May 29, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 61]

Narration: “Fireworks are gorgeously blooming outside the window on August 5th at Sendai but right now, my eyes only have you.” Near the balcony, Aoi is on top of Mego. After he removes her bra, Aoi says that it is truly beautiful, her skin that is clean like snow. As Aoi snuggles to her, Mego is mentally freaking about how embarrassed she is. She wonders if her body is very strange and doesn’t he think that it’s strange. <- she is totally not listening to Aoi’s sweet words to her. Mego continues to freak out for she is making the one she like most see her whatever-body and she is so embarrassed to death. She looks at Aoi and smells his lavender scent. This made her scowl that she quickly stands up and shouts for Aoi to stop. Hurrying to the door, she shouts that she is going to take a shower so let her borrow the bathroom. She exclaims that she ran all the way there and was dripping with sweat. “Aoi is quite fragrant, but I’m stinking of sweat, I absolutely do not want that!!” Blushing Aoi asks if she is going to let him wait like this.
In the bathroom, Mego thinks that is quite dangerous and she must properly clean her body before making love. She checks her armpit hair and everything is okay there. She looks down and properly cleans the most important part. Then, she starts to feel a bit dizzy. [<- she must be bathing in really hot water] Wearing his shirt again, Aoi sits on the bed and thinks that Mego is so slow. Just then, Mego comes out wearing a buttoned shirt. She apologizes for the long wait and she borrowed his shirt for her to wear. After looking surprised, Aoi is blushing and speechless upon seeing her cleavage and upper thighs. Thump. Thump. Aoi thinks that wearing that made her more attractive that it is quite shameful. “Is..this the so-called, ‘boyfriend shirt’, that kind of thing is really..!!” Dizzy reddish-faced Mego apologizes again for making him wait a long time. Then, she suddenly falls down to his legs. Holding her up, Aoi calls out her name and asks if she bathed for too long..!! He tells her not to force herself and go rest on the bed. Mego shouts no and, pushes Aoi down on the bed.
While sitting on top of him, teary-eyed and pouting, Mego asks why when it wasn’t easy for her to clean herself white yet he won’t caress her again. <- because she bathed herself for such a long time and she’s dizzy so she had already lost her rationality. Blushing Aoi looks at crying Mego. Then, he covers his face and says, “Geez, this time around, don’t say stop then stop..” He pulls her to him and kisses her. Soon, he is fondling her chest. Mego groans. Blushing Aoi thinks that it is so soft. Blushing red Mego says darn..she is making strange embarrassing.. Aoi closes his eyes and thinks that Kobayashi is truly so cute to the max!! “Don’t seduce me like that again!!” Mego holds his hand and tells him not to stop and keep on caressing her. He says, yes..♥ As they continue to kiss, Aoi thinks that her hair has grown long. “When did she become this kind of ‘girl’. The first time I’ve met her, she is still an innocent girl who is almost as big as Shino.” Later on, Mego tells Aoi to take off his eye patch and remove his clothes. Aoi tries to protest but Mego already removed his eye patch.
She tells him that actually, her father’s body is also filled with scars. “Those are scars that he got either from training or during rescue but when we were young, my mama told us, ‘Mama thinks of those scars as an honor for those are signs of his hard work’. It is the same with your wound. It is the sign of your courage in protecting Shino when you’re young. I also think of it as an honor for your courage. I want to touch your everything.” And, she kisses the scar on his shoulder. Moved Aoi thinks that he doesn’t know when she intensely and beautifully blossomed like this. And they made love. Afterwards, Aoi thinks, “I love you--.. When we met, I never thought that I would become someone who’ll like you. Your figure suddenly appeared into my world that I had already given up on attaining a normal person’s happiness. We fell in love with each other. We touched each other. Using warmth to confirm this happiness. All of this was achieved because of you. *Mego as Mitsuru clinging on to Aoi at the school’s roof* Thank you for showing up at that time.” Later on, Mego is staring at Aoi who is sound asleep. She giggles and thinks that his sleeping face is so cute She smiles and thinks that her first experience hurts a bit and it is also somewhat embarrassing but skin [/flesh] and the touch of skin is very comfortable.
With her heart beating, she says that even if she is very uneasy for having a nightmare, but it will definitely be okay, right. She touches his sleeping face and says, “Thank you, Aoi-kun.” And, she falls asleep. And, she dreams of Aoi turning away from her then walking away. Puzzled, she calls out to him. She sees a great fire behind some buildings. Then, there are a lot of hands holding out into the air as if trying to grasp something. Among some wreckage, there is blood on the ground which is near Aoi’s head and also, his broken necklace. This made Mego wake up in a start. Aoi worriedly calls out to her and asks if she is okay for she doesn’t look too good. She calls out to him. With her heart beating fast, distraught Mego says that it is that dream again..why.. She thinks that the dream is clearer this time around. When puzzled Aoi calls out her name again, Mego quickly hugs him tightly. She pleads for him to hug her tight. “Aoi-kun, tightly, hug me tightly..!!” Aoi is puzzled. He asks her what, did she have a nightmare again. He holds her face and kisses her. He assures her that obviously, it has always been okay. Mego thinks that for her to be so happy, how come she is feeling this uneasy? As they hug and kiss again, Mego narrates, “This is the last time we spend [time together] at Aoi’s room.”
Comment: Someone has a death flag. And it is another disaster/calamity thing. I would suspect that it is probably a fire or there was some earthquake that caused the fire. That might not be good since Aoi probably have a trauma regarding fire. It is also possible that he got injured because he is helping someone. Maybe, his mother would appear and start saying that he’s jinx after saving her ^^; Anyway, the H scene is finally done with. Aside from affirming their love, it enabled Mego to clearly see what Aoi’s impending danger is. Of course, if Mitsuru had the same dream, the chance of it coming true is quite high. I’m not sure how sadist the mangaka is with Aoi = more emotional trauma and physical scars. ^^;; Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thanks for the summary Kat!! <3

    I hope nothing bad will happen to Aoi-kun, he already suffered a lot form his childhood. Come on, give him the happiness he deserves. I something bad will happens to him I hope it is something he can recover from, after all he overcame a lot after meeting Mego. But basing on Mego's narration, something will happen..... TT_TT

    Can't wait for the next update, beside finding out what will happen to Aoi and Mego, I want to know what happened with Mitsuru and Azusa.

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^


      Yup...for now, it seems that Mitsuru can pull it off unless those two do some underhanded stuff.

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  3. nooo what will happen to Aoi?!? He suffered enough already on his past T.T

    Thank you kat for the summary :)

    1. Ya...from the dream, it seems to be really bad.

      Thanks for reading ^-^