August 18, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 72]

And the concert ends. Everyone exchanges, ‘good work’ [/otsukaresama]. Shun gives Aki a hug and says, ‘good work’. This made everyone smile. It is announced that today’s concert has ended and everyone to bring all their belongings. Some fans start to scream, ‘Encore!’ Shu looks surprised as someone says that it’s quite lively that even the stage’s lights are close, they are still shouting for encore. Shun asks if they’ll go out at least once. Aki refuses because what are they going to when they go out, and they had already sung three extra songs. Shun says that the audience will be happy just for them to go out. Shun asks the staff member if they can go out. Looking at his watch, the staff member says that removing the stage is.. Holding Aki’s hand, Shun tells him to just give him a moment. Then, he tells Aki that they’ll go for a while, so go take Kaoru’s hand. Aki groans. Shun says that if they don’t hurry, it will only be just the two of them going on stage holding hands like gays.
This made the other laughs so Aki reluctantly hold out his hand to Kaoru who takes Teppei’s hand. Shu says okay, they’re going out. The audience is surprise when all four went back on stage and greeted them. Those who are leaving are also surprise that the band came out again. While fans scream, Shun tells Aki that there are so many fans. Aki couldn’t hear him. Kaoru says that this is super fun. Everyone becomes quiet when Shun gestures for them to do so. Shun shouts their wholehearted thanks to everyone who is here and they’ll definitely see each other again. The guys hold up their hands together. The fans scream. Aki thinks that speaking of that, he’ll definitely be properly rebuked by Shinya this time and even say that he [Aki] cannot see the mood but this time, he conformed to the mood. “Right now, regarding this kind of words about ‘I want to disband’, wouldn’t I be an idiot if I say out that kind of words?” And the four happily laugh.
At the dressing room, Senzaki tells everyone ‘good job’ and they have already gotten hold of an express bus so right now, they are going to ride it back to Tokyo. It is estimated that they’ll arrive in Tokyo at around 8am. Shun calls out to Senzaki and thanks him. Sensaki wishes that Shun can return to his father’s side as soon as possible. Shun slightly smiles while the other two looks a bit sad and flustered. And, Aki is thinking while having a shower. Someone calls out to another staff member and say that they’ll immediately leave when Aki comes back. Someone asks if the bus has arrived. Another one replies that it is here. A staff member is surprised to see Shinya hanging around at the hallway. And, Miwako stands behind him. She musters up her courage and calls out to him. Shinya didn’t reply. After a while, Shinya turns around and walks past her. She starts following him. She is startled when Shinya says that she really makes one feel very disgusted.
Since she is surprised, he tells her that she should consider a bit the other person’s feelings before acting, okay? “You won’t say anything and follow someone around from behind. Generally speaking, it makes one feel disgusted, right. It only makes one feel very frightful.” [<- like having a stalker?] Miwako exclaims that she is worried about him. He asks if one is worried about someone, would one follow the person from behind without saying a word regardless of the person’s feelings? “Or one should say that you are acting in accordance to your own thinking and not at all worried about me?” Miwako couldn’t answer back. Shinya asks, “What is it? Do you think that I’ll say ‘thank you for coming over’, that kind of words? How is that possible! I basically do not wish you to come over.” He scowls at her and starts walking away again. She calls out his name. He asks what is it. She asks him where he is going. Shinya asks why he must answer her. She says that it is because she is very concerned.
Shinya asks why when it has nothing to do with her. She exclaims that it does, because she is responsible! Shinya says ah, then right now, don’t care about him and as a performing artist, he requests her to do so. Shinya continues to walk away. Miwako looks flustered. She calls out to him again. He shouts what is it! She asks him to turn around towards her. Shinya refuses to do so. Miwako clenches her trembling hand and says that it is okay even if he hates [her], because no..because no matter when, wasn’t he also ignoring her feelings. Scowling Shinya turns to her and asks, ha? He is surprised when Miwako suddenly hugs him and pushes him to the wall. Shinya asks what she wants to do. Blushing really red, Miwako hugs him tight with her trembling hands. She looks up at him and says, “..I want..want to kiss you.” This surprises Shinya. He tells her not to look down on him. He grabs her collar and kisses her. And, Aki finally finishes taking a shower. He is surprised to see smiling Riko waiting for him outside of the men’s shower room. He says that she came. Riko says what is he saying, ‘you came’. She gives him a kick and shouts for him to go die!!
Holding his chest, Aki asks what..suddenly kicking her own boyfriend!! Riko shouts that she learned about his performance through LINE [messaging app]’s official [news?]. Aki says ah.. She complains that she wasn’t able to catch the opening performance! Aki says, ah.. Aki assures her that it is alright for there is nothing good to see there. Riko shouts that there is, there definitely is. He is surprised when she starts crying. He asks what is it, and is her mood unstable. He holds out his towel for her to use to wipe her tears. She says that it is because.. She holds his hand and says that it is truly Aki, himself.. Aki smiles and says about that, she knows that early on. Riko says but.. He says, ah.. She asks what is it. He says that it is nothing, it is just that all of a sudden, he thought that it has been a good number of days that he wasn’t able to have a conversation that doesn’t require his brain to ponder over something. Irked Riko asks what he meant by that. He kisses her and says that it is nothing, there’s no need to talk and he knows that for right now, he does not have to say anything. And, he bends to kiss her again.
Comment: And, everything turned out okay..for now. It seems that Aki got a tip from Shinya about looking at the mood. He seems to be still thinking about disbanding. Shun got his wish and everyone had fun. It seems like what Shun and CP did is kind of ominous like when Riko shouted in the concert before about she and her friends having a concert at Budokan. As for Shinya, I guess he got someone to comfort him. She pretty much finally admitted her feelings to him. Even if she might not be his type, but given his current mood and she is practically throwing herself to him, I won’t be surprise that they’ll be in bed that night. ^^; I wonder if Miwako can really make him fall for her. she is his consolation prize? ^^; Scans by红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组

