May 27, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 68]

At Yamato TV [station], Shibaken flashes his business-style smile and greets everyone a good morning. The staff says that he is always lively and bright. Then, Shibaken notices someone. He calls out to Yamamoto and greets him a good morning. A ponytailed guy greets Shibaken back and asks what is it, a television drama. Yamamoto Yutaka is a member of ‘No. 3’ idol group under the banner of Marvel Office. Shibaken says yes, based on the clothes.. He asks Yamamoto is here for ‘Yamamoto Kyoudai’. Yutaka laughs and says yes, yes. “It was reported that new members will join the dress rehearsal so I want to go and say hello.” Shibaken asks if he’ll personally go for that purpose, and he’s still really friendly [/amiable]. Yutaka says but of course, stu-pid. Shibaken asks who the new members are. Yutaka says that he ought to have heard of them. “Eliza drama’s Lucca and..Mush of Mush & Co.” This surprises Shibaken. At the studio, very nervous Riko calls out to the staff and greets them a good morning. Yuu and Sou are amazed over the set-up. Miwako apologizes to Kyoko that the other members also followed and just now, it is still being discussed at the office.
Smiling Kyoko turns around and tells her not to mind but first, look over at that side because Yamamoto Yutaka is also coming. Riko’s cellphone beeps. She takes out her cellphone from her back pocket to check it out. It is a message from Shibaken saying that right now, he is at Yamato TV. This surprises Riko.  Then, someone calls out that Lucca has arrived. After greetings with the staff, she notices Riko. She calls out to Riko but stops when Riko turns to her and greets her a good morning. Shibaken scowls as he stares at the onion emoticon sticker that Riko sent him along with a message at 15:05. After twitching in anger, he grinds his teeth over Riko’s reaction on knowing that she and her senpai is in the same television station but her reaction is like that, ‘Eh- such a coincidence! I’m also at the same television station! I’ll go over to you right now to say hello!!’ and generally speaking, should it be be that kind of reaction!!! Yutaka turns around and tells Shibaken that he is going ahead. Shibaken calls out to him and seriously says how he can let a senpai go by himself. “I’ll also go and accompany you.”
This made Yutaka stroke Shibaken’s hair and happily says that there’s no need, idiot. He waves and says goodbye to Shibaken who just watches him leave. Back at the studio, Kyoko introduces the band leader who is also the bassist, Tsuruta Keiji. A glasses beard guy greets them. Kyoko says then, this is the guitarist, Oshikiri Yousuke. A long haired man waves and greets them. Yousuke tells Riko that they are properly practicing Mush’s ‘Tomorrow Still’. This made Riko blush and exclaim in surprise. Smiling Keiji says that he thinks that anyway, they’ll also perform on the stage of Summer’s Adventure King. Yousuke says that they are musicians, right, so compared to talking, it is faster to familiarize with each other by playing music, right? Lucca smiles in agreement and this awes Riko. As Riko prepares to sing, Kyoko, who is standing with Riko’s friends and the others, say that it is truly pitiful. This puzzles Sou who looks at her. While looking at the band, Kyouko casually says that he’ll regret coming to this place today. As everyone starts playing, Kyoko says that what’s coming next is going to make him learn the gap between their talents.
As the others playing their respective musical instruments, Kyoko says that in a variety show, one’s natural performance is Japan’s number one music. “That is our conviction [/principle].” Riko opens her eyes and gets ready to sing. She tells Riko’s friends to look, in the end, that child is more suited for real music. At the hallway, Yutaka says that it turns out that Shibaken is friends with Mush. Walking with him, Shibaken says that rather than friends, actually, it is kouhai.. Yutaka asks what is it, he shouldn’t be going steady with Mush, right? Shibaken blushes. Patting Shibaken’s back hard, Yutaka exclaims that is impossible because she is an ugly girl, right! “Ah!  Don’t tell that to her! Keep it a secret, ya!! She is an ugly moe, ugly moe.. That is what’s a bit good about that child!! Ah ha ha” [I cannot find the correct term for ‘ugly moe’ but from the Chinese sites, it is like a bulldog or Psyduck of pokemon ^^; Something like ugly yet cute]. Shibaken is flustered and furious. He angrily thinks that even if he thought before that Yutaka doesn’t have taste but in the end, he really doesn’t have taste. And, at all sides, he is no good!!
Just then, a staff member calls out to Yutaka. He says that it is really an honor that he can come. Yutaka greets him back and asks if everyone has already arrived. Yutaka opens the studio’s door and Shibaken is surprised to see Riko already singing. She captivated him with her singing. And, Shibaken blushes after Riko finishes the song. Yutaka starts clapping and exclaims that it is really amazing, very amazing. “Mush, you’re really amazing--!!” This surprises Riko. Shibaken smiles and nods for Yutaka understands it too late, you uncouth person. To everyone’s surprise, Yutaka embraces Riko and exclaims that she is too amazing!! Blushing Riko tells him to please release her~~ Flustered Shibaken thinks that he forgot about it that this person is frivolous!! After Yutaka released her, blushing Riko says that she thought that her heart is going to jump out and tells him not to be too moved. Yutaka just grins and holds up his hand. This made Yuu and Shibaken furious. Then, Riko’s cellphone is ringing. Yutaka says that it is okay, she can answer it.
Riko apologizes and looks at her cellphone. It is Aki calling. Riko quietly slips away as Yutaka tells the staff that he listened to something good. The staff says that they really anticipate the recording. Riko quietly answers her phone by saying, ‘hello’. Aki asks her where she is right now. Blushing Riko says that she is at ‘Yamamoto Kyoudai’s dress rehearsal.. Aki says is that so, and let him ask her, did Shinya call her up. Riko says that he called her yesterday. Aki asks what time. Trying to recall it, Riko says that it is at night, around 9pm and it seems that it wasn’t 10pm yet. Aki says that was before he sent the song. He asks her how about today, if Shinya also didn’t call her today. “Ah, today he didn’t call so you said that he called yesterday.” Puzzled Riko asks him what he is talking about. Looking flustered, Aki apologizes for right now, he is a bit confused.. Riko looks surprised. After a pause, Aki asks her to hear him out. “Even if I’m very unwilling but can you call up Shinya? *Riko goes huh* It is because I couldn’t contact him. No matter who calls, he won’t answer it. Perhaps, if you called him up, he’ll answer..”
Puzzled Riko is surprised by that so she asks him why. Looking flustered again, he tells her that Shinya had disappeared. At the side of the studio, Shibaken and Yutaka are staring at Riko who is still on the phone. With his fingers under his chin, Yutaka says that it turns out to be like that. Shibaken asks what he is saying. Yutaka says that child by herself is really very cute. Shibaken says is that so. Glancing at Shibaken, Yutaka says that he can already understand why he likes her. After looking surprised, Shibaken quickly denies it and says that he doesn’t understand what he is saying. Yutaka asks isn’t it so. “What.. and I planned to help you out.” Blushing Shibaken mutters, “ me..” Yutaka says that he’ll contact and invite him to programs like celebration parties or perhaps, social gatherings. “Ah, since it isn’t like that, then forget it.”
This made Shibaken blush and start thinking. “This guy is very gossipy. Absolutely unreliable right. Cannot be relied on.” Yutaka closes his eyes and waits as Shibaken thinks hard on this. Then, he bows to Yutaka and says that he’ll leave it to him. Yutaka opens his eyes and says to leave it up to him. Back at Takamatsu airport’s roof, Shinya’s cellphone continues to vibrate. He looks at the cellphone’s log. There are calls from Senzaki (7), Kaoru(3), and Aki (9). Then, he notices messages from Aki. He reads them. ‘Shinya, if you don’t come, Crude Play’s Live have no way of starting’, ‘The audience came to hear Shinya’s music’, ‘Suddenly, giving a bass [guitar] to me. I cannot replace you Shinya in performing.’ Shinya looks flustered. As he bends down, Shinya says that if it is like this, then it is also okay for Aki to fake the performance. “In short, it is possible if [you] think of a way to solve it.” And a plane flies above.
Comment: If you want something/do something, it is indeed finding a way to do it. Or rather, grab the opportunity that can accomplish it. Even if Shibaken has high pride and other stuff, he wants to get close to Riko so he will do his best to go with Yutaka for the rehearsal. It exposes what he feels for Riko and he confirmed it when he agreed to accept Yutaka’s help. I’m not sure if he’ll be successful though but at least, he tried. And, obviously, he knows that she had some relationship with Aki. I’m wondering if Yutaka is a protagonist or an antagonist. Protagonist since he’ll help Shibaken and also will help Riko’s career. Antagonist since he might cause some gossips between Shibaken and Riko, and is he really just going to help Shibaken or there is an exchange. He must be a ‘someone’ in the music industry for people to address him that way even if he looks/acts that way. ^^; In a way, kind of like Aki? ^^;; How he looks and acts cannot determine how talented he is. I’m amused over Yuu and Shibaken’s expression when Yutaka hugged Riko. Now, that is how to flirt and smooth with a girl which they cannot or hesitated to do.

