August 15, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 35]

At Shizu’s place, Hiro complains over what’s up with Akira saying that ‘And, on that same major competition, I’m the one who got first place. Does that answer satisfy you people?’ Hiro imitates Akira what she said, and angrily shouts that it really infuriates her. Kouta says that he also hates that person. Hiro angrily shouts that woman is definitely planning to destroy the club just like the past her!! Takezou tries to tell Hiro to calm down. Hiro grabs Takezou and asks how he can be so calm!? While serving them some tea, Shizu says that in that year’s competition, she recalls the first place is ‘Water’s Hentai’. This made Kouta and Michi feel awkward for it is hentai.. [<- pervert] Satowa corrects them that it isn’t that ‘hentai’ but rather, it refers to changing of shape [/transformation; another meaning of hentai] for example, water becoming like fog or perhaps cloud, etc. “Not only does this piece has to be sung, the technique is very complicated and it is quite a troublesome piece.” Kouta is shock that Akira also sang. Michi asks if she meant that while Akira is playing, she is also singing. He becomes nervous for just playing is already strenuous. Aghast Sane says that it was also mentioned that the technique is complicated..
Shizu tells them that besides, because that competition’s strict examination [/censorship] as well as its reputation outside, if there is an unsuitable candidate, then she won’t be judged as number one-- Satowa thinks that there’s no need to doubt Akira’s strength. Recalling being told that right now, it is of utmost importance that they raise up the level of their technique. Satowa thinks that perhaps Akira is a very competent teacher. “Takinami-sensei also said that it is alright. *nervously clenches her fist* Perhaps, on contrary, this is a good thing for the club. But..but, if this decision is wrong--” She imagines the club being destroyed. Satowa is startled when Hiro grabs her shoulders and tells her not to force herself!!! “If you do not want it, then it is alright for you to say it! Because if it were me, I absolutely won’t agree to it!! Houdzuki-chan, there’s no need for you to consider that kind of ‘it is for the club’ thing!!” Kouta agrees and says that they’ll also do their best in practice. Michi says that if they really need a teacher, then they can also find someone else!
Satowa thinks that she is being helped and protected by everyone again. “It is always like this. I’m always the person who is being saved.” She thinks about what’s important. It is to get the current members into the Nationals and this is the last chance. “Whether it is time to be perplexed or time spent on being afraid of Doujima and others, we do not have any of those. If the club really has some unexpected situation, at that time-- it is fine for me to just give out my whole effort to protect everyone.” Satowa says, “Let us fully take advantage of this resource. *everyone looks surprise* I’m referring to Doujima. There’s no need to doubt her strength and besides, Takinami-sensei also said, ‘it is alright’ and she’ll definitely properly coach us. At most, it is possible to make her teach us a lot more. We are going to absorb all the knowledge that we can absorb from her. *Hiro tries to protest* Regarding me and the Houdzuki Group, please temporarily forget about it. What Doujima said before is right, my coaching is indeed somewhat messy that I had jump from the basics to making everyone play ‘Dragon Constellation’...
...I also wasn’t able to properly coach Chika in detail with the Rokudan and I’m not equal to her. As long as Doujima can sincerely coach us, then we can properly accept her coaching. ..if at that time, it isn’t like that-- *smiles* It is fine for us to just make her leave the club.” The guys become tense for it is Black Satowa. Takezou asks if this is really okay. Satowa says yes, because she thinks that she also needs to once again raise her skill. Takezou agrees with her decision. Hiro tries to protest but Takezou says that it is useless to discuss it here and they can try accepting a coach. “If it isn’t like this then we won’t know, right.” Everyone cannot refute him. Michi asks if Chika can accept this outcome. Seeing Sane standing up, Michi asks where he is going. Sane says that Chika is still in the room practicing so he’ll go call him. Satowa is surprised by this. While playing in a room, Chika recalls Suzuka telling them that they are giving Satowa a big burden since she has to coach them as well as play her part. He also recalls Akira saying that the coaching is messy that their level is so slow that it is beyond her imagination.
