvalu instead of the soldier..would that be more effective? Tuvalu seems 'too calm' for some reason..over confident? At least, doesn't seem like a joke like scar dude.

    23. True...and the next chapter title doesn't exactly what is that 'scream' from Elaine..good or bad. By the way, I forgot to ask, do you read MS version or redhawk version?

      I had a silly thought..if King has an 'ugly fat version', do you think Elaine also has one? =P I just thought that there are some people who are bothered that Elaine looks very young in contrast to Ban..though I think technically, Elaine is older, right?

      True...being emo can be annoying. And, he'll probably keep on bringing that up when he sees Meliodas or Hendricks. ^^; Until something happens/a revelation that will change his mind. Ah, as you implied, it is his personality of being emo.

      Ya...and King didn't exactly well as Ban..unless Ban gets his weapon. Somehow, I have a feeling that we will have some sort of flashback regarding King like why he has no well as Elaine. By the way, is King's BF just an 'adviser'? Or, is it possible that he'll help King power up instantly?

      Maybe. Is Hendricks with Meliodas? By the way, I was wondering when Meliodas say that he call him when he's in exactly is he going to do that? Using the teleportation dog..was it? I mean, what is their means of communication? Also, how did Elaine know where Ban is? Is that some fairy power? Seems unlikely for King would have used it on Diane.

      Good should have been like that. Even if the demons had split-up, they are powering up really fast so doesn't it somewhat negate the advantage of them all together but just slowly powering up?

      Yup. He's too aloof about it. Oh..yes, possible with Gil's dad. So, it will depend on how large scale is the 'revival'..or it is slowly spreading since the souls are just 'coming out', right? Or, they'll defeat the girl-demon before that happens.

    24. Indeed. And I like it when a mangaka does shows that one is thinking and plotting things rather than something pulled out of air and making things up while s/he goes.

      True..the only think I can think of is make the ship sink or something since they are weak against the sea/cannot swim but then..Doffy would be in trouble. ^^;;

      Yup ^^

    25. Yup ,it is like none of them has come to term with their past and moved on because none of them yona ,hak and also SW they are still tied to there past doing whatever they do because of someone’s else and not for themselves for their own dream or goal .

      As if a little sheltered girl knows what true love is ?Seriously whatever feelings she had for suwon ,it was admiration/crush nothing more like they make it seem like it some tragic epic love (remember the whole dance facepalm) and I can’t take her age as an excuse ,because on one hand they make her out to be this amazing and charismatic girl who understand a lot about the world even though she just discovered .Yet on the other hand she get let go of a crush who happened to be her dad’s killer doesn’t make much sense to me .
      And chang ge isn’t even 16 and she had it worse ,her uncle whom she loved killed her whole family with the help of her mom who killed herself because she loved him ,she was chased out made prisoner ,has a probably fatal illness .Is always in danger yet she still managed to overcome all that and come to term with her past and move on to achieve greater things without a harem of dragons and being a god .
      True ,Even for me except being sarcastic I can’t see what else I can do at this point of the story where i don’t even have to will to expect anything from the manga .
      Ya that would make it okay if she did but she doesn’t so no just no the glare is a BIG NO NO ,it’s freaking lame and it’s forced badassness . Whatever maybe she has an ace up her sleeve whatever I don’t care .

    26. Well since it’s « scream » I ‘m guessing something bad ,I read both first red hawks then mangastream and I think red hawks is better at least they don’t miss pages like what mangastream did with this week’s chapter .
      It ‘s not silly and i thought of it too^^ maybe since they are siblings since both don’t have wings maybe they both have an adult form .I’m also bothered by it ,I know that elaine is older but it makes ban seems like a lollicon and that’s bad .But the couples in seven sins are weird .Diane and king meliodas and elizabeth and ban with elaine .The only couple that seems normal is Gil and elizabeth’ s sis .

      Ya ,and in a way meliodas is also being annoying with his « i don’t care what you say or thing the only thing that matters is elizabeth » it’s like dude those are your buddies with whom you shared years of your life ,it’s not like they are strangers they are supposed to be close friends .

      Ya and like i told you ,he was near death after fighting a pet of the demons so him taking out a demon is out of the question .I think maybe elaine and the BF will give both ban and king a power up

      Yes he is with meliodas but I’m thinking if meliodas and co notice the dead coming back they may follow king or not ,because gil’s dad and liz may come to pay them a visit .I don’t know maybe he just said it like that ,Maybe the revived dead can know exactly where the person they want to see is .Since they have such a strong regret it isn’t too far fetched because mostly their regrets are tied to other people right at least that’s what I’m thinking .

      Yes ,it may seem smart at first but it’s a dumb move ,if they had their power ups +escanor +the whole seven sins then it would be another story but instead they are takin git easy while the demons are having their snacks all over the country .
      Well the only one who could defeat her ,is meliodas and pride I guess since he has such great hype around his character but I don’t think any of the demons would be defeated so soon .
      By the way I’m getting tired of elizabeth overly sweet personality .It’s like how lame and corny can she get ,what she said was irrelevant ,the problem isn’t that meliodas doesn’t know who he is or where he came from ,he knows and doesn’t want to tell that’s the problem .

    27. Yup and that's one of the things that makes OP so great .

      Well even that seem far fetched it isn't like they are up against someone like smoker who is strong but not op the dudes on the ship are monsters so i do find his statement to be quite cocky and if he does end up saving him and kicking fujitora and senguku 's asses then luffy and his crew are tottaly screwed .

    28. Yup.

      True but I guess for her it was like that - true love even if one-sided before.. <- Suwon is acting differently lately, and tragic epic love because Suwon chose ambition over her..I guess. Ya..thinking about it, Yona would most likely be okay with Suwon if she 'understands' his reasons, etc. Actually, she seems to already believe that he is good for the country so the end justifies the means. So, most likely, their wandering will continue unless Suwon suddenly changed into some bad villain or dies/killed then she has to be the ruler.

      True..but as I mentioned, Yona is the 'slow type' who doesn't immediately make up her mind. Still thinking of this and that about Suwon while traveling and helping. Somehow, thinking over it, Chang is the complete opposite of Yona. Chang immediately want revenge and worked by herself on how to do it. Then, with her wits and everything, she starts to gain subordinates and the others' admiration. For Yona, she usually instantly gets it after they know she is a princess and is striving hard in this hard life as a commoner.Perhaps, it is a factor that the killer is Yona's crush but then, Chang doesn't exactly have a parent who dotes on her like Yona does. She got her subordinates due to her being the reincarnation. Haku is already in love with her. Yun..I'm not exactly sure but I guess being the 'mother-type', he cannot let them be since they don't know how to 'live' in the world. If ever Sun will be a love interest, Chang also got him because of her personality and everything. It helps that she also saved his life. So far, Yona is the receiving end of the help and she got Haku because of 'duty'.

      Then, Chang has already revised her life goal. Yona is still thinking what her life goal is, and it is depended on Suwon. Both are quick in knowing their smaller goals like help someone but Chang tends to think, plan a strategy then act. Yona and gang is mostly go charging away and not really using each talent efficiently. I forgot how many Chang defeated at the temple by herself. I don't think that Yona is at that level. I mean, Yona can do that by herself. When they are in enemy territory, Yona is bossing around and immediately thinks of her weapon..not about her limitations and how she can use what's at hand. Chang would think, blend in and win their trust then do something. After everything, Yona tends to be still very trusting of people. Chang doesn't seem so. Yona doesn't have any pursuers, Chang has. Yona is 'special'/dragon and Chang is 'ordinary'. Yona has a glare. Chang doesn't have that. So, yup, they are opposites of each other. In a way, if Chang is in this series, it would have ended very quickly. =P

    29. True..I only realized the missing pages after it was mentioned in the comments.

      Indeed. And I guess in their world, they're the 'abnormal'. =P

      Yup. And, there is Elizabeth with Meliodas this and that.

      I see..that makes sense. Somewhat like homing in on the 'regret' or 'loved one'.


      Well, she is just trying to convince King that she and Meliodas are the 'same'.

      By the way, do you think the mangaka hates Ban? I'm amused that Chinese readers would say that the mangaka is always giving Ban 'bad stuff' like what happened to Elaine, fairies backstabbing him, his 'father', and now, she is revived 'evil'.

    30. That's true. Well, I'm just thinking that for him to be there, and this is Oda, something will come out of that attempted rescue.

    31. Still that doesn’t make it less pathetic .Because true love is something that is shared between love an example of tragic true love is chang’s mother and her uncle .In yona’s case not only was it one sided but her love for him is only because he was nice to her and that’s it .So how come she can claim it’s true love when the two shared no common interest ,had no chemistry or anything at all .Except they were cousins and he was nice when she lost her mom is that a reason enough to claim one as your one true love ?
      Also another reason why I get annoyed with « I only loved suwon my whole life » blah blah is because yona doesn’t have the maturity and experience to say such things .I mean she is someone who never left home for 16 years ,she had no one of her age as a friend except for cousin and an old childhood friend .She didn’t interract with people or paid attention to them to understand what Love is .I mean if hak was the one being sweet to her instead of SW ,she would’ve fallen for him that’s true Simply put if you are locked away all your life know nothing of how the world and humans work ,meet a dude who sweet talk you of course you would think it’s true love .In that aspect she is like BD

      So very true all what you said and that’s the reason why we like chang ge xing and praise it all the time while ranting on AnY ^^ Chang remind me of kyouko where both are amazing almost too amazing yet they are also very human .Both had their fair share of suffering ,but overcame their sorrow with alot of maturity and face the future while trying to let go of the past .I like how they are skilled from the start but improve as the series goes on ,with their efforts and the help of others Always humble and work hard .They have won the respect and love of others thanks to their outsanding personalities and their relationship with others is that of give and take not one sided fanboyism .Kyouko helped ren overcome his darkness and helped her grow .Sun and Chang saved each other’s lives and helped the other overcome his doubts .I don’t need to comment on the one sided relationship in yona’s harem i’ve said more than once so that’s enough .
      To me chang ge xing is everything AnY is not yet it’s also what AnY could’ve been .
      Yup in other word ,yona is dumb let’s be real here she acted in a foolish way most of the time what saved her are her harem .While chang is very intelligent .She will plan then act and she is also very good actress .When she was caught by sun or when she was with that governor or even as Qin Lili she knows that in order to act through certain situation you gotta play a certain role .No matter how many times she were in danger she never blow away her cover because she knows that the most inteliigent thing to do .And she does this even if she is fairly strong she took out like 10 or 13 dudes I think yona has never killed anybody in close combat and chang ge is sick let’s not forget about that ,she has a fair amount of knowledge like regarding poisons yet she is very cautious very smart in everything she does .
      Yona doesn’t have the skills or the power to take care of herself yet she is always bossing around either the dragons or the enemies like in this chapter and we know that when push comes to shove the best thing she can is glare .
      Now if only she was treated the same as yuuki ,meaning they were all gaga over her but they saw her as she really was someone with little charisma ,had little skills but she still had this warm character and they liked her for it .What I’m trying to say is give credit where credit is due .

      Another thing I hate about yona is her mindset 'I'm the princess" chang ge is trying to bring peace simply because she wtinessed alot of tragedies and she wants to do so as a han not as a princess of tang dynatsy .In fact she said it I'm no longer a princess ,i don't recall when though ^^

    32. Yona on the other hand ,no matter how much she tries to act like a commoner she still has this attitude of being a princess about how she is very stubborn and bossy when she wouldn't know where to go without her harem And let's not forget that all the times where hak told her to use him and that he is a servant she never said no you aren't .She has to realize that she is no longer a princess ...

    33. I realized because I always read red hawks then mangastream version .
      Honestly this current elizabeth is a sickening fangirl ,I’ve had enough I mean if we were to go back to all of dialogues in the manga each sentence has meliodas in it and that’s so lame and annoying .She never said anything constructive always meliodas sama this meliodas sama that .
      Yup it’s like those who has regrets were brought up but in yandere mode ^^
      Lol i wanna say they aren’t alike but they are personality wise especially how they only have each other in mind /soul/heart .The romance is really forced with those two .
      Lol yeah it’s seems like it ,on one hand the dude is drawn as badass on the other hand only bad stuff happen to him ,kind of like Hak ^^

    34. True. Ideally, that is what true love is. Do you think she'll revise her thinking when she had already really fallen in love with only Haku? But, as you mentioned, because she is sheltered, she doesn't really know what true love is and doesn't seem to have any experience in it. Like Haku and Green are hinting on a lot of things but she is still totally clueless. True, it is like that. Hehe, somewhat makes me think that is what happened with SB's Saena or any other shoujo lead who falls for the guy who is specially nice to her and not just any guy, the first one. Because the second guy is usually not count even if he is also nice.

      Actually, if you really think about it, it should be a surprise that Yona is still like that. Up to now, she only has archery and some swordsmanship skills. The rest is just based on what she observes as what is happening. Then, probably ask a bit about the situation and that's it. She won't really grow fast if it is like that and her group isn't really sharing important information like politics, economy, etc or teaching her more than fighting skills. That's looking at Haku, Yun and Zeno. Just thought of this since I recall that after everything, Chang is still reading books and studying. And Chang is doing that for her own goals and not exactly to become queen or anything. So, I guess it isn't important for Yona because she still doesn't know what she is going to do with her life. Actually, she probably thinks that a bit of fighting skills, along with her group, are enough to help the country. And, no one is correcting that naive thought. ^^; Oh I think this series is 'light entertainment' so it is preferred not to put in too much depth or anything that specially requires thinking and analyzing.

      Indeed. But regarding the romance, who knows, it is possible for her to suddenly do that for Haku later on. Like, Yona suddenly realizes that she loves Haku, and he loves her. Perhaps, that scenario of something happening to Haku and she realizes his worth/her love. I'm not sure if my expectation of them as some amazing fighting duo will happen as portrayed in one picture. It is possible if she powers up with her sword. Just saying that this is fiction and given how 'unrealistic' it can be, those things are possible.

      Ah..not only it is because of her harem, it is also thanks to the very lenient and/or dumb villains. If Suwon is really a villain, she will be dead already. Like, the time she tried to kill Suwon, teaming up with Suwon, Tuvalu didn't killing the meddlesome girls <- kind of remind me of the old stories/cartoons before. There are openings there but she has 'luck' on her side. Well, that's 'heroine luck' I guess that even if she got roughen up, her life is intact.

      I guess she won't let go of that 'princess attitude'. Even if she tries to be like a commoner, the 'spoiled princess' attitude is somewhat still there, who gets what she wants no matter what. It doesn't help that most of the time they accommodate her wishes, whims and orders without any resistance. Like, telling that Sei soldier what to do..and surprisingly, they are okay with it. ^^; Using their limited money to buy necklace for Haku.

      In a way, I guess Yona have that thinking because she feels responsible for the country as the 'princess'? Without that title, ah...she has no reason to think of the country? Duty bound because of how her father supposedly run the country down. Strangely enough, everyone is calling her princess and no one doesn't think it is strange or think of some possibility that she is the ex-princess.

    35. I see. I thought it was an intentional jump on the mangaka's part. ^^;

      Yup. And better brace for more of that later on ^^'s 'instant' love..thanks to reincarnation. <- also reason that she's okay with the groping and stuff? But of course, I think it is for the guys. You know, the shounen heroine who usually have huge chest and kept on mentioning the lead's name for nth time throughout the series. If not huge chest, cute and nice girl who kept on mentioning the lead's name for the nth time throughout the series. =P


    36. Honestly I don’t think so ,she didn’t change her opinion on SW on her dad so why would she do that about the meaning of true love and hak’s love .She is very stubborn and narrow minded in a sense because she isn’t willing to take a look at the bigger picture and only see what she wants to see .It’s like after all the times hak almost died for her she still think he does because of my dad ? That’s not even dense that’s plain stupidity .
      True ,That’s the typical shoujo heroine who is sheltered/has no real experience and fall in love with the first dude she meets and show her a smile or two .Yet she ignore the dude who has natsy tongue but a pure heart ^^
      I couldn’t agree more that’s because yona is limited in everything she does ,because she does being strong =kicking ass .When in fact it’s just part of it ,what makes chang so amazing is her intellect and cunning ,the fact she can fight is a bonus .I mean zero being 2000+years old brings nothing to the story at all ,like I said before compare him to old man Qin the dude is old but he is so badass and the way he help and guide chang is amazing .And to begin with the problem is how different their personalities are .Chang learned from her mistakes and doesn’t trust others easily ,i don’t recall her ever being kidnapped or fooled by anyone ,Yona I can’t recall how many she got in troubles for being reckless and too trusting example in this chapter .If it was chang she would be on her guards and never make a move before having gathered a great deal of intel .
      Also you pointed out how chang is still studying because she knows fully well that you can’t get your way with fighting and in order to bring prosperity to the country what you need is sharp brains and a sharp sword to defend your life and let’s not forget that unlike yona she was educated in military ,history and politics and is still trying to learn .I mean from what I get they are doing business ,to gather intel and try to create troublesfor the turks .If for example it was yona she would rush there with her harem to kick ass .Now I don’t need which way is the most effective .
      Yeah the story maybe the same is some aspects but the two can’t be compared .Chang ge xing is almost philosophical at times ,while AnY not only has zero depth but most of it doesn’t make sense to begin with .Actually AnY is closer to VK than to chang ge xing .