I wonder what Riko’s friends will do from here on. Kyoko is rubbing it in about how not so talented they are and hinting on freeing Riko to be able to perform her best with real music where she belongs. Will they do what Aki did or continue to cling on to Riko? I’m actually wondering how come Riko is already performing in this rehearsal. Will Riko be in two groups simultaneously or it is just a try out while Soichiro and others try to figure and discuss things out? After all, he had a contract with Mush & Co unless Kyoko is willing to pay the compensation for breaking the contract. It is noted that Soichiro cannot refuse Kyoko. Still, Riko agreed to it. Is it for experience or just to check things out? So, Riko might call Shinya as Aki requested. Will Shinya answer it? In a way, it can be viewed that Shinya is having a tantrum and causing problems for the others. Maybe some of the staff/members will think that he is looking for attention and wanted them to appreciate him.

But based on what Shinya mentioned at the end, it does seem that he is really giving Aki an opportunity to play with his band again. Since one doesn’t know what will happen in the future, it might be their last gig since the situation with Shun’s father is unknown. Since Shinya gave him that bass guitar, Aki shouldn’t have any misgivings about hurting Shinya since Shinya is pretty much giving him permission to replace him. In a way, by not answer their calls and messages, Shinya is forcing Aki and the others to make Aki replace him. It is pretty much his ‘gift’ for CP especially Shun since he was the one who said that ‘wish’. Hehe, that might also be the last straw that broke the camel’s back even if Shinya seems fine with it. Well, he has already prepared himself for it and managed to play with them before even if he is fully aware of what they think of him. Since Aki is somewhat spineless to take his band back after what Shun said, Shinya did it for him. So, will Aki and others realize it and take that opportunity that Shinya is giving them? Scans by红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组

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