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  1. thank you very much...enjoyed the chapter and also the manga after a long time...:)

  2. That was a nice summary. Thank you �� . I disliked the part about Miwako �� but pairings are pairings whether in Mangas or real life. It is the mangaka's choice to create an item out of Shinya and Miwako and it can't be helped hahaha . The consolation prize for me here is that Shinya is obviously attracted to her, even if it were a little bit and even if he bashes her, he can see through her (for example when she hurt Mush and pushed her to cry by showing her the vicious comments launched against her on Twitter). He has good brains over his shoulders, so he isn't someone who can easily be fooled and she probably is really in love with him and most probably he'll reciprocate her feelings in the end. I like both Aki and Shinya and the band presence as a real life theme in this manga. However at this point I am still wondering what the enigmatic words of Aki meant in the first chapter. I still anticipate a lot of drama in this manga though I hope I am wrong. Thank you again ������������ .

    I always love your quotes of a day ��

    1. Sorry about all the questions marks in black. Those were emojis but it seems that they don't work here!

    2. Thanks for reading, RoseFleur ^-^

      True. I thought you'll rage over that part =P


      What were the enigmatic words that he mentioned? ^^; Forgot already..was that the hint of disbanding or learning from a certain experience. I think there will still be drama later on especially if something happens to someone's father, and someone has to give up one's friends for career.

      No problem ^^

    3. hahaha By being in rage, do you mean wishing for an extra-giant elephant to fall on her, a gigantic bat to kidnap her or for her to just trip and fall on her face? Well as tempting as it is for me to say those words, there is no harm in wishing for people to be happy in real life, or for mangakas to give their characters happiness inside mangas, even if I disliked some of them.

      No not that but in the first chapter, Aki was introduced in an introspective situation where he was confessing to a virtual Mush that he didn't like her before and then he said some enigmatic words about losing her. There were some wild speculations about that and that Aki might lose Mush, but how, to whom and will Mari have any role in that? Those were the questions.

