August 22, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 111]

It is already evening when they arrived at their destination. Some firecrackers are exploded. Lili explains that tonight, the town of Tousui [guesswork from 燈水] is holding a festival for the water god. Every year, this side holds the festival so it is very lively with music and fireworks. Haku asks if this is the town where the Sei merchant appears as well as where people went missing. [<- for now, I’ll assume the merchant is one person] Lili confirms it. Then, a woman calls out to Lili. Lili calls her Tuvalu [圖瓦盧] who says that she came again. Lili assures her that it is alright for she also wants to resolve this issue together. Tuvalu tearfully thanks her. Lili introduces Tuvalu to the others as her acquaintance and one week ago, Tuvalu’s son went missing nearby. Yun asks how old is her child. Crying Tuvalu says 15 years old and he didn’t return after he left home. Lili says that even if she gathered intelligence but there is no clue. The border between them and Sei is very long and she still doesn’t know if this is related to the Nadai drug so she wants to start investigating here at Tousui. Yona says okay.
Tuvalu asks who are these people. Lili says that they are going to help her investigate. Everyone bows and says ‘nice to meet you’. Tuvalu comments that she’ll be under their care, and Lili really have a lot of strange friends. Everyone has a -_- type of expression as they say that the strange friends are also under her care. Lili says that Tuvalu has an inn and she knew her during the time when Nadai was being banned. Tonight, they’ll be staying there. So, everyone puts their luggage on a cart. Lili tells them that her identity here is that of a noble girl from Sensui so keep this a secret. And, a gong struck which signals the start of the festival. While walking in a parade, there are musicians playing. Haku says that there are many people so this is quite problematic. Kija disagrees for this is the same when the drugs are causing uproar at Shisen and on contrary, this is quite good. Looking at some dancers with masks, Kija says that Shina also won’t be very eye-catching. Yona says that perhaps the Sei merchant had blended in here. Ao jumps out from Shina but he manages to catch Ao and tell him he cannot go.
Yun asks if it is hungry since the smells of very delicious food are drifting around this town. Zeno calls out to Yun if he wants candy and it’s delicious. Yun looks at Zeno who is wearing a mask over his head while eating some sweets. Yun tells the forever 17 year old not to overdo it whether he is acting old or young. He asks where Zeno got the money for it. Tetora says that she gave it to him so don’t worry. Making Zeno bow in apology, Yun apologizes for their family’s idiot giving her trouble. Kija tells Shina that Yun is an outstanding mother. Tetora says that it is rare for them to come so for tonight, properly enjoy. With a pinwheel on his head, Zeno says that it is delicious. Yun shouts not to spoil that guy. Taking out his flute, Jeha tells Zeno that they go blend in with the performers in the festival. Zeno agrees and tells Shina to come with them. While holding up Jeha playing the flute, Shina looking around and Zeno juggling, Kija says that he is going to carry them like this as they go with the parade. Yun tells them to quickly stop for do they want to dazzle and blind people’s eyes, rare four brother beasts. Yona is lost in thought. It is only when Haku bends close to her and call out to her, ‘princess’ when she blushes and shouts in surprise.
After Yona says that she was startled, Haku says that just now, he only plans to tell her that if she is looking around like that, she’ll get lost. He asks why is she startled like that. Yona says that his voice isn’t good for her heart so use a bit normal way in talking with her. Puzzled Haku asks what’s with his voice. Yona didn’t reply. She turns around to leave and says that it is nothing. He calls out to her and holds her hand. She is surprised as Haku leads her away. She asks where are Kija and the others. He says that they went to investigate. She asks about Lili. He says that she went with Tetora and Ayura to ask around. Yona is surprised that everyone had already left. Haku says that is why he said that she’ll get lost. Yona is aghast by that. Haku asks what’s up with her, for it is unlike her to be lost in thought like this at this kind of time, so what happened? Blushing Yona says that she always couldn’t calm down since last night. Haku asks what is it. Yona says that she couldn’t sleep. He says okay.. Blushing Yona says that she.. She mentally tells him that her brain is always thinking of him but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him!!!
“In this world, it is only towards this man, only this man whom I am most unable to mention it out!! It’s embarrassing to death!! Ah!! *Haku is puzzled* If I were to say it, he’ll absolutely ridicule me!! *Haku picks his ear and asks if she has water in her brains* I mustn’t say that kind of insane words.” Haku is calling out to her, ‘hello, hello’. Yona says that it is nothing, let’s go. Then, they hear a scream. Yona says that just now.. Haku says that was Lili. This startles Yona. She clenches her fist and runs off. She tells herself that she must pull herself together. Yona asks Lili what happened. Kneeling on the ground, Lili holds her hand and says that it is nothing, just a seems that someone scratched her hand. Yona is surprised to see Lili’s bleeding right hand. Yona got worried so Lili assures her that it is no big deal, it is only a scratch. Tetora says that the person had escaped. Yona looks at the bustling crowd. While fireworks brighten up the night sky, Yona and Haku can hear the screams. Yona asks if Haku heard that. He says ya, for a moment there was screaming that was drowned out by the fireworks and cheering sounds.
