August 19, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 36]

Sleeping at one corner of the living room in an apartment, Chika dreams of how Akira showed them how to play the ‘turning over’ technique and told them that this is ‘adjust to uniformity’ playing. Chika suddenly sits up, becomes somewhat drowsy and recalls Akira saying that right now, they don’t have the right to play Tenkyuu. Chika puts away his futon, brushes his teeth, and immediately heads over to the train station. Using his spare key that he got copied without permission, Chika opens the clubroom’s door and starts practicing. Meanwhile, Akira is practicing in a room. A couple of pictures are placed above the wall. [<- deceased people] She looks at Tenkyuu’s music sheet then starts playing again. Someone overhears it. A guy suddenly opens the door and calls out, “Akira!!?” Really moved, the guy says that she came at least, mention it to her brother. [<- him] He rushes to hug her and shouts, “My beloved younger sister--!!!” Akira evades so he ends up hugging air. He calls her meanie.. Akira says that she only came to play a bit of koto, that’s all.
Akira’s brother is puzzled that he asks why she specially came home for that. Akira tells him that it has nothing to do with him. He tearfully complains for not using respectful words towards him when he is her older brother! Akira tells him that he is hindering her practice so please get out. This made the brother depressed. He says that obviously before, she would call out, brother, brother, brother at one side and at another side, she always stick around him. Taking the music sheet, her brother asks if this is the next piece. Akira tries to protest but her brother is already looking at it. Her brother says that it is music staff and also a music ensemble so who is going to play what? Taking the music sheet from him, Akira says that she isn’t going to play this but students from a club. Her brother exclaims, club!? He asks what is going on, could it be that she is teaching koto in a club!? “Ah, that’s amazing— It seems to be quite fun!!! *Akira looks surprised* Ah, it’s really good! Can I also come and watch it next time? *smiles* There’ll be cute female high schoolers calling out Doujima-sensei that type of thing--”
Akira interrupts by saying that he is someone who had already given up on koto so please do not step into that side of the world again as he pleases. After looking surprised, her brother says that she’s right, sorry! He suggests that she at least eat breakfast at home since he made breakfast! As her brother walk ahead, Akira look serious. Later on, by the door, her brother says that she’s going like this. Akira says that it is because she still has to go back and practice. Her brother says if she knows that it is also alright for her not to totally listen to what their grandmother says. “If something happens, definitely go and tell me!” Akira quietly look at him and says that she had intruded [<- something like sorry for disturbing]. She left her glum brother and heads out of the house. While walking, Akira thinks that Tenkyuu’s composition...compared to AT THAT TIME, the piece’s impression has really changed a lot.
Recalling how Satowa originally played it, Akira thinks that she didn’t imagine that unexpectedly, there’ll be a day when she’ll teach this piece..and besides, it is also to amateur students who doesn’t have any foundation. Looks up the sky, she thinks that it really makes her hate it together with this azure sky. Back in the clubroom, Chika continues to practice the ‘turning over’ technique. He mentally curses for basically, yesterday he can almost play it well but in the end, after a day, he returned to the starting point. Satowa arrives and says that Chika came quite early. After seeing him play, she tells him that his hand seems to be put quite low and she thinks that it is a lot better for him to raise up his wrist a bit. Chika plays again but Satowa says that no, it isn’t like that. Chika tells her that is enough, don’t mind him and she go practice herself. After looking surprised, Satowa asks if he is an idiot. This made Chika angry that he shouted, Ha!? Satowa tells him if he is still bothered by what Suzuka said. “Afterwards, you’ll even dim-wittedly believe it, right? Truly stupid.”
Chika angrily tells her not to call him ‘stupid’ thrice. Satowa says that even if Suzuka said that, but from today on, she’ll still coach their practice. She also says that it is only concentrating on the performance and besides, it will be more difficult like this. [<- I think she meant it will be more difficult if Chika couldn’t do his part well] Chika tries to protest that like this, her practice time.. Satowa grabs his necktie and says, “Let me say, first of all, regarding this issue of me teaching everyone, I never felt that it is kind of a burden!! *smiles* Not even once.” Chika is surprised. Putting her bag down, Satowa explains that the koto and the 17 string isn’t only different because of the instrument’s body but also the string’s thickness so how much strength is used to pluck them isn’t the same and basically, it isn’t that easy. Satowa demonstrates it to him. Chika thinks that even if it is just the basics but the sound varies from one person to another. Even if Satowa’s sound has strength but it also has a gentleness that it makes the person listening to feel its incomparable clarity.