    37. So the main problem with yona is her personality which is too stubborn and the fact that her harem are too busy fanboying to advise her which thank god isn’t the case with chang

      Yeah it may happen at the end and I’m not thrilled about that .What i like is romance like in SB both realized they are enough and though no one is saying it .You can see the romance and love growing and you know that when the ‘I love you « happen it’s gonna be amazing .In yona I’ve a feeling that when yona realize that hak is her only one it’s gonna be shoved down our throat .We won’t be given time to enjoy it and slowly swallow it like we do with SB .Since the author tries so hard to make yona look badass to the point of neglecting all of her cast .I think it may happen where yona get a magical sword and she becomes a fighting duo with hak and I’m not gonna like it .There is nothing i hate more than random power up .
      True ,the dumb villain is yet another factor ,plus SW not being a villain .If he was seriously chasing her yeah she would probably have died but maybe she would’ve been smarter than she is .It would create actual conflict which the story lacks .True the villains are all so very meh it’s pathetic .Yup her heroine luck is just like naruto TNJ is allowed them to survive danger when they should’ve died a lot of times already .
      True ,it’s like at least if others told her to fix her attitude but no they are always happy to go along her reckless choices /whims .Yet again something which we don’t have in chang ge xing then again chang wasn’t spoiled even as a princess .
      Ya ,the scene with the sei soldier some may think it’s badass but to me it’s so stupid .Because he could break her neck without much efforts yet she still talk as if she has the skills to pay the bills if things go wrong .But yeah her luck saved her and if these dudes were proper villains she would’ve be beaten up real good and forced to work afterward .
      Let’s compare this ,with when chang was caught by sun .She didn’t cause scene and quietly followed sun and sun he had walk in the snow bare foot .She let him treat her like a « dog » and quietly waited ,used her best weapon her wits earned his trust and gained position .
      Oh you do get my point both were put in similar situations yet the way they dealt with their issues is so different ,chang who has intelligence and skills is cautious .Yona who has very little of both is reckless and cocky .Makes you wonder what’s up with AnY author logic .
      True and To me it shows that her character likes depth .Chang is a princess ,yet she decided to help the country simply as a han and simply because she felt touched by all the tragedies she witnessed (the uyghur she met ,the people at the temple …etc) so she wants to put an end to the era of chaos not fix what daddy did wrong and blame him for everything while fangirling over her childlish crush who happens to be daddy ‘s killer .

    38. I mean yona she says stuff like when she was in kai about the poor getting crushed during wars and that's it she just say stuff she doesn't follow through them .

      Which is the total opposite of chang ge .I'm pretty sure if chang ge was there instead of yona when the kai army was killing villagers she would've tried to do something or at least do something about it in the future so it won't occur again

      And maybe if yona didn't have this princess attitude ,she would look upon what SW does in a different way so many ifs and maybes but this is reality and after 100+chapters it won't change .

    39. True, good point there.

      Yup, but I guess it is more fun to have Zeno as a comedic act than as an adviser. ^^; Thinking about it again and I think I mentioned this before, I guess there's no need to learn from their mistakes because whatever happens, they always manage to make everything go smoothly their way. Since you mentioned Naruto, it is like Naruto winning and becoming a hokage, even if it is unbelievable since he only improved his fighting skills, TnJ and nothing else. Naruto has his TnJ and Yona has her glare. So, if Yona becomes queen, I think it will be like how it was with Naruto. In a way, I guess the mangaka doesn't want to make Yona a 'dark character' so she is still trusting, and everything nice.

      Ya..perhaps, they just think that studying isn't important now..much like what you mentioned, they/she do not really have insight and basically, doing what they think is important now. I still cannot believe that Yona doesn't have formal education on those kind of things when she's a princess. ^^;

      Yup, and at least, aside from the love triangle, there's a goal in VK, vampires and humans co-exist..but then, iirc, it seems that they just made everyone humans in the end after Aidou found the cure. ^^;

      Ya..I know you don't like 'instant' but I think it will happen here. Of course, more blushing and shy with Haku to the point of giving him a gift can be considered romantic progress.

      Indeed...VK also suffered there with the villains..they seem quite threatening and everything..but somehow always ends in sudden death ^^;

      Yup..that is what I'm thinking. I guess the mangaka doesn't want to portray her as a real damsel in distress in that situation but realistically, it is foolish and reckless. What Chang did is better.

      Yup, Chang lives for the present and based on that description, Yona lives for the past.

      Indeed. Unfortunately, this is how it is currently is.

    40. Bleach...I'm not sure I should be reading the rules of the game regarding how it was done the Bleach-way..I just thought, okay, basically, Shunsui has the upper hand.

      OP..we have a new character who seems to be a mama's boy. Remnants of Whitebeard's crew might appear again. And apparently, stupid people also has a very high degree of luck. =P

    41. And you mentioned how come no one paid attention to the princess this princess that but I’ve have another question how come no one like Lili or her bodyguards commented on Kija’s huge claw ?It’s like this isn’t something you can miss since it’s massive .
      You are right ,yona should’ve suffered alot of injuries and even death that applies to her harem as well because glare/luck saved her .And yeah if you are reckless yet always manage to pull through ain’t no need for change/strategy and seeing how stubborn she is I doubt that even if one her harem boys were driven near death because of her reckless actions she won’t change her way .I’m not lying that even if SW were to stab hak she won’t change her mind that’s just the way it is .
      Chang ge on the other may have a strong will and is very determined but she isn’t stubborn and is open minded which is way she moved on from her past and matured and she doesn’t makes dumb moves .And again I really love how the people she met helped grow and realize what’s her life goal was (the temple lady ,the governor who killed himself ,sun ,old man Qin…etc)
      In AnY please do tell what yona gained from the people she met except fanboys ?Of all the people she met no one actually helped her growth at all and the only one who has an effect and seems to matter till this day is SW .
      And In chang ge xing people actually pay for it when they make harsh/reckless choices look at what happened to sun or when chang ge poisoned the guards of her mother’s casket ,the place that where the little worked got burned down with the people still inside of it .That’s realistic unlike with AnY
      Ya and just like with naruto I hate that ,I’m a fan of characters achieving success because of their own skills and through their own efforts .Not through some plot device like Tnj or a freaking glare .
      Well based on how she was only worrying about her hair and clothes and SW and she learned dances to perform for him and how her daddy was I do believe that she didn’t but if she did then she has even less excuses for being the way she is .
      Ya ,true but yeah the goal was poorly handled .
      Yup ,instant power up and instant love from yona that’s gonna happen I know it but I’m still gonna be sore over it happening .
      Yup ,it’s still better than with AnY where villains are just jokes .
      Yup ,it’s a dumb move when you look at it and again chang ge who is strong /smart has no problem playing the damsel in distress yona who lacks both brains /strength can’t bring herself to do it yet always manges to survive that’s some messed up logic .

      And if I were given the option to follow one of the two I would follow chang ge ,even though the other group is made up of hot dudes ^^

    42. I didn't read it ,I can't bear to read bleach so I just look at the pics but the quincy said he has the power to make children games come true so that's enough to know ,not that I care though .

      About OP ,it was a nice chapter we finally find out who the last shichibukai is and he is like a giant dumb baby/mama boy with great strength ,I mean he is dumb to the point of thinking he really is whitebeard 's son .Maybe whitebeard 's crew will contact luffy before he reaches lufffy himself .I think we will probably see whitebeard crew in the near future

      Now we know all of the shichibukai ,yonkou all that's left is to introduce the third admiral green bull .

      About the island Zou and the tribe living there and the whole thing being 1000years old .The first thing that went through my mind is blank century and the clan of D what do you think ?

    43. Hehe...good point. Wasn't it mentioned before? I mean, didn't Lili and the others wonder where Yona got them? Actually, even Suwon didn't seem to wonder who these guys are. Again, maybe they are just thinking that it is just a deformity that just so happen to be effective in clawing the enemies. =P

      Ah..if that were to happen, I wonder if readers would still root for Haku x Yona. ^^;;

      Indeed...based on that, I guess it is more on Yona influencing the others rather than for it to be mutual. Yup..and well, this is an unrealistic series...people won't pay for their mistakes/crime...unless you are the villain of the arc. So, somehow I'm thinking. Tuvalu is a woman and doesn't seem to be a real threat who would kill people. So far, no one got killed yet except perhaps, the ones at the bridge 'accident'. So, would Haku and the dragon kill her for kidnapping Yona among other things?


      Lol. But then, with Chang Ge..things are more life-threatening though ya, more fulfilling. =P

    44. Hehe, I see. By the way, I read an MS comment that the other quincy didn't use bow and arrows because they are actually kind of arrancar. <- the time when Juha was evading the place. It seems to refer to the point of Shunsui saying that arrancars do not know these children games. Anyway, I got confused there because later on sniper said he knows its spanish version. Anyway, that isn't really important. ^^;

      Yup..then, maybe they'll also have an alliance with Luffy or something.

      Possible. Or, as someone mentioned, a polygraph might be also there. But first, it seems that they have to make 'friends' with them.

    45. Nope Lili thought of the dudes that they were hot and OP she mentioned to yona in a sarcastic way .But no one seems to wonder about Kija 's claw even the fire tribe dude who is into hiryuu's tale .Whatever it's just another of the many "it doesn't make sense" in AnY .

      I think they would ,at least they would still support yona as a character .

      I think that they may try but yona will stop them and do the same thing she did with scar dude when she stopped blue just to slash his face and try to act badass .I really I'm pretty sure we will see something like that happen again and it will probably make me puke T_T

      Ya realisitc and so nice to read ,each time you hold your breath because you know her failing or someone dying is something that can happen which isn't the case in AnY even she should've died 1000times already .

    46. I admit I also thought that the avengers weren't real quincies but arrancar/qunicies but then I thought who cares ??? This is mindless manga .

      Ya,I hope so at least tell luffy that they will help him out in the future if he needs them .

      Yup at least clues about the blank century ,Luffy will probably be okay with that .He even seduced hancock ^^

    47. Hehe, true.'re most probably right.

      Hehe, is that so. So far, it is only one villain who was killed. It makes me wonder if that is too gory or the mangaka really toned it down later on. ^^; And this is what we got.


      Hehe, ya. For some reason, there are readers who are getting excited over the battles even if for me, it is the usual, 'good guy shows his power, bad guy shows his power, good guy shows his new power, bad guy shows his new power, good guy shows his trump card, bad guy shows his trump card, good guy gives it all and bad guy is finally dead' pattern.

      Yup ^^ Anyway, it will be an interesting arc. Do you think it will be another 'must free this poor people who are enslaved by some bad guy'? The place does seem to be set in a forest-like area. Maybe Usopp will be of use here.

    48. "As for yona ,I won't deny that she does wish for hak to be happy and is shown to be concerned over him .But whatever feelings she has ,they don't lack depth .Because her whole mind is directed toward suwon and suwon only .Not once has she had a monlogue about trying to understand hak or something like that .I mean on one hand she claims that hak's suffering is deep because he trusted suwon more than anyone ,and he won't forgive him on the other hand everytime they are alone she brings up suwon like it's nothing so yeah in yona's heart and mind suwon is a bigger existence than hak ,that's for sure not matter what she says"

      I agree with you here. Yona is not some cruel woman whose intention is to make Hak suffer. She isn't purposely ignoring him or anything, BUT, it cannot be denied that she is often unaware and unconscious of him. How can it be said that you really care about someone when you're hardly even conscious of him or her? People like Jae-ha and Yoon know Hak better than her and they didn't grow up with him. Yona has known Hak for at least 10 years, and with Hak constantly around her as her bodyguard, you'd think she'd know him at least a little. And I really hate the excuse people always use. They say that Hak is GOOD at hiding his feelings. Hardly. Even though Hak does his best to suppress certain feelings so as not to burden Yona, personality-wise, he's someone who typically wears his feelings more openly so those feelings will often come out through other means even though he doesn't use words(honey scene, his reaction to Soo-won in ch.91, for example). Anyone who pays attention to his actions, body language, or his facial expressions can read him like a book. Yoon and Jae-ha can read him better than Yona because they pay attention. Even some lady(a complete stranger) took one look at Hak's expression while he watched Yona dance and knew to give up on him. Yona's unawareness of Hak is not because Hak is "good" at hiding his feelings. IMO, Yona's mind is always too preoccupied with Soo-won for her to pay Hak any proper attention. That's how it has always been. She was so enamored with Soo-won while growing up, she has never really noticed Hak. There's so much about him she was only starting to pick up on after she was betrayed, after they left the castle. For example, she never realized how popular he is with women and Jae-ha had to point that out. After he did, she was all like " that you mention it, I do recall that women were around him a lot". Then there's the whole thing with having grown up with Hak but never having been aware of what his face is like up close. It's clear as day that Yona hasn't paid all that much attention to him. It wasn't until a chapter back did she even note Hak's importance. So, really, if she didn't even know that Hak was important to her until a chapter ago, people cannot argue that Hak has "always" been important to her. If she doesn't know that he's important, it's meaningless.

      Even after she finally started noticing him and picking up on his feelings, like you said, there's still no depth to her concern. Sure, she feels bad for him but, apparently, not enough to do or say anything. When you look at how she will stop at nothing to save her people(even when there's practically zero chance of her succeeding) or how she's clawing for any reason to forgive Soo-won, how she acts to Hak's problems is so puny in comparison. Then you also look at how much Hak sacrifices for her while Soo-won completely betrayed them, well, that makes her efforts toward Hak feel even more puny and worthless.

      As things are right now, I hope Hak does NOT end up with her. He deserves better than her. And if Kusanagi is going to pair the two of them up in the end, I just hope dearly that she changes Yona.

    49. I’m not saying she will get killed but someone may try to kill her so as to allow yona to do her epic badass move that she did with scar ,and later allowed SW to go to war and kill many innocent villagers .
      Well ,AnY does have a certain amount of blood like when Zeno was stabbed and torn apart by kai soldiers but since it’s unrealistic no one dies .
      Ya and in the process we have alot of blah blah blah to the point where you end up skipping the pages .

      Yup this is the new world so I expect each arc to be exciting ,I think no .I think this is like what happened with hancock,people who hates human/men for certain reasons then they meet luffy and change their mind because he is unique .I hope so ,at least he will deserve his bounty .

    50. @Starlight I agree with all what you said about hak being quite obvious about his feelings .You have to be really dense not to notice that he is head over heels for yona .The one who can hide his feelings is SW not Hak or yona can do that .
      No matter how sharp the author try to portray her she is very dense and she only sees what she wants to see .
      She is also very self centered because if she wasn’t she would notice about Hak and don’t tell me that the fact that he tells her you aren’t girly is enough for her to believe that he is a bully and that he doesn’t care about her in a romantic way .
      What I wanna say is that the characters and the relationships are poorly drawn .I can’t really root for any couple since I don’t feel any chemistry or love between the two .Take yona/hak this is such a one sided relationship ,to the point where it can’t be even called a relationship .If you are a couple or friends than it’s give and take .it’s isn’t one person give everything to the other person while said person take him for granted .
      I hope I made my point and Just to make one thing clear .I’m not saying that because Hak is in love with her and very devoted that she ought to love him ,she doesn’t own him her love what I’m saying is that she ought to show insane amount of consideration and respect after all he has done for her and wishing only for her happiness .
      A lot of the time she is bossy with him when she has no right to do so ,she showed zero consideration for his feelings by mentioning suwon all the times even when the two had a deeper bond .I don’t think hak deserve that after he has been through for her .
      If he occupied her mind as much as SW does ,and she tried to understand him as hard she tried with suwon I wouldn’t complain at all .

    51. sofia, sorry, but I meant it might be too gory for some for a heroine to be killing the villains so I'm thinking that after that one, it didn't happen again. And, thinking about it, it isn't needed because staring already makes her 'badass'. At least, in this chapter, protecting Lili and staring. No matter what we say but in this series, it is enough to make a soldier to leave them be with the help of Tuvalu. ^^;

      Lol..I forgot about the blah blah during the Bleach fights.

      Oh, that's right. I see. Yup ^^

    52. Ah okay I got it wrong ^^ Yup sadly it's the truth and no matter how lame it is that's how things are .

      It's hard for me to forget about it since almost all of the fight is blah blah plus what you mentioned .