Lili asks if it is that Nadai drug again. Tetora says that according to what was mentioned, Sei’s Nadai merchant is in this so it isn’t strange if it is really that kind of thing. Tetora tells Lili to please wait here while she goes to check. Lili tries to tell her to wait. Tetora is surprised when Kija appears before her. Kija tells her not to go for fighting since that is their duty so she should accompany Yona and Lili to the inn and also let her own body recuperate a bit. Tetora blushes and says okay. Kija tells that others that they’re going. Jeha comments that Kija is truly cool. Zeno calls out to Yun to quickly come over because there are probably some dead and injured. Yona also wants to go. Shina says no for it is very dangerous. Yona didn’t protest anymore since he is right, she must protect Lili. At the inn, Tuvalu was worried about Lili’s injured hand. While Tetora bandages her arm, Lili assures her that it is alright, and it doesn’t hurt. Tuvalu tearfully asks if it is done by the one related to Nadai. Lili says that perhaps, it is so. While standing by the window, Haku was called out by a man saying that a bridge over there had collapsed along with people on it. He tells him that there are many people who are injured so can he come for a while to help them out.
Haku looks at Yona who nods. Haku jumps down to help. Tetora wonders if the cause of the ruckus is that accident. Lili agrees. Yona is thinking about the accident.. At the site, Haku calls out to White Snake and Droopy Eyes to say that the situation looks very serious. There are people calling out for help, for a doctor and where to put the injured. Carrying a man on his shoulder, Kija says yes, there are people thrown into the river and they must save them as quickly as possible. Jeha says that with this current situation, they totally have no way of investigating the Nadai issue. “I didn’t think that, unexpectedly, this kind of accident would happen.” Shina is looking somewhere. At some dark hallway, some men are carrying away a couple of unconscious young men. One of them tells the others to hurry up. They were startled when Shina asks where they are going to bring those men. The men look at him, drops the men they were dragging away and takes out their weapons. While standing on guard at the inn, Ayura notices some noise below. She goes down and sees three men sneaking around. She calls out to them.
Taking out her swords, she says that it looks like they are not travelers lodging in this inn. Back above, Lili wonders out loud if that thing at the bridge is okay. Yona looks out the window. Tetora hears some noise below. She tells the others that she’ll go and check things outside for a while. Lili drinks her tea and says that obviously, there is still the Nadia problem and she didn’t think that unexpectedly this kind of accident would happen. Yona asks if it is truly an it truly merely a simple accident but then, Lili’s hand has been slashed. “Is that also an accident..?” Lili insists that she was just scratched by someone that’s all. Yona says that if it is truly just scratched then that’s good. Lili asks what she meant by that. Yona says that the other party probably wants to keep Lili at the inn. Lili asks what she is saying. Then, she faints. Yona hears the thud so she turns around to see Lili unconscious at the table. She rushes to her but someone already puts a cloth with medicine on her nose. Yona faints. Holding the drugged cloth, Tuvalu wishes the intuitive girl a good night.
Comment: And, that is what you get if you recklessly go into ‘enemy territory’ with have no idea of who is the enemy and only have a ‘got to help/save’ everyone goal. If Tuvalu thought of all of that, I give her thumbs up. This shows us how easy to get the ‘two princesses’ without using forceful violence towards her and her group. First, get their trust with a sob story, and acting with tears does help. Second, cause an accident and it is better if many are injured. Third, get all of the able-bodied bodyguards to the site because the princesses would want to save and help everyone. There is a high possibility that they’ll be made to stay behind due to small injury or they are weaklings. Fourth, if anyone is left, cause some ruckus nearby to get rid of them. Fifth, drug then, kidnap/kill the princesses. Mission accomplished. If Tuvalu has intent to kill, this is game over. Well, given the type of series this is, I’m not sure if they will learn from this lesson. That is, next time, no matter what happens, no one is to leave Yona alone even if it is a ‘friend’. Wait, that already happened with Suwon. ^^; Okay, anyone else thinks of the possibility of Haku and others being forced to team up with Suwon and Jungi to find the damsels in distress if they are kidnapped or something? That can be good if Suwon makes a mistake like making Yona his body shield/scapegoat, someone might send his head flying.