Sane comes in and tells Chika to rest for a while since Shizu made some tea for them. He says that everyone is discussing about Doujima. Since there is no reaction, Sane goes to him and asks if Chika is playing while asleep. Sane is stunned that Chika is wide awake. He calls out to him again but there is still no response. Sane decided to go to his koto and start practicing, too. While eating some rice crackers, Kouta says that Sane hasn’t come back yet. At Houdzuki’s place, Doujima asks Akira what is the situation of the club. Akira says that it is just children ‘playing house’, that’s all. “Students who are striving yet didn’t have any foundation. There is nothing of value that would make grandmother worry.” Doujima says is that so, in the end..but no matter what, no matter how small the soft shoots are, it can definitely grow, right. “Properly COACH them and make them personally experience the the huge gap between their own personal and serious koto. Afterwards, make that child clearly know that there is no other place where she can play the koto.” Akira says that she understands and speaking of that, they’ll more or less persist for a month. [<- probably refers to the qualifiers that will start after a month] Doujima smiles and says that no wonder, she is Akira. “But you still have to pay attention to that adviser teacher. That man isn’t easy to deal with.”
Akira nods and says that it is no problem, then, she’ll excuse herself. After closing the door, Akira recalls her grandmother saying about the gap of personal and serious koto. She also recalls Kouta asking if she is better than Satowa. Akira darkly mutters that it is thoroughly boring [/senseless]. And she walks at the hallway. The next day at school, Kouta gloomily asks if that person is coming here from today on and it is even twice a week.. Hiro scolds him not to say such demoralizing words, okay. Kouta says that obviously the club activity is his sole pleasure in school and it is the first time for it to be this depressing. Hiro agrees with him. She says that obviously everyone is having such a harmonious mood as they work hard using the Nationals as their goal. She thinks that definitely, compared to them, Houdzuki is more--.. She tells Kouta to listen up, they definitely won’t let that woman cause trouble and they are going to protect Satowa. Kouta agrees with her. Inside the club room, Chika is having difficulty playing a certain part. Satowa asks if she can demonstrate that to him. Chika says that there’s no need, and he feels that he’ll immediately be able to play it. She asks him what he is saying when obviously he cannot.
Satowa tells him to come over. Chika exclaims that he said that there’s no need. Satowa looks surprised. Someone tells Chika that he is speaking a bit forceful. Chika apologizes. Later on, Akira tells them that from today on, they are going to start from precise playing of EACH NOTE. Everyone is surprised for she said each note when they’ve already reach this stage yet they’ll start from the basics. Akira says that it is because they couldn’t play it well so they are going to practice, okay, play it. Hiro looks unhappy about this. Michi starts playing, ding, ding. Akira tells them that it is just a note so they are despising it. “A so-called performance is actually due to each small note that was connected together.” Everyone looks surprised when Akira demonstrates it to them. She says that it is like this, okay, once again. Satowa plays the note. Akira tells Satowa that she totally doesn’t need to practice with them. Satowa says no, because it is very important to go back to the basics. So, everyone is now practicing along. Akira continues to demonstrate to them while playing. She says that each note must be clearly played carefully and pay attention not to be slow or too abrupt. “Speeding up the tempo, each sound, each note is played.”
Chika thinks that it is strange, obviously, it is such a simple fingering but why is the playing sound quite messy. Sane also observes that when playing slowly, each note can be played well but speeding it up, the sound had become messy. Akira asks what it, is from the start, she can only hear disorganized sound. “It felt that until now, at the start of learning basics, you are already being lazy.” This really irks Hiro. Singling out Kouta, Akira says that it is him who causes the melody to become all scattered and messed up. “This is such a simple melody yet how were you able to play it quite messily. ..forget it, actually, I cannot further listen to it, let us continue.” She starts telling them what seems to be how to make quick playing of the koto back and forth across the strings. Everyone tried it. Akira asks if everyone didn’t feel that their own playing is messy. “Everyone is still not quite paying attention in playing each note. Are you still looking at a small note with contempt and play as you please? No matter if it’s the finger or the type of finger, if the sound volume from the merged fingers’ playing is different, then the playing won’t be orderly [/neat]”
Chika looks at his fingers with plectra, and wonders about what Akira just said. Akira explains that because the sound volume of everyone’s fingers playing is different so, the playing isn’t orderly and what they can hear is very messy to the point of having a messy melody. [<- I think she meant that the strength of each finger should be more or less equal so that it would sound uniform] Everyone is shock when Akira demonstrates it to them. Akira tells everyone that this is ‘adjust to uniformity’ playing. Everyone is silent. Just when Akira is saying that next--, Chika stands up in front of her. While Sane tries to call out to Chika, Akira asks what is it, if he has any objection, giving up right now is also-- To her surprise, Chika sits beside her and asks her to play that one more time. “Just now, I’m quite far away that I couldn’t see it clearly. Play it one more time.” Akira tells him to use respectful words towards the teacher. Chika asks her to please play it one more time. Everyone is surprised. Chika watches her play. Then, he asks her to play one more time, please. Looking tense, Sane calls out that he also wants to see it up close. Takezou thinks that it is about making the thumb go back and forth without withdrawing it.
