September 8, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapter 53]

Episode 53 – The King and I. At Kyoto, Takane gestures to the side and tells Amane that it is also part of the their training division to accompany the guests who came to worship in touring around the place.. Amane asks if Takane heard clearly what he said just now, then let him say it one more time. “She’s the one who was actively seduced me. For her to be like that, I also have that kind of interest so I slept with her. As matters stand..aren’t you angry? I don’t know whether or not, it is because the successor had been turned over to me that she is using a sexual entrapment on me. Geez, she was so passionate towards me. Excitedly saying that she likes me and even snuggling up to me..” And he stops talking when Takane suddenly faces him. Takane confidently says that kind of thing won’t happen for it has to be him or else, it won’t do for her. “So basically, you won’t be able to satisfy her. *flustered Amane asks wha..* She doesn’t have the least bit of feelings for you since she is mine. She absolutely won’t accept you. If you unexpectedly forced yourself on to her, then the situation isn’t the same, right? It’s unlikely for you to go as far as doing that kind of foolish thing, right?” Amane nervously asks what he is saying..anyway, didn’t that woman promiscuous before.. or perhaps, fickle which is her nature so is that really good? “Throwing brother away without a care, then together with me..”
Takane turns to the side and calls him such an annoying person. He tells Amane that if he came over for that kind of thing then please go back. Amane is aghast for before, this guy obviously insisted that he also bear the responsibility on behalf of the abbot [<- passing Junko over to him before?] and he would even bitterly wept. “Yet unexpectedly, he already won’t waver again because of this.” Amane tells his brother if he is really acting tough up to this point, then try begging him. “Beg me not to steal away your woman. Beg me not to steal away the temple. Lower down your head and properly beg me.” After looking at him, Takane says that regarding the abbot post, if he thinks that there’s no problem then he [Takane] has no objection to it. “...I didn’t know before that it turns out that you wanted the temple that much.” Amane replies, “I want it~~ I want the things that you have. And it includes having Miss Junko’s beautiful body in front of me. *Takane’s eyes widen* As long as it is a man, anyone would want to have her..” And, irked Takane slaps Amane hard. The other monks ask if they just saw that, and don’t quarrel. A monk scolds Takane for what is he doing with that visitor monk and he cannot be rude. They ask Amane to please forgive Takane’s rudeness. As Amane continues to hold his face, some other monk seems to be apologizing to him.
A monk tells Takane to come with him. The other monk continues to ask Amane if he is alright and do they have to call over a doctor. Amane thanks him and says that it only hurts a bit. Amane wonders if this will really put Takane in danger from inheriting the temple and this is really good right? “Next time, it won’t only be me but you also do not want the temple.” Meanwhile, the priest and monk continue to berate Takane over causing a scene when he is currently in training. He would unexpectedly make the guests see that and this is something that cannot be let pass. “Are you listening?” Takane just quietly clenches his fist. Later inside the temple, the monk says that before they get news from above, Takane is first going to stay at the reflection room. “Listen well, no matter what happens, you’re not allowed to go out from there. *closes the room with Takane sitting inside* What’s going on. It’s really scandalous that make me unable to understand it.” Inside, Takane is hitting the floor with his fist. He starts to imagine Junko having sex with other men while recalling Amane saying that any men would want to do it with such a beautiful body in front of them. Takane thinks that it is no good, he can no longer restrain himself. Then, he notices the letter from Junko coming out of his pocket. He takes it out to read it. It starts with saying that she found the way to contact him through his mother.