    53. No problem..actually, it's my fault for not explaining properly. ^^;;


    54. :)

      the seven sins chapter is out so SPOILERS ALERT

      Look like Elaine was put to rest without too much drama .Jerricho should hurry up and die ,all what she said to elaine about ban and love was so freaking lame and corny because they have little history together and she doesn't know him at all yet she is crazy in love .I gotta give a thumbs up for ban and elaine when ban said to his dark fairy that she was the only woman for him and when elaine said to jerricho he would never love you no matter what ,since it's the truth .

      But I do believe that there is a tiny bit of chance he may end up with her .I liked what ban told her about I will come and steal you away and I'm the sin of greed I would still anything you hide about yourself .Their little moment was nice since I expected things between the two to get much more emo .Thank god it didn't .

      So those dead will die if one clear up their regret/grudge that they have when they were alive .Maybe if gil's dad or liz appear there would be no need to kill them and just a goodbye speech would be enough .

      Now the spell was indeed revive people who have grudges/regrets and make those regrets so strong that they become yandere type of people .

      I love ban and I think he is cool ,even that damon said it that he was badass but ain't no way he can beat those two meliodas +merlin+diane couldn't lay a hand on truth now ban without any power up or his weapon will fight two at a time ,even if king manages to get there what can he do ? when he had to use all of his strength to kill a demonic pet .So I'm thinking this is a perfect opportunity for pride to make his entrance ,since there is so much hype about the character he should be able to get the job done or at least do a great deal of damage
      So we have the truth ,meliodas most probably is the darkness and the demon girl is faith ?? what do you think her power is ?
      Apparently next week we get two chapters that's amazing I love the sins ^^

    55. Thanks for the alert ^^

      Yup, I told you that she'll just be 'caught'..well, here it is a hug. Hehe, I think what Jericho said is pretty much what a typical girl in love/had a crush would say plus she has a, I don't know..savior mentality..falling for the one who saved her. And, she is desperate to even compare her body to Elaine as an advantage. ^^; I think she helped a bit in making Elaine resist it when she mentioned about not hurting Ban.

      Honestly, isn't it embarrassing, awkward or something to be proud of for two women fighting over the guy who is actually standing there? ^^;; True, that is pretty much what Elaine had to hear for her to finally suppressed the grudge that is controlling her.

      True...and I'm not sure if Liz would appear since if it is a reincarnation, her soul would be inside Elizabeth. So, I was wondering does 'reincarnation' applies to humans only or only to Liz? Maybe because she isn't really human?


      Well, there is a possibility of tricking them with their own 'power'. Of course, Ban doesn't know that and it might be too late when he knows that. He might not be able to beat them but he might last longer since he's immortal. Someone mentioned about King coming and somehow making Elaine permanently alive. What do you think about that? Ah, doesn't King already know about Garan's weakness? I'm forgetting who mentioned it and to who. Anyway, do you think his weapon is somewhere here?

      Hehe..unless Pride came at night ^^;; By the way, are Meliodas and others randomly going around looking for Pride or they have a clue?

      Hm...'faith' on her power? If she doubted her power, that's it? Or, faith on herself? Somehow, I doubt it is faith on something else that isn't part of her.

      Indeed..and they will have an anime again.

    56. Yeah and sadly most of the time ,love in most manga is pathetic .It's like the girl has no dignity and she becomes brain dead .And one of the thing that I hate the most in manga is when the girl fall for the dude just because he saved her .Yup the one about the boobs was so damn pathetic ,it's like just how low do you have to fall when the dude doesn't even care

      But yeah she did have a part in helping elaine .

      It's humiliating ,that's what that cats fight was humiliating ,disgraceful .I mean just picture two girls in the real world fighting pulling each other hairs T_T and the dude standing there looking at it .

      Well I also thought about how elizabeth is Liz 2.0 so liz can't come back but I thought to myself maybe so elizabeth can at least see her and understand that she is her ,well a newer version of her .Oh well i think you get my point .

      Well elizabeth is a druid and druids are servants of the goddess clan (if i recall correcly) so they are really normal humans so maybe liz also wasn't a normal human or simply a human to begin with .

      Yup he doesn't know and meliodas didn't give them the memo .I agree i don't see him winning but since he is immortal he maybe able to last longer and figure out how their powers work since he isn't dumb .

      King well I do admit he is strong but I don't think he has the power to control the dead or maintain them alive .He would've done something for his BF if he could that .And also even with king I don't see them winning .Nope he doesn't know it was mentioned among the demons .

      I don't know maybe since it's his hometown but it will be very convenient if it is .

      Lol that would be such a troll but I think he will make a badass entrance especially after all the hype he got .

      No idea since those who lied in front of garan turned to stone maybe if someone who has no faith at all in anything stand before her something will happen to him .

      Yup that's good news ^^

    57. @sofia
      "True and To me it shows that her character likes depth .Chang is a princess ,yet she decided to help the country simply as a han and simply because she felt touched by all the tragedies she witnessed (the uyghur she met ,the people at the temple …etc) so she wants to put an end to the era of chaos"

      This was said a few days ago, but I would like to address this. I don't think Chang Ge chose to help the country "simply as a Han" but rather because she is the princess and feels loyalty to the country she's grown up in. She's the kind of person that has a nature to protect others, so she feels a need to protect Tang and the people within it. It also doesn't quite have to do with her being touched by tragedies, though it was a motivation for her realization. Chang Ge's breakthrough mainly has to do with the time she spent trying to learn the sword stances. Chang Ge is very capable and she's well aware of it, so when she can't master the sword stances she starts to doubt herself. Eventually she realizes that killing her uncle wouldn't really accomplish anything. Chang Ge has a nature to protect, but the way she was initially trying to go was to bring chaos to the country she really cares about. Chang Ge not being able to master the sword techniques is because she was at war with herself and wasn't following her heart. The point of it is that she comes to terms and begins to follow the kind of person that she is, i.e. being natural.

    58. Lol...even if it is, I think in some ways, that is how it is in real life. ^^; Actually, I think even if it isn't manga, it is how it is in other literature, too.

      Yup..though for guys, based on one comment in MS, that body type can be a good argument. ^^;;

      Indeed. Actually, I saw that kind of scene on the TV/net before. Something like the wife facing the mistress or then cat fight happens then the husband is just watching. The most vicious one I read about is in China, not sure if it is fake or not, but the wife got fed up with the mistress so she gathered her friends, stalk the supposed mistress, then beat her up and strip her naked in the public street.

      I get your point but it is very unlikely that it will happen..and even if it did, I'm not sure it is going to change things on how Elizabeth is and what she feels for Meliodas. I'm not optimistic about character development in this series since I think they will be how they are until the end.

      True...still with Garan, that Truth thing is only part of his power since iirc, he seems to just easily beat the others up before. It was only used against Merlin. So, I'm only expecting Ban can find out their weakness but then, how? The only chance is someone gets talkative like in Bleach. ^^;; By the way, do you think the demons will somehow use the girls as hostages or bait? I'm still wondering if Jericho will stand around and watch or retreat..and if she retreats, will they go after her and Elaine. So, do you think Meliodas somehow followed King? If he did, they might be able to finish things up with these two demons.

      Well, true..maybe there might be some other reason since Elaine is blood-related..and somehow don't have wings, too. You know, they are different and being slightly alive can make King do something about it. Anyway, somehow BF is in his helmet so maybe he can do something like that for Ban?

      Ya...after checking it, Ban got stolen, right? So it might be unlikely to be there.

      Hehe, I see. Anyway, hopefully it is like that...and not like in Bleach ^^;

      Possible..well, that might be bad for King who doesn't have faith in Meliodas. Hm..does demon girl have other powers other than 'raising the dead with grudge'? If that's it, Ban will only have to fight one demon.

    59. Yes ,you are right it's something I've witnessed with my own eyes and yup in other literature as well .Now if only the guy is a nice person so being a love sick/brain dead idiot isn't that bad if the guy is head over heels for you and is worth your love and devotion .But alot of time the dude is a bastard yet the girl doesn't seem to care or is too gaga to see that the guy isn't worth her time .

      Sigh...I guess for a dude it is but as a girl I find it distasteful

      Yup ,it does happen and guys are turned on by cat fights T_T

      I know that even if meliodas is revealed to be a former commandment and has done horrible things and his real appearance is that of an ugly monster she would still be the brain dead love sick idiot that she is .But I do want her to know that she is liz 2.0 and I agree I expect zero character growth but it isn't like the whole cast is horrible it's just a few character mainly meliodas ,king ,diane and elizabeth at least the first two are cool fighters .

      That's true the "you lie you turn to stone" is only an aspect of his power ,good point even finding out their power is gonna be tough at least about how if you defy their commandment you will suffer the consequences .So yeah ban is an a very bad spot right now and meliodas could injure ban in the past so him suffering injuries isn't too far fetched .

      Nope ,When you use someone as a bain/hostage it means you don't have the upper hand and you are trying to get it but in their case they are far superior to ban so there is no need for that they will just kill them all and eat their souls .

      Based on what he told king i don't think he did and again I'm hoping escanor comes in and save the day .

      Maybe BF will tell him of a way to solve this since he is more capable than king at least that's what I think .Otherwise I don't think king can do it by himself

      Yup but maybe it will be there for plot purposes

      So far except for elizabeth I don't see anything bleach -ish in seven sins ,the day I see more than that I may drop it .

      Yup ,Well I think she has ,just like how garan 's lie =turn to stone is only an aspect of his power .Rising the dead is one aspect of her "faith"

    60. Yup. I think one reason is 'planning' to change the guy later on or that isn't his true self because of some trauma, etc.And, after much suffering etc, he falls deeply in love with girl. And, it helps if there is a love rival. <- a common shoujo plot.


      Lol, well, I think so, too. You can say that it is 'love' if she still loves him regardless of his past and appearance. ^^ Why would you want her to know that she is Liz 2.0? I would think that would still make her love Meliodas like, ah, no wonder I love him, it is because she and I are one and the same.

      Ya..I hope the demons aren't talkative like in Bleach and reveal their powers, etc. Unless, they are very cocky to think that is okay.

      True...I'm thinking maybe the demons are sadist or like to play mind games. For example, take hostage and make the 7 sins/Ban do whatever they want or help them get the souls. Or at least, help them beat up Meliodas. Something like what happened with Gil.

      Yup..anyway, we'll ought to have a lot of action in the next double chapter. Perhaps, Escanor will show himself, too. ^^

    61. Yup and how pathetic is that....sigh

      True,forget about it .I know I will puke whatever the outcome is when she meet liz or learn about her being liz 2.0 without meeting her .It will be either i knew that meliodas sama and I had a connection his presence is so nostalgic it's because we are fated lovers ,or drama about him liking her because she looks like liz either way it's gonna be sickening

      Hope so ,so far the fights are good in seven sins .

      Well ,even after seeing meliodas beat up garan in a flash those guys seems pretty confident .So I don't think they need their help for killing him .Use them for souls maybe but still ban is so pissed right now I doubt he wanna hear anything for them or get easily manipulated and king has issues with demons same as ban .

      Yup ,I'm really looking forward to it ,I think there is a high chance he may appear .For example sometimes the author of FT releases 2 or 3 chapters at a time and there is always a chapter where something big happen so I'm thinking maybe it's the same here .

    62. Ya.


      True, it does seem unlikely they would need hostages to rampage around. And these demons seem to be very straightforward.

      I see ^^

    63. SPOILERS ALERT for seven sins
      Damn Meliodas just screwed Ban over and what is he doing he is cleaning the bar with Hendy .What the hell ,it is yet another thumbs down for Meliodas you would think he would be preparing a plan ,telling Merlin to look for Escanor something but nope he is takin git easy .I guess since it isn’t Elizabeth who is in danger ,he doesn’t care .By the way you mentione if they had a clue about pride ,I don’t think so seeing how Meliodas is as carefree as always .
      His Idiot plan of provoking the demons and doing nothing afterward while they are having a large scale dinner in the human world that’s beyond stupid and reckless .I’m hating on Meliodas more and more .What happened to Ban is his fault ,he went and acted cocky with demons (granted he was badass) but still he talked big and what does he do afterward ,clean up a bar seriously ?
      It’s like himself along with the rest of the gang except for king who is emo ,have no sense of urgency at all .I like it when characters keep their cool during dangerous situations but what’s happening in seven sins right now I don’t like it at all .It’s like these guys are OP and intelligent yet they are being quite idiotic as they follow Meliodas carefree attiude when they shouldn’t since each minute is important because while they are taking it easy the demons are powering up .Anyway you get my point 
      Now about Ban I don’t think he is gone for good ,the dude is too popular for him to vanish like that despite the flashback he had before being eaten and based on next week chapter’s title « farewell my beloved thief » maybe Elena will sacrifice herself for good to bring back his soul that’s why it’s called like that because ban dying isn’t even an option .That’s gonna be one hell of a blow for Ban ,the author must really have something against him ,now I’m starting to believe that .
      Ban was really badass in these chapters he was defeated but still he was pretty cool his ability is pretty cool even though it has a limit ,if Garan was alone I believe he would’ve been defeated but still by himself against two of them he did a pretty good job and was cool .Unlike three of the sins against Garan who got beaten to a pulp .So I believe Ban deserves credits for his action .He is so much cooler than Meliodas ,what do you think Kat ?
      So Maybe if Ban gets his weapon and there is a round 2 with Garan he would be able to kill him .
      Now about the demons ,Faith is rather intelligent to deduce all that about ban’s power and I love her calm attitude in battle .Usually I would get annoyed if the characters start explaining their power in a bleach ish way but this was okay .Since even if she explained it to him ,it isn’t like having or not having faith is something you can control ,unlike with truth where you can refrain from lying .
      So we now I believe that’s for sure that when you go against a demon’s commandment you will suffer certain wounds/results .Eyes burned and body turned to stone .Now if Meliodas is indeed the darkness just how does his power work ?And what will happen if some goes against it ,no matter how I see it ,it doesn’t make much sense so maybe it isn’t a darkness .
      And finally no Escanor that’s too bad ,I only hope he will appear in the near future .

    64. Hehe, well, true. As I mentioned, there is no sense of urgency for Meliodas and it doesn't help that Ban didn't know anything about the 10 commandments. In a way, don't you think that it is strange that Meliodas is more concerned about getting Escanor and not for the 'weaker' sins Ban and Diane since they are out there as well as the demons? If one is suspicious and emo like King, as I mentioned, you can even twist everything that it was Meliodas' plot to get the 'weaker' sins out of the way then find Escanor to deal with him last when demons had already powered up.

      Hehe...well, it is indeed that way. True, and it's way beyond 'keeping their cool', it is more like not doing much and tending the bar =P And, people are becoming demon food. I guess something like the opposite of Naruto who tend to rush and shouts that no one will die, etc. And, apparently, becoming demon food is really 'the end' and no more reincarnation.

      Perhaps, but currently, I'm not inclined to think that Elena can still move or summon her powers enough when Garan is pretty much biting into the Soul. Maybe Garan and Mera will fight over Ban's soul like Mera making Garan puke it out. Or, maybe King will do that..not sure. Ah, when a soul is bitten, will it still be intact when it returns to the body? We won't have some lost memories, would we not? Ya...the Chinese isn't out yet so I'm waiting for their reactions to the recent chapters ^^

      True. If Garan was by himself, Ban could have win. Mera is very intelligent and in a way powerful. She just have to touch the enemy after 'trapping him' in a cocoon and bye-bye. The 8 commandments can easily make the 7 sins busy then make Mera target them one by one and one of the commandments is in duty for eating. Well, they can take turns unless they quarrel among themselves over who gets the souls. ^^;; True, Ban did well compared to when they first met Garan.

      Hm..perhaps. I think the third time, Garan will be bye-bye after Meliodas and Ban beat him up. Somehow, I'm thinking a weaker sin is needed to finish Garan, probably the weakest of the commandments now, off then save Meliodas and Ban for the stronger ones. Maybe, it will be back to get her body back by tricking him?

      True..I think Mera is telling him her power to praise Ban for his beautiful soul then hints on eating it. In a way, do you think that what she surprised Ban enough that gave her an opening to touch him from behind? Or, it isn't since it seems that she is able to teleport within the cocoon?

      How about, if you have darkness in your heart, Meliodas can use it to consume the victim. It's a plus if he can make the victim his pawn because of the darkness. How's that? Of course, maybe it isn't darkness because for the two, it is a 'positive' trait like truth and faith.


    65. Spoilers AoT

      Well, Eren actually accomplishes what he had to do. Too bad Levi wasn't able to finish Reiner off. Even if Eren is emo and crybaby, he is the only one they can depend on when it is against stronger titans. Unless Erwin or someone else became a titan thanks to the injection that Kenny left. It's good that it seems that they have a plan. Do you think that this is the final battle? Annie is sitting it out. Well, it seems that they have a scout within the humans.

      It will be a 'chess' game here with wits and strength...well, for humans, it is mostly wits. Both sides have their own element of surprise. Well, Erwin and others seem to have a plan. Armin shines in this chapter. If he survives, he can replace Erwin. Nevertheless, there will be a high body count later on.