The fingering is messy and from the start, and Akira is making them practice a technique that is regularly found in a piece. In short, even if he thinks that he is able to play it but like this, SINGLING OUT the playing of this technique, each note is played very INDISTINCT [of each other]. He realizes what Suzuka meant that it is most important that they improve their skill level. Akira says that is enough and they are truly unreasonable for they look at basics with contempt yet no matter which one, they couldn’t play it well. “Depending on this kind of level of playing, you guys are even mentioning about going to the Nationals.” Hiro tells her to wait, her way of talking-- Someone calls out to Hiro. Akira tells them that right now, everyone still doesn’t have the right to play Tenkyuu and for today, please concentrate on playing the basic technique of ‘turning over’ just now. Hiro thinks that in the end, this woman is deliberately going to make their club.. To the other’s surprise, Chika and Satowa are already practicing. Later on, after looking at her watch, Akira says that it is 10 minutes before 8pm so everyone tidy up. She tells them that based on today’s situation, they can only temporarily practice the basics and for them, this is appropriate.
Just as she is going to take her leave, Suzuka arrives. He tells her good work and did they just finish. Akira says that while she is coaching, he didn’t come to the club. He tells her that it is because he still has other work. As she walks away, Akira says THAT WAY OF DOING THINGS and agreeing with the division of work really suits him and no wonder it is this club’s adviser. Suzuka glances at her and turns to the others and asks if they properly have stable basic skills. He becomes tense upon seeing Hiro and Kouta looking furious. Hiro calls Suzuka an idiot. While walking, the others talk about Satowa practicing Tenkyuu at Shizu’s place. Just when they are in the corner, Hiro pulls Chika to the side and corners him to the wall. This surprises Kouta. Chika asks what it is. Hiro asks what’s up with him today all of a sudden, how come he obeyed what that woman said. Chika asks what she is saying. Hiro tells him that woman is treating Satowa and their club as idiots and isn’t he frustrated when she said it that way. Kouta agrees and says that normally, Chika would be the first to rebel but unexpectedly, he would obey what that woman say.
To their surprise, Chika replies, “It is because our playing is really awful. Because of our awful playing, the club and Houdzuki were treated like idiots, is it not? I want to learn to play the koto well as quickly as possible. Afterwards, absolutely go into the Nationals with the current members. I’ll totally use ANYTHING THAT CAN BE USED.” He turns to follow the others when he notices that Sane is waiting for them at the corner. Chika hits Sane’s arm and tells him not to eavesdrop. Michi calls out to Chika and asks what’s holding him up, let’s go. Sane tells Hiro and Kouta that it is true, for regarding being treated like an idiot, the person who is most frustrated is Chika, isn’t it so. “Because compared to anyone, that person always likes this club, right?” Kouta mutters ya. Hiro recalls what Satowa, Takezou and Chika said about using everything to enable them go to the Nationals with the current members. Hiro mutters that she said some foolish things and she made a mistake again. “Everyone is already aware and compared to thinking about the club being destroyed and how pitiful Satowa is, she should do her best and look ahead for that is what Satowa is doing. Hiro slaps her face and declares that no matter what trick that woman does, before she goes complaining, there are still things that she should do. Kouta agrees. Sane smiles. And, they follow the others who are walking ahead. In her room, Akira looks at her ‘Outstanding Reward’ plaque. She thinks that first of all, SHE’LL PLAY HER PART TO THE UTMOST LIMIT by thoroughly knocking the basics into their bodies.
Comment: I like their attitude towards Akira who tends to badmouth them even if well, it is the truth. They mustn’t lose focus on what they wanted to do and put all their energy into their goal. It is understandable that there will be some resistance especially since they know of Akira’s background and what she might do to the club. Honestly, it is hard to be always criticized but if it’s constructive, one has to accept them and improve. Of course, just like what Satowa did before, Chika lowered his pride to get what he wants. For now, Akira was instructed to teach them well and she seems willing to do that. So, the two groups are just watching out each other and just take action if one group is doing something against their respective goals. Scans by 二次元秘店

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