July 7, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 64]

It is already 8:50 am. There are only 10 more minutes before the exam starts. Azusa wonders if something happened to Mitsuru. Meanwhile, Mitsuru is running fast while pulling Shougo along. Shougo grinds his teeth and pulls away from Mitsuru’s hold. He shouts for Mitsuru to let go and why did he save him. Mitsuru angrily asks what he is saying. Then, he immediately holds up his hand in front of Shougo and tells him to quickly evade. Shougo is surprised when Mitsuru blocks a metal rod with his right fist. The delinquents chuckles and says that incident just now isn’t over yet. Shougo worriedly asks about his right hand. Mitsuru curses about how annoying this is. He urges them to bring everything on for he still has someone important waiting for him. A hooded person apologizes and says that he’ll be interrupting them. And, he immediately punches the delinquent away. It is Chiharu who says that they are blocking his stroll so quickly scram. While Shougo is amazed by the attack, Mitsuru asks what Chiharu is doing here. With the bird on his head, Chiharu says that it is as Mitsuru had seen, he is currently strolling around and if he wasn’t mistaken, wasn’t Mitsuru supposed to take a mock exam nearby?
Mitsuru says that is indeed true but then as Chiharu can see, he is quickly going to be late. Then, some other guys are saying isn’t that Akechi’s Kobayashi and Uesugi. Some other schools are causing them trouble. Then some Akechi guys shout at the delinquents that they have guts to provoke their two heads when they are the ones who’ll defeat those two so that they would become the head of AKC. Chiharu says that the military aid seems to have arrived so leave this to them and quickly go. Mitsuru smiles back at Chiharu and thanks him. It is now 8:55 am when the two guys arrive at the testing site. Mitsuru tells Azusa that he made her worry and they just got involved in a little incident. Shougo grinds his teeth and asks why Mitsuru would save his love rival. He says that if Mitsuru left and ignored him, he would have won this battle by default.. After blankly looking at Shougo, Mitsuru says that for him to say that he [Mitsuru] is truly an idiot and he shouldn’t have saved him so that he could have easily won. Azusa and Shougo are totally speechless. Shougo couldn’t believe that Mitsuru didn’t think about that and is he really an idiot. He notices Azusa smiling and says that isn’t being stupid is very cute.
Mitsuru winces in pain over his bruised right hand. Azusa worriedly says that it is swelling. Shougo realizes that it is when he blocked the attack for him. Mitsuru complains that he won’t be able to hold the pen but it cannot be helped, he’ll just use a cloth to bandage it first. Azusa offers to help him. She kisses his hand and says that it is a charm, the kiss of the victory goddess, ought to be useful. Mitsuru thanks her and says that kiss just now revives his blood. Shougo looks surprised by this. So, while they hope for a miracle to happen, Asuza waits outside as the exam starts. On the day when the results come out, at Mitsuru’s room [I suppose], the couple nervously looks at the grade list. The ones listed are the top 60 and every time, Shougo got first place. Mitsuru looks for his name and found it at 20th place. Mitsuru exclaims it is amazing for he really strive hard but 20th place, he had absolutely lost. Azusa tells him to wait.. At his office, Shuuichi exclaims in surprise over what is this about for how come Kobayashi got 20th place while Shougo got 40th when every time he always get number one.
Shougo apologizes and says that his ability isn’t enough. Shuuichi says that is enough, since it is like this, he’ll just think of some other way to separate those two. Shougo formally bows and conveys his regret to him that he failed his expectations. He tells Shuuichi that he isn’t suitable for Azusa so please allow him to cancel this engagement. Shuiichi is surprised by this. Shougo explains that Mitsuru is a baffling guy that except for academics, he realized that in no matter what, he cannot win against Mitsuru. Mitsuru has that extraordinary charisma that would enable him to lead others. That is the ability that a company’s head should possess. Shougo admits that he is frustrated about this fact, but Mitsuru indeed has that kind of ability. While Shougo is walking out, the couple calls out to him. Mitsuru asks if he deliberately ‘fail’ [from getting number 1] Shougo denies it. Mitsuru tells him to quit playing dumb for every time, he is number 1 in the nationals so how can it be possible that he’ll get that kind of ranking. Shougo confesses that his pride won’t allow him to be indebted to a love rival. He has now paid the debt to Mitsuru who risked his life to save him and cause his right hand to be injured. So from today on, they are even. Also, one other thing, he doesn’t want to make the person he likes to see him as a lonely failure.