    66. He doesn’t even seem concerned about Escanor ,he is cleaning up the bar instead of making a plan to help the sins power up/defeat the demons or asking about where to find Escanor .

      One doesn’t even have to be suspicious and emo just have some common sense and ask the captain to hurry up and find escanor or what does he know about the demons and there is no need to be emo about it like king and I’ve to be honest this « we don’t ask things when we should be asking them » is making me recall how things work in AnY .

      It’s kind of sad that meliodas is such a huge existence in ban’s heart yet Meliodas didn’t even bother to stop him from leaving same thing for king .This is very yona ish T_T
      Yup ,And don’t get me wrong if Meliodas went all emo rushing and shouting to not let anyone die I will not be pleased but the problem is that he is this way whenever elizabeth is concerned .Yet when the people whom he knew for a longer period of time and who shared so many moments with him are in danger /leaving him he doesn’t bother with them what the hell ? and let’s not forget about the humans snacks .More and more negative points for Meliodas .
      Yup ,apparently soul eaten =the end of everything .
      Well the title is farewell my beloved thief .I don’t think anyone except Elaine will say that so maybe with the power of love she will get up do something for ban and be gone for good .Or maybe king I don’t know .

      True ,maybe Ban will be changed after having a demon bit his soul memory lose or some sort of change will happen to his magical power by the way ban « snatch » is pretty impressive even Mera said so .And thus ban will get a powerup or maybe his power will become a bit demonic what do you think ?
      Yes and even if Garan is the weakest he is still op just like Mera because let’s not forget they have no magic right now almost none and they are beating the sins to a pulp .Meliodas had to regain his power to be able to beat Garan who doesn’t have any ,So maybe if Garan got his power up he won’t be beaten up as easily as he was in 10 seconds .
      Yup and she is smart which is a big help ,also unlike in Bleach where they talk and talk about their powers until they get screwed over by their enemies .Mera revealed some of her ability but at the same time she was getting the job done .Lol it would be funny if they start fighting over who will eat ban’s soul .Ya Ban is cool ^^
      Or Escanor for turning to stone the one he loves ^^ Well one thing we can be sure about at least I believe I’m right and that’s grown meliodas is the strongest demon .
      True ,it felt like she was pleased with Ban and told him .I think the cocoon is like her own personal space so she could teleport as she wanted and ban couldn’t react .
      I’m happy with Mera so far ,it’s refershing to have a smart girl who instead of yelling a dude’s name or crying on the ground is actually smart and sharp enough to understand how the enemy ‘s powers work while her partner is figthing him and getting the job done .
      But then I’m thinking since the dude is a softie who cares what can his commandment do ? And I doubt i twill work on the other demons so yeah whatever .

    67. True ,for once he got the job done .

      Yup ,I'm hoping that him and Mikasa can kill him next time .I do believe that those two will play a huge part in at least taking down one of the enemies .

      True ,even though their situation seems pretty bad they are confident and calm .I was also thinking of that ,I'm thinking if someone like Levi or Mikasa became a titan they would be way to OP so maybe Erwin and at least can grow back his arm if that happened ...maybe ?

      Yes this chapter gave me the feeling of this is the end and no annie maybe she is active somehow and she is the scout among the humans though I doubt it I wonder if it is someone we know ?

      Yup ,I've high hopes for this battles to be epic in both power and brains .Yup armin over eren any time of the day

      Ya there will be a mountain of dead bodies at the end .

    68. Because, he's easygoing...and he knows that they'll win? Over confident?

      Hehe, that is an exaggeration because after all, someone has to be suspicious and emo to notice that something is not right. They aren't hurrying Meliodas and even if they did, he'll probably tell them to chill, he knows what he's doing. And they'll just let him be. Ya..something like in AnY.

      Well, if he's easygoing, then he'll also freely let the others do whatever they want. Of course, with some demons with unknown OP powers who are out there, that is a big problem. Again, maybe Meliodas actually thought that the 7 sins can defeat the demons without the need of him telling them their powers/weakness..what they look like, etc. ^^; As I mentioned, over confident? In a way, yes..and also, perhaps like Yona, she believes that no one will die or anything so she can continue with her recklessness. Here, continue on being easygoing...unless Elizabeth is involved.

      A total opposite of Naruto..from how you described him. Naruto is very attached to people and helpful to those whom he doesn't seem to even have 'deep bonds' with and treat him like some villain/dirt.

      Most likely, it will be Elaine. That's possible...power of love thing. Anyway, we'll just see.

      Not too sure..depends if his power is attached to his soul instead of his body. If they want the soul because of the power, they should be looking for such people and not waste time on 'ordinary souls'.

      True. I guess it is also Garan's flaw/weakness for being reckless = always go charging type. So, if he continues that without fully powering up yet, he'll be defeated soon.

      Ya, and most likely, grown Meliodas is the final boss since he seems to be kind of related to Elizabeth. Brace yourself when that time comes =P I can imagine it being some sort of emo kind of romantic scene love triangle-ish.

      That's right..well, it depends...because Escanor has to meet Meliodas and others first.

      Is that so. I thought that Ban could move there so I mentioned that she can teleport. But indeed, it is like her personal space wherein she has the advantage.

      True. Hehe..didn't you say the same thing with Merlin? =P you mentioned before, he won't be like that if we are talking about Elizabeth.

    69. Hehe...give the guy some wasn't only once..but a few times like when he first transformed and saved a lot of them, plugging hole with boulder, save them from the cave, etc =P Unless you mean, get the job done without emo.

      Possible..and who is your bet they'll take down? The tall titan? Armor is probably Eren's. If Erwin becomes a titan, ah..the ape is his? The others are for the random titans.

      Perhaps. I'm wondering though if they do that to Levi or Mikasa..won't they be at a disadvantage because they would need some training time of some sort to effectively fight. I mean, the two are already strong as humans..would they risk turning them into titans. Though if it is like that, why would Erwin risk it when they need his brains...ah..unless, he becomes bait then turns titan to rampage. Anyway, it really depends if the likes of Levi or Mikasa can effectively fight as soon as they become titans. And as you mentioned, it would be too OP and there's no suspense.

      Regarding OP and epic battles, it seems that it will be Blackbeard vs Revolutionaries. As for what's falling down on them, do you think that it is the elephant's poop? Hehe...actually I thought that it will be someone to attack them until someone in MS mentioned that one. ^^;

    70. I know that it’s probably because he has an easy going personality and that he has faith in the sins but come on ,himself as a demon got slaughtered by Garan who is probably the weakest yet he believe that the others are gonna be fine ???That makes no sense it just make him look bad .

      Yup ,it’s seems like you gotta be a king type of character to do that .Yeah their group isn’t that great when it comes to relationships .
      He may have in the sins but he should know that if he couldn’t touch Garan without his full power others wouldn’t stand a chance yet he is just chilling .He has no excuse unlike naruto he isn’t supposed to be naive ,weak or a greenhorn .No matter how you look at it ,his choices so far make him look really bad .
      Yup in this case elizabeth=SW .
      Yeah I’m happy that he isn’t as corny or as lame as naruto but in a way he is worse .Since like I said Meliodas isn’t a greenhorn he has seen alot been through alot he isn’t weak either or dumb yet the way he acts is pathetic and foolish .

      Yeah this power of love thing is in Seven sins although it isn’t as obvious as in naruto but it is in there
      I think it is tied to the soul otherwise they would the human whole but they take out the soul to eat it and the body become an empty shell .
      Yup if he continue to act like that he will be the first one to go down ,just like in this situation if it wasn’t for mera he would probably get killed .
      True ,I feel like grown meliodas is a badass but at the same time I fear that with him ,meliodas+elizabeth we will get some really annoying/emo/corny scenes .
      Maybe he will notice that something is wrong and he will first meet up with a demonic duo and kick ass at least I hope so .
      I believe so ,because ban has been noted to be very fast even faster than meliodas yet she could easily toy with him ,so it make sense that it’s her own personal space where she controls everything
      Yup ,I will put her with merlin as I get the same vibe from her .Except that Merlin isn’t evil she is just very sly and she seems to have a bad nature .

      Yup and that’s so sad ,how one sided his relationships with the sins is .I feel bad for ban and diane who really like him .

    71. Yeah that’s my problem if in order for him to get the job done ,he has to have flashbacks of his life and get all emo and enraged it’s worst than if he didn’t do the job at all .
      Yup I could see eren vs reiner .Mikasa+levi vs tall titan and erwin if he becomes a titan against ape titan .
      I think someone like Levi or Mikasa who are genuises when it comes to fighting can easily master their titan powers but yeah the problem is that they would be too OP .So maybe erwin or armin ????
      I don’t know but i believe someone will become a titan in the next chapters .
      Erwin seems confident so I believe he has a plan that will probably cost him his life but he doesn’t seem to care .
      Yup ,I didn’t see that one coming dragon vs blackbeard such a big fight is something I expected to happen toward the end of OP which makes me think are we getting close to the end ?
      But yeah this is gonna be epic if sabo who is under dragon was a freaking badass ,dragon must be a monster .
      Hahaha maybe I thought maybe kaidou was done with killing kid and co and he is back to his suicide attempts ^^

    72. I I can only say that it is his easy going personality or overconfidence...because it really makes no sense.

      Yup, and based on how most are acting, they really have a very high regard of Meliodas no matter what. He even got Hendy to be his waiter/bartender. ^^;

      True..and Meliodas is very old = a way, somewhat he is somewhat like Zeno based on that. Very easy going, not telling the others about things that they should know, etc.

      I see...but I thought demons only eat souls. I don't think the mangaka would promote some sort of cannibalism here. ^^;

      Ah, I see.

    73. Hehe, I see. In a way, the mangka already did the flashbacks, etc earlier [last two chapters] so that is skipped here.

      Hm..thinking more of it, perhaps it is okay for Levi or Mikasa to become titan...because even if they might be OP, the enemy ought to have something that the two don't know as their trump card. It is like how Annie surprised them at the forest with her other abilities that they didn't know.

      Erwin or Armin..they are also more effective as humans because they need their brains. Armin is for the future generation in case something happens to Erwin..and that is if they win. I was thinking of them using some average fighter but then, that titan would have been easily defeated by ape titan. He is the final might not be a one vs one but everyone vs ape titan except for Eren/ Mikasa + Levi if they are busy with the other two. I hope that their plan includes ape titan and not just tall and armor titans. a way, at this stage, everyone is risking their lives and since Erwin thinks that it is the final battle, they have to go all the way without hesitation. The ones who are there don't really care much about their lives since I'm sure they know how risky and unpredictable things are. If they do, they won't be there but hiding inside the wall.

      Maybe..or it is just a teaser or at least make the Revolutionaries come out since their base is found. Well, this is Oda so something will come out of it. As well with Kaidou vs Kid and others.

      Lol..but he already tried jumping from the sky.

    74. Not only does it make no sense but it also make him look really bad .

      True ,it's to the point where they no longer use their brains but just follow blindly and I hate that .

      Yup his behavior is very zeno ish and meliodas it's worse because he is match older and he has seen much more brutal ages .Because he was already there 3000 years ago when the demons were sealed and even before that so he is 3000+years old and he isn't stupid yet his actions are very foolish and he didn't take into account the consequences of his acts at all since elizabeth isn't involved .

      But still seven 7 is pretty good manga at least it's better than bleach or naruto .I may hate meliodas,diane and king AND freaking elizabeth but I like the show ,the powers ,the battles and the characters .It's by no means amazing but it's very good .

      They eat souls to increase their magical powers which means magic is in the souls but yeah this isn't a dark manga ,it's like we are watching tokyo ghoul where cannibalism is okay .

    75. Sorry I just don't like Eren ,in term of being a drama queen he is on par with naruto .

      That's true but annie was deadly mainly because of her hand to hand combat skills that she used in her titan form .I doubt she is stronger than the likes of levi so to me titan levi or mikasa will be too much .And honestly I don't know who will be the next titan ...

      It's true that both armin and erwin are useful but in term of power not so much ,and again I really don't know who will be the next titan But someone average is a no no .

      Yup maybe it will be reiner vs eren .Mikasa +levi vs tall and everyone vs ape and we still have annie and that someone who is a scout for reiner's party .So it's hard to predict .

      Yup it's do or die for humanity

      I guess so because it's too early for OP to end there is quite alot of material left and dragon for me it's someone who will be put in the spotlight toward the very end of OP .

      Maybe he wanna try again ^^

    76. Yup.

      Lol, that 3 out of 7 sins that you don't like. =P

      Ah..I haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul is one of the 'will watch later on'. For shounen, the ones I'm watching now is One Punch Man. <- Ya, it sounds stupid even the hero looks stupid but it has its charm and the studio that got it is an amazing one. It is more of a gag story.

      Then, there's Noragami. It's okay and thankfully drama/emo part of the side kick is over, season 1. I think that like with Eren or any emo character/damsel in distress, it doesn't bother me quite a lot unless when they are like that and are causing trouble for the protagonists. ^^; Anyway, currently watching season 2.

      I still haven't finished watching the HxH episodes you recommended. I just want to say that Fei reminds me of Levi. And, when he killed the queen with his 'sun' and he's wearing some flame proof outfit. For some reason, I want to laugh at that scene since it looked so stupid ^^;;

      Hehe, well, it shouldn't be surprising since Eren is suppose to be the 'female' in his cp with Mikasa =P She's straight and serious..the other one is usually the emo type.

      I think Annie also has her wits aside from combat skills. She knows how to use her powers. Like, she was caught, she used the calling of titans then escaped. When Levi's troops cornered her, she still manages to escape, too. There is also that skin hardening stuff. Eren vs Annie...we obviously easily know the outcome since as humans, she can easily defeat him. She is formidable enough to make Levi want to escape with Eren asap..well, it doesn't help that he's injured. It took everyone + Eren to finally defeat her. And if Annie has that, what does Ape titan have. I mean, he looks like an ape so his powers should be more different than the usual hairless titans. I do think that Annie is stronger compared to tall and Reiner.

      Yup..and Luffy + others have barely explored New World.


    77. Yup But I do admit that they are pretty strong but that's it .Their strength isn't enough to make up for their personalities .

      hehe ,For me it's one punch man which on my watch later list ^^ I heard great things about it .As for Tokyo Ghoul I just started .

      Oh so Noragami has alot of emo drama stuff then I'm gonna skip it ,I wanted to watch it but I'm gonna pass ,for tokyo ghoul the hero is a cry baby but I heard that little by little he will turn into someone sinister and dark so I'm okay with it .

      Anyway can you advise me some anime to watch ? If it's something dark then it will be great .

      Yup ,he also reminded me of Levi .True ,in my opinion the fight was amazing at the start when he was fighting with his sword and then it was like O_o either way I like fei and the phantom troupe in general but epic battles are to come in the future with the king and the royal guards .

      Yup he is the one wearing the dress in the relationship .

      True ,I won't deny that annie has the strength and the brains but I just think that what made her so scary was how good of a fighter she was .I still believe that a healthy levi will destroy in one on one combat .

      Yup what the ape can do is even scary to imagine .

      I agree that she is stronger than tall but I doubt that she is stronger than reiner .

      Yup ,if you count punk hasard +dressrosa .Zau is their third island in the new world....too soon for it to end .

    78. Oh, is that so. I only read a bit about One Punch being anticipated as an anime so I got curious about it.

      Hm..not really. You see, Noragami only animated the first 12 chapters. That part consisted of the side kick coming into terms that he's dead and got turned off by his boss. ^^;; After that, there isn't much emo stuff..but then, season 2 is just starting off from where it left but so far, no more of that emo drama stuff earlier...the sidekick had moved on and it doesn't seem to be a permanent part of his personality like Eren or Naruto. The other characters are interesting. The manga is already in chapter 50+ and they say that it is better later on. The current part in the anime is more of an introduction of the characters and 'getting to know'. I only watch the anime because the lead's va is quite fun to listen to. =P

      Saying that, I even managed to watch through Assassination Classroom because of the lead's va. ^^; It seems childish..that is somewhat like GTO but nevertheless, the characters are okay with some very interesting characters. Again, the va really makes it fun. It made me wanting for more. =P And, I'm sticking with the anime since the manga art isn't too nice.

      Hehe, I see. Well, it's good if there's character development rather than being stuck with an 'annoying' personality =P

      I'm just starting to catch up with anime again. The ones I mentioned are the ones that seems interesting though I'm not sure you'll like ^^; I haven't seen anything dark yet...mostly comedy-action ones. I'll tell you if I find something good. Well, there was one somewhat dark and mature, Garo..but I think you'll be turned off by the lead's emo and 'major fail' ^^;;

      Yup, it was weird and yes, the sword fight is quite cool. I see...

      Well, I'm thinking that Reiner is mostly brawn while Annie has brains and above average strength so I would assume that she can outwit Reiner and win. =P That is why I said she's stronger.


