September 6, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 57]

It is a rainy day when Kingo is driving his car. He recalls Kasane telling him that there is someone she wanted him to meet. He thinks that if it is a face that can be made use of. “Then, this time around, definitely, a brand new actress has arrived into this generation. Born from a raging inferno, just like that person--”

There is a scene of Izana on top of Kingo as he lay down a grassy ground. To his surprise, she kisses her. Narration: “I was 11 years old when I met that person. It is at a quiet small mountain village called, ‘Shitsuban’ [guesswork from 失磐; literally means lost rock]. There is a married man had laid a hand on a woman who isn’t his wife.

Afterwards, that woman gave birth to me. Mother couldn’t accept me that she sent me to my father who was living in Shitsuban and left. Whether it is my father, stepmother, brothers, I wasn’t welcomed by anyone. In this bare vast landscape, at a cramped land, I had met a girl, Izana, who also had her fill of insults.” 

Kingo opened the door of a small shack to see a young girl sitting at the corner. “Because of the old feudal custom, she should have been killed as soon as she was born. An old woman known as ‘Hirasaka Chigusa’ [guesswork from 平坂千草] had hidden her away where she grew up secretly. In addition..”

Izana glared at Kingo and asked what is he looking at. Kingo backed away and apologized. As he left [and he seems to be with someone else], Kingo thought that simply a monster but.. Kingo glanced back and thought that she is the same with him.
“No one had any expectations on us when we were born. Only to be looked down by others that enabled us to live on. At that time, this kind of despair had been overturned. After attaining the power of the lipstick, she was reborn to become noble and elegant. She had burned everything until nothing is left in order to personally open up her own destiny!! *Izana kissed Kingo at the grassy ground*...

 –afterwards, she only left me with that passionate and soft seal. From then on, she disappeared. *Kingo looked at the burnt ruins* From that time on, I started to quickly pass the days while whole-heartedly looking for that person.” Young Kingo thought that in the end, she won’t return to her homeland.

At the library, he wondered where Izana went and where could she have gone. “Among the sea of people, I would constantly search for you. At night, I would repeatedly dream of that kiss. The meaning and hope of surviving on is only her. Only that kiss can moisten my throat, my heart. Extremely craving. Extreme thirst. And finally, I was able to find her--

...I did an unforgivable thing to that person” In a forest area, Kingo’s clothes are dirtied. He looks at dirtied Izana who is on the ground. She is muttering something. While near a man on the ground, Izana turned around and called out Kingo’s name. While she is crying, Kingo apologized to her. She stood up and he unconsciously sat on the ground [out of fear?]. He muttered, “Because I.. is because of you that..”
Izana bit her lips and grabbed his collar. She asked, “Do you want my forgiveness?” Kingo muttered, “..yes..” And she let him go. Narration: “From that day on, I’ve totally became her slave. –Finally, with the identity of ‘Sugeyo Fuchi’, she had gradually ascended up to the world of stage play.” Kingo knocked on the door and said that he’ll be intruding.

He opened the dressing room’s door where beautiful Izana waits for him. She asked what it is. Kingo said about that Kaidou appears to have no suspicious motive towards her, and there is also no two-timing.. “About short, he probably want to propose to you.” After a pause, Izana smiled and said is that so. She stood up and told him that his investigation is not bad at all.

Holding his face, Izana said that this is his usual reward. And, she kissed him. She told him that she didn’t kill him before isn’t because Hirasaka Chigusa had already treasured him. “Even if I do not want to look at your face or even breathe the same air with you. For me, you are Shitsuban itself, Kingo.”

Kingo tensely said that even is like that, he wanted to be of help to her.. She told him that he only wanted the reward, that’s all. Kingo exclaimed that it isn’t so! She cut him off by saying that if he doesn’t have any other business, quickly get out. After going out, teary-eyed Kingo thought what is ‘wrong’ [about that] but even if there is nothing wrong..he is really unreasonable..