    4. Hehe, I see ^^

      I see. I got the impression that the music industry was the culprit.
      By the way, at the end part of this scan,
      Does it mean Soichiro taking Riko away from him and got her into the music industry?

      Currently, I don't think that Mari has the power to do that anymore since her influence on Aki has already greatly diminished.

    5. Oh at this page, Mush hadn't met with Soichiro yet but it is possible that what Aki was complaining about at the beginning was the fact that Mush became immersed in the music industry. It was an ambiguous part and maybe the mangaka did it on purpose as a teaser.

      The way things are going on right now, Mari is almost "history" and it doesn't seem that there will be problems with love rivals from either sides. It seems that the mangaka is going to focus on career issues from now on. I still want to complain though, it is a pity that Shinya is out of the picture as a love rival. I thought that the way he cared for Mush was cute but she has Aki and Shinya has what's-her-name, so things should be stable between Aki and Mush from now on.

    6. Ya.

      And indeed, I also think that career would be the focus now like what would happen to their careers in the future. There is CP, Mush & Co, Mari, and Shinya. I don't worry about Aki since Soichiro can easily find something for him to do ^^

    7. Kat, don't count Mari out just yet. Take note, Aki's next job is to manage Mari's career. Remember ? I truly believe these two will have an affair due to proximity, and Riko will be too busy establishing her own. They will be distant, and Aki , being a grown -up man with needs, will succumb to these needs.

    8. Hehe, is that so, megaworthit.

      I think his needs can be satisfied with Riko's singing =P After all, he is THAT into music =P Since he seems to be quite in love with Riko right now, I'm not convinced that he'll do it for now.

      As for Mari, I'm not sure he is going to manage her..he seems to be more of a producer = create songs for her; and afterwards, she is on her own. He isn't exactly on-hands like Shinya. He was also turned off by her attitude after her failed performance.

      If ever Mari is going to be an obstacle, I think it might be something else rather than a deliberate affair/one night stand.

    9. That guy, Mari's lover, specifically said Aki would manage her career... and that may, most likely include producing shows for her, getting her to be in public eyes again. I'm wandering why that guy /lover has given Aki that task. when he knows Mari and Aki had a relationship, and the work Aki was tasked to do would entail constant closeness. Maybe he's dumping her on Aki ?

      Or, maybe there would be conflicts of interest . Mush would be a professional rival of Mari whose success will depend on Aki, and therefore he'd have a conflict of interest,as Mush is his girlfriend. I mean, for mari to succeed, Mush should not exceed mari. Who would he choose ? His girlfriend's success or Mari's ?

      Also, Mari's and Aki's relationship was the subject of a serious conversation, and they speculated that once Aki began managing Mari's career, those two would come back together. They even said Mari was Aki's first, and men usually don't forget. For me, it's foreshadowing of what's to come.

    10. I think it is out of consideration for Mari who is on the verge of a meltdown. He needs Aki to make a song/music for her to help her popularity and surely, sales of the CD. Mari also does seem to need Aki for approval and with him around, it might boost Mari's self-confidence. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the outcome. If I recall, part of the deal is giving Mush to Aki. So, I don't think it is an exclusive manager-type of thing. Something like what Shinya does..but the one who really manages is Miwako. Actually, I don't think Aki has the capability to manage someone. ^^;;

      Not too sure. Perhaps..but what happened earlier, he still created a nice one for Mari. It is Mari who failed to deliver. There are also a lot of people interested in Riko. She will become very busy in the near future that she might not be able to just leave and go see her boyfriend just like what happened here. that so. I thought women also don't forget their first. ^^; Of course, just because he couldn't forget her, does that mean he is incapable of loving another person just because she isn't the first?

  3. I like your Comments maybe more then the manga it self
    ps I think you smart :)

  4. Is it weird that I still want Shinya x Riko? I don't know; it's still hard for me to like Aki for some reason. IT will make me sad if Shinya doesn't at least confess to Riko before the story's end T_T

    1. Hehe, is that so, Appalacia.

      I also don't quite like Aki. ^^;

      I'm not sure if I would want Shinya to confess only to be rejected. ^^;;