Unlike his, Satowa’s playing totally has no impurity that it is like each note has its own meaning. “..ah- it is really nice to listen at.. Darn.. *clenches fist* I also want to play out this kind of timbre.” Flustered Chika shouts for Satowa to play that one more time. This made Satowa smile. Then, Sane and the others arrive. Sane tells them to wait, it is quite cunning that only Chika get to watch and study Satowa’s demonstration for they also want to watch it together!! Chika angrily tells Sane that this kind of thing is of course, first come first served, stupid. Sane exclaims how can he just look on helplessly and let only Chika improve. The three other guys tell Satowa to please demonstrate the performance for them, too. Hiro arrives and asks what they are doing. Takezou also arrives. He says that it is great that they have all recovered back to their previous state. Hiro says geez, and from the looks of it, she is the only one who is quite tense the whole day. To her surprise, Takezou says that it is because she put Satowa first. “It is because you always consider Houdzuki’s issue as number one that I can relax and let you join the koto club.” This made Hiro blush.
Just as Takezou tells everyone that he has something to say so be quiet for a while, Hiro holds her face and thinks that this is bad, she is going to cry. Chika asks Four Eyes what it is. Takezou says that he thinks that even if they are prioritizing the basic skills right now but they can also practice Tenkyuu along the way by applying the basics while practicing it. Just as Takezou is about to explain it, the others immediately understood what he meant and practiced the piece using the basics. Soon, everyone practices with Suzuka observing them. And, to Sane’s disappointment, Chika is still the first who comes into the clubroom the next day. One day, Akira is surprised to hear someone saying 1 *clap* 2 *clap* 3 *clap* 4 from inside the clubroom. She opens the door to see Satowa clapping and counting 1-4 repeatedly. Akira asks what this is. Suzuka asks it seems that they are going to practice the basics with a lot of revisions. Even if they are practicing the basic skills, they’ve insert the basic skills into Tenkyuu while practicing it. Apparently, they only have to connect each other’s joint hand movements[?] to be able to play Tenkyuu. This way, all of the members can unify in playing the tempo.
In the order of the first group, second group and the 17 string, it is like a relay wherein the notes are connected and there are other kinds [of revision]. He tells Akira that it’s interesting, right. Akira stops Satowa from counting and says that they haven’t perfected the basics so please do not put it into practice on their own. Satowa protests that it is more effective using this method because not only will they be able to proceed with the practice but also perform as an ensemble. Akira asks effective? She says that everyone’s level is still not enough to discuss about the efficiency stage. This way, everyone will immediately slack off in their practice of the basic skills. Poor practice would remain at a respectful distance so for today, everyone needs to learn a bit about the correct attitude towards the koto-- She is interrupted when Chika starts playing the koto. Michi is surprised that Chika is playing it quite neatly. Takezou is amazed because when was Chika able to play this smoothly. To everyone’s shock, Chika can already play the ‘turning over’ technique perfectly.
Satowa smiles a bit and thinks that Chika is always like that. Suzuka doesn’t seem to be surprised. Chika tells stunned Akira that they aren’t slacking off at all. Sane couldn’t believe if this is for real for not only Chika is in the level of ‘adjust to uniformity’, his sound is totally not the same as before when before, Chika is obviously still quite close to his level. Suzuka tells Akira that actually, there’s also not much time before the major competition so there shouldn’t be a problem with basic practice being coached within Tenkyuu. After a pause, Akira says that she understands. Then, she’ll watch each group one by one while the others first continue their practice. Akira goes to the first group of Takezou and Michi. After Takezou says ‘yoroshiku’, they play. Akira says stop. “There is no vigor just by solely playing in accordance to the music sheet. The koto sound is in a mess. Please cultivate a habit of normally concentrating on playing each note well.” Takezou says okay. He plays a bit but Akira says, stop. Akira tells him that the touch of his two fingers is too light so the sound isn’t balanced so please control those fingers. Takezou says okay.