Meanwhile, at ELA’s head office,  Agnes asks Makoto if there is anything else aside from this. Makoto says none and she can go. Then, recalling something, Makoto asks how things are with Junko. Junko is currently having a meeting with some people. Agnes says that there has been progress in the meeting. Makoto asks if Junko is getting along with the people in the training group. Agnes says that she thinks that there’s no problem. She tells Makoto that he would ask about Junko everyday and if he is worried about her, it is better for him to personally confirm the situation. Makoto says is that so, that isn’t his meaning. Agnes says that Junko would unexpectedly point it out to her directly about the written error and even though she is a Japanese woman, she possesses a tenacious willpower. Makoto says is that so. He tells Agnes that regarding the business trip on the day after tomorrow, Junko can be Agnes’ substitute, there’s a need to accompany.. He asks whether or not Agnes would directly tell’ll leave it to her. Agnes says, yes sir. After the meeting, Junko looks at her computer and becomes surprised. Back at Kyoto, Takane reads Junko’s letter saying that she’ll wait for him to return for there is something she has to tell him. “If you listen to what I have to say, perhaps, this time around, most probably, you’ll say, please give it up. *Takane scowls* But, I’ll wait for you. Also, please decide on what to do. PS. As response, I’m also writing a short letter. Do you understand right now how it makes the other person very uneasy?”
At the dorm-apartment, Junko confronts Makoto about receiving an email from Agnes saying that from tomorrow on, she suddenly became his direct subordinate. Looking at his tablet computer, Makoto says that it means trial period had passed, and don’t talk about work at home. Junko says that she had hurriedly gone back to the company, and then called to ask for him but she was informed that he already came home. “But, suddenly calling me to accompany you in a business trip. That is too much.” She wonders how come it has to be Kyoto. She complains what about her classes, and for it to happen so urgently, she has no way of getting a substitute teacher. Gesturing to Arthur, Makoto says there is no problem there because Arthur is fine with it so he already made arrangements. Arthur just smiles and waves hi to surprised Junko. In angel mode, Arthur says that it is an honor for him to help her out with her problems so please do not mind it for anyway, he actually have free time. Blushing over angel mode Arthur, Junko thanks him. Behind that smile, Arthur is actually thinking that if things go smoothly between Junko and Masako then Momoe will continue to stay here. Makoto says that he is saying that he already got Agnes’s approval but she’s a bit praised to the skies. He tells her that they’ll disturb others here so go to his room [to talk]. Junko is furious about how Makoto is acting as if he is some amazing guy but then, it is inevitable for he’s the boss.
Arthur tells Junko that for now, Makoto can be considered as praising her because he totally didn’t mind publicizing her whether in school or in the company that it led to gossips that he had brought in his lover. Junko is shock for she was mistaken for a lover again and that is quite ear-piercing. While Makoto goes inside his room, Arthur says no, he is just feeling him out although there won’t be anyone who’ll maliciously say that kind of words. “After all, he is the son of ELA’s CEO and a lot of people around will be very troubled.” Junko goes into shock again. Arthur smiles and asks if she hasn’t heard about that. Junko recalls the manager saying that it is because of Makoto’s recommendation, and Makoto saying that he just investigate it a bit and found out that there is a corrupt faction within the head office. [<- Takane caused Junko to flunk the exam before] Junko nervously says that on insisting to say that, it always felt that so many things turned out too smoothly and it turns out that regarding the personnel changes this time around, there is someone moving [to make it happen] and it makes her feel that it is hard to swallow. Arthur says that whether it is luck or not, their school is THAT KIND that gathers people who have left their homes. “So, yoroshiku [I’m under your care], Miss Junko. So without any regret, show off your strength and please drive away all of those strange gossips.”
Junko thinks that of course, since that is also what she wishes for but for it to be Kyoto, it is a bit.. On the day of the trip, at the station, Makoto says that he also cannot help it because the other party wanted it to be at Kyoto. Junko exclaims that there’s no problem with her and she is really happy to go to Kyoto. As they board the train, Makoto says is that so, then, he’ll leave it to her for today’s other party is a VIP. Junko says that she knows and she’ll immediately read the materials. She mentally tells herself that it is only a day’s trip, work, work, work and there’s no reason for her to go and see Takane since currently, he is in training in some deep mountain. “Besides, right now, I probably basically don’t have any right to see him but to be near him, going to a place where he’s really near, and breathing the same air..” She blushes while Makoto glances at her. At Kyoto station, Junko feels like she is some junior high student. Makoto tells her that they are going to receive the other party at Granvia hotel and it is just above this station. Just when Junko is saying okay, she spots Takane below the escalator. Takane looks up and he also sees her. In surprise, Junko covers her mouth and heads toward Takane. Then, she stops herself. She thinks that he must have read the letter and does it mean that he gave up on his training for that reason so he is here right now..?