I’m curious though if Tuvalu was a villain ever since before or not. Why would she inform Lili about her son who is supposedly missing? Did she join the gang later on or she belongs to the gang ever since before? Maybe there was someone who knows who Lili is and knows that she is meddlesome and reckless so they decided that she will be a good hostage to make Jungi do what they want. Or, maybe, when Lili was investigating about Nadai before, Tuvalu pretended to know about it but she or someone else are the ones making it or at least, selling it with her inn as a front. When Lili is investigating again, Tuvalu probably made an alibi about her son being missing along with the others so she won’t become a suspect. Maybe they couldn’t find any intelligence about it since Tuvalu knows all of their moves and her son isn’t really missing. If played right, Tuvalu can be an amazing villain. I mean, the princess do not know who drugged them. Tuvalu can pretend that she was also a hostage, forced to do the bidding of some other villain, and she can continue to deceive them. A major villain disguised as a plain commoner. Hehe, a female Suwon who is a actually a real villain. And unfortunately, it won’t happen because she seems surprised that Lili came back to town and seems to have gotten a bit nervous when Yona had become suspicious. For now, it seems that the kidnappers need some young men. For war? Slaves? As for Yona thinking of Haku, time will tell if that is just temporary, being fickle or permanent. =P The four dragons can really pass off as a circus act. Maybe Yun should use them as entertainers for them to earn more money for their travel expenses. And, the mangaka goes on a break and this will resume on Sept 18 in Japan. Scans by 红莲汉

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    1. Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

      Hehe, I also thought of that but I'm not sure if it can be concretely said that she has a crush on him. Or she is just blushing since he is concerned about her.

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      Actually, I'm hoping that it ends up differently. Even if it won't be amazing as I would want it to be = low expectations, at least differently or we are in serious trouble if the mangaka has ran out of ideas and are duplicating what happened before.

      Hm..possible. Hehe, that would make me think that it would be what supposedly had happened between Iru and his bro. ^^; Still, won't it be strange for Haku to go nuts twice just because of seeing Suwon? Unless, something happened that is related to Yona. I'm curious though about how the others react especially if Yona isn't around.


      Ah, currently, they are still collecting intel and are on stand by. Actually, everyone was caught off guard since they easily trusted her just because Lili knows her. In a way, just like how Suwon managed to do it. Ah, but Yona is suppose to be not sharp concerning matters of the heart. So, let's say sharp to think that the accident is deliberate because of what happened to Lili. if she was suddenly brainwashed into thinking of Haku just because of what he said and giving him that necklace. Somewhat a bit too sudden.

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      Hehe, is that so but it's suppose to be romantic. A continuation of the love that tragically ended in the past life and this is another chance to make it become 'happily ever after'. Of course, I know what you mean..still, isn't 'falling in love'/attraction the same. I would think that it falls into this category rather than some unrequited love or only one falls in love so has to work hard in wooing the person. Also, this is shounen and not shoujo so if you want that to happen, we would have a lot of Meliodas and Elizabeth scenes to deal with that. ^^; I guess you mean as 'fated concept' is more on reincarnation thing? Rather than 'fated to be with you' type.

      Hehe, how about adding, I know that you are Liz's reincarnation by touching your boobs that have the same feel to it. That's more like him. That is somewhat of a contradiction...doesn't want more focus on romance but then, how will Meliodas know more about her being her and not Liz.

