June 5, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 71]

Narration: “-At the kingdom of Hakuyou, there is a cold-hearted yet feared and awed ‘Wolf King’.” Reishou coldly looks down from his throne at bowing Yuulin who says, “From today on, your servant, Tei Yuulin has been granted a place in the harem, thus, I’ll be attending to the needs of Your Majesty.”

Narration: “From today henceforth, I, Tei Yuulin, am this person’s bride.” While Jun watches from the side, Yuulin says, “May.. you give.. *blushing and trembling* ..give more, more love and benevolence.” This startles Reishou. Reishou says that since the cute rabbit say it that way then it is inevitable.

“Li Jun, let’s leave things up to here for now, and I’ll pass time at the harem, okay. I’ll leave the rest of the things up to you.” Jun immediately holds his hands sideways as a gesture for ‘wait a minute’. Jun exclaims to Reishou that this doesn’t conform to the schedule.

Turning to Yuulin, Jun angrily shouts at her over what’s up with what she said just now. Blushing Yuulin exclaims that it is because Teacher said that she must definitely say that and no wonder she felt that it is quite strange--!! [<- it must had imply for them to go have some lovey-dovey] Laughing Gen flashes v-signs and winks.
Narration: “..This is already the second time for me to ‘enter the palace’. ..Basically, I heard that there is a job that pays a generous salary here so I ran and accepted the job. In the end, I didn’t know that I had unexpectedly become ‘the Wolf King’s temporary bride’...

...Sentimental attachment is born towards this king who possesses two faces, that of a wolf and of a puppy. *Yuulin blushes while watching laughing Reishou* While hiding this love, I had experienced a lot of things while in the harem. *Reishou and Yuulin spending time together* ..also experienced separation...

...After all sorts of difficulties, we finally interconnected our feelings. And, we’ve became a real married couple.” Reishou watches Yuulin blushing really red upon the realization that she had formally entered the harem and became a real bride..!! With hearts around, she shakes her head and telling herself no, she must be calm.
Puppy Reishou blushes over this. Jun is silently fuming in anger. Yuulin thinks that today, there is a pile of things that she must deal with. Clenching her fist, Yuulin exclaims, “Then, Your Majesty, in the eyes of the average person, I’m a runaway consort who was once abandoned by Your Majesty but was made to come back!

...It was even said that I’m dead. First of all, I have to properly go and send my greetings to everyone who was troubled [by it]! Your Majesty, you just do your usual work, okay. Please do your best!” Puppy Reishou is surprised by what she said. Jun nods his head in agreement. At the harem, Yuulin’s court ladies tearfully greet her for she finally came back..!

Narration: “—Connected to the temporary bride’s life, they are the most troubled ones. Even if there are some many things like assassinations and resentment-type of hindrances..but there are also people who are worried about me. During distressing times, there are people who willing helped me.”

With some court ladies escorting her, Yuulin goes to the government hall and meets with Reishou’s assistants, Ryu Houen and Han Suigetsu. Suigetsu greets her and says that from today on, she has returned to the harem. “Thus, warm spring is also coming to visit the imperial palace. *gloomy aura* If it were to be that bone-chilling thing again, my official career’s path will go to a screeching halt...”

Scowling dark Houen warns that by all mean, do not let that kind of thing happen twice and that is for the princess consort to leave His Majesty’s side for such a long time. Sweatdropping and aghast Yuulin sheepishly smiles and says that she gave these two more trouble..(truly a lot more [trouble]..)
Suigetsu asks Yuulin to please be sure to invite his sister into the palace in the near future [for company]. Yuulin asks if Kouju is doing well. Suigetsu says that she is doing really well that currently, it seems that she is giving her all out effort in making a new draft for her new work [novel]. Yuulin nervously laughs.

As for the other government hall’s officials, they are all aghast and teary-eyed. They call out to Yuulin and say that it is great that she is able to come back. Surprised Yuulin asks, “Aren’t everyone overworked?” Then, Yuulin trembles when Minister Ryu Gikou, together with smiling Minister Han Shisei, says that it seems that it is considerably lively at this side.

Narration: “Of course, there are also scary people.” Gikou bows and sincerely congratulates Yuulin for her return to the harem. Shisei says that it is fortunate that thanks to her, the light of spring has returned to the harem.

With her consort smile, Yuulin says that she’s sending her greetings to them again and this also makes her really happy. Yuulin thinks that obviously, their feelings for each other really differs yet they would still come together.. *tense and aghast* ..What is really astonishing is these scary ministers apparently vigorously supported my return to the harem at the royal court.”
Flashback: At the prison-like room, Reishou told her that even if regarding Gikou, he [Reishou] already used some strategy, but regarding Shisei, he had some playful feeling when he said, please give him an opportunity to meet with her once again. Yuulin nervously recalled that she told Shisei that she is a departed spirit.

