May 19, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 60]

It is July. At Akechi High, everyone is bustling about something unbelievable had happened. In the grade ranking with Chiharu being first and a certain Maeda Keijirou in second, Mitsuru ranked third place. They cannot believe it for it is that well-known Kobayashi Mitsuru who is among the handful idiots in their school. In this final exam, he unexpectedly ranked third..? Clenching his fist, Mitsuru exclaims, “Yes!! No wonder it is the great me!!” Chiharu comments that Mitsuru is quite good lately. Mitsuru sheepishly says that originally, his brain isn’t working but this time, with a bit of activity, it seems to be doing very good. “Next time, I’ll definitely be number one for the whole year level.” Flashback: Two months ago, Mitsuru told Azusa’s father that first of all, as far as he is concerned, having shrewdness [/wise] as the main thing is not something difficult. The father exclaimed in disbelief about Mitsuru wanting to become the successor of Tokugawa Corporation. “You think that it is that simple. How can someone like you who have no background or academic qualifications possibly become a successor? *gestures to Shougo* Shougo is a talented person who received elite education since he was young. Besides, he studied at T[okyo] University which bring forth a large number of talent into the political and government circles. And, his grades in the affiliated high school are also very outstanding.”
Flashing a v-sign, Shougo told Shuuichi that not long ago, he got first place in the national mock exam. The father said that before Mitsuru boasts, first clearly know his and Shougo’s impassable difference.” Mitsuru said that he understands. Pointing to the father and surprising Azusa, Mitsuru declared that he only have to become more intelligent than Shogo then, he would be qualified to speak grandly of such a magnificent aspiration. “In the next national mock exam, I’ll definitely surpass him!!” This surprised the other two. The father angrily exclaims if he is an idiot, how can he possibly do that kind of thing.. Shougo said that it is interesting. He told Shuuichi that he’ll accept the challenge but if Mitsuru loses, then, he won’t go near Azusa again. This made the couple a bit tense. Mitsuru decided that he absolutely won’t lose to him. End flashback. At a library, Azusa explains the English meaning of ‘make one’s living’ in Japanese and in short, it means ‘that woman uses English to earn a living’. Mitsuru says is that so, thank you, and she explained it really well!! Mitsuru chuckles that it seems that he is gradually getting the trick on how to understand studying. Noticing his panda eyes [/dark circles around his eyes], Azusa apologizes to him since he is forcing himself because of her. Thank you. Blushing Mitsuru tells her that right now, he is super happy and it is because right now, isn’t he doing his best more than usual because of the person he likes. This made Azusa blushes.
Mitsuru kisses her on the cheek and says that if he wins, she’ll properly compensate him with ‘THE FOLLOW-UP BEFORE THIS THING’. She realizes that what he is referring is ‘make me belong to Mitsuru’. Azusa mentally screams with ‘oh my ♡♡’. At night, Mego brings some midnight snack for Mitsuru. She comments that he heard that he got third place in all levels in the final exam and that’s so amazing. Studying at his desk, Mitsuru chuckles and says, more or less. Mego thinks that after returning to Sendai, she was really shocked to see a television broadcast wherein Mitsuru had gate-crashed an engagement ceremony. The television says that it is a love triangle of Tokugawa’s daughter. Mitsuru asks if there any development between her and Aoi after that day for it seems that their parents are troublesome since they are always pursuing them on their date/s. Mego says that’s right. She thinks that her father and Aoi is currently getting along quite well and this made her very happy but in the end, they weren’t able to fulfill that promise, ‘already cannot be satisfied by kiss, next time we meet--..’ Mego happily tells her twin that she’ll still go to Sendai and they already decided to have a date during Tanabata festival on August 6th. And, because it is summer break, she wants to go alone at their grandmother’s place. Mitsuru teases her and says that it is good if next time she’ll be able to do that kind of thing with Aoi. Flustered that he guessed it, Mego pretends not knowing it by asking him what he is saying.
Holding the tray to cover her blushing face, she thinks that yes, this year, she can finally go with Aoi to Sendai’s Tanabata festival ♡♡. And it is definitely very beautiful for they are going to spend the Tanabata festival together..and it is logical that afterwards--.. She imagines the two of them in bed and he is saying that compared to the Tanabata, she is still more beautiful. Mego starts squealing over what she is thinking-♡♡♡ Mitsuru thinks that she’s so noisy. Very late at night on August 4th, Mego had a dream. She is in a desert-like place. Rubbing her eyes, she wonders where this place is. Then, she notices breathing hard Mitsuru pointing at the side and frantically telling her something. Wondering what he is telling her as if his life depended on it, she looks at the side where he is pointing. She sees Aoi standing and looking away from them. Then, the twins look tense as a black fog that seems like big hands are going to [get] Aoi--.. End dream. That made both twins wake up with a start. They rush out of their rooms and meet each other at the hallway. He asks if they just had the same dream a while ago. The two look tense for it is their twins’ telepathy. When they were young, they had the same dream. In that dream, they went out to play with their hospitalized [paternal] grandfather then a few days later, their grandfather passed away at the hospital. Then, they had a dream again and this time it is about their father’s right arm being injured.
Just as expected, after a few months, their father got carelessly injured during training. From that time on, the twins firmly believe that it really isn’t a coincidence. Mitsuru asks Mego could it be that something is going to happen to Aoi. At Sendai, on August 5th, Aoi is at the balcony and watches the beautiful fireworks. Using his cellphone for internet search, Aoi thinks that it turns out there is fireworks on the night before the Tanabata festival. He wonders if Mego will come wearing a yukata tomorrow and it suits her last year. Then, he imagines himself in bed with Mego saying, compared to the yukata, her skin is more beautiful and she calls out his name. This made Aoi blush really red and wonders what he is thinking. Ding dong. He is startled by the door bell and wonders who’ll come at this time. He opens the door and asks who it is. He is surprised to see that it is Mego who suddenly grabs his arms and asks if he is okay. Aoi says that he is very okay and how come..wasn’t she supposed to come tomorrow. Mego starts crying in relief. Sitting down on the floor, she exclaims that it is great that he is okay for she had a nightmare and thought that something bad had happened to him. Aoi thinks that she is worried about him that she couldn’t wait until tomorrow. So from Tokyo, she went straight..?
Crying Mego says that the pit of her stomach felt terribly tight but it’s great.. Flustered Aoi is about to hold her head and says, you.. Rirriing. They were startled by Mego’s cellphone ringing. Looking at her cellphone, she says that it is from her house and she had hastily run out from her house. After answering it, her parents scold her about running off somewhere in secret and she must immediately come home for it is past her curfew. Mego apologizes for she is currently at Sendai.. Aoi takes her cellphone. While holding Mego, Aoi apologizes to the worried parents since tonight, Mego is staying here and please give Mego’s everything to him. Aoi blushes and her parents are surprised by what he said. Moved by what he said, Mego takes the phone and apologizes to her parents since today, she’ll be Aoi’s. After hanging up the phone, Mego looks at Aoi and thinks that she absolutely won’t regret it. Mego’s instinct told her that ‘if she didn’t become one with Aoi right now, she’ll definitely regret it.’ So, on August 5th, the night before the Tanabata festival, fireworks are blossoming outside the window. “That night is the first. I’ll become a ‘woman’ at Aoi-kun’s bosom.” And, the two kiss as they are starting to remove each other’s clothes.
Comment: It seems that the battle for Azusa is a battle to get the highest score in some national mock exam. Strangely enough, Azusa didn’t protest or anything about it. I wonder if they will fight fairly or if Mitsuru wins, they’ll do something else. Right now, they are most likely thinking that they are at an advantage with that kind of competition. At least, Shougo believes that he can win. Since this is a ‘miraculous-type’ of story, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise if Mitsuru turns out to be very good in studying and everything. The one who seems to be in trouble soon is Aoi. I wonder how..unless his mother turns out to be some ‘evil mother’ type or she can somehow revive his trauma or something. Or someone else? Also, based on the past two dreams, there is some time lapse before the incident happens. I guess Mego is shaken enough that she couldn’t just sit still and wait for the next day. Or even at least call to know if he is okay. ^^; Since ‘woman’s instinct’ is always right on the spot, I guess maybe later on, this will help them through whatever the possible trouble they’ll face later on. a way, this is kind of ‘forced’ instead of happening naturally..^^; It does seem weird to let the parents know about it. ^^;; Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thanks for the summary kat , and waiting for skip beat chapter tomorrow .