    79. "Take yona/hak this is such a one sided relationship ,to the point where it can’t be even called a relationship .If you are a couple or friends than it’s give and take .it’s isn’t one person give everything to the other person while said person take him for granted .
      I hope I made my point and Just to make one thing clear .I’m not saying that because Hak is in love with her and very devoted that she ought to love him ,she doesn’t own him her love what I’m saying is that she ought to show insane amount of consideration and respect after all he has done for her and wishing only for her happiness ."
      "If he occupied her mind as much as SW does ,and she tried to understand him as hard she tried with suwon I wouldn’t complain at all."

      Exactly, Sofia. The one-sidedness of the Hak/Yona relationship really bothers me too. I just feel like Hak is so tied down by her. As you said, it's not about Yona returning Hak's romantic feelings. Some people act like those of us who are upset are trying to push Hak and Yona together as a couple, which is not true at all. Love is not and shouldn't be an obligation. Still, if Hak is truly an important friend, why did it take her so long to start thinking about his happiness? I mean, even if she was unaware of his pain and suffering, you'd think that from time to time, she would at least have shown consideration and thought towards how life is treating him. After all, she's well aware of Hak and Soo-won's friendship. Surely she's not so stupid as to be blind to the fact that Hak's life was also impacted and altered by what Soo-won did. Much of the time, she just acts like a relationship between Hak and Soo-won never existed while Hak is always stressing and worrying over her emotional state in regards to Soo-won. And as much as Hak claims he's just a tool to be used, he's actually a human being with feelings. I can't help but feel that Yona actually believes his claims or something ridiculous like that. Anyhow, this has just as much to do with her selfishness as it has to do with her being unaware of Hak. Whenever Soo-won's on her mind, she's only ever thinking of herself: what SHE felt for him, regretting what SHE lost, and being sad/mad over the fact that he betrayed HER. Has she ever been upset on Hak's behalf for what Soo-won did to him? Not at all. As angry as Hak is at Soo-won for betraying their friendship, he seems even more angry for what he did to Yona. One is kind, caring, and considerate. The other just comes off as selfish and inconsiderate. It still bothers me that when Yona was wounded by Hiyou and Hak was sad, she told him that it was HER wound. Why couldn't she just acknowledge to him that she's aware of his worries but that she doesn't want to see him sad because it hurts her to see him that way? Gosh. Compare that to when Yona is crying over Hak's emotional state in Ch.92 and how he stated that he doesn't see her weak side. He should have just told her to stop crying because it's HIS wound. It's just so unfair how considerate he always is when she hardly shows any towards him. With Hak, as much as he's suffering and struggling, he still always prioritizes Yona over himself. Even though he himself is wounded, it is still Yona he's concerned about. He's willing to be a tool, not acting upon his own thoughts or emotions as long as Yona is safe and happy. Like you said, Yona should at least attempt to understand him better, to appreciate him, and be more considering.

      To be frank, it just feels like Hak has so much to lose and nothing to be gained by being around Yona. She can hardly even afford to offer him consideration. I guess that's just too much to ask of her.

    80. starlight,

      Funnily enough, considering your complaints, the relationship between Hak and Yona is set up to be very appealing to girls and women. Hak is the devoted guy who definitely understands and is involved in the object of his affections, and he's totally and completely loyal to her no matter what, and always puts her first. Yona is more like a reader, who gladly takes the devotion while also wanting to be the cool independent girl.

      Well, I'm not sure about the part of Yona being like the reader, but it's a possibility that the reasons you find Yona selfish are because people are selfish and Yona is supposed to be more identifiable to the reader while Hak is supposed to be highly idealised for the reader's sake.

      It could also be a product of convenience. Yona's interest in Soo-Won is probably something necessary for the future plot.

      Or it's that Yona's development as a cool independent girl conflicts with the idea of devotion. I think there's some dependency in devotion, and I don't think that's bad in moderation, but Hak's character nearly completely revolves around being devoted to Yona. On the other hand, I think there's some selfishness in being independent, and that's not bad in moderation either. But if you want a relationship where both characters show their feelings in similar ways, then a relationship where one person is focusing on becoming more independent while the other focuses on being devoted will undoubtedly be unbalanced.

      And maybe it's a combination of all of it. And maybe there's some other stuff I don't know about because I don't write the story.

    81. Well it’s seems like a lot of people enjoyed the manga and think highly of it so the anime was welcomed with great joy by the manga readers .Either way I do plan to watch in the future ,honeslty I don’t mind gag manga ,I mean I really liked beelzbub .I just prefer dark stories that’s all ^^

      Ah okay if it isn’t a defining feature of his character then that’s okay cause I can’t stand naruto type charaters .Maybe I will give it a shot later .
      Oh so you watched Assassination Classroom I wanted to watch it as well so is it worth it or not except for the va ??
      Yup ,it seems like his personality willl evolve from annoying crybaby to dark sinister anti hero .Tokyo ghoul has a heavy psychological aspect to it and I like it .
      Please do ^^ Nope emo characters aren’t my cup of tea but I’m willing to make an effort if others characters are interesting and the action/story is nice otherwise no .Like with naruto where the lead wasn’t even worth being considered as meh same for the story and the other character but with the sins I may hate the lead character and his love interest +other characters but I love the manga since there are other things that make up for it’s failures in my opinion .

      True brains can make a difference and when you put it that way I agree .

    82. @Starlight
      Yup ,it isn’t because someone is nice to you then you fall for him which is the case in so many shoujo and even yona love for SW .If you take a look at the flashabacks we got the only reason why she loved him was because he was very nice to her when her mom died .He was always sweet and kind to her .It isn’t like they shared some really deep bond to begin with and this isn’t something anyone can argue with yona has no reason to love SW except that he was sweet to her when she needed him to .Like I said before if it was hak who did that instead ofSW that then there is no doubt she would’ve fallen for him .
      True ,and the problem is that her words don’t match her actions ,She claims hak is very precious yet one he called himself a tool/servant she didn’t deny it .She claims that Hak is in pain and won’t forgive SW yet she always going on and on about SW in front of him.
      It isn’t only that he life changed because of sw’s actions but because he decided to FOLLOW HER .which she still think it’s because of her dad’s order ….sigh .Facing death so many times because of a dead dude’s orders T_T
      So true ,whenever Hak is getting in killer mode when thinking of SW what comes to his mind is yona and her dad and their trio yet everytime yona becomes emo regarding SW it’s always ME ME ME and each time it makes me feel so tried and fed up with her character .
      Well,I agree she should’ve told him don’t worry and just help me improve/become stronger and she did state something like that but it was in a monologue not to the dude himself so it’s like what’s the point you want the dude to feel like crap ?
      True ,and you know I’m all for girl power but that doesn’t mean I enjoy seeing the guy being treated like crap .

    83. Hehe, I see. Well, in One Punch, you'll immediately know that its gag because of the first villain who looks like someone in DBZ and how the lead looks like. ^^;;

      Tell me what you think ^^

      AC is okay. Most of the part is introduction of the characters and there are a lot of them. I somewhat thought it is childish like problematic kid then Koro-sensei helping them out = predictable. It is episodic at first but there will be characters that are interesting after a while. Again, the VA really helps. I like Koro-sensei = Lelouch's va, Karma = sadist kid yet really amazing, the manipulative principal = Aizen's va, principal's son = VK Zero's va. There are other famous VAs there. The principal and son is interesting because that is what reminded me of Kobayashi's Azusa and dad. The principal says that he is going to control son's life and everything. Son then says oh ya, I'll be doing that to you after all, you brought me up this way. Then, they have some insane laugh. I love that scene for some reason and I'm curious who'll win there. So, later on, when the arcs start, it gets better and enjoyable. There are no weak/doing nothing girls = they all are 'assassins'. I find some of the gags amusing. So, I'm eagerly waiting for the next season next year ^^ But then, I'm not sure if you'll like it ^^;;

      I see..I plan to check TG later on.


      SPOILER ALERT for 7sins

      So, he's alive. I guess you'll let Meliodas off for a while =P I do wonder how come Garan didn't see the other soul. ^^; At first I thought it was an demons still live without hearts or that was an illusion? ^^; Somewhat confused there but Mera mentioned about spell.

      As for Jericho, what do you think? Is it wise for her to do that? But then, if she didn't, she'll be thought of as 'bad'. If she does that, all three of them might be dead. Carrying two people and one is bigger than her is obviously slower than two not-so-powerful demons. I think Jericho is really optimistic and tries to go for a win-win solution. Since someone would most probably come like king and teleport them all off to safety...I guess Jericho will get what she is planning and get 'good points' from Ban.

    84. Okay seems like it’s a funny thing to watch and it got really hype by so many people so I will check it out in the future can’t watch too many stuff ,don’t have the time for it ^^
      That’s it you convinced me ,I started downloading the episodes i will give you my opinion once I start watching and again I do like gag manga take beelzbub as an example I loved that manga alot and it was mostly gag manga .
      Another example is Gintama ,the humour is pretty good and the parody of famous manga is hilarious just like in the recent chapters where the final boss appeared and they were in great danger ,the villain’s sword was ichigo bankai (his former bankai) I thought that was funny ^^ anyway Gintama is hilarious yet when it gets epic it truly is epic .It has some amazing fighting scenes and very emotional moments sometimes you even doubt it’s a gag manga since things gets really deep and touching .The characters behave like idiots but they are also amazing when times call for it .
      Nope i felt bad for Ban’s daddy since it seems like being eaten is the END .I doubt any of the sins will get his soul eaten .Still poor fox daddy he won’t be reborn and won’t see his son again and it’s a nice gift he gave ban .I guess the farewell was from father to son .This is all Meliodas’ fault …
      Well ,I think the spell refers to the move ban used to steal his strength ,what I didn’t get was when Mera said « couldn’t outwit an old man » to Garan who is she refering to Meliodas maybe ? I mean redhawk scans aren’t out so I can’t check other versions to see if it make more sense .
      Well I believe both of them still have a heart left and no a demon is supposed to die when both his hearts are destroyed and obviously there were only 2hearts not 4 .
      Yeah it was foolish of Garan not to notice it and they really did start fighting over Ban’s soul which gave him an opening to strike ,nice move from ban’s part and he really did a good job he kept them at bay and even manged to destroy a heart of each demon .Shame on Meliodas ,merlin and diane .
      Yup if shed id leave one it would make her look bad but now she looks stupid she should’ve left elaine who is already dad and saved ban at least but seems like she is really optimistic when she shouldn’t based on next week title they are gonna be chasing them and yeah someone is probably gonna save them since ban can no longer fight .I think it will be king but I’m hoping for Escanor .
      By the way when he dumped jericho and held into elaine I thought it was kind of funny and that Jerricho was really pathetic .

    85. hurry ^^ I also don't have time and there are still a lot that I have to check out.

      Ah, I only watch Gintama because I enjoy the anime better than the manga. I'm still catching up with the latest season..3 is it, I think. The VAs make it more fun and enjoyable. I guess the mangaka is really into Bleach ^^; There are a few scenes wherein Gin kept on complaining why his sword is a stick/bokuto and has no wonder they don't have console games. There was even a gag about anime..they have to take breaks rather than go for fillers then ended up ending prematurely due to low sales. I agree...and I think it alternates with long serious arcs and funny arcs. I try not to mind the toilet humor too much. ^^; The fight scenes are really amazing. And yes, there are really some deep and touching stuff. I love this series ^^

      I see. Well, true, and in a way, his dad really made it up to him.

      I thought she referred to Ban being an old man. ^^;; Because he has to depend on Mera to outwit Ban. they have 4 hearts? I must have missed that.

      Ya...but it came with a sacrifice. you think that they'll actually stop quarreling again if they get Ban? They might still fight it out afterwards. By the way, do you still think that the soul has the power? I'm thinking that Garan didn't exact feel something special about the soul..didn't realize that there was a switch.

      Jericho cannot do that because she is also aiming for Ban. Ban won't forgive her if she left Elaine even if she's dying/already dead/zombie. Hm..but then again, the demons are after Ban and not Elaine. So, will a hostage scenario be effective here? Get back Elaine in exchange for his soul?

      Hehe..I'm not sure if it's funny..but it is indeed pathetic. Still, I guess it is points for Jericho = get on their good side that she isn't leaving anyone behind even if it is futile in reality. In a way, I think the demons can catch up to Jericho even if she leaves either one behind or both behind. =P Power-wise, I don't recall Jericho being powerful. I would think that long haired girl partner is stronger. So, I guess this is the best option for Jericho.

    86. Yup and sometimes I check out an anime years after it’s out ,like psycho pass after you advised me to watch it and there are so many mangas and animes it’s impossible to follow everything .

      Well ,if you decide to catch up with the manga go ahead it is getting more amazing with each chapter and yeah I love the parody of other mangas ,it’s hilarious .Yeah Gintama is amazing on so many aspects .I mean for example the arc about the old prostitue and the shogun it’s start funny ,becomes serious and touching and end up with some epic fighting with gintoki and assassin dude and very emtional scenes throughout the arc .
      I like how each character is portrayed as a fool yet when times call for it they become really amazing and so cool .For example kondou the boss of the shinsegumi aka gorilla/stalker in the latest chapters he was just wow .I really like that ,the characters are really well written .
      The fighting are just wow ,it’s swords /hand to hand fighting yet it is so good to me it has one of the best fighting scenes of the shouen that I read .
      Sadly it doesn’t get enough credits ,I don’t recall ginatama being as popular as naruto or new manga like 7sins and it’s really shame .
      I don’t think so ,Garan referred to ban as kid yet now he is an old man when they are over 3000 years old .But it isn’t important so whatever ^^
      Nope ,sorry I didn’t explain myself well .If I recall correctly elaine said a demon has two hearts so what I meant is that if he took out all of their heart there would be 4hearts but since he took out only one per demon there were only two and that’s why they are still breathing because a demon would die if his hearts get crushed .
      I think they will still do that since I think they consider ban tasty at least mera does .
      Well ban’s daddy said beast men are weak so maybe that’s why he didn’t feel a thing ,I’m pretty sure if he ate the soul of one of the sins he would power up .Even the ass demon girl was commenting on the taste when she ate the souls .
      I know that it would make her look bad but it’s still a dumb move .Something like they will revive her for good if they can feast on his soul in exchange I don’t think so it would be dumb on ban’s part to do trust them and I don’t see them using hostages .
      Yup she is screwed either way and yeah black haired girl is more powerful but even if she was there she wouldn’t stand a chance .Maybe someone like gilthunder or hendy could put up a little bit of fight but jerricho no way in hell .

    87. True...and even if there are so many mangas and animes...there are a lot to shift through before finding the gems. ^^

      Hehe, probably I mentioned I really like the anime. If I read the manga, then watch the is like reviewing things rather than keeping it fresh. I'm thinking if the manga is still as good as before...they will animate it. After the second season, I thought it is over when they release the movie. Then, thankfully, there is a third season with Gin doing a presscon at the start to bawl their thanks for making the movie a success that they managed to have a third season. Lol, honestly, it is a gamble on my part that they will continue to animate it. =P

      Yup ^^ And it's good because there has to be something about Kondou for Hijitaka and Sougo, and the others to follow him ^^

      I think Gintama is popular in some way but of course, it isn't exactly something that most people from across the world would like. I'm sure Gintama is popular enough in Japan and that is where it counts to get things animated = sales, etc.

      Oh, I see.

      Ah, okay. But then, do you think that in time, the crushed heart will regenerate?

      I see..strange that Garan didn't notice it and I assume he had been eating souls before.

      Good point..Ban would be stupid to trust them but then, if they threaten to eat Elaine's soul...what then?


    88. @ Echidna:
      Some girls(women) might find it appealing but I don't, and I'm sure there are others who don't enjoy watching characters(whether they be male or female) get treated like crap or taken advantage of. As I've been saying, Yona can be cool and independent without having to resort to selfishness and neglect. To me, those things don't necessarily correlate.

      "Or it's that Yona's development as a cool independent girl conflicts with the idea of devotion. I think there's some dependency in devotion, and I don't think that's bad in moderation, but Hak's character nearly completely revolves around being devoted to Yona. On the other hand, I think there's some selfishness in being independent, and that's not bad in moderation either. But if you want a relationship where both characters show their feelings in similar ways, then a relationship where one person is focusing on becoming more independent while the other focuses on being devoted will undoubtedly be unbalanced."

      I agree that Hak's devotion is a little too much. Love makes people do crazy things that they don't necessarily have control over. Even when Hak didn't necessarily want to become Yona's bodyguard, he couldn't help it. He couldn't just abandon her or turn his back on he caved in. As the recipient of that devotion though, it's Yona's job not take advantage of him. You speak of moderation and the idea that Hak seems to know no bound...but what about Yona? Where's the boundary for her? Does she NOT see that Hak is overdoing it? Will she just take and take as long as Hak is kind enough to offer? In fact, even when Hak isn't offering, she demands it from him. For example: "Give yourself to me!"/"Come with me, Hak". I find it odd that we're sitting here criticizing Hak for being too kind. What about the person taking advantage of that kindness? Where's the moderation to her selfishness?