Reishou told her that those two seems to have no involvement with the royal younger brother faction. “From the looks of it, they’ll continue to fight on. It is a good opportunity for re-organization [/reformation], is it not?” Yuulin mused that there is also some changes within the imperial palace.” End flashback.

After greeting the other officials and courtiers including Kouren, Yuulin thinks that next, after going through the greetings once, she’ll go to the courtyard near the government hall to wait for Jun. At the gazebo, Dai suddenly pops up on top of the wall and says that it is an auspicious day for her return to the palace.

She tells him that it has been such a long time because she always didn’t see him since she went to prison so is he alright!? Spy Kou Dai says that he should be silently working at some place but ah ya, eventually, he was excessively reckless that made Reishou viciously give him a scolding! So scary! This made Yuulin aghast.
Laughing, Dai says but then, even if it is like that, he was able to see how Reishou looks when he was not able to hide his panic. “It’s so funny. From the time princess consort-chan came back, it has been really, very interesting!” Yuulin asks Dai if he really likes Reishou, and how can she say this, even if she wasn’t able to always understand too well but..

Surprised Dai says, “Eh, what, that feels super—uncomfortable. I don’t like him nor do I hate him. I am only that person’s tool [/props], that’s all. Ha ha ha” Yuulin scowls and thinks that she really doesn’t understand. Dai says that it is enough to be useful to Reishou for a long time. “Ah, the person you’re waiting for has arrived.”

Narration: “The imperial palace has all sorts of people with all sorts of situations.” Li Jun, the king’s attendant, says that he made Yuulin wait. With a gong shou [/obeisance], soldier Jo Kokuu greets Yuulin and says that it has been a long time since they’ve last met. After Yuulin calls out to the two, Jun says that no matter what, Kokuu wants to see her again so he brought him along.

Kokuu sincerely congratulates Yuulin’s return to the palace. “Regarding the arrest of the Dark Merchant, I must properly express my gratitude to you. ..Thanks to you, this humble servant can return back to the military department.”
Surprised Yuulin tearfully exclaims that this is worthy of congratulations! “Finally! But..in the end, wordings [/phrasing things] in the palace would become strange.” [<- become more formal] Kokuu laughs and says that is so, after all. “Ah, it is still just like as it was before within. If you need something, please do not hesitate and say it immediately. Although what I can do is just some labor[-type of] work, that’s all.”

Yuulin smiles over this. Narration: “There are all sorts of positions. ..Me, too. From today on, I’ll continue to live at this place.” Yuulin blushes when someone calls out her name. Reishou asks Yuulin if she is finished with her greetings. Kokuu sweatdrops over Jun who exclaims to Reishou that after the meeting, there are still a huge amount of documents that he had to finish that is on his desk--

Carrying Yuulin, Reishou says that he is already finished and he is now going to take away his princess [consort]. Jun is fuming with worries and uneasiness. Kokuu tells him that they are newly-wed, right, and in all sorts of meaning, just turn a blind eye, isn’t it so? Jun sighs and says that Kokuu should say that upon meeting His Majesty, he [Jun] has always been closing his eyes..sigh..have to properly take care of his stomach. [<- ulcer from stress?] Kokuu sweatdrops.
As Reishou carries Yuulin away, someone muses out loud if those two are planning to strolling through the harem’s flower garden. Chou Gen, the harem’s manager, carries some leafed twigs and jumps out the bushes. He shouts that is quite coy, does he [/they] plan to go to the love nest earlier-! “Happy, shy, young married couple, aren’t they”

Someone says that Gen looks so happy. Gen turns around and says that it is Shuu Kouren, the prime minister. Gen asks if he also knows about the issue regarding the princess consort. Waving the twigs, Gen says that he is always very worried, very anxious of the day when the king who hates the harem would say, ‘In the end, just forget about consorts!’ so I’m always following from behind.”

Kouren says that he fears that it won’t be a problem. “Not having anything and it is just a pretense. ..being humiliated [/dishonored], not acknowledged [by others], not having any expectation [from others]. Unable to become, unable to reach, unable to connect, a lonely person who has nowhere to stay. –Despite all that, she still reached the position of princess consort.” Gen agrees and says that Yuulin can become the princess consort who’ll bring spring [/thoughts of love] to this country.
In the courtyard where they are surrounded by blooming flowering trees, Yuulin happily says that in short, the runaway princess consort’s job is already completely finished. Dejected puppy Reishou says, runaway.. He apologizes to her because he wasn’t able to ascend her to the position of queen consort and she is still an ordinary consort.

Yuulin exclaims in surprise and says that could it be that he is still bothered by that issue. “That..that is inevitable! It is because I’m always just a low ranking consort and I still haven’t learned so many, many things that I always make Li Jun-san angry. *smiles* Right now, I’m going to start striving hard in order to do my best.”

Reishou is moved by that. He kisses her forehead and says, “Ya, thank you, my bride.” Then, Yuulin tells him that there is something that she still must do. Reishou asks what is it and didn’t she finish her work yet? Yuulin says no..it isn’t that..about that..can she take some of his time. Reishou says okay.