Shougo confesses that he truly like Azusa so goodbye. Azusa calls out to Shougo as he was leaving and thanks him. She admits that at that time, he had indeed poke into her sore spot. -> Shougo asking if she is the only one who is pitiful and she should also bear the Tokugawa’s mission just like Shuuichi. She is only thinking of how to escape from the family and her father’s restrictions and not wanting to have a life like her father’s. “But, I gradually realize that kind of her who always thinks of running away to some other place is quite a weakling. It made me feel quite ashamed. For sure, Mitsuru had unconsciously felt my inner indecisiveness that he said that he’ll inherit the Tokugawa family business. But, I cannot once again let Mitsuru bear these things by himself. *smiles* I won’t run away again. I’ll also fight.” The two guys blush in amazement. The next morning, at the general headquarters of the Tokugawa Corporation, Shuiichi is busy on the computer at his office. After a knock, he is surprised to see his visitors. It is Azusa wearing a suit with Mitsuru who is standing by the door. He asks what’s with her outfit. Azusa says that she as a request, FATHER-SAMA. “Please let me stay at your side from today on for me to learn the Tokugawa Corporation’s company business. As the daughter of the chairman of the Tokugawa family business, I’ve come to inherit it. And as my future husband, Mitsuru will assist me with my work.”
Meanwhile, at his house, Shougo asks the maid what are those roses that she put on a vase. After greeting him a good morning, the maid tells him that it is recommended by the flower shop. Shougo comments that it is rare to see roses that have both red and white petals. She tells him that in hanakotoba [language of flowers], it seems to mean ‘untiring fight’ and it is reportedly to be a York and Lancaster breed. [<- from war of the roses in England] Picking up one of the flowers, Shougo says that obviously it is cute and beautiful yet it has a ‘fight’ meaning to it and it is quite brave and fierce. “Simply, the same with HER. Shuuichi-san, in the end, Azusa-chan is very similar to you. Innately domineering and has a queenly demeanor. Receiving the energy bestowed by the person she loves, she blossoms out a more splendid radiance that will enable her to surpass her own father. Like the bright moon having the same grandeur trait. Like a red fiery proud fighting goddess.” Back at the office, confident Azusa holds Mitsuru hand and tells her father, “I’ll be Tokugawa Corporation’s first female chairman. Don’t you find that very interesting? Stepping into the path that father had passed through. After that, I swear that I’ll be happier than you ever been, father.”
Comment: This is excellent development and very fitting for Azusa. Finally ^^ It is already definite that she’ll succeed if she’ll only have to ‘defeat’ her father to accept her terms. I mean, there are no other relatives, etc. Still with Mitsuru as support, things would likely turn out well. It turns out that Shougo is some noble love rival who has very high ethics and pride. It makes me think that the mangaka isn’t going to drag it further by making Shougo unwilling to give up. Because of what Azusa mentioned about happiness, it makes me think that the next future chapters would be related to her father and Aoi’s mother. For they would be showing him that two in love through thick and thin is better than being all alone without ‘one’s true love’ just because of one’s duty as part of the Tokugawa family. He might want to find the one whom he truly loves again. I guess Mitsuru will be her right hand man like be her secretary, bodyguard, driver, etc all-in-one =P In a way, they’ll complementing each other. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Yes! FINALLY!! Azusa takes this matter into her hands! WTG GIRL!!! I think Mitsuru may be a vice president of the company since he will be supporting her. President (chairperson) and vice president tends to work together quite often. Thank you for the summary! <3 Tika

    1. Yup ^^

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  2. Thanks for the chapter kat chan and you know the manga ended in august

    1. You're welcome, ricardo ^-^

      I didn't know..hm..so soon...around 4 more chapters. And, I thought there would be more drama about Aoi's mother.