Narration: “Even if it is like this, looking at this world that won’t allow you to exist yet in a twist of fate, compared to anyone, you possessed a beautiful dazzling figure. It is really an incomparable delight.”
While watching Izana perform from the backstage, Kingo thought that it is because he wanted to be forgiven by her. “It isn’t this kind of relationship. For her-- From her view, I want to become an essential person. For this.. I don’t care no matter what gets hurt!” Narration: “But there is a day when the world’s everything came crashing down.” 

Kingo looked surprised at Izana who is back to her original appearance. With a scarf to cover her face, Izana asked him if he can listen to her wish. “I beg of you..” Kingo thought that an order without a least bit of force means pained ‘dearest wish’-- “Finally, when I had become an essential existence, she had become a comparatively puny existence.”

She told him that this is the last request. He asked if he can make it happen, will she forgive him. She said yes.. “If you are able to make it happen, then I’ll forget all of the resentment and grudge towards you. *teary-eyed* So..please take my daughter from the depths of hell into the white limelight..!” End flashback. 

Kingo gets out from his parked car. Waiting for him, Kasane says that the sky had cleared up. He says yes. He thinks that he is still not forgiven by Izana. While he follows Kasane up the stairs, she tells him that the other person is very sensitive so don’t be startled by her. While opening the door, Kasane says that she thinks that Kingo will definitely be startled by her. Kingo is puzzled. 

Kasane says that she’ll introduce him, this is ‘Nogiku’. And, sitting by the balcony, Nogiku looks towards them. Kingo is startled and tense upon seeing Nogiku. [for the image of the one whom he passionately loved in the past is there..]
Comment: And that seems to be some very deep unrequited love on Kingo’s part. I’m not sure what was that unforgiveable thing is but I guess Kingo must have accidentally killed someone important to Izana. Nevertheless, Izana was and is Kingo’s reason for existence. I do wonder how loyal will he be with Kasane since it is Nogiku who has the looks of his beloved.

Before, I thought that Kaidou was the one who offered his wife to be Izana’s ‘face’ but it seems that they were using the real Sugeyo way before. I’m thinking that later on, Kaidou knew about the secret and became some sort of willing accomplice to the farce. So, perhaps, he never loved the real Sugeyo in the first place and only had sex with her to have a beautiful daughter?

In a way, Kaidou took his obsession for Izana/actress Sugeyo into an extreme level. I’m curious how Kingo will react with the two and how much of the secrets will he reveal to them. And also, how committed he is to make Izana’s last wish to come true so that he can be forgiven by her. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Really love this site. Thanks for summary. Can you translate L-DK manga too, please? I can't speak Japanese at all. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Erlita ^-^

      Sorry, I'm not interested in that series. I cannot read Japanese either..only Chinese.

      You can read the translations here:
      It is more updated than the Chinese ones.

    2. I checked raffmanga everyday, but all images is already deleted. Have no idea what to do. :(

    3. I don't know what chapters you are looking for but this Chinese site still got some raffmanga scans.

      For chapter 66 and below, Chinese scans here:

      Hope that helps.

    4. I'm actually looking for English translation, but thanks btw. I'll check it later.

    5. Ah, the English translations are still in raffmanga. Only the pictures are removed.

      No problem ^^

    6. Can you translate Ano Ko no Toriko too? Or maybe you know where i can find raw scan for that manga. Tell me please. Thank you

    7. That is already done in raffmanga.

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  2. Yes plz do it.could you also do tsubaki chou lonely planet new chapter

    1. Sorry, that chapter..I assume is 8 is not yet out in Chinese.

      The English scanlation is quite updated with the chapter just wait for them.

  3. oh man i just realized I can't leave comments here using my phone so none of my comments actually went through :( heres a third attempt at leaving a comment lol...this time through my computer
    I wrote a long comment yesterday under Nijiro Days summary but that didn't go through...
    First of all, thanks for all your hard work as always!! Recently it seems like the manga (or maybe just shoujo) world has slowed down a lot...I guess a big part of it being due to raffmangas shut down :(
    but anyways...I wanted to recommend Colette wa Shinu Koto no Shita if you haven't checked it out already. It's seriously such a refreshing wonderful manga and has qualities that are hard to find in shoujo these days. unfortunately it's super underrated and scanlation stopped last year. I read up to chapter 15 with translations on raff before it shut down and haven't been able to find raws from chapter 13 and up (I think it's at chapter 19 ATM?) due to my super limited chinese skills lol. Not sure if you'll be able to find raws but just thought it could go on your radar for future summaries if you happen to enjoy it! here's the Chinese title if you need it 选择死亡的柯莱特

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hehe, is that so...though for the Chinese, it has indeed slowed down for some groups...start of school/busy at work, I guess.