While blushing, Yuulin thinks that it is puppy, it is the puppy and after some waiting, right now is quite good. “Even if until now, it is because I always wasn’t able to grab the opportunity but, it is only this..” Blushing Yuulin says, that..about that.. Reishou asks what is it, [my] love consort who is cuter than usual.
Yuulin mentally screams for he became a wolf. “What am I to do? So nervous. But. But. I’m going to say it.” Yuulin confesses, “I always like you. Perhaps, it started from the time when I was working. Scary but I also like [you]. Also, your kindness. I already like all of you the most. Even if today, I’ve become a real bride, I also know that there are still so many things that are unsatisfactory [/defective about me] but I will absolutely make Your Majesty happ..”

Reishou had already held her face, then, he gives her a kiss. After the kiss, he asks what’s up with her, suddenly coming at him with an all-out attack. Crying Yuulin shouts how about him, how come he immediately plugged her mouth when she isn’t finish saying her confession? This made Reishou sweatdrop and apologize to her. He says that he basically isn’t good in showing restraint.

Yuulin asks if it is really like that. He says yes. “So..I won’t let you run away again, right?” Thinking that it is currently the wolf in front of her eyes, she exclaims, “It suits me fine!” [/just what I’m thinking] Narration: “Those dream-like days of being a ‘temporary bride’ is over. *the two happily walk together while holding hands*...

...From here on, it isn’t acting and no more empty words. No matter when [I] will accompany you, [as] the Wolf King’s bride.” Blurb: The first past has officially ended. Immediately following in the next issue, the second part of the story!”
Comment: And, Yuulin has formally graduated from fake bride/consort to become a real one. From the looks of things, the second part will be about her ascend to become queen consort. That is, of course, depends if Reishou will still continue on being the king or he’ll quit after he has finished what he has to do for the country.

Since Yuulin wasn’t able to become queen even if Reishou wanted her to be one, I guess there is still a lot of opposition to it. It does seem that Reishou doesn’t have absolute power or rather, there are a lot of politics in it that a king cannot easily do what he wants/wishes. I wonder if that came to be after Reishou’s father and brother’s reigns that probably contributed to the decline of their country.

This chapter seems to be a re-introduction of Yuulin and Reishou’s allies, whether willing or not. Dai reminds me of some shoujo lead who is clueless of her feelings when he seems to be very amused over Reishou’s different expressions yet still considers himself a tool to be used by Reishou. ^^; Their relationship is indeed peculiar and Reishou himself doesn’t consider any of them as friends.

Kokuu’s return to the military makes me wonder if they will have some sort of war later on. His position in the military might indeed be useful later on especially since he told Yuulin not to hesitate from asking his help. We are not sure if Ranyou has given up her plans. So, maybe we’ll have new villains for the second part.

Yuulin’s confession is quite nice and it is almost like a wedding vow at the latter part. It turns out that there is no wedding here. I guess that is reserved only for the queen consort? And, we can just assume that they did head towards the harem for some lovey-dovey ^^

I guess the mangaka can pull off a part two since she didn’t put use the title of ‘Wolf king’s Temporary Bride’ =P I do wonder if the second part is intentional or just coincidence due to good sales of the series. Anyway, let’s wait and see what part two has in store for us, readers. ^^ Scans by 狼花嫁吧合作

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  1. Kyaa... So awesome that Yuulin is finally being recognised as consort. Especially when Gikou and shisei come to congratulate her and are in support of her.

    Find it so cute when she is reintroduced to Reishou as consort and Yuulin asks that he give her love and benovelence and to see the reaction of Reishou and Li jun.

    The most heartwarming thing I loved most of all is when Yuulin confesses her love to Reishou and Reishou cuts her off with a kiss then apologises to her.

    I really love the fact that they can be open with their feelings towards each other.The fact that they have been through a lot together and being apart then being reunited and still have obstacles to work together. This can only make them stronger as a couple.

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    PS hope you enjoyed your holiday and thanks for translating this.

    1. Yup, I agree with what you mentioned ^^

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    1. Yup, Selina ^-^

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  3. The story as the names too make me believe it's inspired from history but i don't remember exactly who were the characters. Maybe it's like China under the manchiurian dynasty or the story of a japanese general. Good work. I love your blog.

    1. Hehe, is that so.

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  5. First of all I would like to say thank you for your hard work, Kat.

    This is just my opinion. To me this chapter seems like a conclusion to what we were waiting for all this time. So, I kind of skeptical what is the continuation of the story. Will it maintain its' charm? or will it become dull like the most of the manga I've read where the story did not interest me after the couple confess. I really hope some interesting development will come out. We just have to wait and see.

    1. I shouldn't say "most manga lost my interest after the couple confess". what I mean is SOME shojo manga, the story no longer interest me after what I was waiting (the confession) is completed. When I think back, I was disappointed because I really like those mangas (I'm not gonna say the manga name). I really hope OnH doesn't receive the same fate.

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