      What I don't agree with, however, is your last statement. Yona can be cool and independent without neglecting others or being selfish. With Hak, she can acknowledge his devotion, show appreciation and sensitivity in her approach, and still be independent. Just as an example, she wanted to learn swordsmanship. Hak is obviously not willing to teach her in fear of her getting hurt. Yona could have still asked to be taught and, at the same time, be sensitive enough to comfort him by compromising that she'll be extra careful and not reckless because she doesn't want to see him worried. There's no need to make Hak feel like he's being disobedient or a jerk just for caring too much. And, seriously, if Yona's trying to be THAT independent, enough as to be so insensitive towards Hak, why does she continue to have him fight for her on a daily basis? Why did she demand that he give himself to her? Why did she demand that he come with her after the events of Awa? Again, Yona is an inconsistent character. What she says and what she does makes no sense.

      "True ,and you know I’m all for girl power but that doesn’t mean I enjoy seeing the guy being treated like crap ."

      Agreed. While I hate it when a girl is treated horribly, I also feel the same when it's happening to a guy. I feel like a lot of fans put up with it because Hak is a guy. They just expect him to take it because he's male. If the roles were reversed and a caring, devoted Yona was being treated the way Hak is, many females would probably revolt(and hate Hak).

    89. starlight,

      I know you don't find it appealing. I was just making an observation about the irony of it.

      "You speak of moderation and the idea that Hak seems to know no bound...but what about Yona?"
      It sounds like you're misunderstanding me here. I never said that what Yona was doing was within moderation. I didn't add anything about Yona going overboard like in the sentence about Hak because I thought it was implicit in my last sentence that they both are not presented in moderation, or maybe I should say I don't think it's presented well.

      At the same time, I have to disagree with what you say about Yona. In my personal beliefs, I very much value autonomy. It's something I consider very important. But it also doesn't mean that there aren't exceptions, and I can understand that other cultures may not value it so much, and if in those cultures it works, then that's just how it is. I preface my argument by saying that I value autonomy because it influences my views on your statement as well as the relationship in the manga.

      "As the recipient of that devotion though, it's Yona's job not take advantage of him."
      I think that people shouldn't take advantage of others. But I primarily think that people shouldn't take advantage of others if the person being taken advantage of is unaware or helpless to it. If Person A is helping out Person B, but Person B is planning to do something to either directly or indirectly harm or put Person A at a disadvantage and Person A doesn't know, then I think taking advantage of someone's kindness isn't good. But if Person B is in dire straits and Person A offers to help Person B out, and Person B is also very thankful for it, then I don't see any problem in taking advantage of someone's kindness. To take advantage doesn't always mean it's something bad.

      Keeping that in mind, if someone doesn't have learned helplessness or a shifted baseline or anything else that might significantly and negatively affect someone's ability to make an informed decision, then I don't see what's wrong with helping someone even if the relationship isn't completely reciprocal. I think Hak is well aware of the affect his relationship with Yona has on him. He knows, and he's still choosing to continue. Hak is making his own personal and informed choice, and if Yona takes advantage of that, it's something Hak is okay with, considering he's allowing it.

      "Love makes people do crazy things that they don't necessarily have control over."
      Not exactly. When people experience love, at first it's pretty much like they're high, but that only lasts the few months. Eventually, their brains go back to normal. There might be some renewals at times, but people should hopefully be able to make informed decisions that they have control over. Love can make people put another person's needs over their own, and maybe from a self-preservation standpoint it's crazy, but that doesn't mean that there isn't some kind of rationale or understanding that goes into it. Because of that, I think Hak has control over his decision.

    90. "Yona could have still asked to be taught and, at the same time, be sensitive enough to comfort him by compromising that she'll be extra careful and not reckless because she doesn't want to see him worried."
      But that would be a lie. She's learning swordsmanship because she wants to be able to defend herself if she's in danger. As long as she wanted to go down the path that she chose, there could be a possibility of her being in danger. I doubt Hak would have felt better just because she said she'd try to be careful, because it's not like being careful would eliminate the possibility of danger. If anything, what Yona wanted to do could be considered reckless, so to say it won't happen would definitely be a lie.

      I don't know if I would call Yona too selfish, but that's not really a descriptor I often use. I think Yona's character focuses so much on being independent that she doesn't really stop and think about her position, what she doing, where she's going in her life, and the relationships that go into it. So in that manner, I would say that she might be too selfish.

      "If the roles were reversed and a caring, devoted Yona was being treated the way Hak is, many females would probably revolt(and hate Hak)."
      I doubt that. Kusanagi already did that in NG Life. *slight spoilers*
      In NG Life, the male protagonist, Keidai, is similar to Yona, while the female lead, Serizawa, is similar to Hak. In the story, Serizawa and Keidai are childhood friends, and Serizawa is in love with Keidai, but Keidai is very obviously pining over his love in his past life, Serena. Serena reincarnates as a boy, but Keidai spends most of the story still pining over Serena. Serizawa chooses to quietly continue to be Keidai's best friend even though she's in love with him. And I don't remember this part very well, but I think everyone else notices Serizawa's feelings except for Keidai.

      NG Life is pretty well liked, and if anyone was upset over Keidai's treatment of Serizawa in the way you're upset over Yona's treatment of Hak, they were in the minority.

    91. @Echidna
      I value independence, actually. I'm all for being able to stand on my own two feet and for being able to do things for myself. You're saying that Yona is the way she is because she's trying to be independent and I'm just saying that being selfish and inconsiderate aren’t tied to the independence factor. I know plenty of strong, independent woman in my life who are mindful of and caring toward others.

      "If Person A is helping out Person B, but Person B is planning to do something to either directly or indirectly harm or put Person A at a disadvantage and Person A doesn't know, then I think taking advantage of someone's kindness isn't good. But if Person B is in dire straits and Person A offers to help Person B out, and Person B is also very thankful for it, then I don't see any problem in taking advantage of someone's kindness. To take advantage doesn't always mean it's something bad."

      I’m quite certain it means something bad when Hak is constantly making sad faces. Truly, unlike the two examples you gave, this case is more like: Person B is in dire need of help and person A offers to help. In the process of helping, person A is hurting because, much of the time, that assistance has required person A to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of Person B. While Person A cares enough about person B to make sacrifices, person B is too self-centered to do anything for person A’s wellbeing/happiness even though it’s because of person A that person B is hurting. That's the situation we're talking about here.

      "Hak is making his own personal and informed choice, and if Yona takes advantage of that, it's something Hak is okay with, considering he's allowing it."

      Of course he's okay with it. After all, he has Yona’s happiness prioritized over his own. He loves her unconditionally. What else would you expect? Even if he has to trade away all his happiness, he’d be willing to as long as Yona is happy. Just because he’s okay with this, however, doesn’t make it right…and as Hak’s supposed friend, Yona should know that. Half the time, she doesn’t notice that anything’s wrong and on those occasions when she does, she isn’t concerned enough to actually do anything about it.

    92. "I think Yona's character focuses so much on being independent that she doesn't really stop and think about her position, what she doing, where she's going in her life, and the relationships that go into it. So in that manner, I would say that she might be too selfish."

      There's nothing wrong with Yona wanting to be stronger, to be able to stand on her own two feet, to be able to defend herself. There is something, however, very wrong with her constantly thinking of ONLY herself when she's thinking about Soo-won's betrayal. There are others whose lives were also altered by what Soo-won did. The previous is an example of her wanting to be independent. The latter is an example of her selfishness. Again, the two aren't one and the same so, unfortunately, I find the independence excuse unacceptable.

      "But that would be a lie. She's learning swordsmanship because she wants to be able to defend herself if she's in danger. As long as she wanted to go down the path that she chose, there could be a possibility of her being in danger. I doubt Hak would have felt better just because she said she'd try to be careful, because it's not like being careful would eliminate the possibility of danger."

      How is it a lie? Yona never said she wouldn’t be in danger. She’s still learning how to fight, so, obviously, there will always be the danger factor. What she would be expressing, however, is the idea that she is aware of Hak's concern for her safety and that she cares enough about him to understand said concerns. And, no, while Hak may not have felt that much better about her being safe, he at least would have felt better knowing that his feelings mean something, and that she's aware he’s not just trying to be a selfish jerk. Hak is incredibly loyal and devoted, and he has this view of himself being greedy/selfish every time there’s conflict between what he wants and what Yona wants. If he can’t protect her and fulfill all her happiness, he feels like he’s done something wrong. It doesn’t help when Yona’s responses seem to reaffirm those views. This is what we mean when we talk about Yona's insensitivity towards Hak. Truly, she deserves none of Hak's caring ways. She comes off as an insensitive jerk at the most crucial of times whenever Hak’s emotional wellbeing is involved.

      Anyhow, I haven't read NG Life so I wouldn't know how Keidai treats Serizawa. If it is simply a matter of him being unaware of her romantic feelings, it wouldn’t bother me one bit. However, if he thinks only of himself and is constantly putting himself above her, to the point of neglecting her general emotional wellbeing, I would be enraged. I personally can’t imagine myself treating any of my close friends in such a fashion. I haven’t run into many anime/manga where someone treats a supposed close friend in the manner in which Yona treats Hak, and I’ve never felt this way about another pairing before. I can't even bring myself to call Hak Yona’s friend. Her servant or her tool, certainly. Her friend? I don’t think so. And in saying that NG Life is pretty well-liked, I’m not sure if you’re referring to the entire female population or if you’re making a reference to its fanbase. I would imagine most of those who bother to read it actually do like it.

    93. Personally, I think that selfishness is part of independence. I guess you can think differently. I think that way because take for example a couple where one of them wants to go to a school or do some kind of program, but it'll be overseas, or just a while away. The other person might be upset, though hopefully willing to let them go. The person leaving might be making their partner upset, but it's something they want to do for their own personal benefit. In that kind of situation, I think independence is connected to selfishness.

      If I really feel like getting more philosophical about it, I think everyone is selfish, even if they're helping or being mindful of others. I like to help other people, but some of it is because I feel good doing it. As soon as there is some kind of personal thoughts and motivations and feelings that go into people's words and actions, I think there is some selfishness involved. But I know not everyone thinks this way.

      "I’m quite certain it means something bad when Hak is constantly making sad faces. Truly, unlike the two examples you gave, this case is more like: Person B is in dire need of help and person A offers to help. In the process of helping, person A is hurting because, much of the time, that assistance has required person A to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of Person B. While Person A cares enough about person B to make sacrifices, person B is too self-centered to do anything for person A’s wellbeing/happiness even though it’s because of person A that person B is hurting. That's the situation we're talking about here."

      Technically, that part wasn't me trying to represent Yona and Hak's relationship. I guess I didn't make my meaning clear enough. I get that part of what you're saying, and I kind of agree. I'm also taking the paragraph you said after the one above into account of what I'm going to say. I think that even in a relationship where one person is sometimes hurt, as long as it's something that person is making an informed decision about and is understanding what is going on, I don't think it's my place to judge. Whether it's something I agree or don't agree with, I don't think it matters nearly as much as the thoughts of the one making the decision. If that person is okay with it, then that's just how things are.

      "Again, the two aren't one and the same so, unfortunately, I find the independence excuse unacceptable."

      For the part this was in, I don't really know where you were going with it because it kind of was what I was saying. As for the independence, I don't mean for it to be an excuse. It's not like I'm saying that she's trying to be independent, so it's okay. I just think it's a reason and motivation for what happens. It's probably just a difference in how we view things, and that can't be helped.

      "How is it a lie? Yona never said she wouldn’t be in danger."

      I would consider it a lie if someone said that they would careful while doing something inherently reckless. I think it doesn't make sense, anyway. I think Hak understood that Yona understood his feelings. It wasn't outright stated, but it seemed implied. What do you mean that Hak thinks he's being greedy and selfish? If you mean the few times towards the beginning when he didn't want her going out and being in danger, then I, at least personally, think that his feelings were greedy and selfish. I don't think it's bad or not normal to feel that way, but in the situations where he wanted to keep Yona from doing things, it was pretty much him wanting to control what she did. Feeling that way, whether he acted on it or not, I think is selfish.

    94. I can't really confirm for you since I don't feel the same way you do, but the relationship between Yona and Hak and Keidai and Serizawa is pretty similar. So maybe you'd feel that way.

      Do you not really watch or read unrequited love stories too often? I don't think they're usually much different from Akatsuki no Yona. I can't completely understand exactly your feelings about Yona and Hak though, so maybe to you there's enough difference.

      When I was talking about NG Life's reception, I was talking about people who have read it. When you mentioned the way Akatsuki no Yona is, you were talking about the fanbase and I assumed that when you mentioned females revolting, you were talking about female fans of Akatsuki no Yona. The thing is, I think there's some overlap in the people who have read these manga. Akatsuki no Yona is more popular than NG Life, and there are probably some people who have only read NG Life, but otherwise there's probably some people who read NG Life after reading Akatsuki no Yona and enjoyed both. And there's probably some people who read NG Life first before Akatsuki no Yona and enjoyed both. I don't think there would be any sort of revolting.

    95. @Echidna
      "Personally, I think that selfishness is part of independence."

      IMO, it all depends on the thinking/reasoning behind wanting to be independent. In a case where someone wants to be independent to benefit him or herself, that would be selfishness, certainly. However, someone might want to be independent with the mindset that they don't want to be a burden on their loved one. I wouldn't consider that selfishness because the thought/reasoning behind it isn't about gaining something for him/herself but, rather, the wellbeing of another person.

      To be selfish means to care only about oneself. To be independent means being free from the support/help/influence of others. They're two different concepts, therefore, capable of being independent of one another. I mean, just because one wants to be free from the support or influence of others doesn't automatically mean that he or she cares only about him/herself. Similarly, just because someone cares only about him or herself doesn't necessarily mean they want to be independent. In Yona's case, she wants independence AND happens to often think only of herself.

      "If I really feel like getting more philosophical about it, I think everyone is selfish, even if they're helping or being mindful of others. I like to help other people, but some of it is because I feel good doing it. "

      You're right that we probably don't agree. Would you say that there's really no such thing as unselfishness then? I guess if you do nice things for other people thinking that it makes you feel good, there would be selfishness involved. However, I doubt that that thought crosses everyone’s minds. And if it does at all, it might be more of an after-thought than a reasoning as to why they’re helping someone. In Hak's case, I genuinely believe that what he does for Yona, he does solely for her benefit, not his own. After all, he hardly has any regard for his own wellbeing and much of what he wants has often contradicted with Yona’s wants/needs. The hairpin, for example, is something that bothers and pains Hak. However, he understands that it’s something Yona wants to keep and, even if he has to bear the pain of its presence, he would rather do that than have her unhappy without it. Point is, he’s not exactly gaining any good feels from what he’s choosing to do. Even if you say he’s gaining good feels from keeping Yona happy, ultimately, that doesn’t matter because the good feelings he’s gaining are technically being negated by the negative feeling of the hairpin’s presence. It would be a different story if Hak was doing things for Yona that didn’t, in turn, also hurt him. Maybe you could claim then that he’s “gaining” something, but that’s usually not the case.

    96. "I think that even in a relationship where one person is sometimes hurt, as long as it's something that person is making an informed decision about and is understanding what is going on, I don't think it's my place to judge. Whether it's something I agree or don't agree with, I don't think it matters nearly as much as the thoughts of the one making the decision. If that person is okay with it, then that's just how things are."

      I can't say that I agree with that at all. Just like if someone understands their decision and is okay with robbing and killing someone, that doesn't make the act right or acceptable. How do you not judge? That’s an extreme example but it's essentially the same concept. And I think Hak isn’t just “sometimes” hurt since he has been the one to make every sacrifice. Every time there’s conflict, it’s always Yona’s happiness that overrides Hak’s. Never goes the other way.

      I guess that’s why I don’t feel Yona cares much for Hak. I mean, look at everything she’s willing to sacrifice for her country. It’s obvious she cares about Kouka. If she truly cares for Hak, I would think she’d treat Hak a little more similarly. If Yona claims her country is really important to her but does nothing, occasionally only crying and praying that things magically get better for it, would you be convinced that she truly cares? I wouldn’t.

      "I would consider it a lie if someone said that they would careful while doing something inherently reckless."

      I guess I disagree a bit with the thought that fighting is something that's inherently reckless. Being reckless means doing something without concern or care for consequences. It's quite possible for someone to be fighting or defending while having some measure and concern for safety in mind. There's a huge difference between running headlong into battle without a care or concern(which would be recklessness) VS someone who's fighting in a more level-headed manner due to being mindful of their safety.