      I checked out three chapters and unfortunately, it isn't my cup of tea. Sorry.


  4. Can you do a sumnary of the newest chapter of this manga

    1. I'll put it here:

      The bullies are proud over what they did to the brother. They say about giving it to him twice of what he did to them. Just when the bully is about to hit them, the brother pushes the girl aside and beats the guy unconscious. He grabs the bat and says that other one is the one who planned to hit the girl. He darkly tells them that he won’t easily let them off. The bullies run off. The girl releases her friend. Before the brother can go after them, the girl stops him for he is injured and they must have it treated immediately. She starts crying and apologizing about he got hurt because of her. He asks if she isn’t hurt, then it is good if she’s fine. She wonders why that is okay when he protected her up to this extent when she obviously said some very mean things to him. She thinks that no matter when brother is quite nice--.. Flashback: When they are young, she is afraid of the thunder even if she is already grade six. He told her to go to their parents but she refuses since their father snores too loud. Glancing at her neck and legs, the brother turned around and told her to go sleep by herself. To his shock, she climbed into his bed and insisted on sleeping at his side for her parents won’t do. She begged him to let her. So, the brother relented and agreed. End flashback. She thinks that her brother’s complex is all his fault for being too cool.

      At the clinic, she treats his head wound. She scolds him about the heavy bleeding yet he would do reckless things so the bleeding won’t stop. The brother insists that it is a small wound. She exclaims how he can say that when the tray is already filled with bloodied cotton balls. She scolds him for being always like that, saying that it is nothing when it was a huge wound so why don’t he take care of himself more. He pats her head and tells her that it is fine. It just bleeds easily because it is at the head and she worries too much. Trying to hit him, she scolds him that he’s stupid for he bled too much that she got really afraid at that time since she thought that he would die. He pats her head again and notices a wound at her neck. She says that it is just a scratch and it is fine to just put a bit of medicine. The brother darkly says about he should have killed those guys. This scares her that she told him not to say such words so quickly sit down so she can treat his wound and anyways, he is so scary that those guys won’t appear again. While she is talking about some bandages, he notices her cleavage. He says that her clothes are obviously ripped by those guys yet she totally doesn’t understand a guy’s thoughts. To her surprise, he pulls down her blouse. She puts it up again and asks what he is doing. He continues to pull the blouse down then tosses her to bed.

    2. Just when she is saying what he is doing, she notices his flustered expression. She says that ever since yesterday, he is acting weird. He intertwines his fingers on hers and she is startled for she couldn’t move. She tells him to quit joking around. He touches her lips and says what kind of feelings he had when he kissed her, she should already know right? After looking surprised, she says that she doesn’t know. He holds up her chin and asks if she is serious. He says that they are obviously siblings but he has this kind of feelings. Before, he always thought that it is abnormal and he told himself many times that he must kill off these feelings but after he knew that they aren’t blood related siblings, lately, he already couldn’t restrain himself anymore. Her heart beats and thinks about not wanting to see that kind of expression. He whispers her name on her ear and says that he likes her. She sits up and pushes him away. She asks what he is saying for did he got his head hit that it’s now broken. She quickly leaves and says that she is going to call the teacher. Then, she meets her friend with the teacher. Her friend asks why she is blushing. The girl tries to say that it is nothing and the weather is hot. She wonders why her heart is beating so much when obviously it is her brother. As the teacher goes with the friend to where the brother is, the siblings got a message from the mother that she’ll be going to Hokkaido because there is something that their father forgot to bring so it is up to the siblings to take care of the house for three days and two nights. She freaks out that they’ll be alone together for three days.