Then, Akira says stop, the vibrato is too muddled so play that again. Stop. Stop. This made the two aghast and tired. Akira says okay, for today, they are going to repeat practicing the part that they just played. Takezou thinks that they only played two pages of the music sheet. Michi thinks that she is a devil woman shouting stop..!! Akira says that it is now the second group. Hiro greets her yoroshiku. Akira seems to have sensed Hiro’s hostility. While Hiro plays, Akira tells her to stop for the hand that is pressing the string seems to not exist so please use strength to press it further down. Hiro did as told. Akira tells her to put more strength because that way, it merely rise up to a half note and that’s all so please properly use strength to press it down. Hiro thinks that is what Akira says but her hand is already at its limit. She is surprised when Akira holds her shoulder. Akira tells her that her left side is always hanging down in the air and do not hold up shoulder because that way, she cannot properly put in strength. She advises Hiro to put down her left side and don’t just depend on the wrist. “Please use your body weight to press it down.”
Hiro follows Akira’s advice and to her surprise, she finally manages to thoroughly press down the string. Akira says the next group, stop, it totally doesn’t match the tempo. Sane notices Chika’s playing and realizes that Chika can already play the latter half part which is very difficult. Recalling Chika saying that he wants to learn to play koto as quickly as possible, Sane doesn’t want to lose to Chika for he cannot accept that he’ll be the one who’ll hold Chika back. While Sane plays again, Chika smiles. And, Akira is standing in front of them. After sitting, Akira tells them that for this piece, the 17 string is very important so do not play it too fast or too slow. If the 17 string crumbles, then it will be all over for this piece so please bear that in mind. Akira is surprised to see the two sparkling and smiling. They say that this is bad, they excessively have a ‘leading role’ feeling. Akira tells them to start. Akira says that is no good, the sound is indistinct. Akira tells them that if the 17 string’s sound is simply not in order, then the whole piece will become loose [/not consolidated].
Looking at his fingers, Chika thinks that is true, even if his fingers had become more firm than before but it is still not enough to play the 17 string. Sane is shock that Chika is burning with fighting spirit with plans to toughen up his fingers. Akira observes that Chika can absorb things very fast, too fast that just now, he is able to immediately put to use what he just learned. Looking at Sane, Akira thinks that in contrast, Sane is the typical working hard type and even if his sense of music isn’t bad but he makes one feel sorry--mediocre. She looks dark while looking at Chika and Sane, then thinks of Satowa, a certain guy and herself. Akira thinks that grouping this two into one group, Suzuka is truly cruel. Akira stands up and says that is it for now, please repeat practicing the part that they just played. Then, it is Satowa’s turn. Akira says that it isn’t necessary for Satowa to be coached. Satowa says no, if there is any part that is wrong, please tell her. Akira says for her to tell Satowa what’s wrong, is she joking. Satowa says that it isn’t a joke, for she heard that Akira got first place IN THAT COMPETITION relying on Water’s Hentai and she thinks that Akira is very amazing. This startles Akira a bit.
Akira sits down and asks if she can ask a question. Satowa says okay. Akira asks why they chose this piece this time around. Satowa says that it was Suzuka’s suggestion and she thinks that it is also an opportunity for her to properly confront this piece. Akira thinks, “Confront..? How painful.” Akira says is Satowa asks if she can ask her a question. Akira asks what is it. Satowa says that she heard that Akira accepted this coaching job with no charge so why is that. “It is twice a week when obviously, it is taking up your time so why do you still..” While thinking, ‘always, always, always, always’, Akira recalls receiving a plaque, crying and swinging the plague then crying in anguish with trophies all around her on the floor. “From that day on, I wasn’t able to see the light again.” Satowa is surprised when Akira says that she is just very curious, that’s all. “What kind of thing did you attain after you recklessly made everything a complete mess? This club is that thing, right? –I want to know its value. It is only that.” Narration: “Light is also beyond my recollection.” [<- can no longer remember what light is like]
Comment: Talk about dedication, Chika is really giving his all for practice to the point of also making it his goal to be the first in the clubroom. Chika even managed to surprise Akira and everyone else on how fast he can play the basics that she taught them earlier. As for not bothering Satowa, well, she already clarified things with him. ^^ With everyone else, they manage to think of practicing the basics as well as Tenkyuu. From this chapter, it seems that Akira is indeed teaching them well. Even Hiro had realized that Akira’s advice is quite helpful. I understand what she meant about someone not so good being grouped with a fast learner. But I guess, she is underestimating the will to catch up or being challenged to do better. Still, there is a point when it is futile for one can never catch up, right? From that crying flashback, it seems that Akira also had her share of a painful experience in her life. Scans by 二次元秘店化.

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