      "I think Hak understood that Yona understood his feelings. It wasn't outright stated, but it seemed implied."
      I don't think Yona understands Hak much at all, actually…which surprises me because they’ve known one another for such a long time. It's obvious to everyone that Hak cares about her but I don't think Yona really started to understand that until much later on in the story. I think that for the longest time, Yona attributed Hak's concerns solely to him doing his job and, if I remember correctly, she actually stated that at least once or twice. Granted, it doesn't help that Hak tries to bury his feelings by denying things but, really, his actions and decisions speak louder than anything he could have said. It's obvious enough that everyone around them knows, which, I would think, should probably at least make it obvious enough to give her suspicions. However, she has a hard time connecting dots, and unless something is spelled out for her, she doesn't get it. Heck, even when it was spelled out for her, she was quick to deny it without any pause.

    97. "What do you mean that Hak thinks he's being greedy and selfish?”

      Basically, whenever Hak’s feelings/thoughts/desires contradict Yona’s, he feels that Yona’s feelings/wants should ALWAYS override his, otherwise he feels he’s just being greedy/selfish. Hak even stated that Yona’s happiness was his. For example, he loves her but she loves someone else. There’s contradiction there, obviously. Therefore, Hak can’t even admit/express that he loves her because, hey, that would mean he’s being greedy and trying to put his feelings above hers. When he accidently let his feelings slip during the honey scene, he stated that he shouldn’t be greedy. Seriously though, how can that even be considered greediness when he never intended to let his feelings slip? It was an accident, something that happened unconsciously because he was provoked by what Jae-ha had said. Hak does everything to ensure Yona’s happiness and because he accidently let his feelings slip, he’s a greedy man??? Difficult for me to agree with. That’s just one example out of too many for my comfort. In general, Hak has to hide all kinds of thoughts and feelings(his love for Yona, his anger against Soo-won, his pain of betrayal, his dislike for Yona’s hairpin, etc.) because he would otherwise be “greedy”. Yet, Yona gets to prance around, openly make her feelings known, ask for things, and demand from Hak without care of concern. I hate that Hak’s so tied down and has to constantly tip-toe around Yona’s happiness. I especially hate that Yona’s letting it happen and that she’s encouraging it by constantly placing her own happiness/needs/wants above his. I’ve yet to see Yona sacrifice anything for Hak’s sake, and that’s something that I feel close friends are normally and naturally willing to occasionally do for one another.

      “If you mean the few times towards the beginning when he didn't want her going out and being in danger, then I, at least personally, think that his feelings were greedy and selfish. I don't think it's bad or not normal to feel that way, but in the situations where he wanted to keep Yona from doing things, it was pretty much him wanting to control what she did. Feeling that way, whether he acted on it or not, I think is selfish."

      I guess we disagree. While he might not have had the right mindset during those situations, I wouldn’t attribute it to selfishness or greed. Again, I feel it all comes down to intention and reasoning. Never once did Hak ever think of himself. It was always in regards to the wellbeing of another person. And as far as Hak being controlling, the only situation where one could claim Hak thought about “controlling her” was when he expressed a desire to tie her down to keep her out of harm’s way. Even then, his worries were at least understandable since Yona was about to do something that, realistically, and especially at her physical skill level, would have had an extremely slim chance of succeeding. Even the time when Hak refused to teach Yona swordsmanship, he never restricted her from learning it from someone else. How is that being controlling? He simply didn’t want to be the one to teach her and, just like how Yona has rights, isn’t it Hak’s right to choose what he wants to do with himself? Couldn’t it be said that Yona was the one trying to control him? She has told him to go with her, demanded even that he give himself to her. And unlike Hak’s reasoning of being concerned for someone else’s wellbeing, Yona’s intention behind wanting Hak along was to benefit herself. And if Hak is guilty of greed for being concerned about Yona’s safety then everyone else should be guilty of it as well. Yona sometimes worries about Hak’s physical wellbeing too and wants to prevent him from having to risk his life too much for her. The dragons also refused to teach Yona swordsmanship.

    98. “Do you not really watch or read unrequited love stories too often? I don't think they're usually much different from Akatsuki no Yona. I can't completely understand exactly your feelings about Yona and Hak though, so maybe to you there's enough difference.”

      I’m quite familiar with unrequited love stories but my problem with Akatsuki no Yona isn’t about the fact that Hak’s romantic feelings are unrequited. Most pairings I know feel different from Hak/Yona because even if the romantic feelings are unrequited, at least the mutual care/respect/understanding for one another exists and that makes the pairing likeable. They still each make various sacrifices throughout the story for the sake of the other, hence, it doesn’t feel like one is a total slave. Tomoe, in Hajimemashita Kamisama, even when he was unable to return Nanami’s romantic feelings, still cared about her, was shown to be concerned with her emotional wellbeing, and still acted/made other sacrifices on her behalf. Clearly, since CH1, Hak has worshipped the ground Yona walks on but, for much of the story so far(about 115 chapters now, actually), she has hardly noticed Hak’s emotional state(and I’m not referring just to his romantic feelings) and her concern, on the few occasions where she did notice his sadness, isn’t deep enough for her to actually do anything beyond praying for his happiness. Would it hurt her to be more sensitive? To actually give a little too, to put his wants/needs above her own once in a while to demonstrate that she cares as a friend? With how he overly sacrifices himself, the way he’s treated is just unacceptable to me. There’s way too much imbalance. All aspects of the relationship they share(respect, understanding, concern, sacrifices, etc) is always only going one way. There’s hardly any give and take to the relationship so it feels like Hak is a total slave to Yona. If it weren’t for the sexy chemistry they have, I would utterly despise them as a couple. That’s my stance.

      What this boils down to is that if Yona doesn’t care then she doesn’t…and, ultimately, that’s her right…BUT then perhaps people should at least admit that. The whole notion that he’s somehow still really important to her confuses me greatly because I honestly am not seeing it. I admit that I have a lot of complaints when it comes to Hak/Yona, but I also feel like my complaints are valid.

    99. @starlight
      I can see what you’re saying about the difference between selfishness and independence.

      Before I say anything else, to clear something up, I sometimes use words in a way that may not quite fit the dictionary definition. When I say selfish, I just mean people being primarily mindful of themselves, potentially at the detriment of others, but not necessarily.

      “Would you say that there's really no such thing as unselfishness then?”

      I don’t know about saying that, but from the viewpoint of my beliefs, I can’t say I can think of a situation where people are truly selfless. Yeah, people don’t always think about how helping others feels good every time they do something for others, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel good about it anyway. People don’t have to think something to feel it is what I mean. And while I don’t think it’s the sole reason for why people do things for others, in general, people like to do things that make them feel good. If it feels good for them the first time, they might be more willing to do it again.

      In the case of Hak, I disagree because his happiness and well-being is tied to Yona to such an extent that her well-being influences his feelings. I think that people have an attachment to the things they own and the relationships they have with others. In a way, these things are an extension of ourselves; we define ourselves through the things and people we interact with. So for Hak’s case, because of the way that he ties his sense of self to her, I would argue that he does things for her for himself as well. You say that even if he gets positive feelings, it’s negated, but I don’t think that’s the case. In general I don’t think people think out their experiences with others as a net gain or loss. If a person has positive and negative experiences with something, the way they’re handled would depends on the feelings of the person. A person can have mostly positive experiences with something, but if something negative happens and their feelings turn towards mainly negative, that’s what they will focus on, and their memories of the positive parts will often also change. Vice versa can happen too with mostly negative experiences but having a good positive experience. At the same time, a person can have negative and positive feelings about something, and those feelings can coexist. It’s not as if they negate each other. Applying this to Hak, what I’m trying to say is that Hak must be staying around for a reason, and generally, I think people don’t stick around something if they don’t like it. I know people hate-watch, but I don’t think that’s similar to what Hak does. For Hak to stick around Yona, even if he doesn’t have positive feelings as often as negative ones, he probably places more importance on those positive feelings. It might not be as often, but it’s more meaningful.

      “Just like if someone understands their decision and is okay with robbing and killing someone, that doesn't make the act right or acceptable. How do you not judge? That’s an extreme example but it's essentially the same concept.”

      To be honest I find it a little upsetting that you took what I said and made an extreme example of it when that isn’t what I’m saying at all. Obviously, my feelings are going to be different in some situations, such as something illegal like that. And really, it’s not that I don’t judge because sometimes I will and I do. It happens, though I try not to. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that I don’t think it’s my place to judge. It’s just that even if I disapprove, it’s not something I have control over. If I have a friend making a choice that I don’t agree with, I can talk to them about my concerns and all, but it’s still their decision to make. And if someone didn’t approve of a decision I made, if they talk to me about it reasonably I’ll take what they say into account, but in the end it’s still my decision and not theirs.

    100. What if Hak derives some happiness in being able to protect Yona?

      I would argue that I don’t think Yona sacrifices much for her country, but that’s a different story.

      “I guess I disagree a bit with the thought that fighting is something that's inherently reckless. Being reckless means doing something without concern or care for consequences.”

      That’s just me going on and using words incorrectly again. Maybe I shouldn’t say reckless, but dangerous. In my mind I equate the two, though I know they’re not necessarily the same. And I wasn’t just meaning fighting, but I was meaning the intent she had from that point of the story on.

      “I don't think Yona understands Hak much at all, actually…”

      I was specifically talking about Yona understanding that he was concerned about her getting hurt, though that doesn’t mean she understood the why. I think she definitely understood that he was concerned. Whether you think she took enough care to his feelings or not is something different.

      “Granted, it doesn't help that Hak tries to bury his feelings by denying things but, really, his actions and decisions speak louder than anything he could have said.”

      I have a bit of an interest in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology, so I think it’s interesting that you think this way. Honestly I think the main reason Yona doesn’t notice is so the romantic tension can be drawn out, but I think that there is a logical reason to it too. Part of the way people learn how to communicate involves socialization, and that’s also when people learn culture and behavioral norms. In the environment you have grown up in, you might have learned to pay attention to the meanings in between the lines of what people say and do. But for Yona’s character, the way that she grew up didn’t put her in a position where she questioned things. She got what she wanted, was doted on, and confined to her own small world. Learning to understand people wasn’t necessary. She never really thought about what went on outside of her world until she was faced with it. It wasn’t even something she sought when she left the castle. She just came across it along the way. It took her being involuntarily shown what was going on outside the castle for her to even consider what went on outside of her life, so for her to be able to understand Hak’s feelings for her in their entirety without her needing to be told point-blank is an unrealistic expectation. While I think that over the course of the story she has gotten better at understanding people, it’s not something that comes easily. Even with her better being able to understand people, because of the history she has with Hak, she has probably formed assumptions about him that could cloud further understanding.

    101. “Basically, whenever Hak’s feelings/thoughts/desires contradict Yona’s, he feels that Yona’s feelings/wants should ALWAYS override his, otherwise he feels he’s just being greedy/selfish.”

      I actually totally forgot about the honey scene. Anyways, along the same lines as Yona’s reasoning for the way she acts the way she does, Hak has his reasons for acting the way that he does too. People are products of the environment they’re in, so that’s important to keep in mind. The environment that Hak grew up in probably didn’t encourage him to express his feelings excessively. It’s also probably just something that he is naturally not predisposed to doing. Hak also has experience as a general, and that has probably put him in a position where it’s more expected of him to be reserved. If it was just Yona that was making him not express his feelings, then I would hope to see that contrast in the story where he’s more open in other situations outside of Yona to show that it’s just Yona. But I don’t see that. Even in his relationships with the other characters, he doesn’t really express himself. It’s only recently that he’s admitted to being thankful for their presence, and even then his acknowledgement was mostly internal. Since it’s natural for him to mostly keep his feelings to himself, it’s not a surprise that he thinks that expressing those feelings is imposing upon others, regardless of whether he really is or not.

      As for Yona letting things happen, it’s also not surprising. Hak being devoted to her in the way that he is isn’t treated as a problem in the story, so for Yona to preserve the status quo sounds about right. Hak keeping his feelings to himself is treated as a little bit of a problem, but because he generally keeps to himself, it’s also not surprising that Yona will just let him be to figure things out on his own.

      “Never once did Hak ever think of himself. It was always in regards to the wellbeing of another person.”

      As I explained earlier in this response, I think that people tie their sense of self to others, and so when they care about other people, they are also caring about how that person’s well-being affects them.

      “And as far as Hak being controlling, the only situation where one could claim Hak thought about “controlling her” was when he expressed a desire to tie her down to keep her out of harm’s way. Even then, his worries were at least understandable since Yona was about to do something that, realistically, and especially at her physical skill level, would have had an extremely slim chance of succeeding.”

      This is something I have struggled with. It’s normal to be worried about someone putting themselves in danger, especially if it’s something that they’d be at a disadvantage doing. But if they insist, that’s still their choice to make. For another person to try and stop them is something that I would consider controlling.

      Keep in mind that I said it’s him wanting to control her, not that he actually is.

      When Hak didn’t want to teach Yona swordsmanship, it’s not just that he didn’t want to teach her. He didn’t want her to learn at all. That’s why she was sneaking around trying to learn. If it was only that he refused but that he didn’t care if she learned from someone else or practiced on her own, she wouldn’t have felt the need to sneak around.

      Hak can do what he wants for himself, sure. I don’t really think Yona is controlling him because many of the things he does is something he volunteers to do. Some of those things hurt him, but they’re something he chose. If he was completely saying no and she was forcing him, then that would be controlling.

      Well, yeah, I would say that Yona is being greedy then and that the dragons were refusing because of their personal feelings.

    102. “Most pairings I know feel different from Hak/Yona because even if the romantic feelings are unrequited, at least the mutual care/respect/understanding for one another exists and that makes the pairing likeable. They still each make various sacrifices throughout the story for the sake of the other, hence, it doesn’t feel like one is a total slave.”

      Interesting. Maybe the issue is that it’s a master/servant kind of relationship and the one with the unrequited love is the one in the lower position. With Tomoe, I would say that he always loved Nanami so that’s why he’d still do things for her. Tomoe is also the one that serves Nanami, not the other way around.

      “Clearly, since CH1, Hak has worshipped the ground Yona walks on but, for much of the story so far(about 115 chapters now, actually), she has hardly noticed Hak’s emotional state(and I’m not referring just to his romantic feelings) and her concern, on the few occasions where she did notice his sadness, isn’t deep enough for her to actually do anything beyond praying for his happiness. Would it hurt her to be more sensitive? To actually give a little too, to put his wants/needs above her own once in a while to demonstrate that she cares as a friend?”

      If you were writing the story, specifically what would you make Yona do?

      ”What this boils down to is that if Yona doesn’t care then she doesn’t…and, ultimately, that’s her right…BUT then perhaps people should at least admit that. The whole notion that he’s somehow still really important to her confuses me greatly because I honestly am not seeing it. I admit that I have a lot of complaints when it comes to Hak/Yona, but I also feel like my complaints are valid.”

      Not to be rude, but of course you think that your complaints are valid. They’re what you believe to be true, so it’s understandable that you’d think they’re real concerns. This extends to other people too. They believe that Yona cares about Hak, and that is what they take as their truth. To say that they should admit it would mean they would completely change the way they think. In their eyes, you or someone like you would be just as confusing.

      I have some difficulty understanding why you think this way about Hak and Yona, but I’m trying to understand it by not only seeing what you say, but by trying to look at things through the way you see the story and not how I do. People have different ways of seeing things. For example, I completely forgot about the honey scene until you just mentioned it here. It was a scene I didn’t care for, and I was actually grossed out by it. So I forgot it. But I know that someone who is a big Hak/Yona fan would probably easily remember it. It’s something important to them, so they’ll remember it.

      Just saying, I could be wrong about what I’m going to say here, so feel free to correct me if I say something stupid. Something I’ve noticed with you is that you tend to look at the story through the eyes of an outsider looking in, which makes sense because you’re a reader, but it also means that your morality and ideals strongly influence how you perceive the story. You say that the way Hak is treated is “wrong” which means that it goes against your beliefs and morality and what you believe a relationship should be like. But not everyone believes as you do, and so when people think the relationship is fine, then that’s just how they think. Why they think that way depends on who it is, so in that case to understand them, it’s best to just listen to what they say.

      As for what I think, I don’t mind the relationship between Hak and Yona. It’s not my ideal, but I’m not bothered by it. I try to think about the characters in the way they might think and act, and nothing about it seems really bad.

    103. Another thing I’ve noticed you do is that you think that Yona is the one that needs to change while Hak doesn’t, or at least you don’t say anything about Hak needing to change how he acts. This part I still don’t know what motivates you to think this way, so that’s still confusing for me. It’s not something I can really agree with because, for example, if someone kicks me, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if I say something awful or kick them back as a reaction to what they’ve done to me. Someone does something to me, and I react. But it’s not as if I can’t control that reaction and that the way I’ve dealt with the situation isn’t a choice. If I go ahead and say something awful or kick them, that’s all on me regardless of what that person did to me. Even if I don’t react at all, that’s still my choice. To take this and apply it to Hak and Yona, Yona might do something or another to Hak, but Hak still has control over how he deals with it.