    1. Thanks for reading, reemy ^-^ sighting of it yet.

  2. Thanks for the summary kat :)

    What I would've loved to happen is azusa saying screw you both I will be the one to get first place and I'm not some kind of prize that you can win . I did like mitsuru trying hard for the one he loves even he hates /isn't skilled at studying but the whole match to win her over isn't my up of tea .

    About aoi/mego don't really care it is always so fluffy so lovey dovery that it isn't worth commenting on .It's always annoying how she end up being all teary every single time ,anyway I've seen chapter 61 and it seems like something will happen to aoi ,sometthing tragic but i have a hard time thinking that it will actually happen .But whatever will happen ,i think will have something to do with his mom . Maybe they will meet and she will say or do something that will cause him to do something tragic or if she is nuts she will do him actual harm with her own hands .

    1. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      That's right. ^^

      Lol..true. Well, that is common in some shoujo..lead girl crying over almost everything. ^^;

      I see..well, I'll comment on that when I saw it. Honestly though, I find that twins' telepathy/premonition a bit corny ^^;;

    2. Well in mego's case it's like too much , I'm saying this mainly because of the fluffy and cute art anyway my interest in the couple is almost zero so whatever .

      Okay but i highly doubt something tragic will happen even if there are hints that it will happen . I find it lame because it is way too convenient .

    3. Hehe, is that so.

      True...since we both agree that this will most likely have a 'sunshine and rainbows' ending.

  3. What I think right now is that Aoi might get an amnesia and forget about Mego. And that since he already passed the stage of hin being afraid of being touched, it might be that he'll have another lover. Hahaha

    All if these are just my hunch.

    1. Hehe...that sounds like a familiar shoujo plot =P

      And, it's possible ^^

    2. It probably won't happen because the author already used that memory loss thing in one of her previous manga.