      I thought Meliodas was talking to Elizabeth the whole time though of course, he might also be telling it to that girl. Do you think that Meliodas didn't know that there was no seed in that cup? Hehe..well, Meliodas is strong and very loyal to his girl even if he tends to sexually harasses her. Will give his life for her. And will 'never' forget her even after death..unless a reincarnation shows up =P

      Well, as I mentioned before, I do think healers are helpful. She can heal them while fighting but of course, it is good to have someone guard her. I played RPG before so in those games, all healers has very low fighting skills and life but they are very useful when the enemy is about to kill the stronger characters. Well, there is also 'revive the dead'. =P

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      What I mean is an exorcism get the demon out of drefyus body but yeah it would be up to hendy and the three misfits to handle him .

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      I see..especially since they seem to have met just for a short time. So ya, it is like in AnY. Kind of cannot help it though not as obvious as in AnY with all the sweating and feeling ill stuff. is 'fated' so there's nothing you can do against it and it is futile to resist. It would be interesting if the dragons wanted to go against fate but that would complicate things. Good enough for younger readers? In a way, don't you think that they are 'spoiling' Yona because she's the princess whereas Chang, she has to depend more on herself. It is only later on when she had others helping her.

      Lol..with Liz more likeable..she easily wins hands down. =P But I agree.

      Hm..good point. Meliodas seems to be easy going with the others.

      Question, did Elizabeth heal a villain yet? I'm curious though if she would be like Orihime..things might be difficult like with Dreyfus. He can act like he is himself..she heals him and he's back in action again. Well, she is kind of the 'lead girl' who is supposedly strong because of her healing powers..that was my impression based on how the characters are reacting so...I think she ought to be able to do something more.

      Ah, I see.

    6. Yup ,I think it's part of current elizbeth's personality since she is so nice and blah blah blah .Nice to the point of being okay being groped every minute in front of everybody even in front of her dad .

      Ya and I hate that the romance feels rushed and lame .

      Yup that would've been interesting but all of them became her fanboys so quickly ,it was so lame .And yeah everybody does spoil her alot and no one gives her constructive criticism but just fanboy over how awesome she is .Chang on the other hand had to rely on herself from day 1 and even now that she has allies ,she is still very independent and intelligent in what she does .

      Yup ,maybe if it was Liz instead of elizabeth the romance would actually be good .

      Nope but I fear that in the future she may meliodas's brothers or drefyus in demon mode and even if she doesn't I'm pretty sure we will get a lot of screaming and crying and that's annoying .

    7. Lol...though I wonder if it is because she's nice. I'm sticking to the reincarnation thing and well, she needs him so maybe she cannot refuse him. =P



      Lol...the crying is definitely going to happen. Screaming...ah..for Meliodas?

    8. Ya

      Yup instead of kurosaki kun x1000 we will get meliodas sama x1000

  10. You mean that water got blamed because hak sent hiyou flying and the dragons burned down the ships and even if suwon and sky know that it was hak and his party the other at the castle don't so water was blamed because they are supposed to be the ones who did that since in that situation hak and co=water tribe and they indeed got help from the water tribe soldiers .

    And of course suwon left out the small detail that it was his idea to attack the merchants ships since it was the excuse he needed for war .

    Honeslty if something good does happen ,I mean if this situation evolve into something exciting and is solved in a smart +badass way that would make very happy but this AnY so let's be real here all arcs so far follow the same pattern So here is what I think will happen the girls will be kindapped dudes freak out and manage to find them then they will find out that this problem is much bigger than a drug problem and maybe sei is planning something like attack kouka since like you said maybe they fear suwon but we know that the dragons except for zeno can't go out of kouka so I doubt the girls will be taken to sei ,or we will see the team divide hak+zeno+maybe black haired bodyguard go to sei and the rest of the dragons stay and handle the city with the other bodyguard and yun to heal the injuries and if it's like that even if suwon gets into the city he won't hak .

    And yeah I could totally see hak losing his mind when facing suwon again what i really can't see is him teaming up with SW now that would be very bad writing if he is all calm and collected and in mode let's team up after almost breaking his neck with his bare hand .

