July 8, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 70]

At the stadium, most of the fans are already sitting on their seats in anticipation for the concert. An announcer thanks everyone for attending Crude Play Insecticide Tour so before the concert starts, they would request everyone that during the performance, video recording, sound recording and taking pictures are--.. Fan A says that Shinya suddenly got ill, is he alright. Fan B says that this kind of thing happened for the first time. Fan C says that it is super rare for Aki to come on stage. Fan D says but then, it seems that Aki is a fatso. Fan E wonders how it would turn out. Fan F wonders what the members say about it. While some fans are going to their seats, it is announced that the performance is about to start so please everyone, sit down and wait a while. Backstage, the back-up musicians are tuning their guitars. Aki gets the bass guitar from its stand and puts it over him.
As the staff members are telling the director that they are okay in their positions, the fans are all quite excited. Aki is tuning up his bass. The clock changes from 18:59 to 19:00. The stage lit up and Aki takes the microphone. He says, “Every-one, even if I just started but I always stood here..but no one has noticed it.. *fans look surprised* It’s the first time we meet, I’m Aki.” Flashback: At the dressing room, Shun exclaimed how come Aki haven’t worn the clothes. Aki said that it is because that is Shinya’s clothes. Putting on his tie, Shun said that it cannot be helped for everyone only has one suit. Taking the coat from the clothesline, Shun says that Aki’s body type is almost the same with Shinya. Aki still protests so Shun asked what he plans to wear on stage and right now, there is no time for him to hesitate so quickly wear it. He shoved the coat to Aki. Looking at the coat, Aki said that he cannot wear this. Then, he becomes flustered upon seeing the bass guitar strap’s mark on the suit. End flashback.
Aki continues to say that it was very hastily decided for him to play so he didn’t prepare his own clothes.. “I’m about the same height as Shinya so basically, it was planned that I borrow and wear Shinya’s clothes. So, when I was about to wear the suit, I noticed the bass strap mark on the back. From the start of this tour, there are still five more performances before it ends. But it has clearly already made a mark. Upon seeing it, I have no way of wearing it.. *fans are teary-eyed* So, I’m very sorry that I didn’t change into performance clothes as I went onstage. Besides, I’m also not using Shinya’s bass. I’m truly very sorry. Then, let us start.” While the spotlight focusing on him and the rest of the lights turned off, Aki starts playing his bass guitar. After he finishes, the lights went on with all the CP members on stage. As the fans are surprised, Shun smiles and shouts, “We are Crude Play.” The fans scream as smoke explode on stage.
And while they play, cross-armed Shinya stands and watches them near the backdoor. As Aki looks flustered as he play, teary-eyed Shinya mutters that in the end..it is indeed what he thought.. At Takamatsu airport, Riko is screaming near the toilet and shouts for him to hurry up. As Miwako tries to restrain her, Riko shakes up her fist and stomps on the floor. She kept on shouting for him to quickly come out. While doing his business, Soichiro tells her not to rush him for what’s coming out won’t come out. Riko angrily shouts that if he wants to go to the toilet, then how about going there at the concert site. Soichiro says that he already has to go and it takes 30 minutes to arrive at the site. Riko whines that if he does that, then first song would be over and the music that she can listen to has gradually decreased.
And, back at the stadium, CP continues to play as the fans scream in approval. Aki is doing his best in playing. Shun glances at him then look quite happy. He then puts his arm around Aki which made the fans go wild. Aki makes a mistake in playing. After the song, Shun thanks everyone and the fans applause. After removing his earpiece, Shun introduces their group again. Everyone looks happy except for glum Aki. Someone screams Aki that Shun asks who just screamed Aki, please raise your hand. A girl quickly raises her hand. Shun tells Aki that he is really amazing. Aki tells him to please do not bother him since during the MC, he is properly preparing for the next song! The fans are delighted and find him so cute. Aki says that besides please do not bother him during the performance for he is truly doing his best in playing. Shun laughs and tells Aki to do his best. This made Shinya chuckle a bit. Aki tells Shun that he is serious and this isn’t a laughing matter..
Aki glances at the stadium hall and sees Shinya watching from the back. Aki says, “..Even if I’m the one who composed this song, but the one who usually plays bass is Shinya. After all, I thought that if it is Shinya, playing it out like this is definitely very easy for him. So, for the bass part, during its composition, I made it specially hard..” Shun asks if Aki is saying that he caused this difficult trouble himself. While the fans laugh, Aki says no, he is saying that this isn’t quite shallow [/made superficially?] Shun ask then how come he can play it well. Aki says that isn’t it very obvious that before he always practice as if his life depended on it and don’t talk about him anymore! Putting his earpiece back, Shun tells everyone to please listen to the next song, ‘Zapping Me’. Aki looks flustered as he tries his best to play. As tears falls down from his flustered face, Shinya mutters, “Actually, from the start, I am already not needed..”
Comment: Ah, Shinya is such a M[asochist]. Well, I guess he wants to confirm things and that is if he did the right thing even if the truth really hurts. For the fans, it really doesn’t matter if Shinya got replaced by Aki for they are still having a great time. They didn’t even care that Aki made a mistake while playing. Aki did try to buffer the pain and giving respect for Shinya by hinting that he cannot truly replace him and that he specially composed the bass part based on Shinya’ capability. Shun is of course very happy about how things have turned out. Even the fans enjoy him teasing Aki. In a way, it does show that fans don’t really care about having perfect playing which Aki seems to be trying hard here and to the point that he gave up his post to Shinya. It is more on having fun and enjoying the show. Shun is obviously carrying the band with his charisma and rapport. Too bad that it took them such a long time to realize this and they missed a lot more ‘fun times’ together as a band. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组

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There's nothing better than feeling wanted; and there's nothing worse than feeling unwanted. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Thank you for the summary! =D

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  2. And now, the original members of Crude Play are now onstage again. Though I felt a bit sad for Shinya but he did what he thought was the right thing to do. It's just time to enjoy the whole show. As for Riko, I hope she will make it before Crude Pay's performance ends since she was really an avid fan of the band n_n

    Thanks for the summary, Kat ^^

    1. Yup, Quennie ^^

      Hehe, surely, Riko will, or else, Soichiro won't hear the end of it =P

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  3. I'm not sure how this is going to go. If you remember from earlier in the story Aki dislikes "fame" and prefers the freedom of anonymity while going about his simple daily life. While he may be enjoying playing this one show, I don't think he'll enjoy it long term. With Shinya gone I think the band is over.

    1. True.

      Is that so. Well, I don't think the band will be over without Shinya. In real life, there are some bands that survive especially if the lead singer is intact.

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