Junko tells him that she is here because of work and she had just arrived here. She says that it is by chance that there is this one day business trip and later on, she’ll be busy. She wonders about her messy explanation but it is no good, she mustn’t see his face. Junko turns around and says that she already doesn’t have time to talk with him and it is definitely because of the training that he is here, right..? Then Takane grabs her wrist before she can leave. He tells her that it is okay for Amane had already told him and he have read her letter. “I was indeed shaken by that knock on the head so I’ve come over here but *smiles* seeing your expression just now, I’m relieved.” Junko asks what does that smile mean..she isn’t wavering at all or anything, she is only properly working. Takane says that she considers it her mistake right and besides because of that thing this time around, she is afraid that he’ll let her go like this. “You are already trapped within my cage and you can no longer escape again. *Junko is about to call his name.* I love you. Whether or not to be able to support you, this kind of annoyance [/trouble] is my training. Besides, to restrain and not be able to meet with you is also a punishment that I deserve. Wait for me, okay?” Moved Junko thinks geez, this person really make her angry. [<- for reacting opposite of what she expected?] They were interrupted by someone saying then how about totally destroying that cage and make each other attain independence. “Isn’t that also good? least, that is what I think.” The two looks at Makoto who tells Junko that they should go for it is about time for their appointment.
Comment: Amane is quite cheeky enough to say that to Takane about Junko. He is lucky enough to just get a slap. Unfortunately for Takane, he gets to be punished for losing his temper. It doesn’t help that he is a ranking monk who had slap someone in public which is indeed scandalous. And, Amane is wearing civilian clothes while Takane is wearing his monk garments. Would it help if he explains to the others what really happened? Not really because it would probably tarnish Junko’s reputation. I really wonder if Agnes is really okay with Junko taking over her work. I guess Agnes is being professional about it and anyways, she cannot do anything since Makoto is the son of the CEO. Apparently, there are already rumors about Makoto and Junko. It is understandable since Makoto is really doing everything to get her to work for the head office. People will gossip about the special treatment so as Arthur mentioned, Junko has to really show the others the reason why Makoto thought highly of her. Of course, there is also a possibility that Makoto might start becoming romantically attracted to her. Regarding Junko’s letter to Takane, it seems that Junko has a habit of ‘tit for tat’ wherein she’ll do what Takane did to her so that he’ll know that it is wrong. Before, it was about being hurt by causing her to fail that she used Satoshi to make Takane feel the ‘same pain’. Now, she is also giving him a short letter to make him realize how uneasy it made her. So, luckily, her job makes her go to Kyoto and enabled them to have chance meeting. Unlike before, Takane seems quite secure and confident of Junko’s love for him. He took things well and won’t let Junko get away again. And, the little reunion is interrupted by Makoto though he had a valid reason to. ^^; Scans from 朝九晚五汉化组

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  1. finally some junko and Takane moments!!!!!dnt know how long i have to wait again for these kind of moments...Thank u for the summery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I read your previous comment from ch52 a moment ago!!!! Ha ha ha I'm soooo happy you were able to get this chapter up quick :)

    A million thanks!


    1. I forgot to mention! I am glad Takane did not believe his brother! Looks like they made some improvement in their (T+J) relationship but looks like they will still have a few obstacles in the near future. However, I slowly but surely have grown to like this couple. LOL


    2. Yup, definitely with people disapproving of it ^^ that so.