    Welll ,I will be honest to me if i see the dragons +yun get all buddy buddy with suwon i won't like it because it feels like the author is making everybody like suwon and it means the dude will never pay for what he did and i don't like it ,it will make look awful if everybody is on suwon side and is okay with him while he want to slice him to pieces .Unlike yona they have no history with him but they do with hak and sinc hak has strong hatred for the guy ,out of consideration they should keep his distance and yeah they are with a rogue princess and he is the king that's enough reasons right .

    But I've a feeling that the guys will react in a good way especially green dragon .

    Yeah ,but if they were really smart they shouldn't trust the old lady just because Lili said so ,if they left some of their guys outside to collect intel maybe they would know that the old lady is fishy and maybe the whole I've a missing son sob story is just a made up story and she doesn't have a son to begin with but nope they just all rushed in ,oh well that's the usual so it's to be expected I guess .

    I know that but she was sharp enough about the accident being made up yet not sharp enough about the old lady .Sharp enough about the suffering of the soldiers in kai or the bloodlust in water tribe yet she can't sense the depth of hak's suffering ?

    Exactly ,it feels really sudden and quite random a chapter ago she is like "i want to understand suwon 's goal thoughts feelings i will lead my life according to his every whim" and now she is like i can only think of hak and blah blah blah .The romance is awful in AnY let's leave it at that .

    1. Hehe, thanks for the reminder. I'm actually thinking about scar dude...Suwon himself didn't punish him and the others didn't pin the blame on him for the ruckus = scapegoat so it was made to appear that it was all Water's doing..randomly attacking without provocation? But ya, it probably includes the ship sinking among others. Of course, it ought to be a deliberate cover-up so that they'll have the excuse to invade and take compensation by getting their lands back.

      Hehe, that's quite possible. But you're right, I think this arc will stay within that village. They'll probably deal with it before full scale battler breaks out. Unless, it happens in that village.

      Not sure. You see, Haku will most likely do anything for Yona. She is the priority and he is suppressing his anger for a long time, most probably for her especially since she seems to still have feelings for SW. Yona is missing. They don't have a clue. Assuming that they have no strategies and Haku is at a loss, it is very likely that they'll ask for Suwon's help like what he did when they were young. Oh..if that happens, that might make them reminiscence of the good old times. ^^;

      Ideally, it should be like that but then, who knows. As I mentioned, it is very likely that they'll be okay with Suwon if Yona is okay with him. I think Zeno knows about him but he just act normal..though not exactly buddy buddy. If we base things on the legend, the dragons wanted to get back at the ones who tormented Hiryuu but he didn't allow them because iirc, he loves them/not willing to seek revenge. Hehe, Green really destroyed his image for you when he stopped Haku, huh?

      Ah, but good guys are always trusting. I mean, that is how they are doing things all this time. They easily trusted a lost boy and brought him to enemy territory. He's a 'good person' so it was okay but what if he isn't but was actually tricking them. Of course, it is hard to be always paranoid that everyone are 'bad guys'.

      Well, she has a sob story and she is the victim here so they are probably asking if anyone heard about the drugs and about missing people/son. They took Lili's word regarding her and the case. Lili and others couldn't find any clues so thought that the enemy is very secretive. They didn't realize that the victime is the enemy. So, I'm suspecting that Lili probably caught her but there's not enough evidence so old lady immediately made up the sob story so that Lili won't suspect her since she is the victim. As I mentioned, if it is like that, it's quite clever. I said, she is dull regarding matters of the heart or things concerning her. I'm not harsh with her regarding the old lady since she got everyone fooled. Again, we don't know how good they are in gathering intel. Haku and Yona are pretty much walking while holding hands. The four dragons are probably having fun at the parade. I mean, how can you gather intel that way? Maybe Lili and others are getting close so she got slashed.

      Also, maybe her son is indeed missing..but not exactly kidnapped, but because he is part of the gang. I mean, Lili and others would have asked around about her son..<- initial investigation before Yona and others arrived, and if she doesn't have a son..they would have immediately known that old lady is lying.

      Ya, and that was one of the things that I've anticipated in this series. Sigh..not delivering.

    2. In short Suwon did it ,others were blamed for it and he used it as an excuse to go to war making it seem as if he did for the sake of water tribe ,it's a win win for suwon as usual .