      As I mentioned earlier, Hak is naturally someone who keeps his feelings to himself. It’s something he chooses and imposes upon himself. That’s not something Yona can change unless Hak himself wants to. She can accommodate him better than she does, but it’s not something so easily fixed when it’s something he does to himself.

      Also, I find it kind of funny that earlier you mentioned that female fans would hate Hak if the roles were reversed. But generally, when I see reviews and comments about manga with problematic relationships in which the male lead treats the female lead awfully, I see a lot of criticism towards the female lead. They don’t like the male lead, but I also see them say that the female lead is terrible, that she just lets these things happen to her, that she doesn’t have a backbone, etc. When I see criticism of shoujo romances, even when the criticism comes from women, the reason usually includes the female characters being awful. Women are willing to be critical of female leads even if they’re the ones treated badly. Possibly they might even be more critical of the female leads than the male ones.

      There’s probably more I could say, but I already said a lot. I’ll just wait to see what you say. At times I had a little writer’s block, so hopefully even when that happened I made sense.

  8. thnx for summary kat.

    i agree with your comment i do not get it either.Plots seems indeed kinda stupid.

    Maybe the author wanted a plot device to make a Soo-woon yona moment?Like SW saving her somehow etc and hak arriving as well to make pseudo romance drama?

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    1. Thanks for reading ^-^


      Most likely.

  9. What if the author let the story go this way for yona to grow stronger? Why do you all asume that she is gonna be saved by either her group or soowon? Wouldnt it be awesome if she would save herself and the others bevor they arrive there to save her? Yeah she is a noble lady playing hero of justice but she proved more than once that she is willing to protect her people with her body. Maybe that is the drigger to the awekening of the sword and the shield from the legend? Cause im not convinced that zeno is the shield from the legend. Her glare able to frighten her enemys every time is proof to me that there is more to yona than is shown till now. Well i would be disapointet too if she would get safed again. And even if s he is still not able to let go of the pin doesnt mean she is still in love with soowon, just that she still holds on the past. Its pretty obiouvus that she is already in love with hak, just cant and doesnt want to admit it. Since she never conseidered him staying by her side for her. She is sure hak would stay forever with her if she were in love with him even without loving her. She gathers strenght so she can someday let go him so he can gain his own happines.

    1. How do you think that she'll do that by herself? I was assuming that if that happens, she'll get the other hostages to team up and overpower the Sei troops but thinking about it, she couldn't even make them stop drinking the wine. Even if she has a dagger, she cannot defeat all of them since she isn't as powerful as Haku. Even her glare seems to be just limited to one person or few ones.

      Yup, she is willing to do that and lucky for her, she's still alive. Probably...if the dagger is actually a magical one or something that will give her a massive power up. Shield..not sure. It would look odd for her to be carrying a sword and a shield like some gladiator. A human shield suits her better.

      True..but she has been glaring for some time now and that's all there is to it. Make people somewhat surprised and that's it. Sigh..I already have low expectations.

      Probably but I don't know...I think there is still feelings and even if it isn't love, it does seem to be more powerful than whatever feelings or love she has for Haku. After all, Suwon killed her father and banished her and Haku from the palace, she still holds on to that hairpin and wants to understand him more.

      Hm..I thought she specifically asked him to stay at her side after they left Wind tribe. Again, I'm not sure about 'gain his own happiness' when he just told her that his happiness is her happiness.

    2. "And even if s he is still not able to let go of the pin doesnt mean she is still in love with soowon, just that she still holds on the past. Its pretty obiouvus that she is already in love with hak, just cant and doesnt want to admit it. Since she never conseidered him staying by her side for her. She is sure hak would stay forever with her if she were in love with him even without loving her. She gathers strenght so she can someday let go him so he can gain his own happiness."

      While it's perfectly fair to argue that Yona is holding onto the hairpin because she's holding onto the past, I think you need to dig a little deeper and ask yourself WHY she's holding onto the past. That hairpin is directly connected to Soo-won so we can safely say that that past she can't let go of is directly tied to him, not her father or the lifestyle she used to live. There's no question that he was the man she loved. She treasures those past feelings. When you factor in what Ik-soo and she talked about earlier in the manga about how some feelings can't be discarded, it's easy to make the connection. Even if you argued that she no longer loves Soo-won in the same exact manner, it doesn't negate that whatever she currently feels for Soo-won takes precedence over whatever you believe she feels for Hak. Again, the example in this chapter is that when her life was in danger, what little thought she could spare outside of the situation at hand was for the hairpin; not for Hak, not for the fact that he would be wrecked emotionally with worry and concern. And, no, it's not because she isn't aware that Hak cares. That might have been the case earlier on in the story but she already knows that Hak still worries about her when he's wounded AND that her happiness is his happiness. Obviously he cares, and if she STILL doesn't understand that after knowing all that she does, she has a huge problem.

      Also, this isn't about whether she confesses her feelings about Hak to him or not. It's not even about whether Hak returns her feelings. Why should any of that matter? After all, none of it matters to Hak. All that matters to him is that he's going to do whatever he can to not burden the person he loves, to ease her suffering, to make her happy...and if the only way to fulfill all of that is to view himself as a tool, to turn himself into an object devoid of emotions existing solely for the purpose of her usage, he would do it. Similarly, this should be about Yona's actions, her sensitivity level, what/who she tends to think of first, and how she's reacting to Hak's problems/suffering. Those things speak much louder than anything she could ever confess.

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      Not sure.

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    1. Hehe, cookiedoctor..well, the fighting is a bit one-sided since the villains in this arc seems to be weaklings/fodder-types. No challenge. It will be a massacre if they really go all out here. will be light again after this arc. From observation so far, it seems to be an alternate with long serious arc and light interaction arcs/chapter.

      I don't know. Usually, it depends on the sales of the DVD/Blue-ray and/or popular demand.

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    3. Popular demand for Japanese? I guess, DVD and Blue-ray sales would also factor in. Based on my observation, if a series is very popular, it will be immediately announced that there is a new season after the series ended. If it didn't, then, it will depend on the sales. Of course, there are exceptions but most likely, it is like that.

  13. First of all, English isn't my first language so my apologies for any mistakes that I will certainly do. If I already don't make one. Seriously, I'm still learning. Have mercy on me.
    That said, let me move on. I can't decide my feelings about Yona. She can make me love and hate her at same chapter. It's frustrating. On the order hand, I love Soo-won (in my country it is written this way) and Hak. Think they are one of the most complex characters that I've seen. Soo-won have feelings for Yona but didnt want or did not try to delve into understanding them because that would make him falter in the time to do what he had to do. I think when she and Hak is around him it's like he remembers what he have to leave to get what he wanted and this feeling and thought make him doubt about himself. Thats why I think Yona isn't the one that is avoiding the fight for the throne. They know they will have to face each other but both avoided that. I think she carries that gift that Soo-won gave to her not because he gave but because it is a permanent reminder of what she had and lost (because of him). Remindes her who she is: the princess of the kingdom.
    About the romance about Hak and her, it's not a school romance shoujo. It is starting slowly. I can not explain well, but imagine the following: Yona have two friends from childhood. One she fall in love since childhood: an immature and illusory love. This immature love betrays her Then we have another childhood friend. One who loved silent, but is cynical, arrogant, perverted, mercenary. Obviously she as an immature child will prefer the former. Because every girl dreamed of a prince and a fairy tale. And Yona more than anyone else, because she lived surrounded by people who loved her, by a father who coddled and protected her and two friends who were always there for her. Selfish? Certainly.
    So as Yona go through the situations and finding herself face to face with different concepts and realities of her, she starting to see thing in a different way. More mature, more adult. Including her companion, her friend, her bodyguard.
    It starts realizing that Hak is not just only her friend and bodyguard: he is a man. Then she realizes that it is rather attractive (the scene where they sleep together and she wonders if Hak had always been that way). And now, with her not stopping to think about him
    It's subtle. It's evolution. Is no longer an illusory and childish. It is an adult. She knows Hak. Know each quality and defect he has. And vice versa. Of course Yona still have more to learn and more to make her a real queen and womam but the spark is already there. And I can't wait to see how the mangaka will make grow.

    1. Don't mind, Persephone ^^

      I see. But what do you mean 'avoiding the fight for the throne'? He didn't fight/try to eliminate her because of it? I think there's no fight if Yona doesn't want it at all.

      I'm not sure. If I recall correctly, she was very protective of the hairpin even if Yun at that time. So, logically, would someone would be that protective over a hairpin which reminds her of what she lost? It makes me think that she isn't proactive because right now, if that was the case, she could have wanted to become princess if she wanted to because she has the resources to do so. I think it is more natural to think that it reminds her of Suwon because he was the one who gave it to her. A memento from her 'beloved' so she's very protective of it and always carries it around. Regarding a remainder of that, she already got Haku to keep on calling her 'princess' instead of her name. Of course, Yona is somewhat 'unnatural' so your presumption might also be true.

      Is that so. I guess that depends on how one views it. If that is 'already okay', or there should be more to it than what was shown up to this point. About the queen part...ah, she doesn't seem to have any ambition to become one.

  14. Dear Kat thank you for translating wonderful stories! I'm enjoing it so much!

    Actually I'm quite positive about Yona and Haku. She already fell in love for him, just doesn't realise her feelings yet. But first of all, she needs to sort things out with her first love. It is a deep wound, both for her and for Haku, it has to heal, so they could moving forward. If you was betrayed in such cruel way by the person you loved most, it's like a world is falling apart. To build it up again, Yona needs to understand how this terrible thing could happen, Suwon's motivation and feelings, in order to forgive him, so she can get back her peace of mind. If she is looking at hairpin so desperatly now I guess it means, that problem is going to be solved soon, and I hope she will never star at this thing ever again:)

    Anyhow we finally have romance progressing almost in every chapter, so I'm really grateful mangaka for this I guess we had to wait so long cause Yona had to grow and a lot of thing to do, with Haku on her side. She is developing quickly, so I can well imagine her as a queen. Even if she doesn't want it now, just imagine, if she had to, she definitely would do it for her country.

    I also like your words of the day, so let me suggest some too: Forgive your enemies, it will be good for your soul!

    1. Thanks for reading them, Amachan ^-^

      Is that so. Perhaps, it is like that for her. I would be more convinced if she tries to understand it by trying to know what was the cause for it rather than Suwon's motivation and feelings. For example, did her father really killed his father? Since when was Suwon must be planning the assassination ever since that time? Did he care for the country ever since before? Haku already told her the real reason for the attack on Kai. I guess she didn't believe him or is still in denial that Suwon isn't 'all good' and believes that 'anything bad he does has a reason'.

      Somehow, I get the feeling that deep down, no matter what she says or how she glares, she will always have a positive impression of Suwon. He only has to tell her that he'll make the country great again and I'm sure she'll forgive him. ^^ So, there's really no issue there.

      Hehe...ya, but I guess I'll really feel for it if she only thinks of Haku and not both guys. Is that so..for me, I still cannot imagine it.


  15. Sure the situation is quite complicated and I wonder how mangaka would solve it, it's not that easy like it seems. Suwon is either bad or good, but I hope we will learn it soon enough.

    Of course Yona is a positive girl and wants to believe actualy everyone. But it must be very painful for her to think, the person I knew all my live and trusted so much, why is he doing this? What is going on? Yona used to live in a dream, in the world without violence and pain, this world doesn't exist anymore, now she wants to know, what is reality. She wants to find out the truth, and not just from hearing, but she wants to see all by herself. It must bother her a lot, what is realy happened. So Yona has good reasons to look at the hairpin, and not romantic ones! I'm sure she has no more romantic feelings for Suwon! He betrayed her, so she can't trust him again so easily . She wasn't very happy to see him either. Her life changed so much and she herself too, she expirienced so many things, so this first romantic feelings must be gone by now. At the moment she just doesn't know, what she should think and feel about Suwon, even if she doesn't hate him, so it's not all about forgiveness, but just this uncertainty is painful, I tell you, and because of this it's hard to progress with Haku, but she is definitely in love with him already. I think, managaka loves Haku too, so everything is going be all right!:)

    1. Maybe, Amachan but I'm thinking that it will most probably happen at the near end.

      True but after everything, at this point, it seems to be still like that or there's very little change. I cannot say that she cannot trust him either, she trusted him enough to work with him during the Water arc. Luckily, Suwon has 'feelings' for her or else, she'll be dead already. What truth does she want to find out? Even if she knew it, she isn't exactly doing anything about it either. For example, she learned that the people at the borders are in trouble if two countries cannot get along but she didn't do anything. Just continue on traveling and helping those who need help. There is no resolve. Then, it is being repeated in this arc. Who knows, maybe it will also happen in Shin/Xing before Yona does something...hopefully. Actually, I'm not sure what she'll do. ^^;

      So, after she knows the truth that Suwon killed her father for revenge and is somewhat fulfilling his father's dream then on the side, he is ruling the country well. What then?

      Possible but I'm not convinced that it wasn't romantic. She didn't even bother clarifying it to Haku so that Haku would stop looking hurt every time she is attached to the hairpin.

      Anyway, hopefully things will become better but after 100+ chapters, I have low expectations for the series.

  16. Well Yona is not a politican but just an 16-years girl who wants to know how could it be that her best friend could betray her so easily, what a person is he realy? She must believe that an explanation exists, otherwise she would go crazy it would mean that anyone can turn from a friend into a murder and this is not what she wants to believe. Of course she wants to know it from Suwon himself, even if this conversation won't be easy.

    I think she doesn't know Haku's true feelings, also Haku didn't notice too, that she started to be attracted by him. It might be ridiculous, but for manga it's normal:) It is one more step they have to go, so there is still quite long way :( That why she doesn't know she hurted Haku this way.

    Maybe you're right, if you have low expectations, you won't be disappoited so easily:)

    1. Ah..I think Suwon already told her.


      So, I mentioned that if she really wanted to know, she should find out if what he said is true or not. Actually, it is already obvious that Suwon made the choice of his father being more important than his two childhood friends. So, she wants to understand why he made that kind of choice? For now, I'll just assume that she wants to know what his plans for the country is rather than why he did that.

      I guess I should expect her to act this way because no matter what, she still has feelings for Suwon as her first love or whatever, and being somewhat in denial. Interestingly, the friend isn't her, but Haku. Suwon and Haku have a deeper friendship with each other. So, how come Haku isn't doing what Yona is doing? I think that it is because there's no need since based on his actions, it is already obvious. Suwon's priority is to kill the king and become king. In a way, I think Haku's reaction is more realistic than Yona's to the point that I would wonder, whose father was killed anyway, Haku's or Yona's?

      Yes, she doesn't know but surely, she would notice him looking hurt even if he tries to not make a big deal about it.

      Even if there is no romantic feelings, she is acting very possessive of it and always looking at the hairpin given by the 'enemy'.

      What would say an ordinary bodyguard think? Ah, I'm risking my life here and the girl is still attached to the hairpin given by the enemy who started all of this. So, luckily, Haku has feelings for her and understands the reason why she is attached to the hairpin and she is slow in understanding things...okay, assumes to understand the reason for it..even if he is hurting inside.

      Yup ^^

    2. Agreed with your post, Kat.

      It's true that Hak often makes sad faces, to the point where even Yona started thinking to herself that she wants to see him smile. Then, at one point, she even admitted that by commanding Hak to teach her swordsmanship, she was tying him down. Hak, with a sad face, even admitted to her that everything about her stresses him. Clearly, Yona has become aware. Even knowing these things, what has she done? Nothing, aside from feeling bad and offering him a little prayer. As bad as she feels, it's clear Hak is NOT her priority. For the most part, thus far, she has been willing enough to sacrifice his happiness. It's just like she has been willing to sacrifice Hak's freedom for the sake of herself. She even stated that she wants to see him free someday, she just won't free him yet. It's always herself over him.

      It just seems to me like Hak gets such bad treatment because Yona is overly focused on her own goals. She's completely okay with Hak being her servant. She didn't have a problem telling Kija that she isn't his master, but she never tried to deny it when it came to Hak. When he said that he's just there for her to use, again, no denial. Add that to her demand that Hak give himself to her and she just comes off as overly selfish. Does she ever feel bad/guilty about putting everyone else's lives in jeopardy over HER problems? There aren't really any monologues pertaining to that but we do get plenty of scenes where she's thinking about Soo-won's hairpin while hurting Hak in the process. Where is this girl's head? She should be focused on the physical/emotional well-being of her compatriots and not on someone like Soo-won. All the Yona fans are giving her excuses, saying she's just a girl and wants to know about Soo-won. What about her father? Shouldn't a girl also want to know the truth about her father? Especially when her father was the victim of a murder? Clearly, her priority is Soo-won and her country. Hak and her father are just secondary concerns.