      Ya ,and again I believe suwon will use this as another excuse for war .

      I understand what You are saying and seeing how everything has been going smoothly for SW and how she is making everybody like him so since I'm always preparing for the worst when it comes to AnY ,I will go for this option and of course if it does happen .It won't even be a rant but a full on rage that you will see from me ^^

      But if for once the author tries to be smart and remember that there are characters other than suwon and yona ,she will allow hak to shine in this arc ,the dude is a freaking former GENERAL for once let the dude act like one and manage the crisis .It's not like the dude is dumb or useless .

      Chang is a good person yet she doesn't trust others easily ,it isn't about being paranoid but more about being cautious and I believe that's another reason why yona fails as queen material too trusting isn't a good thing and sadly the guys never question her choices and just follow so they do suck as well .

      Nope ,I don't think Lili is smart enough to suspect the old lady no matter how I see these people yona and Lili and their respective gangs are far too reckless and not intelligent enough in how they manga crisis it's like they want to do good to the point of being reckless/silly and making things worse .It's like if they have been more careful ,they would've been able to figure out the old lady's true colours and trick her so as to find out who she is working for and what's really going on in the city .

      Yeah I know it's for the story but you don't go fooling around in a city where people are going missing right ? another example about how poorly yona and her gang handle tough situations yet always manga to overcome them thanks to a freaking glare ....sgh

      Ya ,that's also what I think .

      Sadly that's not the only think the author failed to deliver .................sigh

    3. Yup.

      Hehe...then, I'll wait for that if it happens ^^

      True...what a waste of character.

      Yup. Actually for Chang, it pays to be cautious since she is a 'wanted person'. Here, Suwon doesn't seem to care about them, no one is after them, and well, since everyone seems to be a good person except for the traitor/s...they didn't expect that a commoner can be like that. So far, all commoners are nice and everything, right? But then as usual, I seriously doubt that they'll be cautious later on or learn from this. ^^;

      I think that comes later on about tricking her to find out who she is working for, etc..since well, they already trusted the woman with no questions asked. And, we seems to be in the premise that the only one who has all the brains in this series is Suwon. ^^; I can almost imagine he'll be the one who'll catch the old lady as number one suspect.

      Hm..I think that is very common = very nice to the point of being reckless and can possibly make things worst but luckily enough, they always escape with their lives intact and resolve everything that way.

      Gone missing would probably be okay but with drugs involved..yes, better be careful especially since it is most likely that it is a very profitable underground business and they'll do everything to protect it. And, if this is reality, Lili and Yona would be made missing permanently if you know what I mean. Oh..for her it is mostly that glare but of course, for the dragons, it is their powers ^^


    4. That's true and that's another reason why things most of the time are boring in AnY .No one is chasing them ,everybody is nice ,villains are jokes and are defeating in a simple way no plotting or counter plotting .Chang on the other hand it's danger everywhere ,she always has to watch her back while planning her next move and it's exciting to read .

      I know ,you would think after all the danger they have been through yona would actually start being smart in order to protect her harem but i guess she really is brain dead and has a fiery glare to make up for it .

      True,it seems like the author is bent on making the whole cast look like a bunch of fools and suwon the only person with actual brains .

      Honestly ,I will prepare myself for the worst and that's suwon coming in there teaming up with hak and co and saving the girls with yona being all "suwon is a great king" and a fiery glare being used to defeat a villain .I no longer expect anything good .

      And yeah I lost a little bit of my love for green when he did ,and I know i will lose more of my love for him if suwon shows up because he will team up with him at least him and zeno i'm sure they will and the other will follow so yeah you can be sure that a rant from me is what you will find in the comments when that happen .

      The dragons only care about yona's feelings so if yona is okay with dude ,they will be as well and who cares about hak it's the sad truth .

    5. Yup, something more of a suspense on how Chang will solve things with her own strength or brains. Here, it is just too easy. Actually in Chang, we even fear if she'll survive the series.

      Hehe, I think it has been a long time since fiery glare was effective. It depends on who is the main boss...I almost wished a Chang-like villainess but, no, that won't happen. <- thinking that they'll have difficulty dealing with a woman than a villain looking man or a joke villain type whom the guys can just send flying away or something. It is interesting though if it is a woman. I better stop having expectations like how I wished for a female dragon. ^^;

      Hehe..will wait for it then when it happens.


    6. True you really do hold your breath when reading cheng ge xing you know that her failing or dying is a possiblity that isn't too far fetched ,there is a real sense of danger because her success and survival aren't assured unlike with AnY .Yup and it make you feel good seeing how she has come so far thanks to those who helped her but it's also thanks to her strength and brain .And to me chang's main strength isn't her brains or her matrial skills but it's her ability to reflect on her life ,her choices just how she reflect on her path is something that I like because it allows her to grow which is something that yona doesn't have .

      True ,but she still try to act badass by glaring at suwon or bad guys and it's so lame because she is so far from being badass .

      Yup and what makes chang's so great is all the brains that the series has ,all the plotting and scheming .In AnY it's like they are all brain dead except for suwon and even suwon isn't that smart only if compared to other characters of the series .It's glare ,joke villain is sent flying ,yona gain fans and everybody start to fanboy over her and that's it

    7. Indeed.

      Sigh....such a waste when it could have been more than that.

  11. This chapter is so short but come on let's give credits to Kija because he is so cool in this chapter he became calm and mature and that is hawwtt even shin ah he is very protective of yona and this chapter is great because two princesses are unconscious what will happen next? I just hate this chapter because of how this drug thing is getting draggy and HELLO they left yona AGAIN let this be a lesson to them that never leave their freaking princess what ever situation is I'm really disappointed how the tablas have turned regarding the set up of yona and hak's feeling towards each other it's like yona is the in love one and hak is the numb one never ever tell me hak's feelings are fading away everrrrr I just wish that the next chapter would hae more yona and hak moments and how the other guys are going to get in between the love birds and a funny quality bonding time of the group the next chapter will be sooooo loooonggg I'm dyyyyyingggggg waiting for it and of course thank you kat for this another nailed summary you are amazing I'm looking forward for your next update :)

    1. Short? Do you mean few content, cookiedoctor?

      Hm..damsel in distress to be saved by the 'princes' + probably king?

      True...they should always guard her.

      Based on what's going on, his feelings won't fade away..just yet.

      Hehe..quality bonding time of the group are usually for light-hearted arcs. As for the lovey-dovey, the mangaka is trying to sprinkle it around but since someone is in trouble, that would be put aside.

      Thanks for reading and thanks ^-^

    2. Not to start anything but regarding Hak and Yona, I rather like how the tables have turned. Hak sacrifices and dedicates so much of himself to Yona and, short of forcing himself on her and proclaiming his love, Yona has continued to be oblivious to his feelings. Even when members of the party and random strangers could see his love, Yona couldn't. Orginally, Yona was too enamored with Soo-won to see Hak, and then even after Soo-won betrayed her and she had no one left but Hak, she was still oblivious to him. After 100 chapters, I think it's only natural for Hak's expectations to dwindle. It's not that Hak's feelings for Yona are fading away but merely that his expectation of her ever noticing him and returning his feelings have become low. For heaven's sake, he's been invisible to her all his life. The last thing he would be expecting to happen is for her to start falling for him, therefore, his cluelessness makes perfect sense. And I can't believe we're okay with Yona being oblivious to Hak(even when he's trying to kiss her) and him enduring his entire life but then we complain when Yona's struggling a bit herself. I feel this is the fairest thing that's ever happened to Hak.

      Frankly, I could kiss the mangaka for balancing out this Hak/Yona relationship a little bit by turning the tables some. It's been long overdue, IMO. The forever one-sidedness of the relationship and Hak's complete selflessness has been rather frustrating.

    btw do U know the chapter release update pattern like the raw 1's... is it every month or every 2 or 3 weeks? PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND THANK YOU KAT!

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      Usually, it comes out twice a month in Japan. Usually on the 5th and on the 20th..though it varies at times when it falls near a weekend. There are times when it comes out once a month when the mangaka goes on a this month.

    2. Thnx!! But they should release it like every week! URGHHH!!! SO FRUSTRATING!

    3. No problem ^^ Hehe, for shoujo, that is already considered as 'fast' since there are no weekly shoujo magazine.

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